Monday, April 15, 2024

"This is A Place We Should Pass thru as Quickly as Possible, BUT... Most Everyone gets Caught in The Roadside Attractions."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I am a believer in Self-Inquiry. I believe wholeheartedly in Ramana Maharshi's method of self-questioning; asking over and over, “Who am I?” The important part of this principle... and something I think many people miss... is that if one is asking this question... they must have some expectation of someone or something answering them back. Who is it that they expect to answer them?

This brings us to the question of God. We presume that God exists. I... for one... have absolute and recurrent evidence of the existence of God. There is no room for doubt with me on this question, and there hasn't been for a long time. What follows that question... is the next question, “What is God?” What makes answering this question so difficult is that there is no one comprehensive answer. God is many things, as well as none of those things, but one thing that is beyond the mind's capacity to define.

It is perfectly understandable to me... though it might not be for everyone... that one can be certain of God's existence without knowing what God is. Life itself is an endless series of contradictions because Life takes place on a field of constantly interacting opposites, like Day and Night. You can extrapolate a never-ending list of the opposites that act off of each other, and never list them all. This is because there are polarities you are completely unaware of... and... polarities you might be aware of, but... which are impossible to talk about.

Let me detail those aspects of God's parts that are present in my perspective. These are aspects I have directly experienced, and in every case, more than once. God is The Self that is resident in each one of us. This is who answers Ramana's question... eventually. That is God at one level of Divine presence and expression. Even if it is an absolute stillness in the midst of ceaseless motion... it is still present.

God is... also... everything that there is... because everything is constructed out of God's being... by Adaptation. Think of it like this. The OM is the source of all other vibrations that come about by adapting a part of The Om from The Causal Plane. Everything in form... is a variation of The OM... as a unique vibration... in a limited time frame. In some cases, that time frame seems to be forever, but it is not. In many other cases... those variations are observably limited.

The Self that exists in all of us... is eternal. It is the same in all of us. Our personal expression, which is an Adaptation of The Self... is a temporary... personalized expression... of The Impersonal Self. I should add here that The Self itself does... occasionally... manifest in a personal expression... for the purpose of harmonizing all other expressions and facilitating an evolution in Awareness, and Consciousness in all life... on the endless spiral that is much like a coiled serpent.

I was told that “God is a serpent.” This is because The God Force operates in a fashion similar to serpents... such as in waveforms... biorhythms... Yin and Yang... vibrations... etc. When we are told, by realized masters... to utterly rely on The God Force... to become as a little child... it is because that is the sure and certain way to perfection. One ONLY achieves this by cooperating with The God Force, not by opposing it, which is the usual relationship that exists for nearly everyone... to some degree... most of the time... until they wise up.

The whole thing about Reincarnation... is that it is the procession of a series of passages that... slowly... break down our resistance to God... through varieties of experiences that... eventually... lead us to a common understanding that is shared... by EVERYONE... who has ever become realized.

It's a club, and you are in it... eventually. Until you are a conscious member... there is no way to tell you what it contains... or what it amounts to. It can ONLY be known through direct experience. It is why The Wise are so often silent on the matter, and everyone else chatters away like a Magpie or a Blue Jay; depending on whether you are declaiming or complaining.

So... God is This, and God is also That... in the relative sense. In the absolute sense, there is no point in commenting on it. It is its own comment. It is its own living... breathing... self, and your job; should you choose to accept it... is to live and breathe exactly as it does. This you accomplish by becoming as a little child.

For a time, and... if you include the course of all your little lives... for a very long time... you move about through familiar surroundings. Your mind has named and identified what surrounds you... according to your attractions and repulsions. Our original prototype/template was Adam. Adam was/is 'the namer of things.'

Desire is the force that drives you. It is The Agent of God's Will. Over the long reach of it all... it will take you to some strange places. However... eventually... you must walk between The Towers of The Moon that lead beyond the common thoroughfares. It is... in this wilderness within... that The Self is discovered.

Even when one has discovered The Self... one is not immediately liberated from The Commonplace. I have had The Self revealed to me, BUT... a certain event has not yet taken place, so... The Wheel is still spinning, and it will continue to spin until it stops of its own accord. There is no way to know... in advance... when this will happen.

What I am telling you, and a great deal more that I am not telling you... is due to... on the one hand... space constraints, and... on the other hand... my inability to articulate what it is... what I have discovered, and... what has been revealed to me. It will not take the same shapes of progression for others. We each experience it in a singular fashion, so... what I am saying here, will prove of little use to many. In that case... you are advised to look elsewhere for a greater resonance; for something... or someone... that rings more true for you.

We are personalities, and... as such... we will be in harmonious accord with some, and... in conflict with others. Even if we are not... personally... in conflict with others... others will be in conflict with us. Such is the nature of manifest existence.

I am not a master. I do not claim to be a spiritual teacher. I am a poet and a mystic. These are legitimate pathways to The Unspeakable Unity, just as is the course that takes one to mastery... or any of the other specific and legitimate routes... that are also pathways there... to The Self... as it exists within any particular limitation of form.

I should point out what you will... eventually... find out. There is... only... one master. I don't care whose face you are looking at... what color they are... what language they speak... what religion they are... or are not affiliated with. There is ONLY... The One Self. When one has gotten out of the way of that Self, and when they cannot... or will not... interfere with that Self... EVER again... they are called a Master, BUT... they are... ONLY... hosting The Master.

Because I don't know, I also know that no one else knows either. They are just giving me their versions. As my contentious nature has faded away... the images in the mirror are much more clear to me than they were. I can now see that people are talking to, and about, their idea of themselves in everyone else. They are acting as if everyone else were just like them, BUT... there are features they do not like about themselves, which they see in everyone else. There is nothing you can do about any of it, BUT... restrain your Reactive Mind.

Which is better; one person yelling at himself, or two people yelling at each other? When you have no aggression in you, no one else can muster the force to be aggressive with you. If you are not standing between someone and what they want, they have no interest in you.

This is a place we should pass through as quickly as possible, BUT... most everyone gets tangled in the roadside attractions. When you don't want anything here... ah! How marvelously your eyes begin to open. Now you can see what you did not see before, and you can be generous beyond measure because... it all belongs to you. You can see people's fondest dreams realized... simply through the certitude of blessing them... with the authority of The Divine... that is resident in you both.

Our selfish nature causes us to limit ourselves... as if we were actually locked up in a cell. We do not have to worry about all the things we worry about. There is no danger for us in anything unless we bring the corresponding danger... to something else... with us. One without the needed karmic attachments can walk right through an active battlefield and suffer nary a scratch.

This is why one is advised by The Realized, and by The Liberated... to put all your cares and woes into a bag and toss it into the sea. The Christ advised, “Pick up your cross (your elemental body) and follow me.” He was talking about The Way Out. He was passing through, and he was heading out. He was inviting anyone... who might be interested... to come along with him. He is still doing this.

Now he is coming back... in a new presentation... to do the same thing all over again. Don't be the person squabbling with... or plotting against your neighbor... while he passes you by. Be watchful. Be ready. Be waiting for him to appear. Expect that portal to open up within you at any time... because... you never know.

End Transmission.......

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We now embark on The Good Ship Chuang Tzu.
He was the chief disciple of Lao Tzu and came around a couple of hundred years after the master had disappeared into the mists beyond The Great Wall of China.


If you wish for a bio on Chuang Tzu you will find it here.



Anonymous said...

This was wonderful (as usual).

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

These days I do my best to avoid those roadside attractions, and everything else. Effect the world as little as possible. FEED the world as little as possible. Read a book or sit in front the the computer all day. The Hell with the world. I can't stand it, and refuse to play as much as possible; working only hard enough to maintain until my stupid contract is up.

Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

A real gem. Thanks LV.

Almismo said...

Beautiful writing Sir. Your attempt to express the silent knowledge was accurate.

Regarding the legitimate paths to The Unspeakable Unity, I share a song with you. In Spanish, "La Unidad Perdida".

I thank you and wish you the best.

0 said...

"Another ancient belief, now obsolete, is the progression
of man in a better state of existence after death or cessation of bodily functions. This idea had its origin in the fallacy that there were grades of goodness in the Divine Mind, and that somehow we are not treated right during earth life, and that, in consequence, we must be rewarded by an easy berth "over there." But we now see quite
clearly that the great cause of life and all its operations
would be unjust to withhold from its sons and daughters
for one moment anything that belonged to them. If the
Cause ever does wrong, we see no reason why it should
repent and do right. If the Cause ever failed in the least particular to give just dues, it may do so again at any time. The "better state of existence" mentioned above
can only come through wisdom obtained here and now;
thus will man "work out his own salvation.""

Page 30 of the God-Man book.

Best time for Doing is now while in iteration of form, ie form at its most Dense state and thus most capable of Rapid Change. Hard to do without a localized iteration of form embedded in an expanded junction boundary for an iteration of experience when one has no Sense organs and nothing local to be sensed.

Its prolly why I always feel an urgency to do what can be done Now so I can forget about needing to do it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again, GrooV.

A great reminder to stay out of the way and little do we know.
Seems i need reminding constantly. I’m a slow learner.

One thing i DO know is, i just wanna go home, if home will have me.


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"Even Now... The Coiling Darkness... has Made Itself a Home... in the Hearts and Minds of Many of The World's Leaders."

Sukh said...

"Desire is the force that drives you. It is The Agent of God's Will. Over the long reach of it all... it will take you to some strange places. However... eventually... you must walk between The Towers of The Moon that lead beyond the common thoroughfares. It is... in this wilderness within... that The Self is discovered."

This helps to understand this metaphor of the towers:
The Moon

Anonymous said...

That was right from the heart. As "anonymous" said : " A real gem". It really was. Thank you!




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