Friday, January 31, 2020

"The Operating System of Our Lives is Validated by the Indwelling Presence of God."

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Time to take a blank sheet of possibilities, like a sheet of paper and transform it into an origami creature, perhaps a bird...breathe life into it and set it in flight, across the wide expanse of the mind. Soaring and diving... gliding by, a form of life in expression, composed of the four elements that themselves were materialized out of the aether; the FIRE of existence, the life-breath of AIR, the pulsing of WATER as the blood, ...and the very animated, galvanized substance of EARTH. This is the dance of the elements and we are all compositions of them, expressing in Space, through Time and engaging, as well as initiating, Causation.

Every single one of us manages our life, according to a philosophy. It might be poorly composed. It might be intricate and as beautiful as a Tiffany Egg. We all have some kind of a plan, even if it is no plan at all beyond basic appetites, impulses or reactions, it turns into a plan upon reflection, on down The Road of Hindsight Regret. It still qualifies as an operating system, which is what a philosophy is. Our life is an expression of this philosophy and whether it is a resounding and celebrated success, or an epic fail, can be traced back to the efficacy of that philosophy. When we consider the idea of philosophy, those of us informed about the idea of philosophy, KNOW that there are many more philosophies than there are colors of the rainbow, many more than there are flavors of ice cream, more even than there are shades of color. They can't all be right. HOWEVER... more than one can be rock solid and efficacious in its every facet, as it applies to the person who holds it.

There is no one type of person here. If you are a metaphysician (as the author is) there are a host of templates and schematics; all of them functional... more or less. If you are a materialist, there might be one basic, catchall perspective but... with many variations and degrees of intensity. We're just tossing a Frisbee here and... since it is a philosophy Frisbee, it doesn't have to make sense. It doesn't even have to be reasonable and many philosophies ARE NOT REASONABLE, any more than Modern Art is art.

We've got Cynicism, Stoicism, Sophism, Epicurianism and many another. We've got systems named after those who propounded them; The Socratic system, Platonism, Hegelian, Pythagorean, Rinzai... oh let us not get lost in minutiae and misplace our point. We do have one. It's presently 'out for clearance'. Leave a message at the beep.

There ARE, besides individual philosophies, group philosophies. One of them is that one followed by a large group of people, motivated and influenced by the drive for acquisition as A GOOD THING. As Ayn Rand once said, “Greed is good?” It's a lifestyle in many cases and there is a philosophy attendant to it, whatever it may be. Applying and understanding philosophies, are often akin to the act of catching a greased pig. You've got angels dancing on the head of a pin. You've got people laughing about what others are crying about. You've got people celebrating what others condemn as moral outrages. There being no such thing as good or evil, except in a relative sense, makes for many a sticky wicket in life. It provides for relentless hypocrisy on the part of politicians and religious leaders and it makes integrity both worthless and priceless, depending on who is determining its value and it is a rare being... for whom integrity is not routinely adapted, on behalf of concerns for material profit and loss.

Ayn Rand was a philosopher, wasn't she? She was also an atheist. In modern times many philosophers are atheist and seem to hate humanity with a passion. There was a time when many of the finer novelists were philosophers, of varying types ...and used the medium of their art as a teaching device. There was a time when composers were routinely under the influence of the higher muses. Painters over the centuries were visibly inspired. One gazing on their works could feel a surge of joy and wonder on the occasion. One of those numbered among the Dutch Masters, was Rembrandt. I remember studying his use of light in the painting, and asking myself... “How did he do that?” I've not seen anyone else EVER accomplish anything similar. It was an Act of God is what it was.

All of these creations were Acts of God. The force that moved through Beethoven and Bach, that was expressed in the works of Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, that we see in the paintings of Goya, Rembrandt, Titian and others, was the force of God, as it was parceled out among them, by the Muses and Angels, employed by the Supernal, which channeled the divine... through the imagination and intelligence of individual humanity. What a sad pass we have come to in these times. We have no Kierkegaard's and Swedenborg's these days. If we did, they would not be teaching in our universities. Their work would not be a part of the curriculums.

Please do not take any of these names as exceptional among their fellows, of course they were exceptional at their craft, BUT... there were many others who were equally as gifted. Space constraints demand a degree of brevity from me.

We are not in an evolved state, morally or spiritually, over the great minds of Greece and Rome, or other times in other places. We are ONLY technically advanced over them and mostly in areas of convenience, which has turned America into a place of sloth and self indulgence. It is a place where mediocrity triumphs over excellence, the subjective over the objective and... oh my... the fingers of spiraling fear have grown into the cliff edge. The face of the one hanging, has taken upon its visage the very same semblance as the rock itself. The mouth is open in a soundless cry. Terror bleeds from the eyes and... the poor soul, desperation vibrating through his every cell, never sees... cannot see, that his feet are mere inches from the ground and ever have been.

An obsession with Trivia is the mind's defense against meaningful thought. Meaningful thought, exposes the transitory charade of empty phantasmagoria; a Dr. Caligari's cabinet of animated tchotchkes. It's Short Bus Chucky, with a rubber butcher knife- (cue the shower theme from Psycho). It's a new kind of 'Get Down'(s) Syndrome. We're terrified... but a part of us suspects we are on Reality TV. You see the eyes... skirt from one side to the other, in search of the Candid Camera. There's the trembling of the right hand, drawn up to the belly, as if the victim (did I say, “victim”?) were playing an invisible bass guitar; incipient Parkinson's or... or... is the fear REAL? Is any fear EVER REAL? It ALWAYS comes down to appearances and the question of substance.

Two men are going round the Las Vegas hotel roof on that roller coaster if it's still there). One of them has shit himself with fear. The shame won't come till later. He is literally weeping with terror. The man next to him; his face is lit with the rush of excitement. Involuntarily he has pissed himself, slightly... the shame won't come till later, although much diminished, in any case, by comparison with the state of his associate. They are both having the same experience... relatively... but it is 'in the mind', where it is taking place. The mind is supreme, in all circumstances, wherever interpretation of event occurs. STILL THE REACTIVE MIND! What can you do... after all... what can you do in the midst of any situation? Is EVERYTHING in God's hands or not? Is God not in control of every falling leaf and sparrow? Is God not the tree, the leaf, the ground and all else, for that matter ...and yet... still consciously apart, just as he is WITHIN it all?

There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Blest are those Whose blood and judgment are so well commingled, That they are not a pipe for fortune's finger. To sound what stop she please.”

Does anything I say, or have said, here... change your mind? Does it change the mind of those who have not even read it, as they stand near a forest where... far in the interior a tree falls and no one is around to hear it? There is NOWHERE... that no one... is around.

Ten thousand lifetimes behind you and ten thousand lifetimes ahead... God is no less real or pervasive, at one point than at another. The sense of God's presence may increase or decrease but God is there, no matter how many trees do, or do not, fall in a forest, where someone is bound to hear them.

Everything in life comes down to a simple premise... or a choice, if you will. God exists. God does not exist. The truth is self evident, if evident only to itself. If there is no truth in you, how can you know the truth? If there is truth in you, how can you miss it? Perhaps you cannot define nor express it but YOU CAN KNOW IT. “Ye shall 'know' the truth and the truth shall set you free.” That was stated by the living icon of both Truth and Liberty. It 'appear' that TRUTH and LIBERTY has some meaningful connection between them. What do you think? Do you think that one depends upon the other and that the appearance of one or the other would be hindered, by the absence of either? Nice one, visible (grin).

Life... your life, or any life... the presence or absence of fulfillment in it, the presence or absence of Joy within it, the presence or absence of meaning in it, IS DIRECTLY DEPENDENT ON THE PRESENCE OR ABSENCE OF GOD IN THE LIFE. You WILL find this to be true, with fulsome gratitude, or a sense of abiding loss. God animates and adds flavor to everything. God IS the life within any and every living thing. There would be no life otherwise and the magnificent shining sun, which I see and celebrate in every illuminated sky, on every day; be The Sun visible or hidden... is the physical evidence of the invisible spiritual sun that shines within us, whether we apprehend it or not. The supreme joy and beauty of my life is that I do apprehend it and NOTHING... NOTHING that happens now or at any future time can diminish that one wit.

If you do not have The Supreme Enjoyer within you, you will enjoy nothing. If God is absent, nothing of value is present. Wander as you will, through this world of appearances, come and go through life after life... ALL LIFE must eventually come to the source of itself, however it may be throttled or confined along the way. Freedom is our destiny... NOW... or somewhere up around the bend. Better now than later.

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Sunday, January 26, 2020

There in Green Pastures, Beside Still Waters, You Restore my Soul.

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As we have been saying, for longer than we can remember, big changes are on the menu and... that the presence and presentation of those changes was going to intensify, until everyone, no matter how dense or otherwise preoccupied they might be, would finally be made aware that something... SOMETHING, besides business as usual, was happening in a very big way. This year, everyone who is still above ground and even some who are not, are going to be made aware of the fact that a collective of big changes, stacked up on each other, like planes waiting to land at a major airport, will be arriving from every direction one might turn in. As that great philosopher, Steve Martin once said, “When my girlfriend walks into the room, every head will turn, except for my girlfriend's because... she has no neck!”

Certain memes and phrases, come into play, at different times in life. Often this is because what they indicate, or what they refer to, may possibly materialize at some future point, close by in time. Out of nowhere, in recent decades, we see a welter of zombie movies, zombie TV shows, zombie comic books and all manner of zombie products. In yet more recent times, we see hordes... literal armies of marching zombies, thumb-humping their cellphones; transfixed by the information or activity, taking place on the small screen. Apparently life does imitate art, even when it's not art.

In present times, there is a frenzy of shadowy pressures coming upon the public, having to do with vaccinations. You see the signs everywhere, with a huge lettering of, “FREE” and... in much smaller print, “with most insurance”. Heh heh. There have been many, many deaths and impairments that have come about from vaccines. The proof of this is now debated ONLY by the clueless, or the criminally engaged. Many of the ingredients discovered in these vaccines are remarkably poisonous and even carcinogenic. Who is responsible for this?

Across the wide reach of this country, from sea to, occasionally, shining sea... prepubescent children are being manipulated into sexual reassignment surgery. BEFORE THE SEX DRIVE IS EVEN PRESENT, THEY ARE BEING GROOMED TOWARD HORRORS NOT EVEN IMAGINED BY THE PUBLIC A FEW SHORT DECADES AGO! Dear God...

So many threats are now dancing on the periphery of perception that one struggles to recognize them all. We have a front row center seat for the depraved spectacle of these times. The media and its implements are ubiquitous. It feels like we are on the urban streets of Bladerunner, with massive video screens, high and low and in every direction. Endlessly... opening and closing mouths, speak soundlessly from the monitors on the other side of the windows of our flying cars, like tropical fish, facing us from the other side of the aquarium glass.

There is no need for me to itemize the terrors massing, just outside of the reach of our physical senses. You have been being made aware of them for some time now. They feed upon and gain presence and mass from our fear and apprehension. This is why they keep Jack in the Boxing from every direction. It's the two of us that it takes to tango, death dancing with whatever bug or bullet threatens to find us.

It is small wonder to me that so many people are going mad. This is especially the case when they have no faith in, or evidence of... a divine being. People are flipping out right and left... fighting in the streets, killing their parents, their children, other relatives and of course... strangers. It has become a daily thing.

Hundreds of millions of locusts are swarming into Kenya from Somalia and Ethiopia. When the rains hit, the amount of locusts could increase to billions. India and Pakistan are also getting smacked. Coronavirus is hammering China and victims are appearing in locations far and wide. Social order is breaking down around the world. I could go on and on and on but I'm not going to. Actually... I don't know where I will be going from here in this post. I'll be finding out only after it gets written.

You have to be in possession of the consciousness of a cinder block, to remain ignorant of what is going on. Dear God... NOT WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON; few of us have any grasp of that but... at least... what seems to be going on.

I'm going to weave a little tale for you about evolution as it is seen by Initiates and members of arcane fellowships and we'll use another Tarot image as a guide. Let's take The Moon...

The Moon Waite Deck
The Moon, Waite Deck

It shows a lobster climbing out of a pool, which has foliage and rocks around it, signifying the mineral and plant kingdoms. The creature has a hard carapace to protect it against external enemies. The path before it, moves between two canine figures; one is Nature in the raw and the other a domesticated version. Here we have examples of Nature and Art. The path moves through a cultivated field and then between two watchtowers, off... into a rolling expanse... off into the unknown, into those territories that only a few have adventured into.

The wealth of information in this picture is far more than can be addressed in this limited presentation and also has to do with human physiognomy... the sleep process... self creation, reincarnation and a host of topics. I wish ONLY to address the features of evolution and devolution. With Evolution, you climb in slow motion out of the primordial ooze and by increments you move through all of the life forms to humanity. Once in that form, you have the tools (whether you know it or not) to hothouse your evolution and... if you happen to be alive at present, in a Grand Apocalypse, you can turbo drive the hothousing and make a quantum leap into states of being, beyond previous imagining. OR... or... with the assistance of Materialism and ever greater perversities of appetite and desire, you can head back downward at a surprising and alarming rate. Intelligent Design AND Evolution can and do exist simultaneously.

Those performing predatory acts upon their peers and harming large swaths of humanity, through misdirection and the marketing of dangerous products, lifestyles and what have you, can literally find themselves reincarnating as a rock, or other elementary life form and wipe out millions of years and more of personal evolution. You may think this fantastic BUT IT HAPPENS and I've had the truth of it proven to me through various oracular sources. SO... for those who think life is terribly unfair because they don't see justice done with expedience, right now, right here, in all cases, THINK AGAIN... Whatever doesn't get handled here, gets handled on the other side or in another life. There are cosmic rules set in place and THEY ARE INFLEXIBLE.

It has astonished me through the whole of my life, how certain so many people can be that they KNOW WHAT IS WHAT, when they truly know next to nothing and have no problem presenting opinion, as if it were fact. It's not! Do they, instead... turn their attention to the metaphysical realm and inquire therein? They do not. Do they seek out the teachings of enlightened souls, as to what exists beyond the reach of the material senses? They do not. Do they turn their attention within, where a wonderland of ageless wisdom and waterfalls of unending bliss, pour from eternity to eternity? They do not. They rather decide through faulty logic and haphazard reasoning that through the omniscience of their own thought processes, they have happened on to the true definition of and the answer to... everything. I don't get it. I COULD NOT exist that way. It would scare me beyond what I could tolerate, to set myself up, in my own mind as all knowing, when I most certainly am not.

I share with you a great secret today. I've said it before... but not gone into it in any depth. Will I even be able to express it so that it has the necessary impact by coming across with the needed clarity? EVERYTHING TAKES PLACE WITHIN THE MIND. Within the mind is a power, called the Intuition, which connects to the Higher Self, who, IN FACT, DOES KNOW EVERYTHING. If you can consciously communicate to yourself, in a visceral manner that YOU DO NOT KNOW, then the Intuition is empowered to communicate to you what is really so. If you insist on knowing, when you do not know, then the Intuition is shut down and is unable to transmit its knowledge to you. You will then have, basically, blinded yourself.

Since the majority of residents here have blinded themselves, it doesn't seem odd, when you are part of a crowd all doing the same thing. It is only when you step outside of the common consciousness that you can see the prevalent dangers that are in existence there. We all desire sanctuary. We aspire to tranquility and peace of mind but we are mystified as to the means by which to achieve it. It is quite simple, recognize the state of your ignorance and become utterly reliant upon that which speaks to you through the Intuition and IT WILL... AS QUICKLY AS IS POSSIBLE, (every case is different) LEAD YOU INTO THE GREEN PASTURES, BESIDE THE STILL WATERS... AND RESTORE YOUR SOUL. None of what is enduring and timeless, can be discovered by us. IT HAS TO BE CONFERRED. There is a point beyond which you cannot take yourself. Each one of us has to meet that Mysterious Stranger, without or within. Even without, it will always be within. This is what every earnest soul should court and seek after.

If you are determined and sincere, it will be noticed and sooner or later, the necessary circumstances will appear and so will the guidance system be activated. It's been like this from the beginning of time and remains so until the final day. Everyone in possession of the requisite Faith... Certitude and Determination WILL SUCCEED just as soon as all of the criteria have been satisfied and the needed conditions brought into place. If you don't give up, you cannot fail.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

"Will You Dance with Devas in a Luminous Realm, or Stand Alone with Saturn in a Barren Field?"

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Perhaps you have wondered about the mindset of the celebrities of this time. Perhaps you have wondered at the sheer vacuity of the celebrities. Maybe you've given a thought or two, to the body tats on the females singers and the piercings. You might have considered the graphic Satanism of the videos. Of course you could be passing aware of certain things; not clueless and out of the loop like so many people in these times. If that is so, then you know who owns the record companies and the movie studios and maybe you figure there is an agenda in operation, concerning the kind of messages that are being produced through these entertainment vehicles.

You have surely seen the massive shifts in attitudes in the population, especially the demeanor of college students. Maybe you are aware of the background of the college and university instructors and some of the courses offered these days. You might be one of those people who put things together by looking at trends and conditions and then backtracking to the causes.

You know there are people fomenting hatred against the white race. You know there are people working to initiate friction between the races and you know that there are well financed efforts to completely open the American borders and let ANYONE in. They want to offer free room and board to the immigrants and are even working to grant them the right to vote. All of this is to inflate the number of voters who vote democratic, with the intention of turning America Communist. I'm as sure of this as I am that today is Tuesday, so I'll just say it without doing a step by step; saves time on my end.

Let's leave all of that as an introduction to something you might think about at some point... or you might not.

There's something that doesn't occur to most people... and that is the mental state of celebrities, high ranking politicians, powerful and wealthy business types; basically there is a level of society that most of us know about but aren't welcome in. It's that club George Carlin used to talk about that runs everything but we're not members of it. I'm guessing some amount of us think of influential people, power broker types, as perhaps being unpleasant people, even sociopaths but it doesn't occur to us that they might be mentally ill or even, collectively insane.

We live in an age of material darkness, deeper now than at any time previous and the presence of the infernal realm is greater now than at any time previous. We've been brought to this place in time, FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. Never has there been such a disparity of wealth. Never before has there been such a number of people suffering in such abysmal poverty and oppression in so many different locations.

Most of this we never even hear about. At the same time, many of us live better than the royalty of other times. Along with that, we are on the threshold of the most profound technical and scientific discoveries since the last time it all got wiped out, with Lemuria and Atlantis ...and which went down for the same reasons we are close to seeing a repeat of NOW.

All of this is why the apocalypse arrived. It always comes in times like this, in times of great spiritual crisis. It is in times of cataclysmic change and social turmoil that The Apocalypse appears and all of these days that pass now... this long progression of weeks and months and years, since the turn of the millennium, has been about giving us an opportunity to wake up. Kalifornia is degenerating into a cesspool of insanity and it goes on and on... because of the mercy and compassion of God, who wants to give them every opportunity to wake up. WAKE UP! Many are seeing the writing on the wall and are fleeing ...but many are staying because of ATTACHMENT; an attachment to things that do not even exist. How many millions of us over the course of time, have died for the same reason?

A dragon sleeps under the surface of the Earth in Kalifornia and Oregon and Washington and Alaska. It twists and turns beneath the earth, but it is held back by the will of The Ineffable. Eventually, the decision will be made, that enough time has been granted ...and then there will be no more and... then? IT WILL HAPPEN.

Biblical prophecies, all true spiritual prophecies, regardless of the religion, always repeat ...and ancient truths are eternal and that is why their source is called Ageless Wisdom. Prophecies repeat because human nature repeats. Some portion of us, usually the larger portion, given that the weak and confused, are swept up in the will of those who march, with greater force, toward their own destruction. And... that is why the calamities repeat and repeat. Sodom... Gomorrah... Babylon and Rome are all reincarnated in the present for The Grand Summing up; the denouement of this Grand Apocalypse.

The power of the material dream is great. So many desires and appetites have been awakened. So many people cannot pull their attention away, from the thrall of the world, from the tiny screen that now holds tens of millions in a hypnotized stupor. They move through the days like zombies; the living dead, walking deeper and deeper into the darkness. Were it not for the immeasurable Love and Mercy, of the incomprehensible Lord, who holds all of us in AGAPE, all would be lost. Because of this, the awakening is about to intensify and all who can be awakened, will be awakened. It will be hardest for those I mentioned in the beginning of this post. It will be especially hard for those who have been committed to deceiving and preying upon the rest of us but... that is the inconceivable mercy of God, who is reaching out to everyone from within.

A great and welcoming hand is extended, but many have hardened their heart against that mercy and they will suffer, as they have caused others to suffer and it is a pity... it is a pity beyond understanding, because of the opportunity that exists in this time. So much... SO MUCH KARMA could be washed away, in the coming of The Shining One and his immortal friends and consorts. God is coming, The Second Coming is coming, in the human heart and that is the last stage of the awakening... And that is where the concept of the hardened hearts comes from. It is they who are doomed to resist the second coming WITHIN. And then they will go mad. There is no other direction in which to turn.

There are the two options, the divine madness and the intoxication of the awakened love of God within, or the other, much less desirable madness, the madness of Selfishness, where one is transported to that planet... that barren planet, that empty field... with no one but Saturn for company. No... that is not a typo.

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There is a new discourse from the First Church of the Presence of God up now.

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"Foolish pride, we can't take back our words
Foolish pride, to give hurt for love
Foolish pride, as the wind blows empty
and the night rolls in
our love could be shining
if it hadn't been kept inside
by foolish pride..."

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Friday, January 17, 2020

"The Coming of the Grand Summoning and the Golden Age."

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This morning I was watching Paul Joseph Watson. You may or may not be a fan (I am) but his clarity in perspective and his courage to speak the truth, no matter how those offended by the truth may be, impresses me. I think of him as a kindred spirit and I don't get to feel that way as often as I would like.

I watched the following episodes; “London is a Shithole”. “Portland is a Shithole” and “Madworld”.

And then? And then I saw “No Nut November”.

After that I had to stop because it began to depress me (grin). No... really, it did. When I see up close... but from a comfortable distance, how out of control the whole thing has gotten; whoa! There was a time... there was a time when I was the craziest person going. I didn't live in this world. I lived in the world I was creating from moment to moment. Let's say that didn't always jibe with what was going on around me. Now... Now? I am one of the few sane people. How did that happen? I'm still pondering that.

They've got a novel way of dealing with the homeless problem in London (as demonstrated in “London is a Shithole”). It's not quite how they deal with it in Portland, or any of the other urban madhouses on the West Coast. They've installed spikes, 'sharp' metal spikes where the homeless are likely to place themselves. I thought it was some kind of sick joke. No, but... meanwhile... the hooliganism has expanded to such an extent that Clockwork Orange now looks like Sesame Street.

I have to read the news each day and I get that, not just from the fake stream news but also from people who comment on the world situation, like Paul and others. It's usually not anything I want to hear but I process it and hope to convert it into something better than the shit it is when I first encounter it. It's that alchemical thing, the effort to turn shit into gold and that brings me to the point of this particular episode in 'the life'.

When we take the surface reading of the world we're passing through, or hearing about, or seeing, at a far remove through the news reports, filtered through oil slicks and the minds of those paid to render sow's ears into silk purses, or the reverse, if it's in the interest of those who pay them, we get a scary and chaotic picture of a worldwide infrastructure crumbling all around us. The cities are smoldering in the anticipation of flames to come. Religions are going sideways. The youth is zombified with poisonous vaccines and poisoned culture. On the surface, the future seems toxic and threatening in a hundred different ways but that is not the totality of it. That is all just shadows dancing at the portals of roads not yet taken and... once again, that brings me to the point of this particular episode:

We are on the threshold of a golden age- not all of us but however many of us are in the mood for it. It doesn't happen very often and when it does there is no one around who remembers what it was like the last time around, unless you count Babaji and the Rishis, who are all in the Himalayas now. The wise tend to retreat in times of confusion and catastrophe. When there is nothing you can do, then whatever you do will make it worse. The Buddha's call it, unbearable compassion; even though you want to help and do good, even when your every instinct is to try your best, no matter what the odds; but you see it all has to play out the way it has to play out. So... even though that golden age is far more real than the shadows dancing in front of the portals we haven't walked through yet, it's not going to happen for everyone.

There are going to be such natural disasters and burning cities as we have not seen in recorded history. It will be like a world war, played out like 3 dimensional chess. Unlike most previous wars, this war is not about the usual need for plunder, geographical acquisition, or ideologies that are only masks for the Will to Power. This war will be about awakening and not awakening, about resistance and surrender. It will be about what apocalypses are always about and, if you don't wake up, YOU WILL BE AWAKENED, like it or not ...but you may well not be waking up here.

So... we have good news and we have bad news and it all depends on you. It all depends on where you are standing. Whenever an age changes, which is every 2,200 years, everything changes. The archetypes change and the infrastructure changes. There is a cusp period that passes between the two and it lasts for around 200 years each time. It doesn't just change shortly after someone starts singing, ♫this is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius♫ Like having to break eggs to make an omelet, change, dramatic change, is never a positive event for everyone. It is especially not a positive change for those who are change resistant. Those are the same people who refuse to awaken and those are the same people who exist in a relentless rebellion to the cosmic will.

Those who are resistant to the cosmic will believe that THEY KNOW WHAT IS BEST. They demand that the world accommodate to their vision of it and SOMETIMES... this can happen for a short period, right up until they are presented as an object lesson for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. You may not like it. You may “trouble deaf Heaven with your bootless cries” BUT... it makes no difference. The Ineffable is in total and perfect control of everything and when it doesn't look like it, it's because it is being woven into an example of what happens when one is headed the wrong way, for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION.

You may learn the truth of this tomorrow. You may already know the truth of this, or it could be ten thousand lifetimes before you do BUT YOU WILL LEARN IT. Go ahead and recite the poem, Invictus, as if it were a private mantra, for all the days of your life. God will not be impressed. God will change the channel.

Someone, who doesn't get what is said here and probably doesn't pay attention to what is written here, wrote in to tell me that I am too negative, even though every posting from the halfway mark on is 'usually' all about positive opportunity and methods for positive change. I don't concern myself with the odd and occasional diatribes that are part of the cost of doing business. I concern myself with telling the truth, insofar as I might know what that is and being very clear about when I don't know what it is.

As I was finalizing this posting I side watched Degeneracy by Paul Joseph Watson.

I knew it was getting more and more depraved out there but I did not know to what degree. These are truly the end times, the last days before the Grand Summoning and the awakening of the sleepers from their dreams. It could be any moment now when the seas shall rise and the Earth tremble at the approach of The Lord God. It is so transparent to me; so obvious. Am I delusional? Time will tell and we shall see.

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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Discourse #4 from The First Church of the Presence of God

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Thursday, January 09, 2020

Leave Good Footprints and Hold Yourself in Place for The Operation of the Sun.

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Batshit Krazy is on the menu and by this time next year, the social landscape is going to look like Beetlejuice meets Tourettes- Wheel of Fortune, with Pat Sajak in a straitjacket, looking like one of those body morphed demons from the Hellraiser Series. No doubt when we saw Idiocracy a few years ago, we thought it was an absurd lampoon of some kind, now it looks like it is actually going to happen with Climate Change instead of Brawndo. The good news is that both of them will have electrolytes.

Once again... more serial repetition; the direct offspring of Materialism are, Insanity, Unbridled Excess, Atheism and Satanism. In a time of Material Darkness, more and more people lose their grip on what little they cared to know about themselves in the first place and become possessed by whatever entity of The Infernal Realm ...happens to be passing by at the opportune moment. Materialism kills whatever faith one had in the Invisible, by providing a tsunami of the Visible; a bewildering blitzkrieg of shapes and sounds that completely overwhelm the senses. What is left is the religion that celebrates Materialism and that is Satanism, by whatever title it names itself. Take a good look around you.

All of us perceive this world through the lenses and filters of our appetites and desires. This is how we come to live in a world of our own creation, while at the same time, everyone else around us is doing the same and it is as if each of us lives in an invisible envelope, that takes us in and out of environments and conditions, relationships and states of mind, formed out of what our experiences turned us into. Few of us realize that there are all sorts of other life forms about, including people like ourselves, except that they are vibrating at a rate that puts them outside of the range of the bandwidth of our senses. They can raise or lower the rate of their vibrations at will, coming in and out of view. This is what Apollonius of Tyana did when he disappeared from the courtroom, (never to be seen again) while phonied up charges were being read out by whatever they called a bailiff back then.

This points out why it is futile to argue with people about metaphysical matters. People know only what they are capable of knowing at the level their awareness is present on. This is why leading by example is far superior to haranguing people about what is and is not true. LEAVE GOOD FOOTPRINTS! My own life is now a consummation of the footprints left by others who went before me. They are the footprints I chose to follow, much the same, although vastly different, than those who 'follow' The Kardashians and other icons of Materialism. As is quite easy to prove, tens of millions have chosen to follow Pop Tart personalities, while only a handful go in more arcane directions. VERY FEW of the people who profess to follow Jesus the Christ, or Lord Ishvara, as he is known in India, are really following the actual Jesus the Christ. They are following instead an image and idea that has been fabricated by those who make a large financial profit from promoting their version of The Son of God.

We've seen that mind graphic, of the wide highway, that verily leadeth unto destruction and the narrow path that few findeth. One of them is purported to be quite crowded and the other is a solitary way indeed. I lived in a small town in Germany, for the larger portion of my time in Europe. Each year, around 3-4 times a year, they would have a festival in the town square for several days and people from throughout the surrounding area would come and there might well be over a hundred thousand people to have visited before it ended. There would be a stage for entertainment; local school performances and bands of different venues and there were many food and beverage locations, some for sit down and some for takeaway. There was a baked goods center. At certain times of the day and evening the place would be packed and not all that easy to negotiate your way through.

I remember standing apart at different points and watching the mass of humanity coming and going, eating and drinking. There were always people who got looped by the end of the night but the Germans, usually, handle their liquor well. I'd come to this square, even when there was no festival and sit on a bench to watch people going about their business. Whether it was a time of festival or just an ordinary day, the square was a busy place. I recall watching... sometimes intensely watching and... wondering... how many people might be thinking about God in that moment. I would look around to see if there were others looking around but I never noticed that there were, unless they were looking for someone they had arranged to meet, or something they wanted to eat, or drink. It was especially true during times of festival and you could literally see into the minds of those coming and going, eating and drinking and having a good time.

I do this same sort of field study in America as well; sitting on a public bench or in a supermarket. It is an endless stream of people moving through the dreamscape of their lives, their thoughts focused on what they wanted to remember to purchase, or their minds wandering... who knows where but... as Materialism intensifies, people's minds are less and less upon the celestial sphere and more and more fixed upon pedestrian themes. I'm not looking to put the human race down here (they don't need my help) but I am pointing out that the amount of us that have God and his kingdom on our minds is very few. Maybe God isn't all that important anyway. He's not like a member of the family (except that he is) or someone who drops in for dinner or that you see at work. He's an invisible presence and that presence becomes more and more abstract and obscure as Materialism becomes more pervasive.

What I have learned in this life and... no doubt in other lives as well, has brought me to a pass where ONLY God has any relevance or importance. Everything else is transitory and ephemeral. Everything else 'REALLY IS' of no great significance. We only make it so by putting whatever value we put on any of it. As we age, our concerns and interests change. Things, which once seemed to be of such cardinal importance, now seem inconsequential. Why did we ever even care about those things at all? This can be very telling if one is on their death bed, or narrowly escaped not being here at all. These sorts of events tend to concentrate the mind in most unfamiliar ways.

If you can't see what is happening in the world around you... really happening, it is because you have specific blinders in place because... the truth of the matter is not compatible with what you prefer to believe is true. I give you the disaster that is Australia at the moment. Corporations have no soul and no interest beyond their own profit. They are ruining the world in their insane grab-fest. God help us!

If it were not for the incredible mercy and compassion of The Ineffable, we would truly be lost and I RECOMMEND to anyone, in reach of these words, to be exceedingly mindful of The Presence of God in these desperate hours. There are all too few of us fighting the good fight, on behalf of the human race, the animal kingdom and the other kingdoms that exist on this planet. There is a war going on this very minute. It is a war, bent on the enslavement of the human race and the elimination of vast numbers of the population. Those who choose not to see this, because they are all wrapped up in the petty bullshit of their meaningless acquisition of wealth and power and position, are orchestrating their own doom. You may think you are protected, or insulated from the consequences of your behavior but I ASSURE YOU, YOU ARE NOT. YOU ARE NOT SAFE AT ALL.

The power and light within any one of us, is greater than all of the darkness in this world, IF... we know how to access and channel it. The angels of God are scouring the Earth at this very moment, seeking the willing hearts and capable hands that wish to be inspired by The Great Love, that presently lies dormant in our hearts. It is the angels of God, by Heavenly fiat, who are empowered to ignite that love in us, if... we... would... only... show... the... necessary... open heartedness. Never before in recorded history has there been such a priceless, spiritual opportunity, like that which is before us now. We have only to acquiesce and instructions and inspiration WILL BE FORTHCOMING.

Anything might happen at any time. The forces of darkness have been planning their ascent for many years ...and they now believe that these times are the most propitious for their agenda. This is why the moral climate is under such siege. This is why chaos and confusion have been unleashed in such a measure. This is why race and religious conflicts are being engineered. This is why there is such an epidemic of sexual dysfunction and ravening depravity. This is why life itself is being trivialized and rendered into a comestible upon a canape, to be served at meaningless functions, attended by our betters, who believe in nothing but their own material gain.

You can only pull the line of tension so far off center, before it snaps, with incredible force, back to center. It is too late to be mindful of important things... once it has become too late. At this moment it is not too late, for all manner of good and righteous change, once our collective heart has chosen to cry out; “Hold! Enough!”

We do nothing of ourselves. What is true and lasting is done through us, not by us. We have only to put ourselves in 'the way of it' and it will be taken in hand. Nothing more is required of us but that we surrender to the higher impetus and let it manage our every thought word and deed. It is like The Operation of the Sun. Everything is done by the angel. We have only to hold ourselves in place as it takes place.

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Wednesday, January 01, 2020

"Please... Come Into the Sanctuary of Divine Love in the Secret Heart of God."

May a Blessed and Serendipitous New Year Come Upon You in 2020!!!

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I've talked about Materialism and its direct offspring on a number of occasions. The reason I have done so is that I consider it to be CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to the quality of life and the PREDICTABLE direction of it; where it will end up. The offspring are the major players in the general life drama of us all. For most of us (so far) it is, thankfully at a distance. We are more likely to hear about or read about it than we are to experience it. WE DO EXPERIENCE IT, in the overall climate and atmosphere of our times.

For instance... 9/11 changed all of our lives, yet the larger majority of us were not in New York City on that day, or even in New York, or on the East Coast, for that matter, BUT it dramatically altered our lives; more than we generally notice. When Nitwityahoo, Ehud Barak, Michael Chertoff, Dov Zakheim and quite a number of others, in concert with PNAC, plotted out the attacks, they knew full well what the results would be.

It changed airline travel for us forever. It took the fun out of travel. It ushered in the age of Fake Terrorism, Incipient Police State Apprehension with Paranoia and the whole fabric of existence went to chiaroscuro shades after that. THEY DID THIS TO US and some of us have long known the answer to 'most of the questions'. For those of you who do not know, not counting those WHO DO NOT WANT TO KNOW, here are 3 of the most powerful treatises on the affair, in no particular order of importance. First we have the work of a man I consider a good friend; Christopher Bollyn, though we've not all that much to do with one another in the day to day, besides laboring in our particular fields of enterprise, which parallel. He is, however, a friend to all of us, whether we know this or not; a man of profound courage and shining integrity and much the same can be said about these other heroes and true soldiers of the living God.

Next, there is the commentary by Zander C. Fuerza. Thank you, you warrior priest on the side of the angels! Finally we have the detailed overview by Victor Thorn, who has written many another work on behalf of the awakening of the human race.

If, by the time you have finished any of these and you don't have a good idea of what happened, you don't want to know, or you are terminally blind or demonically possessed, the way a Christian Zionist is, who... despite incontrovertible evidence, refuses to acknowledge the truth. It is a conundrum, when those who purport to believe in the living spirit of Liberty and Salvation, which 'is' Jesus the Christ, refuse to accept what runs counter to what they prefer to believe is true and which is often not true at all.

I do not want to talk about 9/11 today. Why I opened with this, I do not know. It came out of somewhere (heh heh, I almost reflexively said, “nowhere”). I wanted an example of conditions of life, brought about by the offspring of Materialism and somehow 9/11 jumped in and said, “Pick me!” So I did. End Digression...

At the heart of the motivation of every Materialist is 'the desire for acquisition and control'. The area in which a Materialist operates, is an environment of madness. After a certain point it is all Krazyville. It doesn't appear to be crazy because everything makes sense, within the space capsule of their contained environment. It is, perhaps, how a rich man might look at the homeless crisis. He thinks these people are either degenerates, or people who made poor life choices ...but he does not see how everything he does is directly tied to the creation of it, because of the system of enterprise he engages in. I'm not saying most of those people (all of them really), aren't where they put themselves. What I am saying is that the collateral damage increases by increments, as Materialism intensifies. When the richest 10% owns 70% of the wealth, there is going to be guaranteed disparities and the wreckage of a significant amount of broken lives is going to wash up, with all the other flotsam and jetsam, on the shores of these vanishing times.

Materialism breeds Insanity and as materialism increases, so does the insanity. Materialism also breeds generations of people who do not believe in God and each generation is more inclined toward disbelief in a divine being than the one before ...and you start to wind up with generations of vipers and “where there is no vision, the people perish.”

What I am hoping to do here is to provide you with a basic truth that I believe is beyond argument to the point that it could be called a law of nature. When you bend nature out of shape, such as building large, congested cities, where nature has been mostly eliminated, you wind up with a preponderance of unnatural lifestyles. You wind up with more and more sexual aberrations and dysfunction, which are then verified by 'experts' as natural. You wind up with spontaneous ignitions of violence and an ever increasing indifference to the well being of others, unless of course, by virtue of economic privilege, you can live in protected enclaves, while demanding open borders into your country and an endless array of privileges and rights, conferred on immigrants that are denied to the natural citizens.

In times of Material Darkness, CRAZY becomes the order of the day, as Materialism intensifies and the crazy gets more and more crazy, with every passing day. It happens in progressive stages, so that it can be hard to detect how HERE got THERE but... unfortunately, a particular direction will always lead to a particular location. You can look at that literally, like Highway 40 takes you to Oklahoma City, OR depraved behavior is going to, inevitably lead to certain conditions and states of being. There may be several options in that but none of them are desirable.

Along with Insanity and Atheism as offspring, you get Satanism because Satanism is the religion of Materialism. Unlike most, I've read “The Satanic Bible” by Anton Szandor Lavey. I've also read, “A Witches Bible”, “The Grimoire of Pope Honorius” and many another text of the kind. There is little difference between the practices of a Satanist and a dedicated Materialist. Why did I read those books? I prefer to know what I'm talking about before I start talking. Strangely enough, even in these time of epidemic stupid, you do run across people who might be informed about what you are saying. It then, should go without saying, that it is a good idea for you to be informed too.

Only a fool does not know... Damn! Even logic should tell you this; that if there are people on the side of the angels, there are people on the side of the demons and they are every bit as dedicated. It is in times like these that the agents of the dark side prosper, for all kinds of reasons I shouldn't have to go into, so I won't.

Perhaps you have wondered where all the Pedophilia is coming from. Has it always been so and we're just finding out now? Is it the work of Mr. Apocalypse that is exposing this and so many ancillary practices? That's part of it. Apocalypses are regular occurrences, even if they don't come round that often and Grand Apocalypses are very rare. The truth is that Pedophilia is a rite of passage on the dark highway to spiritual perdition. It's a requirement at a certain point because one of Satan's chief amusements is the despoliation of innocence. Whatever offends God the most is what is most attractive to the minions of evil. In order to come to certain states of spiritual darkness, you must kill out certain human qualities within you and there are particular blood sacrifices that will very successfully damn you effectively to that end.

We are in the times of the greatest spiritual trials and tests of them all. As a result, the opportunity for spiritual advancement in this time is remarkable... Unique and extraordinary beyond my capacity to define it. Chances like this REALLY don't come around very often and... as we've said many times before, that is why there are so many distractions and also why there are so many people here, whether they know it or not.

When you are pursuing the course of Spiritual Evil, there are stages, very much like the Stations of the Cross. In fact, the parallels are surprising for those informed and at each stage, where Evil is the objective, one is possessed by a different entity who then operates through you, just as is the case in the realms of light, when one channels a deity, an angel, or illumined spirit. I'm not referencing New Age Hucksters here. On any given day, if you pick up one of those voluminous New Age newspapers, in any major city, you'll find quite a crowd of individuals, ALL OF WHOM ARE CHANNELING Jesus Christ, Archangel Michael (he's very popular). The Comte de St. Germaine (also very popular), Moses, Abraham and many another. Talk about multi tasking. Some of these notable spiritual personages seem to be very busy indeed. Sadly... for those born every minute, you're not getting the real deal.

There are broadcasting towers on the Lower Astral Plane that are 24/7, sending out subliminal messages, into the greater human subconscious and the unwary are being siphoned up (and siphoned into) right and left. The hunger for Pedophilia and all manner of other special tastes (no longer that special) are being urged with a great intensity from these conning towers. I say 'conning towers' because submarines have them and it is an appropriate image when discussing the ocean of the subconscious.

I met so many people in my various periods of incarceration, who could not remember doing what they did, or could not fathom why they did it. These subconscious broadcasts is why that is. If EVER THERE WAS A TIME to get right and stay right with The Lord (however you understand that) NOW IS THE TIME. This is the hour of The Summing Up. This is the harvest time. Literally there will be two men standing in a field and one will be taken and one remain. Two women will be grinding at a mill and... so on. What precedes that scripture is very interesting;

“But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

Like a thief in the night, my friends.

Materialism... Insanity... Atheism... Satanism... Chaos and Confusion... a pandemic of licentious excess... Possession... Sanity is halfway out the door of the building. None of these disturbances, calamities or catastrophes need concern you, if you have entered into the sanctuary of divine love, in the secret heart of God ...but I think you can rest assured (poor choice of words, Visible) that there will be ♫ a whole lotta shakin goin on ♫

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"If only we did listen to God in the morning we wouldn't have so much trouble later in the day."

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