Wednesday, September 29, 2004

The Ugsome Ultracrepidarian Macquereau.

What kind of a street fighter, what kind of a man with a winners instinct, lays down before a lesser skilled; a lesser informed, a less competent opponent and says "kick me."? This is patently what the Kerry campaign did in agreeing to the debate format pressed on them by the junta from Disney World. Why not just wear a sign that says "fuck me"?

What kind of a skilled campaigner goes to Gore's old makeup man and says "get me ready for the debates like you did Al"?

What is this ‘pushme-pullyou’, back and forth to the castle wall declaiming and then again into the courtyard vacillating between the comfort of the dark cellar and the call of battle?

Is this a stalking horse with ADD?

I don't know what to make of it, but so much for a prelude.

Given the sad uninformed state of the American Public; the apathetic, soft-bellied, downward spiral into senile acquiescence; the murderous ruin of the collective mind- no longer capable of the connection between representation and result; what hope is there?

In Florida the partisan elections office is already at work to suppress the vote. We can imagine what else is in boxes beneath the kitchen sink. In Ohio the SS elections head demands 80 pound paper on a premise based on the procedure of former times, while any paper trail at all is being disavowed in other locations.

National polls are sampling majorities of republicans in order to give the impression that bushligula has a lead. CNN grants the head of Gallup 3 full minutes to present his lying sack of shit response to the question of the sampling imbalance. Whores to the left of me, whores to the right of me, into the valley of whores marched the nation of brain-dead sailors.

What was once distressing and then became ironic, moved steadily into the absurd until it is now in a place where there is no word to describe it. Cartoon is close but fast receding like the shore behind a doomed freighter. Comic won't play, the clowns are going down for the third time in a sea of lachrymary. Even the children sit stunned and refuse to play. They know something’s up and somehow they know it's worse for them than anyone else.

What conclusion is one to draw from this multi-pronged, multi-dimensional, multi-mega national fuckover of Truth, Justice and The American Whey? What curds remain are only the sad overflow of them leaking in the drool from the mouths of over-sated pigs.

If half the country suddenly dropped to all four and went rooting and rutting like Circe's swine I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

There are many among us who celebrate every advantage gained from the rigged card game in progress. People who call themselves conservative, slather in a hydrophobic glee at the prospect of an ill made man returned to an unwon office. These are they who fancy themselves financially acute. These are they who now celebrate the one who will bankrupt them. Those who profess support for fiscal accountability, laugh like drunken soccer yobs as billions of dollars are set aflame. They dance around the bonfire, the red-highlights of madness flashing in their unseeing eyes.

They paw each other and hoot in celebration as their house majority leader wheelbarrows Indian casino swag into his garage. How can these people explain to themselves the contradiction between what they say they believe in and what they see? Is it just the blood? Is it the pornographic layouts of dead and dismembered women and children? Is it just the ripe stink of death from abroad that makes them hard for the deathboy? They laugh at the collateral dead. "Hey man, who gives a fuck about a backward nation full of sand niggers?"

"Kill them all and let God sort it out."

I guess it's to be expected. You've turned your country into an exploding hog lagoon of useless shit designed to take your attention off of everything but your stomach, your dick and the minds entertainment center.

While 'the few, the proud and the brave" battle in Afghanistan- hounded with "find bin laden" and ambushed right and left, you say, "fuck'em that's the old war”. Daddy bush's poppy fields are blooming red, …more red and rich than Flanders ever did. Noriega would still be in business if he hadn't nationalized the drug money in the banks.

We have run out of words, we have run out of words to adequately describe the spectacle of glut and indifference. We have run out of feelings for anything but ourselves. We have run out of thoughts for anything but what we want and one day, we're gonna run out of time as well.

I look at the hurricanes in Florida and the earthquakes in California. I look at Mt. St Helen's and all of the brewing disagreement above and below the Earth that mirrors the collective mental force of a people at war with each other and themselves. This epidemic of collective willful blindness and obtuse disregard will have its day. It will have a day in the life. And it will be your life in which it has its day.

You won't listen, you won't learn, you won't budge, you won't give and you goddamned well won't understand. Go ahead, reap the whirlwind. You damn well sowed it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Anhedonia of Republican 'droit de seigneur'.

They can't really be enjoying it can they? Does Heaven have slums? Does Hell have an high rent district?

In the impersonal social world of Heaven, every citizen is equal, no one considers themselves above their neighbors although their avocation might be different. The joy shared is a common joy and there is no end to it.

In Hell one would think that every situation would be ironic; a sort of "water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink." kind of a place. A place where you get the best seat in the house every night but it's always some kind of experimental ballet; and you hate ballet; a place of sumptuous buffets where you can't taste anything and have no appetite; a world of Anhedonia.

bush goes to Hell and a demon is taking him to different rooms showing him choices where he can spend eternity. His initial choices are gruesome and he rejects them. Then he is shown a room where Bill Clinton is sprawled on a collection of cushions and is receiving felatio from a beautiful woman. bush nods his head, "yeah, this is more like it." The demon then asks, "so this is what you want?" "Absolutely." bush replies. So the demon claps his hands and the woman gets up and leaves.

Something like that.

I tend to believe that everything, including the pursuit of God, Truth, Peace, Harmony; whatever you call the higher end of aspiration; the most you can imagine unto the disolution of all self into whatever idea you may possess regarding fundamental, primary essence- is connected to sexual energy. It's all sex.

Everything works on the principle of attraction and everything seeks union. It may be that union already exists and that we merely separate in order to achieve it again and again; and that's life.

Building fortunes, waging war, achieving fame, Nirvana, Samadhi; or Conrad Black paying good money to be tied up and whipped by big, angry, merciless Arabs in a back room, several streets away from the marketplace in Old Tangiers; it's all sex.

Love is the humanization, some might say spiritualization, of sex; but there are many definitions of Love. We could say Love is the inspiration, the stage coach driver, with the coach being the body and the horses being the sex drive. We've got a lot coaches missing a driver.

Think of it as an elevator. Think of it as a drug. In either case you have lower and upper floors. Each elevator door opens into an entire world. Each drug is a state of mind; a kingdom peopled with specific thought forms.

It seems to me that to enjoy something you have to be connected to it. Loving something will surely provide enjoyment. It will also increase your understanding of it. This is why some people can learn a musical instrument so quickly and some people never do. You have to lose yourself in it. You can't remain apart or withhold your self while taking from it and then go your way, sated and unchanged.

Surely we live in a world of clumsy lovers. Selfishness, too much self consciousness, too much risk awareness will interfere with performance. The object of desire will not be impressed with your insincerity; your lack of passionate surrender.

The French have words for these things; petit morte, jois de vive. they've also got a word, droit de seigneur, about a certain right of kings.

"To the victor go the spoils".

The swing in this election comes down to a few things that don't really get as much front page mention as they deserve. One of them is 'gay marriage' and by extension gay sex and all that both imply. Another is that the basic principles of this 'Christian nation' are threatened by heretical enemies. These two symbolize the entirety of this administrations support. By extension they also imply a host of other perceived ills that challenge our bedrock, fundamental idea of what America is all about.

Gay sex and Islamic terror. These are the matchpoints of the whole game. Both are whips of fear laid to the back of those with no reign on their imagination. Few people possess a controlled imagination, nor realize the power of it.

If we were the recipient of loving intent from this administration, or all the examples history gives us of 'this type' of administration, it might not be so bad. Your parents may not have all the answers but they could well be right about a lot of things and usually they love you. Love has an inherent wisdom.

But I think this administration does not love you. I think they just want to fuck you. I don't think they're very good at it and I don't think they enjoy it either. Not being good at something and not giving joy or pleasure can make you angry. You know that the simulation of adoring eyes is based on fear, not satisfaction. And not enjoying it themselves, since it is an offense against what humanity they may possess, this confuses them. Why aren't they getting the last full measure of satisfaction? We know why you aren't getting off. But what about them?

If you're going to fuck somebody's brains out; leave them limp and heaving upon sweat soaked sheets in the aftermath of the minds own tropics, you've got to love your work. You've got to be lost in it. You've got to lose control while in control and never mind a tumble to the floor...when you can always come back and deliver more. Here is where Love inspires. Here is where Love will always win. It is consistently new and it returns again and again and again.

It's hard to get off on the romance of, "baby I'm going to stay the course." when they can't even get it up or when they are always trying to put it in the wrong hole; please read 'metaphorical' here. I don't want to wind up parsing pubic hairs.

Fear may compel someone to take off their clothes but they're not going to love you for it. Fear doesn't make you safe either. Empty words can't serve as food.

I know that Love will triumph over circumstance and time. Union makes a whole of every diversity. It weaves them together into the most fantastic flying carpet. In the long reach of our ever refining dreams we do come out of the shadow of these callow, unfortunate lovers. That's the good news. The bad news is that, until you master your fear, until you claim the authority of your love, you're going to have to keep taking your clothes off for every rape artist and bully with a police force and you're going to keep having bad, unsatisfying sex. You're going to have to give them your wife or your husband on your wedding night. You are going to have to give them your children. And you're going to hate yourself and each other in the morning.

Monday, September 27, 2004

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to St. Peter.

The other day a poster in another forum did a little fundie scripture dance for me that involved that old saw, "judge not lest ye be judged". These days scripture gets tossed around the way rap insults do at a Hip Hop 'battle', which is usually the result of a 'call-out'. Scripsters whip out "so sayth's" and "lest ye's" and are met in mid air by "thereforths" and "whosoeverth's"; the collisions are spectacular, the carnage terrific.

I was told I wasn't in a position to judge 'the deathboy' (bush). It put me in mind of something that might happen when I came across St. Peter. Now mind, I've no intention of coming across St. Peter. My preference is to go the The Western Pure land of the Amitabha Buddha, or any of the Tantric heavens, generic Hindu heavens, The Himalayas or just hang around in the immortal Tao. I'm not going somewhere where they sing really bad hymn's and have rule books bigger than the Political Correctness Behavior manuals at your colleges, universities and government offices.

"Les Visible?"

"Yes Peter, that's me."

"I'm sorry visible but I'm not going to be able to let you in."

"Well, that's cool but... why?"

"You said a lot of bad things about people down below. Look at what you said about Hitler and Stalin and Mao, not to mention a number of the presidents of your own country and the list of entertainers and public figures just goes on and on."

"I wasn't supposed to say anything bad about Hitler?"

"Judge not Les, lest ye be judged. You could have found something to like in Hitler if you had looked. In any case, you could have kept your opinions to yourself. You don't know what kind of problems he had. And you were really mean to bush and the bush family"

"okay...uh, so, what do I do, do I go to Hell?"

"Of course not, that's where Hitler and bush and the rest of them are. I don't think that would work out. It says here you said something about wishing you had a chance to kick his ass, I don't think you want to go to Hell to do it. Do you?"

"No, Peter, that’s not on my mind any more. So, what do you suggest?

You can just go find one of those other Heavens. God's got a lot of mansions. I know you once mentioned something like that in one of your Fray posts."

"You read The Fray?"

"As a matter of fact, a great many of us used to tune in to BOTF and a few others, back in the day."

"Alright then Peter, you be cool and I'll head East."

"Right visible, let's do lunch sometime."

I make a dialing motion with my hand as I disappear into the clouds.

Of course, along with this came a variety of other ideas and one of them was The Ten Commandments. Now, I've broken every one of them I think and some of them multiple times. But those commandments give me pause because some of them seem redundant and some of them seem impossible.

Anyway, let's deconstruct those Ten Commandments. I've got to go get them, I don't know them all off-hand. Hang on. Wait a minute. It seems that Moses might have broken the first set when he got angry about the Golden Calf. Then there's a whole lot of other questions. I just ran across this site-


It also seems there is a Protestant, a Catholic and a Hebrew ten commandments.

Well, I'll just grab one of them and get started.

Whoa... the Protestant and Hebrew ones are kind of verbose, you'd have thought that would have been more likely of the Catholic's but they're as sparse as can be. So I'll go with the Catholic one and then adlib if I need to.

1. I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not have strange gods before me.

Well, that seems okay...but it does beg the question of; who is who? I know there's only one God so it's not a problem for me. But your basic fundie from any religion, why, that's just an excuse to make everyone else a heretic based on the assumption that they are worshipping the wrong guy.

2. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.

Now this one, generally it seems that people associate this with swearing, to me it means asking and not believing, or calling on God for 'stuff'. There's a boy crying 'wolf' in here somewhere too.

3. Remember thou keep the Sabbath Day (usually there's a "and keep it holy" but I don't see that here.)

Hmm. "Go Packers!" (smarmy British sotto voce) "Wood's is signaling for his 7 iron. Brian the green's a good 60 yards here with the bunker right in the approach. The crowd has gone dead quiet as Tiger addresses the ball." Now this one is a little strange. I figure all of the days are holy, just as every inch of the Earth is sacred ground. Anyway, it looks like most of America is going to Hell on this one.

4. Honor thy Father and thy Mother.

This one might make you think of Japanese ancestor worship but to me it means Heaven and Earth. It's usually followed with, "so that your days might be long" I think. Then again, is that a good thing? What if you have a terrible life? Long is good?

5. Thou shalt not kill.

I think we can all agree on this one. But since Cain brained Abel it hasn't been much of a restraint. Fundie's are big time behind killing Iraqi's and anyone who isn't a convert, so this one must be open to interpretation. bush, being chosen by god, obviously gets a pass here.

6. Thou shalt not commit adultery.

Uh oh. I may be up for serial offender here, but they made me do it. Okay, I can see this one as a necessary for social control. It could get a little wild if everybody were actually fucking everybody else. However, the big problem is, that everybody is definitely 'thinking about' fucking everybody else. Isn't this the lusting in the heart one? Everybody is going to Hell over this one.

7. Thou shalt not steal.

This one creates no argument. This one makes sense. bush and his people get a pass on this one because it's in the national interest. It's not important for you to know why; that's also in the national interest.

8. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

Now I like this one but this is probably the most broken commandment. bush and his people get a pass on this one because it's in the national interest.
But my question here is; what if the person in question lives around the corner, or over in the next subdivision? or a member of another political party? They wouldn't actually be your neighbor would they?

9. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife.

I might want to borrow her but I can honestly say I don't want to keep her. Lot's of people are going to Hell over this one, especially in New York and California...probably any urban area actually.

10. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s goods.

This one was better when it mentioned "your neighbors ass.". This one was a big problem for me. I have definitely coveted some asses. But it wasn't like I wanted to own them (except in the "who's your daddy?" sense); maybe take it out on the highway and see what it will do, sure...but it will be back in your garage before you miss it. Most of America is definitely going to Hell over this one because I believe it includes your neighbors goods and property and what all. bush and his people get a pass here because it's in the national interest.

Shouldn't this last one be part of number 9? It looks like they only had nine and it didn't look good.

I'm afraid I have to go with the Eightfold Path for myself.

Now this is Old Testament stuff and there weren't any Christians then, nor Catholics. This is a Jewish trip the way I see it. Christ said something about the greatest commandment being to love your neighbor. And I expect that covers most of the preceding in application and infers the rest.

Now if you read the link I gave, (which I just found as I was writing this; I typed in 'the ten commandments' in Google and it was the first hit.) they got the 'first tables of stone' and the 'second tables of stone'...there's some dicey stuff there; especially that 'first born' thing and leaving God's fat out all night. I'm a first born so this either makes me feel real good or big time apprehensive; then I remember...right...right...God is Love.

The truth is, I love God, more than anything there is and I am as certain of God's existence as I am of the fact that I am typing this. But I'm afraid I've got to say that I like your glaze-eyed fundie fruitcake take about as much as I like Disco music or fast food.

And the thing with these fundies is they can get real nasty. Over at this other site one of them was pretty excited about the prospect of heading for Iran. And it doesn't take very long for the insults to start flowing. Of course I'm no saint here, but I'm not making up rules for other people either, nor am I sending most of the world to Hell in my head every day. Nor am I bugging the shit out of people to believe what I myself do not understand.

Well, we don't need much more than a little Crusader history, The Conquistadores, the Inquisition and the Salem Witch Trials to tell us what happens when people interpret scripture according to what they want. And it's a fact that when you repress your sexual nature, eventually the weakest link is going to go.

I wish 'most everyone' well. I know their happiness does not have to match mine, nor does their road have to parallel mine. And I realize that regardless of what they say, I'm not heading to any bad places, with or without their idea of who and what they think God is. Where I may not wish some well is due to the fact that I support the greater good and so I do hope for the total failure of the plans of those who seek to rape or enslave others.

Like Bob said, "most likely you go your way and I'll go mine." It's a big world and there's a lot to do here. I prefer other realms myself and would rather be elsewhere- but all things in time. We each go through our days and… I hope, for each of us, it is with the intention of a finer understanding and a broader, more embracing heart.

What commandments I obey are those which are a part of me. When I go against myself I cannot continue for long. Soon enough I am sorry and I set out to try again; to improve. The more we understand, the fewer rules we need. It should be natural to do the right thing. It's a real shame that it isn't.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

One of these Days I'm Gonna Leave this Prison.

Yesterday I was musing on bush matching up behavior-wise with his alleged faith in God. Of course I am certain and convinced that any connection bush has with God comes about only in an adversarial sense. The idea that this sociopath kneels before the master of the universe in humble surrender is ludicrous. He's a sociopath; he mimics human behavior to feign assimilation and achieve his ends, he doesn't actually feel any of these things.

It's said we see things better from a distance. There's a certain myopia that fades, once distance or time has interposed itself. We hear things like 20-20 hindsight and we see the regret and disappointment in others and in ourselves from what we may have been in former times.

With that in mind we can look at the muslim world. The muslim world is 1.3 billion people. Of that billion a small percentage are members of radical sects, a small percentage wage war on the shake and bake mentality of materialism which they perceive as The Great Satan of the West. They're not wrong in their perceptions. In a certain sense, the West, principally America, is awash in a world of things and vain amusements.

Some of these things like junk food, porn, television and other media, debase the human spirit and enslave it to the domination of the senses. I find certain aspects of Western Culture to be as offensive as they do. They don't want to be corrupted by a tidal wave of plastic shit and vapid nonsense washing over their culture and enslaving their people. They have that right.

Last night I saw a Jean Claude Van-Damme film about The French Foreign Legion. It was quite good, far beter than I expected. In the end the Bedouin leader lets Jean Claude (the last man standing) go with the admonition to "tell your people this is our land. It has been our land for centuries, we do not want you here..." there was more. It was very effective. A fine point was made and I agreed with it.

There are terrorists and there are freedom fighters and they both have reasons for being as they are. You will never defeat them unless you understand what motivates them. One should be defeated, the other should win, whether you want them to or not. You need to know the difference between them.

There are 2 billion Christians. Of that number a certain percentage are fundamentalist. A certain percentage wage cultural and real war against the East and seek to subvert their religion. They are indistinguishable from their counterparts in Islam.

They want, more or less what muslim fundamentalists want. They want to control their own people, control the world they live in and wage war on the infidel. They are both luddites and are ruled by superstition and draconian impulse. Live and let live is not in their vocabulary. Both send missionaries abroad to milk the bloody nickles of the poor and gain adherants to their cause.

The demagogues of the East and the demagogues of the West are the same. bush and his opposite numbers have the same thing in mind. bush has more and bigger guns, these are met with tactical reactions that are hard, I might say impossible, to police. Wiser minds could meet these challenges to the benefit of all. But the intentions of both sides are not egalitarian.

Of the two, bush is the greater danger to the human race because of a larger capacity to do greater damage. I'll add here that it is also bush and his handlers who incited the present conflict. I'll also add that there are hard, unanswered questions about what really happened on 9/11 and who was responsible. There is compelling evidence that the administration at least 'allowed' 9/11 to occur. And we can see how well this has worked to their advantage. There is no question that some kind of a Reichstag Fire took place.

Most people want to live and let live. Most people are sane (except for the degree of sensory hypnosis they live under), decent people who care about others. Most of these people however, are capable of being deceived by manufactured evidence and persuasive arguments tailored to their fears.

Demagogues and bad leaders of all stripes have milked human fear and desire through the ages. They pander to nationalistic instincts. They paint foreign peoples with diabolical intent. They set one class against the other. Skilled demagogues like bush, charge their opponents with class warfare in advance of their practice of it. It's a devastating technique to charge the other side with the crime you are committing first. Read 1984 if you can't follow this.

Now the whole thing comes down to another war which is the reason for life in the first place. The reason you are lost and do not know who you really are is so that you can be found, so that you will be compelled to seek. You are apart from the divine love in your heart so that you can strive to regain it. You are ignorant so that you can become wise. You are everything you are for the purpose of mastering and discarding it, until your real self (God) can shine through.

Along the way there are tests. But the playing field is pretty simple. Although there is no real difference between energy and matter, there is the 'appearance' of difference.

The senses report one thing and the intuition reports another. The more you move into matter, immerse yourself in the material world, the denser it becomes (this generates the heat that can be allegorically associated with Hell), the darker it becomes, the more confined you are.

The more you move toward the intuition the less dense it becomes, the less confined you are, the more light there is. That's all there is to life, the direction you choose. It seems far more complicated but it isn't. What is difficult is your resolve to maintain your course. The pull of the attractions and all the amenities and creature comforts of the flesh, the delights of the mind and the funhouse potential of the emotions is very strong.

At this time the variations of- and the magnetic power of attraction for matter- have never been greater. On the other hand, the opportunity for a quantum leap spiritually has never been greater; that's the reason for the former. Doesn't seem fair, but there you have it. shouldn't it be easier?

The fundies on both sides understand this in their own way. They realize that the physical world is a trap set to retard your progress. They know the world is a debauched whore of both sexes singing 'Hello Sailor." And they want to protect you from it, whether you like it or not. At the same time, if you're going to get clean you have to get dirty. If you're going to repent and change your ways, geez, you ought to have some sins. Well, they'll help you with that. They're real good on the black and white, even if wisdom is gray (note your color combinations and work out what this means).

So in a sense you could say they really believe they are right. Even as they are killing and stealing, and enslaving and subverting and lying and mis-interpreting, they really think it's for the greater good; most of them. Some are flat out working the process for their own advantage. Even when they are burning you at the stake and piercing you with hot iron and putting your family to the sword and building huge bank accounts and erecting enormous structures and creating police states, they think they are right. Some of them though, know what they are doing and they don't care. They do evil for the sheer joy of it.

And the one thing they hate most, is the thing they purport to represent. They hate the light that exposes them. They hate Jesus Christ though they cry his name to rally your hearts to their cause. They hate Martin Luther King and Gandhi and Nelson Mandela and Steven Biko and all the righteous warriors who stand for the good of the human race.

It is up to you if you allow yourself to be deceived. It is up to you if you compromise toward your comforts and side step your destiny. It is up to you if fear masters the naked vulnerability of your temporary flesh. In a world of cellphones and amusement parks and expensive things and the awesome attractions of sex and power and fame, it is up to you.

There are two kinds of sugar. One melts on your tongue and the other in your heart. One is more readily available. One takes more work. The heroin of organized religion and the one you shoot into your veins are both addictive deaths which are no more than a temporary fix. What you truly seek lies beyond the boundaries of what they can give. Deep inside you KNOW this and so there can be no satisfaction here.

No matter how many times you are led astray, no matter how many times you wake up with the corn husks and the swine, no matter how often you drown on bad wine and beautiful words, the real hunger remains and the good news is that, one day, you will achieve. Nothing in this world, finally can stop you. One day...

So if it hurts now. If you are tormented and bound. If you are angry, frightened, alone and lost in dreadful darkness, it won't be forever. But the sooner you strive to go beyond this, the quicker your real salvation will come. Everything and everyone serves the purpose of motivating you onward. All of the lies, false promises and disappointments are there to awaken you. It takes courage and it takes faith and one day you will find enough of both of them to carry you across, once you have burned to a cinder your appetite for the things that surround you here.

The real enemy is the separated portion of yourself. It is against this that you war, regardless of who appears to be your enemy. But your real self mastered this adversary long ago. The battle is already over, the good guys already won. If you allow fear to lead you back into bondage, you will remain there until you realize the same thing all over again. And on and on it goes, just like going to sleep and waking up every day.

"there ain't no good guys, there ain't no bad guys, there's only you and me and we just disagree."

Saturday, September 25, 2004

An Excursion into Biblical Parallel.

If you're going to treat with something that might come off far-fetched it's good to have precedence and backup. Whether the proclamations of religion are real may be less important than the fact that a majority of the people everywhere believe them after some fashion or another.

In the Bible, to which I am going to make primary refererence, there is talk of Devils and Angels throughout. It wouldn't be simplistic to say that the whole of the record given was influenced by the two. One is the agent of an overlord called Satan and the other are agents of Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh sometimes called Yahweh and more commonly called Jehovah. I'll be calling he/she/it- God. And we'll just call Satan- The Devil as opposed to 'a devil'.

Now it's my belief that The Devil is just the way that the ignorant and the wicked perceive God. There isn't any Devil as such but merely a false persona placed over the face of the ineffable. Let's call it the face of darkness (or illusion) that obscures the light. It's anthropormophism in one sense and it's mere satire in another; if by satire I mean- to blow out of proportion. One might say that individual suffering increases to the degree that one sees things disproportionate to the way that they are.

I'm not going to go into what reality really is. That would be a vain effort to attempt in the medium of words. Let's just say that reality isn't what 'they' say it is. 'They' would be everybody who ever said anything. This doesn't mean that someone, somewhere didn't at one time or another tell the truth. It just means that, even if they did, few got it and they couldn't tell you either. So we're dealing with relative truth here and that's good, since we're in the relative world.

Let's stay away from the Old Testament which is a book of Gematria and a blind. Let's use Jesus Christ as our example and let's take Christ as being what they say he is. Let's take his words as Gospel (grin) and measure anyone and everything against that. We're going to allow for certain things said by disciples where the statement conforms with what Christ said.

The point of this exercise is whether bush and his minions are of the Angelic or Demonic Realm.

In the Bible you will find the phrase, "by their works you shall know them." We'll use this as our basic yardstick. I won't bring up all the quotes that come to mind or I'll be here all day. I'll just refer to what's commonly understood as being 'of God' or 'of the Devil'.

What do bush's works tell us? What do bush's words tell us? Consider, "I'm a uniter, not a divider." Has bush united or divided? One of the traits of The Devil is to sow discord and confusion. I think we can grant that in this instance bush is firmly in The Devil's camp.
What does Christ say about being rich and how one should treat the poor? In this respect I think we can put bush firmly in The Devil's camp.

What does Christ say about speaking his name and claiming his patronage? Does bush, claiming the inspiration and imprimatur of God, act in the spirit of the teachings of Christ? Or, given the example of his words and actions does it not appear that he is, rather transparently, giving lip service to the one while serving the interests of the other?

We could argue this from many standpoints. We have chosen the teachings of the Bible as our measurement because bush has made the claim that he is acting in this respect as well as claiming the support and inspiration of God.

Without going any further into what the Bible says I think that any rational person with any basic understanding of the teachings of Christ would agree that according to the Bible, bush is a hypocrite, a liar, a murderer, a false prophet and a host of others things. bush, taken in the context of the teachings of Christ, and using the persona of Christ as a template, is shown to unequivocally be a devil.

Now it gets interesting. If bush is actually the son of The Prince of this World then it suddenly becomes clear how he can do what he does. It becomes clear why the press and all of the rest bow before him. It becomes clear how his lies can be accepted as truth and all of his actions go unjudged for what they are. That's if we see this in the context of the teachings of the Bible.

Would a man of Christ have mocked and laughed about a woman that he was sending to execution? Would a man of Christ say, "we're going to get that sonofabitch."? Would the righthand man of the man of Christ say, "fuck you"? Would a man of Christ enrich those with far too much at the expense of those with too little? Would a man of Christ go to war under false pretenses? Would a man of Christ be surrounded and supported by the most powerful and wealthy people on Earth? Would a man of Christ have his tracks erased? Would a man of Christ be incapable of apology or the capacity to acknowledge his errors? How long could I go on with this? a very long time.

So, if we can see, bush is not a man of Christ, then what is he? just some guy? Whom does he serve? Whose interests are served by bush? This isn't the place to list the hundreds of examples, you're supposed to draw your conclusions from what you know. Who does he serve?

It appears that bush is an agent of The Devil. But he is accepted by the alleged followers of Christ as a man of Christ. The Bible talks of 'deceiving even the elect' of 'wolves in sheeps clothing' of 'whitened sepulchers' and hypocrites.

I don't even have to try here. The evidence is overwhelming. Of course, this is all predicated on whether Christ spoke the truth. If Christ spoke the truth then bush is a liar, judged according to the words of the one he claims inspires and supports him.

You may have wondered how he gets away with everything. You may have wondered how such a bankrupt, thoroughly corrupt and inept individual can have such power. He's The Devil's Boy. He's an empty vessel being driven by infernal intelligence. That is he is, according to the Bible.

If this is all so, like I said and if the Bible and Christ are true vehicles for what was, what is and what is yet to come. If the word therein "shall not pass away" even if Heaven and Earth might...then prima facie, The Devil is in The White House.

He came out of nowhere and was suddenly surrounded and supported by the rich and powerful. He was illegally shoehorned into the White House as a result of voter fraud. Without mandate he set out to wage war around the globe. There is strong evidence that he at least allowed the 9/11 attack to take place, thereby granting him a mandate. He forced through a tax relief for the richest people on Earth instead of using the money to improve the lives of the ordinary citizens- then he did it again and again...well, I need not go on.

This isn't an inspired or well constructed post. But that isn't important. What it is is an example of taking a standard and measuring someone against it; the very standard that bush claims as his standard. Are the results to close to call? Is there doubt that it could go either way? Or, according to the evidence generated by comparison against the standard, isn't the conclusion a fait accompli?

According to what Christ says and what the Bible teaches, bush is a demon. He serves The Devil and he is the enemy of Christ and of the human race.

Don't argue with me, argue with the standard against which he is compared.

"what's puzzlin you is the nature of my game."

Friday, September 24, 2004

No one knows what goes on behind barbed wire...


'Ashcroft sings Country' but it is probably not what Charlie Rich had in mind. Althought the result of injudicious sexual entanglement can lead to a similar kind of confinement, even if you're just trapped in your chest like the lady in the Eight of Swords.

I expect this site and the links therein will account for the volumes I might otherwise have added here. I'm the guy watching the horror movie who is always saying, "Don't go down the dark hallway.", "No, don't open that door!" That's when I'm not commenting on how stupid the people are for doing it.

When I have to investigate something of a suspicious nature I always proceed with caution and always with one of my curious weapons at the ready. I've seldom run into anything other than the lingering memory of unexplained noise but, I'm a Boy Scout (one merit badge shy of Eagle) and I remember the maxims; please, no condom jokes.

I've been aware of the build-up of domestic security camps for some time. They're a feature of the next four years. When the need arises they want to be ready from the gitmo.

If you've researched the conditions at the New York pier during the repub convention then you know the general comfort level of group confinement for perceived disorder is; Motel Six from Hell.

I've thought of rewriting The Bill of Rights and The Constitution to reflect the new sentiments of the NWO. You know, things like, "we hold these truths to be self evident," adding "that you'd better watch your ass" and so forth. My early experiments provided a rich vein of humor; except its not really funny. It's not funny the same way making fun of the situation in Iraq isn't funny; the same way laughing at a bad skateboard accident isn't really funny- but you're not the guy holding your crotch and crying. You're not in the pile of bodys with the smirking chick pointing for the cameras. You're divorced from the actual humiliation.

It's like all those jokes about "meeting bubba in your cell when you go to the joint." Unless you've had to face down Big Leroy with his mega-dick you don't know the score. It takes grit.

We've mostly, as a nation, got grit at a distance. We've got plenty of vicarious grit. Here in this forum we daily experience virtual grit. There's a disparity usually when virtual grit meets real life grit requirements. People don't see the connections between what they think and say and do in a world apart. But you're downloading the programs, whether you know it or not.

Bird calls in the wild will usually bring you the bird. Insults cast upon the vibratory medium; the invisible liquid transfer medium that surrounds us, will eventually bring the bird as well. People, for the most part do not recognize this law. It's part of a collection of laws that guarantee a return on your investment. If you walk around thinking bad things about yourself all day, knowing or unknowing, you'll receive coroboration.

The basic modus operandi of your present installed government is to create a problem, react to the problem and then solve the problem; creation, reaction, solution. You might well ask, "why create a problem just to solve it?" If you have to ask....

The thing is, certain forms of government always move toward particular conclusions. Please make reference to History for your examples. You can recognize what sort of a government you are dealing with or living under by the way they do business. Let's face it, there's only a few to choose from. Yes, there are variations with the basic groups, but it's not that complicated.

If a government is based on protecting property (stolen or otherwise acquired) and the status quo, certain techniques are employed, generic explantions are given and after that is the general scramble to keep what you have, increase what you have, take what you can get, work, scam, scheme, touch yourself while dreaming of shiny objects, etc: laws are usually configured to support the interests of whoever has the most. As that sage of the marketplace Sumner Redstone just said (prefacing his coming inter-office jihad), "I support bush because he's good for my business; deregulation et. al." But he thinks Kerry is a nice guy so relax. Dude, Sumner rocks!

Why am I not going on about the concentration camps? Well, I am, I'm just being oblique.

Nothing serves the cause better than disinformation. Were I to give just the obvious examples I'd be here typing for a good while yet. Let's just assume you know, or that you don't care, you support it, or you are totally clueless. All of the food groups are represented here.

So let's move on to another feature HERE

Now this fellow put some time into his work and the least you can do is read what he says. I spotted some of this myself to begin with. So when he says the same thing to me that I noticed then I get the feeling we are noticing the same things. He noticed more than I did though. You'll want to go to the Turkish Delight link to confirm or deny.

Yes, you're being lied to and defrauded every hour of every day. Why? Well, if you have to ask....

Eventually I'm going to stop pointing these things out and that will be good for me because I love doing other things and I live in a real democracy so I'm free to do them. Also, I don't have your problems and, let's face it, I can't solve them for you. When you think about it, all of this is just a logical progression any way. Certain lifestyles and governments always resolve in a certain way. It's a loop. Tyranny under the promise of providing Liberty...ever increasing security in the behalf of Freedom...mutating, pop-up replicant enemies on the borders of the's all happened before.

As I've said, I'm an optimist. I know it all works out. But when I think of the bad highway between here and there, I hope you'll forgive me if I sit this one out. I seldom cry because sorrow has become a foreign thing to me. Mostly I laugh, I laugh and shake my head and say things like, "good grief", "What the fuck?", "Oh my God.", "ah, not again." and "I don't believe it." but I do- and I'm not suprised either. I'm not even sure who to feel sorry for any more.

"oh Lord I got 99, yeah I got 99."

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The long-slow-flushing Sayonara of Being Aware.

No, this isn't about The Fray. Etiquette doesn't hothouse in cyber-space so it never really got off the ground all that well. The Kabuki face of anonymity gives a protection to the low born tendencies of the generally inarticulate, dumpster divers of the mind.

It's the same for me as anyone, though I don't need the anonymity, when you're angry about something you're gonna rage.

Sometimes it's about one of those ongoing hangnails that never gets sorted out; justice, genocide, hunger and the like. Sometimes it's just more personal like political candidates and your version of what happened and what it means. Right now, with so much seemingly at stake, we're all a little less mannered than we might be at other times. But what happens here on the net, in our little part of it, is not likely to influence much of anything. It's just a place inside us where we go to the soapbox or the confessional. Maybe it helps us- sometimes we hope it helps others.

What's on my mind right now is the increasing indifference and cluelessness of people in general. The way I grew up, you learned manners or you caught a hand to the side of the head. Others had a better time of it by virtue of good example or a more patient form of training. I learned to say "Yes Sir. No Sir. Yes Mam" and the like. I still do.

The two generations before mine had a refinement and an awareness of space and self that you don't see that often any more. People had manners. I have to say I really appreciated that.
People told the truth quite often and they did what they said they would do.

Something happened. I noticed it in the early 80s. Right around that time there was coined the phrase, "the me generation". Before that you saw the coming emergence of ideas taught by people like Werner Erhart and L. Ron Hubbard. The First Church of Satan (me first, you later...maybe) also got a physical address in San Francisco. A new breed of selfish predators hit Wall Street. I was in New York off and on around then. I saw the way some of them lived and dined. I saw the culture of excess. I watched the coke and the expectations flow. I saw the hard gleam of self interest spread like a flu virus in all directions.

On the highways another phenomena began to grow. People started crowding each other, pushing each other, screaming at each other. You saw a lot of this through windshields and mirrors.

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´

Right on the heels of the call for Peace and Brotherhood came disco and cocaine. Peace and Brotherhood died of SIDS; though there has been talk that someone used a pillow.

I noticed people doing things in supermarket lines that I had never seen before. Heralding the coming of cellphones was The Walkman and The GameBoy. Anything you could find to insulate yourself from the world around you was becoming a fashion accessory.

Sure, population increase is a factor.

After awhile I noticed that people were far less interested in being noticed for what they did than for the way they looked. New efforts had to be made to stand out. So you got designer hardware for your face, navel and genitals, tattoos for wherever and hair hacked to different lengths and then sprayed stiff in whatever direction. The idea was to look like you'd just gotten out of bed. Fashion became anti-fashion which was still fashion but just didn't look very good. Then again, neither did a lot of what came before it.

Life's soundtrack changed. Kurt Cobain and a legion of whiners started screaming about themselves and all that terrific angst and other stuff I never quite understood. Then came the gangsta appearance and the transformation into 'pimps' and 'ho's'. The lingua franca went south like the dollar does now. It stands to reason that behavior would follow and that manners would be the first thing to go.

It's only since I've come to Europe that I noticed how really bad it had gotten in the US. Sure, there are rude people here, like anywhere, but among a wide body of the population, 'manners' still prevail.

Blame Hollywood, or a more ubiquitous decadence, lowered standards of what's acceptable, the indulgence of cultural demands from whoever is screaming the loudest, blame the template of Bart Simpson and Beavis and Butthead; blame can go in any direction if you're mistaking symptom for cause.

Today's Christians aren't Christians, they're "me first" Christians, they're completely intolerant, generally obtuse and it's a given that you can break any commandment if it serves Christianity. All of the religions have become organizations involved in turf wars. They're bankrupt in the one place where it counts.

Lying is acceptable, Trump's a sex symbol even with that hair. It's okay to push and shove, scream and yell, be ungrateful and sullen... why, pretty much anything- because that's sexy too.

If you hear nothing but lies and see little but examples of bad behavior, glorified as fashionable, if getting whatever you want by any means necessary is considered smart well then...

I've never seen a time where there was so little inspiration and such a wealth of bad art. All the muses have gone into hiding. I'm not about to travel the Miniver Cheevy route. I don't fancy chronic Jeremiasis and I'm not sure there isn't a point to it all anyway. If there is a point, you'd be advised to seek low density population areas.

Not a day has passed in the last two decades, when I have been in the midst of the human herd, that I haven't noticed the increasing downward slide of grace and manners. People rarely change because they suddenly realized they were wrong and rushed to make the hard changes. That little incident on the road to Damascus is not a common event. People wake up usually because something woke them up. People change when they are forced to change. I keep coming back to the same thing.

I expect we can all do our part in real life by seeking to be more open, understanding and gracious; forget for the moment the very real possibility that others will see it as a sign of weakness and strip you to the bone faster than a school of Piranha. We can, those so inclined can, do this. I expect I'll keep trying. But sometimes...

...sometimes there comes an age; "Oh generation of vipers"... some times there comes an age, a period;... "where there is no vision the people perish"... sometimes there just isn't any way out except through. Sometimes too many rude people are caught in a building where the exit doors were locked to keep people from stealing during an emergency...sometimes the space is tight and no one is going to wait. No one has any manners, even if manners might just save their life. If you're an indifferent goat with a hard dick on the highway; what will you be when the pen catches on fire? What will happen if you are penned with so many other goats with the same problem?

Sometimes it is best to find yourself a place as far away as possible. Sometimes you can only ride out the changes from a distance. Sometimes there is nothing you can do but leave. Ask Lot. The wise step far back from the stage once the performance has begun. There will be a need for help in the times to come after. It is tragic that most people cannot help themselves. Double meaning intended.

world unchanging
beneath the coverslip of fear
colorful disarray
magnificent metropolitan ruins
always in decay

I decry most
the loss of generosity to strangers

and after that-

the bad intentions of strangers upon their host
the greatest of loves it seems
suffer the most
somehow we reach our dreams
whatever they may be
world unchanging
wave upon the sea...

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Rupert Murdoch's 142nd Dream in Asia Minor.

The heavy, heavy tread. The dense, blanketing cover of noise. The close pressing outside upon the vaccuum of empty disinclined minds. On it goes...flashing repetitive graphics, the senses are dulled by the unremitting images of crushed and exploded bodies- there were no reasons and there are no reasons and it isn't about hating Mondays anymore but pretty much every day of the week.

The repellant nausea inducing sight of the pretender in chief. The very scary thought that this... is leading that... where? This hollow man and his band of awesomely indifferent sycophants. Yes Sir, No Sir, three bags full... I can't get my head around it. I feel like my ship crashed on a planet thousands of years in the past. In any town on any street there's this same general theme done in a different, drink, sleep, shop, fuck, watch TV....go on....fuck, shop, sleep, drink,, die, live, die, fight, bleed, fall down, get up, fall down...what? what? I don't understand.

I'm looping, approaching the same problem; is it a problem? from different sides, different angles...tiny flashlight moving across unchanging dark terrain. Get a gun? Get a new car? Get a clue? Get a life?

Thudding, numbing incessant and unceasing repetition of obvious lies...all too many too quiet or too loud about some kind of personal problem tied in with something the guy is doing on's bush...getting closer now...he's...he's got his dick out and he's pissing on the heads of the people in front. They're...they're laughing? they're shoving, pushing...trying to get under the stream with their mouths open, some of them are jerking off while their friends work the video cameras. Hi Mom.

People in animal masks are having sex in the crowd. Others are eating big greasy sausage sandwiches. People are throwing up and it's very slippery. bush is saying something about "staying coarse." dick cheney is cutting the heads off of school children and throwing the heads into the crowd. rumsfield is sticking firecrackers into the asses of house cats and then drop kicking them into the crowd. There's hysterical laughter. A big fat clown just ran out on stage and is firing a nail gun into the crowd.

The stage is huge! There's a mariachi band over in one corner and Condolezza Rice is doing something with a donkey. You can't hear much because they're playing Otis Redding's, "Dreams to Remember" at about 140db.

What's this? There's a big push coming behind me. It's about 50 middle aged white guys in suits. They look frantic. bodies are flying, their shirts are open and their ties askew. They're sweating like pigs, they're screaming something. It''s..."four more years!" got to get out of the way....they're crushing people...ah no, some little girl just went down...brutal.

They've reached the stage now. the entire bush family has come out of stage. all of the bushes have dropped their pants and they are....yes they are shitting on these men. the men are in an orgy of religious frenzy...cheney and all of the rest are shitting too. The men are rubbing it on their faces and bodies and grabbing at each other. It looks like a bunch of Rasputins in mufti at a mosh pit. Brit Hume and other broadcasters have come out on the stage, they're ripping their clothes off and slashing themselves with razor blades. "I Want It All" by Queen is playing. Jenna and Barbara (Senior) have joined Rice over by the donkey. I can't really see what they are doing.

The crowd is suddenly pressing back in a rush and I've been pushed, I'm struggling to keep my feet and I'm stepping on something. It's the little girl. She's got to be dead. She's holding a crumpled and torn 'bush-cheney' sign in her hand. matt drudge is there. He's got a mike in his hands and he's trying to talk to her. Some of his people are taking photo's. I'm shoved into drudge and I take the opportunity to drive an elbow into his kidneys. drudge goes down. It's really close here. I lean down and work drudge over with a wood chisel. There, that's much better. I fight my way to the side of the hall.

I'm kind of in the clear right now. I can see huge forms of what appear to be demons from the Tibetan Book of the Dead dancing and swirling in the air above the crowd. The pounding sound of the music is batting the demons around in the air like those mylar balloons you see at the carnival.

Some kind of middle eastern rock band has come on stage. They're setting up their instruments. They're firing into the crowd! The crowd is going nuts! It looks like Jenna is wasting barbara and rice with a baseball bat. She's got the donkey all to herself now. Ain't love grand? A huge gas tanker has just driven into the auditorium and is spraying petrol out of a water gun. I'm heading for the exit. Behind me the entire room goes up in flames.

I come back a couple of hours later. Oh, the stink!! Oh, it's dreadful. The doors have been blown away and parts of the walls are missing. There's a huge black mass of fused bodies cooling. Workman are spraying some kind of lucite crazy glue compound on to the heap under the direction of curators from the Museum of Modern Art. Cranes are being erected. Stairway to Heaven is playing.

I see former members of the administration wandering around. There's colon powell, somebody put his eyes out. He keeps bumping into things and falling down. The smell is just overpowering. People are still laughing, what people there are; though a new crowd does seem to be building. Every so often you hear an attempt at a collective, "four more years." it's ragged, like running into some World Cup fans at 5:00am the day after in the Munich underground. They're game though. They remind me of a bunch of total drunks trying to do 'the wave' at a baseball game. Well, the floor is very slippery, even if you're sober. This is just great. This is what needed to happen. There's a sense of catharsis in the air. I don't know where it leaves us but I can feel a nervous 'can do' energy building. It's definitely time for me to leave.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Maybe it's Supposed to be this Way.

Some think about the future and some reflect on the past. The boys and girls of summer they just dance and sex their way through the present that is never going to end. They'll be friends forever and the future has a killler bod.

By default I wind up in all of these places but I don't stay very long, more in the present than anywhere though, but that's just because I am busy. Most of the time I'm wondering how things come to be the way they are, who I am and what changes I can and cannot make on either. It wouldn't be too cynical to say that this could well be a full time job that never produces a product.

In the world I notice that the Government Information Office, also known as the National Media, has ceased to report American service deaths. I see the numbers keep rising but don't find the circumstances anywhere.

At BOTF I notice the usual troublemakers are gearing up for another session. You know who I mean. Things get a little slow for them, they're less a factor than they would like or maybe it's just pure cussedness; like the two vultures on the dead tree branch. the one says to the other, "screw all this waiting, I'm gonna go kill something."

It's like picking at a scab. some people can't help themselves. Then you note, "uh huh", there's a general testiness in the air any way; people are a little quick off the cuff, there's (to my mind) been 'some' misinterpretation of the motives of others too and a lot of bandwagon jumping. I only say this in passing so that you'll remember when it happens. Maybe it's a seasonal thing.

In any case, I've been wondering, about wars and lies and self-interest and selective memory and the worship of symbols and ideas to the tune of dreadful marching bands. I've been wondering about staged events and manipulated perspectives and organized subversive activities in static ubiquity (I just had to say that).

And maybe it's supposed to be this way. Maybe you are supposed to be cheering for death and going butt-up for people who couldn't carry your cellphone. Maybe you're supposed to be deluded, fucked over, kicked around, disappointed; culminating finally in 'old and tired'. Why I say this is because this is what I see and this is what I have seen.

Maybe trite is the Daily Special. Maybe disease is a Bingo. Maybe lung fogging smog and dirty water, grinding poundin' noise and a world full of strangers is your birthright; your destiny. Did you dial it up, or did you get it as a perk? That seems to be the only question. Observation shows that a majority work toward the achievement of the same, either directly or indirectly through tacit support.

Observation shows that a good portion of the world hates a good portion of the world. Observation shows human character on the highway, in the super market, at a rock concert or a ball game.

How many people work selflessly for the good of others? Let's not bring up family, that's an ego trip; whether you think so or not. It's just possession maintenance. I'm not saying you shouldn't, nor that family love is vain- but it's a good thing that family members aren't like house plants; there wouldn't be nearly as many of them.

Porno is king and romance is dead. Bad taste is prevailing taste. Anger crushes serenity. Weeds outnumber flowers, poverty far outweighs wealth, misery beats joy, suspicion clobbers trust... and lies?... lies unscrew Truth's head and dance on the wires.

People like Gandhi, King and Kennedy catch bullets and bush, kissinger, rockerfeller and rove just skate over the bodies of their victims, trash the world and laugh all the way to the bank. Would it be like this if it wasn't supposed to be like this?

Back in the late 19th century some illuminated thinker came up with The Gospel of Wealth. Basically it said the rich and the poor both deserved their state and that the rich were just better people and that God intended the relationship to be as it was.

Hitler, Mao and Stalin killed hundreds of millions of people. Prescott bush helped Hitler come to power and kill a lot of a certain group of people and today many of the same people support his progeny...but this isn't ironic and nobody cares. I wouldn't get all wound up about this last, it's a fact. I just point it out because it's only just one example- there are many. Today in Turkey you can learn that no one killed any great amount of Armenians. Today in Dafur thousands die while people talk over lunch. Rwanda? The Congo? What are those? Rock groups?

It appears I have missed the point all along. It's altogether possible that I am a 'drugged out hippie' as has been pointed out; even though I don't take drugs any more. My long term drugs; Love, Peace, Brotherhood... they've caused me just as much harm. I've worked all my life on forming a message through a variety of mediums, running the gamut from passionate outrage to the sublime and I'm just a marginalized eccentric. I've missed the point. I'd better get humping and sell my ass while it's still round. It's probably too late though. It may have always been too late, for me and everybody like me.

I should have gotten an education and become the lawyer I always get told I think like. I should have bought some suits and worked on a finer sense of disingenuity and veneer. I should have screamed for blood and negotiated the tough deals that left my opponents wishing they were dead. I should have done a lot of things instead of buying into a load of horseshit that no one wants to hear. I just couldn't believe it was supposed to be this way, but, apparently, it is.

Friday, September 17, 2004

You Turn Your Back and Look What Happens.

Much as the weather took a sharp turn for the worst down on America's Bible Belt Mosquito Coast, so, suddenly the entire envelope of the bushernaught has caught a wheel in the suicide lane and gone into the ditch.

Hey, isn't that the section of Fla. that went late for bush? The polls are even again and bush dropping as we speak. The war in Iraq has gone behind a curtain and come back out in an entirely new outfit. Boy, whoever made that getup really does hate women.

Bad news is howling in the alley, it's hanging Volkswagens from the flagpole. They are saying the war is lost, the Green Zone has been penetrated and NOBODY is safe anymore. Was that 60 unexploded rockets they found after the most recent shelling? The number of insurgents has quintupled and the orgy is about to begin. It's a given that you'd start to hear about the air attack headed for Iran. And you do.

The National Inquirer is landing on bush's head (coming to a supermarket checkout line near you) about the guard affair and sundry. They're following in Kelley's wake; real bad news for the clown president. When 'the stupids' start broadcasting and printing, 'the stupids' start listening.

It's all coming apart.

'the center cannot hold'"

Yeah sure visible, put down the pom poms and take off the cheerleaders outfit, you don't have the legs"actually I do have the legs but the pom poms make me itch.

Let's just move along to my point and stop fidgiting, you'll get your chance. You know, waiting for your chance to speak is not really listening?

Can you see what's going on in front of you? Do you have any idea how bad it is in Iraq right now? You do know that means it will get worse right? Imagine 18 billion dollar+ that was supposed to be used for reconstructing the country. Imagine the 6% of that which got spent. Ask yourself why nothing else has been? One can get the feeling that the whole point of Iraq was about destabilizing it- feeding the resentment, finally sucking in Iran and Syria and then bombing the living shit out of them. Because if that isn't the point, why are we headed there and why does it look that way?

Certain very powerful forces in the background, including major economic figures, moderate and conservative republicans and others are very unhappy... very unhappy. Let's face it, just about everybody is unhappy; they just don't know why.

But they will. I am aware of how this post appears. I designed it myself (short pause for buffing of nails on navy cable knit sweater).... I threw out some buzz thoughts, made a few wild assumptions (all true) and then (presently) started walking away with my arm over the shoulder of my invisible friend. I'm whistling that Casablanca tune. I'm not really leaving though, I'm headed for my blanket and the picnic basket, I've got a great seat.

The real show is about to begin. You are watching something that comes around very seldom. You are watching one of life's great moral tales outplaying for your edification and enjoyment, for reassurance and to the long term chagrin of more than a few. How's it end visible? It ends with the credits rolling...

Well, it doesn't end... but I digress.

Between now and Christmas you are going to see and hear more than you bargained for. I know I'm going out on a limb but then maybe you haven't been watching the trailers. Can you imagine what 'they' are talking about now? Can you feel the energy? Does it excite you? It does me. Of course, I know the director and that helps.

Shakespeare is no longer in the attic. He's wearing his cloak of invisibility, true- but you can see it in the faces of the actors. You'll note they're not as confident as they were. Former phrases have lost their force, postures feel, well, uncomfortable. There's a sense of mounting embarrassment as everybody moves away from everyone else. A few people are pointing. Some are eyeing the exits. Salma Hayek is about to come out and do that dance.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's just a movie. The only thing that should concern you is to play your part well. Do you believe in your part? Remember, there's gonna be a Q&A so keep it in mind.

I realize that real people are dying. I realize that many don't think they are real people or only care about their team. But you need to remember what Krishna said to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita. That's just what is happening. Be strong and, dare I say it? Stay the course.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

A Kinder Gentler Post...

These thousand points of light, may they be tracer rounds going off in the dark night of collective ignorance unbounded by reason or restraint.

Maybe we can find a place to sit away from the worst of it, just for a moment. Roaring antipathy and false hopes for profit sharing stock split cause we want a piece of it. Got to get what you can for yourself. And what better time when the thieves have control of it? Opportunity is the mother of crime.

I suppose it's a crime too if you want to steal peoples hearts; can't ever seem to give them back in the same shape you got them in. It's the price of not doing the usual business and working outside the contract everybody assumes they walked into the place with.

But you can't just come in every day with the same, "how's it going?" can you? Or "what do you think about this?"

People in New Orleans won't be wondering about other news; I wish them the best of it. I did have some fun there, brief but concentrated... snorted coke all night with some guy and other people came and went. He gave me his card the next morning should I ever want to get in touch again- turned out to be a cop. Well enough of that.

Thought I'd offer this note of hope should any feel in need of it- roving through the files for someone and came across it...thinking...hmmm, beats coming up with a post now don't it? And maybe also time to step away from the food fight for like maybe fifteen minutes and counting.

"I Do Believe"

In that essential stillness

that quiet endless hour...

preceding every dawn

of every day...

God breathes into the world of sleep

whatever power might be taken

to reach

that waking moment

in the warm falling rain of his grace...

In every year

whenever the wheel has turned

into the place where it must turn again

or stop

for want of hope

or lack of dreams...

God breathes once again

into the greater whole...

this soft malleable whiteness...

this stone...

he blesses

this unformed essence of extraordinary love

not yet fashioned with object

or desire...

it awaits our cleansed and contrite heart

awaits our innocence returned

awaits our renewing hope and certain will

that we might approach closer to the mark...

We have fallen back

upon the dying leaves

upon the sidewalks of shouting cities

into the guttering run

where flows the secret mind of our hidden deeds

more times than we can

through mercy


Every breath

every morsel of food

every chance of redemption

every possibility of hope

rests upon the bleeding power

that has bought and paid for every coming minute of the age...

Every twisted ugly thing

Every kindness unseen

every gentle thought

every whip hand falling

or whatever we may have turned it to...

all paid for by the living vision

of the one who dies

who is crucified

in the simultaneous instant of every act....

everything is permitted and fed

that we might, through the gift

of this unspeakably great thing

come to see how we might be....

and the certain possibility of that

for everyone of us

no matter how dark the way

how far afield...

is the 'ceaseless' intent

of the one left bleeding....

what freedom is

what love is

what peace is

we have no clue

only the yearning

and the road that leads us there...

Many have filled this void with words

many heroes come

and seeming villains to meet them in their time

all sleeping now

in places deep and waiting...

but this one does not sleep

is born anew in every breath

shines from each shining eye

cannot and will not forget

carries us past the trouble and regret.

In tongues forgotten he has come

to every race

in every time

dressed as everyone

always unknown and alone

and waiting...

this immeasurable gift


not understood


lays on the common ground

is tossed aside as worthless

is unseen among the items in the cart

feeds us

grants us life where there would be none...

endless granted,

giving life...

full and safe and perfect

I do believe....


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Please Note.

I regularly post at The Best of the Fray at this location HERE under the name 'appolonious'. I mention this because quite often I reference things that aren't illustrated in my articles. Although, generally, you don't need to make the connections because the general intent and meaning is fairly clear- I say this to clarify any confusion that might arise and also invite any one who might be interested to that location. It's always entertaining, often surprising, occasionally depressing and generally worth your time.

Since I doubt that many read what I write here this is probably irrelevant but, hey! I like to be comprehensive.

So, what do you want to be when you wake up?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe that's true. This one is probably worth a little more than that. HERE.

It's hard to post here, because posting here means having to read what others also write here. Reading what others write here you get a good cross-section of the country. I'd wager to say, with a few exceptions, you actually get a much more informed representation than actually exists; that's even more depressing.

We all know what it's like to feel insignificant in the face of apparently powerful world forces. Our single voice seems less than a sneeze in a hurricane. We may know that our voice is a part of the greater collective of world outrage but that outrage is seldom seen in our media.

Recently we saw one of the best threads in many a day here when Adam Morgan held forth on wearing a Peace Sign. I was impressed at some of the arguments. I was also shocked at some and even more shocked by who was presenting them.

A Peace Sign is a symbol. There are no words attached to a Peace Symbol; at least not the one in question. My impression was that the man was wearing a Peace Sign but he wasn't speaking to the subject. Unless he was speaking to the subject then no definition was given and no explanation is necessary. That's it, end of story. All the extrapolations in the world, all the variations on a theme are meaningless unless words and actions accompanied it. Far better arguments than mine were given, I don't need to add any more.

The war abroad is mirrored in the war at home. Abroad, the weapons are helicopters and tanks and much, much more. The identified targets are those actively resisting an invasion. Unless you feel that you don't have that right yourself, then they have that right. The actual targets are as much the general public as anything else.

In the war at home, the weapons are deceit and repression. Lies are reported as truths, even after being proven lies ...and dissent is dealt with. Take for instance this recent furor over the National Guard documents. Whether these documents be fraudulent or real, the information is true. No one has, or even attempts to refute that. You can be thrown in jail for wearing a t-shirt. You can lose your job for writing poetry or having a bumper sticker.

Quo Vadis America?

So what you do want to be when you wake up? For now you dream and it is an uneasy dream. Sometimes you feel you are under water and struggling to breathe. Sometimes you are being chased through dark curtains within yourself, hiding from the nameless pursuers. Sometimes you are scared and you are trying to get up, you think you are awake but you cannot rise from the bed. You are sure you are awake. It is only later when you wake up that realize you were still dreaming.

Every day we are born back into the same world with the chance to do something different. At the end of nearly every day we find we have repeated ourselves all over again. Are we really on rails? It is never harder than when we are trying to change. Something doesn't want that.

I hear the same things over and over. I say the same things over and over. I wax sublime. I get angry. I get angry at what cannot reason or hear and does not care and I wind up on the bar-room floor with part of an ear in my mouth.

There are some hard people here. There are some hard, cold hearts. Some unlived lives cry out for the blood of others in the name of business under the flag of progress.

Looking back the way I came I see that I have always had hope and that that hope was never mirrored in human events. Can I expect different up ahead? Though I have not achieved anything like what I thought I was capable of, I have realized that those achievements would not have made me a better or a happier person. They'd have just brought more mosquito's and larger bragging rights.

I may achieve nothing more but my dreams will keep me at it none the less; more fool I. At least I can comfort myself with the thought that I did no greater harm. We'd all like to be recognized for what we do but, given what is recognized and celebrated, what sort of company does that put us in?

The arbitrary manner of notable selection in this forum is mirrored in the greater world and probably with the same criteria for value. For every Tom Cruise, there are a hundred thousand wanna-be's pumping gas on the way to San Jose or their buttocks in LA....later to be judging dance contestants in Riverside. Meanwhile, blood runs, agony goes on and tears enough to flood the Mississippi fall on indifferent ground.

It's just a dream.

I've heard the words that proclaim that every heart will be comforted, that every tear shall be wiped away; and I believe that, I have to, despite what I have seen, despite what I see and despite the callow, wide-eyed target of my ongoing hope for a better world that I suspect far too many of us will never see... here.

I'd like to be better than I am before I wake up and find out I am dead. Frankly, I'd just like to wake up. Every time I do wake up though, the streets are far emptier that they were when I was dreaming.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Stalking Horses and Prestidigitators.

One of my favorite quotes by the redoubtable Sherlock Holmes is, "How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?"

I like to think I've got a canny mind that sees around corners and that I possess good objective reasoning powers. This could be bullshit along with most of the things I say. It could also be true. The reason we've got phrases like, "to smell out the truth." is because the sense of smell is the only sense that transmits directly to the brain. That's my thinking anyway, parse it how you like.

As I watch the scenery unfold in it's present unattractive Fall walkway colors, leaving most of what I see looking like a pimpmobile done by a very drunk and pissed off Peter Max, I have to wonder. Like Sherlock says, "once you've eliminated the impossible....."

I suppose the fact that Kerry is Skull and Bones might be a clue. But I don't have to scan the past to see the present. Here's what I do see. bushco has more weaknesses, more mistakes, more lies, more crime, more utter disregard, more venal capacity, more fascist intent and more screw the people history than any president this country has ever seen AND he wasn't elected in the first place.

It should be an automatic that Kerry wins, yet he and his people are doing everything possible to lose. Let's not forget Sherlock, we'll be getting back to him.

I have wrestled with accepting the base stupidity of genus Americana. These people drive cars, run businesses and most of them tie their own shoes and hopefully wipe their own asses. I've wrestled with the possibility that it's not just stupidity but selfishness, greed and appetite that control their interests. I've struggled to be egalitarian and mused about the possibility that it was a combination of all of them.

I've no doubt the media is controlled by neo-con intent, either deliberately pandering to its agenda or shutting up from fear. I'm hip to Clear Channel and the FCC. I'm hip to the republican SWAT teams in communities throughout America working to steal yet another election through absentee balloting fraud. They're catching them all over the place but you hardly hear about it.

You've got rats at the top and rats at the bottom and a great stinking landfill of swag betwixt.

But one thing puzzles me and the more I think about it,... I am forced to think what I don't want to think and that is that Kerry may be part of an actual design. See, I've eliminated the impossible and all I'm left with is that Kerry is working WITH the bush people to lose. I'm beginning to think Kerry is a stalking horse.

Sure, I looked at the MSNBC online presidential poll today and bush is up at 57% again. Two days ago Kerry was at 57%. For months Kerry was 60% or so and bush hovering at the hi-20's. then, a few weeks ago it tilted the other way- almost 40 points. Now it ping pongs back and forth every other day. You don't have to be Einstein to figure it out. The Blue Meanie's are organized and unlike the Democrats, they are not restrained by conscience.
Why is Kerry being guided by that idiot Shrum? Why do we, the lay personnel, know more about what he should be doing than he does? Why did he not show up at the Jessie Jackson/Wille Nelson event in West Virginia? He was IN West Virginia. Why did he make that stupid Iraq comment? Why did he lag on the Swift Boat liars?

Yes, the lap dog press grants him no slack. Major newspapers were referencing 'blogs' for their fact input on the documents for Christ's sake.

But bush is vulnerable everywhere and on everything. He's an incoherant bumbling robodroid who not only hasn't a clue how to govern, he's also going against national interest in every area where he operates.

It should be a slam dunk.

If Kerry loses this election I am going to have to learn toward the explanation that he is just part of the whole charade.

Regardless of what some may think, I do not believe I am smarter than everyone else. And because I KNOW I'm not smarter than everyone else it bothers me that I can see the obvious and the aggregate stunned frogs in the moonlight can't. They think the approaching headlights are new moons.

I'm surprised at myself for caring as much as I do. I shouldn't really, it's of no benefit to me. I left too and I don't ever have to come back. There will always be a free zone in the world for me to go to. I'm not trapped on the rusting freighter in the Bermuda Triangle. What I am surprised at it why so many who ARE THERE do not care.

Well anyway, who are you going to believe... them? or your lying eyes?

Sunday, September 12, 2004

The Gordian Knot on the Mobius Strip.

The Mobius Strip does sound like a land area in Israel, or somewhere north of the Red Sea or maybe a little southeast of the Valley of Kings. Then again, it also sounds like one of those places you can find the naughty girls in a large city; a place named after some location they emigrated from.

Sometimes I think of the Mobius Strip as being America itself as it moves in and out of the unseen and always reappearing slightly, though imperceptibally different. Since time warps and as the speed increases, the warp ribbons in a sort of accordion fashion things do appear, at this juncture, to be getting bent out of shape. This assumes there's some template to begin with.

Perhaps the Mobius Strip is more like a Zeitgeist that moves according to some unknown formula through the West Bank in Gaza. It's here, there, everywhere that the eye moves until the eye lands upon it and it is then somewhere else. It is only stationary as the eye moves toward it and it is gone when the eye focuses.

We could surely call the Arab/Israeli situation a Gordion Knot. Since I was a child, this tale of Alexander the Great has remained with me as an indelible lesson. Alexander apparently had that David Bowie thing with two different eyes so maybe he could see the whole of the Mobius Strip as well.

At this location HERE you can see a map of contested areas in the Arab/Israeli dispute. There's something I don't get here. It appears to me that the Israeli's, or a portion of the Israeli government, are working to dismantle 4 settlements- so noted on the map. What I don't get is that there appears to be around one hundred settlements there. The settlements to be withdrawn 'appear' to be a truly ludicrous amount in the face of what remains. What possible gain can be achieved by this? Why bother? Why would something as meager as this 'seems' to be even be under discussion? It changes nothing. Double, triple the amount and it changes nothing.

It is as if someone objected to my walking around naked and so I compromised by putting a hat on; so it does 'seem' in any case. On the face of it I do believe we would be better to rename the location the Mobius Strip.

I believe the reason that the tale of The Gordion Knot moved me so is because it is a method that I usually bring to dealing with problems. I'm not the sort who likes to become involved in the intricate untangling of inextricably wound threads. I don't fancy combing out dreadlocks, nor am I at all certain of the result. My reaction would be the shave the head, cut to the chase, cut the knot.

I've heard it said that Israel has the 4th most powerful military in the world. This is saying something when you consider the world's other major players. The idea that even the collective and focused efforts of all of the Arab armies could defeat it is wooly thinking.

If Israel returned all of the territories today and declared a Palestinian State they would be in no greater danger than now. The only weapon possessed by the Arabs is that of the suicide bombers and it is effective in its limited fashion simply because of the difficulty of defensing against it. Nothing will ever change this according to present circumstance.

Some might argue that it is just tactically easier to defend Israel with the present setup. However, the present setup is the source of the attacks. I know that the Palestinians would be so immediately caught up in celebration of statehood that all thought of violence against Israel would diminish to nothing.

Nearly all of the violence worldwide, being waged by Islamic fighters and Mossad units would lose motivation in the light of a return of territories. The pressure gauge would fall to near zero. The air would go out of the balloon and the swell of hope and release all across the globe would send angels with trumpets before the Sun.

I recognize that a faction within Israel has no intention of returning this land. They want more actually. Let's face it, even seen from a design standpoint, that 'bite' in the Eastern border doesn't look good. They'd much rather have a symmetrical map balance. I realize that all appearances of negotiation, promises and the like are fatuous. This is a game with no possibility of resolution. It's just a game with no end. It's a Mobius Strip and it's a Gordion Knot. And it would take an Alexander to resolve it.

Let us assume that all of the men and women in all of the countries interested in and affected by this festering circumstance are intelligent. Let's assume intelligence is a pre-requisite for the minutiae of international diplomacy and jurisprudence. Let's assume that all of the peoples represented by these peoples would all sleep safer at night if this situation were resolved. Yet the situation is not resolved. As with any problem that has features below those features that can be perceived on the surface we need to dig deeper.

It seems that the ongoing strife and it's effect globally must serve some purpose. The obvious people are making money from it but is that all? Maybe this war in Iraq and the situation in Israel, the attempted pacification of Afghanistan and the sure to follow problems with Iran and Syria, maybe there is a schematic at work that intends a result we can't really see unless we really look.

Maybe this whole thing is just an industry. Maybe war itself is an industry. Maybe conflict and struggle are critical to powerful economies. Maybe we can't do without them. Maybe you make more money from illegal drugs than you will ever make from legal drugs. Maybe the lack of health care is more economically productive than total health coverage. Maybe the pressure of life and the ubiquity of bad food and liquor and cigarettes and all of the health concerns raised are an important feature of the economy. Maybe everything is the way it is because of the profits that are to be had.

It's possible there isn't a sincere thing in this world that isn't somehow absorbed into the money machine. Varying quality of product certainly exists but that may be all.
So then it may be possible that the world was set up to be destroyed to begin with. For all of our altruism and hope of a better world, it may be that this is the only world we will ever have in this location. We will have this world always and we will have our hope always and it will look better and it will look worse but the more it changes the more it will remain the same.

Maybe the whole thing is just about what you live and fight and die for. Maybe results don't count at all. Maybe all that counts is what happens to you inside and all of that is determined by what you hold dear. "There where your treasures are..."

Maybe we shouldn't worry about results, maybe we shouldn't worry at all. Maybe the whole thing is fixed and you are just here to decide what you want from it. Maybe all of your tears, your struggles and your dangling, reaching hopes are just to convince you that there is nothing worth having that you don't already possess. Maybe...

I suppose you can wander this Mobius Strip forever, after all, that's what the design suggests. And you'll never unravel the Gordion Knot. The whole point was always that it had to be cut. Implicit in this is the idea that you will never have it until you cut it assunder and that it will then cease to be whatever it was you were reaching for. I can't go past this and continue to use this medium. I hope you will travel with me now though, into that realm where further exchange is still possible.

"Compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead" Lao Tzu

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Gimmie that Old time 9/11

Yeah, they're revving up the engines, make no mistake, the Rudy blimp will fly and the sun will break into diamonds across the mylar surface.

It's not my intention to cheapen the deaths or diminish the courage that was, but in the face of the faux-Mexico Day of the Dead spectacle on tap I could hardly approach what will be accomplished by the professionals. In my own small way I will attempt to celebrate my take on the whole affair with a few links and a some personal contributions on this day of massive self-promotion by the highest paid whores in show bizness.

Let's start off with a few links. Oh here's a nice one. And you didn't even know there was a WTC-7 did you? HERE.

Then there's the ever popular Osama Bo Bama Banana dana Bosama Sum HERE

We'd be truly remiss if we didn't reference that Muslim apology that was so ubiquitous and swallowed whole by the dumber than dirt faction. First your link HERE and then this nice piece of evidence
Registrant: Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism
2560 Virginia Avenue, NW Suite 171 Washington, District of Columbia 20037 United States
Registered through: (
Created on: 21-Apr-04
Expires on: 21-Apr-08 Last Updated on: 02-May-04
Administrative Contact: Huber, James
704 Donaldson Ln., SW Leesburg, Virginia 20175 United States 7037719368 Fax -- 7037719368
Technical Contact: Huber, James
704 Donaldson Ln., SW Leesburg, Virginia 20175 United States 7037719368 Fax -- 7037719368
Domain servers in listed order: NS.THEHOSTGROUP.COM NS2.THEHOSTGROUP.COM

which you didn't see anywhere and which after being publicized caused the phony's who errected the site to sanitize it for your protection. They're housed in the Watergate, go on, give 'em a call.

Questions abound in this world and there are far fewer answers to balance the scales but hey, everybody likes a good mystery.Yowsah

Yes, I could go on and on, this is just a cherrypick from one web site. What's it all about Alfie? Well, personally, I'd say that the robodroid in the White House is the public face of the 9/11 attackers who shoehorned Mr. Church of the Subnormal into the White House. "cover that girl in chocolate syrup and..." (thanks Frank- no not Sinatra)

I'm going to stroll on down memory lane and memory lane can often be a lot like being led down the garden path for those who can't remember and never mind. Looking back over the course of these few years one is most impressed by the titanic weight of ignorance that is the collective mindset of the American people. Is it just stupidity or is it fear too?.. because, gee, because it just doesn't seem possible that anyone can be so consistently stupid for such a length of time, so incurious, so potato-head believing of every single lie.

Meanwhile, on stages across the land, all the sad clowns, all the worn out whores will work in tandem to milk that one bloody tear into the corner of their crocodile eyes. They're gonna get down on their knees and do the nasty like Hindu swordswallowers in some bizarre porno movie of the mind. They're gonna inhale the bloodstained sacraments of hypocrisy and sanctimony and they're going to vomit up reams and reams of cartoon eulogy all over their teflon suits and you won't see nothing, no, you won't see nothing.

They'll stand there and they'll look as good as the crowd at a tyrants funeral. They'll make you believe he was a good man, that's how good they are. And the thing of it is, they suck; a nine year old wouldn't go on believing this shit for as long as the adults have been swallowing it. It has to be the fear or some kinda magic that only affects most of us. Or is it just the special taste?

Well, I've been working the crowd myself, a little here and there and I think some of this fits right in here with the rest of 'that'.

You can go to HERE 9/11 was an Inside Job and you can listen to or download the entire album dedicated to the 9/11 industry for which so many arms merchants and support industries and American fascists are so justifiably pleased.

And I wrote a poem too. I wrote a Poem that sank without a trace, like all of my poems do from that hippest insider club, that virtual "On the Rox'... oh yeah, Poems Fray. It sank with some trace elsewhere and it took a lot longer to go, but go it did. Did it go because the heat melted the Jello underneath? Did it go because it was a piece of shit and not up to the high intellectual standards of the illuminated Robert Pinsky and his attendant suckups? Possibly. Did it go because you needed a mind to understand it and an attention span broader than that required to stay the length of a network TV commercial? Probably. But it's 9/11 relevant and I'm gonna put it up again. It says everything I think.

9/11 Dreaming in a World of Flesh

in a world of flesh
sees flesh only
the heart and the mind may suspect
but still too often see
flesh only
back of the flesh in the world of gears
manipulated triggers pull at the limbs
that dance in the world of flesh
orchestration and the high art of fraud
are an easy task in the world of flesh
and the tumbling bodies hit
and the dust rolls in clouds from the streets
but another dust comes
from the smoke machines
and the mirror exchange of the press
some say the Arabs were angry that day
some say there's more to the ruse
beneath the veils are a number of things
that SOMEONE has put to good use
other intentions have come through the fire
and now they would burn the world
the convenient timing
the fabulous deaths
the great down winding diminished regrets
in the unseeing world of flesh
now comes
the junk and the tedious songs
on and on ad nauseum
the Twin Towers Watch
the speeches and banners
"on Comet and Cupid"
and Tiny Dancer
the peacocks are fanning
the demagogues struttin'
the survivors are jostlin'
through cables and grips
very important envelopes of flesh will
inflate their gills
with the shimmering scales of eminence
and gravitas
and their importance as flesh

remind you of that

and... remind you... of that

it goes on forever
it lasts for an age
for the flesh
that encompasses space in a world of flesh
forget Rwanda, Sierra Leone
the Congo?
where that's at?
I lost my cell phone

where's my goddamn latte?
is this lettuce fresh?
it's so hard for me
in this world of flesh

no one understands what it's like for ME!
no one understands!
I don't understand

"why can't we all just get along?"
in the world of flesh
in the world of flesh
flesh expands and presses out over the clothing
and all restraint

flesh billows with the fruit of appetite
the soft melting encapsulated lard
of chewy TV goodies
and somebody
blew up the church of the flesh
the goalposts of the empire of fleshcame down
the towers of flesh motivating upwards
the upwardly mobile flesh
the lightening struck tower

now walk with me...take a walk with me…

behind the world of flesh
back into the gears
back behind the tech's
behind the bankers
behind the money
behind the images
behind the ideas
behind the numbers
and behind the initial divide
far from the world of flesh you have
the uninvited guest
the forgotten lover
the fruit of desirous quest

someone forgot


a lot of fragmented flesh puppets forgot
a whole lot of somebody
seriously forgot
to invite God into the world of flesh

and God showed up anyway

like the sword
as the spirit-informing matter of it's presence

but it will never do to look for truth in the rubble
it will never do to think in terms
that flesh cannot accept
it will never do to considerthe absolute precision of the act
the fluid grace
that caught everyone flat footed
with a stupid look on their face

things can only be a certain way in the world of flesh
the impermanent flesh demands it
the vanishing melting vulnerable flesh is trumpeting
and cannot hear beyond it's own noise
the flesh is God unto itself
in the land of stuff
where stuff is God
there is never enough
there is NEVER enough...
just the wanting of the flesh
in a landscape of desired things
the temporary paradise on disappearing wings

rage on flesh


wrap yourself in the colored images of dream
wrap yourself in the vain exhortation
wrap yourself in the clamoring
clanging detuned symbols
of the empire of flesh
and laugh
and weep and carry on

it is never a moment too soonin a world that is too soon gone

one should never disturb the dangerous dreams
of the lords of the kingdoms of flesh

the heart and the mind may suspect
but they can't get there yet
the tiny voice in the silence may speak
but cannot be heard
not in the world of flesh

sometimes a greater noise is needed
from the lover you have forgotten

the loverwho has not forgotten you…

I know you're in there….




I know you're in there...

hidden in a world of flesh.

Buried in a world of flesh

Just be grateful I don't post the collection of all of my 9/11 related posts here. I don't want to give Wolfe a heart attack.

Today, what we ought to remember is how very easily we forget. We ought to remember how much we don't want to know. We should remember how hard we work to keep from seeing what is in front of us. Today we should remember that we, collectively, share in a unique distinction, for today we are members of what has to be the largest collection of stupid people that this world has ever seen. I have no doubt a certain strange vanity breeds here.

I have no doubt that there are many who are proud to be stupid. I have seen them go forth and proclaim it to all who would hear. I have seen them wax at length on televisions and radios and certainly within the empty cathederals of their minds. And what an echo! I hear their voices ring like the Sorcerors Apprentice in a hi-jacked Woody Guthrie song, chopping brooms and multiplying like carrion flies feasting on African dead.

Today I think you should do what you intend to do. I think you should celebrate your stupidity. I think you should go to your neighbor, your grocer, your aroma-therapist and you should say, "I am ignorant past understanding. I am Ozymandus on Thunderbird Wine. Look upon my shameless stupidity and despair.

It's 4:00PM, do you know where you are?

In closing let me say fuck you to everyone who believes the transparent lies they have been given and double fuck your reasons why. Let me say fuck you to those corporophagial few who have succeeded in intimidating, confusing and blinding the many. Let me say fuck fascism! And fuck all fascists, both there and abroad. Fuck the goons in power and fuck the corporations that support them. Fuck the lying polls. Fuck the television networks and fuck Clear Channel and fuck Michael Powell and all the faceless vampire fucks that are drunk on blood and hunger for more. Fuck everyone where it applies, you know who you are.

As for the rest of you, God Bless you... and may some unseen hand, miraculous and long overdue wash these treacherous souls into the sea like Garadene Swine.