Wednesday, April 10, 2024

"Why... Oh Why... Dear Lord... do All of These People... Wind up Collecting Money at an Eckhart Tolle Booth Turnstile?"

God Poet Transmitting.......

I am going to continue today... talking about people who promote ideals and spiritual principles as if they were items on a shelf... with price tags, and... somehow... it ALWAYS comes around to these people making money... or getting laid with The Prophet.

In no way am I criticizing the examples I will give here. I don't know enough to do that, BUT... I do know what captures my interests and what makes my eyes glaze over... what makes me antsy and wishing I were somewhere else. These people I mention make me cringe as well.

Because of the internet and social media... because of cellphones and the forces of change that have been loosed in The World... we are awash in spiritual teachers. A lot of these teachers claim to be non-dualists... Advaita followers. It seems to me that you can't be representative of the one state while acting out in the other. This is the sort of thing that causes Schrodinger's Cat to forget to use the litter box.

I see contradictions everywhere. When I say, everywhere, I mean... everywhere... even in myself. It is the nature of manifest existence to live within a dance of polarities. If you are going to be Advaita... in any pure sense, I don't think you can talk. You might be able to hum, as long as words weren't involved. Otherwise, you default to Dvaita.

Why... oh why... Dear Lord... do all of these people... wind up collecting fares at The Eckhart Tolle Booth turnstile?

If you go to this fellow, Rupert Spira's website... you are told there are no free video clips for this teaching; purchase full session or a subscription. If you go to the main page, which you can do, there's a seven-day free trial.

Then there's this guy, Adyshanti. If you want the Kalifornia treatment, you can go here.

Interestingly, this site does a review on Adyshanti, AND... you can track down all kinds of other members of The Baskin and Robbin's flavors of spiritual truth, just find the one that suits you.

I found dozens and dozens of these people. I am sure there are hundreds, and now we come to The Official Olympic Guru of The WEF... The Sad Guru.

This video was done by someone from India. There are a whole lot of similar videos on YouTube that go into what a shifty kinda spiritual flimflam man this is.

This is The Age of The Guru it seems. You've got economic gurus... sex gurus... shamanistic drug gurus... life coaches... they're coming out of the woodwork like termites and with the same effect on your infrastructure. I cannot remember how many people I have encountered that spent years following this guy or that guy... this lady or that lady, and now? They are really pissed off because they can't get that time back, and whoever the fly-by-nighter was... he/she left them with zip.

All through Central and South America... Fiji... Hawaii... wherever there's some rose garden resort from a Jimmy Buffet song... there are several (or more) communities of people who are getting sheared by that person in a robe. A lot of these people are former followers of Roger Nietzsche, also known as Osho. He was a marketing genius... who borrowed from every religion there was... to create whatever it was that he created.

What he really hit off of was the sexual angle. When large numbers of his followers gathered... there were always... these burning... 50-gallon drums... for disposing of condoms. If you can integrate free love with spiritual teachings... if you can put temporary wings on The Libido.. all kinds of people are going to be buying your succotash.

If you go to their main hall of mirrors in Pune, you will find a spiritual Disneyland that is priced accordingly. Everything costs money. It's like being in New York City. This is what his teachings evolved into. It's a racket, and nearly every one of these people zipping around the globe are coming and going with bags of money... or they operate a cash register on The Web.

I'm going to lay it out as clear as clear can be... IF... you are in the mood to get it. THERE IS A GOD, and he takes a dim view of people making bank in his name. He is THE ONLY SOURCE of The Juice... that nectar of verity... that ringing... vibrating certitude that you can feel in your toes... that thrums in your heart... that lights up your life in ways that Debbie Boone never even heard about.

You CANNOT... EVER... get spiritual truth for money. They are mutually exclusive. Anyone who is charging you for spiritual truth is deceiving you. I don't care if they need it for their web presence rent. I don't care if they need to pay to have all those CDs and videos sold, and hosted... so that you can access them. I don't care if they need it for interns or secretaries to screen your prayer requests... talk to you on Zoom... spin prayer wheels in your name... or pay for airplane tickets so they can come to your town and charge you admission to hear them speak.

These people are operating out of some form of The Werner Erhard EST template... or The Guy in The Robe on The Dais template... or The Marianne Williamson Tribe Member in Sheep's Clothing template... or The Scientology or Curse of Miracles template. The former was put together by a practicing Satanist, and the other was put together by an intelligence agency. You can find any of this out if you bother to look any deeper. I look deep enough to satisfy what's needed... for me to have an opinion, and then... I dig deeper still.

I know it pisses some people off... when I showcase certain efforts at capturing people's attention... as being nothing more than camouflaged glueboards, and quicksand mind swallowers. If you are satisfied with simply being allowed to be a member of some organization that does your thinking for you, then... get right to it. There are all kinds of Burger Kings in this world.

You would be stunned if you knew how many of these spiritual organizations... political PACs... NGOs... religious organizations... sexual organizations... all organizations... are either created and run by... or infiltrated by... intelligence services and that includes the FBI, whose concerns have little to do with crime and everything to do with keeping people in line by order of The Deep State.

You think they're powerful... on their own... or collected together? They are nothing. The Divine can flick his little finger and blow them all away.

You want to speak for God? First, you must be his committed and absolute servant. What you lay on the altar... before his feet... as surety... is The Personality... the individual separated self must be given as tribute. You are not to be trusted otherwise. You want to serve The Highest? Get ready to be The Lowest.

God is not served by milquetoast ministers who are afraid of their own shadows... or monks hiding from The World. God is served by red meat realists, who... can just as well... be vegetarians or pescatarians. It's an analogy.

Do you want to heal people? Think well of them... then take it a step further and a step further. You automatically heal anyone you think well of, and the more you are able to fix your attention on someone in a detached, and impersonal, but directed manner... the more you can channel the healing force, WITHOUT HAVING TO LET ANYONE KNOW YOU ARE DOING IT... or charging money for it. ANYONE charging money for spiritual truth or purposes does... not... possess... any.

It is perfectly acceptable to accept donations. It is not okay to build an empire with them. “Even so hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel.”

You want to change The World? Stop fucking with it. All of these people have taken The Easy Road. They dress the part. They talk in monotones that are intended to put you in a trance. They smile without love and speak without meaning. Any of them who really wanted to serve their fellows... would simply be doing it all the time... without thinking about it... or making a BIG NOISE about it.

The Avatar is about to make his presence known in the hearts of Humanity... where a place has been set aside for him. Many have no room in their hearts for someone who is going to require of them what they are loath to give, and who are going to find it simply taken from them... despite their every effort to hold on to it... whatever it may be. One of the basic tenets of your temporary material existence is that you... can't... take... it... with... you.

None of these people hold my attention. I would rather be watching cartoons, and I don't watch cartoons very often. Do they not realize they are going to be called to account for everything they got up to? It is a riveting experience to be standing before The Lords of Karma and having to explain yourself. If you keep that in mind as you go, you won't wind up somewhere you don't want to go to.

End Transmission.......

The first of a
3-part tale on Wu Wei and The Tao
and it didn't cost you a dime.


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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Or compel a Schrodinger's Nose to use a hanky.

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

God-man: the Word made Flesh, by Carey.


Anonymous said...

I used to go to Sarlo's Guru pages..some of his ratings crack me Sri Harold Klemp's Long blathering discourses..

I have actually been to an Adyashanti satsung..way back when.
We could feel the energy radiating from him..

Slowlyslowly i realized that it might be my own connection to God that was paramount.

I may be mistaken but i feel that connection in my heart (especially reading the New Testament) is a feeling of ecstatic unconditional love-both feeling and state of being..and that is when teh "coincidences" started happening..and some wild manifestation both physical and spiritual
Still trying to figure things out.
probably not really a non-dualist.

"Do you want to heal people? Think well of them... then take it a step further and a step further. You automatically heal anyone you think well of, and the more you are able to fix your attention on someone in a detached, and impersonal, but directed manner... the more you can channel the healing force, WITHOUT HAVING TO LET ANYONE KNOW YOU ARE DOING IT... or charging money for it. ANYONE charging money for spiritual truth or purposes does... not... possess... any"

Any more pointers on this would be DEEPLY APPRECIATED.
There is far too much suffering out there..and alleviating pain of the innocent is one of my matters not whoo gets credit for it or does it,as long as some of these get the help and healing.


Visible said...

".it matters not whoo gets credit for it or does it,"

That is key! If you have that understanding you are well on your way. Secondarily, ALL healing comes from God. We merely permit or deny its passage through us. Anyone wishing to grow in their abilities NEED ONLY APPLY THEMSELVES. The Divine is deeply aware of our intentions. Anything we make known to The Divine WILL BE ACTED ON. It is an automatic thing.

To care deeply one has ONLY to forget themselves, and... to... the... extent that they can manage it... to that extent it will be powered.

All one needs to know of healing is contained in The Greatest Commandment and that other commandment he tagged on at the end; to love another as yourself.

Could it be this simple? Yes... exactly so, and people needing a greater complexity on the matter shut themselves off from the flow of it.

I too used to go to Sarlo's page. I had forgotten the name or I would have linked it in this post. I searched by did not go deeply enough into the pages.

ken said...

I traveled with a teacher 30 some years ago,it always starts out with best intentions,but the ego need for more over quality takes hold.
Over the years the quickie initiate has come to the front.three workshops and BOOM a shaman, now too can be me.
I quite 30 years ago,but not the quest, learning more since then than before.Develping a cosmology to incorporate everything, I think it may work?

Anonymous said...

Right on, Bunnygirl!


Stridonicus said...

Uncanny LV! Just reading about the old bearded guy up on stage at a WEF (FEW) event speaking of depopulation.
Carlin nailed it when said more for them and less for us.
Anyone asking for money is a fraud.
Anyone seeking attention is a fraud.
I don't even like to be seen putting food out for animals who congregate on porch for food or picking up trash on walks.
There is no need to virtue signal to some group as God has no religion, those are constructs of man.
Prayer is always for others and the world in general while asking forgiveness for my own shortcomings that are my fault.
Please deliver us from the evil one is always the closing.

0 said...

Did you See OJ Simpson was a vaccident... died yesterday after getting cancer in 2023.

"In May 2023, OJ posted a video on X detailing how he recently "caught cancer" and "had to do the whole chemo thing." "


I never watch sports... wasn't a fan, but do remember watching the white bronco on TV back in the 90s.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Not One of These Spiritual Impostors has The Balls to Speak Out about Israel and Gaza, and You Know Why... Don't You?"

Visible said...

I did not know that about The Killer Vaccine association. Yikes... well... it's the three years down the road period coming into bloom and... accordingly it seems that many people are going to be dying in this time window. I don't know but it does seem to be coming about.



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