Wednesday, September 14, 2022

"The Perfect Mirror of God, Reflecting The Highest Truth in Everything God Makes Contact With... and Illumines Thereby."

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As we noted recently, God is in total stillness. His ceaseless meditation upon existence is what keeps it in place. The Divine Mother is who institutes change, who is the source, the medium, and the outcome of all action. God is The Witness and he watches The Divine Feminine dance.

You might ask... if God is still how does he appear as The Avatar or show up in the hearts and minds of those who serve him? It's things like this that can cause seeming contradictions in the commentaries of ANYONE for... those... looking... for... them. People who like to argue, will... find... the... way... to.

First off, God... and his essence and powers... are FAR beyond the comprehension of the human mind OR... any mind but The Mind of God for... that... matter. He can do anything. There is no limit to his power. He can see with his eyes closed and in every direction at the same time; not only what is happening everywhere, but what has happened and what will happen. He is able to see through ANY eye... hear through every ear... touch with every hand... smell with any nose, and... taste with every tongue.

He can be here... there... and everywhere at all times. He is the entirety of creation AND... a very great deal more than that, AND... this whole universe is created... maintained... and changed (let's use changed instead of destroyed) using only A... FRAGMENT... OF... HIS... POWER.

His representatives are ALWAYS walking this Earth. Meher Baba said something about there being 56 God-realized souls, AT ALL TIMES, incarnate on Earth. Of these... only 5 are considered to be Perfect Masters. When he was asked what the difference was between the 5 and the other 51, he said it was the office they hold.

Yes... I have mentioned Meher Baba twice now in recent posts. I am not reading him. I have never been a student of his. I bear him no ill will. I was just not drawn to him. I met another Sufi in Guru Bawa who I have ALSO mentioned more than once recently. When I mention someone it is because they are brought to my attention through The Intuition. I gain more and more respect for Meher Baba without actually having any association with his work. It just so happens he said these things and they tie into what I am trying to get around to in my usual, meandering... fashion.

Right now... there are a number of God-realized souls resident here... and those perfect masters. Most of them move anonymously through the herd of humanity as shepherds. Some few may be known. There are many pretenders. I come across them in my line of work. (grin)

Meher Baba said that there is only one religion, and this has been echoed in the thoughts and words of other great-souled ones who have come and gone here. There's one tap of spiritual truth and it gets turned on inside of you. I am non-denominational for that reason. I want my God, DIRECT. I do not want people in robes with funny hats telling me what to believe. They work for The Department of Crowd Control. I've no use for priests, pundits, mullahs, or whatever they may be. It is a harder road but, it... is... a... more... certain... way.

Yes... I understand the camaraderie and fellowship that religion provides. I've also seen the way it can turn on you if you depart from or question official doctrine. Given that God is real... why do you need religion? Why do children need training wheels on their bicycles? These are stages of learning.

You don't get to hang out on the campus forever. You are supposed to do something with your life. Ideally, you leave The World better than you found it. The World is an eternal work in progress. In times of greater light, conditions are better. There is ALWAYS room for improvement, AND... as you are improved, your circumstances arrange themselves in order to better reflect this, and it gets better... and better... and better. You are less visible to certain centers of human association and more visible to The Divine World.

Make The World a better place and you will find a better world, if... and... when you return. Your being a better person AUTOMATICALLY makes it a better place.

These things I am telling you today can be discovered by ANYONE who takes the time to engage in The Search. I am not disposed to go to the bad parts of town and preach against the corruptions... the whores... the gambling... the vices, such... as... they... are. Society reflects the state of human existence according to the degree and intensity of the force of materialism that is present. Some people are ALWAYS going to want to be into these pursuits. They... are... their... own... reward... and... punishment.

I have no desire to create a pulpit to hold forth on. Money comes in. Name recognition comes in. False friends climb out of the woodwork. Wheelers and dealers want a piece of the action. People want to have sex with you... yadda... yadda. It's the same story anywhere you go; money... power... influence... someone to have sex with or... many, many someones... all the comforts, etc. I sampled these things in the process of having to live this life under the conditions that came my way. They just don't do it for me. It's not my thing; any... of... them.

I love the freedom that comes from loving God and making God the centerpiece of my life. I ask for nothing more. I am maintained better than the lilies of the field. You don't have to worry about where your next whatever is coming from. These are ALL returns on whatever your relationship to The Cosmos may be. You WILL BE seen to one way or another.

God is identified in the Bhagavad Gita as; the witness, approver, supporter, and enjoyer. God IS your higher self. MOST PEOPLE have evicted God from their lives, and they starve the inner being while feeding the lower appetites. When they reap the rewards of such behavior they blame God or someone, but seldom their own weaknesses and wayward nature.

Lady Nature is the source of healing, and she has a compliment of workers who channel her force. She is the active expression of The Divine. Both aspects of The Divine are expressions of the inexpressible ineffable. God as God is unknowable. He humanizes him/herself through Divine Personas. He comes here at regular intervals, when... humanity... has... lost... its... way, and sets the course for each following age.

The Divine Personas are not motionless. They channel the force of The Divine into an understandable format; the perfect mirror of God... reflecting the highest truth in everything God makes contact with, and illumines thereby. You have an altar within you. Through the creative imagination, you can etch it into fine detail. You are made in the image of God with the always-present potential to become God-realized or... you can head down to the local strip joint. It is entirely up to you what you put your attention on.

In the news of The World, and in your daily encounters with life outside you, you can see what people put their attention on. You can also see the effect of peer pressure in this cancel-crazy culture. “Sometimes nothing is a real cool hand.” Take it light... let go of all attachments or... expect them to be ripped from you at... some... point. People who like the idea of getting away with murder and doing as they please have convinced themselves there is no God, and that they have just this one life; “Hey! You only live once.” Heh heh... (though I shouldn't laugh) they are going to find out otherwise.

I have nothing against religion. It's just not for me. I find Vanity to be about the most dangerous house guest you can have. It certainly works in tandem with Pride. Hmm... note to self; maybe I should write a book titled Pride and Perversity, a sort of futurized Jane Austin tragedy of corrupted and missing manners. Nah... help yourself.

Religion is a hotbed of Vanity and Pride in The Temple of Anthropomorphism. It's another refuge of scoundrels. It's a business-op. I prefer to be hard-core, spare me the trappings and the Klieg lights. There are always far fewer lone wolves than there are club members, but the lone wolves have their reasons for it, which brings another kind of Pride... and should be watched out for. Serve God and stay away from The Details. The details can get you in trouble because YOU WILL get out of your depth. It is only a matter of time.

Become as a little child. This is a profound truth. I have seen invisible children of God wandering in the desert during altered states. Sometimes they are quite large. They are curious about everything, BUT... they know who has the answers to every question that can possibly be asked. Learn to read The Hidden Book of Nature. It is a more profitable enterprise than reading The Book of Artifice.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another beauty, and oh so true. Interesting that I just bought a Pakistani version of Pride and Prejudice, as is said on the cover called 'Unmarriageable' by Soniah Kamal. Found it amusing you referenced that book just now. Been reading more books by Middle Eastern and Islamic writers because they were there. The psychology is even more alien to me than that of the Western World, bein' a Nose and all; but I'm glad I got 'em. I must admit, reading this stuff infuriates me even more over what the West has done to the Middle East, and South Asia.

Gods, I can't wait for the GREAT RESET, and it don't have nuthin' to do with the schwabster and his minions.

Nostrils to the sky.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...
inspired me to write a remake of Wuthering Heights
this time an all cast star lineup of 101 Dalmatian Lemmings.
as the She Lemming roams over the praries looking for the love of her life (being an atheist)
Heathcliff, Heathcliff, where art though.... arrrrrrrrrrgggggggg

(apologies to Shakespeare but it seemed to fit)

Visible said...

Heh heh... that isn't Shakespeare. I could be wrong too but I think it's one of the Bronte Sisters who wrote that. Nonetheless, it's great to hear from you. It's been years, hasn't it or... is my memory fading? (grin)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"She is Not Old at All in Appearance. She is as Young as Forever and Becoming More Beautiful with Passing Time."



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