Saturday, December 07, 2019

"No Matter What System of Faith you Follow, There is ONLY ONE GOD."

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We think we know how our lives are going to go. We imagine we're that character in the Invictus poem. Philosophers have argued about the questions of Free Will and Fate, since philosophers first set down on this sweet swinging sphere and that was a good long while ago. It's scarcely the length of a dinosaur fart in real time but... given the importance we place upon ourselves, it seems longer, though it's only nine generations and change since this country was founded. Then again, I suppose it depends on the math you employ. As consistent as math is supposed to be, there are wide variances, depending on who is doing the calculating.

The climate changeatologists have had their math refuted by their own math and that hasn't stopped them one bit. Now they got a moon-faced Gretatard; Alfred E. Neuman's soul mate and they don't even need math anymore, all they need is a grimacing, helicoptered kitty cat, being upset about it and you got flash mobs everywhere. It's starting to look like nobody likes anybody else anymore and the only ones who agree with each other and temporarily get along, are those who hate everyone else.

Despite the horrors visited upon the residents of this planet by Communism and it's having failed miserably at every attempt, there are presently scads of people who think it would make a good replacement, for whatever it is we are using now. It's clear as mud that those who advocate for Godless Communism know next to nothing about what it is comprised of. What it is, is a political system invented by Tribe Members for the personal profit of Tribe Members.

Here's how that works out; in the system we have now, people still have a say in how things go. In a Communist system, ONLY those in positions of power decide how it goes. In Soviet Russia, the Tribe Members who ran the show and made up the majority of the secret police, killed and tortured tens of millions of people. This is all a matter of the historical record. Members of The Tribe, in positions of power in the west, strenuously object to this being true because the Truth is Anti-Semitic. The good news is that almost none of them are Semitic. The Semitic people are the ones being genocided in Palestine.

President Trump has bent himself into a twisted origami of himself, seeking to please Middle Eastern land grabbers and has only achieved the collective hate of the land grabbers relatives in the United States. Although they make up a tiny amount of the population of the country, the lawmakers and lawyers attacking him and the witnesses against him, make up the majority of his feral opponents.

Meanwhile a rag tag army of college students and sexual minorities are given their marching orders by professors and professionals, who are in the employ of George Soros, who was directly engaged in getting Bwak! Obama elected president. He is the founder of Democracy Alliance, which is an umbrella organization that funds more than a hundred anonymous groups to the tune of several billion dollars and they are all dedicated to the destruction of life as we know it. Soros is the architect of the migration epidemic that has turned Europe into a dumpster fire and he is full tilt involved in the forced immigration movement into the US. The key concern here, besides the chaos and bankruptcy it would bring, is a change in the voting demographic, with the intent of making Godless Communism the operating political system in the United States.

To that end, Soros has been hiring rent a thug mobs, around the world, to stir dissension in the streets. He was the money behind ALL of the Color Revolutions. Antifa is one of the larger collectives of pro Communist agitators that is directly funded by Soros. Because he works for his Satanic Majesty, he's somewhat hard to stop but that's only because the time for that hasn't arrived yet. What Soros doesn't know and what none of the people working for him know, is that The Devil is an employee of God and does the will of God, REGARDLESS OF APPEARANCES TO THE CONTRARY. The entire drama of manifest existence is to teach a lasting moral lesson to humanity and this comes about through an interplay of seeming opposites.

Everything I've stated here so far is provably true and then some. Even cursory research will provide all the facts anyone can need; just as it would when you go looking for where the money comes from that is paying for Drag Queen Pedophile Story Hour, Pretty much EVERYTHING that is anti-harmony, anti-human, anti-Christian and anti-general well being, is ALL financed by members of the same demographic. Go and spend the necessary time looking into it and you will see that this is so.

On the other hand, compromised minds of every stripe, scream invective at this being pointed out and associate the usual disreputable names with those who do point it out. It doesn't matter that it's true. You're not supposed to say it. You are supposed to keep your head down and be a good little drone, or catamite or salary slave, lest you wind up living in your car, or “DOWN BY THE RIVER”, in a van.

If there were no cosmic, overseeing authority, we'd be in deep shit. Make no mistake about that. One of the reasons that Communism is so attractive, to the creators of it and their offspring, is that it cancels out religion and puts everyone in a Kafka novel, except for the terrestrial overlords. However, much to the dismay of these Orcs and their headmaster in Mordor, THERE MOST CERTAINLY IS A COSMIC, OVERSEEING AUTHORITY and this whole shadow play that moves its drama along the rails of time, is directed by The Lord of Creation and there is NEVER a time when God is not firmly in charge of everything. I was told this directly and in no uncertain terms, BUT... it can also be found in most enduring scripture, no matter which Avatar or prophet was responsible for its appearance.

We've all heard the story of the Tower of Babel and we've noted (one would hope) the centuries of conflict between different religious persuasions and we can see with our own eyes, the differences in sex, color and ability that exists across the spectrum of human life. ALL OF THIS is appearances. There is only one God, whether you are Hindu, or Christian, or Buddhist, or Muslim, there is only one God. This God has shown up at different times, in the persona of a particular and singular individual to transmit to us a system for living and provide a hope and promise of a hereafter. Most of the time, that hereafter leads right back here but you can surely improve your situation, as your situations continue, by being mindful of how you go and what you get up to.

I don't argue with people about these things. It's pointless. People ONLY UNDERSTAND what they are able to, according to the level of their awareness and most people are driving bicycles with training wheels. It doesn't matter WHAT YOU THINK IS. What matters is WHAT REALLY IS. Eventually, in every life, WHAT YOU THINK IS... is going to come into contact with WHAT REALLY IS. It is what it is. I'm not saying anything new here. Similar statements have been made by souls far in advance of myself and have been being stated for thousands of years. The problem is that scripture fell into the hands of people who crafted their edits to suit their agendas.

All one needs to know of Truth... Religion... the here and the hereafter... can be found in one's capacity to Love. Love exists simultaneously on every level of existence, attuned to that level of existence. As your awareness expands and the capacity of your heart increases, the love that you feel grows ever greater and more profound and deep. It becomes a consciousness, although it always was ...but let us say it introduces itself to you as a consciousness and from that point on... it guides you to that place that can be spoken of but never accurately defined. Limitlessness DOES NOT TRANSLATE into the limited. Immortality DOES NOT TRANSLATE into mortality. The eternal cannot be grasped from the perspective of the temporary and EVERYONE who argues about it has missed the point and betrays their ignorance by doing so.

Those who know do not speak. Those who speak, do not know. That is an obvious conundrum because those who know do speak on occasion but they are always careful to admit the extent of their ignorance and the limitation of words. They are unfailingly humble, as if they had been PERMANENTLY shocked into that posture, which... I assure you, they have.

Just because it doesn't get announced in the newspapers does not mean that certain people don't meet God on a regular basis. Of course it is not a common occurrence but... it is also not common for people to seek God out with the necessary fervor to attract his attention. It does happen though and we getrecords of it happening.

God is incomprehensible and indefinable and ALWAYS WILL BE but... his direct manifest expression is not incomprehensible or indefinable and that manifestation comes here on our behalf at regular intervals, whenever life has gotten so out of wack that circumstances demand it. God's primary expression is Love and that love does appear in human embodiment.

Those of evil intention among us are not an enduring concern, neither is Communism, or any other permutation, whose intention is the enslavement of humanity. Our greatest concern should be the degree of our ignorance and the low brow desires that impel so many of us. Only one objective is worth the trouble to pursue it and that is the Presence of the Divine. Life only becomes worth living when the Supreme Enjoyer is permitted to experience it through us. Most of us reject that presence out of hand, feeling it to be a violation of our freedom to suffer at the hands of our tormentors, who possess us for the sake of exercising their chosen appetites through us. Being able to tell the difference makes all the difference between Heaven and Hell.

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Friday, November 29, 2019

How Great a Gratitude on this Day of Thanks-Giving.

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So... I wanted to say something today, it being a day set aside for Thanks-giving. Holidays are, for me, all about the spirit of them. Whatever the essential nature of the day, or the time period might be, I seek to immerse myself in the essence of the tradition itself. When I was younger, I spent a lot of holidays on the road. I shot so fast and so far outside the ring-pass-not of Normal that I was more like a ghost than a person. It took a really long time to 'somewhat' integrate' into the foliage of the flora of appearances. I learned that you don't have to be normal, as long as you look normal. Then you can come and go and work around other people and not be apprehensive that maybe some Donald Sutherland lookalike would suddenly point at you, his mouth open in a silent scream.

People don't have to know what is going on in your thoughts, unless you tell them. It took me some time to learn to not share everything I was thinking, especially with people who don't think. I have, LITERALLY learned to sashay, segue and sinuously move through a world of animate somnambulists, who operate at the various levels of dreaming. I'm not seeking to exceptionalize myself here. I am different, so... let's leave it at that; given that I have my shortcomings like the majority of us. Truth be seen (though it usually isn't) we are all different. We are all unique... even if we differ only slightly, as is the case with many, who are programmed into their roles, in these times of Material Darkness but... come times of light or shadow, this realm, this plane of being, is always... mostly... populated by people in search of themselves.

Many times here, we have said that existence is a spiral stairway, with people below you and people above you. In all likelihood, that particular dynamic will never change. It moves from abysmal darkness to light, so brightly effulgent, that it is a living thing. According to a particular school of philosophy, which has been around as long as any other; it's quite ancient. According to this school of thought, we are ALL THE SAME PERSON at a different, specific level of filtered presentation and partial awareness, which... is ALWAYS in flux. In the simplest way, let me say that the eternal self, which is the indwelling witness... the Atman... is ALL THE SAME PERSON but... the personality that comes and goes here, in the realm of TIME, SPACE and CAUSATION, is at a measurable distance from that eternal self, in terms of awareness... though the measuring tool is NOT in the hands of the temporary self.

I know there are those who will read what was just written and experience shock at the possibility of losing their 'precious' (“it's my precious!”) individuality. Never fear. You lose only what you didn't need (and a terrible drag it is), in any case, to gain the greatest thing there is. There is a mysterious process, by which your individual singularity is maintained. I wouldn't be concerned about it, now (grin).

People who have achieved true awakening... enlightenment... liberation... KNOW that the everlasting within them, is resident in everyone they encounter ...and are able to communicate with themselves in another, even if the other is unaware of it taking place. Such rare individuals, move around the world, releasing depth charges and time sensitive explosions, which go off at the appointed hour. A car horn sounds, a dog barks, the wind suddenly shifts the leaves in a nearby tree and... Presto! That Johnny Appleseed thing happens. Who was that masked man? Yes... they move among us but... you only see them if they intend for you to. There are countless tales in most every tradition that speaks to the mysterious stranger. He has appeared in works of fiction as well; when fiction is used to illustrate deeper truths as... was once the case but... hardly at all these days.

It is upon ideas and reflections such as these that my mind travels to, on those days set aside for common celebration, of enduring themes, in the lives of our kind. The idea of Thanks-Giving has been around for a lot longer than the recent historical event that we reference for that purpose. Constant thanks-giving is the way to go and it is the primary reason for this posting today, as I am mindful of all the comestibles in the kitchen that await my attention. Personally speaking... my gratitude increases in palpable increments. I am SHOWN, on a regular basis, how many reasons I have to be grateful. I am especially grateful that I happen to be grateful. I could be ungrateful, as so many are in times of material darkness. They rage in the moshpits of appetite, lashing out in all directions, having been taught the elemental, savage curriculum of looking out for Number One. One can readily see this on display, in times of material darkness.

You can't really blame people for being the way that they are. This is where they've congregated, on that wide landing of the spiral stairway. There is a general ground zero, where the majority of humanity congregates. They may not know this and they may be completely unaware of each other, BUT... when seen through the lenses of their common appetites and desires, they share a great deal. Some are more morally upright and some less so and the general climate of that is dependent on the degree of darkness, in the material darkness, of whatever moment we've screen captured for an example. Right now? This particular moment? Sure... why not.

My heart floods with gratitude at the oddest moments. Apropos of nothing at all, I will feel an interior surge in my chest and simply the awareness of KNOWING that there is a divine being. KNOWING that the divine being is aware of me and... leading me... encouraging me... beckoning to me... from that far doorway, that brims with celestial light... a wonderment of shifting hues, within the brilliance of its achromatic splendor. It is as if the rainbow winks so quickly in and out of presence, so that only the afterimage remains, as a reminder that... within the singularity, is contained all of the potential variations and complexities of life. Sorry about the floral arrangement there. I get carried away a lot.

Like I said, there is this internal surge and it momentarily makes me forget myself... and everything else. If I am truly grateful for anything, it is for the TRUTH contained in this statement from ages past; “These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great souled ones.”

I remember the moment when I first saw that sentence. It was a few months ago. I came across it in my readings from The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, which I finished last month and am now reading for the second time (grin). On that occasion, my heart soared again, as my mind checked off all three of those blessings. I literally felt that trembling at the back of the neck; that rolling, tickling sensation, as if invisible fingers were trailing across my skin.

I am grateful every day, when I awaken and think upon the GREAT GOOD FORTUNE that causes me to think about my creator and then consider how I might declaim upon the beauty and majesty... the glory and abiding everlasting flow of DIVINE LOVE, which permeates the universe entire! “What a wonder!” This is what Bawa Muhaiyaddeen used to say, when presented with the splendor of the ineffable, in whatever direction his eyes would travel. How fortunate am I? How incredibly blessed am I that this is the main feature of my life? It is the centerpiece of my life. Simply to have God in my thoughts, is cause for celebration. This is interspersed with the attendant sorrow, concerning the many souls that are tossed upon the uncertain waters of cause and effect.

I am so very, very grateful to be as I am today. When I look back at the road traveled to get here, it astounds me that I could be in such a paradise of being... now. The mercy and incalculable kindness of God... Oh my!!! It is a very good thing to be grateful... the fates might well be inclined to give you more reasons to be grateful. Now that I think about it... it might not be a good idea to ask God for patience as, by the same token, he might give you something to be patient about... heh heh.

When I think about all the ways I can be tripped up by my own thought processes... once again, I am grateful that God is present and in the midst of them. Without exception, not a moment can pass when I am not able to think of more reasons to be grateful.

There are people in desperate straits this very moment. People are living and dying right now and worse... far worse. Turmoil is massing at the borders of our shared reality, looking for ingress and it is being shepherded and bankrolled by the worst among us, as they pursue chaos...; UNLEASH THE HORSEMEN! They cry out for disorder but... angels are everywhere as the world and its inhabitants WILL BE brought to epiphany and we shall see, in short order, what is moving behind the curtains that are blowing in the wind. Over all and within all... God reigns supreme.

May god bless us on this day and awaken the great gratitude in all of our hearts, that we may prosper in the only fashion that matters... an increasingly abundance of Love within and in demonstration ...and the promise of joy everlasting, which awaits those whose Determination is set, whose Certitude is fixed and whose Faith cannot be shaken, as it rests upon the foundation stones of the master, set from the beginning of the world.

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Saturday, November 23, 2019

The Precession of the Great Skewering and the Pitbull of Predestination

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This time of the year... I start looking forward to the NFL playoffs and the near automatic (by this time) certainty that my team will go deep into them, cause it always does. I am especially gratified that I was a fan BEFORE they became as great and consistent as they are.

I also look forward to the ever intensifying Christmas Spirit that, I KNOW, is going to descend upon me, cause it always does AND... the reason for that is that I direct my attention to the spiritual meaning of Christmas and am not affected by the scrumming, rampaging appetites of the anonymous mob, pushing and pressing through the aisles of Godless Walmart, smacking each other upside the head with their studded handbags and screaming, “Gimmie Uber Alles.”

There are other things I look forward to every evening and every morning and all day long and those are all the same thing and that is the presence of the ineffable, who appears with escalating force and then dissipates accordingly, because what makes something memorable for me is that, when it is present, you are complete and when it is gone, you miss it with great longing and that is reason why it comes and goes, so as to make its singular importance, KNOWN, so as to makes the sense of its absence, VISCERAL, so as to make one's life to focus upon it and center around it, as it has been made into the centerpiece of one's existence, as it has in mine.

When The Divine has set his sights upon you, there is 'literally' nowhere to run. It will come, in time- perhaps- to everyone but it is observably true that many have no present interest in the attentions of The Divine and often would see that as an interference in their pursuit of the usual appetites and desires... just as some would, 'luxuriate' in the Christmas Spirit and most others would rather put on their personalized headphones, which cancel that spirit out, and listen to the rumblings of hunger in the various centers from which such rumblings and urging emerge and luxuriate in that. However... if you have had the fortune of coming to the attention of The Divine, through extraordinary acts of service to humanity or the practice of austerities... your life will NO LONGER be your own. This is a marvelous thing and also can be a curse... for those who might rather not be called to that estate. Digressing... Digressing... I don't know why I just went off on that tangent. I simply did.

Another thing I am looking forward to and which is coming up in the Event Horizon is... (drum roll) all things to follow The Impeachment Proceedings, which I will call the Precession of the Great Skewering. I've mentioned a time or two that I am not a fan of Schadenfreude and that is precisely because it has a tendency to come back and bite you in the ass. I have witnessed this and do not wish for the Pit Bull of Predestination to leave teeth marks upon my hindquarters. However, I am a big fan of comeuppance. I do look forward to the collective of Schiff and Co., being stripped naked in front of their peers, as I am certain is going to take place. For years now they have hounded the President and now... their day comes round at last. Soon now.

'Christmas is coming' is a term that has been often used for reasons other than to announce the arrival of a particular calendar date. It can mean that gifts, welcome surprises, promotions and similar may be in the approach. Someone might even use that term in reference to getting out of jail or away from someone who had been cramping their style for a long time.

It can take a long time, depending on what is being considered, for comeuppance, some Christmas metaphor, an apocalypse... even Armageddon; which we hope NEVER comes around but sooner or later...EVERYTHING BOUND BY THE LAWS OF CAUSE AND EFFECT, is going to have its moment of resolution and that may well include everything from “Oh Happy Day” to Dread Epiphany and all things between, beyond, before or WHEREVER THERE BE ANYTHING BOUND BY THE LAWS OF CAUSE OR EFFECT. You will note that I used the word 'laws'. I do just about everything intentionally. I've learned to program myself or... someone else will. So... law(s)? Yeah.

Let's shift gears here and take a turn through other meadows, not yet paved but... we'll be going on foot. (So why did you mention 'gears'?)... cause it rhymes with 'queers'?

They burned the Library at Alexandria. This was to get rid of the historical record because certain parties intended to get into the business of revision and revision is always easier... when there is nothing to revise. The Library at Alexandria was a wonder and it had many a record from times that we now refer to as 'unrecorded'. Having read Plato, I have some idea of Atlantis and having been a student of Occult History for decades, I've come across all manner of reports, some vague, some less vague and then... there is always THE INTUITION. Most people have little idea of the marvel that is THE INTUITION. I'm not going to get into that here, except to say that INTUITION refers to 'inner teaching'. That is what is meant. It's a feature of the Hierophant. What you can find out via THE INTUITION is pretty much anything... without restriction, depending on your pay grade and ESPECIALLY depending on who you work for.

There are people, many of them, who had plum jobs and now are the beneficiaries of a pension that is, dare I say... fat? Lots of people go for that cradle to grave thing. I never had it and haven't accrued much of anything material, unless you count my instruments and tools ...but boy!!! Boy!!! have I got a pension!!!

Anyway... onward and sideways. Regardless of the devil getting his due and Mr. Apocalypse going about with his walking stick... the present residents of this country are in serious pending, material trouble. Materialism, of course, brings trouble in any case and the greater and more pervasive the Materialism, the greater the trouble. Perhaps you have heard the Chinese saying? “Wealth does not pass three generations?” In another culture they say, “the father buys, the son builds, the grandchild begs.” It's a common theme with many a variation; one generation makes the fortune, one generation expands and maintains it and the third generation wastes it. Of course, the USA has been here more than 3 generations but you get the idea (I hope).

In the affluence of recent decades, a number of generations have come and each one had been more selfish, shiftless and lacking in vision that its predecessor (“Okay Boomer.”). We've been hearing terms like 'slackers', 'snowflakes', 'incels', 'gender fluid' and all manner of self involved titles. We're hearing about Safe Spaces... oh you precious little things. As a result... God help us, Materialism has made us fat and lazy. Convenience has been the womb, in which we have nurtured our expanded flesh, as a defense against higher love and wider service as we go. We've become complacent, bovine creatures grazing upon fields of plenty. As a result, every excess is being celebrated as our right and our due.

People have spoiled their offspring by being helicopter parents and thus follow all the jokes about 'living in your parent's basement.' Off to college they went to be brainwashed by Vipers, who are orchestrating their destruction. Atlantis evolved to a very high level of technological expertise and let me include Lemuria as well, which possessed the Lemurian Sun Disk. The relics of these past times are evidence of abilities we have yet to reach. What happened in these cases and what happens in most cases is that the technological advances outstripped the moral sense of the residents. You can see what is happening here, anywhere you care to look... externally. Then again, depending on WHERE you are seated internally... EVERYTHING external is a mirror reflection... or perhaps it is anyway... but on the one hand it is controlled, on another hand it is controlling; food for thought.

All of the alt-sex memes and identity confusions are caused by Materialism. Selfishness and self indulgence are guaranteed offspring, as is Insanity. People who weigh four hundred pounds, with purple and pink hair, nose rings and tattoos, are screaming like banshee clowns, in the streets, for the head of The Penis King. “Bring me the head of the Penis King!!!” ...said the penis wondering. Men in neoprene bras with vibrating, battery operated butt plugs, are hopping about like dancing chickens on a griddle, in the widening gyre of The Dance of Demonic Possession. They want all Normal People machine gunned, or buggered at reeducation camps, until they see the wisdom of spitting in the face of Lady Nature because she didn't give them the power to treat their gender as a fashion accessory.

Inevitably... INEVITABLY, you will come up against something that you must acknowledge or it will force you to. It will hit you so hard that you WILL come around. Inevitably you will come up against THE TRUTH. The Truth has big and little appearances. It can be relative AND absolute. It can be welcome beyond description and it can be horrifying beyond imagination. People who refuse to see the writing on the wall, will have a printout of it rolled up and stuck where the sun don't shine and then set on fire. However much it takes for The Truth to get your attention, that is how much WILL BE EXERCISED.

It was not my intention today to use colorful language at Visible Origami, a site demarcated for metaphysical commentary. I am as surprised as anyone, when I read what gets written and begin reflecting upon it. Here it is. This is what you get today. No matter what the type and trending of the thoughts expressed here, let me emphasize that God Almighty is the master of all I am, or shall ever become. Daily, I work at surrender to that incomprehensible and effulgent light, which creates and animates us all. I live and breathe at his pleasure and seek to serve in whatever small way might appear before me. I hold the Divine Mother in the same reverence and awe as The Ineffable ...and his direct expressions... as they come in and out of view here. Okay... (grin) that about covers it. I love you Lord, with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my strength and with all my mind.

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Epstein did not kill himself.

Kanye West is a false prophet (in training).

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Mr Apocalypse does the Rope a Dope at the Rodeo Clown Dinner.

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As those who come here know, I am a BIG FAN of Mr. Apocalypse. I consider him a personal friend. He is as real to me as anything is and I have been watching him at work and when I say that I have been watching him work, I mean that I see him EVERYWHERE and I like what I see. He is the invisible man and invisible hand at the PRESIDENT Trump Impeachment Circus and Vanity Grotesque Show. I've been laughing old loud all through these farcical proceedings. My disappointment of the day was it was suddenly Monday and... there's no impeachment show. I was looking forward to it.

However, Mr Apocalypse is not only at the Impeachment Scam. He is EVERYWHERE. He is in the midst of the Social Justice Wars in the colleges and universities. He is deep into the vanguard and walking 'point' and 'drag', through every movement presently in the process of being exposed, for what it is. He is in the minds of EVERYONE presently going crazy and he is directing their acting out as if he were on a film set, which... let's face it... is what life is.

About 8 years ago, or so, I was in Southern Italy at a house my wife owned. It was a hectare and had 86 olive trees, a couple of dozen almond trees and a scattering of fig trees and other growing delights. It was also a lot of work and I was kept occupied from lights on until lights out. Somewhere in the days passing, I entered into a fugue state and for six weeks, without interruption, I was in a seriously altered reality. It could have been initiated by the amount of prayer and meditation I was performing. It could have had something to do with an uninterrupted, four day + intake of VERY STRONG Ayahuasca, which I brewed up in a 2.5 gallon pot and which I consumed all through that period.

It could have had something to do with me being me and supernatural events being part and parcel of my existence since a long time ago. It could have simply been the time set aside for it to happen. Regardless of what brought it about, it had everything to do with The Supernal Realm, because that is where my visitations came from and they have left their impact on me, continuously, until now.

One evening, during the Ayahuasca Period, I was laying on a futon that was still in the couch position. At some point Mr. Apocalypse arrived and began speaking to me. This conversation went on for hours, often the statements were a repeat of earlier statements, near word for word and delivered for impact. When I say 'impact'; let me give an example. At a certain point, Mr. Apocalypse was describing what he was going to do to those who had gotten all cozy and comfortable in their seats of power. His voice was delivered to me as if it were banging directly off of a Tympani and I finally noticed that I had been slamming my right knee into the back of the couch. I was instinctively reacting to the force of his words upon me. I was hitting the couch back with as much force as I could deliver from that position. I suspect this had been going on for some time before it became apparent to me. I was so caught up in what I was hearing, I doubt I had any awareness of anything else.

I will try to paraphrase what I heard to the best of my ability. He told me that the time had arrived. He told me that it was an apocalypse and everything that had been hidden for so long was going to be brought out into the open and that it was his job to do it. He said to me, “Visible... I am going to show up in the middle of them, at the same time as the public is watching them and then I am going to pull down their pants, while I also expose their deeds to the world at large.

“Visible, you have some idea of who I am?” I replied in the affirmative. There is little room for doubt when the object to be doubted is as intimately present as he was. He continued, “So... Visible you know that I am probably pretty smart and very well informed, Yes?” I replied again in the affirmative and he again continued. “Imagine if you will, visible, how ingenious I can be when I fully intend to be ingenious and when I also know all there is to know about anything or anyone I am in the business of exposing. I think you could fair assume that I could be incredibly ingenious.” I probably assented without actually responding.

Here I have to try to express how powerful an impact he was having on my thoughts, as his influence was played through the amplifier of the Ayahuasca. It was riveting and had my fullest attention. When he spoke about appearing in a room, where all of his intended victims were deep into their version of no good, I could (and did) close my eyes and see him pulling down their pants, as if it were a movie on a screen.

He went right on talking about all the various details he had in mind for our public deceivers and about how diabolically clever he was going to be about it. Sometimes his voice would come in a staccato pulse, of varying bursts of force, as he punctuated his statements. He let me know that Cosmic Time is not my time and that it might be a bit before he got fully into the swing of it. He reminded me that this apocalypse has been coming for a long time and that there was a deal of scenery movement and placement of players to their best effect that had to be arranged and accomplished.

He told me to inform my readers about the things he said and that they would know when what he was talking about had finally been set into motion. For some odd reason, I cannot go into any greater degree or precision of detail. I seem to be strangely hamstrung in that regard but I see that what little I said, pretty much covered the gamut of his intentions. This puts paid to what I was told when I asked how I would know what I could and could not talk about. I was told that when I shouldn't, I wouldn't because... I couldn't.

He went on and on about the amount of attention he intended to put into hoisting the intended up upon their own petard. He wanted me to know that an incredible amount of focus and concentration were going to be employed. He was seriously energetic in his delivery and I was seriously energized to be hearing it.

Fast forward to recent times and NOTE how the way things used to go, they don't go anymore and that those seeking to shoehorn us into perversities and other forms of bad behavior are... not having as much success as they had hoped and the push back far more than they expected. Note how each attempt to depose the president has ended in failure and embarrassment and exposure for those so employed. It has been... well, it has been uncanny, REALLY UNCANNY!

You would have thought we'd be further down the road to being enslaved, or locked up, or copping a squat on Unhappy Street than we actually are. Just about nothing is going right for the bad guys. They don't even have a current war to throw money and bodies and justifying propaganda after. It must be humiliating to the bankers to be stymied in their actions to make our lives increasingly more miserable by the day and to have to experience such an amount of delay. By golly, gee willikers... it does feel good. Meanwhile... I sense... and can't prove it>>>

but... I sense that the Big and Important entertainers and nasty rich, as well as the ruthlessly powerful ARE experiencing increasing amounts of discomfort, the source of which is still unknown, in many cases. I suspect there is a real and compelling reason that Kanye West caught the Jumpin and Hallucinatin Jesus Virus all of a sudden like and then... I go over in my mind things I heard him say, times before and how those already much compromised, are looking to get a headstart outta there, are looking for the industrial size, 55 gallon drum of any... and all available compassion, as it may be gettable. It's a necessary component when the voice inside is moving toward regrettable AND turning up the volume at the same time. I am sensing this. I am strongly sensing this and my intuitive nature has consistently proven to be near ALMOST ALWAYS accurate.

These days when I see news blips from CNN and all the other sold out whore outlets AND when I hear completely bought and paid for politicians talking self destroying nonsense and when I see what I saw at the Democratic Debates, I shake my head in wonder about what these people are saying. They are clueless to the implications and how it will play in Boise. I see the laugh out loud making behavior of the Climate Deranged and the seemingly never ending deluge of B Grade Bullshit and I KNOW... I KNOW that what Mr. Apocalypse told me those years ago is now coming true and... how are things with you?

So... this is what showed up today and I've got other options now coming up in the windshield so Hasta la Sophia my friends and so forth and so on.

End Transmission.......

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War is an inevitable occurrence on this plane. Our bodies are composed of 4 warring elements that were birthed from aether. If we make peace with ourselves, war cannot find us. War can only find those already so engaged.

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Wednesday, November 06, 2019

"The Kingdom of Heaven is Within you and It Begins where Your Feet Touch the Earth."

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I know there are many people, especially in the organized religions, who imagine they are going to some Heaven, upon their departure from this plane of existence. The more and more pronounced materialism gets, the more backwards and upside down the general understanding and values trend. The body is the least important aspect of our being and that part most celebrated, in time of material darkness, which is why sybaritic and hedonistic behavior becomes so pervasive. When a culture reaches a certain stage, it begins to kill itself. It commits suicide. I've seen no exceptions to this. The way it usually kills itself, is through excess, dissipation, sexual perversity and chemical poisoning. Aberrant and undisciplined lifestyles result in epidemic health concerns and it is all round to be seen.

Paracelsus said;

“there is a great distance between the power that removes the invisible causes of disease and which is magic and that which causes merely external effects to disappear and which is Physic, Sorcery and Quackery.”

Many will quibble about his use of 'magic'. What he means by this term is not what it is generally understood to mean, in these times.

Disease is not natural and one must become diseased in their mind for it to take place. Health is, at all times, an indication of harmony in the body(s). Spiritual and psychological causes are at the root of all maladies. Present day practitioners of medicine are as misinformed and deluded as at any time previously. The native witch-doctor is more in tune with the essentials of healing than is your generic MD. The witch-doctor knows about the curative power of the mind and his mumbo jumbo routines are directed at awakening that power. It can be an eyeopening experience when one delves a little deeper into primitive modalities. The use of sound and color in the healing arts was well known to the ancients but all of these techniques were purged from the common mind long ago. Now the science is adapted to the profit of the practitioners.

Just as both disease and healing are products of the mind, so are Heaven and Hell. You do not depart anywhere when you leave here, except to a place that you already are. You are that Heaven or Hell you envision. What changes upon death is that the physical body is no longer the medium of experience. Thoughts and feelings become actual things on The Other Side. This is a wonderful Truth for some and the worst possible result for others. A little thought invested in speculation upon what is implied here, will produce some startling insights.

You are a vibration and you will gravitate (literally) to kindred spirits. If you were a combative and disagreeable person while you were here, you will find yourself at a gathering of like entities. Whatever the greater part of you was invested in is going to materialize around you. The physical locations of Earth, transform into astral provinces called Lokas. According to Vedic tradition we are in bhu-loka here BUT not everyone is. Some who are resident here are actually resident in higher locations, even though they appear to be here. Tradition holds that there are seven lokas above the one we inhabit (temporarily) here and seven lokas below. The higher ones are populated by divine beings and other luminous entities. The soul provides its own light. The lower levels are populated by demons and adversaries. Every single one of us will find out if what is said here is true. Maybe it's not. Even though all the informed sources about what awaits hereafter are more or less in agreement; only differing in descriptive detail... maybe they are all wrong. It's possible. It's highly unlikely but... it's possible.

Some of the planes of being are more composed of feeling. At a higher level it is a mental plane and thoughts predominate and... there are also locations above that. The Tibetan Wheel of Life gives a particular graphic of the entire.

There are more versions of that than you will ever desire to see. Of course, each tradition will out picture the details of the realm, according to its own flavor. Suffice to say that there are planes of being that are rarefied beyond any possibility of description. Only experience is equal to the task. There are also locations that are darker and more frightening than can be accurately described. It might be useful to point out that there are people in all of these locations at this very moment. Here's what can happen if you stay in any position too long. (grin)

On the other side... you feel things and you think things into being. Once again, this can be very good or very bad. If one is capable of objective awareness, concerning both sides of life, from the physical to the non physical, to the physical and then the non-physical, again and again and again, round and round and round, it will become profoundly clear that control of the mind and the origin of feeling should be the PRIMARY CONCERN of everyone. If you can accomplish this... and people have and people will, you can write your own ticket at every level of the dance. This is my own personal target of attention, that and the permanent opening of the heart to express The Great Love.

It is truly stated that Heaven is a state of mind. Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth. We hardly study or look more deeply into the people all around us, unless we want something from them. They are incidental features of the environment. We give even less attention to looking more deeply into ourselves. IF we were so moved, we would discover and learn remarkable truths. Unfortunately, in times of Material Darkness, all of our attention is on externals and it is filtered through the lens of our desires and appetites; pedestrian trivialities. Not only can we find Heaven within but... we can share it with one another. It's not mentioned much in these times because the press of the overlords upon our consciousness is directed toward submission and control. They care not a bit for our greater awakening. Thankfully, the force of the apocalypse is much greater than the transitory controls they have exercised for too long. Their day is at hand.

Here are a couple of brief but delightful forays into American culture from bygone times. No doubt both of these would be sneered at as White Privilege now. Look at the beauty of the faces and the light that somehow transmits now and again.

Of course, some of it is also funny and some awkward and embarrassing; that's life.

If a person were to put the greater portion of their attention upon the indwelling Lord of All Things, after a preliminary period of testing, they would find that our awareness begins to elevate progressively, into finer and finer planes of being but it is next to impossible to tell anyone about it and even harder to get them to pay attention. There is something in the human mind that rebels against the promise of its own freedom and when the liberator arrives, often enough, they will entangle their arms round the bars of their cell to avoid being freed. One can ONLY leave the tracks of their passage, as a guide, should anyone ever be moved to inquire afterwards and... that does happen; tracks were left for me and I am grateful beyond expression for that.

Such a paradise of never ending bliss and joy is available for the intrepid voyager who sticks to their course. It should be noted that those who miss after almost winning, should have known what was involved from the beginning. It takes everything. Otherwise... seriously, don't bother. The sad truth is that you give up nothing of importance and don't miss it once it is gone. In many cases you hardly lose anything anyway, because you had no great investment in it. It is only when it painfully tears at the separation-line that you need to have a clue what that means.

The most basic human drive is the one for Freedom. It is greater than any other and the liberator is one's own true self, now concealed beneath the overlay of the deception of appearances. It is as if one put a mirror out of doors and left it there. In no great amount of time, enough dust would cover it that the image could not be seen. One source says 60 tons, another says 100. I had heard it was 400 tons of dust that lands on the Earth every day. Hell is oft associated with heat. This implies objects/matter pressed together. Compression creates heat. Look to the cities for your metaphors. Heaven is associated with a wide expanse, like that of the physical heavens. It should come as no surprise who resides in the Himalayas and who resides in NYC, Beijing, Mexico City and New Delhi.

Love is an ever expansive force. It is an ever refining force. It is an ever liberating force. God is the source of Love and he takes human form at regular intervals to set existence right, after it has gone sideways. Love charges every particle of your being. Let us say that it can do so. You can, through the power of Love, transform your body into a body of light. You have one already.

I've wandered the dirty streets of this world and I've fallen into the murk and tasted its many corruptions. No mas!!! No mas!!! The thrill is gone. I've no attraction for it anymore. It's been burned out. The radiant splendor of the almighty lies before us all, once we have had our fill of carrion and dead bodies; once we have tasted the Ambrosia of the Gods, all terrestrial comestibles pale by comparison. I look back upon my own reckless nature and the ignorance of my behavior in times past and can only shake my head.

Here is what modern culture has reduced its resident to.

If people knew what wonders lay within, they would give it all the intensity of passion they could garner to the task. I am daily astounded by the synchronicity that manifests when one comes into harmonic accord with their own true nature. Real magic, the divine magic of life itself, stripped of all artifice and deception, blooms in every moment where before it passed unseen. How does one possibly express the beauty that is everywhere to be found? One is rendered mute. One can only watch and experience in silent appreciation and it gets better, can get better, with every passing moment.

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Monday, October 28, 2019

Kalifornia is Trembling Like a Fading Mirage in the Wailing Wind of Agitated Djinns.

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How strange has it gotten on the manifest physical plane? It has gotten very, VERY strange. I had a question this morning, I asked my friend, “How is it that some of these fires are burning so fierce and hot in places where there are so few trees, or substances you would consider extremely flammable? Yes... anything will burn if it gets hot enough but... I've seen mysterious explosions, followed by rapidly spreading fires. I've read articles like this. I have also seen this. Folks, were you aware of this? Someone told me that the magma under the Kalifornia surface is what is assisting in powering the combustion of surface objects. I DON'T KNOW.

350,000 Kalifornians have or are having their insurance canceled.

Yes, the wind is a major factor. The invisible forces behind the wind are Djinns. Djinns are neither Good nor Bad, though the results of their activities can be seen as occasionally having a highly undesirable impact on areas of human residence. In the invisible realm, Angels are considered to be Good. Demons are considered to be Evil. Djinns are more accurately defined as forces of Nature, neither Good nor Evil.

I was with my friend, Richard Yerxa once, out in the Joshua Tree National Monument. I was under the influence of 5 hits of Orange Sunshine. I can't remember how many Richard took. As we were out there on the sands, several holographic cobras appeared. They were 30-40 feet high and they began sucking up sand and air and then blowing it out of their nostrils down to the Earth below. This resulted in the formation of wind dervishes that came spinning at us. I began to dance with them; somewhat like a toreador. Richard was moving out of the way of them as well. At one point I heard him say, “I wonder what happens if you let one hit you?” This being Richard, a man who feared nothing that I ever saw, he stepped right into the path of one of them and it lifted him up in the air and then deposited him dozens of yards away, where he lay silently for a time. Being as high as one has to be, in order for giant holographic cobras to appear as they did, I just stood there watching him for a few minutes. Then he began laughing. He laughed for some time.

I assume these were Djinns taking this form for the Purpose of their Demonstration. Djinns are more associated with wind than anything else.

Back in those days I used to wander in the wilderness a great deal. I came upon abandoned communities. In some cases the houses were still in great shape. One of these places had been called... heh heh... Happy Valley and was composed of around 30 houses. This was a small distance outside of Palm Springs. There is a reason that people are unable to live in certain places and that reason is often Djinns or something similar. Some people, perhaps most people these days, are insensitive to the less visible planes. Some of us, however, are still quite sensitive to them.

Djinns are, as already stated, forces of Nature. This means, to me, that they can be motivated by Good or Evil sources. My feeling, through observation, is that the winds in Kalifornia are highly agitated Djinns. Many people these days, due to Materialism, do not believe in what cannot be reported to them through the senses. Fine. Just because 'you' can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there and... just because you can (the world is an illusion and mental projection) doesn't mean it is. Yadda Yadda.

These Djinns are being whipped up in Kalifornia and instead of attributing this to HAARP and the rest to covert energy weapons and the Deep State, I'm going to say it is all in the order of a warning. It is a WARNING to leave Kalifornia, most especially the coastal area and these warnings have been coming for some time and they are increasing in severity and doing it exponentially. Here we are seeing the ancient emotional struggles between the love of ones possessions, one's property and one's life. Many people lose their lives because of attachments to this that or the other thing. No matter what you may or may not believe, the truth is not affected by your perspective on it. The Divine Persona is completely in control of everything. If any individual or group, Good or Evil, wishes to accomplish anything, they must be permitted to by the Divine Persona, for the Purpose of Demonstration.

It's not just the wild weather in Kalifornia, the natural disasters, the airhead dreamer, superficial, air kissing, good life junkies. It is also the thousands of homeless, shitting and pissing on the streets, shooting up drugs and the diseases that culture brings but even more... it's the political leaders indifference and inability to do anything about any of it. There is a poisonous, miasma consciousness that is proliferating across the state and the result is a wide variety of Zombies of many types. It is a noxious gas that enters the mind and renders the affected, crazy.

You have to be in miasma consciousness not to see what is glaringly obvious. I do not have miasma consciousness, I can CLEARLY SEE what is taking place. Once again, I am going to list the three stages of awakening, when awakening is a imperative of The Divine, rather than an avocation, or otherwise defined personal pursuit. First an angel of God comes and shakes you on the shoulder. If you do not awaken, the angel shakes your shoulder much harder. If you still do not awaken, the angel picks up a two by four.

The major byproduct of Materialism is Insanity. Kalifornia is that place Frank Lloyd Wright once defined by saying, “At a certain point, God reached down and grabbed the Eastern Seaboard and shook it and everything that was loose, rolled to California.” He was talking about architecture, I think, but it applies across the board.

Kalifornian's are BEING WARNED. It goes without saying that many of them will ignore all warnings. A large number of people will be onsite with the intention of profiting from disaster. Others are lined up in the paddocks for the looting spree. Some are there out of duty and even love. Is anyone paying attention to what is happening in the world? Do people see the waves of manufactured hysteria sweeping the world, like Climate Change activists, the anarchy armies of Antifa, the massing in the streets of the outraged citizenry and Lady Nature doing flips on the Catastrophe Trampoline? IT IS GOING DOWN. In some cases it is going up as well.

I cannot be sure of this but... I strongly suspect that something is going to happen on the West Coast shortly that will stun the world. No matter what shape what is coming may take, it is a surety that one will be better off, as far from dense concentrations of people as possible. WE ARE IN A GRAND APOCALYPSE!!! If you are not waking up on your own, you WILL BE woken up and I'm not talking about the inanity of 'woke culture'. What accounts for so many people becoming crazy all of a sudden? However you may define it for yourself, at the base of it, is the reality that people have no clue as to what and who they are. When your self constructed fantasy about your identity, begins to melt in front of you; what is left?

Hello? HELLO? HELLO? Hello? Knock, Knock, anyone in there? Very few people will see what I am writing here today. That is, no doubt, as it should be. In conclusion, I want to say/ask, how many of so many things we have heard and been warned about, ever actually happened? Y2K didn't happen. The Harmonic Virgins never showed up. 2012 was a bust. Aliens have yet to come out of the sky, Jesus either. Climate Change comes and goes regardless of human agency or cow farts. The Russians never invaded. Nuclear War has not happened. There's been no Rapture yet (in any widespread sense). No one has seen the Mahdi, the Avatar, Kalki, The Second Coming, or any of the heavy hitters. The Gates of Shambhala have not opened yet. Not a single New Age prophet has been right about much of anything, except about there being money in deceiving people. The doomsayers and fearmongers have not been right so far. I don't see a food crisis, or a police state. I read about these possibilities all the time but so far, neither Joy nor Sorrow on any of these accounts.

This is not to say that any or all of these may not well happen and sooner than anyone might expect. I very much believe the phrases that states, “For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night.” “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only.” I recommend reading these hundred quotes of Krishna from the Bhagavad Gita. I mostly recommend making contact with The Indwelling ASAP. The chances for such contact now are much, MUCH greater than at any previous time and that is why the distractions are so great. Something very good must be nearby, if the forces of darkness are waving so many red herrings in our faces.

If appearances are any indicator of what is coming, while fully granting that appearances are a lie, then... chances are, it's going to be simultaneously very good and very bad, depending on where you are standing. I can't shake the intuitive conviction that this is all a matter of personal choice.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, October 25, 2019

Mr. Apocalypse is HARD AT WORK Behind the Veil of Appearances... Fraying at the Edges.

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I see more news from the streets these days, due to going to Pocketnet for my daily input of near facts, fantasy and outright hallucinations. I close my eyes and I see Mike Adams trying to swim through a massive silo filled with (cough) wellness products that address 20 different concerns and fix nothing. Next door is the Info Wars marketplace, with items running into hundreds of dollars, that vaguely have something to do with Iodine or something else. Did I mis-see what I saw... see saw, hee haw? Paul Joseph Watson is a fine social comedian, with a mastery of the 3 second edit, stitched together to create the appearance of continuity. He came out of Info Wars I think. Mike Adams and a number of people emerged out of that Alex Jones, Rothschild financed, controlled opposition thing.

People come to me sometimes and say, “C'mon, he says a few good things now and then.” It's like the people that want to convince me that Rap is worth listening to, because occasionally someone says something that is interesting and not 99% pornographic, female humiliating, 8 year old intelligence level celebration, of garish, heavy jewelry, formed in the shapes of cartoon characters and worn by people who fell off the Bell Curve into an entropic swamp. Yeah, this is racist because it might offend some racists. It's like a hundred thousand monkeys, pounding on typewriters and... whoever the idiot was that came up with this idea... saying they would eventually type out the works of Shakespeare. Well... that's bullshit.

People have been using Logic and avoiding the painful truths, demonstrated by Pure Reason, since they learned to argue and to lie, or lie and argue; I have a feeling it matters which of these you mention first. There are a great many things that I got good at because I didn't know, at the time I was learning them, that they would prove useless to me in the long run (cue The Eagles). There were things, concepts, ideas that I once believed to be true and later found were not true. One of the qualities about myself that I most appreciate and value is that I don't lie to myself. In fact, I consider that to be both REALLY dangerous and abysmally ignorant and... because I do not do this, I can tell when people are lying to me. I can tell when they are intentionally lying and also when they are unconsciously lying and... unconscious lying is a constant. It is, pretty much, going on ALL THE TIME. When I hear the truth it is almost a cause for celebration, it being so rare.

Just because most people lie nearly all the time does not mean I don't listen to them. I listen carefully BECAUSE... what people lie about and the methodology that they use, gives me an accurate picture of both their character and their values. One of the MOST undervalued powers in life, is the ability to consciously listen. Socrates was very good at this. He was also a master at using the tools of the intellect to magical effect. Here is one example. I have actually studied the philosophers and mystics of past times. It can be truly rewarding. These days, people read opinionated critiques from vapid, over-informed poseurs, whose only interest in any subject is to prove how informed they are. The result is that they prove the opposite. Many of today's intellectuals are Hell-Bent on making a name for themselves by diminishing the works of others. It's a rare event to find someone who studies, as they do, for the love of it, for the pure discovery, for the thrill (and it is a thrill) of Understanding.

I watched a video today by this lady, Millennial Millie.

She is also Info Wars connected. If you want a career in alternative media it is a great place to start. Epoch Times and Prager U. are also good vehicles for getting heard. I can't listen to Alex Jones though. He makes my skin crawl. I apologize to anyone who may be offended by my saying this. It's what happens. Anyway... I was watching Millie try to interview protesters on the street and I watched closely. This means I watched what was going on in the background. This is a technique I use much of the time.

I try to see around what is in the foreground. Often... there are equally important actions taking place off to the side. So it was that I saw people trying to influence people who were being interviewed. I looked for 'controllers'. You will find them integrated into these kinds of events wherever they happen. At the end is a black fellow with a beard that I recognize but can't identify. He's a politician or social organizer of some sort and there is a white man with him, trying to act on him, subtly.

On the whole, the people she encountered were both mentally and emotionally compromised. In general they did not know what they were talking about. Many of them (as is more and more the case these days) are from the alt-sex community, or they are of colors other than white and they are being collectively groomed to see all white people as privileged and as supremacists. These are all people who do not know who they are, have not achieved to any level of personal success, are borderline hysterical. Something has been 'agitated' in their minds and is rendering them into a state of perpetual uneasiness and rage is percolating just under their personality shield. This 'agitation' is a real thing and what I think, is that it's an internalized war between what they've been told and the part of themselves (perhaps their conscience) that knows they're being lied to but... they're invested in the lie, because it gives them a forum and a focus that, for some reason, they otherwise lack. It caters to their prejudices and validates them (not really). It makes them feel like they're important in a world they're not capable of making their way in on their own, so they become part of a mob.

For some decades now there has been a war brewing and until lately, it has been going on to the side; in the background. Judges have been appointed and elected to adjudicate on certain areas of social behavior. In order to see just how crazy daily events are becoming, here are some facts on the Texas transgender case. The Pediatrician who is the mother, seeking to turn her son into a girl, is NOT EVEN THE CHILD'S REAL MOTHER!. A judge in New York gave a couple of Proud Boys 4 years in prison for a conflict they didn't start and where the alleged victims DID NOT FILE CHARGES and who said he gave the sentence to discourage similar protesting in New York. Here is a picture of that fine judge. He said he knows what happened in Europe in the 30s. How the two of these things have legal bearing, I don't know.

Injustice... flagrant injustice is going on in America and the Satanists who are pulling the strings are also whipping up the clinically insane on both coasts of the country to take to the streets. There are other pockets of mindless outrage and you can't make a revolution omelet without breaking eggs. Transpose heads for eggs in this regard and remember what happens to the firebrands who stoke the flames of revolution. They are either killed or cast aside, once the goal is achieved. Look at Robespierre and Danton.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND is that regardless of the appearance of the present, they are no indicator of the final result. Some think of God as a potter. God is also a weaver, who takes all the strands of human experience and weaves them into a LESSON. We are only here to learn and we do that by having to endure the consequences of our lessons and reap the rewards of our industry and... ultimately to be shown that nothing is worth having that is not lasting. However long it takes us to learn that, is however long it takes ...and even if our past is truly dark, there is nothing we cannot be redeemed out of. The Supreme Lord's mercy is beyond human understanding and all of your crimes can we wiped away in an instant ...and this has happened a time or two or more and why this might happen to one and not to another; no explanation is given. It is that mysterious Grace of God. This is that priceless thing that is to be desired above all else.

The biggest problem people have about God is the anthropomorphism factor. They personalize God as a bigger version of themselves, with the same likes and dislikes. I wanted to live among kindred spirits, so I tried living in ashram settings. Thus I learned about palace intrigue, the power struggles and rivalries, pecking orders, the endless gossip and malicious slander. I couldn't take it. In Philadelphia I lived at The Guru Bawa Fellowship for around two years. To say that I did not fit in would be an understatement. There used to be a lovely lawn in front of the Overbrook Fellowship. Shortly after Bawa passed, the ruling junta had it paved over and assigned themselves designated parking spots. That said it all for me.

Just because things look chaotic and just because the manipulators and Machiavellian strategists seem to be having their way of it in Moron Country, IS NOT a guarantee of continuance. God the Weaver has not completed the tapestry and his point man, Mr. Apocalypse, is HARD AT WORK behind the veil of appearances... fraying at the edges, tearing rents through which the disinfecting sun can shine and generally being a pain in the ass for the self imagining, ruling elites. There is ONLY ONE RULER, whom both the righteous and fallen angels serve, as does all righteous and fallen humanity, no matter what their individual intentions. Even though Heaven is impartial, the wise serve Heaven because THE LAW is inflexible and perfect. Someone said, 'the mills of God grind slowly but they grind exceedingly fine.' (or something like that). If God is all powerful and if God's power is limitless and if both statements are true, ...and they are; you're going to be okay if you are a worker in the vineyards of The Lord. If you're up to some other enterprises, that's going to be sorted, according to how that enterprise usually gets sorted. You can whine about this all you like and trouble deaf Heaven with your bootless cries. I like a winner. I don't consort with losers so... voy con dios.

Speaking of Shakespeare;

“When, in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes,
I all alone beweep my outcast state,
And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries,
And look upon myself, and curse my fate,
Wishing me like to one more rich in hope,
Featur'd like him, like him with friends possess'd,
Desiring this man's art and that man's scope,
With what I most enjoy contented least;
Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising,
Haply I think on thee, and then my state,
Like to the lark at break of day arising
From sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven's gate;
For thy sweet love remember'd such wealth brings
That then I scorn to change my state with kings.”

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Sunday, October 20, 2019

We are Ephemeral Dreamers, Like Surfers on an Evanescent Wave.

Dog Poet Transmitting......

I saw this website and... is it a joke? Is it satire? Apparently it is true. There are people who don't eat vegetables AT ALL. Do I need to delineate the implications?

I want to be optimistic. I want to have faith in the human race but... it's a challenge. The level of insanity in these times is... breathtaking. Once again... as MATERIALISM intensifies, INSANITY intensifies. As MATERIALISM proliferates, SPIRITUALITY diminishes. As RELIGION trends toward FUNDAMENTALISM in all faiths, ATHEISM increases. As traditional forms of worship die out, SATANISM rises around the world and UNCONSCIOUS SATANISM is the greater part, by far, of that particular dynamic. The older religious traditions have been hijacked by Satanists and... the result is that you get this. As social mores embrace more and more of the ABNORMAL, you get more and more of this sort of thing. The woman who wants to turn one of her twin sons into a daughter happens to be a Pediatrician. Yikes!!! Double yikes!!! If you can't intuit what her motivations are, let me clarify it for you. She didn't want two sons. She wanted a son and a daughter and ALL THAT COUNTS is what she wants.

What you have seen so far is CRAZY. Ah... but you haven't seen crazy yet. This is CRAZY. Every time you think it's all gone too far, something happens that is proof positive you haven't seen too far yet. It is clear as clear can be when you see The Media celebrating something like this. As crazy as it has been getting in this country, it has already gotten much worse in The Crown Colonies. There is no rhyme and no reason to what is taking place and this says it as well as anything might.

It goes without saying, for me, that The Infernal Realm has been 'permitted' to express in diabolical fashion for the Purpose of Demonstration. Keep in mind that The Divine is in complete control of EVERYTHING at all times, so there is a purpose to everything that happens.

One thing we know is that animosity previously unseen, a raging hatred, is being stirred up for the President of the United States and for those who support him. An army of discontents is being assembled under the banner of Antifa, to foment utter chaos in America. Here is a mind-blowing visual of the sort of person who comprises the footsoldiers in this army.

Ponder the spiritual implications of her neck tattoo and gaze in wonder at what she has done to her face. There are tens of thousand of self mutilating, self loathing, troglodytes, who have washed up from the River Styx and are now wandering across the landscape.

There was a time in our country where the corporal punishment of children got outlawed. Attendant permissiveness caused a lack of discipline across entire generations. Those of an age where they should not possess power suddenly had power and began to understand the benefits of blackmail and other deceits to get what they wanted. Their parents indulged them at every turn and a nation of spoiled brats were raised. Then these entitled children, who had gained no maturity, were set loose on the world and the world kicked their asses and compromised their emotional investments. This is overly simplistic but I am in no mood to analyze it in deeper detail. You can see the results all round you. In concert with their selfish natures, a deep anger was born, a resentment for their perception of unfairness in the world. This was milked and shaped by cynical teachers in their schools. Many of these teachers were not normal in their sexual behaviors and this was insidiously included into the curriculums, as was a contempt for established religion and since they had been raised with no moral compass their internal gyroscope did not function properly.

At the same time that all of this was happening, the modern world became stranger and stranger. Bad stuff was happening. It had always been happening but the sense of a prevailing wrongness in the world made life surreal. They were learning bad things. They were doing bad things. They were eating bad food. The work ethic had turned to shit and there was no value system.

There was no Diabetes a hundred years ago. There were none of the cancers that there are now. People are developing allergies and environmental sensitivities. More and more of them are being born autistic. They have no sense of self. Life is turning into cosplay. Tattoos, Piercings, body mutilations and all manner of gender dysphoria appeared and you have what we see all round us today and through it all, percolates a collective unrest, a pathological impatience, an increasing dissatisfaction and ever greater concentrations of rage at the world, the governments and the religions and each other. Everything and everyone becomes a target.

Okay... I rambled all over the place in the attempt to make a few rough edged observations and now I'm floating on a Styrofoam container in the Sargasso Sea with my Tweedledee, Tweedledum buddies, Flotsam and Jetsam. Moving right along, nothing to see here. Folks, you already know these things and it was a bit lazy and disjointed of me to wander around, as if I'd had a few (AND I HAVEN'T!). There's so much going on today and I've only been here now and again, so a lot of this got written while I was somewhere else.

Let me segue to a few useful things of a spiritual nature. I don't suppose I have to tell you that we live in 'interesting times', as the Chinese refer to it (they are also living in interesting times). If you don't have the ageless hand of the ineffable at the tiller of your life, you could be in for some grim moments, on your way to unavoidable epiphany, or a dread awakening of one kind or another. Here is a series of paintings.

Thomas Cole The Voyage of Life series

There are four of them. They are by Thomas Cole. He was an artist from The Hudson River School. They are called The Voyage of Life and represent features of existence that one is advised to be mindful of.

Thomas Cole, The Voyage of Life, Childhood
Thomas Cole:
The Voyage of Life, Childhood

Thomas Cole, The Voyage of Life, Youth
Thomas Cole:
The Voyage of Life, Youth

Thomas Cole, The Voyage of Life, Manhood
Thomas Cole:
The Voyage of Life, Manhood

Thomas Cole, The Voyage of Life, Old Age
Thomas Cole:
The Voyage of Life, Old Age

Let me again quote the great, Paramhansa Yogananda; “if you don't look for God in the Springtime of your life, he won't be there in the winter.” When I first read that, it sent chills up my spine (for real). Then a wave of joy percolated through my frame as I was made aware of the truth that I had done just that.

However ineffective I may have been. However haphazard and cobbled together my methodology may have been, I have sincerely sought after The Divine my whole life. No matter what has happened to me, that has NEVER altered and FINALLY. FINALLY!!! I made it through the murk into the light. I can hardly believe it but... so it is. There is still work needing to be done. There are adjustments to be made and perhaps an even greater determination is required. Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes. At least now, the one that I had sought for so long, is here. So... I'm going to share some details from my daily disciplines in the hope that they may prove of use to others.

I meditate about 4 times a day. Don't overdo the amounts of time spent. Only continue while you can maintain focus and concentrate. I've yet to etch the time-frames into stone. I pray on occasions throughout the day. I repeat the following phrases at every point in the day that I can remember to do so; when I am brewing some tea, when I am walking about, when I am watching a movie, or a sporting event. Whenever I remember, I repeat; “I am the eternal, pure and free, self illumined Atman.” At other times, I repeat, “Every particle of my being, from the physical to the spiritual, is filled with the presence of God.” One could exchange 'love' for presence, should they choose. I repeat these while in bed awaiting sleep and upon awakening. I repeat these phrases while meditating, maintaining an inflexible certainty of their literal truth. I let my heart swell with the love of the ineffable and you are free to visualize that as Jesus Christ or Lord Ishvara, who is the same by another name, in a different tradition... or ANY realized master, or The Mother, should you choose.

At a certain point I repeat The Pattern on the Trestleboard.

The Pattern on the Trestleboard

I will be releasing a video shortly that demonstrates the images used and my hand positions while doing this. I close out by expressing over and over how deeply I love the ineffable master of all things. Though one should never pursue powers for the sake of the power, powers do come AND repeating certain phrases, or words with INTENTION and an ever growing degree of FAITH, CERTITUDE and DETERMINATION, guarantees that they will come. You can compare this practice to what happens when learning a musical instrument. There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between practicing for an hour a week and an hour a day and an even greater difference should you practice for more than a hour a day. All activities are commensurate with the time and intention invested. PERIOD!

Some of you may be familiar with my course, “Learn to Play Guitar like Carlos Santana- Guaranteed.” (only ten dollars!) The course is comprised of a single lesson and it follows thusly; 'Take your guitar into a room and practice for ten hours a day. Meanwhile, listen to the music of Carlos Santana.' I stand completely behind this method.

If your intention is that all powers, which will surely come, through austerities and other spiritual practice, is to be dedicated to union with the ineffable... so shall it be. “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

This is also certain to bring success. Go into a room or into Nature. Take only water and for as long as you can manage, pray and cry out to God for 3 days, only pausing to sleep, (or for elimination, which you don't have to pause for) and continuing immediately upon awakening. If you are not satisfied, do it for 7 days. Does this sound extreme? It is extreme but IT WORKS. God is ALWAYS WATCHING AND LISTENING! He/She is most especially impressed by sincerity and inflexible purpose but even more especially, by LOVE; God is a slave to Love. Such dedication cannot fail to gain a response. However, you do not have to be so extreme. You can pray and cry out silently within, all through your day as often as you can remember and you will get results. There is NO FRIEND LIKE GOD. Make God your friend.

End Transmission.......

This should serve as a brief intro. We'll expand on all this in the next Visible Origami

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