Friday, September 30, 2022

"A Real Smile... A Welcoming Smile... Comes from Within. It is The Sun Escaping from Your Face and Shining Forth."

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This morning... I was sitting before The Altar of The Sun, engaged in conversation. Some of it was quite funny and teasing, which I have come to understand are some of the features of The Sun's persona. He's very good at backhanded commentary. Suddenly, he shifted to the composition of the coming age. He opened by talking about The Age of Pisces, which was The Age of Sacrifice... as an expression of Love, which causes the whole wheel of The Zodiac to turn through its stages.

The Age of Brotherhood is the next stage in the new rotation of The Zodiac-Masloth, Highway of The Stars. It will involve the dissolution of the previous religious faiths into a common understanding that creates Unity between all kindred spirits... in search of a communion of belief. There is going to be an end to contention between religions and political mindsets.

There may be far fewer of us when it comes about. This, one can see, is in the process of happening, via The Killer Vaccines, and all of the other predatory offenses being visited upon The Many by The Few.

What The Great Reset... dictator mindset is up to IS COMING... in its own fashion. They just want to be in control of The Changes when they happen. Just because people are Evil does not mean they are stupid or uninformed. Some do Evil for the sheer joy of it. It pleases them to dispense injury and suffering. They are convinced of their exceptionalism, AND... they are here For The Purpose of Demonstration.

Every Avatar is an Avatar of Love, identified by a specific quality of Love. Impersonal Love goes through a prism into The Manifest and becomes a spectrum of qualities expressed upon a ray that has its own sound and color. Every Avatar comes from The Sun. At the highest point is God itself. This channels through God the Father and God the Mother. Directly from Source comes The Personification of Love which is The Son.

You can get the arcane placement of Father, Son, and Mother, along with the elements, and the evolving forms of life; mineral... plant.... animal... human... and... God realized from The Pythagorean Triangle. It becomes apparent when one studies in The Hermetic Sciences that everything emerges from an incomprehensible singularity, into the intricate complexity we see all around us, AND... that is only a narrow perspective that is experienced on the bandwidth of the sense.

We are dealing with enormous reaches of time. So... a 26,000-year cycle of 2,200-year stages, in which specific qualities of God are demonstrated is no... big... deal. This is a tiny... tiny... tiny segment of a very much greater exhalation. I say exhalation because Inhalation and Exhalation are the mediums of Creation, going out and coming back in on itself. God breathes and The Universe comes into being. God then inhales it all back into quiescence again. Each step in that process involves billions of years.

This is The Dance of The Life Breath that we are microcosmic expressions of. In almost every case, the dancers are unconscious of the possibilities of union with The Great Dancer. In some few cases, God is realized in one of the microcosms and becomes a Wayshower for The Sleepers. We are PRESENTLY in one of those times where there is to be a wider awakening, according... to... the... capacity... of... the... one... awakening. It varies accordingly, on a case-by-case basis; results may vary, BUT... in this case... past results ARE a guarantee of future success. (grin)

A different expression of The Great Dancers comes out of The Sun every 2,000-2,200 years, depending on critical mass and cosmic necessity. Perhaps it is surgically precise, BUT... even cursory investigation says otherwise, One needs to understand that there are Avatars, and Mahavatars, Wayshowers, Teachers, Prophets, Masters, Sages, etc. If you consider that The Pentagon employs a lot of people... and is only a small part of The United States Government, just imagine how large The Supernal Hierarchy is, and they operate in similar fashions of “As above... So below”

So it is that Gautama Buddha, Lao Tzu, and others came around near the same time with none of them being The Avatar of the Age, though absolutely indispensable to The Cosmic Process. What about Sanat Kumara, you might ask? Not my department.

The point we are trying to illustrate is that the human mind is in no position to grasp any more than an infinitesimal particle of it all, and even then, might not understand it... no way... no how.

Some might say The Avatar has already been and gone. It does not seem so to me, BUT, I... don't... know. I do know that he comes and goes at regular intervals. I know a few details, but overall? I am as dumb as a rock. I know that he comes to set things in order, to reward and to punish. This does not mean that he goes around smacking all the bad guys upside the head personally. What he does is to set that operation in motion. The specifics are handled by the various departments and players that represent His Will on Earth.

The Avatar is a broad strokes kind of a guy. He has to be. You CAN have an intimate relationship with him, BUT... that's your call. Sitting before The Altar of The Sun is a good place to start. Consistency is a requirement. It does not matter if you are out of town. The Sun shines everywhere. The Sun is a broadcasting station just like a radio or TV station. You do have to tune into the proper frequency on The Dial. This requires Patience and Determination. Love is the quality most likely to grant you continuance. The best place to start is to seek after God's Love. This makes everything much easier.

Love God first and everything else will appear in sequence.

You might say that tuning in is actually impossible without The Qualities of God. As The King said to The White Rabbit, “you must begin at the beginning.”

How many people, do you think, are aware of their divine nature? How many are on intimate terms with God? Most especially... in this faithless age of Nimrods in pursuit of shiny objects, how many of them are aware that The Sun is a living, conscious being? When we were children, some of us did indeed have experiences with The Divine World. That faded when puberty split The World in two. There are reasons why The Dark Side is so obsessed about interfering with children.

We few... in this community of kindred souls have a duty that comes with true seeing. It is our job to pollinate with The Spirit of God, into the hearts and minds of all whom we encounter... invisibly where needs be, and palpably where there is fertile ground. Our work is much empowered by the coming of The Avatar. No effort on behalf of The Greater Good is in vain. No act of selfless service is missed by the ubiquitous eyes of God. Cave Deus Videt; be(a)ware... God sees.

I understand how people have become so cynical and hard. Materialism does this. Materialism is a living thing also. It's called Mammon and has other names as well. The angels of God find residence in Humanity just as do their demonic counterparts. In Times of Material Darkness, the latter is more the case. HOWEVER... just as one can become a habitation of demons, one can also become a habitation of angels. It's a matter of disposition and will, and... maybe a couple of other ingredients... those qualities again.

I understand why people become mean and spiteful. In many cases, their parents fucked them up with promises and indulgences that The World did not continue in. You can see the shapes taken by the mouths of those who were subjected to helicopter parents. It is not long before everything becomes a disappointment. Their sour expression becomes a permanent look. Collagen might give you bigger lips, but it will not give you a genuine smile. A real smile, a welcoming smile... comes from within. It is The Sun escaping from your face and shining forth.

One of the hardest things to become is a decent human being. To pollinate The World with God's Love is a mark of divinity. It is an act of true service and devotion. It travels unseen, for the most part. It is not of this world. It is what changes The World.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

"Maybe The Water Shows Little and Remembers Everything. Is That Where The Pools of Memory Come From?"

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Heh heh... I knew my last post was going to tweak the appropriate body parts in the designated locations. It's going to take a bit of time for The Love of God to humble the proud spirits and acolytes of The Separated Mind. It... will... happen, so... all arrows will find their marks and generate the expected response... of those exposing themselves... as representatives of the same. If there is no target, the arrow does not know where to go, though... it will travel like a boomerang in any case, so... let us direct ALL arrow-work to... be... of... good... intention.

When you can empty The Mind sufficiently... you will find yourself on The Causal Plane... from which all creation... proceeds... by... precipitation, into material representation of... The Idea that is envisioned and held in The Mind's Eye. All worlds are self-created by the one authoring the perspective that sees The World. Why not make your world beautiful and carry it with you wherever you go?

When scripture says to “become like a little child,” it is referring to your complete surrender to The Will and guidance of The Divine Parent. It does not mean running around like a five-year-old in a snatch-and-grab fantasy or... acting out in Cro-Magnon fashion. Every child evolves through all of human history, to... the... present... moment, from barbarian to civilized. Not everyone makes it. Some go well beyond that, BUT... they are the few at... this... time.

That statement about becoming a little child in order to enter The Kingdom of Heaven is related to that line in The Lord's Prayer; “Thy will be done, on Earth, AS IT IS in Heaven." In Heaven... the rule of God is not questioned. It is trusted and obeyed automatically, like a good child would do... utterly dependent on its parent(s). It is about letting God rule your life UNHINDERED.

The Personality... is a creation of The Mind. It sets itself apart. It separates from The Unity. It sets out to make its mark on The World, which is similar to sticking one's hand in the water, and then pulling it out, and reflecting on the impact one has left on the water. The Personality... sets itself apart from The Individuality, and runs about... temporarily individualized... hand in the water... tongue in the water... everything sensation-driven (and directing the mind), in... the... water. Whoop De Do!

Maybe The Water shows little and remembers everything. Is that where The Pools of Memory come from? But... I digress.

A little child ALLOWS the parent to guide it... and trusts the parent to protect it. It relies utterly on the parent, and this is so through the whole of The Natural Realm... until Nature kicks it out of the nest. We are The Spirit in search of experience. God samples The World THROUGH us. Yet... most of us deny God this opportunity. We starve Heaven within us... Literally.

The parent feeds and clothes the child. This particular parent owns and operates The World... and all the worlds in space. This parent makes possible all the worlds within. This parent knows all. The child does not know all and relies on the parent to inform it. This is how that statement is meant to be understood.

Yes... I am taking this imagery from The Bible. Lots of people don't like The Bible because they confuse Religion with God. Millions have been killed by Religion, in... the... name... of... God. Countless souls have been tortured, deceived, and confined by Religion. It is Religion that gives God a bad name. Religion is something created by Man to circumscribe the immeasurable. Religion is The Theater Department where they keep all the costumes and funny hats, the props, and sundry paraphernalia; assorted bones and bullshit.

I could just as easily be taking my constructs from Sufism or Buddhism, or Hinduism. They are all attempts to define the indefinable. Some of them have more detail and provide a deeper insight. With some... the priests have shaped (the water) The Doctrine to their own profit. If you want to find God, you have to go looking for God. First... you explore the conventional mediums... then the unconventional mediums... and then... you look within. You cry out within until... The... Within... answers... back.

What I am saying here, I KNOW to be true because I have found God or... perhaps God found me. Those details are irrelevant after the fact. I am very skeptical. Having been the victim of religions and religious authorities, in various lifetimes, I have reason to be skeptical. I believe in Trust... but Verify. I have proven (had proven) in convincing fashion that what I say is true. It continues to prove out, every... single... day.

I don't usually make direct statements on this matter. It irritates those who have found nothing. It pisses off the people who are already angry. It annoys the lazy people who will... not... do... the... work. It is an intimidating mountain of work... at least it seems so in the beginning, BUT... you are not the one who does the work. You are only along for the ride, and... once you get this, that mountain disappears.

I don't care what people think or say about me. I don't want their attention. I don't want their money. I'm not looking for company. I have all the company I could ever desire, and that... of the very finest order. I don't care about station... power... influence... celebrity or fame. I have the source and the fountain of all good things, forever and ever. I make these thoughts available, and... you can do what you want with them.

One is ALWAYS going to catch shit for speaking on things contrary to the dogma and cant of temporal authority... whose kingdom is here. Malcontents in their miserable anonymity will hound you on your way to where they will not go, like a dog outside the manger. The essential and enduring certainty is that God is alive within you, and dispensing his favors without respite. What should you care if someone doesn't like what you have to say? I don't get angry with The Wind for blowing, and... it carries many voices with it as it goes.

This presence of which I speak is a singular thing. It contains the waters of The Spirit freely given for... all... to... partake. If some will not partake, it does not lessen what comes to me. Some wring their hands and wail outside The Door for lifetime after lifetime. They are not going in there, and... they don't want you to either. They cannot stop you. You can only stop yourself by becoming part of their arguments.

This Presence controls EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. It is not concerned with Appearances. It is not affected by intimidation... censure... or exile. This Presence is what you are seeking in everything else. It is the object of everything you do, whether you know it or not. It is what you are looking for. It is The Thing that is Missing. It is victory over death... disease... suffering and... any and all of the ills that are or... have... ever... been.

They cannot destroy it. They cannot close it off. They cannot tarnish or alter it but... they can conceal it in the confusion of the mind and that is why they have separated the mind in the communities of flesh. Faith... Certitude... and Determination are absolutely required in order to step away from The Maddening Crowd, which... perforce... you could be in the midst of and yet invisible to every malefic eye.

ALL the tools you need are present in The Presence. It is Surrender that opens The Door. It is Humility that leads you to the right door. It is Love that grants passage into The Luminous Lands.

If you wish to go to The Blessed Spheres, you cannot concern yourself with the entertainments and confusions of The World. You might have to be in The World, BUT you... do... not... have... to... be... of... it. It's up to you what you dispense in the exercise of your affairs. This is what you will get in return. True Wisdom says you should not be concerned with your return. I concur with that. Nonetheless, it is a certainty to come back upon you.

EVERYTHING you see all around you... and at a distance through electronic agency... is people investing in their future. Whether they are caressing or clouting others... and the precise manner of their delivery, are all features of what will return on them, and HOW it will return on them. Everything you do will come back on you. The Personality doesn't get this. The Individuality knows all about it. You can let the one or the other handle your life. That's up to you.

What happened in Italy is VERY significant, and a sign of what is coming around The World. Tea kettles are being upset all... over... the... place. Hardship like many have not previously seen is in The Event Horizon. Conversely... there are other destinies outworking as well. Some simply cannot hear, and they are the ones who must feel.

The Hand of God is freely extended to Humanity. The connection is made within. Oh boy! You are about to see some things, oh... yes... indeed.

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Thursday, September 22, 2022

"Nature Gets Herself All Gussied Up to Draw in Potential Candidates for Long Enough to Get The Pollen from A to B."

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A fellow asked Guru Bawa what he should do about all the beautiful young women he sees and is attracted to... while having no control over the force of the attraction. Yes... that is an interesting phenomenon and we'll look into that today. Bawa said, “put your hand on your chest and say, Oh what a wonder!” I get it now. I didn't get it at the time.

Sexual attraction propagates the species. That is its design. I should add that it also (and in these days, OFTEN) propagates other things, and feeds the appetites of invisible creatures. Nature gets herself all gussied up to draw in potential candidates long enough to get the pollen from A to B. The World is a sex act and that is all it is. Sex takes place on every plane... processing to product.

It's a good idea to keep your frolic on the plane you want to remain on (or higher), lest you get pulled along in a downward sweep to weep. What we are REALLY after is that which is behind... what is behind... what is behind... what is behind... the appearances. Once the pollen thing is accomplished, Nature fires it up again. It can take all kinds of shapes and you get your Adam Levine's pulling an Anthony Weiner because they have poor impulse control.

Sex is incredibly powerful. It has caused all sorts of sorrow and misery among The Clueless. Was it St. Paul that said, “I wish all men were like me but... it is better to marry than to burn?” I probably didn't get that verbatim, BUT... neither did verbatim survive the first printing where it got written down. I am not a fan of Mr. Hard-Line of Tarsus. He made a lot of rules and regulations that got into the wrong hands, BUT... that one thought... I get that.

I believe in seeking union with The Divine. I also believe in higher forms of Sex that don't require a shower after. Even though this was a driving theme in my life all along, being a poet... I had a hard time with the attractions until I was able to master them and route them accordingly OR... rather... have them mastered. It is a kind of Hell in the interim of getting there. I maxed out my American Express Suffering Card many times on the way.

I was ALWAYS in love with The Divine Mother, but I too often saw her through the lens of her manifest expressions. She obliged me by coming into view now and again, BUT... also retreating at the worst possible moments. Either you want the pedestrian and mortal or you want the eternal. Sometimes you think you can find the eternal in the mortal, and... you... cannot. Because it is pedestrian and mortal, people fall out of love with great regularity. It turns out not to be what was generating the magic; “where did The Magic go?”

IN... NO... WAY am I seeking to diminish that love that CAN occur between two people. I would be a real hypocrite were I to do that, and I am not a real hypocrite. I only play one sometimes in bad company when I am called to the subterfuge. You have to know how to play your hand. Swordfish is not the password.

Have you come across several lines and statements here so far that seem to make no sense? Yeah... it happens. The people who are supposed to know or get what I am saying, will it get. Those who do not are sometimes better off. What do you know? I went and did it again.

If you want to see where Modern Romance has progressed to these days, I recommend going to an Adult Sex Toy Convention. Pay special attention to the nature and origins of the main players. We've come a long way from mere hooking-up and friends with benefits. As this continues, the pleasure diminishes accordingly... until there is none and Pain becomes the attraction. If you look at modern sexual practices, you... will... see... what... I... mean.

All the BDSM and hanging from piercing cages will inform you, AND... if you watch Billions you can see it's all gone mainstream. Years ago, I lived off and on in NYC. Because of the streets I walked in the neighborhoods I was in, I used to often pass a place called Paddles. It had an interesting front. There was a very expensive wooden door set in a framework of black windows. It looked like an exclusive club. I found out it was an S&M joint. I never went in. That sort of thing is definitely not my sort of thing.

On cruise ships, people put images of upside-down pineapples on their cabin doors to let you know they are up for swinging.

Now we got full-blown Pedophilia, goose-stepping toward legality. We got Furries. We got snuff-cults. We got Satanic orgies with child sacrifice. These are all old practices that are making a return. As religious traditions break down, the older wilder shit comes back into play. You got your purple-haired, pierced, and tatted Pagans. You got Wicca on the way to The Wicker Man. You got all kinds of sex cults. You got Abortion and Transsexual Churches. The list is long and ridiculous.

There is a group of committed Satanists of different stripes and orders who are behind all of the nasty business going down in these times. Consider the nature and origins of the main players. They got lots of money and influence. This is visibly evident. Most importantly, they got Black Magic, and that will convince plenty of people who might not be impressed by money and influence, though... money and influence will do for most of us.

A large percentage of The Public is intoxicated with celebrity. They will do practically anything to get it OR... be near it. Serial Killers in prison get, by far... the most mail. They are celebrities. It is important to understand the hero-anti-hero thing. Lots of people don't care what kind of celebrity they are as long as they are a celebrity. Outlaws at one time were big celebrities in The West. They are still big celebrities now. Mostly they SEEM to run the place.

I know that if one is devoted to The Divine Mother as The Mother of All Things, one will be much more advantaged than when running about and picking off her representations. Payback is a Bitch. Karma is a Bitch, AND... all malefactors are born again and again through... the... agency... of... woman, AND... some of them are bad... to... the... bone. Check out the news stories that we get in regular fashion these days.

The Divine Mother seen in Total Aspect can be so terrifying that The Mind can no longer function. I prefer to see her in specific ways where her beauty and qualities are a splendor and a glory.

One does not have to be celibate through life. One ABSOLUTELY does have to be celibate for a certain period of time to pass through certain territory on The Inward Course. It's a requirement and it is of different lengths for different individuals. Sometimes it does run through the whole of a life for the purpose of specific accomplishments.

When you are all tangled up in The Blood Tie Dynamic, your mother in one life can be your girlfriend in another. Your worst enemy can be your father or brother or... mother, which is why a whole lot of men, in... these... times... are telepathically invaded by their mothers and turned into whatever you want to call it. It is a common theme among such poor souls that the personality of their mother replaces their own. Everything is all screwed up at the moment, BUT... Heaven will sort it out, I... assure... you... of... that.

So... call me kinky, BUT... my only romantic attraction is God, as demonstrated by The Hermit Trump. I want the fireworks INSIDE. I want to be able to make love to everyone at once, all... the... time. I had to make some plumbing and routing adjustments, BUT... it looks like the graft has taken.

Of course... there is Tantra, BUT... I should point out that Tantra is generally not what the three weekends and a four-day intensive people will tell you it is. That might be in your curriculum on the way to complete union, AND... it may not be. EVERYONE gets some true approximation of what cannot be put into words on the way to that union.

To be born in these times is to have the possibility of a spiritual quantum leap. That's why all of these people are here. Most of them have completely forgotten why they came OR... are busy at taking care of all the desires and appetites they came here to have temporary access to.

In no way did I cover the ground I intended to cover today. It's not possible in the first place, AND... it takes far more than a single posting to cover what you can talk about. Maybe you'll find something useful, and... maybe not. We'll be back again tomorrow, and every week until the process is complete.

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Monday, September 19, 2022

"They're Dancing Like Candy Cane Hookers in The Carnal Mind, with The Lord of Darkness as The Ringmaster."

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Have you ever wondered why Pop-Tart celebrities like Miley Cyrus... Paris Jackson... and many of the D-list actors and hangers-on have jailhouse tattoos? Why do they have what amounts to graffiti scattered about their form? They could easily afford beautiful artwork; not that I am a fan of tattoos. It is an act of Satanic devotion... to abuse and uglify the human body. The same applies to the regular harm done to it.

It's a common form of degenerate behavior, whose intent is to mock The Creator of the form. This includes the sexual perversity, running like a wildfire through the declining culture. Divide and conquer... by setting the races, and the classes, and the religions against each other; that is also Satanic. Despoiling children and childhood is very high on the list of the priorities of The Infernal Realm.

Maybe it was Little Big Man; I can't remember. There was an Indian that did everything backwards. He was contrary in all things. As we move deeper into the apocalypse, the sense of nihilism becomes more and more pervasive through the culture. Entropy becomes an art form to those caught in the backwash. They do things wrong because it feels good to do bad. It's an act of defiance toward what they don't understand.

These times? As significant as they are... represent a mere blip on the radar. The more caught up in something that you find yourself to be... the more important it is to you, and the more it hurts when you are separated from it, no... matter... what... it... is. It is best to retreat when possible from all things connected to a world gone sadly astray; the bad food... the toxic environments... the tawdry entertainments... the glittery nonsense... the brutal-animal-sex... the grunting, bleating power struggles of a game you are born... to... lose.

These are all the fruits of a badly drawn life, turned cannibal upon itself, in mimicry of The World around it, as if it really was a death dance of collective... ritual... suicide. Tell me, what... is... the... payoff? How does torturing the Living God, who dwells within, a smart career move? Either my eyes are becoming increasingly more clear or it is becoming more and more painfully obvious.

People rail about Artificial Intelligence. It is originally programmed by the human mind, so... AI can't be The Anti-Christ. The Anti-Christ is ALWAYS... ♫ the man who squats behind the man who works The Soft Machine ♫ Yes... like Mammon, it is a collective effort... crystallized into representative form. It's not real, BUT so many people seeing it as real... makes the illusion more and more substantial. Looks real... doesn't it?

It is right there... in your face... Satanism coming on like the literal dark horse of all time... slipping into every area of the culture. Materialism sets the stage for this. It sets every man against his brother in a struggle for personal gain. The Religion of Satanism is... Materialism. So it is that Humanity gets slapped down every so often with a lighting-struck Tower of Babel.

We have the material representation of a spiritual war. The Infernal Kingdom makes war on Heaven, in relentless fashion, and it does this on the battlefield of the human heart. Material Culture pulls the eyes to the ground, and... awakens Carnal Love for the creations of the ground, brought forth into temporary form. This makes the heart heavy and fills it with sorrow because NOTHING manifest can ease the suffering of division in The Separated Mind.

In the midst of the appearance of plenty, one is resident in a wasteland of desolation... emptiness... emptiness... abounds. You can see it everywhere... the lack of purpose in the slacker mind. People's sense of The World is a blurred confusion, and... their sense of self, non-existent.

Now... Russia is going to turn the lights and the heat off in Western Europe BECAUSE Western Europe has been bullied by ZATO into becoming a stalking horse on its way to the glue factory. Ukraine as the main target for Ersatz Israel is The Killing Floor. Some have come to think that their time has come and all The World will be their slave. This... is... not... going... to... happen.

WHAT IS GOING ON... what I see, and this is only my perspective. It is not complete. I know very little, this is true, BUT... what I see is that ALL OF US are being challenged by The Fear of Appearances... the hopes of gain... the threat of loss... all the specters of material hallucination... dancing like candy cane hookers in The Carnal Mind, with The Lord of Darkness as the ringmaster.

We are ALL being tested according to our values and aspirations through the vehicle of our Intention. Portions of The World think hard winter is coming for everyone else. We're ALL going to get hit at the level of our resistance and denial. This is ALL... the singular reason behind ALL of the startling changes of this time. The World of fascination AND dread... rises like a curtain of mirrors reflecting back to you the apparition that your mind constructs, according to your aspirations and desires. You... see... what... you... are, just as you see what you desire or fear... just as you are what you see.

Those who created that hard winter are going to find it gift-wrapped on their doorstep. Those who do not know how The World really works are giving live performances of what happens when you don't, and think you do.

Never mind about World War 3... or the other three horsemen. Never mind about the Rolodexing threats... or the kaleidoscoping attractions that come and go like a desert mirage; the never-to-be-found oasis that exists only in the separated mind... on the trackless sands to nowhere. What are you chasing? If you don't catch it... you are spared the disappointment that comes from mistaking it for something else. If you do catch it, it turns into a cactus pear.

ONLY God can quench your thirst! Only God can give you succor and sanctuary in an endlessly uncertain world. Every loss and disappointment that you incur, is ONLY to turn you to God. How powerful can your resistance be... to sustain it against the will of God... from which you receive the will to resist in the first place? This is a battle you... cannot... win.

You cannot protect yourself against the conditions that YOU CREATED to conceal yourself from God. This goes back to The Garden... does it not? Of course... we only know these tales from allegory, and in the pictures our child-mind draws to explain the unexplainable. The stairs are hidden from The Carnal Mind, BUT... what will you tell the door wardens anyway, should... you... happen... to... arrive for The Purpose of Demonstration?

It could be so easy, and we make it so hard. The right way only s-e-e-m-s to be the more difficult course. So many of us hide in the distractions, hoping for satisfaction AND release. Relentless Hope yoke-robs the heart and mind, convincing it that this... time... will... be... different. This time will be different AND... heh heh... it is different, BUT... the results are ALWAYS the same; every moment of pleasure is counterpointed by an equal measure of pain. Every up must be accorded a relative down. It's how Real Science really works.

I'll say it again; You are either driving or you are being driven. It's either you sitting backwards on a runaway horse or... you sitting below The Divine who is powering your way AND steering... your... course, just like those Hindu posters, in case you've seen them.

WHO IS ADVISING YOU? That is a very serious question. Your advisor(s) are drawn... by... your... intentions. The highest love is Impersonal Love because it mimics God, who shines on everyone the same. Let go of The False Self, AND Nature... which they say abhors a vacuum will... bring... something... forth... to... replace... it.

What you seek is already there but misidentified. You don't become something new. You are returned to who you really are. Memory is the source of this, AND... The Divine is the source of Memory and Imagination. Go to the source. That seems clear to me, but... it is not a common perspective, for... some... strange... reason.

Everything you are going through is designed to save you from what you are going through, by your recognition of what causes it to happen. All this world-shaking change in front of you is... a contrived scenario to see where your true loyalties lie, AND... a portal to the world-shaking change that is coming within you. Get... them... into... harmonic... accord.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

"The Perfect Mirror of God, Reflecting The Highest Truth in Everything God Makes Contact With... and Illumines Thereby."

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As we noted recently, God is in total stillness. His ceaseless meditation upon existence is what keeps it in place. The Divine Mother is who institutes change, who is the source, the medium, and the outcome of all action. God is The Witness and he watches The Divine Feminine dance.

You might ask... if God is still how does he appear as The Avatar or show up in the hearts and minds of those who serve him? It's things like this that can cause seeming contradictions in the commentaries of ANYONE for... those... looking... for... them. People who like to argue, will... find... the... way... to.

First off, God... and his essence and powers... are FAR beyond the comprehension of the human mind OR... any mind but The Mind of God for... that... matter. He can do anything. There is no limit to his power. He can see with his eyes closed and in every direction at the same time; not only what is happening everywhere, but what has happened and what will happen. He is able to see through ANY eye... hear through every ear... touch with every hand... smell with any nose, and... taste with every tongue.

He can be here... there... and everywhere at all times. He is the entirety of creation AND... a very great deal more than that, AND... this whole universe is created... maintained... and changed (let's use changed instead of destroyed) using only A... FRAGMENT... OF... HIS... POWER.

His representatives are ALWAYS walking this Earth. Meher Baba said something about there being 56 God-realized souls, AT ALL TIMES, incarnate on Earth. Of these... only 5 are considered to be Perfect Masters. When he was asked what the difference was between the 5 and the other 51, he said it was the office they hold.

Yes... I have mentioned Meher Baba twice now in recent posts. I am not reading him. I have never been a student of his. I bear him no ill will. I was just not drawn to him. I met another Sufi in Guru Bawa who I have ALSO mentioned more than once recently. When I mention someone it is because they are brought to my attention through The Intuition. I gain more and more respect for Meher Baba without actually having any association with his work. It just so happens he said these things and they tie into what I am trying to get around to in my usual, meandering... fashion.

Right now... there are a number of God-realized souls resident here... and those perfect masters. Most of them move anonymously through the herd of humanity as shepherds. Some few may be known. There are many pretenders. I come across them in my line of work. (grin)

Meher Baba said that there is only one religion, and this has been echoed in the thoughts and words of other great-souled ones who have come and gone here. There's one tap of spiritual truth and it gets turned on inside of you. I am non-denominational for that reason. I want my God, DIRECT. I do not want people in robes with funny hats telling me what to believe. They work for The Department of Crowd Control. I've no use for priests, pundits, mullahs, or whatever they may be. It is a harder road but, it... is... a... more... certain... way.

Yes... I understand the camaraderie and fellowship that religion provides. I've also seen the way it can turn on you if you depart from or question official doctrine. Given that God is real... why do you need religion? Why do children need training wheels on their bicycles? These are stages of learning.

You don't get to hang out on the campus forever. You are supposed to do something with your life. Ideally, you leave The World better than you found it. The World is an eternal work in progress. In times of greater light, conditions are better. There is ALWAYS room for improvement, AND... as you are improved, your circumstances arrange themselves in order to better reflect this, and it gets better... and better... and better. You are less visible to certain centers of human association and more visible to The Divine World.

Make The World a better place and you will find a better world, if... and... when you return. Your being a better person AUTOMATICALLY makes it a better place.

These things I am telling you today can be discovered by ANYONE who takes the time to engage in The Search. I am not disposed to go to the bad parts of town and preach against the corruptions... the whores... the gambling... the vices, such... as... they... are. Society reflects the state of human existence according to the degree and intensity of the force of materialism that is present. Some people are ALWAYS going to want to be into these pursuits. They... are... their... own... reward... and... punishment.

I have no desire to create a pulpit to hold forth on. Money comes in. Name recognition comes in. False friends climb out of the woodwork. Wheelers and dealers want a piece of the action. People want to have sex with you... yadda... yadda. It's the same story anywhere you go; money... power... influence... someone to have sex with or... many, many someones... all the comforts, etc. I sampled these things in the process of having to live this life under the conditions that came my way. They just don't do it for me. It's not my thing; any... of... them.

I love the freedom that comes from loving God and making God the centerpiece of my life. I ask for nothing more. I am maintained better than the lilies of the field. You don't have to worry about where your next whatever is coming from. These are ALL returns on whatever your relationship to The Cosmos may be. You WILL BE seen to one way or another.

God is identified in the Bhagavad Gita as; the witness, approver, supporter, and enjoyer. God IS your higher self. MOST PEOPLE have evicted God from their lives, and they starve the inner being while feeding the lower appetites. When they reap the rewards of such behavior they blame God or someone, but seldom their own weaknesses and wayward nature.

Lady Nature is the source of healing, and she has a compliment of workers who channel her force. She is the active expression of The Divine. Both aspects of The Divine are expressions of the inexpressible ineffable. God as God is unknowable. He humanizes him/herself through Divine Personas. He comes here at regular intervals, when... humanity... has... lost... its... way, and sets the course for each following age.

The Divine Personas are not motionless. They channel the force of The Divine into an understandable format; the perfect mirror of God... reflecting the highest truth in everything God makes contact with, and illumines thereby. You have an altar within you. Through the creative imagination, you can etch it into fine detail. You are made in the image of God with the always-present potential to become God-realized or... you can head down to the local strip joint. It is entirely up to you what you put your attention on.

In the news of The World, and in your daily encounters with life outside you, you can see what people put their attention on. You can also see the effect of peer pressure in this cancel-crazy culture. “Sometimes nothing is a real cool hand.” Take it light... let go of all attachments or... expect them to be ripped from you at... some... point. People who like the idea of getting away with murder and doing as they please have convinced themselves there is no God, and that they have just this one life; “Hey! You only live once.” Heh heh... (though I shouldn't laugh) they are going to find out otherwise.

I have nothing against religion. It's just not for me. I find Vanity to be about the most dangerous house guest you can have. It certainly works in tandem with Pride. Hmm... note to self; maybe I should write a book titled Pride and Perversity, a sort of futurized Jane Austin tragedy of corrupted and missing manners. Nah... help yourself.

Religion is a hotbed of Vanity and Pride in The Temple of Anthropomorphism. It's another refuge of scoundrels. It's a business-op. I prefer to be hard-core, spare me the trappings and the Klieg lights. There are always far fewer lone wolves than there are club members, but the lone wolves have their reasons for it, which brings another kind of Pride... and should be watched out for. Serve God and stay away from The Details. The details can get you in trouble because YOU WILL get out of your depth. It is only a matter of time.

Become as a little child. This is a profound truth. I have seen invisible children of God wandering in the desert during altered states. Sometimes they are quite large. They are curious about everything, BUT... they know who has the answers to every question that can possibly be asked. Learn to read The Hidden Book of Nature. It is a more profitable enterprise than reading The Book of Artifice.

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Friday, September 09, 2022

"EVERYTHING Rotates Around Something Rotating Around Something that Rotates Around The Perfect Stillness of God."

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Because of a previous relationship with royalty and religion, in other times and climes, I am not a fan of either. However, I don't find it possible to get worked up about it anymore. I'm just not feeling it. (grin) So... I've got nothing to say about the passing of the queen. I had no reaction when I heard about it. I had no reaction throughout the whole of yesterday about it. I'm going to stay with that trend.

When I think of kings and queens and lesser nobility, it is almost exclusively in the context of life metaphors. It always has to do with fortunes changing. A king dies and comes back as a butler or maybe an actor who portrays one on TV. A queen returns as a scullery maid, an oil baron as a galley slave. The temporary routines of Personality come and go.

We are literally on the premise and the premises of that after which ALL stages are modeled. All performances are expositions of life experience... real or imagined, yet... there is very little that has not, at one time or another, actually occurred; Truth is stranger than Fiction... “there are more things in Heaven and Earth...” ♫ first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is ♫

Life is a continuous reel of replicating events, expressed through the lives and actions of an endless series of performers replacing each other. Imagine that every grain of sand on all the beaches of The World must at some point attain a human birth. Apply the same to every particle of Earth, and everything that has some composition that makes it a visible object, singularly or in combination. Then apply that to everything you can't see that meets the same criteria, AND...

All of it is destined to achieve human status and then Godhead... UNTIL every particle of seeming matter is spiritualized in conscious knowing that it is God; I am not saying that is how it is. I am saying that whatever goes on here involves the Evolution of every fragment of being into luminous... conscious... light.

Now consider, for reasons we will not be elaborating on, that very bad things have happened here on Planet Earth a time or two. These events were much worse than anything we have any record of, and happened in the long ago. All of this has to be resolved and refined. In fact... the whole of existence is simply an ongoing process of endless refinement, BUT... we are leaning toward... the universe when it knows itself as God.

Awaken sleepers! Such opportunities as these... which we have before us now... do not come round often. It is part of the reason that there are so many billions of people here. Because it is all part of a spiritual war, conceived for the entertainment of The Supreme Enjoyer, and due to our collective level of technical expertise at this time... The Magic Show has also gotten very sophisticated, while... at... the... same... time, humanity is being dumbed down as well.

Where any separated mind errs... is in the mistaken belief that there are equal and opposing sides that endlessly battle against one another. There is ONE RULING AUTHORITY, and... please cease off debating and explicating about what you... will NEVER... comprehend. Either come to terms with it or... do not. That's the hard road... the not coming to terms. This is because you are then compelled to make arrangements with The Left Hand of God (metaphorically speaking).

Either way, you are coming to terms, if only by default. So... there is this long hard road where you are worn away to nothing, FINALLY coming to terms... regardless. It really comes down to how much you can take. I know a lot of people are confused about this; vague generalities run like tumbleweeds across the empty desert landscapes of the minds... in search of meaning that NEVER appears because it does... not... exist... externally.

Out here... in the vastness of The World in extension, you are the puppet of the three modes of action and the levels of their perception. You can sit on a park bench anywhere in The World and watch The World pass by. Look... more... closely. Realize that everyone you see is you in a funhouse of mirrors, separated by... experience and awareness; however they have been come by.

You wind up either serving humanity or... preying on it. Somewhere on The Dial... your levels of Self-Interest and Selflessness are registered. Yes... there are other examples an argumentative-separated-mind can come up with, for... the... sake... of... argument. It is daytime everywhere that it is daytime, BUT... there are different degrees of daytime... and temperature... and location... and levels of threat... and so on and so on.

Everywhere that it is night... it is night. The same variations apply, BUT... day and night have different atmospheres. The nature and effect of The Sun and Moon are palpable. They create an entire appearance of reality. Meanwhile... The Moon moves through phases every month, and it enters different theaters of influence, represented by The Constellations, and these are understood as Houses of Influence. Furthermore... they interact in countless ways to bring about countless scenarios, AND it is all about a clock-like timepiece of the most extraordinary composition.

The same is true of The Sun... EVERYTHING rotates around something that rotates around something that rotates around the perfect stillness of God.

All the little wheels turn with the big wheels, connected by various sizes of intermediate wheels. It is The Cosmic Clock... and- the... whole... thing... is... alive. If you want to achieve a harmonious resonance with The Chief Architect in The Court of the Ineffable, you have to adjust and adapt... you have to adjust and adapt. You have to come into tune. You have to find the specific harmony that is your best expression of unity with the whole.

Something like this is not of interest to most people. It requires ALL OF YOU. So... people come to arrangements with that. They attend some churches at different frequencies. (in both senses of the word) They do this or that to reach some desired level of interplay, while God takes his football and goes home. God is not interested in weekend warriors... except for the crowd scenes, and the routing of extras across the stage, and here and there in the epic action takes.

We are in a momentous time. The conditions present, AND coming... are frightening, and/or exciting. It really depends on how you look at them. It depends on the position you have arrived at in relation to everything else. It depends... it depends... it depends. One might also say... it relies on what it depends on. No... it is not easy to talk about these things.

Without God... you would have no existence. It is The Life Force of God within you that maintains you. Otherwise, you would cease. Now... it is God's Nature to want to interact with you. To the extent that you refuse to play with him, his methods of getting your attention can be more and more severe.

Yes... God is incomprehensible and indefinable, BUT... there are aspects of God that can be understood simply by watching how the whole thing works, and also via The Intuition. So it is that I say it is God's Nature to want to interact with you. I know this first hand. I ALSO have the reports of those who have gone before, and whom... I implicitly trust. They are ALL in accord about certain features of Life.

Everything being spouted out of the runaway mouths of the verbally incontinent is bullshit or a reasonable facsimile thereof. The talking heads in media and wherever they be, are PAID and OWNED by the front office of those who think they are in charge. They just repeat what they are told and they are fine with being thoroughly corrupted by their relationship to The Breadlines of Mammon. They chatter like woodland creatures. They adjust and adapt however they are told to. They need the work.

You either buy into one system or the other. Both of them have many variables of costumery. You have to get past the appearances. Otherwise, you are either in The Clown Car performing a Chinese Fire Drill, or... you are at one masquerade ball or another. Everyone is in disguise... and pretending to be whatever gets them through the night.

Behind The Mask of Personality lies The Individuality that is in every... sentient... being. The two are OFTEN not in sync. The one is at war with the other in a mob scene of self-will run riot. Until The Personality is brought to heel, The Dog of Desire is going to do his thing.

It is simple to me. I am no longer comparison shopping. I have made peace with the truth that... I... don't... know. I will be informed when needs be.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, September 06, 2022

"Their Minds are Captured by The Sugar Plum Fairies of Sexual Fantasy. God... Apparently... Has Been Usurped."

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God is an absolute stillness... an eternal witness... apart from The Creation, yet... endlessly personalizing himself in it. In essence, there is no male and female. The Singularity separates itself into two dynamics, For... the... Purpose... of... Demonstration. Their interactive dance populates The World so that there is a never-ending cast of players for the dramas that occur.

The angels... when they visit in human form, can assume either sex, though... it has been said that all of us are female to God. Every pore in your body is a vagina through which The Breath of God can pass. Those who know something about breath control and prana, know about this, and its relation to sunlight.

The whole of existence is a sex act. Even life and death are sexual partners, facilitating the movement of the life force, in their specializations, through infinite progressions; I die daily. None of the essential truths of life are complex, BUT... it does take a child to understand them.

For a child, life is expressed in an intimacy of communion. It is a living breathing thing for a child, whether it be The Sun or a teddy bear. It is when we get older that it turns into work... through rituals, and dogma... and pages and pages of tiny, mind-deadening words of never-ending complexity that... comes to nothing in the end. Only Love endures the awful routines of birth... disease... old age... and death, and... surmounts... them.

In the beginning it is all fun... unless you got bad karma or a commission. Then it can be pretty hairy as I can vouchsafe (I never use that word... grin) and confirm. Then the sexual divide occurs and it can often be a time of torment... confusion... and rebellion for the sake of rebellion. It is The Separated Self insisting on its rulership of direction and circumstance. Even though it doesn't know squat... it's on its way to find that out.

Karma= Purpose of Demonstration. Karma= Purpose of Demonstration; ad infinitum. It goes on and on until you get tired of the struggle and the stress, BECAUSE... you 'think' you are doing it on your own. You are not! Everything is being done by the life power because that... is... the... ONLY... source... of... power... that... there.... is.

It is when that power moves to express in us that the problem occurs. We hinder and inhibit the free passage of The Life Power through us. We are clumsy, self-blindfolded dancers, playing musical chairs. It always turns into a scrimmage... a grudge match... a moshpit of blood and thunder; a “boxing with his brother in the hate-ridden city.”

Civilization is where we attempt to put niceties and restraints upon our otherwise unrestrained behavior. Civilization is humanity's reaction to discomfort and pain. Civilization is the Kabuki Mask worn over the face of the raging beast. None of them last, do they? As fine and wonderful as they may be in their rise, they are the opposite of that in their decline.

This is not so on the finer planes. Some of them are temporary garden parties of unspeakable beauty, housed in the interior of clouds. They exist longer and more substantially in wild places; places where weather and topography are The Guardians. Surely, there is a Mount Guardian or Guardian Mountain not too far from you?

Enormous, invisible entities are what bring you the weather. Sometimes they are called Djinns, sometimes Elementals, and other names. It's a complicated area of inquiry BECAUSE... you can't see them. You only see what they do. They are like The Wind. Indeed... they are The Wind. Few people know that The Wind is a cleanser and a purifier. He's called Vayu in India. Like I said, it's complicated unless you are a child.

I love the older tales of The Gods... Devas, and all the players behind the scenes in the human drama. There's not as much romance and humanizing in The West since they muddied the waters. Now... religion is a drudgery. Do you really think God's angels are going to stick around while the parishioners sing “Faith of Our Fathers?”

When God goes out of the picture, which is the current state of things, then Sex becomes God in the public thoroughfares. For Atheists, Sex is God. This is how it naturally inclines toward Satanism. Sex is The Cosmic Glueboard for human torment and suffering.

I've never been to Tinder or Grinder. I've wanted to lurk there, simply to see how far out it has gotten by now, but... like strip clubs and other punishment zones, that sort of thing gives me a headache pretty quickly. When I was in LA one time, someone I knew took me to a strip club. It wasn't long before my head started to hurt and I had to leave. On the one other occasion that I can remember, the... same... thing... happened... again. In both instances, it went away as soon as I left.

God looks out for you IF you are looking for God. As soon as you have made your intention clear, help is on the way. Yeah... you might get a bit of rough handling in the beginning. Heaven separates out The Wimps and Whiners pretty quick. Let me give you an example. It's like having to walk through a wind tunnel. There's a guy in the control booth who handles The Dial of Intensity. It is gradually turned up to the requisite level of force, and all who have not been blown away are allowed to continue, and... are... strengthened... thereby.

It is all about strengthening you as you go, BECAUSE... heavy responsibilities are going to be laid on you, and... you don't want to crumple beneath them. What...? You think all those (real) masters, sages, devas, angels, and elementals alike just sit around having tea in The High Tower? It... doesn't... work... like... that, AND... no one works harder than God... who does nothing at all. It's a conundrum. A child would get it right off, but... once you leave that Elysian zone through the saloon doors of sexual-division-awareness... it gets complicated.

God is doing EVERYTHING, and... God is doing NOTHING at... the... same... time. The point is to increase your awareness of The Presence of God. You want the Presence of God to be like a running stream outside your cabin door in the wilderness of this world. A child would be delighted by the presence of his invisible playmate. The playmates go away once the erotic terrestrialization occurs. You CAN get the playmates to come back. I will attest to this.

When you become intimate with God, you can appear crazy to The World. You exhibit no similar interests to the galley slaves all around you; probably why you're not chained to an oar. To be intimate with God is to have acquired THE ONLY THING WORTH HAVING. It's all over at that point. Sure... the clock still has to run out, and The Mind has to stop spinning. All your horses have blinders now. You've... been... sorted.

Brass bands do not appear by your side when you find God, BUT... something has changed. It is a brand new world now. Sometimes you can't say anything at all anymore or... not much. Sometimes... you are like that running stream because you cannot suppress the wonder and joy in your heart. I fall into that category, though... perhaps... more like a babbling brook. All of us celebrate God in our own way. Some do it quietly and some make a lot of noise. Maybe they have a brass band. I don't know.

I do know that when The Avatar appears there are signs and wonders galore. Despite that... many will not see them. Their minds are enthralled by the Sugar Plum Fairies of Sexual Congress. God... apparently... has been usurped. Some of them want sex with children; that... being the ultimate violation.

If you understand the Satanic mindset then you KNOW that the despoliation of innocence is the main objective; to destroy childhood and enslave humanity from cradle to grave, and beyond. It... will... never... happen, BUT... it is what they intend. They've gotten pretty far along this time. I'm guessing they feel pretty confident about having their way. BOY... are they in for a surprise!!!

I keep thinking The Avatar is going to appear in the human heart. In those hearts where a place has been made for him. I keep thinking it has something to do with The Internet. I KNOW that underneath the turmoil of social change, radical, technological discoveries, and inventions are going to transform The World, seemingly overnight. None of it is new. It is just what happens at this stage of human evolution. It took Atlantis down. It will not be the same this time. Some are going down (by their own intention) and some are going up. (by their own intention... with a whole lot of help)

My friends, do not let appearances deceive you. Do not let the antics of bloodstained clowns bring the thought of harm into your hearts. God is inextricably and invisibly woven into all of existence. At any time, he may toss in his sleep and awaken. Then he might shine forth like ten thousand suns into the darkness of The World and awaken the dreamers.

The stiff-necked crowd from The Land of Separated Minds is facing a hard winter. MANY changes can be expected through the rest of this year. May God guide and protect you from The Sanctuary of his Love, toward which you are bound.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, September 01, 2022

"This is Why People Spend so Much Time Trying to Reinvent Themselves, and Changing All of The Wrong Things."

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I have mentioned previously... quite a few times previously, that one can spiritualize physical processes. Hmm... perhaps there is no such thing as matter in the way it is traditionally misunderstood? I've heard it said that every 7 years, every cell in your body has been replaced, and you have a new body... a new older body actually with everything replaced over the course of those 7 years, for good or for ill, depending on what you invested in it.

The secret is to achieve a Divine Equilibrium where you don't get any older, AND that is handled further back behind the scenes.

That is most especially true about what the mind and the emotions traffic in. If you are able to contact The Causal Plane, which you should... because it is a part of you, you could manifest dynamic changes in yourself and The World around you. Unfortunately... in so many cases, it is blocked off by Material Culture. It is a similar sad story with The Pineal Gland. You have to make an effort.

Here's an image we have used many times... that of a mirror. If you leave it outside and leave it alone, the time will come that you can no longer distinctly see yourself in it. It can get to where you can't see yourself at all. The mirror must be polished so that you can see yourself (in others) more clearly. Getting along with yourself is... the... first... step... in... getting... along... with... everyone... else.

In this world, there are some number of people who can't get along with anyone. You do not run into them. You stop running into them because of The Law of Attraction, and... possibly, another law as well. (grin) When you polish your mirror, it shines in ways that the physical eye sometimes cannot see. HOWEVER... it can radiate so brightly that no creatures of darkness will draw near. You enter The Sanctuary by becoming The Sanctuary.

There was a period when I was in Palm Springs, one of the richest towns in the country. I had no money. I was surviving off of tangerines... and oranges picked from trees in the early morning. I used to see these rich guys... on their bicycles, dressed in their white outfits. They would pull up in front of the health food store and get their wheat grass and carrot juice. I guess they ate well. Maybe they even thought they were spiritual. Still... they moved with that studied elegance which bespeaks MONEY, and lots of it.

When you think you got it made, you're given the mindset that it will last forever. Borrowed time doesn't occur to you... except during your decline. The Purpose of Demonstration is that you are not to notice The Purpose of Demonstration when it has to do with you; not until the point when your noticing it is called for in... The... Purpose... of... Demonstration.

All I could think is that God is not impressed. People think they can eat and behave a certain way and they will be what they are pretending to be. People think if you can effectively act like whatever you are pretending to be... you will become that, until... you... want... to... be... someone... else. You want to become someone else because the personality you are operating in is false, and so there can be no sustaining joy. This is why people spend so much time trying to reinvent themselves, and... changing... all... of... the... wrong... things.

At the time I was in my early 20s, but the idea of being... and pretending to be... was clear in my mind. Everything was/is an act. We are all actors and we differ in one respect; we are either acting in resistance to the force that gives us the power to act or... that power is acting through us. Either way... that power is working upon us.

As I said; I had no money, and I could not work in the conventional sense... because the FBI was looking for me. What I find most amusing... upon reflection at this later date, is that the FBI knew where I was because friends told me that one of their parents had revealed this to agents; probably inadvertently because some of the young people who associated with me in L.A. drove to Palm Springs to warn me. The agents were going around telling the parents that I was an associate of Charlie Manson, who had recently been apprehended. I had had an altercation with Manson in San Francisco a couple of years earlier. Somehow, they had heard about it.

I had recently been released from custody and very soon after, jumped parole because... in my mind I had done nothing wrong and was not going to cooperate... EVER. So... I became a federally sought fugitive, again. Before I get toxically anecdotal here, let me say that I was not hiding in Palm Springs. I regularly sat on a park bench on Palm Canyon Drive, the main thoroughfare through the town every day for the few months I was there, and they never even saw me, apparently.

It was there that Elvis Presley drove by in his limo. He remembered me from LA where he had picked me up hitchhiking. I'd told him I was going to Phoenix. He made a point of rolling down his window to talk about it. Meanwhile... there were legions of young (and older women) wailing like the ones who got their hands on Orpheus... and chasing the limo down the street. A lot of people saw Elvis chatting with me. Then he drove down the street again, and again about a dozen times.

He was in love with his own celebrity, and the charisma that he had! It rolled off of him in waves. The people coming and going did not miss the acknowledgments that Elvis gave me every... time... he... drove... by. It was an odd event. I realized... later, as I have realized so many things... later... that this was another of those situations arranged by my invisible friends to assist me in my passage through this vale of tears.

Signs of protection were visible even in the darkest of times. The early days were just a preliminary warming up for the gauntlet I would have to run through... and then back again over the years. So... I recognize how difficult existence can be in a world where everything is eating everything else and it is all the same thing consuming it. One of the funniest ironies in life is the length people will go to... to survive, not realizing they are immortal; just not in the way they imagine it to be.

Later on, when I had to do those two years at The John Howard Pavilion, I discovered some profound truths having to do with meditation and other spiritual disciplines. Without being aware of it at the time, one is always moving within. I felt like a monk in a very strange monastery and I kept further detaching from The World, which was not difficult given that I was locked up at all times. (grin)

The oddest thing; and I noticed this with my friends from The DC area that came to visit. Every one of them was suffering from the disconnect that life was putting everyone through in those days. I was more free than any of them, and I marveled at that. It was made ABUNDANTLY clear to me during my incarceration that freedom is a state of mind that relies on no external conditions. I could also see that people put themselves in servitude to their hopes and fears.

There is nothing on this Earth or anywhere else, for that matter, that is even remotely as valuable as the presence of God, and everything else for a good long distance would still include the presence of God indirectly. We REALLY are lost in a hall of mirrors, and the whole point comes down to seeing clearly.

People are full-time hallucinating because of the filters they see their world through. You might also say that they are sleepwalking and in a dream. This is LITERALLY true. When you have a more meditative perspective, AND... you have achieved a detachment from your appetites... and your Dog of Desire is not barking all day long... the vision of life can be very different than the moving portrait being painted for us by the folks at Liars. Inc.

Right now, the thing seems to be to create a rising panic about basic life needs in the minds of the masses. All sorts of moving and shaking are going down. It is unsettling. It... is... supposed... to... be... unsettling. This is how THEY want it. Of course, they are not doing this. They only think they are doing it. Among those of us giving any objective thought to the matter, there are those who think the weather is being weaponized. If you move around through the paranoid zones of alternative media, there are people pulling wild claims out of their asses every time someone swings a dead cat in the room.

I don't know the details. That is not my department.

Your concern should not be what the evil and misguided among us do. Your concern should be what you get up to. It is quite possible that their plans do not even include you... except tangentially. Nothing can harm you if you are walking with The Lord. Sometimes God uses us to make a statement. Sometimes the idea of sacrifice may come into a person's mind... but it is NEVER the way the revisionists later paint it to be.

With God in residence, you... become... The... Sanctuary. Leave the pushing and shoving to those who have a taste for it. You don't have to fight for your share. The invisible monitors will see to your needs. I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE. I am pretty certain of everything I say or I would not say it. Sometimes I imagine it differently than another, BUT... it is not the shape or the symbol that contains what cannot be demonstrated by... either... form... or... symbol. It is you.

End Transmission.......

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