Wednesday, March 29, 2023

"It's One of Those Hot-Flashes of Materialism... Engineered Through Anti-Social Media as a Means to An End."

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Never before has it been so clear that there is a war against Christianity and The Family Unit. Never before have we seen The Media declare that Morality must take a back seat to a porcine fat man in a dress waving his genitals in a young girl's face.

Never before have the lines been drawn so distinctly; people mocking prayer... people outraged that aging perverts are being banned from elementary schools... that multiple genders are being taught... AND... what is the objective of it all? The objective is sex with children. The objective is the legalization of Pedophilia.

“Bu- bu- bu- all we want is to be married to who we love.” Wasn't that the opening salvo?

More and more, I am being convinced that this is all organized; that the mentally impaired and hormonally toxic are being programmed to rampage and murder. They are the footsoldiers in the war on Normal. There are no accidents here.

Right at the front of the line of cawing, carrion crows are The Usual Suspects... mocking... laughing... sneering, and denying the existence of a higher authority, BUT... don't they have a religion too? Must be a different sort of God from a different spiritual location.

Just before the murders at that Christian elementary school, trans-activists were calling for a day of vengeance.

AND... NOW? They are going to go ahead and have it this weekend ANYWAY.

Apparently Antifa is involved in this protest event.

Antifa... as you should know, are the hired thugs of The Deep State; Soros and Sundry, and are directed to appear anywhere that Normal People call for a return to normalcy or wherever Satanic behavior is being opposed.

Here is what the organizers of The Day of Vengeance say;

“This protest is about unity, not inciting violence. TRAN does not encourage violence and it is not welcome at this event.”

How does a DAY OF VENGEANCE become an act of unity?

Elon Musk's Twitter Banned Congresswoman Greene's Twitter account for saying Antifa was involved BEFORE the shooting and then banned it again AFTER the shooting.

I imagine the shit is really going to hit the fan now. I don't know what God has in mind. It seems that these psychotic movements have to run their course For The Purpose of Demonstration; sorry about the included links but I did need to verify my commentary.

Let's be clear here. This ridiculous high-visibility... Deep State orchestrated... Gender Crazy movement... includes a fragment of a fragment of the population. Without massive backing and promotion it would not even be a blip on the radar. It's one of those momentary hot-flashes of Materialism that are being engineered through anti-social media as a means to an end.

None of this is by accident. Observe the huge preponderance of a certain tiny demographic in every related area of sexually distorted nonsense; not only as backers, promoters, and apologists- BUT... most especially as players in this death dance of depravity. If you can't see who is doing what in this sidewalk shell game of quick-shifting personas, you... are... not... paying... attention.

Now you see them, now you don't. Keep your eyes on the moving... disappearing... and sometimes not reappearing genitals... and remember... at no time does the member leave the concealment... whoops!

One distraction after another, my friends. All of this is to confuse your attention until everything is out of focus... and you can no longer clearly see what is going on.. MEANWHILE... they are up to something big and nasty; do not forget the next big war percolating across the waters cause... the self-chosen need a new homeland. Things are getting hotter and hotter in the territories they stole.

The Clock of Destiny is ticking. One cannot see the hands or the numbers. One can only hear the sounds of its passing. The Gates of The Underworld have opened. Along incredible stretches of distance, through fire-lit cloisters... one can hear the tramp of creatures climbing up into the surface world. They are only partly formed into material substance... more like specters they are. They feed on depravity and darkness in the human heart. What a feast awaits them!

The scent of foul comestibles has reached them... far below in the sunless caverns... where they have dozed in a tortured slumber... the stench of corruption has finally wafted to the nether regions of The Earth. They rise and come to The Time of Possession. They are the motive spirits for a world gone mad. Into the light of day... they travel... where they immediately ignite... combust... and turn to ashes on the wind. Too bad. It sounded promising for a moment.

Some guy named David Pakman mocked the death in Nashville; “possibly they weren't praying enough?” Then... when the outrage came for him, he screamed about antisemitism, even though there was no evidence of that.

“It was in my emails!” he cried; sure buddy. Then he removed the offensive tweets. They're just digging themselves in deeper and deeper.

None of the strident serial complainers and whiners of fabricated injustice seem to understand that their atheism has no impact on the reality of The Heavenly Hierarchy. It's like insisting The Sun is not present in the sky or that The Earth is flat.

Meanwhile... The Lords of Karma, weave The Tapestry of Fate from the intertwining Gunas. There they are... trapped in the solid matter of their own actions... crystallized into its moment of return; like the living men embedded into concrete walls by Tamerlane. They say you could hear their cries for days.

How does it get so harsh and seemingly unforgiving? It gets that way from... being... harsh... and... unforgiving. It's like endless heartburn repeating on a person who ate the wrong things too fast; not bothering to chew or digest, and... the stomach rebels. What did you expect? If you bang your head into the wall, it's going to leave a mark. Try not to jump into the deep end when there is no water in the pool.

Fear... and its elevations of Panic and Terror is an attracting force. It can suck you into where you had no real reason for being. It's like rip tides and undertows. Stupidity... eventually... leads to fatality. What you identify yourself with associates itself with you. What am I trying to say here? Don't let the state of The World involve you in its dramas. Why are you even there?

(I've been listening to The Tibetan Book of The Dead, narrated by Richard Gere. He sounds sincere and does a good job. I'm neither for nor against the man. I don't know him. I've had less than glowing impressions of The Dali Lama, but I don't know him either. That doesn't impact on the authority of the text. It's been a mind-opening experience. Last night, I woke up inside a segment of it. That's a sign of something. (grin)

Next, I go to The Egyptian Book of The Dead, followed by quite a collection of arcane lore. Many of these things you can find at The Wayback Machine; the Internet Archives. The link is in the left-hand sidebar menu. If you can't find these things there (which are in the public domain) you can search them out with keywords. If you know how to search, you will most certainly find. I usually do.

WOW!!! I see The Elf put the Tibetan Book of the Dead audiobook at the end of the last Petri Dish. I'm impressed.

No... I am not anticipating my departure any time soon. I'll be informed of the matter ahead of time in any case. I simply check things out for the reader. We are kind of on a journey together. Sometimes hearing something spoken frees The Imagination to create shapes in The Mind.)

The World... is The World... is The World. It moves through phases like The Moon. Sometimes it is placid and unruffled and sometimes it is roiled in a torrent. You have to adjust. If you can't adjust you will be thrown from the saddle. There is no reason to take anything personally unless you have personally involved yourself at some point.

The only thing you are not already safe from is... yourself. That is where your focus should be. Self Mastery masters everything else AUTOMATICALLY. Let The Sun in, and... let The Sun shine out.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, March 24, 2023

"Materialism is Coming Round The Mountain in a Flaming Chariot Being Drawn by Six Priapic Rainbow Demons."

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Each morning I travel The World through The Internet. The breakdown in self-control and the spiraling nose-dove of morality is startling. The pandering of celebrities and the madness of crowds, juxtapose like moths round a candle flame. The thirst for fame is at an all-time high... and there is nothing some people won't do to get the attention of the cell-phone cameras now filming everywhere... all the time.

It seems that people are losing interest in mainstream entertainments and the studios are hemorrhaging money... the banks are failing... troglodytes are looting stores for... crap. Fighting in the streets is commonplace... while hundreds of thousands of migrants wash across the American borders in a tsunami wave of hunger. It's hunger of every kind... everywhere... for everything... all the time.

I spend somewhere between half an hour and an hour, making a routine 5-elements diagnosis of the culture. I take its pulse. I sit by its bedside... looking thru the window at The Graveyard of Empires. It stretches across vast expanses of time and distance. In the older portions, the headstones are worn away or gone altogether. No one now alive remembers what happened then. This is a big one about to encounter The Big One. It's... only... a... matter... of... time.

Strange fevers race through the bloodstream of Humanity. Forget about the flesh-eating zombie drugs and The Killer Vaccines. Forget about the bad diet at every level of mind... emotions... and body. Yes, any one of these will kill them, but these are not the critical problems. It is the strange fevers that are the problem and the cause of all the other pathologies of lingering death in search of a more permanent solution.

Something is pumping a wild-eyed derangement into the collective psyche. People are freaking out everywhere, on airplanes... on buses and subways... on boats and trains. They are losing it in their homes and in the streets... tearing products from shelves, while their eyes roll up into their heads. People are literally losing their minds. Everyone is on edge with a weird cocktail of Fear... and hunger... getting stronger and stronger by the day.

This is the real problem that is causing all of the other problems. What is happening? The... familiar... infrastructure... is... breaking... down. The family unit, the social unit; unity itself is imploding and the last stage of Materialism is coming round the mountain in a flaming chariot being drawn by six priapic rainbow demons.

What are the missing ingredients that are causing the body of existence to fall apart? It is The Flight of The Virtues; chastity, temperance, forgiveness, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility have all fled from the dreadful engines of Materialism.

It is Materialism that has brought the soul-sucking emptiness into the collective psyche. Everywhere... people are angry and resentful BECAUSE... there is no there... there. There is no succor... no palliative or balm that can heal the emptiness that spreads across the land.

Faith has left town and Faith is a kind of gestalt that is more than the sum of its parts. Faith is not a singularity. It is a compound of elements whose proximity to one another causes Faith to appear.

Materialism is a kind of Wild Bunch, outlaw biker gang, that rolls through the cities built on false hope from which no hope can come. The good things close down inside of people when Materialism comes to town... with all of its glittering profanities and garish costumes that drape the dreaming dead, BUT... mostly... it is the emptiness that does people in because that which comes for emptiness is despair. Emptiness is a magnet for Despair.

So, of course, the banks are failing and the markets come next because both of these are built on Common Faith, and when there is no more collective Faith, things... fall... apart. People fall apart. There is no sustenance in things. Things are junk-food for the heart. One is full for fifteen minutes and then the emptiness comes again... with an agonizing desire for the unidentifiable missing. Loneliness is the only companion for those with nothing inside.

The churches have become propaganda mills that have traded their integrity for a false inclusiveness. Do you now seek to celebrate the behaviors that are anathema to the very foundation upon which you are built? Good... luck... with... that.

Now... a terrible world war looms on the horizon. Fools who are drunk on their own arrogance now seek to destroy an army that is far more prepared than any they have faced in a very... long... time. These fools have already allowed the country to be hollowed out from within.

The Tik-Tok Man has stolen their children like the Pied Piper of Hamlin. Most everyone of fighting age is fat... slow... lazy and stupid... or too enraptured by profane fantasies of copping their comrade's joint. That will keep them warm in the foxholes... you bet.

By this time, I have probably served to make you feel worse than you did when you got here. Do not fear. Do not let the darkness enter your heart because NONE OF THIS is an accident.. These are the events that arrive in The Advent of The Avatar. Things must go sideways in... order... for... order... to be restored. This is just a phase in The Cosmic Drama. Materialism puts all thoughts of God to flight, AND... this is what you get in the absence of The Divine. Hell is no more than the absence of Love.

Without Love, there is no Unity. Love is the attractive force that holds things together. Materialism is what tears your humanity apart. Do you love the empty inanimate things or... the living, breathing people who surround you? Oh... wait... there's no one there, just things. Silas Marner counts his gold in the cold gray prison cell he built to protect it.

Who will suffer most in the coming storm? It is those who built a world of things to fill the emptiness that no thing can ever fill, here in the flaming emptiness where loneliness is king. The demons of appetite cavort upon the throne from which you evicted the one who made existence meaningful.

If you do not seek The Divine. If you have not made The Divine the centerpiece of your existence, he won't be there when you need him. The Divine is your higher self, who comes at regular intervals to sacrifice himself on The Altar of Your Disbelief.

He comes again... and again... and again, to demonstrate in the perfect sacrifice. He gives himself away. Endlessly, he gives himself away. He is the renewer that comes freshly forth in every spring. He demonstrates the cycle of life in the seasons, and now... as The Bard once said, now comes “the winter of our discontent.”

Why would you ever have discontent? Is something missing? Hmm... you know what? I see your problem. I would tell you what it is. Indeed... I do tell you what it is again... and again... and again, but you won't hear it.

You refuse to accept the eternal tenet of Ageless Wisdom; if you want to have it all, you have to give it all away. This is what God does, through The Sun. Observe how life... ALL LIFE responds to this. It is glaringly apparent and right before your eyes, but you refuse to see.

When your love is given to dead things, it will not be long before love AND life depart from you, and you are left with the slow and lingering suicide that you have committed upon yourself. All that flash and glitter. All that clueless and painful celebrity, prancing about in front of mesmerized cretins. It's a kind of death dance... isn't it?

Do you want enduring fame? Would you like to be truly celebrated and made Immortal? Serve life in a selfless anonymity. Let Nature herself call for your recognition! There is no other way to gain this. Those who labor to be remembered are forgotten.

This is why all life is suffering caused by ignorant desire. People have to experience it for themselves. They will not listen. Life after life they come here in search of the same unattainable thing, which they already are.

It is here where all their pleasures turn to pain... where everything they try to hold on to turns to dust... where everyone they pursue turns into a cactus embrace... where it is so easy to get into and so hard to escape. Where nothing works out over the long term because, you... are... going about it... the... wrong... way.

As Master Lao Tzu said; “why go outside for better seeing? It is better to abide at the core of your being. The way to do is to be.”

You are already a luminescent creation. You have only to wash the lies from your heart and the darkness from your mind.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

"Often The Only Partner is One's Poisoned Imagination, Adrift in a Landscape of Strange Pornography from Nowhere."

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We're going to break with tradition here on this chemtrailed Tuesday and include a rather long insert from Mikhail Aivanhov. Surely you know that when one has no aspirations in their life, life goes sideways... as it drifts listlessly over the uncertain terrain of Nowhere.

This is a vast landscape without many maps. It's seldom been charted much because those who find themselves there... after having lost themselves there... and... don't actually find themselves anyway, have no clear recollection of where they were. It's Nowhere, after all. It's as much a place inside of you as outside of you. If there are any borders between the worlds, they're not very well defined.

In Times of Material Darkness, one of the most obvious conditions... visibly present in the culture... is a collective lack of purpose, and aimless... shiftless... wanderlust... through cheap entertainments and one-night stands with forgotten partners. Often the only partner is one's poisoned imagination, adrift in a landscape of strange pornography from Nowhere... a place of rampaging succubae and incubi who drain the life essence.

The climate of Materialism clouds the spiritual aspects of this condition because few of the feckless professionals who deal with the fallout have any idea of The Invisible Realm. The present-day applications of psychiatry, psychology, and weaponized therapy, have rendered them; doctor and patient, into a state of toxic codependence and enablement that... only... makes... things... worse. They don't know what they're dealing with, and they don't know what to do about it; “but... how does that make you feel?”

“Would you like to talk about it?” “If it makes you feel good, how could there be anything wrong with it?” Jabber... jabber... jabber... (cough) bullshit!. “You have to live your authentic self. I'll write you a prescription for it.”

When practitioners have no idea what is real... and no idea what Normal and Healthy are, it is unlikely they can lead anyone back there, especially if the ones they are leading have never been there in the first place. Both the practitioners and the ones being practiced on... are wandering in the vast landscapes of Nowhere where they learn a whole lot of nothing, over, and over, and over again.

I could go into the streets of the cities and fix the homeless problem fairly quickly, and... this is not even my area of enterprise. I am sure there are many others who could do something about it, and quite a few who work in related areas, yet... no one does anything.

Sexually twisted men whose entire existence is based on making a hysterical mockery of women... are given free rein to meddle with children. Naked men in leather harnesses, with gimp and animal masks, gyrate in parades as if there were something normal about it. They're demonstrating their authentic self.

Depraved lizards in human form had certain social behaviors normalized, knowing full well that it would lead to what we have today. Then a team of Satanic lawyers wrote all manner of codicils and addendums into laws... hidden in the fine print. They knew what they were doing, but they were being paid... and lawyers... given the requirements of their profession... care about little else.

The Usual Suspects make up the majority of all the people doing and financing these things. It is not difficult to study the situation and discover the truth of it. This is how I came to understand what was happening. I DID NOT set out with any preconceived assumptions, I... don't... operate... that... way. I went where the facts took me, just as others have done, and left their records and evidence behind. The reason this is not common knowledge is what happens to you if you point it out. It's also career suicide.

In The E.U. a grossly obese caricature of a human being is The Minister of Health. Here we have the hideous Rachel Levine, a freak of a man in woman's clothes. Is something wrong with this picture? Yes... of course there is.

Now... as I said... I... who am not schooled in these areas of problem-solving... could fix a lot of the problems presently getting worse. Many others could too. It would call for dramatic and enforced change. For... some... reason... a significant number of us are going along with the programs on their way to Nowhere good, even though it leads to the literal destruction of this country.

Why is nothing being done? Well... shit flows downhill, and our leaders are evil. If you want to be kind, then call them, deluded, either of these, and both of these designators will work. What about the much larger numbers of those who are not batshit insane but are going along with the program? There is some kind of fog or mist that covers the land, just as the chemtrails are covering the sky. Not everyone is susceptible to it. I am not susceptible... most of the readers are not susceptible.

This fog... mist... is attended by a stupor that causes a dreaming captivity, where the dreamers are herded onto The Killing Floor, in a series of procedures that take Humanity from Somewhere, to Nowhere.

For his own mysterious reasons, God is permitting the blind to lead the blind for The Purpose of Demonstration. We shall see... indeed we shall see what that results in.

Now, I will include an excerpt from the book, “Cosmic Moral Law”, by Mikheil Aivanhov... it's from the chapter entitled, “How to Distill The Quintessence,” pages 196-97.

“Crystals and precious stones are the quintessence of The Earth. All the purest and most luminous elements of Earth have gone into the making of precious stones. Flowers, the loveliest and most perfect flowers that exist, are the quintessence of Water. Birds are the quintessence of air. And the quintessence of fire is the initiates; God's representatives on Earth. You find this astounding, I know. You would never have imagined anything like that, would you? Indeed, you would not find this in any book. (I don't know about that) And the quintessence of the ether, that is to say, the quintessence of the quintessences, is the angelic world reaching all the way to God himself. The ladder that Jacob saw in his dream, on which angels ascended and descended.

"What about the four-legged animals whose home is on the ground? They are an essence that has not yet reached the perfection of birds. Similarly, the imperfect, less highly developed forms of plant life are imperfect degrees of the essence of Water. As for gems which are flawed and imperfect, they have not yet become the quintessence of the Earth. They are still on the way.

"Why are flowers the children of the angels? Why do gnomes work on precious stones? There is a whole science in these things. Sacred scripture says that Man must become a precious stone in the crown of his creator. This is a symbol. Precious stones belong to the Earth and are nourished by the Earth; flowers cannot live without water; birds live in the air, and men die if they cannot have access to fire. Fire is the food of The Initiates. When Zoroaster asked the God, Ahura-Mazda how the first man was able to survive, Ahura-Mazda replied. "He ate fire and drank light."

Reflect on these things and you will understand a great deal.”

Keep in mind that Aivanhov wrote nothing down and he spoke in French. I notice errors in translation in a regular fashion. One has to go to the essence of what he says and make allowances. He also speaks in analogy and allegory... often.

We've gone a good distance away from these considerations. Few consider them now. Most have never heard of them and wouldn't be interested if you brought any of it to their attention. Eating... distractions... and sexual congress are the disordered focus of the mind in anticipation of the events that lead Nowhere.

We have lost our way; humanity... collectively... has lost its way. Like livestock after a stampede we are traveling alone and in groups across Nowhere, which invariably leads... Nowhere. We can't remember where we were before that other thing that we can't remember happened.

It seems that a great culling is in progress and it is soon to intensify exponentially. It does not apply to everyone, only to those wandering Nowhere. I'll have to leave it at that for the moment because I have to be Somewhere shortly.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, March 16, 2023

"Push-me and Pull-u Dance with The Fallen Stars... That Shine in The Oil Slick Wash of The Glittering Asphalt Night."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

On my way to a point beyond, I looked into the darkness below a number of times. Many strange and fascinating shapes continuously appear. The shining of The False Light on The Lower Nature creates a hypnotic pull that is difficult to break. It is a tractor beam on the unconscious, and before you know it, you are through the door. The objective of the attraction is to suck The Mind into a rolling darkness that is not unlike an angry sea.

Do not go down into The Dark Splendor;

or lose your way inside your own head

There were conspiracies... ancient and modern; webs within webs... wheels within wheels. There were entities behind sorcerers of every kind, and sorcerers behind the masks of the men and women that wear the faces of the time, to act as the channels for the darkness and as focus points for submission and longing; monkey see... monkey do.

It all got old; who did what to whom. How they did it. Somebody said this way, and somebody said that way, and I? I didn't care. That's not my world. I never really lived there... in that place where nothing matters; that only matters to people who have skin... in... the... game. The people below, in The Carnal Zone, have no idea about the people who live beyond it. The people beyond it must exercise caution when interacting with animal eyes.

It is possible to get lost for a very long time in The Hall of Appetites, in The Mirrors of Desire. When you are always reflecting on what you become in the image of what you pursue, where does that leave you? You literally have to die to the one to live in the other, and that is an act of faith in both directions. It's always easier to believe in what you can see. When you live where the only reality is what occurs on the bandwidth of the senses, how do you muster enough belief to escape it?

I practice The Presence. I rely on The Presence, and I love The Presence, with all my heart, soul, strength, and mind. That's all I seek to do, and that's all I am... essentially. Each time that I am sidetracked, my invisible friends remind me to pull back from the distractions... and stop wandering about in them. I am like a passer-by in a curiosity shop who is not even remotely curious, having been that way enough times before.

You can be lost for some time before you realize you are lost. If you do not stay on track, with daily reminders on familiar roads, it is not difficult for the unfamiliar to be mistaken for the familiar; bad companions... poor judgment... the resident impurities of weak character. We all struggle with these conditions until we grow tired of the fight. We are boxing with our own shadows.

This is the point of determination in search of the light. No shadows can continue with you on the way, once The Sun has broken through the cloud cover that obscures The Hive Mind. The World itself operates on a bandwidth. EVERYTHING is on a bandwidth. If you are resonant there, you will remain there in an endless loop. If you resonate with that which is beyond the bandwidth... beyond the gravitational pull of Material Culture; that... puts you into resonance with another tractor beam toward a place of greater light.

I don't care who did what to who. I discuss these things sometimes, in order to have a starting point to talk about God. Appearances are The Divine World when it is bent out of shape. Many people live there and depend on them. I do not. I am not a hollow man. I am an empty man, fortunate enough to be filled with something greater than my temporary self.

The absence of attention given to The Temporary Self permits me to be an emptiness into which The Eternal Self can shine; is shining... is always shining... but the darkness of the mind... enswathed in pedestrian passions... cannot see that light.

It is faith that permits you to continue toward what cannot yet be seen, and which materializes it before you: “faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things unseen.”

All around you are the endless gyrations of The Lower Mind... in pursuit of the objectives of desire and appetite... of ambition... of all the attractors toward the swirling illusions of animated dust... that dances just out of reach; ashes to ashes, dust to dust. How many times yet will you go down to the grave... worn out and in search of rest... out of gas spent chasing strange dreams in imaginary malls?

There is only one mind. We are... individually... like fish in an ocean. The ocean is the one mind. The fish are the temporary animated elements that host The Separated Mind that imagines it is apart and individual, and... according to appearances... SEEMS to be apart, but... there is only one mind. There is One Self and then there are all the separated selves seeking... in countless ways... to find the true unity, which cannot be found outside of it, and which accounts for all those wandering lost.

Being apart from that singular self puts us in The World of Serving Time... makes us mortals... living and dying... living and dying... and forgetting what we are... while being lost in what we are not. That is the ever-changing dreamscape... The Land of Wanting. The Land of The Suffering... in search of The Missing Part.

The endlessly proven truth that it cannot be found in externalities does not seem to dawn on those who move from one enchantment to the next. It is certain they do not know what there is to be found within. If they did... ah well; what wonders await.

This is a most extraordinary time. Rarely ever does such a time come around. It accounts for the very powerful intensity of the attractions, and variations of the distractions. The Attractive Life is at a fever pitch. Push-me and Pull-u dance with the fallen stars... that shine in the oil slick of the glittering asphalt night. How many times have Hansel and Gretel been abandoned in the forest? How many times has Red Riding Hood set out for her grandmother's house?

The Dreamscape is on a bandwidth too. EVERYTHING is on a bandwidth. You need to turn The Dial up so that the resonance changes and pulls you along the moving track. Ride The Spiral into the light that shines from a point beyond... within... and above.

“The initiate is not content to limit himself to the physical world. He knows there are 3 aspects or dimensions to every process in Nature, the physical. The psychic, and the spiritual, and he looks within to find the inner manifestations that correspond with those in the physical world. If scientists took the trouble to look more deeply into the laws that govern the universe, they would understand that all the different elements, objects, and phenomena they study point to a vaster richer world. It is because scientists do not understand how these laws work that scientific progress has not led to moral progress.” (Mikhail Aivanhov)

It is the lack of a moral compass in scientific inquiry that has led to the destruction of The World many... many times already. We are at that point now, where ridiculous areas of experimentation... financed by deluded characters in search of gain... are dominating the research. Tits on a boar? No problem; coming right up. A pig's ear into a silk purse? Give us a moment. Wings on camels? Elephants who piss Kool-Aid? Something to wipe out the human race? Take a seat in the lounge while we fire up the 3-D printer.

Sure, given the time and the technology anything is possible, BUT... is it necessary? Does it make The World a better place? We are at a remarkable crossroads with scientific possibilities, however... have you seen the quality of life on the streets recently? If the moral sense does not keep pace with the speed of technological advancement... shit happens to you.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, March 13, 2023

"Light and Shadow Play Back and Forth. Shadows go Where The Light is Not, and The Light Goes Where it Pleases."

(I was told; This post was put behind a warning for readers because it contains sensitive content as outlined in Blogger’s Community Guidelines.)

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

When I think about the universe, I often think of an immense clock. This clock has gears as big as solar systems; suns and planets... seasons and... progressively down to gears too small to see.

These gears bring change. Change that takes millions of years to occur, and change that moves much faster than the wink of a hummingbird's eye. It moves so fast it appears to be always standing still; want to see it again?

These gears all turn in an effortless coordination with each other. A love beyond understanding is the lubrication that keeps the gears spinning and turning... it is an everlasting yearning for something beyond itself that is itself. It is complete when THE realization dawns on you... and never ceases to dawn on that day that never ends.

It blasts the original unity apart into measureless distance and then pulls it all back together again. It does this over, and over, and over again... like a heartbeat that lasts a billion years. Like an inhalation and exhalation that is even longer. It's a big operation. No mind other than that of The Ineffable can comprehend it, and no mind can comprehend The Ineffable, save the mind of The Ineffable alone.

It resounds like a beating heart... like a ticking clock... like rain on a tin roof... somewhere far... far away... but always closer than you are to yourself. Time has little meaning in the vast expanse of eternity.

As a young child of ten... or thereabouts, I read a book by Hendrik Willem van Loon called, “The Story of Mankind.”

I remember, in the very beginning of the book, there was a graphic of a huge mountain, and there was a caption below it that said, >“High up in the North in the land called Svithjod, there stands a rock. It is a hundred miles high and a hundred miles wide. Once every thousand years a little bird comes to the rock to sharpen its beak. When the rock has been worn away, then a single day of eternity will have gone by.”

I know I mentioned that before.

That quote impressed me at an early age with the immensity of it all. I read a lot of those sort of books; books about the discovery of Troy, and books by Richard Halliburton and others in my childhood. They were a refuge in my mind. A sanctuary from a terrifying world that I could not escape, at the time, BUT... did finally escape. There is no prison that can forever contain the divine urge for freedom.

The clock of existence ticks on forever, with rare... pausing intermissions. When we think of existence... that period that is like the period we are in now. That is when God is sleeping... dreaming. Then... when all of manifest existence is quiescent, God is awake with his close friends in the various heavens that they occupy. That is how it seems to me; how it has been communicated to me.

Most of us... we get it backward and upside down, and keep it that way the whole time we are incarnate. It accounts for everything going haywire at regular intervals; like now. Then God has to come around and set it right again. First, he sets it right in the human heart and mind... when permitted. Then The World external... changes in response to that.

We are on the cusp of one of those larger changes now... where one of the more impressive gears has made a complete circuit. There are much larger and much smaller circuits, of course, but... this is a larger one... comparatively.

When I had my initial Kundalini experience, it awakened The Divine Feminine in me. That is The God Force on an unopposable course to The Bridal Chamber... and it is attended by feminine sensitivities... qualities; if you like. I was very fortunate to get the high end of that. It transported me into a world of poetry. It awakened a love of Harmony. This time of great change that we have entered into... includes the return of The Divine Feminine in human consciousness. She's been imprisoned for centuries. Those chains are to be broken entirely. She is to be freed.

Unfortunately... for a great many of us... who are present in a Time of Material Darkness, this feminine force is expressing sexually, and perversity is now rampant. It WILL... eventually... evolve to that higher form of understanding, but at the moment... it is chaos, and all of this non-binary bullshit... which is true at the higher angelic level... is not true at the carnal level that the swine mind is wallowing in.

All of this tranny madness and bizarre sexual actings-out are the preliminary ground-breaking in the rise of The Divine Feminine, expressing on... and through... those who cannot handle it because of their obsessions with carnal nature. It is... Difficulty at The Beginning.

This is why The Avatar must come again, To set things right, and... set them right... he will.

Our previous and enduring scriptures need a rewrite, now that a major missing piece is about to be set back into the mosaic pattern of the spiritual constructs that are the vibrating archetypes that hold the world as we know... and do not know it... in place. These archetypes create the infrastructure of culture and civilization. An understanding of Karma and Reincarnation is coming too.

In the previous religious allegory... the tale of existence as we have been given to understand it, Woman is the cause of The Fall of Man. This is true, after... a... fashion. Woman represents The Sensitive Life; all of the colors and sounds that drape and celebrate material existence. A lot of it is about sexual attraction. We are divided... and so we fall. Do we not FALL in Love? Man and women are two parts of a whole... separated for the purpose of dramatization and demonstration... and the ultimate reunion.

Yes... that side of our single being... once divided... caused us to fall into material life, BUT... ONLY THROUGH WOMAN CAN MAN RISE AGAIN. Understand that however it works out for you. The Divine Feminine is The Gates of Life, and... The Gates of Death. You had better make your peace with her because, payback... is... a... bitch... and it goes on... and on... and on. Giving and taking... sowing as you are reaping.

All the chaos and nonsense that you presently see is the result of The Divine Feminine awakening in The Hive Mind, and... as usual... being dragged through The Swamps of Perversity... initially... on its way to the higher... collective... perspective.

Same-sex attractions are a mainstay in Kali Yuga. They are a rite of passage... in some fashion... for nearly every soul in one lifetime or another. They are the exceptions to the mainstream, AND... ALWAYS... WILL... BE. It comes in regular fashion at the decline and fall of a culture. Don't agree? Go argue with History.

The dark side of the mind... is presently seeking to erase the feminine aspect in Nature, and human life, and... with the assistance of Demon Science, make it irrelevant. They are now birthing mice without a female vehicle in Japan. We are pressing toward the extremes of The Ridiculous. One perversion is being laid upon another... until the whole thing collapses, which... it... inevitably... will, and yes... there will be weeping and lamentation to be sure.

This is all part of the process of that gear turning, as the smaller gears that depend on it automatically turn, at the insistence of the greater gears which causes them irresistibly to turn... in turn. (grin)

Keep in mind that these are all expressions of the great and enduring love affair between opposites, and... you will know when it has gotten seriously out-of-wack because of so many of the one version trying to be a bad version of the other version; when all they have to do is wait a little while and they will be that anyway.

Certain forces are very obviously serious about the depravity they seek to ENFORCE... when they coerce little children into believing they are what they are not. Those so engaged are possessed of demonic agencies whose sole purpose for living is to seek... without respite... to bring Hell on Earth.

Conversely, we have those working to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. Light and shadow play back and forth. Shadows go where the light is not, and the light goes where it pleases. The uncertainty and fear that are generated in times of greater darkness... are for the sole purpose of testing and tempering the metal of those caught in the processes of the times.

There are places... astral Hells... where these twisted minds go to experience their travesties on Nature in endless looping sequences. Persist in the effort to get somewhere, and... you will. You will go to a place where thoughts and feelings are things. They are the definers of Heaven and Hell. Self-created regions of agony and ecstasy.

How VERY fortunate we are that God is REAL. Seek God and you will... sooner or later... have no concerns beyond the celebration of that truth. Find Love and Wisdom and they will birth it in you. Everything is as it was intended to be by those intending it.

End Transmission.......

Obviously... I am soon going to need to find another platform.

I got a message about a great shaking of the earth today. I don't know what shape it will take but it was pretty graphic. I saw the dragon twisting and turning where it is bound in the Earth

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Wednesday, March 08, 2023

"Once You Find it... a Certain Perspective Appears Inside Your Head. It is Very Similar to Finding The Light Switch."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I think the ordure is going to hit the enclosure fan and blow the whole house of cards down at any moment. With the January 6th videos... the Burisma and Hunter investigations... and what THEY know that hasn't come out yet... certain political forces now have the leverage to insist on a Republican administration in the next election, or else... they blow the whistle all up and down the boulevard.

I don't belong to either party but The Freak Show has to come back into a saner perspective.

I think pressure is being applied and deals are soon to be made. Everything about fair elections, public will, and vox populi is just a bunch of noise. We know the fixing goes on in the backroom sausage shop... and the downwind people... who are forced to eat the sausage, experience a drama that has no substance... except for creating excitement in the minds of people who don't know any better... and are humming, “♫ wishing and hoping ♫” in their minds.

Part of this is what happened to McCarthy in search of a majority for Speaker of The House... who had to make arrangements with the hold-out faction in order to get it. It's all deals and wheels within wheels; “you give me this and I'll give you that,” then two wolves book a private room with a sheep for a discussion about what to have for dinner.

Well... if you live where what you see is all you get, you probably never think that everything you believe to be real... comes out of arrangements made between power brokers about what is actual, and what is pretend. That's not true either. It's all make-believe in the heads of people chasing sugar plum fairies with a butterfly net. Even the people making the arrangements have no clue what they are in for.

It's the art of misdirection and the scenery shifters know this. It's what makes the same old same old a Las Vegas magic show... where the outcome is always in doubt, and the means are hidden from the eyes of the people stupid enough to pay to watch it.

Most people don't know how it works at all, so they are easy to deceive and provide a voting majority for the ones deceiving them; “Please Sir, can I have another!!!” It's a play with a never-ending sequence of acts. A chess match for people who only play checkers. Once they get to Act 5 or come up against a Nimzo-Indian Defense, they forget how it even started. Later on, they forget this part too.

You will only break your own heart trying to wake people up. This is why shepherds do not preach to The Sheep. They just guard and guide them. Whatever real awakening there will ever be is instigated by The Divine... when he feels like it, and that is usually right around the time when things get out of hand and He has to step in; like now.

Yes... individuals do wake up, once yearning and aspiration have led to the required amount of effort expended. No... one... gets... past... the... gates who has not left EVERYTHING behind. It's like The Monkey Mind trying to pull the mango from the vase. You have to leave the mango or you lose your life for a mango you don't even get. It happens ALL THE TIME. It is one of the tragic ironies of life.

One might ask why people try to wake others up. It's because... you never know when God might let it happen... even when there are rules that say it only happens when the required amount of effort has been expended. It is also because if that is what you do, then that is what you do... results be damned. Somehow it all mysteriously intersects to a point outside of time, in a place where the circumference is nowhere and the center is everywhere.

God hides people and things from himself so that he can discover them again and again. He is like a child lonely for playmates because hardly anyone wants to play with him... unless they are a child with invisible friends or mental problems; according to everyone else.

I was and am such a person... so I know this to be true by direct experience. I don't have mental problems. However, I happen to live in a mental institution, surrounded by mental patients with mental problems... emotional problems... sexual dysfunctions... caused by mental and emotional problems, and... well... it can't be said anyway so... I'll just move on like I never brought it up in the first place.

There is a certain something that you have to find out and you have to discover it by looking for it. It is a VERY elusive thing. You can never look directly at it. It only appears in the peripheral vision, and you have to learn to be absolutely certain it is there, even when you can't see it and there is no sign of its presence. Once you find it... a certain perspective turns on inside your head and it is very similar to finding the light switch.

Until you are able to do this... everything is indistinct... except the object of your desire, which does not actually look the way you think it does. It looks as it does as a result of Projection. It is the same principle that exists in relation to everything you fear... everything you hope for... everything you dream about and imagine.

Everyone is playing a game where the rules change depending on who is making the rules. It can almost make you think; it certainly does make many people think (without them ACTUALLY thinking)... that there are no rules.

Yes... there are most certainly rules... but they are not based on appearances... which is where the rules most people play by come from. These rules... the real rules... come from a place beyond sight and sound. They interact and connect from the sensory realm to the realm beyond the senses, and only a very few people can understand their implications.

One of the rules is The Rule of Correspondence, also called The Rule of Affinity. I sometimes call it The Rule of Applied Resonance or... you could call them Laws. It is possible to come so harmonically into accord with ANYTHING that you can eventually become that thing. It is what people do... without thinking about it... and while thinking about it... all the time.

People spend their entire lives in The Herd Mind... in The Hive Mind. This is a dream world that is encompassed by a ring of fire. Getting out of it requires superhuman effort, and even then, you need help.

I once considered myself one of the most cursed of people. I now consider myself one of the most blessed. All it took was for me to get my priorities right; “You got your mind right now, Luke?” I suppose I could wear a lab coat with a stethoscope around my neck like many people who have no clue as to what they are doing, but... I consider that pretentious. It's even worse when they charge money for it.

Right away I can tell if people do not know what they are talking about when I see they are charging money for it OR... when they are insisting it is so. When it is everything and nothing at the same time, the look of it changes all the time. That is why, “I don't know,” is the pinnacle of wisdom.

It is very hard to move through this world and not charge for things. I went through it. How are you supposed to feed... and house... and clothe yourself if you don't get paid? Heh heh... well... this is something you find out... something you discover... by doing. That's where the sweet honey in the rock comes from... the loaves and fishes... the water in the desert, AND... I might add, this world is a desert in which the eternally parched race against one another in pursuit of an oasis mirage.

There is a force within. It is unconsciously or consciously focused in one of two directions. One leads to death, and the other leads to eternal life. Well... if you don't make it, you'll assuredly be back for another round, and for as long as you don't get it straight in your mind, you will be back for another round.

You can play every role there is, and The Wardrobe of Return will suit you up for it. You can be the Lothario or the femme fatale. You can be doctor and patient at the same time. You can be the rock star or the biggest fan. You can be... anything and anyone. That is part of God's gift and a terrible reward. I don't want any... of... it. You are welcome to it all; rose... thorns... fire and ice; too smart for your own good and dumber than a rock... all you got to do is stand in line.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, March 03, 2023

"I Have What You Could Call... Swedenborg Syndrome. It Happens when The Spiritual Senses are Activated."

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All of the religions we know about, and... probably some we don't know about... have rules, codes of conduct, and commandments. It's pretty simple and basic, and then it gets complex. Some philosophies that catfish as religions are not even religions. They are marketing strategies and control mechanisms; like Scientology and the one The Usual Suspects use to add a spiritual imprimatur to predatory tactics.

I've no use for religion myself, but I see the need. Humanity has been aware of a 'something other' since they got here. Some of their methods of worship were primitive and savage; as in Mexico and The South Pacific.

The very portal I worship at, as an altar and entryway to an incomprehensibly greater source of light, used to have bleeding hearts held up before it in celebration. Yeah... there is a dark and ugly side to religion when times go dark. Dark produces more darkness until Light intrudes. It is obvious that the power of Light is far stronger than the power of Darkness.

Some religions are very warlike; Christianity... Islam... and The Catfishing Religion that... allegedly spawned them. Now we have new religions that are every bit as warlike, but... the tactics are different.

Now Science is a religion and it murders its parishioners. Scientology and Satanism kill the critical quality of Humility that is indispensable to higher states of awareness. Pride going before a fall has other meanings besides the scriptural.

One thing I know to be true; is when God is excluded from the social order... there will soon be... no social order.

The armies of Perversity have been steadily infiltrating the culture at large... and the education system, all at the be

hest of The Usual Suspects, who finance and control them. They are making war on Christianity and Christians. They say that religious perspectives interfere with their safe learning spaces.

This is, of course, simply mind-control propaganda... because the mindsets they are squawking about are the very tactics they employ in seeking to replace them.

I'm getting what the cat-headed lady's disability is... is the greater coverage she presents to the force of Gravity.

Society does not want or desire the agents of Perversity to be engineering the multiplication of their numbers through mental programming and the reproduction techniques of Dr. Moreau. This is... OBSERVABLY... what they are up to since they can't reproduce on their own. They are hoping that Science will provide the means. At present it does this for rich, pocket-lint, fluff-bunnies like Paris Hilton... and other Perversity influencers with the financial means; given that they don't have the biological means... or are too vain to engage in them.

There is Man. There is Woman, and there is Perversity and strange anomalies that are mere fragments of the whole. However... the body of Society is sick-unto-death, and so... it will be healed and transformed, or... it will pass away.

As we projected in previous years, a push-back would come and it is finally doing so because... the state of manipulated mental illness... known as Transgenderism has become a religion, and... that cannot stand. Now... the Tranny Battalion of the Armies of Perversity are insisting... demanding... that hormone blockers and surgical methods be sanctioned by law... so that they can be applied before the onset of Puberty. Why is this? Reason it out.

Most everyone who goes through a PHASE of sexual-gender-confusion... moves out of it during Puberty when Natural Attractions begin to express. If The Tavistock Nazi Scientist types can get their hands on the youth while they are pre-pubescent, they can counteract NATURE. Bad parenting and Materialism are responsible for most sexual abnormalities and dysfunction.

Oh right... they shut down that department of Tavistock for malfeasance. Never fear... they will pop right back up as something else... as soon as their marketing staff comes up with a new theme.

Prior to the arrival of The Avatar... all of the preexisting infrastructure goes into a state of implosion and collapse. Now the carrion are picking the bones before they move on to the next carcass. There is a reason that one of the characters in Henry The 6th said; “first we kill all the lawyers.” None of this horseshit and brothel-ranch dressing would be on the menu except for lawyers... and bankers.

If you put the quote into a search engine, most of what comes up is explaining that what Shakespeare actually meant was not what he actually meant. There's a lot of that these days; explanations for why we should not believe our lying eyes, but rather believe the ones putting the blindfolds over them.

There's going to be the need... the demand for explanations more and more, as Lady Awakening and Mr. Apocalypse do their thing and expose... reveal... highlight certain massive and monstrous lies that certain protected feces have been telling for a long time.

Perhaps you may wonder at the characters that routinely appear on these pages. Where did they come from? Are they allegorical? Are they metaphorical? Are they literal? Yes... they are literal, and... like the anthropomorphic gods that most Fundies worship, they are allegorical and metaphorical too.

They are angels. I have what you might call, Swedenborg Syndrome. It is a condition that occurs when the spiritual senses are activated and it... presents as... one hearing and sensing the presence of angels. Mr. Apocalypse... Lady Awakening, and other archetypes and players, to... be... named... later... are angels.

Science calls this condition, Schizophrenia. When all you have are your material senses, I can see how they came up with that. They are trapped on a narrow bandwidth and can't see out of it. These scientists have the Blind-Leading-The-Blind Syndrome. They are all busy feeling up an allegorical elephant. Some who have legitimate Schizophrenia are not hearing angels.

Once again, The Dial comes into play. Below a certain gradient, you are hearing demons and disembodied spirits. Above a certain gradient, you are hearing angels and luminous beings. It's good to know the difference. It's not always easy to tell the difference. Your heart has to be in the right place and then the perception is automatically verified.

People hear voices in their heads more and more these days, telling them to do bad things. Sometimes this leads to self-injury, and sometimes it leads to the injury of others. In more rare instances, they are hearing from higher up... because they are aspiring higher up... and it comes with the territory. (grin) That is going to increase now, by... the... day... because... God is coming. God is coming in human form.

Easily as important... and probably more relevant is... God coming live in the human heart where a place has been prepared for God. Are you a habitation of demons or... a habitation of angels? With so many billions of human-appearing life forms, it can probably be assumed that The Avatar will not be in direct proximity to every one of us; then there are those who are in camouflage; having been driven out of the “high places”, in advance of The Avatar.

For those of you with ears to hear... that seek to be attuned to the higher planes of consciousness, The Word made Flesh will be radiating his broadcast upon the aether... and The Inner Planes. The rest of you will be getting CNN and ESPN... broadcasting live from The Playing Fields of Armageddon.

Those intentionally blind... will remain blind still. Those drinking from the cups of iniquity will drink deeper still. Those huddling in Fear... will hear the approach of their fears, precipitating into manifestation... as they call them forth out of The Subconscious.

To each will come the fruits of their industry... because... where your treasures are... you will be as well. I treasure The Sun. Even more... I treasure that which set The Sun in The Sky, and... that which precedes that which set The Sun in The Sky.

Perhaps you are interested in catching Swedenborg Syndrome. Some might be allergic. You have to check the contraindications.

In former times... interested parties would stand on the docks... watching for their ships to come in. You don't have to worry about that. Everything that you set sailing, WILL BE sailing back to you... come Hell or Highwaters, and... perhaps... even bringing them too. Some will reap The Whirlwind. Some will find The Blessed Spheres appearing around them. Some this. Some that. You should have some idea of what that portends by now. If not... you had better get a clue.

End Transmission.......

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