Friday, February 28, 2020

"We Often Attend with Angels Unaware. They Await your Invitation to Friendship."

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When you can sense the rails beneath you and you know your train is on the track, every day becomes a wonder and a marvel; replete with all the things unseen, appearing as pop up affirmation confirmations along the way. It's as if a literal crowd of invisible friends has suddenly made their presence felt and... just so you know it's not some kind of deception, or hallucination, IT KEEPS HAPPENING.

Earlier in the week... maybe a day or two earlier, I began to get the sense of higher entities in the air all around me. Then I was informed that they were angels. Then I was informed that, “No... it's not some expression of Grace, you earned this.” I couldn't put that together because I am not the sort of person who believes he has earned anything, except maybe a cuff upside the head.

A couple of days went by and... suddenly mindful of their presence, I asked if they might accomplish something for me. I was told that they had to be on the interior to do this. It then occurred to me that they were external to me. I get mixed up about this sort of thing all the time. I said, “Okay?” and was told I had to invite them in (just like the bad guys). This I did and... interestingly enough, following that and right up to this moment, I became LESS AWARE OF THEM.

Since this has happened, the entire atmosphere around me has become palpably lighter and I have this sense of confidence and other qualities, that are now emergent, in a quiet but INCREASINGLY NOTICEABLE WAY.

I drink tea all through the day and whenever I go to get another cup, I have to heat it up and that means waiting a few minutes so... right by the stove is whatever Mikhail Aivanhov book I might be reading at the time. I just started, “Man. Master of his Destiny”. As I was getting my most recent cup of Morning Thunder I read the following;

“The secret of success, the secret of true happiness, is to manifest in your own behavior all that you would like to receive from others. If you want smiles and kind looks, offer smiles and kind looks to others. If you want an angel, a Heavenly Being, to come and instruct and guide you, find someone who has had less opportunity to learn and start sharing your light with him. Your actions will be reflected immediately in the Invisible World and spirits of light will be drawn to help you in the same way.”

As I am reading this, I thought of the blogs and all of the information that has passed through them over the last 20 years. I have been doing this for right around 20 years.

My heart leapt as I read those words and I went (in my mind) skipping through the living room from the kitchen and back into my studio. All I could think was, “It's real! IT'S REAL! I'm NOT imagining any of it!!! I hadn't thought so, not in the place where it counts, but... I am viciously intense with myself about preventing all possibility of lying to myself. This is a CRITICAL AREA for me. Nothing moves for me unless this is sorted. I realize there are people who don't like what I say, who don't like what I am and don't like me period. I am fine with that. In fact... I am most appreciative of it. The reality that people of a certain disposition and character, are opposed to and slander me, is every bit as good and useful as the majority of positive support I get from most people.

Alright... I was digressing a bit there. Master Aivanhov is often concerned about communicating to the rest of us that we are attended by a crowd of invisible beings, at all times, and the QUALITY OF THE CROWD is determined by the quality of our thoughts, words and deeds. YOU control the nature of the crowd of invisible entities that attend you and feed off of you. They also encourage certain behaviors in you that are commensurate with their own behaviors. They are, PERMITTED, to experience what you experience because, YOU INVITED THEM IN!

If something gets written here, it was intentional. It was also vetted so... even if it seems incidental, or unimportant, it's not. It is not unimportant to me or I wouldn't have said it. I don't engage in pointless and trivial exchanges. That is the currency of conversation these days, among so many people. It is not the currency that I employ. Words have power, as do thoughts and most certainly actions. There are people who get incensed about my mention of Karma. They scoff at it. It DOES NOT REQUIRE any great deal of rumination to figure out why they don't want to hear any mention of it. You don't have to take my word on the existence of Karma. Let me refer you to Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, Lord Krishna and a host of others, ALL OF WHOM ARE IN ACCORD ABOUT KARMA and have held forth at length on it. Jesus would not have said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” if he were not aware of Karma.

Jesus would not have said, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” if he were not aware of Karma. Buddha said, (not verbatim)

“Karma really is happening, it is not an illusion; we are responsible for our actions; you co-decide or decide something in your life by what you go along with; your actions have results, good or bad, depending on the quality of the intention behind the act.” As for Lord Krishna, there are extensive commentaries on what he said about Karma and the whole of the Bhagavad Gita is concerned with the outworking of Karma and how to best engage the consideration of it.

There are all sorts of pundits and pedants and people swollen up with the tiny sum of knowledge they 'think' they possess. They like to make the idea of Karma 'intricate' because that means they get to ponce about in a pseudo-intellectual tango, round the room, badly explaining and showing off their transparent limitations to all and sundry, never realizing the laughter they are generating among the crowd of invisible entities all around them. Yes... my friends, you are attended by a crowd everywhere you go and WE DO TREAT WITH ANGELS UNAWARE... OFTEN.

My greatest ambitions in this life are few; Self Realization and The Knowledge and Conversation of my Holy Guardian Angel... it can be assumed that friendship and good standing with The Devic Realm is my most passionate desire. TO KNOW that it is possible and achieved simply by thinking, speaking and acting in a certain fashion, sends me OVER THE MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing I can imagine, not anything... is equal to the company of angels and the presence of God, which they are in the attendance of at all times. If you want to find God, one of the best ways is to find his angels. The job of angels is to report to God what they see and hear. Certain angels are the actual force of seeing and hearing that we all use.

You can be a habitation of angels! Yes... my friends, this is possible for you BUT... you must court them. You must impress them with your love and sincerity and especially by your service in life BECAUSE THEY NOTICE THAT. They see everything you do and hear everything you say. There is an angel called, The Recording Angel. Think about it.

It doesn't matter if you might be a tad murked up, or shabby round the edges. We ALL clean up good, once the right angels get their hands on us. Go into nature and call out to them! Tell them that you have come to your senses and you want to be their friend. Tell them you are willing to go through whatever you have to and that you will think and speak and act NOW and from then on... in accordance with what is demanded of anyone who wants to have angelic companions.

Yes... you might have to endure some discomfort. Think about when you were a child and you got all dirty playing outside and your mom put you into the bathtub and scrubbed you clean. You might not have liked it at the time but AFTERWARDS... she wrapped you in a fluffy towel. She might have dressed you in your pajamas and ALL WAS AGAIN RIGHT WITH THE WORLD. It is not unlike this. Before angels will agree to consort with you, certain tendencies and behavior patterns MUST END. They are no loss, believe me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went through all of what I went through so that I could be an example of the grace, compassion and mercy of God. I... like all of you, am FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION! The hour is late, my friends and the companionship of angels is far better than having all kinds of money in the bank. It's real money though, not that fake wallpaper we use in the streets. There is very little in existence that can compare to the friendship of angels and they are not gay little sprites that run around with pink unicorns. They can be truly fearsome and express tremendous power and I speak from some small measure of experience here.

They are waiting to hear from you.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

"The Dancing, Bouncing and Returning Ball of Cause and Effect is in your Court; Karma, Neh?"

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It's often been stated by 'us' here that we are an observer of Trends and Social Progressions; even when they are peddling in reverse. You can see what's coming, IF... you watch where you're going. Paying attention SHOULD BE Job #1. Paying or not paying attention, is the determinant of whether one continues living or becomes dead.

So it is that it came to my attention, in many ways, that it is the byproducts of the Corona Virus that are the real concerns, NOT the virus itself. It seems that most of our medications are produced in China and this makes sense since the pharmaceutical companies operate on such a tight margin (grin). One of the things to KEEP IN MIND is that ♫ the hip bones connected to the knee bone and the knee bones connected to the leg bone ♫ so... VERY OFTEN things happen and also do not happen, for reasons not immediately clear, because of tangential and ancillary connections to something else.

I think it is not a fearmongering prediction on our part that possibly... quite possibly... supermarket shelves might start to empty soon with no warning. Panic operates according to its own mysterious dynamic. I have not and do not intend to have sex with Steven Spielberg's, damaged skell of an adopted daughter but it is more than likely that, in time, I will know someone who knows someone who did.

Panic begins in whispers and metastasizes into screams. It is as if there were a disembodied hand, like the one in the Adam's Family, that is controlling the volume knob on the sound of appearances. All of a sudden, with no warning, things can get very loud. Before you know it, people are running wild eyed in all directions, driven by an inscrutable fear of no identifiable origin. That is the heart and soul of PANIC.

PANIC is soon going to be emptying the shelves at supermarkets. PANIC is going to be generating epidemic Haphephobia and Agoraphobia. PANIC is soon going to be generating MORE PANIC. PANIC is an interesting phenomena, it generates mindless fear that cancels out all sense of strategic thinking, along with rational inquiry and then degenerates to a self destructive flight into certain danger. Another interesting feature of PANIC is how it affects breathing. At no time... ever... is giving into PANIC a good idea. It is the worst possible response at any time to anything. Here is one of the results of PANIC. A study of the origin of the word should bear fruit as well.

I have been told that Coronavirus is genetically selective and only kills Asians. If you attempt to get evidence of this, there is none that I have been able to find so... is this true... or not? That, I think, would be a critical consideration. This will not protect you from the alternative possibility of being pancaked by a city bus, while texting a friend about it and inadvertently, stepping off the curb into it.

EVERYTHING in life comes down to KARMA... PERIOD. Every thought in your mind, every word you voice, every action to commit, is attended by Karma... UNLESS you act without thought of reward, or personal gain of any kind... then you activate the Law of Providence and you become the recipient of dharma. You can't avoid Karma in any case so... why not incur Good Karma? One can correctly state that the result of actions of self interest WILL RESULT in Negative Karma at some point and that acting in a selfless and disinterested fashion will create the opposite effect.

Opponents of this view are welcome to disagree with it but these ideas did not originate with me. They originated with far wiser minds who said, “as ye sow so shall ye reap.” You can think of your existence and everything that happens in it, being an interaction between yourself and a wall of consequences that bounces back at you the ball's reaction, to the direction and degree of intensity with which you threw the ball... or your thoughts, or words or deeds. Continuing existence is the outcome of the Boomerang Effect. You get what you give. What goes around comes around.

It can seem that what has just been stated here cannot possibly be true BECAUSE... look at all the vile individuals, who are doing horrible things to others, seemingly with impunity. You can't judge the nature of a river from standing at a single point on the banks. The river is of far greater complexity than what can be determined between two bends. The bends themselves are a reaction of Karma (grin).

Conversely, one can see good people experiencing all sorts of unfortunate events that make no sense in the context of their personality. KARMA DOES NOT, except under peculiar aegis, occur instantaneously. Of course, if you leap from a cliff, you will very shortly make contact with the ground and there are myriad examples of similar results but USUALLY... Karma is more about engineering precise conditions for its occurrence further on. Often we may not see the results in the same life that the causes of it originated in. Here is an explanation for the good person to whom bad things are happening. HOWEVER... MAKE NO MISTAKE... Karma WILL BE SERVED. Karma will be inflexibly served, UNLESS... Grace intrudes. The Ineffable has more Grace on tap than could ever be measured, OR DISPENSED. Realized masters, saints and others, also have degrees of Grace that they are free to dispense as they see fit. There have been many cases of realized beings assuming the Karma of one or more or many of their followers also.

♫ What a friend we have in Jesus
All our sins and griefs to bear
And what a privilege to carry
Everything to God in prayer

Oh, what peace we often forfeit
Oh, what needless pain we bear
All because we do not carry
Everything to God in prayer

Have we trials and temptations?
Is there trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged
Take it to the Lord in prayer

Can we find a friend so faithful
Who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every weakness
Take it to the Lord in prayer ♫

In that song you find an example of just what I am talking about. Behind every great song, there is often a great story. Here is the story about that song. It was an Irishman also who wrote, “Amazing Grace” ah... Grace comes up again; what do you know?

In the life of the author of that song, just as in the life of the author of Amazing Grace, you can see Karma at work. It is one of the amazing features of Karma, where tragedy and trauma can occasionally lead to astonishing results. I know many, many tales like this; one of the benefits of being an inveterate reader with an insatiable curiosity. It is that curiosity (along with a great deal of Love) that led me to God. With God it is not possible to satisfy curiosity and therefore, if you are of a curious nature, may I recommend the creator as a subject for your consideration?

There are those who eschew all action and there are certain followers of Buddhism that take this to an absurd degree. They believe that the less they act the less they will suffer. Might I point out the line from Revelations, “if ye be lukewarm I shall spew thee out of my mouth.”? Also, there is the Parable of the talents, given to the servants of the man 'going on a journey'. Yes... you have to think. Even if you are me and engage in 'casting out thought', you still wind up thinking and speaking and doing so... HAVE AT IT but... attach no personal value to any of it. This is the Spirit of Karma Yoga. Act unselfishly and your Karma will not result in suffering but in Joy and Liberation.

“God loves and cares for me and is giving me every good thing. I love him and think his thoughts and do only those things that he wishes me to do.” I think that would be a good guideline.

Remember that every detail of your life... NO MATTER HOW TRIFLING OR NEGLIGIBLE IT MAY APPEAR... is a particular and important transaction between God and your soul. There is nothing inconsequential. It ALL HAS AN IMPACT. Think of yourself as a kind of Johnny Appleseed and leave intentional evidence of your passing. What imprint would you like to leave on life? The ball is in your court. You have the power to decide upon the specific impact you will have on life and on everyone you meet.

Look... I've made plenty of mistakes but it was in getting dirty on the field of play that I was permitted to learn and to grow in understanding of consequences and intentions. Sure I wish I knew then what I know now BUT AT LEAST I DO KNOW NOW WHAT I KNOW NOW! I shall have ample time to make up for every error I committed, unless God seeks to intrude on that. He certainly has already in many, many fine and gracious ways, but regardless, I have ETERNITY in which to be an expression of God's Lila and all will be well, sooner rather than later and the day WILL COME that I shall be totally free and of FAR GREATER IMPORTANCE, free to make others free as well. Oh Happy Day!!!

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(a song about one who took themselves too seriously and served as a karmic example for the rest of us-

Peter Piper picked the Pocketnet and by prestidigitation drew a Hasbara scoundrel from a hat and turned him into a footstool for illiterate gentiles who speak in a language he will never understand. You can catch it all happening here.

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

ATTENTION is the same as Sunlight and Rain and the Fruit and the Flower is the Offspring of Light!

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Someone once said, “When it rains it pours.” Off the cuff... first take... this seems to be saying that when one bad thing happens, other bad things often happen as well. This is, perhaps... how a Perfect Storm comes about. This writer has itemized an assortment of genuine plagues that are working their way forward at this moment. Taken in their aggregate state, they can be intimidating. If one did not know that these were mere shadows, passing before the face of an ever shining sun, we could be disheartened, dismayed... but there are those of us who are not. No matter what comes, be it trauma, separation, isolation, even death, it is of no importance... because all of this is no more than appearances we have attached ourselves to, unreal phantasms. ONLY God is real.

These phantasms are all just passing phases on the shores of a shining and infinite, eternal, sea ...and that sea... whose depths cannot be plumbed... and whose reach cannot be traversed, or charted... is (COSMIC DRUM ROLL) The Sea of Love. It is the Sea of Divine and incomprehensible LOVE from everlasting to everlasting. It is the first emanation of Almighty God. It is as much as we are permitted to know. It is as much as we can ever know and yet it cannot be known but... IT CAN BE FELT!

These are perilous times AND times of great promise. There are not just the threats and challenges from without but... more especially... there are the threats from within. So many of us are being driven to unfortunate acts...driven crazy by the force of Mr. Apocalypse... because we will not awaken. We resist awakening and CRAZY is what happens. My friends, daily, the episodes of CRAZY keep intensifying. I AM NOT going to post examples of this. Some of them are horrifying. How does it come to such a pass? There is a demonic wind blowing in the wind tunnels of the human mind and it can be difficult to resist. Without an anchor, without a firm foundation, it might be impossible ...but we must not see it as this because ALL THINGS WORK FOR GOOD FOR THOSE WHO LOVE THE LORD.

It is Mr. Apocalypse who is at work here. He is pressing for awakening! If you do not awaken, he WILL PRESS HARDER. When God wants to awaken you, he will come and gently shake your shoulder. If you do not awaken, he will shake your shoulder harder and if you still do not awaken? God picks up a two by four and “Katie bar the door!” It was Mikhael Aivanhov who first put it that way (not verbatim). Thank you Master Aivanhov!

In these times of uncertainty WE MUST recognize the indwelling! This is the key to awakening; the recognition of the indwelling. It all comes down to the Practice of the Presence of God. CELEBRATE IT MY FRIENDS!!! Perhaps you do not yet feel it? Perhaps there is a question in 'your mind' as to whether there even is an Indwelling Presence? I ASSURE YOU ON MY VERY SOUL that there is a God. You need ONLY to visualize God as present. I will tell you a secret; perhaps it is not a secret but it is not widely known, GOD IS COMING in the human heart. He is coming to every heart where a place has been prepared for him and how do you accomplish this? YOU CELEBRATE HIS INDWELLING PRESENCE. You affirm that he is there, REGARDLESS of whether you can presently sense it or not. IF you prepare the space, he WILL OCCUPY it.

This is the Aquarian Age. This is The Age of Brotherhood! So how else could God come at this time? How else could God announce his presence among so many billions of people? He MUST COME IN THE HUMAN HEART! Mr. Apocalypse is the predecessor. Mr Apocalypse is the prophet who is announcing his coming, Just as John the Baptist once did.

Perhaps you are suffering in this time. There are so many ways to suffer but your suffering does not have to be in vain! Bad Karma is working its way out because THESE ARE THE TIMES OF KARMIC RESOLUTION. Bad Karma working itself out becomes good karma because the bad karma is passing. Sometimes the best thing we can do is to endure because it will pass. Make note NOT to repeat your mistakes and CONSIDER THIS, 'the love of God passeth all understanding! The Grace of God is a miraculous force that can neutralize any Karma because GOD'S POWER is limitless. There is nothing that God cannot accomplish. Place your life... your hopes... your dreams and all your fears in the hands of God and ALL WILL BE MADE WELL BY MIRACULOUS AGENCY! Take to heart what the Lord God said to me... “rely on me! Rely on me.” This he said OVER and OVER and OVER. Why did it take me so long to get this? Do not suffer as I did through cognitive dissonance, where... somehow... it did not immediately occur to me that IF IT WAS GOD SAYING IT... IF IT WAS GOD SAYING IT... It MUST BE SO!!!

My own life is a masterpiece of the mercy and compassion of God. When I was young, I suffered to such an extreme that I cannot now even recall it. I had an adult ulcer at the age of 12 FROM FEAR. The doctors were mystified and it took them some time to find out what the problem was; why I was jackknifing from pain? It seemed that there would be no light at all. Then, at the age of 21, a being I met on a beach on Kalifornia, awakened my Kundalini, with such intensity that the reverberations went on and on and on.

Through psychedelics, I experienced things that made this world a gray Purgatory, with nothing of meaning to me. The spiritual delights I experienced were beyond the telling. Of course, I then stormed the gates of Heaven at every opportunity but I was not allowed to stay. I could not desist, eventually I fell into a whirlpool of excess, reaching into the darkness for light. I consumed so many mind altering substances in the pursuit of 'yet one more experience of The Divine' that it is a miracle I am still alive. Now... every organ is functioning fantastically, in defiance of 'what should have been'. How is this possible? GOD is how it is possible. THOSE WHO LOVE MUCH ARE FORGIVEN MUCH. God knows WHY we do things. God knows our INTENTIONS.

Without knowing it, I was doing everything to suppress the force of the Kundalini in me. It was AND IS, impossible to contain, so eventually, it burned away every impure desire. It burned its way through me and the turmoil of years is at an end. Surely my tale should be a cautionary tale and one obviously needs a dispensation to do what I did. Perhaps none of it was necessary but to assist me in evading regret and recrimination, I was told, and continue to be told that there was nothing I could have done to change any of it. It was meant to be and I am as much for The Purpose of Demonstration as anyone else. We are...all of us... the living evidence of where we have been and what we have done. I can tell you with absolute confidence and assurance; LOVE GOD and God will protect you from everything that may ever come about, or lead you out of it after leading you through it.

God is your only true friend and any other true friend you believe yourself to have, is simply God in another persona. It is only God awakened in the mutual exchange of Love. It is our power to invoke God or Devil in everyone we meet. Sometimes either happens for reasons otherwise and once again, for The Purpose of Demonstration. God creates not only our friends but our enemies as well, for The Purpose of Demonstration. We need not fret or agonize over it or anything. Whatever we, ourselves, choose to assume responsibility for, we will be responsible for. Whatever we leave in God's Hands, God will 'hand'le for us.

Make the commitment this moment to celebrate the Indwelling at every opportunity and prepare to be surprised and astonished because nothing is what it was before. Pay no attention to appearances. Pay no attention to agents of darkness. Keep your mind ONLY upon the ever growing light within. The light within grows as the result of ATTENTION. It is the same as sunlight and rain and the fruit and the flower of the offspring of light, will sprout in the darkness and appear in the light. This is so... and EVER SHALL BE! May God shine forth from you in this hour and may the light of God guide and protect you for all of your days!

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Saturday, February 15, 2020

"There is a Magic Show in the Land of Snakes BUT there is No Injustice Anywhere."

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The timeless question of Evil; what is it? Can it be inflexibly identified? Does it shift in meaning? I see Good and Evil demonstrated in the undulatory locomotion of a snake. That serpentine slide, first to one side and then to the other. Certainly, much of what was once considered Evil is now no longer so defined. The same applies to Good. Sometimes it is more a question of Smart and Stupid and it can be said that the reason there seems to be so much Evil in the world is because there is so much Stupid.

Only purity can restore virtue out of vice. Vice is the product of our lower nature in action and Virtue is what is expressed by our higher nature. People tend to opt more for one than the other and it defines them. In times of Material Darkness, the lower nature comes to the fore. Excess is celebrated. Indulgence, like Greed, is considered Good. At least Ayn Rand thought so and that was some time ago. Rand's birth name was, 'Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum'. She died just as The Decade of Unbridled Greed was winding up into the modus operandi for the 'Me Generation'. It was originally said to have been The 70's. It may have started there but it went full bore in the 80's. It hit its zenith when Cocaine went mainstream.

I personally, broadly define Evil as the product of Selfishness and Good as the product of Selflessness. The latter reaches its most refined expression in a mother's love. Yes... I am being overly simplistic and exceedingly broad in my reach and exceptions abound. I tend to rely on the reader to interpret what I am really trying to say. People 'who want to understand' WILL GET a modicum on the surface and if they thoroughly chew... ruminating....... much more will come to them over time.

There are those who come here to taunt and belittle, never realizing they are performing it on themselves. It has zero impact on me. As Buddha said to a questioner, “If someone brings you a present and you do not accept it, to whom does the present then belong?” I have a nattering nabob who comes here seeking to harass me over cant and dogma that is IRRELEVANT. He/she/it keeps mentioning a crayfish, rather than lobster for the pool before the tarot card, The Moon. IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE!!! It could be a snail, or anything with a carapace because THAT IS THE IMPORTANT FEATURE. Much of The Tarot is fluid imagery. Certain symbols and presentations are important but the environment and other more subtle variants are fluid, SO LONG AS THE 'CORRECT' COLORS, SYMBOLS AND OTHER FEATURES ARE PRESENT, all is well. I know this... so I am hardly affected by the uninformed, who are ONLY seeking to antagonize me anyway. They would be FAR BETTER OFF making me a friend and profiting from what gets said here BUT... that is their affair, as they will see... at some point, up around the bend (cue John Fogarty).

Like Krishna said;

“Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on Earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me.”

Now... I am not Krishna but I work for him. He is the same incomprehensible supremacy that is resident in Jesus Christ, Buddha, Lao Tzu and others, ALL SENT HERE TO BE OUR GUIDES. Some are avatars, some prophets, some sages, some illumined entities but THEY ARE ALL PRESENTATIONS OF THE ONE, OR DIRECT, OR INDIRECT, PORTALS TO THE ONE.

I received a comment at Petri Dish this morning and it resonated deeply with me. Perhaps I was in the mood, maybe I changed overnight (grin) well... of course I did. It is a whole new world today, as it will be tomorrow. Yes... for many it will be the same OLD WORLD, interminably but... not for me. I am reborn in the light of the ineffable each day and SO CAN IT BE FOR anyone.

Ignore the statements made about me in the comment. They are kind but not comprehensive. I'm just some guy trying to do his job. I'll probably make an error in judgment or a mistake today; just to put it all into perspective. I considered removing the referential portions but that seemed like overkill. Anyway, here it is, followed by my answer;

“Thanks again for your insights. They really connect with me at times. I struggle to get to somewhere like the state you have achieved. The thing that always causes me such dissatisfaction is the apparent injustices that don't seem to be ever punished. I accept that through incarnation that it will all even out eventually, but it is very difficult to watch the evil creatures prosper while great individuals and peoples are destroyed. You frequently state that it is for the purpose of demonstration but few seem to pay attention or learn from those demonstrating events. Yesterday, was the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Dresden. All those good people were roasted and nothing ever came of it. The perpetrators prospered. Of course, our lives are only blips in the scheme of things and time will tell, as you say. The goal should be what you can do in your own small way. I know this intellectually but I struggle to feel it. I struggle to have an experience of 'God' as you describe is central to your life. I feel strongly that my life has been a waste. I feel that it has been spent completely on the periphery as an observer with little effect. Even the thought that I will be sent back to try again doesn't comfort much. Again, thank you for what you do. I am glad that I discovered you some years back and get comfort from what you write.”

“You pretty much covered the ground in what you said. As for payback; except in an apocalypse, and we're just getting to certain parts of that now, the scenery has to be arranged with a certain precision and that isn't always possible at times. People are often made to suffer internally without it being palpably evident to others. Sometimes one is born into animal form because their crimes were manifestations of that kingdom of being. Justice is ALWAYS served.”

“IN AN INSTANT EVERYTHING CAN CHANGE; "success is speedy for the energetic." When you think you are making no progress and all seems dark and stagnant within... great strides are often being made but you are unaware of it.”

“Try to remember that the evil you see being done, or heard or read about happening, without retribution IS RETRIBUTION for previous wrongs on the part of those you are witnessing being abused. Dresden, for instance, was a gathering of many from many times and climes. Often when something is happening to more than one person... war times... plane crashes... earthquakes, the injured and dead might have been gathered from across a vast spectrum of time. They were not all present for the same offense. God paints in both broad strokes and great detail.”

“STOP TRYING TO GET YOUR HEAD AROUND WHAT YOU SEE IN THE REALM OF APPEARANCES. Appearances LIE. They are a lie... most especially because the information is ALWAYS incomplete. Fix your thought upon the indwelling and maintain it there. Pray for help; KNOWING HELP WILL COME. Be relentless in your optimism. Convince and commit yourself of and to the certitude that all will be well and better and better as it goes. DO NOT ENTERTAIN DOUBT. Stop chasing your tail!”

“Immerse yourself in the love of the supreme by standing before the sun and ACKNOWLEDGING! See the fluid beauty, transparency and purity in water. Touch the fecundity of the Earth. Feel the power of its possibilities. Breathe in the spirit of God in the air that enters your lungs. Let it charge you with enthusiasm! Embrace the consuming beauty of fire that purifies everything and celebrate the fire that burns within. Don't give way to negativity. Powerful conning towers are broadcasting, this moment, a radiant darkness from the Lower Astral Plane. Reject it! Visualize angels hovering above and flying about and... THEY ARE AWARE OF YOU. Nature is a mirror, What are you thinking when you look into this mirror?”

“The Sun is the face of God on the material plane and evidence of the spiritual sun, which is literally God. The Sun is your friend. Speak to him. Angels circle the sun endlessly, carrying thoughts and statements pleas and prayers to him AND... HE IS RESIDENT IN YOU!”

When you see injustices being done THAT IS JUSTICE BEING DONE for previous injustices. You may not like that this is so. You may dispute the symmetry of the cosmos BUT THAT CHANGES NOTHING. Everywhere justice is being done all the time; “I recognize the manifestation of the undeviating justice in every circumstance of my life” (Geburah; from the Pattern on the Trestleboard).

The flowing rays of The Sun are GOLD. They are actual gold. They penetrate the Earth and transform into the literal gold. Let these rays enter and transform you! That is... “The Operation of the Sun.”

There is no Injustice

There is often the extreme nearsightedness
of selfish intent

for as long as i stand here

and you stand there

the appearance of difference
is the God divided

and worshiped from a bloody altar
that man has built to his own dark needs

everything moves
toward a unity
gone missing

time and time again

until pain has brought forth the blossom
of loves symmetry
there is no injustice anywhere
there are no innocent bystanders
there are no accidents
and being sorry doesn’t help

its not your fault
it may not even be wrong

who knows...?

whose view is vast enough
that passing time does not soon compromise
their line of sight?
who sees well enough

to leave well enough

beautiful bubbles break inside the oceans foam
the water leaks into the sand
then swims away unseen

the wind stirs the leaves
the grass grows
the bees make honey
the fish laugh beneath the surface
and the horses gallop forever beneath and within the waves
that will never free them

it is only longing
and there is no injustice anywhere

clouds float by like dreams in a peaceful sleep
and the sky is blue
and the sun is brimming with life
and the moon is pregnant with form

the coyote howls
and the eagle screams
and longing and hunger will never end

Desire is the agent of Gods will!

and there is no injustice anywhere

the light changes
and gridlock comes
and the car horns honk in Hell's unfinished symphony

where the smoke from hidden fires
rises from the manholes and grates
as Jesus blows on his hands in a broken stairwell

with Bethlehem two thousand years away

its going to be a long night

but there is no injustice anywhere

the heat blisters the streets in these cities of wanting
the mad fire dance
the insane dervish in a suit

it fries the palate
all sense of taste is gone

it burns the bowels

and turns the earth an alkaline white
devoid of life

here in the pushing crowd
where loneliness is king
where no one makes love
but are only ashamed

and cannot speak

eyes do not meet

the money changes hands
but never the heart
nor the mind

a place
is what takes place

if you want something else
then go somewhere else
love will only be a problem for you here

It is incredible
and it is insane
it will not get better
it is supposed to be this way

a million years ahead
or a million years behind
t’was ever thus
the city is the same

the drama does not change
the cataclysm comes
and the fiery rain
vaporizes the stage
so that it might all begin again

and there is no injustice anywhere.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

Pocketnet went a courtin and it did go uh huh... Pocketnet went a courtin and it did go uh huh... Pocketnet went a courtin and it did go... to the land of snakes for the magic show... uh huh.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The Locusts who Eat what is Outside of You and the Locusts who Eat What is Within.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Ah... the many sinuous windings of life, the convoluted twists and turns of the serpent, half in and out of view, materializing and dematerializing, from one form to the next, each of them in temporary composition of that radiant energy, composed of it and animated by it. We view the transitory nature of existence upon the dream web. We attempt to interpret and to calculate it according to the registrar of the senses. They are the windows of experience, through which everything is, imperfectly, labeled and defined. The whole of it is no more than weaving smoke, shifting from one temporary presentation to the next.

My heart aches for humanity, forever building and tearing down, in pursuit of that perfect residence, formed ever nearer to the heart's desire and never arriving there... sand trickling through their hands, sands that were once cultures and continents and countries, now vanished forever more. Up it all goes and down it all goes. We wander and we wonder what and who we were before. We know the meaning of nothing and yet we have placed such value on it. It grieves us to lose any part of it and we lose all of it, over and over and over again. Why can't we remember who and what we were before? How can we not know where we are headed? Is it a curse? Is it a blessing?

I am led to believe it is a blessing because it is only the very spiritually advanced who are permitted such information and prophetic insight, save for the occasional anomalies. Some of us, for reasons, once again not known, have some amount of second sight, clairvoyance, clairaudience. Those with the powers, when asked, have said they are as much a curse as anything could be.

My early life was a horror movie and it did not get better after that. Even still, I could see many who were more unfortunate than I. I would have brief episodes of serendipity and respite from the struggle against adversity. Many were the occasions when I cursed my life and wished that I had never been born. However... all through the darkness and despair, there was an unflagging optimism. It was as if I knew something, something intrinsic at my core, so that no matter what the particular tragedy of the hour, I was confident that some brighter day would come.

How many times I was told internally, or given the sense, that I did not know at all what the meaning of my life was. I simply kept moving forward and by immeasurably slight degrees, the quality of life began to shift. There was still many an episode of trauma and loss... inexplicable, all of it, downright Shakespearean at times, but little by little, clarity began to intrude and now... I count the cost of it all as nothing, by comparison with what has been realized out of the strife and the striving. I now know that the difficulty was nothing. It is the objective and the intention that defines the worth of every action. I also now know. I know viscerally, that one cannot fail if one does not quit. Those words can seem like a platitude, something off of a greeting card and for some, they are no more than a platitude but... for others, they ring with authenticity and certitude.

We get caught up in physical passions and they consume us from the inside out. They leave us as a husk. Life is trial but... it is trial with a purpose. I did not know this at the time. I do now. We must court the fire of Heaven and let it turn our metal white. Then it is plunged into the cold water and hardened. This is what trial does for us. It tempers us. I now realize with fulsome gratitude that God was doing me a great service when subjecting me to the trials and the trauma that he did. It seems crazy to say that hardship is a blessing.

I could not understand why the gifts that I knew I possessed, were not bringing me success in the world. Now I see... intensified... what I have been seeing all along. Last night I watched the Academy Awards and I was truly grateful that I was not among these self adulating, self congratulating fire flies. Now I realize why it was that I could never stay around these people when I did happen to be around them. I am constantly reminded of scenes from Alice in Wonderland; “You're nothing but a pack of cards!” All the fuss people make about themselves, or obversely, the fuss they make about whichever celebrity they are obsessing over. You really have to be some kind of clueless to be taking yourself seriously at all. I think I dislike Vanity more than just about anything. It can hobble you spiritually. It can cripple you as a human being and make you a laughingstock in front of millions of eyes that you never imagined even existed. WE ARE ALL ON TV ALL THE TIME!

It is one thing to know that certain personal postures are unbecoming and to try to contain the demonstration of them, if you can remember to, but we NEVER remember to with any real consistency and it is yet another thing to KNOW VISCERALLY that setting yourself above the rest, only serves to make you are target of both public and private scorn but SOME OF US are gifted (or you might say cursed) with a total lack of awareness. These life forms are no different than the moths you see flitting about a light bulb or a candle flame. Sooner or later they get too close but they go crazy well before this.

The most amazing feature of manifest life is that which remains unmanifest. It is the secret heart of existence that produces The Sun, which produces the life, which produces the riot of color and sound that comes and goes. It is ALWAYS coming and ALWAYS going and it seems never to occur to so many people that they are here today and gone tomorrow and that what they did and did not do here today, orchestrates and scripts all that they will do and not do in their next go round and on all sides you see the present results of past actions and... and... people whine and complain about the injustice and unfairness of life but it is immaculately precise and fair to the last jot and tittle.

WE JUST DON'T SEE the origins of past causes which produced the outcomes of the moment but we DO INDEED see the origin of present causes for Future Dynamics of cause and effect. Hopefully I don't get hung up on the Byzantine twists and turns of my own words here. I suspect you do know what I am trying to say and I think you also know that there is so much I CAN NEVER SAY.

I never guessed I would wind up as I have, here in the latter stages of this go round. I've little of any greater material value but I do have all of my tools, some fine guitars and keyboards. I've a serious wealth of friends. I live in the absence of fear and the sure and certain knowledge of pending revelation and the descent of the quintessence, which is also called Spiritual Fire and known by other names in other traditions in other lands. I KNOW this is coming and had been reserved for a specific time. I've no apprehension that I will be in a state of want, mostly because I don't want anything material and everything else is an inheritance; which comes to every one of us WHO HAVE PUT OURSELVES IN THE WAY OF IT.

Because of the suffocating, wet carpet of materialism, that hangs over modern life we, mostly, fail to see the incredible spiritual blessings and opportunities that are present. It hearkens back to that mention of the unmanifest, which mostly goes unnoticed because it is unseen. Oh... my friends... such great changes are coming!!! I submit for your watching, two videos of travel through Ethiopia with this guy who travels for food.

Here is the one in an urban setting;

...and then one that is in rural area.

You get insight into the lives of people who are at a far, far reach from your own. As interesting as this all is, that is not the reason I bring it to your attention. As I understand it, it is out of Ethiopia and Somalia that the locust plague is coming and which is hitting Kenya and other places. It is unlikely you have ever seen a plague of locusts. They swarm in the millions and they EAT EVERY GREEN THING. They are bad now, but after the rains, they say there will be many, many, many times more locusts and this means a serious hunger problem in Africa; something to bookend with the Coronavirus. When you imagine what may be coming to these people, perhaps these videos will make you weep. What these people have is what you have when you have Love and Friendship. What we have... is often something very different.

Here in America, in a dancing hypnotic trance of Materialism, the mass of us twirl and spin in the false ecstasies of our appetites... eating... and drinking... and hungering after one another, as if in one exotic form or another, we might gain surcease, or peace... It is a tranquility that will never come in such actions and environs. The more we have, the less peace and joy will we possess. The richer we are, the more paranoid and selfish we become. THERE ARE LAWS HERE! THERE ARE LAWS THAT CONTROL THESE STATES OF BEING.

Yes... there was a time I considered myself one of the unfortunate people here. Trouble came at me from every side. I did not know which way to go and when I did go, I went in the wrong direction (grin); true story. Yet there was a purpose here. There was a grand design, a sculpture, if you will, that God hewed out of the hard granite of my resisting ignorance. Now I see, upon closing my eyes, the undying splendor of the Kingdom of God. The spiritual waters of the Divine Mother flow over and through me, restoring purity and regenerated innocence and I know this to be true because... I will walk in no other direction. I will countenance no other result. It is the fixed directive of my every effort and thought. God IS the living reality of every life that recognizes the presence!

My friends... do not let the darkness come upon you. Let your attention be upon the inner light that animates and inspires you. The first of these is intrinsic. The second is a matter of choice.

I leave you with one last video from the irrepressible Mark Wiens.

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(This is from back when I first started recording and didn't have the computer savvy or the musical chops; I still don't have those (grin).)

I'm considering no longer posting on Pocketnet. There are some fine people there and there are some spiteful types whose only pleasure comes from giving harm and I've no use for that. If people want to find me, they can always come here.

Wednesday, February 05, 2020

"The Devil is God as he Appears to the Wicked. Don't be Wicked!"

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Traveled around a bit today, as I usually do, prior to composing a post, or having one composed through me... I gather in information... at random really; unless it is pre-selected for me to begin with (hmmm...)? It percolates in my subconscious and then... transformed through 'the Visible Filter', it appears in my commentaries. So... today I read about 'fear' and 'stress'- following my own comment about it (grin) and it mostly all took place on Pocketnet.

I also read about shadow apps, having to do with political concerns; like the Iowa Caucus. What's that all about? Then it occurred to me that even if it were about Bernie Sanders, he doesn't have a prayer when it comes to getting elected. Maybe in some other time. Maybe when it was not an apocalypse but... it is an apocalypse. AND THERE IS A MR. APOCALYPSE and anything that happens these days is dramatically for The Purpose of Demonstration. You are going to be a living example of whatever hypocrisy is operating below the fascia of your staged presentations. The way things were are no longer the way things are AND... the Jokers are now active in the deck. You can't predict outcomes anymore, as if you ever could. Now there is another conscious entity at work behind the veil of appearances, ALONG WITH ALL THOSE OTHER INFLUENCES, some of which have been there since the dawn of time.

We've talked much about Materialism in recent times and how one of its primary offspring is Insanity. We've mentioned that the religion of Materialism is Atheism and that the operating religion, most closely resembling Atheism, is Satanism. We haven't talked much about two of the main byproducts of Materialism and those are Stress and Fear. It can be stated, unequivocally, that both give birth to the other, automatically, upon appearance. If you had no Fear, you would have no stress. When I mention Fear, I do not mean only that generated by physical danger, or any imagined threat, but also that of Uncertainty of Outcome. I think it can be said, without argument, that Fear always generates Stress. What of the most ubiquitous Fear in times of Material Darkness? That would be Fear of Loss. Materialism fills those captivated by Materialism, with the Fear of Material Loss. Ah... the sad romance of temporary things, the love of what is passing, the affection for that which cannot return the affection, except perhaps as magnetism, which I would not define as a form of affection, though opinions (snicker) may differ.

(I just heard the greatly retarded Representative, Val Demings from the great state of Florida, mention 'unconverted evidence'. Perhaps I am wrong but... would that not more apply to 'uncontroverted evidence'? I find no references for 'unconverted evidence'. She made no effort to correct herself. I've heard her mangle the language several times by now so... I'm guessing this was just another event. Then again, it might be I who am in need of correction. It wouldn't be the first time.)

Stress is the biggest killer on the planet, because it is the precursor for all sorts of other maladies, from heart disease, stroke and cancer, among others. I don't know if Fear would be the number one generator of Stress but it would be in the top three, or so I imagine. Cowardice is a bottomless reservoir of Fear. It makes me think how “the coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave man dies but one.” We have such a concern for our physical bodies. You would think we would take better care of them but we don't. We treat them horribly, in the pursuit of appetites. I rarely see a greater example of cognitive dissonance than this.

Recently I was watching a Paul Joseph Watson video. I can't remember which one it was but it had to do with Porn and Masturbation. A fellow appeared who said something to the effect that Masturbation is a necessary Stress valve and that not masturbating was unhealthy and that people who said or thought otherwise are crazy. I imagine there are all sorts of people out there, the majority of people actually, who think there is nothing wrong with masturbation.

I have exceptional health. So does any sincere and informed Yogi, or spiritually aware person. It is my contention, a contention I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN OF, that channeling the sex force, rather than regular, gratuitous discharging of it, is a major key, to not only abundant health, but life everlasting.

We live in a culture nowadays that is shaped by an assemblage of the incompetent and uninformed. We've got armies of deluded and diseased psychologists, psychiatrists, behavioral scientists and crackpots of many stripes who have no idea what they are talking about. They studied at the feet of their mentors, who also did not know what they were talking about and who learned their own fallacies, through the teachings of long dead experts and founders of schools of thought, that were about as well informed as schools of fish.

That was as far as I got yesterday and now... in light of The State of the Union address by President Trump last night, I'm wondering where I should go... now. It came upon me by degrees. An impression was being formed in my mind, concerning the tremendous Rage and Anger that the politically Liberal have generated against President Trump. I've NEVER seen the like. Alcoholic Nancy ripped President Trump's speech in half on live TV. Perhaps the maintenance dose of Old Overcoat (aged for 12 years) had worn off and she went Full Compulsive.

This is Day 13 of the Senate Impeachment Hearing and well may be the last day of this throbbing hangnail. Each day, 5 or 6 House Representatives go to the lectern and REPEAT the same things they said the day before and the day before that and the day before that and the day before that. How can they not know that they have passed beyond the point of eyes glazed over, long ago? There are two heavy set, quasi blond, ladies who keep appearing. They are in their late 50's or somewhere in their 60's. I can't tell but... the buildup of hair spray seems to have been accruing for a very long time. Their outfits, though... no doubt... expensive, look like they came off the rack at Goodwill. It is a bizarre collective of dysfunctional, robotic Nimrods. I wonder how many people have been watching this mind numbing circus and are wondering like I am; why? Why has no one gone to Adam Shifty and told him about about the impact they are SURELY and NOT SO SURELY having on their audience? In the process of this Clown Car Impeachment Hearing, something... something keeps pressing up from the subconscious into the drama of the moment.

I can see the effect the presence of Mr. Apocalypse is having... invisibly, not just at these hearings but everywhere the Dream Web is present. I can see the tight hold people are having upon themselves, lest they go Postal... or sit down against the door of their bedroom, with an auto-erotic belt, cinched around their necks. I can see now that THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY that the two sides can come together in an agreement of some sort. It's not going to happen. Sooner or later, there is going to be an uprising.

I've been thinking and thinking about our leaders, about the political climate, about THE WIDE DISPARITY, existing between these two sides of The Impeachment Vendetta. Why... why has the decorum, dignity and integrity of these legislators gone so far South? Then it came into my mind last night. I asked my friend to please remind me to speak about Pelosi and her posse, concerning SATANISM.

For going on 4 years now, the residents of The Deep Swamp have been coming at President Trump, without respite. Their resistance to Trump being president is far, far greater than anything he might have done to cause it. Then it hit me. I had been watching Pelosi's face, trying to see into her mind and into the mentality that was arranging her features into such a state of grim disapproval. What could it be that holds so many of these legislators in such a hypnotic thrall? So I kept closing my eyes and searching for meaning.

My mind drifted to that famous quote by Albert Pike concerning World War 3 and the attendant chaos that would accompany it. Then I thought about the events of recent decades. I thought about the mindsets of the newest generations and it came to me. Something came to me and began to shape itself into recognizable form. It's full on Satanism that has taken up residence in the minds of many government employees. For years and decades of years, I have watched the subversion of Normal and Reasonable. BY THEIR WORKS YE SHALL KNOW THEM! When you see the news about Shit Francisco and the breakdown of order and morality, it becomes clearer and clearer. Satan has a few basic drives and desires. They are CHAOS... CONFUSION and the DESPOILING OF INNOCENCE.

It's past, long past the point, where those of us reading this and writing this are any longer deceived about the child trafficking, the rape of childhood and the presence of CHAOS and CONFUSION being spun into manifestation by the rich and powerful. These provide the best control mechanisms for getting people to obey. That is what Honey Pots are all about. It continues to get worse. Some of these employees of the Infernal Realm are CONSCIOUSLY engaged in Satanic practices and then there is the much larger body of those who are influenced and controlled, without knowing what is happening. They are obliged Minions and Footsoldiers for the Satanic Agenda, without knowing what they are.

As we have said here, many times, The Devil works for God. He IS God... as the wicked perceive him. This is the most important thing that anyone, presently trapped here, can realize. EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL... EVERYTHING. Let your hearts be glad. Allow no conflicts to arise in your mind. All of this... the world as we think we know it, is in God's hands and once you accept this truth, then there is nothing for you to fear ever again. God is resident within. If this were not so, you would not be alive. There is no future in tilting at windmills. There is a wide reach between being consciously aware of God's indwelling presence and having no sense of that at all. If your attention is not fixed upon the kingdom, you are a bit player for the Purposes of Demonstration. You can change that. All that is required is recognition... you don't have to see God to believe God. Simply recognize the indwelling, whether you apprehend it or not. This is the nature of Faith. First accept it as true and then let it be proven upon you, because IT WILL.

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'What has he got in his Pocketnetzie's? Is it bigger than a bread box? Is it smaller than a dung beetle? I certainly do not know the answer to that but I do know where Pocketnet is located.

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