Sunday, January 26, 2020

There in Green Pastures, Beside Still Waters, You Restore my Soul.

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As we have been saying, for longer than we can remember, big changes are on the menu and... that the presence and presentation of those changes was going to intensify, until everyone, no matter how dense or otherwise preoccupied they might be, would finally be made aware that something... SOMETHING, besides business as usual, was happening in a very big way. This year, everyone who is still above ground and even some who are not, are going to be made aware of the fact that a collective of big changes, stacked up on each other, like planes waiting to land at a major airport, will be arriving from every direction one might turn in. As that great philosopher, Steve Martin once said, “When my girlfriend walks into the room, every head will turn, except for my girlfriend's because... she has no neck!”

Certain memes and phrases, come into play, at different times in life. Often this is because what they indicate, or what they refer to, may possibly materialize at some future point, close by in time. Out of nowhere, in recent decades, we see a welter of zombie movies, zombie TV shows, zombie comic books and all manner of zombie products. In yet more recent times, we see hordes... literal armies of marching zombies, thumb-humping their cellphones; transfixed by the information or activity, taking place on the small screen. Apparently life does imitate art, even when it's not art.

In present times, there is a frenzy of shadowy pressures coming upon the public, having to do with vaccinations. You see the signs everywhere, with a huge lettering of, “FREE” and... in much smaller print, “with most insurance”. Heh heh. There have been many, many deaths and impairments that have come about from vaccines. The proof of this is now debated ONLY by the clueless, or the criminally engaged. Many of the ingredients discovered in these vaccines are remarkably poisonous and even carcinogenic. Who is responsible for this?

Across the wide reach of this country, from sea to, occasionally, shining sea... prepubescent children are being manipulated into sexual reassignment surgery. BEFORE THE SEX DRIVE IS EVEN PRESENT, THEY ARE BEING GROOMED TOWARD HORRORS NOT EVEN IMAGINED BY THE PUBLIC A FEW SHORT DECADES AGO! Dear God...

So many threats are now dancing on the periphery of perception that one struggles to recognize them all. We have a front row center seat for the depraved spectacle of these times. The media and its implements are ubiquitous. It feels like we are on the urban streets of Bladerunner, with massive video screens, high and low and in every direction. Endlessly... opening and closing mouths, speak soundlessly from the monitors on the other side of the windows of our flying cars, like tropical fish, facing us from the other side of the aquarium glass.

There is no need for me to itemize the terrors massing, just outside of the reach of our physical senses. You have been being made aware of them for some time now. They feed upon and gain presence and mass from our fear and apprehension. This is why they keep Jack in the Boxing from every direction. It's the two of us that it takes to tango, death dancing with whatever bug or bullet threatens to find us.

It is small wonder to me that so many people are going mad. This is especially the case when they have no faith in, or evidence of... a divine being. People are flipping out right and left... fighting in the streets, killing their parents, their children, other relatives and of course... strangers. It has become a daily thing.

Hundreds of millions of locusts are swarming into Kenya from Somalia and Ethiopia. When the rains hit, the amount of locusts could increase to billions. India and Pakistan are also getting smacked. Coronavirus is hammering China and victims are appearing in locations far and wide. Social order is breaking down around the world. I could go on and on and on but I'm not going to. Actually... I don't know where I will be going from here in this post. I'll be finding out only after it gets written.

You have to be in possession of the consciousness of a cinder block, to remain ignorant of what is going on. Dear God... NOT WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON; few of us have any grasp of that but... at least... what seems to be going on.

I'm going to weave a little tale for you about evolution as it is seen by Initiates and members of arcane fellowships and we'll use another Tarot image as a guide. Let's take The Moon...

The Moon Waite Deck
The Moon, Waite Deck

It shows a lobster climbing out of a pool, which has foliage and rocks around it, signifying the mineral and plant kingdoms. The creature has a hard carapace to protect it against external enemies. The path before it, moves between two canine figures; one is Nature in the raw and the other a domesticated version. Here we have examples of Nature and Art. The path moves through a cultivated field and then between two watchtowers, off... into a rolling expanse... off into the unknown, into those territories that only a few have adventured into.

The wealth of information in this picture is far more than can be addressed in this limited presentation and also has to do with human physiognomy... the sleep process... self creation, reincarnation and a host of topics. I wish ONLY to address the features of evolution and devolution. With Evolution, you climb in slow motion out of the primordial ooze and by increments you move through all of the life forms to humanity. Once in that form, you have the tools (whether you know it or not) to hothouse your evolution and... if you happen to be alive at present, in a Grand Apocalypse, you can turbo drive the hothousing and make a quantum leap into states of being, beyond previous imagining. OR... or... with the assistance of Materialism and ever greater perversities of appetite and desire, you can head back downward at a surprising and alarming rate. Intelligent Design AND Evolution can and do exist simultaneously.

Those performing predatory acts upon their peers and harming large swaths of humanity, through misdirection and the marketing of dangerous products, lifestyles and what have you, can literally find themselves reincarnating as a rock, or other elementary life form and wipe out millions of years and more of personal evolution. You may think this fantastic BUT IT HAPPENS and I've had the truth of it proven to me through various oracular sources. SO... for those who think life is terribly unfair because they don't see justice done with expedience, right now, right here, in all cases, THINK AGAIN... Whatever doesn't get handled here, gets handled on the other side or in another life. There are cosmic rules set in place and THEY ARE INFLEXIBLE.

It has astonished me through the whole of my life, how certain so many people can be that they KNOW WHAT IS WHAT, when they truly know next to nothing and have no problem presenting opinion, as if it were fact. It's not! Do they, instead... turn their attention to the metaphysical realm and inquire therein? They do not. Do they seek out the teachings of enlightened souls, as to what exists beyond the reach of the material senses? They do not. Do they turn their attention within, where a wonderland of ageless wisdom and waterfalls of unending bliss, pour from eternity to eternity? They do not. They rather decide through faulty logic and haphazard reasoning that through the omniscience of their own thought processes, they have happened on to the true definition of and the answer to... everything. I don't get it. I COULD NOT exist that way. It would scare me beyond what I could tolerate, to set myself up, in my own mind as all knowing, when I most certainly am not.

I share with you a great secret today. I've said it before... but not gone into it in any depth. Will I even be able to express it so that it has the necessary impact by coming across with the needed clarity? EVERYTHING TAKES PLACE WITHIN THE MIND. Within the mind is a power, called the Intuition, which connects to the Higher Self, who, IN FACT, DOES KNOW EVERYTHING. If you can consciously communicate to yourself, in a visceral manner that YOU DO NOT KNOW, then the Intuition is empowered to communicate to you what is really so. If you insist on knowing, when you do not know, then the Intuition is shut down and is unable to transmit its knowledge to you. You will then have, basically, blinded yourself.

Since the majority of residents here have blinded themselves, it doesn't seem odd, when you are part of a crowd all doing the same thing. It is only when you step outside of the common consciousness that you can see the prevalent dangers that are in existence there. We all desire sanctuary. We aspire to tranquility and peace of mind but we are mystified as to the means by which to achieve it. It is quite simple, recognize the state of your ignorance and become utterly reliant upon that which speaks to you through the Intuition and IT WILL... AS QUICKLY AS IS POSSIBLE, (every case is different) LEAD YOU INTO THE GREEN PASTURES, BESIDE THE STILL WATERS... AND RESTORE YOUR SOUL. None of what is enduring and timeless, can be discovered by us. IT HAS TO BE CONFERRED. There is a point beyond which you cannot take yourself. Each one of us has to meet that Mysterious Stranger, without or within. Even without, it will always be within. This is what every earnest soul should court and seek after.

If you are determined and sincere, it will be noticed and sooner or later, the necessary circumstances will appear and so will the guidance system be activated. It's been like this from the beginning of time and remains so until the final day. Everyone in possession of the requisite Faith... Certitude and Determination WILL SUCCEED just as soon as all of the criteria have been satisfied and the needed conditions brought into place. If you don't give up, you cannot fail.

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Ray B. said...

Vis, a Truthful column. Thanks!

I believe a lot of the 'rejection' concerning God has to do with fear of being known, i.e., telepathy/empathy. One of my teachers used to indicate to people in the audience (one at a time) that the teacher could read them like a book. Some people were okay with this. Others never came back. Personal space/privacy is a Big Thing to the ego. 'Violation' of this brings up lots of fears. The existence of God implies the ability of being looked into. Hence, fear-based rejection...

When I am in contact with non-visible Beings, a good portion of them 'read' me. I have even 'trained' Higher Self to report when they do. It is just another aspect of life on the higher planes. Take it as a given, and move on...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

tasmith said...

Dear Vis
I know this, I am thankful for your continuous insights. Gratitude for God not giving up, and permitting my breathing again. O, to know that I don't know, accepting your experiences as guide posts and not giving up! God bless Les Visible!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"Waiting Upon the AH HAH MOMENT for Epiphany and Spiritual Transformation."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, dem dar cellphone zombies are literally EMFing, soon to be 5Ging themselves to death. All the information's out there, and if they choose the path of willful ignorance; oh well. Then again, there won't be time to be 5Ged to death, will there?

Locusts are edible. I'm vegetarian (Well, 99.8 since accidents do happen at the restaurant, and they've happened with some food orders, but I don't freak over it.), so I won't eat 'em; but I hear they taste like shrimp.

Another post that made my day.



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