Monday, August 29, 2022

"Why Would God Want a Temple that Smelled Like a Tailgater's Buffet in The Parking Lot of an NFL Football Stadium?"

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I do not like to comment on certain issues and conditions, BUT... I have no alternative. When something is so, and those who have made it so- conceal it as something else- while blaming everyone else for their own actions... well.../ Then there is also the time and place for it. This apocalypse is the time and place for it, and it becomes more clear... what has really been going on. The rocks and trees will soon cry out about it in... times... like... these; not to mention the mountains moving and the seas rising, which tend to dovetail into any real apocalypse.

What I say has long been known, and never has it been so glaring and in your face as it is now.

The World is immersed in Irony. The Ridiculous is now the yardstick for sanity. It is bent in several directions and frayed at both ends. If you build something with that, your measurements will arrive through The Salvador Dali filter with a soundtrack by John Cage. It is REALLY getting the appearance of being completely out-of-control, BUT... strange as it sounds, everything is under control BECAUSE everyone is being routed to their destination by air... traffic... controller... angels.

A vast and Byzantine cloverleaf of roads, leading in every direction... from the invisible to the visible, back to the invisible again, is on the drafting board of The Grand Architect.

Atziluth... Briah... Yetzirah... and Assiah. These are the mechanisms of design and transport that then materialize into the surrounding world. Do not be deceived by ALLEGED and revisionist sources of the terms. This first came through The Chaldeans and Hermetic Egyptians and from long before them. The switch happened the same way that Jesus became a Jew. He... was... not... a... Jew; not that that matters, except for the ends it has been put to.

I am going to explain the peculiarity that is the relationship between God, and The Usual Suspects. They screwed up big time with self-serving agendas in the past, so... they were reincarnated into that demographic with... The... Opportunity... to make The World a better place. This is the meaning of their Ticklish Onan.

They were given the opportunity and means to improve on their former bad showings. They were given the keys to The Candy Store. Most unfortunately for us... and as it will turn out, for them too, is that they have failed in epic fashion to do this in any collective fashion BECAUSE they... don't... play... well... with... others.

They have instead sought to cover The World with pornography and perversity. This... IS... easily... verifiable. It gets explained away as Freedom of Expression, being your authentic self, and other jingo-lingo-jargon.

Part of the reason is due to the periods of darkness through which humanity was/is passing. Another reason is their innate avarice. In the battle with their lower nature... they lost. I have met and seen some of those who did not fail. You really wish they were in greater numbers, but... the fallen are not alone in their errors. Two perspectives do battle in the human psyche, in an imagined war between Good and Evil. The better idea is to rise above them both because the conflict goes on forever within a certain bandwidth of awareness or... lack thereof.

Of course, we are all playing roles and someone has to be The Bad Guys. Hey! Don't shoot the messenger. I'm merely stating what casual observation will confirm. God has us all as he intended on... the... long... road... home. So... personally? I blame no one. I am more likely to blame my own stupidity should I ♫ get fooled again ♫

They reversed The Kabbalah, which has caused carnal nature to prevail in The World over our better nature. They are the ultimate materialists. Instead of using Abramelin's angelic language to communicate with the angels, they reversed the original intent to traffic with demons for material gain.

This accounts for all the blood sacrifice and burnt offerings. Why would God want a temple that smells like the parking lot at a tailgaters buffet outside the football stadium on Sunday? Are those the circumstances for our best interaction with Heaven... our inviting The Lord to a backyard barbecue without the sauce?

I SUSPECT that God... meaning God's angels because they are his sensors and experiencers... they are his invisible eyes and ears... they are his fingers and hands, which play through the physical fingers and hands of Humanity, where... it... is... permitted... to; I SUSPECT that God and his angels prefer something other than the smell of burning flesh.

A flower is an offering from Lady Nature. We might, certainly, offer something like that to Heaven; something that symbolized the flowering of his love in our hearts. Demonstrating The Qualities of God is a fine offering to Heaven, and... I... think... far more suitable than butchered livestock, burning and wafting infernal... incense... dreams of The Carnal Appetite at a carnivore carnival.

Where do you think the smell of burning flesh is more likely to be appreciated?

Now... Pride is celebrated as a desirable quality. I assure you it is not. “Pride goeth before a fall,” is a well tested axiom, as... history... convincingly... proves. Now we have celebrations and entire months for Pride in Sexual Depravity. See any irony here? The Traveling STD Carnival is moving from town to town. It's moving through the schools and headed toward the nurseries, and being served as Monkeypox Burgers in the cafeteria.

It is a part of the policy of all public workings. They passed a law through Obama that has opened the door for it all. Who do you think are the ones most involved in making all of this happen?

You can't be having sex with countless anonymous partners and remain healthy or sane. You can't be legitimizing sex with children, as Alan Ginsberg and his NAMBLA cohorts sought to do, and they are now headed toward the finish line. Alan's dead, but the spirit of his perversity soldiers on. The ghosts of his dead armada sail on pirate oceans of hijacked souls.

If I started listing even the names I know of... I would be here all day. Look at who sits on the boards of every group. Then fan out into regular industries of every kind. Look to all the government agencies, at Justice... at The CDC... at Homeland Security... at The State Department.

Look to the banks. Look WHEREVER power consolidates over the control of Humanity, and... you... will... see... what... I... mean, AND... along with that, consider that all wars are created by bankers looking to profit from the conflict. Look at who finances ALL events and conditions antithetical to The Greater Good.

Look at the head of The Teacher's Union. Look at the organizations created by them to tell us what is wrong and what is right, like The Southern Impoverished Law Center, the ACLU, The Anti-Defamation Leo-Frank Memorial, Rape and Murder League, and... I could go on, and on, and on.

Things have gone nova since The Real Jesus Christ by-some-other-name chased The Money Changers out of the temple.

When you move to a certain relationship with the external world where you become a materialist, it leads directly to atheism, AND then you arrive at the default religion, which... is Satanism. I don't blame them. I don't blame their master. He's the other side of God. He is the temptation factor, and he needs a workforce. God is in control of both ends. I do not worry about how God intends to work it all out. All I know is... that... he... will. Then... when God also becomes physical sex for you... sex as an objective, and... as a form of casual worship it... unfailingly degenerates. It goes backwards. Self-destruction is the ONLY possible outcome.

Well... I imagine they think they are sitting pretty. Oh... right... one can never be at ease when having to plot and strategize every living minute, just to stay in a position that is shifting the way The World rotates... that is being brought into The Light... and shown for all The World to see. Mark my words. Change is coming and there is NOTHING anyone can do about it. The populations are on that cloverleaf and headed to The Land of their Intentions.

The small number of events and conditions that I have mentioned are, by-no-means complete. Why... I left out 9/11. I left out The Big Lie of World War 2, created to cover the largest mass genocide in history that they performed in Russia. They are presently at war in Ukraine. Look what they have done to The Middle East. It's all provable; who ARE the neo-cons? Paul Wolfowitz said that term was Anti-Semitic. Why would he say that?

Oh... it is about as clear as sober daylight, what has been and is going on, and who the names are behind so... very... many... of... the... offenses... against... Humanity. Why is it that control of the information flow is their chief interest, following material profit, and survival at all costs? Think about it.

The time has come, and many of you will see it occur. This is not my idea. I cannot unsee what I have seen... unless... of course... I lie to myself out of fear of loss... or promise of gain. I am merely stating what everyone who is not lying to themselves or... afraid, KNOWS... TO... BE... TRUE.

I can add it from right to left. I can add it from left to right. I can add the sides together as I calculate from the middle or either end. It... always... comes... out... the... same. The Founding Fathers warned us, BUT... the nation slept in their dreams of material comfort and gain, with analgesics to militate against the pain.

God is coming for The Shapeshifters and Depravity Dancers. The force of it is... IRRESISTIBLE. It happens on THE INSIDE... first!!! It happens right where you think and feel. How will you defend against that? How... will you protect yourself from the consequences of your crimes? The higher court is not for sale, and cannot be intimidated by threats or weapons of any kind. As for the naysayers and scornful self-fellators... you can be the cheerleaders along the way.

By no means do I believe a single group of people can be the source of all of The World's Seeming Evil. I do believe that they have a remarkable disposition toward self-interest. I know there is a collective of assorted types who play The Bad Guys. Material Life is an exposition of The Good Guys and the Bad Guys sorting out The Will of God. Since I know that God favors The Good Guys... well, I know which side my bread is buttered on. I know the source of my bread and butter, and... GRATEFULLY... I am aware that I do not live by bread alone.

There are more good guys than you might think among The Usual Suspects. I cannot wholesale entire races because of a few bad apples or... even a lot of bad apples. There are countries in far eastern Europe that are notorious for producing the criminals who show up in other countries. In Asia, they have their own organizations, like the Tongs and Yakuza. The Bad Guys change into other bad guys. Good guys go bad too. Especially in Times of Material Darkness when the attraction for material gain is so great.

I have never understood this attraction. The entity I work for owns EVERYTHING, and possesses power and riches beyond the reach of mortal dreams, AND... Glory to God... I KNOW he's real. I can have any of the things people strive for without ever even striving for them, just because of what I am really striving for to begin with; look first for The Kingdom of God and the best of everything else will come along at some point. This way you do not become attached or... possessed. You are then truly in The World but not of it. Jivanmukti!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

"The Impersonal Love of God is The Universal Harmonizing Agent that Puts You at Ease With EVERYTHING."

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When you see these mysterious conditions like transgenderism, and all manner of related sexual perversions, be aware that such things offend Heaven... and are intended so. Many odd and ridiculous efforts that suck in so many people are all skirmishes in the War against The Light.

The gay and phenom is based entirely on the state of Materialism as it presents in this phase of change. When that is swept away it will take all the madness of sexual perversity with it, including the transgender hysterics, engineered by the Usual Suspects, who also make up a great deal of the clientele.

The simple fact is that Materialism makes people insane. How many times have we said that here? God is the repository of all True Reason. Materialism draws The Mind AND The Heart away from God, into the land of fascination with form. The further one proceeds away from their central core; The Abode of God Within... the more crazy and deranged one becomes. Yet... they do not think themselves crazy and they have the double-edged sword of Logic to make sense of it for themselves.

You can explain anything to yourself with logic.

Materialism twists the sexual force out of whack. The out-of-whack trends more and more into wailing chaos. It is the search for meaning in what is meaningless. Ever greater perversities are needed because The Thrill is soon gone. Eventually, it leadeth unto destruction. That's just how it is... folks. That's just how it is.

Think of it like this. It is still in The Eye of the Hurricane. HOWEVER... the further you move toward the periphery, the greater the fury of the storm that greets you. If you keep moving through this periphery... let's say you've got some amount of Faith... Certitude, and Determination, eventually you move beyond the reach of The Howling Madness. You are once again in The Eye of the Hurricane, AND... you carry it with you wherever you go.

Once you have traversed The Howling Periphery of Material Things, you... are... made... free... of... it. The storm may continue to howl, but it howls AROUND you. It is not howling within you. Cease the storm within, and the storm without will fade away to nothing, b-e-c-a-u-s-e it is only weather that is created by The Unstable Mind, made unstable by Materialism.

It is ALWAYS the same challenges that come upon us. Forms may change their appearance but it is the same force of divisiveness that is created by The Separated Mind that continues to challenge us, until... the... separation... ends. Once you are caught in the net, no more attention is paid to you except at feeding time.

The... whole... point... of... the... material... world, is to distract you from your center and to whirl you through the threshing machine of runaway attractions and repulsions. They are MEANT to take your attention away from God. From soon after the moment of birth, the child reaches out for bright and shiny things. This... USUALLY... continues through the life. All disappointment does is to change the focus of distraction, which makes it possible for you to forget how much it let you down the last time.

Hope springs eternal.

The Truth IS that ONLY God provides sanctuary from The Storm. ONLY God gives Peace. God radiates throughout The Cosmos. Every shining star is beaming his love as far as the light will reach. Some far away stars, already long gone, are still bathing our world with their light. The brilliant Impersonal Love of God is the universal harmonizing agent that puts you at ease with EVERYTHING.

Is it your job to stomp through The World with whatever weapons you have; some shining knight on a quest to eradicate all injustice? What are you going to do about the new generations that are constantly being born and seeking justice and revenge of their own for whatever happened to them last time they were here? And... you will soon enough be gone as well. There is a CONSTANT flow of lives coming and lives going... in pursuit of The Object of Desire... in pursuit of The Satiation of Appetite... (which is a fire you throw fuel on) in pursuit of this, that, and the other thing.

How many of us come here with the sole purpose of realizing The Indwelling? God has said, many times and in many ways, through his vehicles of testimony that... he does not bother with the majority of us because we have what we are after or soon (or not so soon) will have.

When someone comes to God crying out for this, that, and the other thing, he provides a distraction. USUALLY, that serves the purpose of sending them on their way BECAUSE they were not calling for the company and Presence of God. That gets in the way of all kinds of desires, appetites, and pursuits. If you are carnally or materially minded, the company and Presence of God is a hindrance to your personal objectives. Most people DO NOT want to hear about it, and when they do... it has to come in the identifiable package of some religion.

Any time someone calls out to God or The Divine Mother, some bright and shiny object is tossed in their direction. If one persists and is not satisfied with the bright shiny object, which even for the dimmest bulb among us... does not fascinate forever. God/The Divine Mother will continue to provide ever more intriguing distractions, which imply that this... now THIS... is what you really want. If you STILL continue to be a pain in the metaphorical ass, The Divine narrows his focus on you and begins to see you in greater detail. There is a great deal more to us than you may think.

At this point, there is no telling what God might do. He might get all Job or Jonah-like on you. He might make you famous or rich. There is no question that he will use every device at his command to see what you are made of. OF COURSE... God knows all about you from The Giddy-up, I'm just weaving a little allegory here.

The point is... God is going to put you through the paces. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. You do have to be worthy of God's Greater Interest. He will proceed to make you worthy, and that is what all the trials and temptations are about. He will purify you in the fire of his love, in order to burn away the dross from your being. Scriptures from every tradition say pretty much the same thing, if... you... bother... to... look... deeper... and... reflect.

God KNOWS that sooner or later, every soul will be kindled with a divine longing for their celestial homeland. God sent them here in the first place for the experience. He is having that experience vicariously through them.

People get all out of joint when you tell them that they are nothing more than temporary characters created for God's entertainment. Yes... there is the spark of eternity in each of us, but we are here talking about The Personality that interacts and conflicts with all of the other personalities, AND... will continue to do endlessly until some trauma or epiphany awakens The Individuality= The Self. That Self is God. That Self is also you as you really are behind all the posturing facades.

So... when you are shaking your fist at God. When you are screaming that God doesn't exist, (which is a form of proof that God actually does exist.) you are shaking your fist and screaming at yourself. We have long maintained here that the God that the atheist does not believe in, does... not... exist. We are in agreement with them about that. We are in agreement with The Satanists about their view of God as The Devil. That is how he looks to them... unfortunately for them.

In the beginning... both fear and awe of The Divine is a good thing. This changes as you come to love God, and enter more into the area spoken of in the 23rd Psalm. The closer you come to God, the more like God you become. From how I understand it, that... never... ends. It is a progression of endless becoming. Any sincere seeker is DEFINITELY going to find their way because they will... be... guided... whether... they... know... it... or... not.

Here's the deal... most everyone is running around playing God, like frogs dreaming they are princes at the bottom of a well. They are playing God and they are doing it badly. You... do... not... play... God. You step aside and let God play through you; do you mind if I play through? (grin)

Sooner or later... you come to realize that you have been doing a botched job of it on your own, and... you surrender. You stop playing The Fool. Persisting in your folly will have made you wise. Then... it's baby-steps for a good long while, USUALLY. Sometimes it comes all at once, BUT... you... must... have... done... the... necessary... work... at... another... time. There are no workarounds in bringing The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth.

I don't know what else to tell you. Either you get with The Program or... you don't. Everyone has a program... divinely tailored to their strengths, and whatever gifts God can make use of that he invested in us in... the... first... place. Why not take it out on the highway and see what it will do? Why not step right off the highway and see what it will do without you? The World doesn't need you. There are all kinds of temporarily warm bodies to call on.

Once you let God handle ALL of your affairs, there will be plenty of work for you to do. There are never enough willing hands.

"These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation, and the company of the great-souled ones."

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Friday, August 19, 2022

"Everyone, Nearly... Is Out of Whack, and It Is Very Hard to See... Because Everyone, Nearly... Is Out of Whack."

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Last night, in my dreams (if dreams they be) The word, Gdansk came over and over into my mind. On the periphery of thought, it seemed to me that I had heard this before and that it was the name of a place. More than this, I did not know, so... I went and looked it up and it is a Polish City on The Baltic Coast. I have many strange dreams; if dreams they be. I seldom have a dream where I hear the same word over and over... as if being urged to recall it upon awakening.

I had to take a leak. I went back to sleep, only to dream of Gdansk again. It's not the sort of word you would expect to come to mind. It seems to be missing a vowel, but that sort of thing happens in Eastern Europe, where they got backwards letters and other strangenesses. The further east you go, the more extreme this gets until you wind up in The Lands of The Pictograms. I couldn't imagine having to read that but... the Japanese have no problem with it; more strangeness, eh?

It also occurred to me that The World might well be flat, just not everywhere. It might be round where we are, and flat somewhere else. This sort of thing makes my head hurt so... I don't do it very often. It usually happens by accident, but... we know there are no such things. This is very heavy lifting for so early in the morning.

Is something going to happen in Gdansk? My track record is not real good with this kind of action. It's about the size of Omaha or Atlanta so... yeah, probably all kinds of things will happen there; hopefully nothing big and bad like one of those Sarajevo moments.

The reason I even bring any of this up is that I sleep with crystals that are charged each day by The Sun; one for afternoon, and one for evening, since I live in The Land of The Siesta. Crystals are communication devices if you know how to use them. They become more and more efficient as you tune to each other.

Dreaming has always fascinated me. When I discovered that even when we are up and moving about, most people are still dreaming, it fascinated me even more. So... I started working on both conscious and creative dreaming. By now, what with the crystals, it might be starting to sound like I have drifted to The Dark Side of The New Age. No... my persuasions go well back and before the age, preceding the age, preceding the age, preceding the age before this one. When it comes to spiritual traditions there is nothing newfangled about me.

Religions are like fads that happen over a much longer period of time. Avatars come and Avatars go. It's always the same Avatar in a different jumpsuit; much like The Sun (which is where The Avatars come from) that is called Lord Surya, which... is a position more than it is an entity. Sun Regents come and go too; switching out every 400 million years of sitting in Lord Surya's seat. Presently, Lord Vivasvan is riding in The Sun God's chariot, which... is no small conveyance.

I guess what I am saying is that The Universe is a creature of order. If conditions swing too much in one direction... then they are pulled back to center-line. This is true of individuals as much as it is true of planetary systems. Many of the people you see that are snarling about social justice issues are... the... very... same... people who were opposing them during their last sojourn here. Those who overly moralize, get a season or two on The Sea of Immorality to even them out. God is no friend of Sanctimony or Self-Righteousness... or whitened sepulchers of the ambulatory kind.

Once you get into the more refined fields of Wisdom, you have to let go of everything you ever thought you knew about Good and Evil. Evil... ofttimes, is that in which The Good has not yet been discovered. Sometimes Evil is Good that has lost its luster through oversampling... commercialization... being taken for granted, I don't know... something... something.

Existence IS NOT WHAT IT APPEARS TO BE. Look at Nature where beauty, intoxicating scents, shivery trembling shimmers, as well as all kinds of other allurements... turn out to be traps devised to suck in the curious and unwary... AND EAT THEM! Well! What... do... you... know? It's the same thing on land and sea as it is in The Human Kingdom where most of your celebrities are like this.

In Nature... you get sucked in and covered with sticky digestive serums or... snatched with sucker-pods, pincers, and claws... teeth... whathaveyou. In our realm, THE SAME THING HAPPENS... only it might take much longer for you to be digested.

It might happen over the course of a lifetime (which could be brief), and that which devours you is... your lifestyle... your environment... your attractions, and especially yourself; depending on what you cultivate to take you out... from heart attack to cancer to... not paying attention, one way or another.

It might seem we are being allegorical here; not... at... all. Not at all. Conditions are the same in every realm of being; As above, so below. You have to hit that Golden Line that runs like a high-wire across the abyss of your fears. If you are unstable you are going to fall. If you think you are doing it, you are going to fall. That is where God takes over, and that is why... you must... make... God... your... friend. Some of the challenges you face can ONLY be overcome by God.

The term God is a catchall. Maybe I use it too much. I also like, The Divine... the ineffable... Lord God Almighty... The Supreme Enjoyer, and various divine personas. None of them are... in the least... encompassing. God (grin) is incomprehensible and... indescribable.

At present, what you are seeing in The World, are the populations turning away from God due to material culture, and the magnetism of forms. Whenever this happens, and it is happening in a big way right now, it... is... only... a... matter... of... time before The Natural Order is recalled.

Heaven, Earth, and the different kingdoms between... ALL exist in a state of order, which goes out of order at regular intervals. It is then pulled back into order. It is one of the entertainments of existence for which God created it all in the first place, to... amuse... himself.

I feel truly sad for those who do not know that a divine presence fills ALL things. How do you make sense of it? (you don't) How do you get it into order? (grin) (you don't). There are your duties and there are the duties of Heaven. You need to know the difference. It is far less egregious and painful to be in harmony with The Divine, than it is to be in opposition to him/her/it. Sooner or later you get it, once you come to the place where you cannot endure another moment of being out in the cold desolation of The False Self.

The Divine is a REALLY wonderful being. It doesn't matter how far wrong you went. He/She will embrace you with open arms the moment you turn your face back toward The Spiritual Sun. All the forces of Heaven will rush to your side when you make that transition. A part of the very sun that shines in The Heavens is resident in the area of your Solar Plexus. You have to tune the one to the other. That's all there is to it. The Thrice Blessed Hermes calls it, The Operation of The Sun. Something that has been mentioned more than a time or two here.

Love... the prime attractor... is the tractor-force that pulls you into resonance with the other, and... with yourself. Everyone, nearly... is out of whack, and... it is very hard to see because everyone, nearly... is out of whack. When you are not out of whack, you have to go undercover or exist at-a-remove from the riotous crowd. You need some amount of the latter before you can pull off the former. You need to be unshakable or... you will be shaken, not stirred, and... that was only a movie. This is life... and the rules are different in movies than they are in life.

I don't know what Gdansk has to do with any of this; would you care to Gdansk with me? The thing is... that situation in Ukraine is not going to go away. Mr. Putin knows this. THEY are going to keep pushing, and one of these days... push is going to come to shove, either there or somewhere else.

A worldwide effort toward enslavement AND genocide is taking place, right... this... moment. The Deceived are quite serious about the deception they are laboring under. Nothing short of a knockout punch is going to work.

There is still... ALWAYS the chance it will go well for us. I think that depends on how close to The Fan you are standing. Prayer is a powerful engine for positive change!

I don't know what to tell you about The World outside; not my department. Get a handle on The World inside, and The Outside World will take care of itself, as... far... as... you... are... concerned. Yes... many are bobbing like waterlogged corks on the stormy seas of Desire and Appetite. You do not have to bob alongside them. The twin fears of Loss and Gain are troubling the waters. Your doubt and apprehension fuel that process.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

"There is No Chance or Happenstance, No Innocent Bystanders, No Accidents. There is No Coincidence."

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There are 3 stations of consciousness and any number of religious... occult... and empirical modalities that call attention to it with constructs like... The Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (3-in-one Holy Oil), The Pythagorean Triangle, The Golden Triangle= Golden Ratio. I could keep going with Shiva-Brahma-Vishnu and others; there's The Triangle of Horus that you see every day in one context or another.

Personally, I like The Triple Awareness Consciousness. There's The Subconscious... or the basement of The Adytum of... your being. There's Self-Consciousness, which is the ground floor; your every day walking around consciousness that goes everywhere you go... unless you lapse into memories of The Past or dreams for The Future. You stop paying attention, and... you are in danger of The Automatic Pilot... Karma and the like.

Then... there is The Super Consciousness. That is God. People in recovery programs call it their Higher Power. He's got a whole bunch of names. The Subconscious is female. The Self Conscious is male, and The Super Conscious is both. Yes... both men and women have a Self Conscious Mind, BUT... that is just a part they are playing in The Long Journey Home or... until they stabilize in the expression that best suits them.

The usual twist is that you alternate sexes from life to life, U-N-T-I-L you have another arrangement.

Yes... I could get into all sorts of Heaven and Hell, Middle Earth associations. Next thing you know, we'd be back at The Fall of Man. I don't want to mess with that too much. Because of the people who have been mind-raped by Religion or cannot handle the descent of The Divine Feminine at this time; which is why so many men turn Gay, and women... turn away.

I should point out that a LARGE percentage of men who are gay have their mother's influence in their childhood to thank for it. I could go into all of the psycho-babble about WHY they do this... but I consider it self-evident, and... if you don't see it as self-evident, my telling you will only make you angry. Meanwhile... today's psycho-babble is at such a distance from real scientific inquiry that it can't find its ass with both hands; not that that stops anyone else from doing so.

Let's not hie away from The Fall of Man just yet. Here's my interpretation of The Meaning of the Adam and Eve Fableagory. Yes... women... the female aspect... mirror reflection of man, causes the fall of consciousness through AN... ATTRACTION... TO... THE... SENSITIVE... LIFE, which brings The World that we are presently engaged in the transmutation of, and... without which, there... would... be... no... story... of... life... to... tell. So yes... it could be said that Eve/Woman caused man to fall, BUT... it is ONLY through Woman that he will rise again; remembering... this is allegory.

You see... it's another one of those riddles that DOES NOT MEAN what conventional wisdom says it does. There is NOTHING wise about conventional wisdom. Life is a dance. It is a timeless dancing allegory... play-acted out for the entertainment of The Creator.

Religion DOES NOT tell you the truth. The Truth is there to be discovered... by the intrepid and sincere inquirer, BUT Religion is not going to hand it out to you. How do you think Religion keeps the lights on in all those monuments it has built to itself? If we were all permitted to know what REALLY is, there would be NO... NEED... FOR... RELIGION.

Jesus the Christ had two levels of instruction; one for the public, and one for the disciples/apostles. The public was NOT READY to hear the truth. They could not handle it (you're welcome). Also... with The Truth comes a heavy responsibility. The Public wants no part of that. They are busy otherwise, doing those meaningful things they fill their life with from birth to death. I am not criticizing The Public, BUT... they will do you harm if you tell them what they are not ready to hear.

All those pseudo-secret-societies operate a similar scam on their members. They don't have The Truth. If they did, they wouldn't be operating cash registers as a vocation. They... would... be... giving... themselves... away, each and every day... until Eternity steps on Doomsday's Brakes. They would be anonymous and self-effacing. They would have surrendered all that was personal to them... to The Impersonal Indwelling Self, so that The Impersonal Self would have a vehicle to operate through. Most people are... just... not... up... for... that.

However... a Grand Apocalypse has come upon us, and that means ALL who can be awakened, will... be... awakened; to the extent of which they are capable. This is going to PROFOUNDLY change The World we presently inhabit. All the murderous hierarchies of The Infernal Kingdom of Hell on Earth are going to be driven asunder. The Light is going to break upon human consciousness, and then? We shall see what we shall see.

Sub-Consciousness... FAITHFULLY reproduces the seed images implanted by Self-Consciousness. If Self-Consciousness is predominantly carnal... well you do the math. You can see all around you in The World at this time how carnality has been shaping the culture. The obscene behavior... the violent behavior... the selfish behavior that has prospered for so long, is... about... to... come... to... an... end.

Although The Superconscious can... and does speak to the other two whenever it is disposed to, it often, and... especially... in... the... beginning, speaks to The Sub-Conscious, which reflects it to The Self-Conscious. This is a part of how The Intuition works.

I do not know what forms The Awakening is going to take (in concert with Mr. Apocalypse). I suspect it will be multi-pronged. It will involve Lady Nature. It will involve social dynamics, AND... a great deal of it is going to take place in the human mind... where Judgment will occur. Those who have been leading others into bondage, will... be... bound. The Liberator is coming with the tools of his trade.

You see... here we have another threesome; another trinity... Mr. Apocalypse... The Awakening, and... The Avatar. The polarities transform into multiplicities, and everything then comes and goes in an ever-expanding array of... life forms and things. I'm not being specific here, and I am not being direct. I can't be. Every time you talk about it, it disappears. The Truth is at right angles to everything else. You can't actually see it. You can only see it reflected, if... you... keep... your... mirror... clean.

In other words, don't expect precision here. Don't expect charts and graphs, and this piece goes here, and that piece goes there. All I can say on The Matter, no... matter... what... perspective... I... assume... is... LOVE GOD. Love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and with all your mind, and... all the polarities, and multiplicities, all the three-way intersections, and every other Tom Fool analogy or metaphor I come up with here... WILL BE RESOLVED.

Most especially Practice The Presence of God.

Somewhere in The Dream of Triads lies The Singularity. The Singularity inhabits EVERYTHING you can, and cannot see. The Singularity is an incomprehensibly bright and shining light that is so intense it looks like utter darkness. It is alive. It is conscious. It knows all about you. You know very little about it, BUT... it is inclined to inform you, if... you... will... permit... it... to.

I don't care how smart anyone thinks they are. I don't care how long they think their name will last or what a big deal they are, at the moment. NO ONE... NO ONE... approaches The Singularity who is carnal or profane. IT... JUST... DOES... NOT... HAPPEN!!! God is infinitely entertained by the poseurs and pretenders. You... have... no... idea! He delights in telling me about it. He has told me any number of times what he has in mind for them.

Let me say it again... Cave Cave Deus Videt. Beware... Beware... God is watching.

There is no chance or happenstance. There are no innocent bystanders. There are no accidents. There is no coincidence. Who is fooling who? Who do they call The Great Deceiver? Who is The Great Revealer? Who are you? What are you? Where are you headed? These are serious considerations that few have any interest in. One of these days, IT will... get... around... to... you. Will you be singing, ♫ Oh Happy Day ♫ or... will you be weeping and gnashing your teeth?

I don't do Sturm und Drang, so... what can I say? Mind how you go, and love The Lord God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and with all your mind and you will be good to go... or stay, for that matter.

End Transmission.......

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When serpents can walk, the tree of life will become a banana palm; so said someone somewhere at one time. It coulda been me. I don't remember=

Thursday, August 11, 2022

"Tumbling at The Will of Heaven, Or Resisting The Will of Heaven. It's All Necessary for The Drama of Life."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The blatant... and poorly thought out offense against the once and future president, is going to prove to be a critical domino. In the context of the metaphor, the first domino is the key player. However... in real life, (not often spotted in the wild... round these parts) every domino is critical; the ones who tumble at The Will of Heaven, AND those who resist as the product of self will. It's all necessary for the drama.

I know it pisses a lot of people off when the low-life's in search of the High Life (seemingly) get the upper hand, BUT... you got to remember this is a carnal playground here. The best you can hope for is some form of Tantra in the exchanges and interplays. In coarser times, like these present times, (just listen to the soundtrack!) the Diogenesians are vastly out numbered by those covering the light... so as to engage in what they do in darkness. Even in his own time, the numbers were small.

I mentioned Tantra for a reason. It's going to mean something different to everyone. A large segment of the population couldn't tell you what it is. Another large segment thinks it's about sex. A small few know that it has to do with every single thought, word, and deed being carried out with Love and conscious intention. Sex plays a greater role ONLY because intercourse is taking place at all times, and on all levels; mental intercourse, verbal intercourse, social intercourse, and... like that.

The modern world operates on plugs and sockets. One force can sure do a lot of surprising things. You wouldn't be far wrong if you said, anything's possible. It is... depending on who it is that wants to do it; has something to do with The Channeled Will; “all magic is in The Will.” Like we said recently, we all do magic. It just takes different lengths of time for different people to accomplish their intention. It also depends on what you are after in terms of outcome. Do you want to change the whole world or... only a part of it?

Sometimes that makes me wonder what's really going on when one tries to win the heart of another. We all engage in degrees of deception. Some do it merely by being polite. Concealing is not always deceiving. Sometimes it's good sense. This is where Wisdom comes in. Wisdom explains everything, within... its... own... time... frame. It is only Divine Luminous Wisdom that does it on the spot. Wisdom still gets it done, AND... e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y transforms into Divine Luminous Wisdom. This is right where patience proves its value.

If you can go through life with a loving touch, you don't need much; catch and release. Set everyone free. Whomever you encounter, set them free in your mind, AND in your heart. They might well... not notice it... at the time. Does that matter? No... it does not, and if you think it does... or it should, you wouldn't be able to do it anyway. The key to this is that there... is... only... one... mind.

You can perform Love Magic in every single moment. There are some few who do. There will be more of us once The Big Guy in the Small Car gets here. As we like to say, limousines don't always make a good first impression. Just about anyone can afford one now and then, but... then you need the suits, and the jewelry, and... the very expensive arm candy, and the security, and the big house (or two or three or four or more), AND more security, and the private plane, and the great big boat, but when harvest time comes around, the coffins are USUALLY more or less the same size. Sure... you could get a mausoleum. That's going to make a difference. (snicker)

Some words just don't sound good, do they? Snicker... would be one of those words. I saw him, he was snickering! Well.... so it goes. I had something funny happen the other day. I wouldn't mention it except for the irony that attended the whole event.

Someone I have never heard from before, at least under that name, took me to task in a snide and snickering way. It was even (gasp) patronizing. Well, I never! Anyway, this person was going off about one of the links at the end of the posting. It didn't have anything to do with the post. As much as I have tried to explain this, it just doesn't take with some people.

It was something along the lines of, Oh, Wow! Amber Heard dates billionaires, and then it got more insulting, and so on, and so on. The thing is, that had... nothing... to... do... with my putting the link in. It was put in because the article mentioned “Eye's Wide Shut,” and Heard's presence at gatherings of similar kind, and how she was some kind of royalty being carried around in a big chair. I captioned the link with something like, Well, I did not know that.

I figure he didn't even read the article. People... nothing is random here.

When I responded and clarified the matter for him, he slippered into some other perspective, as if that was what he meant to say all along. Yes, he's your garden variety troll that literally haunt the various watering holes of the internet (known as comments sections) like Hungry Ghosts.

The World has become a mosh pit of people yelling at each other. I know well what the reasons are, and they are an easy fix, BUT... some people don't want to fix them.

Then, I got some static about writing too much because they can't keep up with it... so, I should slow down considerably to factor in with their busy schedule (or would that be shedule?) I write every weekday, and it takes about 15 minutes (at most) to read the thing. I have been doing this since about the turn of the year. Previously, I might do it 3 times a week, miss a week entirely, stop for months at a time, or... write even more than 5 times a week. I used to do that a lot too.

Both of these grievances came at me from the same source, which is a place where people routinely hack at one another like they were in The Colosseum. I do read the comments from other articles because some very bright and intelligent people come there. I got tossed by Jeff Rense because I wouldn't stop posting there. It's a lot of history and I like and respect The Host, so... I put up with the occasional cat-calls. The dog's bark. The caravan moves on.

So... I have been on this schedule (or should I say, shedule?) for something over half a year or so, and I may well do it for longer, and then it will end, as all things do. I might well matriculate into another medium. There may be radio silence. The World may go through all manner of conniptions.

It doesn't matter if I write five days a week. It takes an hour or two to do this... if I am being thoughtful, and less if I am just transmitting. If the pace is too grueling for you, try the miniature golf or a Cornhole seminar. There's always Paddle-Ball. Anyway... thousands of people read these and almost no one complains.

I KNOW a Golden Age is coming. I KNOW it's not coming for everyone, so... I factor that in with my calculations... these mere approximations of what... I shall surely get wrong. Generally... though... it's not all going to turn to shit for everyone. It depends on The Revealing, and on what is revealed. It depends on how some people take being exposed before the eyes of The World. Like what is happening right now only... much... more... pervasively.

I should point out, as I often do, God is real, alive... AND listening. We are shaping our world with what tools we have; in concert with... or in defiance of... God. Those who permit it... are being shaped by God, in... loving... fashion. For some, more brutal sculpting is required. You can't get an ox to pull a cart by blowing in his ear. Hmm... these days, I would guess it depends on how that ox identifies. My point is... if you are too dense, it might take some amount of trauma to wake you up.

It is a difficult art, and the work of lifetimes to develop the loving touch, and yet... we always have it. The difficulty comes from seeing The World as an ever-conflicting battlefield of duality. It is much better to harmonize with the angels and be a more inspired Adam; a more informed, Namer of Things, or a better avenue for The Divine Mother. We do have options. We just don't exercise them... it's too hard. Aw... It's only hard in the beginning. Heaven gives you a tailwind when it sees who's at the rudder.

There is ONE FORCE. There is ONE Supreme Being. He is apart from, AND... completely integrated into every facet of existence. Imagine that!!! Act as if you know this and you are on the moving sidewalk. God is with you ALL... THE... TIME. “Cave! Deus Videt.” Beware! God is watching. He can be your friend or... whathaveyou?

We'll continue for the time being. Check your local listings for times and details.

End Transmission.......

Some links... THAT ARE ONLY PUT HERE as snapshots of The World of the moment, AND from various perspectives, which amount to an assortment of lies, that... we sincerely pray, are as transparent to the reader as they are to us. Mostly... it has to do with pointing out what Mr. Apocalypse has been up to, AND... Lady Awakening as well. As you can see in your own journeys through the forest... there are a lot of ways to be woken up=

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Monday, August 08, 2022

"The Problem with Science is that It Has No Compassion. If Science were A Person... It would be A Sociopath."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Have you noticed the level at which people are now being unmasked... exposed... revealed as... and by, the... face... behind... the... mask? Everywhere there is evidence of name players... the known, and the soon-to-be-known, behaving badly... overreacting... getting captured on the cellphone cameras, and... from the forest among the trees, come the whistle-blowing finches and... deep roller pigeons, crying out in the wilderness about a world gone wrong, AND... pointing at each other, BUT... benefiting from modern technology, and... thereby being heard round The World through electronic media like... it... had... eyes.

Welcome to Whine Country. We have every vintage of whine that there is. We specialize in the forms and kinds of whine. What's that about Miami?

The problem with science is that it has no compassion. If Science were a person... it would be a sociopath. The biggest problem with science is that it is ALWAYS looking outward instead of inward, where the cause of everything it seeks is located, NO... MATTER... WHAT... IT... IS! Science imagines that it is improving life, while STUDIOUSLY omitting the irreplaceable element of successful living, having to do with quality-of-life, via harmonious accord... between the INNER, and... OUTER life.

Science is supposed to be impartial; only concerned with the facts... “just the facts, mam.” However... h-o-w-e-v-e-r... it ALWAYS skews its research toward creature comforts and market value. Civilization is humanity's reaction to pain. It ESPECIALLY skews its research toward the ends sought by those offering the highest return on their efforts. It's a septic tank of hypocrisy, stewing in its own juices; try making a cocktail out of that! Not to worry... they are compelled to drink it... and show relish when they do. It's a requirement of the blind side sophistry they engage in. Sophistry and Hypocrisy are Siamese twins.

Mostly it is about feeding and profiting from the diseases that cause pain, and then selling the analgesic. Also, without fail, everything Science does, dovetails toward war, and... goes... through... that... industry BEFORE it goes anywhere else.

All this, and... so... much... more, can easily be seen ...and intuited by any honest and uncompromising mind, BUT... if you can't be honest about what you do, you can't be honest about who you are, and so you are NEVER honest about what you see and hear. You really are blind in one eye and can't hear out of the other. You are a waste of life... or worse.

We have to have eyes in the back of our heads, due to all the roving ass-bandits, in search of a dark escape into nowhere, while establishing their dominance... and marking their territory. Science seeks to brutalize; to rape Lady Nature and compel her to give up her secrets. Never... in a million years, would it occur to them that Nature... is... a... living... thing. Even though... even though this is demonstrably apparent. What is also not evident to those who have ritually put out their own eyes, and turned their minds, and bodies over to The Ass-Bandits, is... that Nature is... also... conscious.

Anyone who has taken the trouble and shown the necessary QUALITY and ardor of love... WILL discover that Nature is conscious, and... capable of conversation through any of the millions of mediums that have been birthed by Lady Nature. Along with reading The Living Book of Nature, there is also an audio feature that inspires Nature to speak, should you be more enabled in the one channel than the other.

Paramhansa Yogananda was fascinated by Luther Burbank and went to visit him. Luther had a siddhi. Yogananda visited a number of westerners who had something the Hindus call by another name. Like the Kundalini Rising of The Shakers (celibates) and Quakers. In the beginning, it is most important to fear trespassing against God. When you finally understand that he is also the one that leads you out of it... well, it might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Working with Nature... brings to mind Findhorn, as well as sciences like Permaculture and other modalities. I never entirely bought into Findhorn. I have always imagined there was a great deal of smoke and mirrors about the place and premises (the word has more than one meaning).

I encountered this fellow, Peter... one of the founders of Findhorn; can't remember his last name now, while I was living on Maui. He came into my restaurant one day. As I was a friend of the ex-wife of Bill Graham, who came in with him, she introduced us.

Let me be clear here. I've no intention to besmirch the reputation of Findhorn. I am ONLY relying on the intuitive hit I get when I go... inside... with... something, in order to see what pings from... and to it. I did not get a good hit about it, nor was it an equivocal read. It was a definite no-go, to me. I've had any number of things hit me this way; Scientology, The Urantia Book... A Curse of Miracles... Bhagwan Rajneesh, BEFORE he became Osho... ♫ late at night, while you're sleeping, Roger Nietzsche comes a creeping around ♫

We are in THAT time where the truth about everything is coming out. As the Awakening intensifies... counterpointed and accelerated by world events, truth is going to appear in the human mind a-u-t-o-m-a-t-i-c-a-l-l-y, en-masse. Reality is LITERALLY going to rear its ugly head inside our own... and leave us with the commission of beautifying it. If you haven't encountered The Truth in a long time... it can have a frightening first appearance... before the beauty comes into a clear image upon the pool you disturbed... with your restless nature... caused by unmastered appetites.

Some things require stillness in order to be observed, AND perceived. You can't make a quality judgment of what you see if the mirror is jumping all over the place or... (somehow) got bent out of shape by... The... World... it... was/is... reflecting. Until you have command over your interior nature and the submerged beasts who howl at the altar of appetite, you... won't... be... able... to... see.... clearly.

The sanctums of higher knowledge are guarded, and you don't get in unless you have the proper credentials. This is not the same as getting a false passport or driver's license on The Dark Web. They KNOW who to admit and who to deny. Heh heh... it's in their DNA. Besides... if your mirror is still shaking all over the place, their appearance will scare the shit out of you; word to the wise or... otherwise. The tendentious and radical will learn nothing... as they force and swagger their way into the dark backwards.

I recently saw where Hippocrates said, "all disease begins in the gut," isn't that where the Visceral Intelligence resides? Surely it connects to... might in fact... be The Intuition by another name? Does this seem to indirectly indicate that we poison ourselves? Isn't that area also called The Solar Plexus? You know, there's all sorts of implications here. “It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again.”

Let me get this clear in my head; we create poisonous thoughts and feelings, plotting crimes against ourselves and others. This causes a reaction in The Body called... disease... born from disharmony with The Celestial Order, also known as The Way of Life. The Intuition is the medium that translates angelic messages into our own language by using a part of our mind as the vehicle of transport. (It means we are talking to ourselves.) If we listen. If we become still. If we cease to war against ourselves, we will no longer hear those other voices, and... we can, more clearly, hear The Voice in the Silence.

This voice can... and does... tell us EVERYTHING we need to know and it SHOULD BE your primary port of call BEFORE you head off to parts unknown. Why not have a chat with someone who has already been there? Works for me.

The cost of anything is directly proportionate to the disappointment you experience, shortly after coming into possession of the item. Everything in existence has a built-in condition that precipitates into manifestation, and the pain of attachment can be measured by how badly you wanted it in the first place. In other words, the more you want it, the more it will hurt after you get it.

There are laws concerning existence that most people are completely unaware of. As a result, they transgress against them in regular fashion and... automatically receive a return on their investment, each time... in the form of a reaction, via... time... release. After going wrong... for so long, the effect of whiplash intensifies toward lasting remembrance of the moment where one got caught up short, in abrupt fashion; good to know. Don't force God to pick you up and shake you or... grab a 2 x 4 when you could be getting along just fine.

End Transmission.......

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