Sunday, October 13, 2019

In Search of Rest; a Spoken Hymn to the Divine Feminine.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I've been scrolling through the media of the day; the usual suspects and the home port (for the moment) at Pocketnet. After awhile it all gets a similar feel of being either an outright lie, or something woven into a tapestry of colors and thoughts to transmit an idea... sometimes I'm in agreement and sometimes I'm not and it doesn't make either one right or wrong just because I think it might be. I've yet to have enough information on most anything to be a qualified pundit. I've only got my opinion like everyone else, which, like everyone else, is a personal portal into that place where the sun does not shine. It is a sad thing that, in these times, that is the location far too many people get their information and their positions from.

The truth about the world is like a blob of Mercury on a mirror. Interestingly, the mind and its characteristics are very similar to Mercury and just as hard to pin down, which is what makes Concentration such an accomplishment. Many of us think we are capable of real concentration but on that I would have to disagree. Were we able to concentrate with force, we could cause whatever we could imagine in our mind to materialize before us. There are those who can do this but they are not to be found in the public square; most of the time. Faith can be teamed up with Concentration to wonderful effect and that is the reason for the scriptural phrase, “Faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things UNSEEN.” We all have heard the term, 'created out of thin air'. Come to think of it, some people do that with money but... I digress. God created the entire universe through the application of certain abilities and made it out of himself. I should here point out that God, in manifest expression, has dual persona. I should add there is more than that as well.

Because we exist, for the moment, in duality, we have the contrasts of existence to deal with. Whether we admit it or not, Harmony is the thing we seek to possess in our lives; go to either extreme and you repent of the effort. So we have the appearance of Male and Female and the Female often gets less of a presence in the hierarchy. In Christianity, that would be The Holy Ghost. I know there are people bound to argue this point but they will have to find someone else to do that with and... it's not the point of this short essay in any case. This essay is a 'setup' for something which will appear shortly.

Through the whole of my earlier existence, I was a worshiper of The Mother; the divine feminine. She who is the portal through which we enter into this sphere and she who is also the Active Principle. God, The Father, is still and motionless and acts on this plane exclusively through The Son. This is all going to be very simplistic so... forgive me if I leave out the major part of the presentation because I could still be here going on about it, even after I was no longer here ...and not come to anything near the end of it.

I am still very much in love with her but for the purpose of the work I do, I mention her far less than she deserves. Many people, thinking about The Mother, or any mother, think of her as nurturing and sustaining, comforting, selfless in her loving of her offspring ...but she is a variegated wonder and employs all of the colors of creation for her expression. You might think of God as the snow on a mountaintop. When that snow melts, it runs down into the valley and produces the riot of colors and life forms we encounter in manifest existence. She IS THE VALLEY. For all of her gentler sides, she can be exceedingly fierce and intimidating. Yogis and seekers who were unprepared have, on occasion, encountered her in the burial grounds and been driven completely mad by her visage as Smashan Tara. You could substitute Kali here, if that provides more familiarity.

Through psychedelics and an intrepid (some would say insane) desire to experience her, I went to some lengths on that account. As this particular existence, this brief appearance, winds down, I am coming more and more into her orbit again. When I was radically enamored of her I wrote many a poem and song and vignette about her. It was what she inspired in me.

I wish to share a warning with the reader about the Divine Feminine. There are any number of men who give women short shrift in the world. There are even those who mistreat them, traffic them, do all manner of evil things to them and think that nothing is going to come of it. If they get caught, as sometimes they do, some degree of punishment might be performed on them but in general, the persona of this sort of man rarely changes. It is caught up in their drive for domination and there are men who see it as the proper position for a woman. Women do represent the subjective in a sense but... it is ill advised to treat them with anything but respect and reverence. Here is why...

Unless you are Jivanmukti, you are coming back here and unless you possess the power of being able to precipitate into physical form on your own and... some do, YOU ARE GOING TO BE REBORN THROUGH A WOMAN. I suggest you use your imagination and consider all of the possible consequences of this. You might even reflect back on headlines and news reports in the media over recent years. Payback can indeed be a bitch.

The balance of Nature has gone seriously missing over the course of time. Perhaps it's been out of wack longer than we imagine but recently it has gone seriously out of wack. With the coming of The Aquarian Age, which we are now in, many of the finer qualities of The Divine Feminine have been awakening in the human psyche. Unfortunately... because of the force of Materialism, it has turned a great many men into behaving like women sexually ...and causing some number of women to behave in alarming ways that do not enhance their beauty or dignity. For those of us who are strong enough and MORE IMPORTANTLY- ROOTED IN FAITH, we are the beneficiaries of those higher powers of The Divine Feminine, which are empathy, compassion, Wisdom- via The Sophia, intuition, Virtue. Well... there are more, of course ...and you can scout those out on your own, should you care to.

The Kundalini, is coiled in The Kunda at The Muladhara Chakra, at the base of the spine. When this is awakened, it rises up the spinal column, where it finally attains Godhead in The Crown Chakra, which is the Sahasrara. Alternatively, before its ascent, it is the snake in the grass. It is the radiant energy which expresses in countless ways here there and everywhere but the point is, The Kundalini is female. The true drive for union in any of us, is with our creator. Spirit has no sexual identity. The soul contains both principles but that only comes into play at a particular point. One's sexual energy can be expressed in various ways but for me there is only one way ever again and thank God for that. When sex is perverted, the force presents as an offense against Nature and oneself. It is the primary tool of Black Magic. Once again, Concentration very much comes into play. There are some seriously bad players out there and you don't want to encounter them and you won't, if you are already beneath The Sheltering Wings.

I, in no way, which to disparage our sexual nature. We'd not be here without it. I am also not suggesting that being here is a desirable condition over all. We each have to determine that for ourselves. Some... very much like it here... at times. I am not one of them. This is not to say that I am out of sorts with my situation. I get the implications and the opportunities and I am good to go and happier than most. There are just better places to be overall.

It was my intention to come here and post a poetic effort of mine in collaboration with Patrick Willis and I thought I would write a brief introduction. Well... you can see what happened (grin). That was what I originally had in mind. The piece is titled, In Search of Rest.

(here is the text for those who want a written guide) and it is my plan to follow this with half a dozen more of similar content at Pocketnet over the next couple of days, in honor of that great and splendorous marvel, The Divine Feminine. I hope these provide some meaning for those who are so inclined.

Om Shring Shriye Namah

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The days are counting down for those who have been accessing my work at Blogger and Fakebook. I never have mentioned all the various ways in which they have harassed me. I just put my head down and kept on keeping on but soon now they are going to shut me down at those portals, not that I care but... you might... so it is best if you join Pocketnet now and don't worry... I'll be putting together a mailing list for each post. If you email me and give me your name, I'll put you on it for when the time comes.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

"The Summoning of the Orcs of Antifa to the Low Unholy Days of Satan."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Comes now the metaphysical blog and we are most assuredly looking at metaphysical times. There is a pending, pressing, sense of social unrest and uproar. On Thursday coming, the 10th of October, the Orc's of Antifa, plan to engage, in a manipulated aggression against the infrastructure of a society that hasn't been bothered to officially criminalize their behavior. Is this why President Trump has activated The Marines? Or is that due to rumors of an early Ides of March? The pampered, privileged and uninformed generation that composes the main of Antifa, are as they are because they are uninformed and have no sense of deeper purpose. I suspect most of them are angry and violent for precisely those reasons.

They know, down deep, where they have never ventured, they are hearing only unintelligible moans of “who am I?”. They are incensed that the world is not osculating their posteriors the way their parents did and do' “Honey... what's wrong?” “I'm depressed Mom. My life has no meaning.” It does for me Sweetheart. You mean everything to me. You are my own little boy. How about some Sara Lee cheesecake?” “Oh Boy! Thanks Mom.”

Ingredients in Sara Lee Cheesecake;

Cream cheese (pasteurized milk and cream, cheese culture, salt, carob bean gum), sour cream topping (skim milk, cream, nonfat dry milk, modified corn and tapioca starch, gums, [carob bean, xanthan] carrageenan, potassium chloride, culture), sugar, bakers cheese (cultured skim, milk, enzymes), enriched flour (wheat flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), water, eggs, high fructose corn syrup, palm oil, Contains 2% or less: whole wheat flour, skim milk, modified corn starch, corn syrup, leavening, (sodium acid pyrophosphate, baking soda, monocalcium phosphate, calcium sulfate), corn starch, salt, lactose, natural and artificial flavors, cinnamon, molasses, milk protein concentrate, gums (xanthan, guar), citric acid, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, sodium caseinate, carrageenan, konjac flour, agar, dextrose.

This is all they are telling you is in there. Look at all the wonderful things that commercial bakers put in their products. Remember, this is just what they are telling you and be aware that GMO is all over these processed foods.

These Antifa Orcs, are the offspring of parents, who were too spiritually neutered to discipline their children, causing them to remain children, with all the petulance and anger that comes with finding out that you have no clue about how to operate in life.

All the things, that those of us who are paying attention, have been talking about, are about to happen. It's not just a mob of disorganized colitch students and unemployed 20-30 somethings. There is a brain center behind the 'walking point' shock-troops. They don't care what happens to those who are too stupid not to be there. Those in the back and on the periphery WANT chaos and bloodshed. It furthers their cause. AND... behind the on site manipulators, are the Deep State operators and the NGO financiers like Satanist Soros and others. In tandem are the liberal politicians from the state or city, where the demonstration is taking place. This accounts for what happened in Portland and Seattle BUT this time it is going to be different.

They are planning violent, social unrest at a Presidential appearance and there is going to be a heavy security presence, who are not like the impotent police lines in Portland and Seattle, who were told to stand down. This is also a FEDERAL MATTER! Hopefully... hopefully those empowered to protect The President, are well aware of the intentions of The Dark Side in this affair and their controlled propagandists in the Crass Media. Whatever happens is going to be Spun, Fondled, Mutilated and Sexually Assaulted by the ones who own that media.

Here is something to think and WONDER about.

The Dark Side FULLY INTENDS for there to be violence and martyrs for their cause. Ergo... the sitting government needs to be aware of the stage being set. I can't imagine that they are not BUT... we must also keep in mind that there will be those, possibly hidden among the law enforcement and certainly among the Black Bloc-Tards who are rogue enforcement agents, PRETENDING TO BE these unhinged barbarians. This has been PROVEN time and again at G-8 and G-20 gatherings. It's a fantastic opportunity for the psychopaths with their face bandanas and black outfits. There is also going to be a serious (from what I hear) weapons and hardware upgrade among the canaille.

Pray for your duly elected president and for the government that still stands between the ravening mob and the rest of us. I recognize that there are many who do not like President Trump, or his methods; seeming lack of self restraint, absence of gravitas, OR WHATEVER... but he is the legally elected and empowered leader of this country. Most of you and those you know, except for military members, present and former, have not seen what happens when a mob rages out of control. I have. It is not pretty.

I never thought I would be praying for a Republican President. I never thought I would be such a Conservative as I now happen to be. I was ALWAYS an outlaw. I did follow every law that made sense to me but... if it didn't and didn't hurt anyone else, I paid no attention, except to exercise caution and be surreptitious when necessary. In other words, 'don't be an idiot'.

I have changed in so many ways. When I observe the rank hypocrisy and duplicitous nature of the Liberal Agenda, my innate sense of decency demands I have nothing to do with them. I am convinced now that they are determined to destroy America as we know it. I am certain they want to do away with ALL MORALITY, DECORUM and HUMANITY. I do not, will not, live in the world they envision through spiritual blinders. When I see mindless twits seeking to destroy the religious infrastructure (whether I have ever been a member or not) of a country, or to set people of one religious, or political system against the other. NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT!

When I see things like this, it is clear to me what we are dealing with. I am more outraged by the sociopaths recording the event on their cellphone. No real man or woman lets something like what happened here continue to happen.

Ask yourself why so many Democrats are in a hysterical lockstep. Ask yourself why various organizations and cultural groups are and have been virulently opposed to Donald Trump as president. Understand that anyone in power, who is not on the top rung, answers to those above them, or they will no longer be in power. President Trump wants to 'drain the swamp' and he's not just saying this. He is doing this. This has sent those impacted by the draining, over the edge. They are in Freak Out City and they have been in power for a long time and they have killed on many occasions to stay in power.

Understand that Bill Barr and sundry are going to be coming to THE PULPIT in a public forum and naming names and providing the evidence of crimes; SERIOUS CRIMES. They have been meticulous and painstaking and heads are going to roll. This means that those so affected, will go to ANY LENGTH to insure that they remain in power; ANY LENGTH. This includes attempted assassination and whatever they feel is necessary to protect their interests. Keep in mind that these Deep State forces have unlimited finances and access to all manner of weapons and explosive, not to mention assassination and suicide teams.

This is serious bidness and it is coming up very soon. This is WHY the president is taking steps and plans and protections are being drawn up because The President and everyone who works for him, knows what has happened in the past, to those who got in the way of the cabal at the top of the pyramid. The hour is nigh.

Keep in mind that... depending on the degree of your Faith are you looked after. You may well be in any case but REMEMBER, 'according to your Faith is it done unto you'.

The internet could go down. HAARP engineered disasters might occur. There is no telling what might happen. Keep your wits about you and your eyes- AND YOUR HEART open. Go with God.

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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Social Justice Warriors are the Pheromone Perfume that Ushers from the Bowels of the Prince of Darkness for the Lovers of Gehenna.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I was away for a week and in the time I was gone, the force of the lies being fabricated by the US intelligence community and their official mass media news outlets, has noticeably ramped up in speed and virulence. It is astounding! It is astonishing!!! Here is President Trump talking about Biden and his escapade in the Ukraine where he insisted that the Ukraine fire the prosecutor who was looking into Hunter Biden's shenanigans, OR the Ukraine would not get a billion dollars.

NOW... the Democrats are accusing President Trump of collusion with the Ukraine leader and for coming after Biden who did on video what THEY are accusing The President of, with no evidence. President Trump released the entire phone call PROVING that he did not collude and now they are frothing at the mouth about Impeachment. Unreal! They are seeking to impeach the sitting president for THEIR OWN CRIMES!

Once again, because it is VERY IMPORTANT, let me say; the offspring of Materialism is Insanity. Atheism is the religion of Materialism and Satanism is the operating philosophy of Materialism. Let me expand on this a bit. As Materialism intensifies, tissue paper lies become the currency; the actual medium of exchange, sexual practices within the population becomes more and more unnatural and are more and more promoted as Natural. As Materialism intensifies, the family unit is assaulted, the traditional lines between right and wrong and... upon which our entire infrastructure is based, are blurred beyond recognition. Tradition at every level is presented as offensive and a confinement of the free expression of the individual, no matter how perverse that expression might be.

If you are awakened, even partially, you know the world is insane and as materialism increases, the degree of insanity does as well. You must (should) be careful as you move through this world as it presently misrepresents itself; “Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” and also; “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves” I presume that most people are unaware of the fact that these are both parts of the same statement, which is; “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” How about that?

What you get is the forceful insistence that up is down, back is forth, bad is good and all the experts; the psychologists, the economists, the climatologists and many of the rest of them, who got a piece of paper, which authorizes them to be experts, because they studied theories based on presumptions, that were presented by former experts, on systems of thought that were designed to operate as a science in a culture that is insane. If you do not accommodate to the insane culture, then you are insane for not parroting the prevailing insanity so... therefore you are insane for not being insane.

All of these experts are paid by organizations, be they private industry or government institutions, which require these experts to represent the demands of the status quo; whatever the operating prevarications are, that benefits the system they operates in and ALL OF IT is dedicated to increasing the power and profit of the organizations that they work for. They are paid to say and do what their employers require of them, just as a prostitute serves the needs of the customers, who pay the pimp, for whatever specialized service they are after. They fake their enjoyment, lurching into emptiness, as the flags of deception wave in the poisonous wind, that ushers from the bowels of the Prince of Darkness. This toxic flatulence is the pheromone perfume, which intoxicates the lovers of Gehenna; death writhing in the wilderness of gnashing teeth and wailing supplicants, in search of release ...but release will not come; only an ever greater and greater bondage.

Lies... lies everywhere. Climate Change lies, tidal wave their way across the planet. Agents of this illicit garbage are everywhere. They are using autistic children as human shields. Recently I see them sneaking in to Pocketnet, with convoluted and Byzantine commentaries that have all the lasting impact of the Flat Earthers. Pocketnet members, keep your eyes open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not let paid liars and disinfo agents seize your Carpe Diem.

You can't get away from this Soros financed truth holocaust and meanwhile... whatever the case, THERE ISN'T A DAMN THING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. Regardless, China and Indonesia are pumping out many, many times the carbon Bigfoot Print of the United States and they aren't going to stop outputting. They are going to increase to the extent that it is physically possible for them to do.

Links are no longer necessary concerning how toxic the vaccines are but this one may prove to be informative. Here is an article nearly as large as those dedicated to ordaining degenerate, sexual behavior and it's all about hysteria surrounding children dying when- far and away- the biggest harm is to those who are left alive and condemned with autism and all manner of other debilitating states. As horrible as it may be, at least those who are dead do not have to go on living; in this terrifying go round.

How crazy has it gotten? They are now opening a Vagina Museum. There is a Penis Museum in Iceland. There are now CBD infused tampons and if you can imagine ANYTHING, someone is planning on manufacturing it. If you can imagine any act, someone is performing it somewhere, right now; if not in fact, then in their minds. There is a reason for ALL OF THIS. This is a Grand Apocalypse. The entirety of existence is being uncovered, all that was formerly hidden is being revealed.. or about to be. There is a reason that 8 billion people are here now. They may not know what it is but they did prior to their arrival. If you are carnal, all that you could desire is available. If you are spiritual, your opportunity for advancement is greater than most of you have any idea of. Imagine a series of cloverleaf highways, greater and more complex than anything presently extant. Visualize a portion of them in spiral descent into nether regions beyond sight and with each highway being wider at that point of disappearance than at any point previous. Now visualize cloverleafs trending upward into the celestial and the highways being at their most narrow state when disappearing.

I have been told of something called The Kali Yuga Flash, which is supposed to happen this December 21st. The author is a scholar of The Mahabharata. Here is a link that goes into some detail. I do not know what is or is not so and the fact that David Wilcox is mentioned tends to cause me to wriggle my eyebrows. What will be will be and it is ALL IN GOD'S HANDS. IF your heart is centered on the conscious living light of the ineffable one, ALL WILL BE BETTER THAN WELL. If not... while there is life there is hope.

While I was gone, someone saying he has no name, because he is a child of God left a comment at one of the blogs. Apparently his/her name is “I AM”. He/she seems confused about my statement, “I don't know” This is puzzling to me because I have, MANY TIMES, explained in GREAT DETAIL the meaning of this. Once more... though I have no doubt it will remain a mystery, here it is again; I met my spiritual master on a beach in Big Sur. Throughout the day, as we conversed, he kept saying, “I don't know.” This was done to trigger a deep and visceral reaction in me. At one point, while we were walking, it did. I found myself saying, suddenly and apropos of nothing, “I don't know” and I REALLY and FUNDAMENTALLY did not know. I could LITERALLY feel all that I thought I knew, leak away out of me. It is not possible to explain or detail the way this felt. NEVER before in my life had I felt anything like that.

Not only did I know, really know that I did not know but I also knew and still do that no one else does either. So whenever anyone is speaking to me, my perspective is that they are giving me their version of whatever it is. Sometimes that version rings authentic, by virtue of proximity to what I internally resonate with as true and more often, it does not. If you don't get what is being described here by me about my not knowing, my immediate takeaway is that you are one of those people who have convinced yourself that you know and NOTHING anyone can do is going to change that. It is the job of life experience to do that AND IT WILL.

Here it is in a nutshell, why I say 'I don't know' because it permits God to know and to inform me of what he does know, intuitively. If I think I do know ...then I have canceled God out of the equation. If I know, God does not. If I don't know, God does. So even though I do not know because I am limited by sensory reportage and no matter who you are, you are also limited in this fashion, for so long as we operate on this plane of exchange, I can know whatever God wants me to know WHEN he wants me to know it. That is how I AM. How you are is your affair. There is one feature FOR CERTAIN that will create distance between you and The Almighty and that is to be lacking in humility. Thinking you know confers that lack upon you. Realizing that you do not know, permits your resident humility to grow beyond your ability to resist it. Here is what the ineffable said to me not all that long ago-

“You no longer need concern yourself with past mistakes, with the construct of Good and Evil, or anything having to do with your former life(s), none of that means anything anymore and thinking about any of it, delays your spiritual evolution. DO NOT DWELL ON THE PAST. Try to keep, at the forefront of your mind that you fundamentally DO NOT KNOW anything but what I permit you to know. Everything you thought you knew was a fabrication of your mind, trying to make sense of sensory data. This varies like the singularity of a snowflake from person to person. Keep your mind empty, your heart open, and await me and what comes from me. Pay no mind to anything else. All appearances are a lie. Everything is deception, which overlays the eternal reality that it conceals, which is me.”

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Monday, September 16, 2019

"Not all Epiphanies are Serendipitous, nor All Revelations a Beauty and a Wonder; be Watchful."

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Greetings dear friends and welcome to the latest installment of Visible Origami; all day today I have been sitting here, or there... pondering, reflecting, thinking my way in and around a peculiar revelation that has come upon me and like with anything else I run into these days- having learned my lesson about so many things, by this time, I've had to keep changing the angle of my perspective to get a more expanded read on what I experienced. Regardless of how many times I might have done this, there was no getting around the fact that a certain amount of time was needed for digestion. In much the same way as the food you eat has to process through your system and get separated into what the body takes to use and the rest of which gets packaged for disposal, one's thoughts go through a very similar series of changes.

About ten years ago I was on some Oaxacan mushrooms and I was hiking through some German woodlands when I came to the top of a ridge, where there was a poster under glass that described the area ahead and some information about wildlife and a few do's and don't. I clearly remember standing there and reading the text, when another consciousness came into my own and began speaking to me. This was before the time when back and forth discourse came into play and at that time I would only hear from my invisible friends when I was on psychedelics. I was told that the information I was taking in from the poster was the same as the food I eat and that was the case with all sensory information. I was told I should chew slowly and thoughtfully and that if I did this, whatever information I was getting would be more fully assimilated and I'd get much more out of it. The conversation continued to the subject of spiritual texts.

I was told that there were stages of understanding that were possible for me if I had my attention fully fixed on the material I was reading, that the degree of my concentration had everything to do with the amount of real value I would get. I was told that there was one understanding I could get from the immediate reading and then another understanding that would come over time, as my subconscious digested what I had read. I was told that the surface understanding of 'inspired' spiritual texts and scripture was one thing but that there was a much deeper understanding that would come through revelation, if I was slow and deliberate, patient and fully focused on what I was reading. The interesting thing, as I remember, was that while I was hearing this I could literally feel my mind chewing the information, as a prelude to the following digestion.

Over the years that have followed since this occurred, I have had an ongoing series of these conversations and I have come to trust the source of the information because, over time, everything I was told, either appeared in my life as evidence, or came true. I've had people ask me about why I trust what I hear and how do I know the source is reputable and an authentic oracle. I reply that my experiences have proven all of it out and by this time I no longer question what I am told. In the times when I did question, or worse, went in a direction counter to the directions I was given, I paid for it.

When I met my master on the beach, such a long time ago it seems now, during the whole of the time we were interacting, he kept saying “I don't know.” I did not realize what this meant or the impact it would later have on my life. I was completely under his influence and completely unaware of this as well.

At one point we were walking along the edge of this stream and about to go under the bridge, toward the ocean. Highway 1 ran over the bridge. We were talking and he said something to me, I can't remember what it was and I found myself saying, “I don't know.” Then I repeated it several times, I don't know why and while this was happening, I had this visceral, deep to the core of my being, certainty that I REALLY did not know. Everything I thought I knew was being, temporarily, sucked right out of me. It was, by turns, frightening and exciting. Because, along with all the things I thought I knew went everything I believed about myself. I had no idea who I was but somehow that was okay. I suspect, no! I am sure it would have driven many other people insane. Fortunately... I had never known who I was to begin with and had nothing invested in the persona that I had been operating through. I did experience the incredible lightness of being in the aftermath.

Some months later, everything I thought I knew was completely sucked out of me, along with every connection I had to family or anything else in this world. The funny thing is that, after that, it is as if everyone else knew about this and I never had any relationship, any blood tie associations at all continue on, ever since.

This peculiar revelation I had today has set me back into a continuous consideration of it. I have been writing these blogs since around the beginning of the century and all of my interactions with other people have come about through contacts made through this. Since I am no longer carried on the large news gathering sites, my audience has been concentrated in a smaller number of people and I take all of my cues and the things I talk about from the resonance between us. As the reader knows, it is a common occurrence for me to discuss subjects that they had just been thinking about. This is no accident. It has to do with our commonality behind all the fictional knowing that runs this world, the delusions that control the masses of the population and the delusions manipulated by the controllers, who are well aware of this aspect of human psychology. Here is a maxim for the ages however, So long as you think YOU KNOW, then GOD DOES NOT KNOW. When you KNOW THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW then GOD DOES KNOW and anything you ever need to know, God will inform you of.

Anyway, now these writings have been going out to another audience and there are some people in this audience who know everything. You have only to ask them. This world of social interplay is ego driven and that means a whole bunch of people with cudgels in their hands, demanding that they are right; people who are suspicious of the motives of others, because those are their motives and they believe everyone is like them. If they are thieves, they think everyone else is a thief. If they are greedy, everyone else is greedy. If they know they are faking this or that or whatever, then everyone else is doing the same.

If the dog looks into a mirror, it sees another dog. Whatever the animal or person, this is what they see when they look into the universal mirror. This is how they create their anthropomorphic god, who is a bigger version of them. If they are vengeful, he is vengeful. If they are autocratic, he is autocratic. After a fashion they are right because this is the God they run into; just as the devil is the way the wicked see God.

So I am learning an important lesson here. In all honesty- and long time readers know this- I don't think of myself as anyone more important than anyone else. I don't think I know it all, or that I am always right, or that I know what is going on, or that I have the secret key of life (well... I do have that but... so does everyone else). The secret key of life is Love. Now... I could do just fine in this new environment, if I only can remember the one thing that I- along with so many others- keep forgetting and that is to STILL THE REACTIVE MIND; to not argue with anyone, to simply state the case and let fare what fares.

Unfortunately I have lost a little of my edge, my former deftness, because I am not used to dealing with deceitful and self aggrandizing types. I am used to dealing with the sort of people that compose the readership here, over these past years. I have had a real wake-up call. There are people out there who want to hurt you, me, anyone. They don't care if they lie, or slander. It matters not to them because they are the one's doing it and EVERYTHING they do is okay.

When people, who are not who they present themselves as, see you, they don't see you. They see themselves and you are someone as fully capable of certain behavior as they are and they are so sure of this that they figure they had better do it to you first. Most importantly, you should never tell them the truth about themselves because then they will seethe with a terrible hatred for you and long after you have forgotten about whatever it was that set them off, they will still be burning up with it. One of the Buddhas once said, “be kind to those who abuse you, you will put a basket of burning coals on their heads” (grin). Yeah... I get that. There are a good amount of wonderful people in this world and at that other location; probably more than we might think but... there are also a large amount of self wounding refugees, walking down punishment road and they would love to take you along.

I had forgotten a lot of these things because I wasn't running into any of them, except very rarely. That phrase from the Bible keeps coming back at me; “Be ye as wise as serpents but as harmless as doves.” Also; “behold, I send you out as sheep among the wolves.”

I already knew, or I did know, (even though I don't know) that there is nothing any of these people can do to me. As another Buddha said, “If a man brings you a gift and you do not accept it, to whom does that gift then belong?” Right. Still, in my usual Pollyanna fashion, I forgot all about hard learned lessons of the past. I have been reminded. Well... I've said what I have to say; not as comprehensively as I might have liked but... I'll get to that up the road (grin). I wanted to leave you with something nice so... here you go-

Something happened last night, concerning a reader and afterwards, I burst into tears. I wept for some time. Then I went into the alcove just off the living room to mention it to my friend and Jackie Evancho was singing on my friend's computer. If you do not know who Jackie Evancho is, you are in for a real treat.

Doubt the presence of God and his angels? Doubt no more because an angel of God is singing through this young lady and if you can't hear and feel it... ah... there is nothing I can say to that.

She is a sweet treasure and further proof to me (as if I needed any) that God is real. In a sense, God is as real as we are... if we choose to be real. Here is one last offering from her and you can find many more on the net. I think someone in her family has gender issues, not that that matters.

She is 18 this year and I had the good fortune to catch her at 10 years old, which is what you will see and hear in those links. How can I describe how my heart soared on every note of her singing? This made me reflect on how truly fortunate I am; not in worldly goods, or other material assets. I don't look like Tom Cruise. I am not an international celebrity. I do not sit in one of the seats of temporal power, nor do I aspire to any of those assured embarrassments further in the wind. If you have God in your life, you need nothing else and God is in no one's life because he went and got permission first.

Whether God is or is not in your life is of real importance only to you and only you need be convinced of it. What anyone else thinks is irrelevant. One thing I think all of us can agree on, whether God is in our lives or not, is that when God comes into anyone's life, there is no doubting that it happened. If it is real then the impact of it is real too and it is also something that gives evidence of its presence to others as well. Certainly not to those who do not have God in their lives, or who claim to have God in their lives but do not. The truth is that ALL will be revealed. Lies will be shown to be lies. Evil done will not remain concealed.

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Sunday, September 08, 2019

The Entire World is a Distraction from the Power Upon which it Relies for its Existence.

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Welcome to Visible Origami, our go to metaphysical blog, wherein we investigate the world outside the parameters of the sensory apparati. Being born with an imaginative disposition and then being beaten and abused into a state of chronic schizophrenia, I spent many of my early years outside the parameters of the pedestrian senses. I'm not sure I would have survived otherwise. Some years later, when I discovered psychedelics, it was like old home week on turbo-nova steroids. I took to it like a hydrogen molecule to a threesome with oxygen.

Later... when I came upon eastern religions and the teachings attendant, My mind quickly dovetailed with their idea that this life, is most certainly a dream state. It took me awhile to learn not to disturb the sleepwalkers going by in all directions. It took me about the same length of time to realize that 'they' were not going to get what I was experiencing, until certain absolutely necessary transformations took place; whether that be through trauma, some greater catastrophe, or serendipitous epiphany, as a byproduct of Grace. This put me in the position of having to leave depth charges and time bombs along the route of my passage, just as others had done for me, across the centuries and millennia prior to. When I was very young, I thought of it as footprints left for me to follow and follow I did.

People exist in three states of presentation. There is a period when the past is their general reference to anything they are discussing. There is a period where the present is the only reference to anything they are discussing and... in certain rare circumstances, one is speaking into the future and whatever the reverse of an echo is, comes into play, as the mechanism of resonance, for comprehension that... isn't taking place right then. You with me so far (grin)?

It can be a very scary thing to find out that what you thought was reality, is not real. It can cause a person to go insane because they cannot process it. Among those, you have people who manage somehow, in the aftermath and those who cannot. At this very moment there are a frightening number of people who have gone mad or are about to. Urban environments are littered with these ship wrecked souls, washed up on strange (to them) shores, who make their way in various stages of defensive intoxication and seek death on the most available avenue. It is a common feature of materialism that suicide and despair begin to reach epidemic proportions. It's funny- but not hah hah- when you have EVERYTHING and realize that something is missing. This is a common experience for them that do.

There is a great and resentful wailing about slavery in these times and that is because there is such opportunity to indulge in it; never realizing that the proliferation of this and all kinds of other insanities are being promoted by a specific group of people who control the information highway. I should point out that these are descendants of the people who owned the slave ships that brought the slaves to the new world. One can find historical proof that surely as many members of every other color and kind have been enslaved at another time. We possess only a fragment of the histories that have come and gone. What is really taking place is that the servants of the Prince of Darkness are abroad, stirring hatred, dissension, discord and chaos wherever the fertile fields of ignorance are to be found. Things like Antifa did not come out of nowhere. The evil and terrible horror of mob justice is always lurking at the borders of the shadow but it is the spiritual light in our larger grouping of the sane that has kept it at bay.

The power of God comes and goes in human personalities all the time. All the great heroes, the real ones, were inspired by the single master of us all.

All the good guys and the bad guys too; for the sake of drama and the purpose of demonstration. He can change from and into anything in the wink of an eye. And you and I? We will be judged in the quietude of exposure, to our own deeds, through the eyes of every witness who experienced it. We will be judged according to our capacity for love, to the degree that we let our personal self go and allow the cosmic dancer to flow through our being and twist and leap, in the choreographed footsteps of extemporaneous and inspired spontaneity, as our true freedom burns through every prison bar and through all of the armies and warders and agents of darkness that were only there for the purpose of seeing if we had it in us or not. Until we show that we do, the labyrinths of confinement will materialize in that space that exists between us and whatever is blocking the sun that seeks to shine on and through us and it will never be other than you and I who stands between you and I.

You and I are our own shadow, the false self, built out of the coalesced particles of darkness, that are attracted to one another by the radiant heat of ignorant desire, which creates spiritual rebellion. The luminous and living light of God reveals all. In it nothing can be hidden. It is like the ever recurrent tale of Adam and Eve, whose nakedness was revealed to them as shameful. The literalist fundies take the whole of The Bible as being literal truth, when it is often analogy and metaphor, much like the parables of Jesus the Christ and any other who has been Christed, which means the spirit of God is now consciously resident in their being. It was always so but not recognized. When one experiences transcendent awareness, the false self is dematerialized, as if it had never been and... it never was! This is how one can be forgiven of their sin; the one engaged in it is no longer present. “Behold! All things are become new.” To cast off the old man is to cast off death. One who is hosting the eternal spirit of the living God is no longer subject to the protocols of mortality.

There is a perpetual argument going about among the uninformed, they being the only ones who engage in argument in any case. The wise do not argue. They know full well that they do not know, just as they know that there is one who does know and who is resident within. That argument is whether one is or is not God. I've listened to both sides of the equation and have decided for myself that I would prefer to be a servant of God. This runs contrary to Advaitism. Here is a westerner explaining what Advaita is. My feeling is that this person talks far too much about it to know what he is talking about but... that is neither here nor there (heh heh- here nor there... heh heh- never mind) I recognize the truth of Advaita BUT I, willingly, choose the posture of duality because it allows me to be an eternal subject of the everlasting. In other words, I seek to be apart so that I can adore my creator.

Yes... the time comes when one is in true union with the beloved but... one MUST realize that in terms of mind and in terms of being a being in the context of manifest life... all of these things exist in a state of contradiction. I don't care, given that it is all 'neti-neti' it is none of these things, it is all of these things, it is rather more a gestalt, which is where the total is MORE than the sum of its parts.

I have studied in all of the systems that there are that I could find. In some cases it did not take very long for me to know it was not for me, or in cases like Tantra, where it was beyond me and not permitted for me, in any case, without a bonafide teacher. In cases like Judaism, Scientology and a host of similar methodologies, it was Satanism in camouflage. What I was left with was Bhakti Yoga, which is the practice of pure devotion and love for the creator and lord of all things. True Christians are Bhakti practitioners, as are any devotees who are able to lose all sense of their personal and separate self in the love of the beloved.

Here is a beautiful secret that hides in plain sight, or for as long as it is present but has not yet been pointed out to you. One can pursue the path of Wisdom, which is called Jnana, also the path of knowledge and self realization, or one can pursue the path of Devotion, which is called Bhakti. In the former one can become as wise as Solomon and know all there is to know BUT... he will still have to come back and walk the path of Love. However, the one who walks the path of Love has the other added in as one of the perks of the way. Like the scripture says, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all else will be added unto you.”

I did not choose the path of Love, simply due to being a poet and a lover of God, but because of the danger inherent in all of the other ways and means. In this time of utter deception and material darkness, it is VERY difficult to achieve true liberation and all too easy to be seduced by the glamours of the world. I'm just not smart enough, nor strong enough to trust myself in anything but unqualified love.

There is an ancient tale told about Solomon, which is not widely known. As the result of his mastery of all of the arcane arts, he knew that he was going to die on a Saturday, so... at a certain point, he spent that entire day in prayer, knowing he could not be taken under those circumstances. So God sent an angel to distract him and... whoops. It does make me wonder how wise he really was though, to seek to evade going through the portal into paradise ...but many tales and teachings exist for the beauty of the weave in the tapestry. It is all the color and drama of life that makes it such an epic movie. The reels are changed as our roles are changed and on and on we go in search of whatever is meaningful to us. The question is; is it meaningful in and of itself? Is it eternally meaningful? Otherwise it is just one pedestrian passion after another. We pick up a toy only to discard it when something else glitters. On and on it goes.

I am tired of this place. It holds no attractions for me. If I were young again and filled with all the fire of passion for the experience of life, I would run away as fast as I could manage, indeed that was what I did to begin with but there is so much that is not in our hands. What IS IN OUR HANDS is our reactions and our intentions. The key to the mastery of life is in the mastery of the reactive mind. Oh my! Look at the time! He looks at his wrist, upon which there is no watch, nor has been and well... that's going to have to be it. Even though time is only a construct of the mind, it plays quite a tune in this theater of the absurd.

(Nothing stated in this posting should be an indication that I have any idea of what I am talking about whatsoever; I would say 'caveat emptor' but this didn't cost you anything but your time.)

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A note of interest; this morning I saw where troublemaker Antonio Brown was gotten rid of by the Oakland Raiders. I went to my friend and said, "The Patriots will pick him up soonest." An hour later I heard this had happened. I shoulda made a bet in Vegas (grin). Anyway... if they can get the egomaniac under control, Tom Brady to Antonio Brown will be devastating for the league!!! and I am a Pats fan; have been since 1999 when Brady came in. However... with Brady's time soon to end, who shows up? My quarterback of the future, Baker Mayfield! AND he gets the most amazing backup players- like magic... heh heh... I love it when these things happen!!!

Sunday, September 01, 2019

The Supernal Realm and the Infernal Realm and the Industrious Angels that Fly Between.

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This is the metaphysical corner in Visibilandia. Although we do not feature (at this location) discount crystals, Chakra Khan Cleansing, psychic past life readings from our resident Hell's Angel leather nun, Hallelujah- Oil Slick- Rainbow Morning, Reiki Applied, Lower Astral Colonics Twerking, or any number of other seriously sophisticated, new age, hornswaggle hulas, horizontal hulas or any hulas; not even bobble head hulas, we do have a few things you are extremely unlikely to run across at Divine Travel Cruises, hosted by that Renaissance Woman of All Things for All Ages on the Sliding Scale for Bell Curve Ex-Pats, Susan Shumsky who, no matter what anyone says, is not in it ONLY for the money; wait until you read about all the cool things she can do and is a master of!!! She even 'teaches' intuition! Wow! How do you teach Intuition? And Boy Howdy for that! There is a whole list of accomplished Masters of The Universe at that page. Here is just one of the fantastic, To the Moon Alice! Trips that you can go on. Wait!!! There's more!!! If you order now, you can go here to sign up for more things than you ever imagined were possible!!! You can just keep going to one place after another, for as long as your bank account or trust fund makes possible.

To be honest, I can't do all the things that Susan and the other people at that page can do. However, to be fair, neither can Susan or the other clowns. You really owe it to yourself to read the bios of the people who will be resident at the Too the Moon, Alice Trip on UFOs, most especially, Zadok 'Ra' Osiris. Not only are nearly all of them from 'a particular genetic demographic' but as you study their claims, well... why not just see for yourself? There are all kinds of opportunities to 'pay in advance' for certain 'services' that will be available on the cruise. Sadly, these are not going to be the kind of services you might have paid for in another time and place from practitioners dressed by Victoria's Secret, where you might have felt like you got your money's worth, as long as you don't get arrested but... the good news is that you can still remind yourself that, regardless... you did get screwed, even if it wasn't in the way you had hoped it might be but they do provide a champagne brunch.

I try very hard not to say I can do things that I cannot do. There are several reasons for this. One of them is that I do not want to be exposed as a fraud or a con artist. Now... it is true that there are people who think of me in a less than positive light but it isn't from selling pink slime as hamburger. Another reason is that I truly hate to disappoint people and promise something that cannot be delivered. What I promise, CAN BE delivered but it will cost you something; not money, which is the least valuable of what you possess. It will cost you time and effort and it will require Faith, Certitude and Determination. I suspect none of you would really appreciate it anyway, if it didn't cost time and effort. There is a certain satisfaction we gain from putting our life blood and our sweat into something; be that allegorical or metaphorical, after a fashion, or not. In this case you have to impress the source of the item(s) you are after and that source is not easily impressed. One finds out fairly quickly whether they are up to it or not.

I want to talk to you about spiritual powers. Most of you already have these powers but may not be aware of how to activate or employ them. It is NOT A GOOD THING to seek after powers of any kind. You are responsible for the results from your performance of them. Many an offender deeply wishes, in the aftermath, that they had not tried to be The Sorcerers Apprentice. It is always best to let these things develop naturally on their own, as the fruits of austerities and spiritual practices. That said, the evolution CAN BE hothoused. Sitting on top of every physical sense, is a spiritual sense and one of the main reasons that we cannot access these senses, is because we have, through habit and routine, overly identified with the physical side of our senses. This is especially true in times of material darkness.

There are some spiritual powers that we don't recognize as being spiritual powers. I assure you they are exactly that. We consider these powers to be qualities. Among them are Compassion, Understanding, Integrity, Faith, Certitude and Determination among quite a few others. These qualities, in their higher aspect, are the qualities of God and correctly employed, they can have the same impact as when they are exercised by divine agency. What we call Angels and what are termed Devas in the East, individually embody these qualities. There are grades of angelic beings. The Invisible Hierarchy and the Angelic Kingdom are not unlike the levels of management in a large corporation.

You might think that Archangels are the highest in the ranks. This is not so. I, in NO WAY, am an expert on angels. Most of what I know about angels is that they exist and this is because I have direct experience of that. According to certain arcane traditions, angels exist in 'spheres', of which there are three. Among angels, Seraphim are considered the highest because they are closest to God. After them come Cherubim, then Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels and then, your generic angel. The last of these are our intermediaries and guardian angels come out of this group. You can do your own research if you are of a mind and want to know what the various ranks of angels do.

Isn't it interesting that in the common parlance of today, Seraphim and Cherubim are seen as cuddly little creatures on Valentine Cards and such?

The qualities I spoke of would no doubt be represented by the Virtues and in some cases, Powers. There is an angel who oversees each of the physical senses. There are angels that regulate the other angels. Angels, though mostly unseen, are involved in every aspect of human existence. This is also true of animals and plants as well. When you have demonstrated yourself to be a legitimate representative of ANY of the higher aspects of human behavior, you are going to come into contact with angels. I could go on and on about this subject but that is not the purpose of this posting.

I do have a question though, why is it that the only people who seem to see angels, are complete airheads and are looking to charge you for talking about them and- should you be foolish enough to oblige- will find yourself never wanting to hear about angels again. It just seems to me... I could be wrong, of course but... it just seems to me that any self respecting angels would tear off in the opposite direction the moment they even saw one of these people approaching.

It is angels who activate the spiritual powers in you that have been mentioned here. Contrary to what most people think, EVERYTHING you think and say and do is SEEN and KNOWN and recorded by an angel and perhaps even more so these days, by their opposite number in the infernal kingdom. We exist in the aptly named Middle Earth. Above us, after a manner of speaking, is the supernal kingdom (Kingdom of God). Below us and often, all around us, is the Infernal Kingdom. There is a spiritual war that 'appears' to be taking place and the objective is to bring Heaven on Earth, or alternatively, Hell on Earth. One could accurately state that both of these exist in the manifest, in certain locations on this planet. At this very moment there are people experiencing unimaginable brutality and others who are in states of also unimaginable rapture and grace.

As we make the ineffable the centerpiece of our existence, we are immediately led toward that greatest of all encounters. It starts right off. At any point one can step away into the pedestrian and mundane and most do. It is the rare and singular soul who has convinced themselves that THIS IS ALL THERE IS. For them, the keys to the kingdom of heaven are forged.

Most people believe that there is a principle of uncertainty in life; that there is such a thing as random occurrence. Most people, in one fashion or another, believe that the devil wars against God with some expectation of success. Surely from conditions here on Earth, it can seem that way. The Devil has only the power rendered by anyone through Fear and fear can ONLY manifest through a departure from righteousness. Otherwise there is no reason for any progeny of the most high to fear ANYTHING... EVER. Another interesting and mathematically dependable thing is that NO negative attribute can exist simultaneously in the same place as real Love. Love displaces Fear, Anger, Hate; all of those and their fellow travelers. It is some kind of cosmic truism, perfect love casts out fear and all of the others too.

I am going to state something that many of the readers have seen before but... since there is a new audience these days, it bears repeating. Any of you are free to disagree with what I say here but you will get no argument from me about it. All are free to believe what their present level of awareness permits for them; THE DEVIL WORKS FOR GOD. He is an employee. He operates as the tempter here to test the faith of humanity, until that faith has been justified in revelation. Following that, there is no further need for testing. At NO TIME is the almighty God not in complete control of EVERYTHING, nor shall there ever come such a time. That is the reason for the title of 'almighty'.

The battle is over. The battle is long over. It only continues in the hearts and minds of those still at war with themselves and by extension with everyone else. Whatever discord there is, is in those who are divided against themselves.

“Even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment, be not deceived.”

You can't find that quote anywhere these days where it resembles that sequencing with those words. The argument is that the devil can make himself to appear as the real thing. It would profit the one inspired to inquire... to think about this and also WHY this quote as it once was, no longer is? Why would it have been changed so dramatically? I CLEARLY remember how it once read and does no more.

As I said, one can believe what they like but... once revelation and true epiphany have occurred there are no more devils. The devil is simply God as the wicked see him. In the meantime, it is not possible to convince anyone of the truth of anything, while the force of their own desires and appetites shapes the world they see. Everyone in rebellion is a fallen angel. Free will is the right to oppose the divine will. The divine will, seen in it's true light, is the course, designed by the grand architect, of what is best for us. Most of us oppose this because we think we know better and... as a man thinketh, so is he.

We live in paradise this very moment. We just can't see it because of the veils upon our sight, because we see through a glass darkly. The gates of Heaven are open wide for any who are of a mind to enter. When one ceases serving themselves and is able to forget themselves in selfless service, they are in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is selfishness that blinds us and fear is the whip hand that drives us forward, just as the devil's pitchfork is the goad, eventually we find ourselves on the path and require no further prodding. We do not have to suffer. It is all the result of ignorant desire.

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Friday, August 23, 2019

The Stretch of Possible Lifetimes is an Endless Procession of the Temporary Personas of a Single Identity.

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I don't put much stock in my natal birthday. I much prefer the actual and the ceremonial birthday of Jesus the Christ. The second birth is the one we should shoot for. A lot of people think if you get baptized, or you join a church, or you get a dose of manic, religious hysteria, because you attended a tent revival, that somehow... you are now among the elect. I KNOW it doesn't work like that. Many will differ with me and that is their right. The true second birth, is the culmination of years and often lifetimes of a small light, nourished in the surrounding darkness of the human heart. Back of the individual heart is an enormous reservoir and one is not reborn into the celestial kingdom until they can access that reservoir.

God directly speaks to those who are resident in The Kingdom, even while still here in the manifest. Yes, there are those who are in the Kingdom of God, while also walking around here and they carry it with them wherever they go. Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth. We hear about all kinds of people who supposedly have the ear of God and speak with God and are very rich and fly on private planes. That is not 'usually' how God operates and he tends to pick the fools and the poor and the crazy to spread his testimony; meaning those who are considered to be fools and crazy by those who do not think that they themselves are fools and crazy.

It all comes down to a simple truth and Jesus spoke of it, when he talked about selling all one has and picking up their cross and following him. It takes everything you have and you have to want it more than anything else. That is the 24 carat, inflexible criteria.

Why I will never be assimilated into the Christian churches of this world is because I believe, in fact I KNOW that there are members of other faiths who have been touched by God. I am aware of Indian yogis and saints, Sufi masters and saints, Buddha's and Buddhist saints and so forth. One of the greatest Hindu saints of the last thousand years was RamaKrishna. At a certain period of his life, he entered into every one of the larger religions and experienced enlightenment in each one. He said, afterwards, that they all lead to the same realization. Those who are committed to their limited understanding of their selective scriptures become outraged when someone says these things. More people have been killed and made outcasts by religions and religious wars than any other motivation on Earth. Most churches are cash registers for the priest class. Those insisting on 'my way or the highway' still have the training wheels on their bikes.

One of the greatest teachers of spiritual truth was a disciple of Sri RamaKrishna, named Swami Vivekananda. I am presently about halfway through reading his collected works. What a singular joy this has been. As for the New Testament of Jesus Christ, that is pretty much imprinted on my heart and mind. I've little use for the Old Testament. It is actually a book of Gematria, which I studied for awhile. Like a disciple of Jesus 'the' Christ said, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” Amen to that.

I've no use for the fundamentalist religions of today; mass murderers, or potential mass murderers, all. The truth and message of Jesus 'the' Christ is A LIVING THING. It is an incandescent flame in the heart and a mighty force of brotherhood and love transcendent. If you are living it, or doing your best to live it, no more can be asked of you. Don't expect succor here. The hand of every religious materialist will be set against you but... the power of God is greater than all the forces of darkness and one can walk unafraid at all times and in all places. Paul demonstrated this as did many another. Martyrdom is a high honor but not something one should seek. Sometimes God wants to make a point and also water the Earth with righteous blood to bring about dramatic change. Some seeking martyrdom are woefully uninformed.

So... today is my birthday and I much prefer doing something for others on that day and that is what I will be doing. For the reader I wish to give you this posting and a selection from the writings of Swami Vivekananda. Go to “Lectures and Discourses”. Then scroll down to the last three chapters of “Concentration”, “Meditation” and “The Practice of Religion.”

They are fairly short but filled with useful information. I just finished the last one this morning. I start my day with a chapter to begin the day. I have been exceedingly fortunate to get these books. It is not an easy task. It took me months to accomplish it. First I had to find someone willing to sell them and not simply one of the books under the guise of 'collected works'. I first made that mistake. Then, after an ordeal, I ordered the books and the vendor sent them to the wrong address. Then I had to wait for him to get the books back and send them to me. By that time I had had it with him. He put in the time to convince me and was properly contrite (grin). Now I have them. Someone else will get them when I am done.

We are made in the image of God. Think about that... there are so many implications one can draw on. Why if we are made in the image of God do so many of us behave contrary to it? I am going to approach this in a convoluted fashion. Imagine you are on a train and looking out at the scenery as we pass by. I will be the voiceover (grin). I am going to be very simplistic. Otherwise it will take a very long time to complete this. I am going to use the Hindi measurements. If you don't like that, go watch TV. There are four ages (or yugas) that exist within a single day of God. They are Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali yugas. They go in a descending order from the most light filled to the least. The first one, Satya is the longest in duration and each following one is shorter. Depending on whether you subscribe to the traditional durations, or that more recently presented by Sri Yukteswar, one version is very, very much longer. I tend more toward the latter schematic.

The human soul is eternal. One school of thought holds that there is only one soul and that is God's and our souls are each a fragment of that. Christ is the soul of God. He is also called Ishvara in the other tradition. Another school holds that we each have an individual soul. I believe both are true. Here is a marvelous comment and an affirmation par excellence!

“What is important is the concept of devotion. Devotion to a personal ideal of God brings with it a natural inclination to humility and service. If we set ourselves to serve Ishvara, if we dedicate our actions and surrender our wills to him, we shall find that he draws us to himself. This is the grace of God, which Sri Ramakrishna compared to an ever-blowing breeze. You have only to raise your sail in order to catch it.”

You can put Jesus Christ in place of Ishvara if you prefer.

Four yugas make a Kalpa and two Kalpas make a day and night of God. Supposedly a Kalpa is 4.32 billion years long. We are talking about an enormous and incomprehensible reach of time. It is staggering. Don't think about it, except that there is the inference that one can come and go here, literally millions and millions of times. Some, who are terminally insane, prefer it here. The parameters of the ordinary human mind are narrow. There are stories and tales that are beyond defining; words fail. For any of us that CHOOSE to seek the creator, you are embarking on a journey of incredible discovery that widens and expands ever and ever infinitely. EVERYTHING ELSE is a waste of time but... you've got forever. It's a personal decision. I've made mine.

There is a Buddha called Amitabha, a HUGE favorite of mine.

Amitabha Buddha

The Amitabha Sutra is at the end of this article. He is one of the 5 Dhyani Buddhas. As the story goes, he performed spiritual austerities for something like 5 Kalpas. Imagine that! You can't. Some say it was more. Anyway, he took a vow not to experience liberation until every other sentient being had done so. He has a heaven called The Western Pure Land (somewhere in the aether around Mongolia). All you have to do is call out his name on your death bed and you will go there and the wonderful thing about that place is that whatever more lifetimes you owe? You can have them all there! How about that! Life is filled with profound possibilities. What are most internet visitors doing? They are watching porn or playing games.

So... allegedly, we are in (or just leaving) The Kali Yuga. This is where materialism is the most intense and delusion most pervasive. This is also the period of PAYBACK, where all the sins and crimes of the long past are brought to be resolved. This is not a good time to be here but... here we are. Okay... let us resolve the question of why it is that we are born in the image of God and yet so many behave as they do. There are prevailing states of consciousness in each age and periods of each age. Dependent on the general state of consciousness, is the general quality of desire and types of appetite. Take a look around. When the thirst of desire and appetite is greater than the thirst for God (need I say more?)...

We are imbued with what has been euphemistically termed 'free will'. There are various descriptors for what this is; what is implied by free will. In reality the true meaning of free will is simple. There is ONLY one will, or source of will, or power to think, speak or act and that is God. We are each gifted with a portion of this will and we are free to channel and express the divine will, or... oppose it. That is ALL there is of free will and that is how we come to not accurately reflecting the image of God. That is how we come to have Fallen Angels. That is how we come to have thesis and antithesis. We live in a state of duality ...and puberty divided our childhood mind out of its former unity.

You can work in accord with the divine plan, or you can oppose it, because the drive for personal desire and appetite, is greater than the drive to fulfill the directive of the divine will. It makes no sense to do this because the result is continuous misfortune and suffering. Regardless of initial or temporary successes, it WILL devolve into misfortune and suffering. On the other hand, all true and good desires are fulfilled and there is an end to misfortune and suffering. As materialism intensifies, insanity will intensify and opposition (in our war against ourselves) to our divine nature will intensify and express itself in conflicts with one another. There are an increasing number of preppers, for good reason. Be a spiritual prepper.

End Transmission.......

On a different note, today's song will be one of my humorous country western tunes;

It's about George W. Bush

What the Hell, it is my birthday. Here is another one about him and his execution of Karla Faye Tucker-

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A small disclaimer; I know that things I say do not always meet with universal approval. I wouldn't expect them to. As I have often said, “take what is useful and leave the rest.” I make no claims of singular knowledge. I DO NOT consider myself more important or better informed than everyone else. I am quite familiar with my limitations and shortcomings, which I pray may be lifted from me when God, in his infinite wisdom, deems it to be the right time. I draw my commentary from an interior source and the archives of those masters of wisdom who have impressed me. I find the study and pursuit of the ineffable to be a consuming passion, more and more so with each passing day. God is the centerpiece of my existence. Of course we will differ in our perspectives on the matter. Let me say it is far better to encounter the almighty, as the result of a quest, than it is to be brought before him, as all of us will, keeping in mind that the devil, who inspired our every act of malfeasance, will be the prosecuting attorney.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Cry on Zion and Babble-on too Make Haste before Armageddon Gets You.

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Billionaires have caused the home prices and rental costs that are rising in the Bay Area. Hollywood is responsible for it in LA but the homeless problem is equally the result of the decline of the culture, into excess, hopelessness, the closing off of the spiritual light and an indifference to God. It could not be more clear. Several new multi-billion dollar IPO's were launched there in recent days. The whole of the shit swamped streets of San Francisco, could be cleared up by these handful of sociopaths immediately but they are not motivated in that regard whatsoever.

This social blight is the offspring of rich venture capitalist vultures; the carrion eaters of a doomed society. They could transform the whole of it AND STILL be billionaires; that is the dreadful irony. That is how absurd it is. Although they are a large part of the cause and though it can be traced directly to their door, it is also the progeny of the culture of despair. The insanity birthed of Materialism and the alcohol and drug fueled, Gone Dead Train, upon which a large part of the population rides, is ♫picking up passengers coast to coast♫ Same as the Glory Train with a very different clientele.

I cannot see this situation getting fixed. It will only go from bad to worse because of the vanity whores who populate those zones. In consideration of that, I feel... as strongly as I have ever felt about anything, short of the ineffable, that Lady Nature is soon to shake and tremble the fear of God into those who abandoned faith in a Supreme Being some good while ago. The videos that I saw today hit me as hard and more so than all the similar videos I have already seen.

For your perusal, I present the following testimony of “the horror! The horror!”

There are many another but these two should suffice for all anyone needs to see and hear on the matter.

How crazy and sold out is this faithless generation and the Tribe lizards who work their deceptions upon it? Here is an inspiring look into what passes for entertainment.

Because this is going to leave a taste in your head that you can't wash out of it with the usual pharmaceuticals, let me give you something to read through at your leisure after you have finished with this posting. Many times I have wondered if that was the result of some serendipitous visitation by a celestial comedy troop, or if the people who contributed, were just so inspired by what they had read in the preceding comments, that it just leapt full-blown out of their minds like Athena from the brow of Zeus.

The hammer of destiny is about to come down in one location after another. The mass of humanity has no idea of how close we are to the extinction zone. Because of the nature of the apocalypse, truths are being exposed that certain very powerful material interests do not want revealed. In order to circumvent the sure and certain fate that awaits them, they are engineering chaos and confusion, wherever they have a lever to press or a button to push.

Meanwhile, disinformation is being fabricated at a high pitch; hysteria, outrageous lies, financing of Thug-beasts like Antifa, fomenting of conflicts, such as in Hong Kong, Syria and across the African continent, manipulating the stock markets; whatever they can do, they are doing to take the public eye away from what is coming for them. It will be to no avail. The corrupt order of long reigning psychopaths is about to be overthrown.

For some it will not be enough for them to dig into the hills and cry out for the Earth to cover them. There will be no place to hide. For others, a Golden Age is at the door, once the forces of darkness have been dispensed with. Whole swaths of the populations are taking themselves out with bad diet, for both body and mind, poisonous drugs and the ubiquitous killer, Alcohol.

There is an all out intensification to corrupt the morals of the whole world. The assault of the sexually dysfunctional upon Normal is nothing short of all out war. This is because EVERYTHING... EVERYTHING of a negative bent is being engineered by demonic intelligence's through their material footsoldiers of the Anti-gentile Tribe. Now... you can call these intelligences, Annuki. Reptilians, Demonic entities, you can call them what you like, they are there regardless and THIS IS WHY Kalifornia's screwball governor can't do anything about the urban nightmares and this is why the San Francisco city council is indifferent to Shit Street City. THIS IS WHY NYC has the cop hating mayor they have and why on both coasts, policy is being made by Satanic child killers and Coprophagic Ass Bandits. If it is perverted and evil and under the sidewalk ugly, they are into it.

Ancient entities, made sleek and fat, by blood sacrifice, have grown powerful through the corruptions of human behavior. If one studies the dates of all of the wars initiated by Israel and then blamed on whomever they are attacking, one can easily see that these acts of mass murder are carried out on their high holy days (every time) and this is because the God they worship demands a blood sacrifice as a testament of allegiance and as the price for victory and continuance. In the western hemisphere child sacrifices are routinely engaged in and striking evidence of that is going to emerge once all the bones of children have been dredged from the seas surrounding Orgy Island. You don't get past a certain point in the infernal hierarchy without engaging in ceremonies of this kind.

Look at what is happening in the churches of The West. Note especially, the drive to make pastors and church leaders out of Sodomites and other alt-sex practitioners. Next there will be a hue and cry for transgender preachers. They are in an all out putsch to steamroll all over us on the way to the Universal Church of Batshit Crazy and convents for Our Sisters of Perpetual Iniquity.

There is no question in my mind that Colon Kapernick orchestrated his kneeling scenario, in order to expand his personal profile. He was a temporary phenom and rocked the turf for as long as it took for the rest of the league to figure him out, which they did. Then it was over. He knew he was on his way out because that is what happens when you can't bring it anymore. Meanwhile the template for Race War was being set in place. Hatred of the white race is percolating like a pot of Mephistopheles Coffee and listless slackers with helicopter parents, are flushed with the courage that comes out of mob anonymity and ready to beat all comers to death, so long as they have a pack of foot-pads at their side.

There is a very thin veneer that conceals the murderous beast under the human camouflage. One of the reasons I am not anonymous is because my life is not and never has been in their hands. I put my name and honor on everything I say or I don't say it, I suspect since I have an unusual name that people think it is an anonymous nom de plume. It is not. Well... in Zen fashion, it is but it is not, anonymous.

One of the most difficult things to convince anyone of is to believe in what they cannot see. Well... you can see it through the eyes of brotherhood because we are the hands of God. What other hands does God have? Surely there is his consort, Nature but... otherwise... we are it, or else we abdicate our responsibilities and leave it for someone else. Honor, Dignity and Integrity do not have the same cachet as once they did. This is because most of those claiming possession of them have never been within a country mile of any of them, like Al Sharpton and a host of other poseurs who believe that all they have to do is say something to make it so.

Yes... though it may be hard to convince people to believe in what they cannot see and... since there has been so much depraved behavior on the part of our leaders in both the government and the church, the idea of God has been relegated to antiquated superstition, faith has gone out of the people. It is altogether possible to see what you cannot see by observing it operating through what you can see. When you see charity and good works in the lives of certain folks among us, you are seeing God in operation. “By their works ye shall know them.”

God hasn't gone anywhere. God is right here, enthroned in every righteous heart and daily making his presence known through all of the mighty efforts that the media turns a blind eye to. What we get is the prancing of frauds, as they dispense their pocket change for publicity and call it charity. This world is the result of the reckless excesses of the rich and powerful and all the broken lives you see on the sidewalks of the world are the victims of their sociopathic disregard for others. Surely those fallen are weak, disordered, confused and similar but one should never forget that, there but for fortune goes you and I. This world has been made hard and cold by hard cold people who care for no one but themselves. That is all set to change shortly and not in the way that they, or Antifa, or the Communist/Socialists and all the rest of the predators think it is. Big and astonishing surprises are on the way. Time will tell and we shall see.

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Epstein Arkancided or he's the Scarlet Pimpernel. Why is it so Crowded on the Highway to Hell?

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Now we know why that 'conspiracy thinking is a crime' thing was booted up by the FBI. In any case, Epstein DID NOT kill himself. Epstein was/is a narcissistic sociopath. Under NO circumstances do people of this ilk take their own life.

On the matter of corruption, there is zero doubt that those FBI agents and CIA operatives and what have you from wherever, are unaware that a small handful of Stone Age Arabs DID NOT attack the United States on 9/11. It was a joint effort between Israel and rogue elements of US intelligence services, with some assistance by MI6... the Turks and sundry. The complete article by Warrior for Truth; Christopher Bollyn can no longer be found but, here is a little something by someone else.

He was running the world's biggest honey pot scheme for the Mossad. That's your bottom line for the whole escapade. Everything else is just window dressing and obfuscation.

I was just coming in here this morning to write something about Epstein, finally. I'd been up late last night composing an outline. Then I come in here this morning and I am told the man is dead. I had said hardly a word about him all this time. I had a theory or two that I wanted to put out there. Never mind, on that account, now.

Epstein's suicide is as fake as Ellen Degenerate's talent, meaning it is as fake as fake can be. His previous staged event would (100%) have put him on video suicide watch. He also complained that the lights in his cell were so bright that he couldn't sleep. If it is said there is no video, or that... heh heh... the system was down, you KNOW he was Arkancided or whisked out of there by those concerned about him being Arkancided. We shall see. Meanwhile, surely you KNOW that he took steps to protect himself against this very thing by the threat of releasing damning evidence... so... wheels within wheels, with no lubricant whatsoever. It's how you get the squeaky wheel. There is a whole demographic of people who specialize in squeaky wheels AND here is their biggest squeaky wheel of the last few centuries.

I've got nothing more to say about The Epstein Barr Boy; called that because Epstein Barr is known as, 'the kissing disease'.

There's not a lot to be inspired by anymore. There are no more poets; one or two maybe, here or there. Poets are the highest expression of the simpatico between the internal Sophia, the radiant muses and... are that human being touched by the angels of the invisible. A few decades ago we had Pedophile NAMBLA boy, Alan Ginsberg and Rod Mckuen, both gay as it gets. Mckuen wrote Hallmark Greeting Card verse and made more money in one year (six million dollars) than ALL THE POETS in the century preceding. Poets don't make much. They get paid in other coin. Then Maya Angelou came around, she was Rod Mckuen, after the sex change operation. Then came Poetry Slams. Kill out the poetry, shut out the real artists; it's all explained in two parts here.

More than 90% of all the art galleries are owned by Tribe members. Pervert music, until it is a direct offense against Lady Nature and all of the higher muses AND... you have a culture in decline, falling off a very high and very steep cliff.

Here is AC/DC performing at the Grammy's this year.

You'll see some famous faces. Tune in at the 4:00 minute mark and you see Katy Perry, pantomiming where it's all at for them. You see Lady Gagme and then you see a whole row of celebrities with red devil's horns on their heads. Of course, the scalded cat lead singer, is howling about how he's on the Highway to Hell. It looks like the audience agrees with him. Lucky for us, the timeless and inspired lyrics scroll down the screen, so you can see the lyrics in all their intricate and inspired splendor (a retarded Chimpanzee could have penned a more articulate song). Right. I can't quite figure out what the guitar player is doing but I REALLY don't want to know. If you want any insight into AC/DC, this pretty much nails it. I've got deeper and more definite evidence of many related things but... it doesn't matter.

I'm not going to get into the argument about, “if it walks like a duck” or “by their works ye shall know them”. I don't argue to begin with. We are at that point where EVERYTHING is coming out of the closet; sex freaks, Satanists and everything hidden, now revealed. We are in an apocalypse. That means, literally, 'revealing' and 'uncovering.' You can see it all right in front of you, no matter what direction you look in. If you can't see what I am talking about, you have your eyes closed.

As is EVER the case, the sincere and informed believers are very, very few. Add in the lip servers, the dilettantes and weekend dabblers and the numbers swell considerably. Add in the hypocrites and the self serving, who use religion and spirituality as a cash cow ...and the numbers REALLY swell.

The faithless and the feckless are locked in a death dance. Their fear makes them tremble and they fight with all their might to disentangle from their shadow image. It's isn't even real but... they think it is. As you think it, so it is. THE DEVIL IS GOD AS HE IS SEEN BY THE WICKED! There is ONLY one force and one source and all permutations of temporary and particularized force, are from the same place. We determine the nature and direction of the force by INTENTION.

For the true, Supreme Being, dispensing with evil is as simple as cutting off access to the force which permits them to act. That is probably not how it will go down because evil ALWAYS destroys itself. It is in the nature of evil to do this. The entire drama of life, across the centuries, is the working out of the dance of relative good and evil. You get rewarded here or you get rewarded elsewhere OR... mysteriously- you get rewarded in both locales. DESIRE IS THE AGENT OF GOD'S WILL.

I don't care one way or the other about Epstein. External icons of power and privilege are empty suits with feet of clay. Temporal force with all its trappings, is an exposition of temporary lives that cut a deal, or earned a few moments to play at one thing or another; to strut and fret their hours upon the stage. It's all meaningless; “you're nothing but a pack of cards!” Soon now, it will be coming around the mountain when it comes. The invisible is going to be made visible. What seemed to be, will be revealed as what it really is. God is not mocked ...and for sure, you can't make light of or abuse the Divine Feminine. Ooh she is the very face of patience itself but eventually... eventually... she is going to get angry. The she is going to 'shake' and 'tremble' with rage. Count on it!

We are in a time of social reformers and... social reformers were the biggest killers of all time. Go back over the last century and you will see that the most powerful movers and shakers, who killed the most people, were social reformers. Social reformers; millions of people died. Today we have Antifa- born and bred out of the minds of Tribe professors, of Atheist and Communist perspective. How is it that some intelligent 'guys', here and there, have not seen this and brought it to the world's attention? Why is the pattern of the players and their dual national, racial allegiance not known and PROCLAIMED!?! Right... right. If you want to know who is running the show, just ruminate upon who you are not allowed to criticize. Socialism always finds its way to Communism, the same way all bi-sexuals become Gay.

You know someone choreographed those shootings, right? (oops that's a Federal crime isn't it? Who decides what is a conspiracy fantasy and what is reality?)

Back when I took LSD, every three days for a long long time, I thought everyone saw the things I saw when I was tripping. Out in the parks of DC at night, there were green holographic Buddhas in the shrubbery. Enormous varicolored serpents moved in and out of the earth. There was a vibrating, hieroglyphic, red flame alphabet, inscribed upon everything. These are what I saw, without fail, every time.

Generally... I usually took acid when I was in Nature and it was a common feature for me to see the holographic goddess down in the meadow and in the eaves of trees. Voices would appear out of nowhere. My life was a beautiful thing in those hours. I would run through the forests, singing up the trunks of the trees and then out through the branches and leaves, it was a fluid series of eclectic sounds and harmonies were formed, in the chorus of all of Nature's creations; from babbling brooks to clouds upon the sky. At the time I knew that everything was sound. Those moments are few and far between now. The times are different and good acid is as rare as hen's teeth.

Nothing going on out there in the world is of any real importance. It is just endless changes. Sometimes it is peaceful and sometimes it is stormy. There are wars and plagues that come and go. Kingdoms rise and fall. People find and lose themselves. It's all a movie and I've no real interest in watching it. I do watch it because I comment on it here and at various locations but it is always with the intent of weaving the conversation back to the Supreme Being. I can see why it is possible that great destruction is in the Event Horizon. There is a phrase in The Bible; “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” How true that is. Scripture is being torn and mutilated into unrecognizable forms. Here are all the variations of that phrase at the moment and... those are changing too.

There is nothing I can say to anyone that will alter the course of this world. I can alter my own course but... I've already done that. I am walking into and through the Kingdom of God. I am working for the Kingdom of God. Everyone is doing what they are doing for whatever their reasons are. This is what I am doing, as well as reminding myself, EVERY time I am able to remember, that God is Real and... practicing the presence of the indwelling and awaiting the day that the wind shall rise and swell the sails of my ship of eternal being and there I go... disappearing into the mist that hangs like a curtain on the ocean, between the islands of life and death... off to the blessed shores. It is one of life's most curious mysteries that, given this is true (and it is), why do not more people give it their everything and all? It's a simple requirement. You give it all, you get it all.

End Transmission.......

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