Monday, June 17, 2019

It's a Curious Kind of Road, where only the Traveler Bends. It's a Most Unspoken Place where Mirrors End.

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I marvel in a kind of frozen astonishment at the spiraling decent into madness that is the hallmark; the signature dish of our times... the creeping, curdling, ever intensifying insanity. Whoa! Can it get even more far out? Can it get even more unhinged? It appears that the answer is “Yes!”. It's not only all those but also, embarrassing and self serving in the most odious, commercial sense. It's going South to the extent that a footpath has been created round the Earth by those going South.

The desire to do harm to others and in the process, lie outright and employ every seedy, depraved and flat out unbelievable accusation, simply because some other people have been getting away with it, strains the bounds of credulity. Those bereft of any redeeming talent are now seeking to promote the most outrageous and unconsciously humiliating causes, for no reason other than to be out there in the public eye.

These clowns from the social justice circus, have been getting away with just about everything for a very long time. The reasons for that are quite obscure. One rightfully wonders how such transparent scams can be so consistently successful, until... one reflects upon the curious turning of events over recent decades; the hijacking of life's musical soundtrack, the devolving of every aspect of media into noxious garbage, the disintegration of long standing cultural infrastructure... it's all well past too much. As one might expect 'a change is gonna come' has arrived. This sort of outcome is happening more and more.

What is the logical end to all of this, when certain factions have been getting away with cultural murder, as well as social dis-integration, under the tagline of 'unity'? Some form of street side conflict and boiling over revolution, due to the push-back of traditional values and the majority just finally having had enough of CRAZY, with undertones of incipient and accelerating violence. It looks like there are going to be some cashews rattling in Nut Job City this year.

There are alarming statistics for those who have had enough of lies and damned lies. Very similar events were taking place in Rome in the decades before the fall. One might well suspect that this has been the case in all those other cultures we have heard of but have no actual evidence of what actually happened. Surely the causes were the same in those cultures we haven't heard about because no record of their ever having been here exist.

Then there is the consideration of Atlantis and Lemuria. The burning of the Library at Alexandria took care of that; at least as far as the general population, without access to the occult library goes. Here... I am not talking about the Akashic Records, which are available to those either allowed access or ingenious enough to have discovered the route and credentials necessary. I am talking about evidence given, or inferences made, by people like Manly Palmer Hall, various members of The Golden Dawn and sundry others.

As I used to say at moments like this and haven't said in a good long while, since being changed into a kinder, gentler visible; Go look it up, I'm not your research assistant (grin).

As you can see, or could have seen (but you didn't look) from the links given, it's getting rad(ical) out there. This assuredly means it got rad(ical) to begin with... 'in there'. Everything starts in the mind, including creation itself. Herein lies the key to not only a successful existence but a bliss drenched hereafter, should one tumble to a simple fact. The world, as you may observe at any moment, is filled with people thinking for themselves; I mean that in every sense of the implications. The world is filled with every possible permutation, across the wide parameters of personality. The world is filled with people expressing themselves... badly, because the vast majority of us are 'badly drawn'... blame the individual architect for that.

Mostly we are just bad at taking direction. We have this free will thing don't we? We think we have a free will but the only free will we have is some variation of opposition to the primal will that moves in everything and will move in the perfection of whatever it is moving through, if permitted to. Unfortunately, we insist on running the machinery ourselves, sooner or later it goes off-road and most of the time, the vehicle is not equipped for the terrain. Sooner or later. Sooner or later.

I have had the priceless gift of being rendered into nothing... and that more than once. It doesn't always take the first few times (grin). Eventually though, one is hollowed out of the clutter of appetites and desires, that shape in fire, the temporary persona on its way to termination. This is the poetry of the greatest love affair of all. If one has been lit up by the flame of the indwelling ineffable, it will grow into a passion greater than has ever been previously known and the rest is, well... not history so much as an end to personal history. One trades off the enslavement of replicating lifetimes for a single lifetime of eternal consistency, best defined by an ever increasing love of the divine.

Perhaps it was Wordsworth who said, "the world is too much with us". There is the problem and the solution in one fell swoop. If one would let the divine be too much with them, there would be no room for anything else. One of the best definitions of The World and its prevailing nature is; fickle. What else could it be, since it is a world of appearances and they are ever changing?

Everyone is seeking one face or the other of that particular Janus; either escape or discovery. We want to be consumed in something to the extent that we forget ourselves, or we seek to discover that which will enthrall us in similar fashion to a similar end. All our hungers and passions... all those temporary love affairs are the soul in pursuit of its authentic mate (for lack of a better word). We seek what will complete us and nothing but the ineffable can provide that. On and on we go from temporary triumph to another sad disappointment. Life is often compared to an ocean and rightly so. It is composed of an ocean of tears.

That ocean is filled with flotsam and jetsam that once belonged to someone else. People swim from one to the other and somewhere in that ocean is a raft with a built in guidance system. Many have found it, though by comparison with the vast numbers of us, that many becomes astonishingly few. It is truly a puzzle for those who have tumbled to the real meaning of existence. Why are so many of us captivated by gold plated dung? Even the gold is without any enduring value, when measured against spiritual gold.

You can't tell anyone anything. You can lead a whore to water but you can't make it think. The tale of the 'mess of pottage' gains meaningful significance in that respect. Once the true perspective is gained, the common world becomes an empty desert with a beautiful oasis in the midst. Only fools believe that one cannot enjoy this world while remaining free of its clutches. It is we who clutch first, binding ourselves to transitory things. The profoundness of non attachment runs deep.

Selfishness is the most ubiquitous form of self abuse. You lose everything and you gain nothing. I know it looks different. It would be hard to convince most of us that this were true of Jeff Bezos.

Selfishness robs us of everything meaningful and anyone who has ever lost themselves in anything will tell you it is the best feeling in the world and that is why giving service (living to serve) is so rewarding. What we all really want more than anything else it to forget ourselves. We try to do that in each other; temporary respite. This is why the French call it, la petite morte... the little death. Sex and death are far more synonymous that one might suspect. There is only one thing you can lose yourself in and stay lost in, while being permanently found. It can take any number of forms, since the form is not the essential ingredient. It is merely a portal.

♫love... is a many splintered thing♫ 

Meaning that the incomprehensible one, out of its singularity, brought all the forms that ever shall be out of its being. The following drama of life is only that incomprehensible one, gathering all the pieces back together again. Once this is accomplished, it all ends and... following a pause, after the in-drawing breath, breathes it all out again. The whole of it is no more than a single breathing out and in.

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♫Shining Light♫

Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Once One has Melted their Own Selfishness with Love, There is No More Devil.

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It is my hope in this posting to give some comfort to the reader. The world is lurching and stumbling through the pottery shop of manifest life (the ineffable being the timeless and eternal potter) like the drunken, drug addled, sexually dysfunctional, socially crazed, rampaging hoodlum minded, politically correct bullies that are mirroring these trends of the moment.

There is a massaging, invisible vibration that is humming through social media, the wireless atmosphere, via cellphones, computers, conning towers; not to mention planetary interplay that is the soundtrack of the moment, articulating into the subconscious and provoking us all in various ways, according to our level of awareness and the degrees of our objective and subjective postures through each day, dependent on whether, or not, we are more or less pin-balls, bouncing off the bumpers of predictable experiences, put together, in the main, by multinational corporations who generate the massaging invisible vibrations 'bent on shaping' the collective consciousness to commercial and dark philosophical ends. Both of which are Satanic. That is the religion of Materialism, as is Atheism. These are inevitable byproducts of Materialism no matter whether it is Babylon, or Sodom and Gomorrah or New York or Los Angeles.

Levels of insanity are the vehicles of the personality. Some contain it better than others but... you can't function in peer group harmony unless you are mad.

Computer language is numbers, zeros and ones (hard to imagine this when you see all of the complexities that come about). The language of Nature is also one of numbers. A good analogy would be to imagine the snow covered mountain tops and then to visualize the snow melting and running down the sides of the mountain into the valleys and then all the colorful forms that are produced. I tried to explain this further and had to edit it out. I think you get what I am saying.

The world is programmed, ostensibly by selfish, driven materialists, powerful individuals who care nothing for those they plunder and abuse; who use them as canon fodder in wars for profit... I'm not going to elaborate on that because you should already know what's going on and if you don't, there is the historical record, which has also been folded, spindled and mutilated, by these same characters but the truth is there to be found, if you are determined to find it and as a last resort, (this should not be the last resort) the truth can be found within yourself.

I did say that it was my hope to give you comfort. What you will read is what you have already heard here, in one form or another, on myriad occasions but... it happens to be true and not because I say so. It is true because it has already been said, in one form or another, on myriad occasions by the greatest souls who have ever walked on the face of this Earth and by all manner of other luminaries, in one form or another, on myriad occasions, since long before recorded history began. This is why it is called 'ageless wisdom'.

This world is a world of appearances. These appearances make themselves known within the parameters of the narrow bandwidth of our physical senses. We are and have always been, actors within the stage settings of the times in which we appear. Other actors have come and gone, along with the stage settings for long before recorded history began. Under the desert sands, buried in the Earth, beneath the sands of the oceans, are relics of actors and stages long gone. The sands and Earth themselves are the residue of civilizations long gone and reduced now to tiny grains of sand and particles of Earth.

Our solar system is composed of a central sun and a series of planets, as well as our moon and other moons, which I mention because they also have an influence on our behavior and the various and ever changing appearances of the stage settings and all of it is present for the acting out of dramas, which take place here and which are generated by the unique combinations of the planets and their aspects and interactions with one another over the course of time. It is rightly said; “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Routinely we have periods of war and periods of peace. We have social order and disorder, times of creation and destruction, as well as the gamut of emotions that pass between us in our time.

There is an incomprehensible consciousness and intelligence that interpenetrates the whole of existence. Everything manifest is made out of it. Everything that lives, lives because it is the life in every thing that lives. It is the power of thought, feeling and action that occurs and nothing acts or happens that does not borrow the power to do so from this one incomprehensible thing. Over and over, this thing, expresses outward from a mysterious place and shatters itself into everything that ever is or will be. Following that, it moves among us through everything everywhere, gathering itself up again. At a certain point, it resolves everything back into itself and sleeps for a period of time. Then it does it all over again. It does all of this and everything that it does out of the motivation of Love, for the purpose of experiencing and discovering itself in everything and everyone else.

As the actors here, there is ONE true and enduring motivation that becomes confused by the multiplicity of sense objects and objects of desire. Desire is the agent of God's will and that incomprehensible consciousness is GOD (for lack of a better word). That one true motivation is Self Realization and the discovery of this can take many, many, many lives but... no matter how many lives it takes, that is the single, actual desire in everyone; life intrudes and waves every possibility otherwise before your eyes and whoosh... one life follows another, which also includes bills due, having to do with behaviors exercised, while chasing after the wrong thing that you didn't even want in the first place but you didn't know that. It is all prolonged and continuous suffering because nothing otherwise is what the heart really wants. It ALL falls short.

Manifest life is crazy, even at the best of times in Kali Yuga. As the materialism increases and continues toward its unfortunate end, it gets crazier and crazier and crazier. If you are not crazy and have associated yourself with the prime mover, ALL WILL BE WELL, regardless of rough patches here and there. The ineffable, once one has turned the direction of their lives over to the divine, takes the individual by the most expeditious course to liberation. We cannot accomplish this on our own and any effort on our parts is a hindrance; an interference in the process.

Utter reliance on the divine seems to be the hardest thing one can achieve and there is only one reason for the difficulty, which... when addressed, turns it into child's play. One is not fully committed. Herein is the difficulty. Once one is fully committed, the battle with one's own self is over. Hallelujah to that!

It seems so hard to be assured of one's safety in such chaotic and unstable times. This is because of divided faith. You might well have faith in the ineffable but some portion, unfortunately is in the world as well. This faith is the source of Fear and the fear manifests in a division against yourself. In other words, you are the enemy. Everything else is insubstantial shadows. One presented with the appearance of The Devil, had they the eyes for it, could see the corona of the angel that is obscured and hidden behind the demonic appearance. The Devil is God as he appears to the wicked.

Once one has melted their own selfishness with love, there is no more devil. What we feel, impresses itself on our being and shapes us accordingly. In aging we become a road map of what we passed through and the way in which we passed through it.

Either we channel the light or we block it. We channel it when we give ourselves away and we block it when self interest comes between us and everyone else. It is a sad testimony to existence for the latter. We are the living evidence of the life we lived. When we depart, we go to where we already are but more dramatically experienced and expressed ...because feelings are the language of what lies beyond. We have only to think something and it appears. This holds true in both the upper and the lower portions of the same realm. There is much truth to the understanding that we judge and punish ourselves.

When one who has lived a life of service to others passes there is no reason to weep whatsoever. Celebration is more what is called for. One more appropriately may weep for those who lived in service to themselves. There are beauties and joys beyond this vale of tears that are astounding and they wait for every true and noble soul. Do not concern yourself with rewards here. Do not consider praise or false words of tribute here to have any value at all. Such are the funerals of the rich and powerful; meaningless fabrications of false friendship and affection. Your real and longer lasting friends are to be found elsewhere; ♫we'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when but we'll meet again some sunny day.♫

♫it seems we stood and talked like this before. We looked at each other in the same way then but I can't remember where or when.

Some things that happened for the first time
Seem to be happening again
And so it seems that we have met before
And laughed before, and loved before
But who knows where or when”♫

End Transmission.......

A few days ago I was in a government building in a near by town. I was waiting to see someone and there was a magazine that had articles about schizophrenia. For each chapter, there was a small dialogue box with some positive statement in it. Before one of the chapters, in the box it said, “You are not alone” That cracked me up. I laughed for quite a while and again and again, each time it came to mind. I'm guessing the humor of it did not occur to the author.

♫ Imaginary Queen ♫

Here is the first pamphlet of 4 that will be coming with succeeding postings that are written by Joseph Brenner, the author of The Impersonal Life and The Way to the Kingdom. These are little known writings by him.

This one is called, "The Way Out"


We know that with many finances are often a problem. All followers of Jesus Christ should learn the law which if obeyed will enable them to rise out of all conditions of lack, limitation, inharmony, disease and unhappiness that may manifest.

You ask if this is really possible, and if there is a law which if obeyed will enable one to accomplish all that.

We say emphatically, there is such a law, and that you can be free from the fear and dominance of money, that you can have an abundance of all good things, that you can be well and happy, and can bring about an adjustment into perfect harmony of all departments of your life—if you want these things enough to train yourself to obey this law.

You say that you would do anything to obtain such wonderful blessings, if it is humanly possible. It is not only possible, but everyone who is filled with such a desire can do it. For know a great truth,--that you are permitted to be in such unhappy conditions by your Higher Self---solely in order that you may seek and gain the knowledge, the power and the ability to control them, in order to free yourself forever from them and to assume your true place in life, and therein receive the heritage of good that is here for you, whenever you become wise and strong enough to claim it and use it for the good of others and not for selfish ends.

First know that it is all a matter of consciousness, and that you, yourself alone, are to blame for these conditions: for you alone created them and are firmly holding them in your consciousness—or they would not be so plainly manifesting. All this we are taught in those great words, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

We know that you have heard this stated perhaps many times before, and so often that it may have become an old story. Some of you have tried to prove it and to rid your consciousness of all your negative thoughts: but because it took determined and persistent effort you soon grew tired, on account of the strong opposition met with, and you then dropped back into the current of the old conditions and if anything became more helpless than you were before.

Others may have heard of the saying, but it did not impress them; for they could not accept the assertion that all of the inharmonies in their lives are the result of their own beliefs, or of their past thinking crystallized into beliefs. They preferred to blame it all on someone else, and even God came in for a share of the blame.

The main trouble with almost everyone is that they do not realize how many negative and destructive beliefs they are carrying around with them in the subconscious realms of mind and which creep through into the conscious mind whenever it is free from interest in other things.

Until you can begin to study your mind and watch for and note these negative beliefs when they come—and you will find that they are actually beliefs—and refuse them further support, there is not much hope for you.

In fact it is the first thing you must learn to do. Those who are too mentally lazy to do such watching and controlling of their thoughts, are usually the ones who will not accept that their own thinking and beliefs create for them all of the conditions now manifesting in their lives.

But it makes no difference whether you accept it as being true or not---it is the law.


Now if you are ready to hear the law, we will state it in words that everyone can understand.

Note these words, and let them impress themselves on you, so that from this moment ever afterward they will live in your mind as a guiding influence.


Whether you accept this as yet or not, consider for a while the truth that every thought you think, especially those relating in any way to self, hovers around in your mental atmosphere, just as a child stays close to its parent. These thoughts being about yourself receive the life that maintains them from the feeling that you put into them.

In other words, the thoughts themselves are but mental forms, but when you think them with feeling of any kind you fill these forms with life and they become as living things which ever return to you, their parent, to be fed with more living power. For all feeling expressed is life, is vital power, and if you only knew it, all the thoughts which persistently influence your mind and harass you, are only your mental children clamoring for food and attention, and compelling more worrying, anxiety, or fear from you; all of which are excellent food containing rich vital power, and which makes them grow rapidly, until they become so powerful that in time they dominate your mind so that you can scarcely think of anything else.

When the fact is, these thoughts exist to you only when you let them into your mind---that is, they are of importance to you only when you give them attention and recognition. But on the other hand, their power over you and their life can quickly be nullified by simply knowing the law, and refusing to feed them longer with life power by giving them further attention or interest.

And it should not be necessary to state that voicing such thoughts definitely and speedily out-manifests them, for the spoken word is far more potent than the thought. Above all else you should guard carefully your speech, voicing nothing you do not want to see manifest. Always remember, however, that by preventing such thoughts entering the mind there will be no impulse to voice them.

So that you can see now that it is all a matter of consciousness, of thinking and harboring the right kind of thoughts—those you wish to out-manifest, and of letting into your mind no thoughts you do not want to manifest in your body or affairs.

And perhaps you can also see that what is ordinarily called thinking is only the admitting into your mind of thoughts that originated chiefly in other minds and which you of course attracted to you. This is also true of all negative, inharmonious and destructive thoughts---there must be something in you that attracts them or they would not come.

Many will still permit them to come, for only by the suffering, hardship and struggle to escape from their influence that you undergo, will you learn how to free yourself and gain the power to control and consciously direct your life to constructive ends.

That is the hard way, but we are now going to show you the true way to free yourself forever from fear and worry about finances, and from all other destructive forces.

We are assuming that all who read are students and followers of Christ’s teachings. You remember those significant words of His in the Sermon on the Mount.

“Take no thought (or be not anxious) saying, what shall we eat, or what shall we drink, or wherewithal shall we be clothed;

“For your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.

“But seek ye first the Kingdom (Consciousness) of God, and His righteousness (Right Ideas); and all these things will be added unto you.

We know that these words seem important to you, but we also know that very few take them as actual promises and try definitely and determinedly to put them to the proof.

But that is the very thing you must do, if you would obey the law; and when we show you how to free yourself from fear and worry you will not only be able to free yourself from the power money has over you, but you will have found the straight and narrow way to the Kingdom. And all the powers of the Kingdom will help you, if you are strong and determined enough to win the goal. For the Kingdom of God and His righteousness is only a state of consciousness where we do right thinking –where we think God’s thoughts only.

Can you do that? Surely you can—if you will. Then this is the way:



Think this over carefully, and you will see that it is the only way.

It may seem hard---at first, and you may not know what to admit and what to deny. But guard the door from every negative thought and feeling of whatsoever nature---from every thought that you know God would not have you think; from every doubt, fear, worry, anxiety, or concern of any kind; from every tendency to criticize, judge or condemn anybody or anything or any condition; from self-pity, jealousy, envy, irritation, unkindness, anger, hatred, etc. These will give you an idea of what are negative and ungod-like thoughts, and which must no longer have a part in your consciousness.

If you will keep all such untrue thoughts out of your mind, you can see that then and then only can your Higher self draw into your mind the true and positive thoughts that will attract to you the good that is waiting to manifest itself to you. For while your mind is cluttered with all those fearful, worrying, discouraged, sick, weak, poverty-tainted thoughts, how can you expect anyone who feels these vibrations—and vibrations are things you cannot cover up- to be attracted to you, or how can you expect God to inspire you with thoughts of a beneficial nature?

In fact, such negative thoughts actually keep away the things you are longing to have manifest in your life – for like attracts like. Think! Poverty-stricken thoughts do not attract prosperity or jobs; sick thoughts do not build a healthy consciousness; and belief that you are a failure invites failure.

You say this all sounds good, but when one is sunk so deep in conditions that no matter which way he turns he sees only sickness, hunger, poverty or failure facing him, despite months of effort to conquer the condition, to get work, or to do something to tide over till better days come, --how is he to think of anything else?

Yes, dear friend, we see what you are up against, but we also see that you are caught fast between the horns of a dilemma. You have sought help from the world of men and it has turned you down. You have exhausted all the forces of self, and you admit that you are completely helpless. And perhaps you have even prayed to God, and seemingly He has not heard, or He has not answered you.

But where—who is this God to whom you have prayed? Is he somewhere up in the skies, or in some hazy place, you know not where?

Have you prayed to the God within you? Have you turned there and opened your heart to Him, deep within your self, in the Kingdom, where your Higher Self abides?

If not, dear friend, then after reading this article carefully until you truly get its full meaning for you, pray to Him there; get down on your knees and in deep and true humility pour out your heart to Him, knowing that He as your Higher Self hears you, that He does know that you have need of all these things, and that He will answer you.

Go back to those words in the Sermon on the Mount and read them over again and again, until you get all of their wondrous meaning and realize that they are meant for you, and that they are a definite promise made by the Master to you---that if you will do what you are there told to do, the Father will give to you all things that you need.

Think! This is Jesus’ promise to you, and therefore it will be fulfilled—if you do your part.


You can do it, you must do it—if you would have the blessings which He promises you, and which we promise you when we say that you can have an abundance of all good things and that you can be free from the dominance of money forever.

And what must you do? You must not be anxious or worry anymore about what you shall eat or drink or what you shall wear, for your loving Father knows that you must have all of these things. But if you will seek first His Kingdom—that is, His Consciousness where you must think only His thoughts for you---as we have shown you how to do, and then will do what He tells you to do when His thoughts come into your mind, He will provide you with all the good things He has had in store for you from the beginning.

We know that we are telling you to do what now seems almost impossible. But, dear friend, this is the only way to win these blessings; and you say you
will do anything to obtain them, if it is humanly possible.

It is no only possible, but it is the very thing ordained and intended for you by your Higher Self –or He would not have brought this message to you and placed this ultimatum so squarely before you.

You have tried your way, and you have tried the world’s way, and you know where they have brought you. And now you are given the opportunity of trying God’s way! The way laid out for you in the beginning. Can you not see that it is now the only way for you?

Thus God brings His children that love Him finally to realize that they cannot serve both God and Mammon. For they must be shown that they are serving Mammon just as much by fearing him and yielding to the power of money, as they would be by openly worshipping money and becoming its slave when having great quantities of it. They must be made to see that by fearing money’s seeming power they are making it first and God second in their lives, and until they truly want to serve God more than any other thing, and prove it by their right thinking, speech and actions, they are not yet where His help can reach them.


So this is the ultimatum that you are facing. You have now come to the place where god holds out His hand to you, and says:

“My child, I would help you. But it means that you must give yourself and all your ideas over wholly to Me, must learn to think only My thoughts, speak only what I would say, and do only what I would have you to do. It means that you must not let into your mind or believe any other thoughts, no matter what appearances are or how much such thoughts beg for admittance.

“You have had your chance and you see what a sorry mess you have made of things. Now if you are willing utterly and completely to trust Me, and to wait upon and serve Me only, and will keep your mind and heart clean and empty of all untrue thoughts so that I may fill them with My thoughts, I will inspire in you the ideas that will lift you quickly out of your present consciousness---which means out of present conditions—into one where peace, harmony and plenty will be your mental children, that will ever come to you to be fed with loving trust in Me. Confidence in your power to express Me, and with the pure joy of living, that you will then be feeling as the natural and continuous state of your consciousness.”

Is this worth trying for? Do you really want it?

Then what are you going to do about it?

If you are willing to make a supreme effort and to put all the power of your will into it; will make yourself a positive agent of your Father’s Will, looking only and always to Him to guide and inspire you, you will truly receive all the help you need, and will find, if you persist despite any discouragements that may come testing your determination, that you will then walk straight into the good that has long been waiting for you.


This means that from this moment you must pay no more attention to appearances for what is now appearing is but the out-manifestation of what you formerly visualized in your thinking, and which your fearing and worrying crystallized into facts and fastened upon you.

Try to realize the great significance of this. It is not what you see as conditions surrounding you that really counts—it is what you believe is so. And when you know---as we have proven to you---that what you believe is the cause of what is manifesting outwardly as it now appears, you will definitely begin to change your beliefs into those you want to manifest.

Think this over, for it is the only way you can change conditions and their appearances,---you must remove from your consciousness the beliefs you are holding there, by replacing them with beliefs you want to see manifest in your life and affairs.

How can you do this—when you cannot help but believe the things that stare you in the face, no matter which way you turn?


We will now show you the way, a way so simple and easy that anyone can do it, if they will obey exactly what we tell them to do.

All that is needed is to say over and over again to yourself until you believe it absolutely, letting not a single doubt of its truth ever enter your mind, the
following words:


Try to realize the full truth of these words, to feel it, to see yourself actually living in the consciousness of it, going about your daily work in that consciousness. If you do this, it will bring the greatest possible blessings into your life.

The first statement should not be hard to believe, for you surely know that He loves and cares for you; for whether you know it yet or not, everything that has come into your life has been good for you, for through these things He has brought you to the place where you should be willing to look to and trust Him only, so that His love and care can give you all the good things He has had for you from the beginning.

And it should be easy to love Him, and through consciously loving and trying to think His thoughts, you can see that it opens your mind so that His thoughts come into it, and can thus direct you just what to do that will bring success, prosperity, health, harmony and happiness into your life.

Dear friends, we wish that we could reveal the truth of the above wonderful statements so clearly to you that they will live with you and will motivate your every thought, word and act forever afterward. They are so mighty in their truth that if lived they will make you more than man.

So do not pass them by because they seem so simple and commonplace. Stay with them until all their glorious import dawns upon you and you feel the change that they will surely and quickly bring into your consciousness and therefore into your life and all your affairs.


And now for instructions of a concrete nature. Let us take some definite good that you want to have manifest in your life—we do not mean things, but conditions that will bring harmony and happiness to yourself and dear ones; which means that you must make sure that it is good, that it is what the God of you wants you to have. That should be easy for He has ordained all good things for you—but you must know that and be able to see it as good.

Then build in your mind a picture of that good. Built it perfect, in every detail, so that it stands out clear and distinct as a finished and accomplished fact. According to how complete and distinct is this picture in your mind is it actually finished on the mental plane—the plane of concrete mental forms, which determines its physical appearance—and is it ready to come forth into manifestation.

And now if you will follow exactly the same process which brought into manifestation all of the present unwanted conditions in your life, only using the opposite kind of thoughts and feelings, as we shall indicate, you can bring forth into perfect manifestation this picture now existing on the mental plane and awaiting the action of your will.

We will take as an illustration a friend who recently lost her position. Several weeks before, this friend mentioned to the writer that their business was very poor and that they had laid off several who had charge of departments similar to hers, and she supposed she would be the next to go. The writer remonstrated with her and tried to show that that attitude of mind would bring to her what she did not want. Two weeks later another friend reported that she had said the same thing to her, and we do not know to how many others she had voiced it. But a few days afterward, as she had pictured it, the notice of her dismissal came.

Now let us analyze the mental process which created and brought to pass the losing of her position.

The conditions of the business, the letting go of other department heads and clerks naturally caused our friend to build a picture in her mind of her also probably having to go sooner or later, and through the fear of it she actually saw herself leaving. Day after day the conditions in the office, her talks with fellow employees and with others in other businesses in similar bad straits, and with those who had lost their jobs, increased and intensified her fear and helped her to build in the details of her picture, until she had it all finished and perfect. Then she naturally felt she would soon have to go. So of course it had to come to pass.

Now do you understand? The proof that she and she alone created the necessity of her going was, (1) she was the last of all the heads of departments let go, for she was the most efficient; (2) she began criticizing her employers and their actions: (3) she learned afterward that they did not want to lose her and they might give her back her position, having hired two young men to replace the other women let go.

But she had created on the mental plane the finished thought form of being dismissed and had vitalized it with her fears and other feelings, and as a result that thought form had to out-manifest; and so it forced itself into the minds of her employers and impelled them to do what they otherwise would not have done.

Now let us apply similar thought processes to the bringing forth of the good you pictured above into manifestation.

You have built and now see the finished picture of that good, but now instead of seeing a negative out-manifestation of that picture, we will see a positive and happy one. So every day and as often as possible during the day you will see your pictured good manifesting, affecting your life in every way you can visualize it; see yourself actually enjoying it and sharing it with your dear ones and friends; and all the time you are seeing it consciously pouring deep feelings of joy, of love and gratitude into your sense of its being an actual and living reality, your own creation, the product of your own spirit, which you are nursing and bringing forth into physical being.

And just as surely as our friend brought forth her unwanted creation into actuality, so must your good come forth and be to you all that you visioned and intended it to be. It is the law, and a faithful following of this process in all constructive thinking and creating will always bring the results sought, even as your destructive thinking brought the results unsought.

Study the above examples and explanation until the process stands out clear and true to you. Then study your own individual case until you see plainly how you came to your present state. Then begin to reverse your thought processes as shown above, until you express along constructive lines only.

Your sincere desire to free yourself—not just to ease yourself from suffering and hardship, but to know the truth, to learn the cause of being in any unwanted condition, and to gain the ability to free yourself from it, so you can help others to get free—will draw to you the help needed, and you will in time be free. Do not give up if your mind does not respond immediately, for it has formed the habit of wrong seeing and thinking, and you were a long time forming present conditions. Just know that if you persist until your mind sees that you are determined and really mean it, it will soon fall in line and follow the new ways of thinking you lay down for it as easily as it did the old ways in the past.

The main thing is to remember always that you are dealing and working with mental substance on the mental plane, and are not concerned with outer appearances and conditions for you know that by such work you are shaping and changing conditions to those you wish to be manifest.

We have now shown you the Law. We have explained to you its operation. We have made clear that by wrong thinking and believing you have brought upon yourself the conditions now surrounding you, and we have shown you how to free yourself from these conditions and how to create those you wish to manifest in your life. There now remain only a few more things to tell you to help impress it all upon your mind so that it will become a part of your consciousness.


The first is the importance of always being positive in your thinking, positive in your speaking, and positive in your doing. And never negative.

The negative person attracts all the negative things of life, all the ills, inharmonies, troubles that are in the mental atmosphere—the effluvia of other weak and negative minds; while a positive person attracts all the good. If you understand the radio you will know that when you set your dial at a certain wave length, all that is “on the air” of that wavelength will make itself heard. It is exactly the same with your mind; it will receive whatever happens to be “on the air” of the wave length to which your thoughts are attuned. So that it is “up to you” and you only what your mind radio gives forth or out-manifests.

Have you ever noticed how a positive person in a crowd of ordinary persons is always the center of attraction, always makes his or her presence felt, and always accomplishes things that lesser ones never think of? A most forcible illustration was once when driving on a thoroughfare where there was a temporary narrow road built at the side of where a new bridge was being constructed, we came to a halt because of a long line of automobiles ahead. After waiting for some minutes the writer got out and noticed perhaps thirty cars on the long decline to the bottom of the ravine and a similar line up the hill on the other side. But seemingly the left side of the road was clear all through. He could not see any sense in waiting, so he pulled out and started ahead and went through without opposition. While going up the other side he looked back and found a great string of cars following him, and a man in one of these told him they had been waiting back there for twenty minutes. Evidently two cars from opposite directions had come together with others following them, and they were afraid they could not get through on the narrow road, because of other cars coming.

It is always so in life; the positive soul gets there, the negative one stays behind, or tags along when he finds a leader. Why be negative? It is all an
attitude of mind, and can be changed simply by changing your beliefs.

Besides we are all sons and daughters of God, children of the greatest King in the world. Who naturally gives of His Kingdom to all those of us who know it is our divine heritage and who will accept and enjoy them.


TRY TO REALIZE THAT YOU ARE THE EQUAL—NAY THE SUPERIOR—OF ANY WORLD prince, the son of the King of any World Kingdom; for our father’s Kingdom includes his father’s kingdom; and if we could lift our minds to the consciousness of our true Selves as sons of God, we would go about KNOWING that all that our Father, the King, has is ours, and that all of the Father’s servants will rush to supply—to anticipate---our every need. This is actually so. Each one can experience it. All you need is to believe it, and to go about in that consciousness, even as does the Prince of any world kingdom in his lesser kingdom consciousness.

Then as a King’s son you must learn, if all that your Father has is yours, to spend freely of the riches He has given you with absolute fearlessness. For there is no limit to them, no lack of wealth, for it is always available—His resources are inexhaustible.

You must acquire this consciousness, you must feel even as does the other Prince about spending or using money. Think you that he has any fear of lack or limitation of supply? No, there is always a great plenty for his every need, for his every comfort, every pleasure, for every constructive idea; for he knows that back of him is his father, the King, and all the resources of his Kingdom. So must you learn to know that back of you is your Father-God, with all the resources of His Kingdom.


The quickest way to rid your mind of that old fear of want, fear of your job, fear of the power of money, is to have an absolute trust in your heavenly Father’s loving care and for you to pay out gladly your last dollar for the needed thing, KNOWING that by so doing you make it possible for Him to supply you with plenty more.

It is as if your needs must keep the stream of money ever flowing, if you would not clog up its source. For money, in its true sense is the means for the perfect expression of material life; even as the blood is the means for the perfect expression of physical health.

In both cases your mind must not only hold true and pure thoughts—God’s thoughts only---about the material life of yourself and others, and about your physical well-being but you must know that God’s Mind is the Source of all true thoughts; and by perfect faith and trust in Him you thus keep yourself open to the free circulation of His Thoughts in your consciousness about both your affairs and your body, thus creating perfect health and harmony in both.

This has been proven by many so-called “tithers.” They have created a consciousness where they know that, by using money freely in such perfect trust in God, and especially in thanksgiving and loving gratitude to Him, giving freely a percentage of their income to that part of His Work which is bringing the Truth to them, they become greatly blessed in this world’s goods and are put in a position where they can help many souls to come into this same truth.

It is the pinching and holding on to your last dollar, fearing that no more will come, that actually prevents your receiving more. For giving, more than anything else, helps to open the channel so that supply, both spiritual and material, can freely flow.

Now we wish finally to emphasize that the application and proving of this great law not only will bring financial freedom and success, but it will bring also perfect health, harmony, and happiness into all departments of your life. For when you begin to think only true thoughts about yourself, then of course God’s consciousness lives in your body and His thoughts rule your mind, and there can manifest only perfect health in your body and perfect harmony in all your various affairs; when naturally happiness must sing in your heart and be your daily companion.

So, dear friend, we have given you this message—one born of an intense yearning to furnish to those who are wandering in the darkness of present world conditions a sure guide to lead them back into the Light of Love, of abiding Trust, and of true Happiness.

If the Message, 'The Way Out', strongly impressed you and especially f it was the means of freeing you from desperate conditions from which there seemed no way out, we earnestly urge that you do all you can to get it in the hands of those of your friends who need its saving help.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Visible is going to be Les Visible for a Bit as he Visits with his 'usually' Unseen Friends.

Dog Poet Transmigrating.......

My friends, I am called away for a week into the wild. I will be without means of communication in the virtual sense. In the interim, 'the elf' will take care of all the affairs here.

Hold it together my friends. Hold fast to the light within for surely it is holding fast to you.

May God richly bless and protect you in my seeming absence.

Love abundant to you one and all.

End Transmission.......

Thursday, May 09, 2019

The Power of God is Limitless and the Power of God is Love.

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It is amusing, if it occurs to one in the first place, as it most assuredly does not in most cases, that so much of what we think we understand and so much that we have interpreted, based on the limited breadth of our experiences and acquired knowledge, relies on the terms we use, the words we gather to the purpose of making ourselves understood by others. What is amusing is that those terms and words are understood by others differently than they are understood by us. We might be talking about the same thing but we are not understanding or interpreting it the same way. So we argue about what is not clear to us in the first place and we agree on points that we aren't even agreeing on and the world turns and the tide goes out and the tide comes in and the rain falls and the sun shines.

We travel through the experiences that our previous experiences have choreographed for us, committing acts that our previous acts have determined by mathematical approximation we will commit as punishment or reward ...and outside of an early window of possible innovation we are tied more and more firmly to the wheel of certainty of event and outcome. This is very hard for most people to accept, much less to even think about. This is the problem with truth, unless one faces it with eyes wide open, it is mostly an unpleasant thing, because it invariably involves, disease, old age and death. It involves infirmity. It involves loss, which brings grief. It involves accumulated mistakes, which brings regret. It involves the fear of the unknown due to the refusal to face the unknown and the world turns and the tide goes out and the tide comes in and the rain falls and the sun shines.

Triumphs do not last. Riches do not console. Position makes a larger target of a person. Fame brings a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes, in the person of those one would wish to avoid more than any other. The real affection and honesty of those you call your friends are in doubt because of who everyone imagines you are, until you no longer are and the world turns and the tide goes out and the tide goes in and the rain falls and the sun shines.

Periods of sameness go by, especially for those grown comfortable in unchallenged circumstances, who know where their next meal is coming from, who are not under the threat of a mortgage, of money owed,  of the fear of catastrophic health concerns. I have no largess of money and what there was got swallowed and frozen by currency transfers and a fall off a steep cliff, where it presently huddles in hope of resurrection, while I had a year of Hell, with one major health concern after another and they cost me nothing because I had no money (grin).

A few months ago a fellow I know; not that well but... we have bumped up against each other here and there, suffered something like a stroke, or maybe it was a stroke and then there were complications and he wound up in a nursing facility with touch and go possibilities about recovering and... time passed, while he has had trouble being able to walk or use his hands effectively and previously he had been an  energetic and animated life form. Then... just like that...

About a week ago, I heard from a man that I had known for some years but only virtually. About ten years ago he had suffered a stroke and was left impaired in his movements, Recently his wife of 21 years was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He told me during one of our conversations that persons with this form of stroke had an average life expectancy of ten years. Such is the nature of this event we call life and all of us- with rare exception, can expect some variation on the theme.

My heart goes out to each of these people. They are the ones I asked you to pray for. Yesterday, I heard that the fellow in the nursing home was going home. This was very unexpected. I bring this up for various reasons but one of them is the notable success of prayer for others. I have experienced results, almost without exception. Some of the outcomes have been truly remarkable. This is one more example. I do not know if this or any of the results have been the result of these prayers, except that I was told they were and because there has been a consistency in time of prayer and time of outcome. All of this is incidental to the FACT that I know it is a FACT that prayer works. Belief is the major actor in this affair. I state in every prayer of this kind; “and I pray believing.” and the world turns and the tide goes out and the tide goes in and the rain falls and the sun shines.

I do not know how the situation continues with my other friends but the prayers will continue as long the world turns and the tide goes out and the tide goes in and the rain falls and the sun shines.

There are three qualities that everyone, who cares enough to do so, should ask the almighty for and they are Faith, Certitude and Determination. You will not get far without them. They are critical to spiritual success. Faith is critical because you need to believe; “faith is the substance of things unseen”. Certitude is critical; you have to be sure that what you believe is true. This must be unwavering. Determination is critical; you must have resolve. These three, that in some ways seem to be the same thing, all contribute to creating a certain thing and it will carry you across Hell and Highwater, to the lands of everlasting conscious and benevolent light.

There are only so many ways that you can go in this or any life. It may seem complex and Byzantine but you are either going up, down, or you are treading water. You can see this as being metaphorical, virtual or literal. It is all of them. The mind is a strange and curious thing. Its potentials and possibilities are little known outside of a small circle of souls. Some utilize it for good and some for ill and either are mere players in a drama. In some cases those who appear to be representative of malefic intent are actually employed by the creator for reasons known only to him. Asian Indian tales contain some number of reference to this very feature. My point is that if you judge anything by the appearance of it, you are in a position to be misled. Discard appearances altogether. Focus only on your own thoughts, words and actions. They will prevail over any and all appearances. The power of Love is supreme in every circumstance. Employ it at every turn.

Pray without ceasing by keeping the image of the ineffable uppermost in your heart and mind at all times. It does not have to be an image. It can be an idea. It can be a light. It is a light. It is a 'guiding light'. The mind is a monkey. It is either made still or it is not. The heart must swallow the mind. The power of love is greater than any other force of thought, words or action. It must be acknowledged as supreme. Let love be supreme in your thoughts above every consideration and you are on your way.

The nature of the agencies of darkness is to distract us and to divide us against ourselves and each other. Love creates unity. Love is the ultimate master of distraction and division. Everything is one, unless you make it otherwise. You cannot be led where you will not go. Love will be supreme as long the world turns and the tide goes out and the tide goes in and the rain falls and the sun shines and long after that as well.

The power of God is limitless and the power of God is Love. God is resident within you and lives and moves in you unless you hinder it. It is a simple thing. Either God acts or we do and that is why the world is filled with clumsy dancers and bad actors. One is successful in life to the extent that one allows the divine to express through them. Yes, of course, there are all sorts of people celebrated way above their pay grade, with no positive talents whatsoever, like the Kardashians (look at Kanye's face) and all manner of folk who are inexplicably successful past all rhyme and reason. This is just appearances my friends. This is all for the purpose of demonstration, as you will see demonstrated. Yes you will. All manner of characters are being set up for grand denouements that will manifest for them one and all. Never forget that we are in an apocalypse and never forget what the definition of an apocalypse is. This is also, no ordinary apocalypse.

It is simplicity itself. Let me reiterate one more time; the power of God is limitless and greater, not only than every other power but greater than all powers put together. The source of all things is the source of all power so... all power is 'borrowed power' and can be repossessed at any time. The power of God is Love. Love is greater than anything else. The source of Love is resident within you. It can be expressed through you at any time and all the time. You have examples of people who have exercised Love to such an extent that they have changed the world. What is the difference between you and them? It is a matter of degree. They have employed it more consistently and with a greater amount of Faith, Certitude and Determination.

Love is like a muscle. If you exercise it, it will grow strong and then stronger. Love is a fire; actually, “a consuming fire', or so I have been told. If you apply a bellows to a fire it will flare, oh yes it will. If you toss fuel on a fire, it will eat it all and so long as you are judicious about the addition of the fuel it will consume everything and get bigger and bigger. Fuel can be looked at as motivation and inspiration. Nothing expands in potential and capacity unless it is used. This is not rocket science but it is physics. Let's call it meta-physics but it's still physics. Meta just means you have extended its range. It's still physics. It's like some kind of law (grin). It is really simple if you think about it. Do it. Love under every circumstance and in every situation. Watch and see what happens.

It took me some time to understand this but... once you do, there is a force of desire, an urgency that attends 'getting it' that is so overwhelming, so filled with rightness ...and so... 'conviction' enters the picture and that is like Certitude and Certitude gives birth to Determination. Ignore the world and lose everything you think you know and all the grief and regret that now attends the hard to restrain memory of your failures coming back on you. It's a new day. Nothing that came before means anything unless it affirms this. Ignore appearances, they are the false impressions that stand in front of the real thing. Love and concentration will melt them away and you will be dealing with the real thing. If what you have been doing has not been working then try this. Give it everything you have and see what happens. I know what happens. Maybe it doesn't work for anyone else who isn't willing to pay the fare but... it works for me because, I am willing to pay the fare as long as the world turns and the tide goes out and the tide comes in and the rain falls and the sun shines.

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♫ I Have to Walk in the Sunlight ♫

Please pray for Robert and Freidom Pyle and Robert Hitt.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Love is the Everlasting Primary Expression and Personality of the Divine.

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We have written millions of words at these blogs. We've actually written millions of words at 'each of the blogs'. There have been a lot of words. Presently, I am reading the collected works of Swami Vivekananda. That is also a lot of words and it is often very dense material but... I am committed to reading ALL OF IT. I had already intended to reading it all but then... I was told that I would get a wonderful surprise gift if I did this. That was extra motivation. Since most of the people who read these articles do not have a voice conversing with them, in their head, throughout their each and every day; it might be hard to accept that this sort of a relationship does exist and has been around for as long as anything like us has been around. I did not have this relationship for the majority of my life and... if I did, I could not hear it. It has been only a few years that this has been a constant for me.

It is not just crazy people who hear voices in their head. Here I must acknowledge what may leap into thought in the minds of people who have been coming here for awhile is; “but Visible, you are crazy right? By your own admission.” Yes, this is true but I am spiritually crazy and that is something different than your regular garden variety or hot house exotic crazy. It is a managed and monitored crazy. In fact... and I hesitate to say this... you pretty much have to be crazy to get in range of 'the voice'. At least you have to be crazy in the way the world defines crazy. That pretty much only means that you are not 24/7 world mesmerized. The World, which is a conscious entity, does not like it when you are not in thrall. It's job is to keep you in thrall and it tends to think it is not doing its job when one or more of us slip away into other locations, while we are still here.

I am not wishing to imply any singularity about myself just because I have invisible friends. We all have invisible friends but unless you go to somewhat ridiculous lengths, they are not going to talk to you in a routine any time of day manner. I could always talk to and hear from them when I was on psychedelics (which is why I took them more than anyone I ever met and in larger quantities.) I am not seeking to be singular here either. The truth is that when you are crazy, this is normal behavior (there is something... something about that last sentence...). I used to say that madness is just a seashell beyond the sea's kiss; meaning that the voices of the world were akin to the roar of the waves and it can be hard to hear anything else, depending on your proximity to either. This makes me think of T.S. Eliot's “until human voices wake us and we drown.”

The truth is that it became more and more important for me to hear the voice of the interior, over the course of time, as the voice(s) of the exterior became noticeably more and more banal and redundant. I stopped getting a clue by that route. I hardly engage in conversation much these days, except with very few people, because I only want to talk about things of the spirit and very few people are open to that sort of thing. It makes them increasingly more and more uneasy because of the voices of the world, or what I call, 'the clamor of world glamour'.

As I was saying, we've written millions and millions of words and all of those words can be reduced to a very few words, which I will attempt to accomplish here. Real life can be consolidated into a particular view. It's pretty simple really. It just involves the ability to see Love in one permutation or another in relation to anything you encounter. It involves recognizing that love is not simply an emotion, whose depth and impact is measured by the level of one's comprehension, although that is pretty close to how it is. More importantly it has to do with recognizing... even more than recognizing...realizing that Love is a 'conscious entity' that works through whoever is feeling it to the level of their capacity. A time comes when the Love,which is more specifically the personality of God, communicates in an aware manner with the person feeling it and I think that is connected, directly connected to self realization.

At the base level. we hear the approximation of love at that level as a chorus of grunts, various animal sounds, some from actual animals and some from humans reduced- temporarily (we hope) to that state of awareness. Some of it is due to the loss of breath control. It regularly causes me to laugh out loud when I see sex scenes in a movie and the individuals involved are tearing at each others clothing and panting and making guttural noises. This, in its own way shows the life and death aspect and that is exampled by many of the dead animals by the side of the road in Spring. There are plenty of people, dead by the side of the road of life for this same reason but... they can be harder to see. That was never my method to celebrate a loss of control in that activity, which, of course, I accomplished during other activities (grin).

This form of expression, in certain cases, evolves upward into the language of poets and does not end there. There is also the language of saints and mystics (some of whom were poets) and those swept up in the marvelous intoxication of the presence of God. It is in the area of these forms of expression that one realizes and experiences the truth and reality that Love is a conscious entity. Love is a living thing. It is a being. We have heard it said by many a person across the passage of time that “God is Love”. This is true and I would here like to delineate how that is interpreted to me. God is unknowable, indefinable and incomprehensible; EXCEPT in his primary expression, which is Love. I refer to Love as 'the personality of God' and just as is the case with his 'qualities', it is a way to understand the divine being, by extension through the vehicle he moves in, which is Love.

It is hard for most people to understand God and one of the reasons is that they do not understand Love. In most cases, for most people, Love is a selfish enterprise... taken in the totality of its range, across the spectrum of a particular life. There are exceptions, like the love of a mother, or where one willingly sacrifices themselves for an ideal. The highest expression of Love is sacrifice and that was most clearly demonstrated by Jesus the Christ... in the age of Pisces. One need only give a cursory study to the attributes, associated with that astrological sign, to get some comprehension of how the divine would chose to demonstrate in that period. This is not to say that sacrifice loses any of its credibility in any other age but simply that it is brought to its highest form of expression in that one.

Avatars... of which Jesus the Christ was one, tend to come around in times of confusion, where people have lost their way. Surely, a casual look around would indicate that his next presentation and appearance is somewhat overdue. But... it is not up to me to schedule the comings and goings of the divine. Any time something doesn't make sense to me concerning the divine, it is an indication that I am lacking in my grasp of the situation. Everything about the ineffable is always perfect. It cannot be otherwise with the divine. It can be otherwise with me (but I'm working on that).

Presently... there is a horrible war in progress and the intention of those waging it, is to diminish all sense of the divine and to discredit all forms of worship and the celebration of it, unless it has been efficiently corrupted to the degree that it suits their purposes. Fundamentalism of every stripe is useful in that regard. It numbs and confines the minds of those associated with it and it drives away everyone in possession of an objective awareness at the same time.

At a certain level of spiritual evolution, love informs the person feeling it about the reality of love as a conscious entity. Love is a living thing at a particular level of its expression. One might say that before that plane, it is in degrees of sleep, from the deepest all the way to awakening and its vehicle of delivery is dream. I am sure that anyone who is familiar with myth and legend has come across parallels.

My personal experience is that it speaks to me on all manner of things. Sometimes it has to do with my behavior, both on and off 'the mark'. Other times it has to do with the world outside. Sometimes it has to do with events and situations to come. At all times it is encouraging and informative. It is kind of like being told to hang in there when you are pressed against it and despair of a way around; whatever 'it' may be; given that... in the ultimate sense, you are everything. You are the universe entire and forever free. We only imagine it to be otherwise and... if we trust the leading's and urging of that voice, we will come to know this.

One might well ask, “why do we strive?”, if in the end we will all be made free. There is a mystery to this, not to mention the potential expanse of millions of lifetimes and countless years. This is not my preference. Curiously it is the preference of many, who see no reason to look beyond the temporary delights of this world. It is not always delightful here but... the promise that it might be is enough of a lure. Once again I have to include Chapter 43 of the Autobiography of a Yogi. I cannot imagine how anyone can not be inspired and galvanized by what is contained therein. I mean to go there, or somewhere like it, and... I should point out that that is only one loka of many, many lokas (there are worlds within worlds- just as we have here). Having had some small vision of this truth a time or two, it is onward and upward for me.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

You Don't Need a Tinfoil Hat to Operate as a Human Short Wave Radio Receiver.

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He'll be coming around the mountain when he comes.
He'll be coming around the mountain when he comes
He'll be coming around the mountain
He'll be coming around the mountain
He'll be coming around the mountain when he comes

He'll be driving six fire breathing dragons when he comes
He'll be driving six fire breathing dragons when he comes
He'll be driving six fire breathing dragons
He'll be driving six fire breathing dragons
He'll be driving six fire breathing dragons when he comes.

First up this AM; a little history lesson, written by a truthful soul, sans fear. Most all truthful souls are... without fear. Each day I meant, intended to, write this ...but was restrained. Yesterday evening I discovered why. The truth of the article is validated by the information concerning the many physical attacks on the church in France. Did you know about any of these? No. That was an attack on the manifest infrastructure of the church. I remember as a boy of 11, walking through Notre Dame. I often went there on my own. I was an urchin of sorts, for some months, as we lived in a hotel called the L'aigle d'or in Paris and I was often at many of the historical spots in Paris; the Louvre, Palais de L'enfants and Sainte Chapelle. Notre Dame was the biggest thing I ever saw in my life. What stood out for me, along with the size of it. was the multitude of vendors hawking kitsch.

Mr Apocalypse is who is coming around the mountain and you should be able to sense it; be able to feel it by this time. The mutant zombies of the Left were drooling for months, years even, waiting for President Trump to be hung out to dry by Mueller whipped, zombie ferrets, who were supposed to find evidence of Trump having consorted with the Russians, to steal the election that the Hillaryites had previously, meaning already by that time, decided to steal the election their own damn selves. Then... and then? And then along came Barr

It slowed them down a little ...but they have got to see the report. They MUST see the report! Well... they will see the report. Now Barr says there is evidence that the ferrets from the Left were doing bad things, spying and such and it looks like some of it is tracking back to former President Narcissus. That's not all. Then the transgenders in uniform are going to have to rethink being members of the Village People with guns. The public is getting fed up all over the place and putting the brakes on the Juggernaut of Perversity. They are even making waves in the lost cause that is Canada. Perhaps it is not too late anywhere.

As told here some years previous, I had a massive Kundalini experience in Italy that lasted for some weeks, at an intensity beyond the capacity of my words to describe. At one point I was laying on a couch as Mr. Apocalypse listed for me some amount of the deeds he intended to get up to. As he was speaking to me, his words impacted with such force that my knee kept slamming into the couch-back as punctuation for his commentary. He said... more or less (not verbatim) that he was going to slip in among them and pull their pants down in public. He was going to expose and humiliate them, with ingenious actions that would render them frozen and mute at the sheer audacity of his imagination; how well crafted... what he would get up to ...was going to be. He said to me... “Visible, you know who I am. You know who I work for. You may then have some small idea of how ingenious I can be. I am going to be studiously ingenious and catch them flatfooted in their tracks. There WILL BE (knee slams against couch-back) gnashing of teeth. There WILL BE (knee slams against couch-back) wailing and lamentation. You may be sure of this."

Here, I insert a lovely and telling photo of one man who is at the top of the list. Have you ever see a face of depravity to equal this one? Meanwhile, across the land we hear tell of new levels of disorganized mobs chanting, “life is meaningless.” How is it that Atheism can be called a religion?

Whahahahahahahahahaha.... If this is here now, what will be there then? One could say there are various reasons for this. One of them would be that contemplation and awareness of a divine being, going incrementally more and more absent, could well be a factor. One can see that spirituality and religious practice are disappearing in American life and one can hear about it happening ... The answer is simple, Materialism displaces spirituality- 'alas Cynara, gone with the wind.' Or... as the Bible tells us, “No man can serve two masters.” Religion is a natural enemy of Materialists. Whether they get it right or not, religions are based on the shared belief in a divine being. Materialism is the religion of Satanists. One does not have to declare themselves a Satanists and one does not even have to know that they are Satanists. It is possible a horse does not know it is a horse and a dog may not know it is a dog.

That caravan of dreams called The New Age is still rolling along and that is because their premise is that we are all Gods. We are the gods. They don't tell you that to authentically be a God you must behave as a god but then... what that is is not so commonly known. Also, history gives record of many different kinds of gods. Some of them are not so nice; like the Old Testament Jehovah, or those gods from pagan times, where myths and ancient tales, give us stories of their occasional bad behavior. These gods were simply the persona of planetary forces, working against one another. Sometimes they worked together, when their objectives were the same.

The gender bending horrors of transsexualism and attendant oddities are, regardless of their comic appearances, not something to laugh at. They are outright dangerous. In Canada, they fine you and jail you for not using the right pronouns demanded by 'them'. This is the case, to a greater or lesser degree in all of the lands that were once colonies of the crown. They're working on similar things in the U.S.

The governments of affected countries should keep in mind a simple truth. You do not achieve peace by giving in to the demands of those squeaking the wheel, under the guise of one or more conditions that, they say, need correction or alteration. You get further demands and then you get other demands from other microscopic demographics, who have witnessed the successes of the party of the first part' “Is this the party to whom I am speaking?” You begin to get demands from ever more extreme groups and any sane and objective observer could well tell you, it would be better if you killed yourself now, rather than wait around for what 'they' have in mind for you.

One could say that the legacy of the church is not a good one. History says, without the opportunity for worship, there is something worse, like Bolshevik Russia. All Christian faiths are under attack. The attacks are from within, every bit as much as from without.

People are resisting now. People, in general, have had enough. Yeah... it's getting hot in the kitchen. Meanwhile there are all kinds of events going down that you haven't heard about. This doesn't mean a great deal to me, from the perspective of being inconvenienced. I stopped eating pork over 5 decades ago. It does mean a great deal to many people, especially the Chinese. 'Let them eat Tofu'? Of course, as many do not know but as everyone should know, the leg bone really is connected to the hip bone. You probably didn't know that was a spiritual song. Eh? What that means is that an increase, a large increase, in the cost of pork will raise meat prices across the board and the fallout will stretch in many other directions.

There's a good chance that what is happening to the pigs is not accidental. There's a good chance that the fire in Notre Dame was not accidental. There's a good chance that what happens to the chickens (but hasn't happened yet) and what soon happens to all sorts of things people have been taking for granted, are not accidents either.

I don't need a tinfoil hat to operate as a human short wave receiver. There are any number of practices and chemicals that can electrify one, as well as confer a magnetic quality. Usually a person isn't searching for these abilities. They happen as a result of certain behaviors; sort of... come with the territory. If you are 'actively' listening for something, your chances of eventually hearing something are far better than they are for those paying no attention; unless, of course, it's REALLY loud. Then most will hear it. I've been listening as hard as I can for awhile. There were times when I wasn't listening at all but I eventually heard about it.

Time to start paying attention. Actually, it's past time.

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Awaiting the Unshakable Vision and Experience of Every Single Mind in a Unison of the Shared Awareness of One Mind

When life is at its best is when it goes on around us, without causing discord and chaos inside us. Some things just don't feel right. Certain scientists can say they are working to cure cancer but then you see pictures of a human ear grafted on to some animal. This could make a sane person wonder if there isn't some other route to solving the problem they are allegedly engaged in solving.

There wasn't as much Cancer around in earlier times and certainly never the myriad of kinds of Cancer we see today. I'm not a scientist, being nearly entirely, right brain operative. I do pay attention. I find that not paying attention can have painful and even fatal results. I use tools like 'logic' and 'reason'. I know they've gone out of fashion for the most part but I still find them incredibly useful. One of the reasons they aren't employed very widely these days is because they get in the way of the agendas of certain powerful cabals that are engaged in promoting illogical and unreasonable trends and lifestyles on the majority of us, who have no great attraction for behaviors, whose sole purpose is a pathological exhibitionism, being exercised by those in search of some legitimizing identity because they no longer know who they are. Another factor is a raging hunger for sybaritic experiences.

What those so driven do not realize is that the motivating force for these things is not self generated. It's coming from pernicious enterprises who have an end in mind that is unknown to those being manipulated by them.

There's a mob mentality on the loose these days, screaming about Equality and Freedom for the so called downtrodden and persecuted classes, no matter what such freedom might entail in its effect on everyone else.

All the political correctness + identity politics + diversity brain power-washing, is for one objective only; the manifestation of Stalinesque Communism on the American landscape. This is the end game that certain forces have in mind for the American people and... far as Cancer goes, it is one of the most profitable conditions that exist for the medical community. They have no intention of curing it and have gone so far as to kill maverick scientists who have discovered cures. The majority of cancers are the result of rampaging appetites and toxic lifestyles. Certainly some amount comes about through environmental poisoning and other causes but mostly it is generated as a guaranteed byproduct of bad lifestyles and a culture in decline.

If you want to know who is behind most of the horrors being visited on humanity, you have only to look at who controls our information portals and especially who is making money from the lies being generated. ALWAYS follow the money.

If you have studied how Communism comes into power; who it is that promotes Communism and what occurs on the road to Communism becoming the governing mechanism in a country, where it has taken over, you find that Political Correctness, identity politics and diversity, or other like terms, directed to the same end, were at work in the run-up. You don't have to study the conditions in Russia before and during the Bolshevik Revolution for any great length of time before certain things become clear. We aren't all equal and never will be on this plane. When someone comes along and starts telling you they can make this happen, you had better watch out. In truth we would not want it that we were all equal. That would manifest a bland and insufferably pedestrian world, where aspiration and certain forms of excelling would no longer exist. It would be a gray world.

When you start seeing people like Alexandria Cortez and others of the new crop of freshman firebrands now in Congress, you should know there is trouble on the horizon. One should also be aware that Hollywood and the other entertainment industries are extremely powerful in affecting how the public is manipulated into believing lies and acting against their own best interests. There is a revolution in consciousness taking place and because we are in a time of apocalypse, where lies, old and new, are being exposed, certain entrenched forces are going all out to counteract the positive changes happening in the human mind. The status quo will stoop to anything, no matter how depraved, in order to remain in power and one of the ways they do that is to accuse others of committing the very crimes they are, in fact, guilty of.

We must ALWAYS be on guard against the efforts of those who seek to convince us of what is not true. Many have died or experienced awful pain from having believed what is not so. I don't think I need to provide any examples; the examples are everywhere. We may not, ourselves, know what is true but... what is not true, is an easier reach.

In these times, the lies proliferating across planes, platforms, lifestyles, infrastructures and institutions around the world is breath-taking. The audacity of certain liars is also breath-taking. Lying is no longer lying, it is just another form of creative self expression. It is what allows for people like Jussie Smollet to saunter off in an exaggerated, plucked eyebrow, huff for having been accused of something he did. He was accused and charged for something he flat out did. It allows for massive international corporations to engage in outright blackmail over positions of legitimate conscience; I am not arguing a 'for or against' here. Behind this posing and posturing is another front in the war against Christianity and everything like it, that stands in the way of a culture destroying free for all. I am not a Christian but I am a follower of Christ.

What is presently at work is a abominable attack on moral structures of any kind. It has less to do with the issues presented as it does with something deeper and broader, beneath the madness of the crowds, and those who inflame it. It is an assault on the family unit, which is the cornerstone of civilization. It is an intentional blurring of the lines of what is natural, for the promotion of what is not and it leads from one thing, to the next thing, to the next thing, until the next thing is something that might have awakened horror and outrage, a few things previously. It is a incremental shepherding of the ignorant, inattentive and indifferent in the footprints of a Judas Goat, through the paddocks and out upon the killing floor. It is clear and inarguable to any 'objective' observation of 'the evidence' but objectivity is now a crime. Anyone who calls attention to the visible war on harmony and balance, is now subject to be reviled and is a target for the truly crazy inhabitants of the asylum.

Step by step, powerful and lunatic, well funded aggressions against any form of normal are now routine. News Flash! “Today a wheel of Parmesan Cheese was arrested by empowered authorities from The Tribunal for Social Justice and jailed for the crime of illegal inter-species comestible appropriation.”

Today... as I scanned the news sites, across the spectrum from Left to Right, I saw the inescapable evidence of a country in free fall toward something as yet undefined ...but under no circumstances is it to be a positive outcome. Only The Divine can halt the runaway -out of control- catastrophe bound carriage now. How this may come about is unknown to me. Perhaps some spontaneous awakening in the hearts of humanity might occur. Perhaps, the day will break and many will have vanished to some undiscovered location.

At the same time, there are strange events taking place on the legal front, concerning several major courts withdrawing in unpredictable fashion from an issue in the military. Years long investigations against the president are coming up empty. Reporters are being caught out in false news reportage. There is outrage across the country and around the world against undesirable trends being forced on the youth though the education system. Forced immigrations are being met with force. For such a time there was a trend of many things toward particular ends and now there is a noticeable shift taking place. What are we to make of all this? Perhaps it is simply a correction thru imbalance seeking balance. It might be something else. We will surely see as time passes.

Each of us are responsible within ourselves, within our own hearts and minds, concerning the manner in which we live our lives. It could be that whatever judgment is upon the horizon is of a type to take place in an individual manner. A moment comes and the veil upon our eyes, that hides us from ourselves, is lifted and each of us is compelled to see ourselves for what we are, measured against the eternal measure of what eternally is. This is as possible as anything else.

Anyone who is still able to look upon life in a truly impartial way, knows that some summing up must come to pass, one way or another. Part of a continent might disappear and shake everyone in their shoes at the awesome spectacle. The heavens could open. The Earth might open. Both might happen, simultaneously. Speculation is idle for the moment. Eventually, Reality will rear its head, at a wide reach, or within millions of minds, suddenly presented with the unshakable vision and experience of one single mind in a unison of the shared awareness of one mind. Time will tell and we shall see.

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I know you probably expected an Origami that fit the usual expectation of the presentation being... being... I don't know. The blogs tend to switch places now and again and it can be said that you get much more Origami now than was ever the case before. Hopefully it all works out in the end (grin). Be well my friends! Much Love and many blessings upon you!!!

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