Tuesday, August 16, 2022

"There is No Chance or Happenstance, No Innocent Bystanders, No Accidents. There is No Coincidence."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There are 3 stations of consciousness and any number of religious... occult... and empirical modalities that call attention to it with constructs like... The Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (3-in-one Holy Oil), The Pythagorean Triangle, The Golden Triangle= Golden Ratio. I could keep going with Shiva-Brahma-Vishnu and others; there's The Triangle of Horus that you see every day in one context or another.

Personally, I like The Triple Awareness Consciousness. There's The Subconscious... or the basement of The Adytum of... your being. There's Self-Consciousness, which is the ground floor; your every day walking around consciousness that goes everywhere you go... unless you lapse into memories of The Past or dreams for The Future. You stop paying attention, and... you are in danger of The Automatic Pilot... Karma and the like.

Then... there is The Super Consciousness. That is God. People in recovery programs call it their Higher Power. He's got a whole bunch of names. The Subconscious is female. The Self Conscious is male, and The Super Conscious is both. Yes... both men and women have a Self Conscious Mind, BUT... that is just a part they are playing in The Long Journey Home or... until they stabilize in the expression that best suits them.

The usual twist is that you alternate sexes from life to life, U-N-T-I-L you have another arrangement.

Yes... I could get into all sorts of Heaven and Hell, Middle Earth associations. Next thing you know, we'd be back at The Fall of Man. I don't want to mess with that too much. Because of the people who have been mind-raped by Religion or cannot handle the descent of The Divine Feminine at this time; which is why so many men turn Gay, and women... turn away.

I should point out that a LARGE percentage of men who are gay have their mother's influence in their childhood to thank for it. I could go into all of the psycho-babble about WHY they do this... but I consider it self-evident, and... if you don't see it as self-evident, my telling you will only make you angry. Meanwhile... today's psycho-babble is at such a distance from real scientific inquiry that it can't find its ass with both hands; not that that stops anyone else from doing so.

Let's not hie away from The Fall of Man just yet. Here's my interpretation of The Meaning of the Adam and Eve Fableagory. Yes... women... the female aspect... mirror reflection of man, causes the fall of consciousness through AN... ATTRACTION... TO... THE... SENSITIVE... LIFE, which brings The World that we are presently engaged in the transmutation of, and... without which, there... would... be... no... story... of... life... to... tell. So yes... it could be said that Eve/Woman caused man to fall, BUT... it is ONLY through Woman that he will rise again; remembering... this is allegory.

You see... it's another one of those riddles that DOES NOT MEAN what conventional wisdom says it does. There is NOTHING wise about conventional wisdom. Life is a dance. It is a timeless dancing allegory... play-acted out for the entertainment of The Creator.

Religion DOES NOT tell you the truth. The Truth is there to be discovered... by the intrepid and sincere inquirer, BUT Religion is not going to hand it out to you. How do you think Religion keeps the lights on in all those monuments it has built to itself? If we were all permitted to know what REALLY is, there would be NO... NEED... FOR... RELIGION.

Jesus the Christ had two levels of instruction; one for the public, and one for the disciples/apostles. The public was NOT READY to hear the truth. They could not handle it (you're welcome). Also... with The Truth comes a heavy responsibility. The Public wants no part of that. They are busy otherwise, doing those meaningful things they fill their life with from birth to death. I am not criticizing The Public, BUT... they will do you harm if you tell them what they are not ready to hear.

All those pseudo-secret-societies operate a similar scam on their members. They don't have The Truth. If they did, they wouldn't be operating cash registers as a vocation. They... would... be... giving... themselves... away, each and every day... until Eternity steps on Doomsday's Brakes. They would be anonymous and self-effacing. They would have surrendered all that was personal to them... to The Impersonal Indwelling Self, so that The Impersonal Self would have a vehicle to operate through. Most people are... just... not... up... for... that.

However... a Grand Apocalypse has come upon us, and that means ALL who can be awakened, will... be... awakened; to the extent of which they are capable. This is going to PROFOUNDLY change The World we presently inhabit. All the murderous hierarchies of The Infernal Kingdom of Hell on Earth are going to be driven asunder. The Light is going to break upon human consciousness, and then? We shall see what we shall see.

Sub-Consciousness... FAITHFULLY reproduces the seed images implanted by Self-Consciousness. If Self-Consciousness is predominantly carnal... well you do the math. You can see all around you in The World at this time how carnality has been shaping the culture. The obscene behavior... the violent behavior... the selfish behavior that has prospered for so long, is... about... to... come... to... an... end.

Although The Superconscious can... and does speak to the other two whenever it is disposed to, it often, and... especially... in... the... beginning, speaks to The Sub-Conscious, which reflects it to The Self-Conscious. This is a part of how The Intuition works.

I do not know what forms The Awakening is going to take (in concert with Mr. Apocalypse). I suspect it will be multi-pronged. It will involve Lady Nature. It will involve social dynamics, AND... a great deal of it is going to take place in the human mind... where Judgment will occur. Those who have been leading others into bondage, will... be... bound. The Liberator is coming with the tools of his trade.

You see... here we have another threesome; another trinity... Mr. Apocalypse... The Awakening, and... The Avatar. The polarities transform into multiplicities, and everything then comes and goes in an ever-expanding array of... life forms and things. I'm not being specific here, and I am not being direct. I can't be. Every time you talk about it, it disappears. The Truth is at right angles to everything else. You can't actually see it. You can only see it reflected, if... you... keep... your... mirror... clean.

In other words, don't expect precision here. Don't expect charts and graphs, and this piece goes here, and that piece goes there. All I can say on The Matter, no... matter... what... perspective... I... assume... is... LOVE GOD. Love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and with all your mind, and... all the polarities, and multiplicities, all the three-way intersections, and every other Tom Fool analogy or metaphor I come up with here... WILL BE RESOLVED.

Most especially Practice The Presence of God.

Somewhere in The Dream of Triads lies The Singularity. The Singularity inhabits EVERYTHING you can, and cannot see. The Singularity is an incomprehensibly bright and shining light that is so intense it looks like utter darkness. It is alive. It is conscious. It knows all about you. You know very little about it, BUT... it is inclined to inform you, if... you... will... permit... it... to.

I don't care how smart anyone thinks they are. I don't care how long they think their name will last or what a big deal they are, at the moment. NO ONE... NO ONE... approaches The Singularity who is carnal or profane. IT... JUST... DOES... NOT... HAPPEN!!! God is infinitely entertained by the poseurs and pretenders. You... have... no... idea! He delights in telling me about it. He has told me any number of times what he has in mind for them.

Let me say it again... Cave Cave Deus Videt. Beware... Beware... God is watching.

There is no chance or happenstance. There are no innocent bystanders. There are no accidents. There is no coincidence. Who is fooling who? Who do they call The Great Deceiver? Who is The Great Revealer? Who are you? What are you? Where are you headed? These are serious considerations that few have any interest in. One of these days, IT will... get... around... to... you. Will you be singing, ♫ Oh Happy Day ♫ or... will you be weeping and gnashing your teeth?

I don't do Sturm und Drang, so... what can I say? Mind how you go, and love The Lord God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and with all your mind and you will be good to go... or stay, for that matter.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Gay 'pride'?


Not much to be proud of one might conclude.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

"The usual twist is that you alternate sexes from life to life, U-N-T-I-L you have another arrangement."

We've found that. Nosehood. Holey Order of the Septum in the Commonwealth nation that does not genderise noses. It's quite a bit more pragmatic. Which reminds me. What if the only thing we were programmed to be was self-sufficient and considerate of others? Coercion of another was also a no-no. You are free to be your total complete self, and not put into the: YOU WERE BORN A CERTAIN WAY, SO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS OR THAT! And unwanted crotch droppings not allowed. One is temporarily sterilised until they are ready to breed. No more accidents. What would the world be like? Any psychopaths? We could have a stewpot for those. Me thinks the world would be a better place. And don't get me started on the monetary economy.

I think the Pandora story told of 'the fall' better. Curiosity. . .which is responsible for EVOLUTION. Though it seems to be a case of devolve to evolve. Go left to go right. One step backward, two steps forward. Isn't that what physical existence is all about? We asked for it, we got it. And I regret it, but I will probably stop regretting it after I finally get to where I'm goin'. And my sojourn in this effluvia soup is statistically so much better than the majority, but I know too much to consider this place anything more than effluvia soup. Gods, the Cathars had it right. The best humanity could do is refuse to feed this disgusting place, and stop breeding as far as I'm concerned. I don't even see a point to it in urban/suburban environments.



Anonymous said...

Hehehe, LTPushButtons is great. I gotta question, tho, Ms. Buttons; have you ever posted a picture of your nose anywhere on the webs? I would love to see it. Or is it against the H.O.O.T.S. internal edicts regarding exposing noses to the outside world?

I have never said so, but with the majority of what you say, i must concur. This place gives me conniptions, but i’m better able to control them as i age. Reading Mr. Visible’s essays has been liniment for the soreness over the years.

Can any nose join the H.O.O.T.S., or are there forms and nose identification to submit before enlisting, ‘cause i’m just a lonely nose looking for my own nosey place in the Nosemos.

all the best to LTPushButtons, and every body,


Anonymous said...

perhaps another way religion rapes the human soul is by demonizing the sexual energy, which then gradually becomes suppressed and perverted and neurotic? Because ultimately if you want to channel your energy higher, only you can choose to do so. Religion tries to force it thru repression and thus has created the root cause of the insanity of the modern world over the past thousands of years.

Anonymous said...

What a great post! A very useful and informative explanation of the three levels of consciousness. Perhaps there are more, I don't know.The male,the female,both and which communicates with which etc. seem useful ways to explore this more.
Thank you.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Jimminy, anyone who wants to be a member of The Holey Order can join. Just don't trim or pluck your nosehairs, pet it a few times a day, stop and smell the flowers, give it the respect it deserves, and hold it in greater esteem than anything. Then you'll get a nose hair coat when you graduate this plane. If you don't, you're gonna be reincarnated with bald nostrils, which is a fate worse than being reincarnated as Bill Gates or George Soros, or. . . Also, noses are supposed to have a strong Cathar slant ideally. It's not required, but appreciated.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I think I forgot. No pics of my nose on the web. It's afraid of being hunted down by the alphabet agencies if they all know what it looks like. Hell knows what they'd do to it, being it is a political subversive, along with its perch.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"God Proves his Existence to an Unbelieving World, Lost in Transit. This is Why He Comes When Things go Astray."



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