Friday, April 26, 2024

"A Purified Will... Is a Will of Single Purpose. Divide that Will, and... Darkness Falls... Then... One is Effectively Blind."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Few things are more important than The Will. Without it... you could do nothing. There would be no impetus. How exactly does that force work? How does the message travel from the brain to the body and tell it to get out of bed, and on with whatever it gets on with? Sometimes... instead of getting up... one simply rolls over, and goes back to what they were doing... before they fell asleep. I'll leave the options to your imagination.

Science tells us that the information travels along neural highways and activates body parts to do this... that... or something else. It doesn't always work though... does it? Let's say you've exhausted your vital forces so that... even if you can get your body to get up... there are other body parts that refuse to do so, BUT... they used to.

From this point... I could set off in almost any direction, and talk about almost anything. This and other things I can do... any day of the week... any hour of the day... because... when I was young, I decided to explore the world of symbols... as personified in Tarot; and how is it that you can go off in almost any direction and talk about almost anything, visible? Well, let us ask that font of arcane wisdom... Eliphas Levi... how it is that I... or anyone... can accomplish this, and... I might add... a whole lot more.

He said; “The Tarot is a book in pictures, the key to all sacred books, the synthesis of all religions, the hieroglyph of the human mind. It is the mirror in which the soul can see itself, and the key of its own destiny.” and... he also said; “An imprisoned person with no other book than the Tarot, if he knew how to use it, could in a few years acquire universal knowledge, and would be able to speak on all subjects with unequalled learning and inexhaustible eloquence.”

In my experience... what he says... is true. I am not suggesting I have gotten to that level with it, BUT... I have gotten far enough to see the truth in what he says.

How does one get The Will to do anything? One inflames it with Desire. Habit will also work. Some emotion is always good to get the engine humming... whether it be Lust... Fear... or Anger. Something must drive you.

I'm not going to parse The Will or go off on some journey... in almost any direction... for the sake of philosophical speculation. I don't have a lot of use for philosophical speculation, and... it puts most people to sleep. We'll be talking about a certain subset of people who go to sleep in one of the next postings.

I like to be practical, and... applied. If you can't use what I tell you then... what good is it? What's the point of talking; simply to be talking? Some people chatter on endlessly about nothing at all. One thing I really dislike, and I hope I can get over it at some point... or maybe it's better I don't get over it... ever... is small talk... chit chat. I refuse to use a phone for that reason.

It's amazing how quickly people can adjust to your eccentricities... if you give them no other options. Nobody comes around here to socialize and chit-chat. I never said they couldn't. They just don't. The Will is a magical thing. It is a sad commentary... on contemporary life... that people do not know how to cultivate their will... instead of splintering it into endless tributaries that go nowhere.

It's that vacillation thing. Children and pets pick up on it quite quickly and learn to work you for whatever it is they can get... because they know that you might change your mind, and with the right amount of pressure... you'll give in, BUT... what if you were inflexible on certain issues? They would just have to adapt... wouldn't they? Make your Yes and your No absolute from the giddy-up. Don't let other people control you. Make your yes... absolutely yes, and your no... absolutely no, and your will will be uncompromised... uncluttered... and powerful.

Some might then say that you are too much trouble; oh goody! Some might term you... difficult... hard to motivate. They can't make you do what they want you to do. You have conditioned your will to listen to you alone or... as in my case... to a single source. This is a key to success... no matter what that success might be. What I mean is that Bad Guys and Good Guys both use this method.

It can make the self-interested powerful in their sphere. It can do the same for the servants of God; not the God of Religion. I have no idea who that is. I agree with the atheists on that point... the God of Religion does not exist. That does not preclude The God... whose will... brought all of this into being because... he is the original I Am. We are all... each of us... a Little I Am.

I am... I think... I WILL, and... I do... or there are degrees of confusion... such as you see all around you these days. There is one important feature to the possession of an indomitable will. You MUST Purify The Will. In these times... perversities and impurities abound, and The Will becomes divided against itself. This brings you under the control of The Divider in Chief. It 's what all the hedonism... thrill-seeking... and Carnal Amusement Park rides are all about, and this is what you get.

Scripture says; “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” A purified will is a will of single purpose. Divide that will and darkness falls... one can no longer see. One is conflicted.

The Divine is the source of all will. He looked into the mirror of self. It captured his image. Then he cast it down so that it shattered into millions of pieces that began to interact for The Purpose of Demonstration, and... the entertainment of The Silent Watcher... who is God. Then... he leisurely strolls through his creation... picking up the pieces, and making the image whole again.

A purified will is a will free of carnal desire. It makes you into God's Tuning Fork. It puts you into a harmonious vibrating resonance with The Divine. Then... The Divine can live his/her life in you. God is both mother and father, and angels reflect that unified dual nature. They can be either/or. When the Kundalini force enters into The Bridal Chamber... one is united with The Self, and everything that once caused trouble and conflict for you is gone.

Some want it all over again. They veer off the road at some point and head back into The Dark Splendor. In The Bible it is portrayed as a dog returning to its vomit; not as poetic as one might hope for, BUT... effective. People don't want to hear the truth about Unity. It puts an end to The Rutting Fever... BUT... BUT... then life has no meaning! Heh heh... so you say.

God is Unity... which... in its active expression... is Higher Love. God is, and God wills... and the medium of his expression is... Love. God moves in Unity, and EVERYTHING comes into harmonic accord in his passing. There is no warfare. There is no hunger... famine... no wanting. The object of all wanting has been acquired. I should add... in unity there is strength. Don't be like Mike. Be like God. You are made in his image OR... you can be fallen, and... the horns on your head become another kind of tuning fork.

Seek ye first The Kingdom of Heaven and everything else will be added unto you. It's the same message as The Greatest Commandment.

The World is here for The Purpose of Demonstration. Here is where you find out... eventually... whenever that happens... if it ever happens... that you don't want any of it; and then? You are free. Otherwise... it goes round, and round, and round, and round. It goes up and down. It goes in and out. It goes and it comes, and it comes and it goes.

The Will is harnessed to The Chariot of Desire. It pulls the cart. It pushes the cart, and... the cart goes off the road... because everything the rider is attracted to is on the side of the road, and... further off than it appears to be... while you are on The Road.

You can do anything here. You've been given The Will of your creator in miniature... for no other reason than to see what you will do with it. The Divine is ALWAYS present here in different forms. Sometimes luminous and palpable... sometimes veiled. Certainly, he is hiding inside of you right now.

I've had enough of what goes on around here to know where it leads. It runs around in circles chasing its tail. It is all the dance of The Monkey Mind and The Dog of Desire. It can be fun for a while... until it starts to hurt... eventually you wear the vehicle out and it kills you, BUT... then you get a new vehicle to run around in until the same thing happens all over again.

You have been given magical tools that can do... well... I wouldn't know where to begin. One of those tools is The Will; to know... to will... to dare... and to be silent. The four stages of action and precipitation into form... though they are expressed differently in this case... because they apply to yet another perspective on The Same Thing.

Okay then... that will do for the moment.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Geez o’ Petes, Viz. It’s almost like you wrote this one to describe me. Meee, mee, me! Hehe.

Every Mercury Retrograde is different. My first one was when i was born. This recent one wasn’t too bad,but i was in a crabby mood for most of it, especially after the E-clips. I’m still refraining and waiting on the figurative darkside vibes and chemclouds to subside. The weather in my head’s been a bit stormy of late.
I don’t know how much of it is my fault or not, but motivation and feigning a cheerful countenance can be a challenge, though it’s nothing new, iv’e dealt with it many times before. I’ve been seeing lots of “chip bags” lately too.

bless you,


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

Your mirror comment reminded me of the Army of Darkness scene where Ash is alone in a windmill and looks into a mirror and does as you noted... tho they all then went at attacking him, I suppose thats not all that far off from all the middle men thinking they know what god wants when its just them gussying up what they want and pretending its what God wants...

Still dig me some Bruce Campbell tho hes had enough blood and gore and no longer plays the role of Ash.

Shop Smart, Shop S-mart. haha

Nobody (sorry for the chitchat, nobody does come round for small talk now and then.) :)

Ty said...

Funniest video by hamas in 2024

And if you want to keep laughing the zionists into their much deserved end:

Check them out Visible.

Visible said...

Those were quite entertaining.


M - said...

"Mirrors are the doors by which Death comes and goes..." - Jean Cocteau

striding said...

It sounds like be still and know.
Mesmerized by Indian show family is watching about girl wanting to run away so she steps off with the wrong husband at the train station due to the veil and similar outfits.
What an interesting people.
Small talk is something I have a problem with but most just don't like deep topics.
It is the only thing worth talking about besides morale maintenance movies and music.
All of which is in a sorry state of affairs as Marxist Materialism burns it all down.
Shop Smart Shop S Mart! The best "horror" is when it is also funny.
Used to play a video game that scared people around me while I would be in LMFAO mode.
The Devil can't handle it when you laugh.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"You Don't Have to Look for Hell on The Lower Astral Plane. There is Plenty of Hell on Earth, and Only a Fool Can't See That."



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