Saturday, September 25, 2004

An Excursion into Biblical Parallel.

If you're going to treat with something that might come off far-fetched it's good to have precedence and backup. Whether the proclamations of religion are real may be less important than the fact that a majority of the people everywhere believe them after some fashion or another.

In the Bible, to which I am going to make primary refererence, there is talk of Devils and Angels throughout. It wouldn't be simplistic to say that the whole of the record given was influenced by the two. One is the agent of an overlord called Satan and the other are agents of Yod-Heh-Vau-Heh sometimes called Yahweh and more commonly called Jehovah. I'll be calling he/she/it- God. And we'll just call Satan- The Devil as opposed to 'a devil'.

Now it's my belief that The Devil is just the way that the ignorant and the wicked perceive God. There isn't any Devil as such but merely a false persona placed over the face of the ineffable. Let's call it the face of darkness (or illusion) that obscures the light. It's anthropormophism in one sense and it's mere satire in another; if by satire I mean- to blow out of proportion. One might say that individual suffering increases to the degree that one sees things disproportionate to the way that they are.

I'm not going to go into what reality really is. That would be a vain effort to attempt in the medium of words. Let's just say that reality isn't what 'they' say it is. 'They' would be everybody who ever said anything. This doesn't mean that someone, somewhere didn't at one time or another tell the truth. It just means that, even if they did, few got it and they couldn't tell you either. So we're dealing with relative truth here and that's good, since we're in the relative world.

Let's stay away from the Old Testament which is a book of Gematria and a blind. Let's use Jesus Christ as our example and let's take Christ as being what they say he is. Let's take his words as Gospel (grin) and measure anyone and everything against that. We're going to allow for certain things said by disciples where the statement conforms with what Christ said.

The point of this exercise is whether bush and his minions are of the Angelic or Demonic Realm.

In the Bible you will find the phrase, "by their works you shall know them." We'll use this as our basic yardstick. I won't bring up all the quotes that come to mind or I'll be here all day. I'll just refer to what's commonly understood as being 'of God' or 'of the Devil'.

What do bush's works tell us? What do bush's words tell us? Consider, "I'm a uniter, not a divider." Has bush united or divided? One of the traits of The Devil is to sow discord and confusion. I think we can grant that in this instance bush is firmly in The Devil's camp.
What does Christ say about being rich and how one should treat the poor? In this respect I think we can put bush firmly in The Devil's camp.

What does Christ say about speaking his name and claiming his patronage? Does bush, claiming the inspiration and imprimatur of God, act in the spirit of the teachings of Christ? Or, given the example of his words and actions does it not appear that he is, rather transparently, giving lip service to the one while serving the interests of the other?

We could argue this from many standpoints. We have chosen the teachings of the Bible as our measurement because bush has made the claim that he is acting in this respect as well as claiming the support and inspiration of God.

Without going any further into what the Bible says I think that any rational person with any basic understanding of the teachings of Christ would agree that according to the Bible, bush is a hypocrite, a liar, a murderer, a false prophet and a host of others things. bush, taken in the context of the teachings of Christ, and using the persona of Christ as a template, is shown to unequivocally be a devil.

Now it gets interesting. If bush is actually the son of The Prince of this World then it suddenly becomes clear how he can do what he does. It becomes clear why the press and all of the rest bow before him. It becomes clear how his lies can be accepted as truth and all of his actions go unjudged for what they are. That's if we see this in the context of the teachings of the Bible.

Would a man of Christ have mocked and laughed about a woman that he was sending to execution? Would a man of Christ say, "we're going to get that sonofabitch."? Would the righthand man of the man of Christ say, "fuck you"? Would a man of Christ enrich those with far too much at the expense of those with too little? Would a man of Christ go to war under false pretenses? Would a man of Christ be surrounded and supported by the most powerful and wealthy people on Earth? Would a man of Christ have his tracks erased? Would a man of Christ be incapable of apology or the capacity to acknowledge his errors? How long could I go on with this? a very long time.

So, if we can see, bush is not a man of Christ, then what is he? just some guy? Whom does he serve? Whose interests are served by bush? This isn't the place to list the hundreds of examples, you're supposed to draw your conclusions from what you know. Who does he serve?

It appears that bush is an agent of The Devil. But he is accepted by the alleged followers of Christ as a man of Christ. The Bible talks of 'deceiving even the elect' of 'wolves in sheeps clothing' of 'whitened sepulchers' and hypocrites.

I don't even have to try here. The evidence is overwhelming. Of course, this is all predicated on whether Christ spoke the truth. If Christ spoke the truth then bush is a liar, judged according to the words of the one he claims inspires and supports him.

You may have wondered how he gets away with everything. You may have wondered how such a bankrupt, thoroughly corrupt and inept individual can have such power. He's The Devil's Boy. He's an empty vessel being driven by infernal intelligence. That is he is, according to the Bible.

If this is all so, like I said and if the Bible and Christ are true vehicles for what was, what is and what is yet to come. If the word therein "shall not pass away" even if Heaven and Earth might...then prima facie, The Devil is in The White House.

He came out of nowhere and was suddenly surrounded and supported by the rich and powerful. He was illegally shoehorned into the White House as a result of voter fraud. Without mandate he set out to wage war around the globe. There is strong evidence that he at least allowed the 9/11 attack to take place, thereby granting him a mandate. He forced through a tax relief for the richest people on Earth instead of using the money to improve the lives of the ordinary citizens- then he did it again and again...well, I need not go on.

This isn't an inspired or well constructed post. But that isn't important. What it is is an example of taking a standard and measuring someone against it; the very standard that bush claims as his standard. Are the results to close to call? Is there doubt that it could go either way? Or, according to the evidence generated by comparison against the standard, isn't the conclusion a fait accompli?

According to what Christ says and what the Bible teaches, bush is a demon. He serves The Devil and he is the enemy of Christ and of the human race.

Don't argue with me, argue with the standard against which he is compared.

"what's puzzlin you is the nature of my game."


Anonymous said...

Ah man (I mean Amen!) Well, according to the evidence you have shown by comparison against this particular standard -- I must say you seem to have hit the nail on the head...




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