Friday, February 25, 2022

"Instead of a Real Tidal Wave, There is a Tidal Wave of Bullshit Rolling Over The Land of the Stupids."

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What a toxic load of weasel shit is the Crass Media at this time. From what I can see, Putin recognized the two counties, republics, (or whatever they are) in the Donbas mining area as independent states. So far... according to everyone except The Zio-News, which is most of the news, that's all that has happened, except for staged propaganda moments, fireworks masquerading as rocket attacks, and old video clips that happened at another time and place... maybe. You'll see some examples in the links.

They're pumping up this new festivity under orders from The Fraternal Order of Blood-Sucking Vampires, looking for a good body count on their next high-holy day. Everywhere you look, this one-note cacophony plays out over the government-approved klaxons. Instead of an ocean tidal wave, there is a tidal wave of bullshit rolling over The Land of the Stupids.

There are sections of The Press that include Lies vs Truth percentages; 99% to 1%, 80% to 20%, and maybe 60% to 40%, but it NEVER gets to 50% - 50%. Then we might have a middle section of half-truths, where a person could make up their mind about which direction to go in. The bad news is that whatever truth you think you find... simply circles back and disappears up that portal into darkness where The Sun don't shine.

I, more or less, knew that I was being lied to nearly all of the time early on, but... you get lulled into a drowse and forget that you were being lied to all the time. Every day, they hammer on you with the lies. Maybe you gravitate from the 99% to 1% over into 80% to 20% territory and you rise from comatose to deeply asleep. You figure you are actually fully awake at this point and the hall monitors give you a badge that says, “Let him through.” Later, in the cafeteria, they are giving out Kool-Aid rubdowns to help with the hot flashes of too much truth... trying to find its way into the wrong hole. “You may experience a period of slight discomfort in the beginning. Later... well, there won't be a later.

I've been aware of the level of deception... that is present in this world composed of deception... for a long time now. I must have gotten moderately comfortable with it. This is what they count on, I suppose. HOWEVER... however, what I have seen in the few days since they jumped ship from the U.S.S COVID... to the salvation zone of WAR in Porn-Central; also known as Ukraine, has given me a deep and abiding shudder that keeps returning like a palpable echo of what has never been.

Did someone hit a light switch somewhere? I don't remember ever seeing the manufactured deception so clearly before as I see it now. It's not just comical and ludicrous. It is redlining beyond ridiculous and absurd. It is whatever the more intensely descriptive words I do not possess would say it is... but... cannot say. I remember a few times, in altered states, where realization broke upon me and I could not stop laughing. I remember thinking, “Is this all there is?” Nothing was real. It was all waving ferns and flowers on a bright screen of living light, that was being obscured. Neither the ferns, nor the flowers, nor anything else was real. I could see this. I could see it clearly and at length. All too soon, I reintegrated back into Pretend World, the next day... or the day after that.

It's like going to the movies. Wherever you are, you are in a movie. You are also filming it. You are the cameraman, filming it with your eyes and recording it with your mind. It's not real. It's temporary, and the new temporary is waiting in the wings. The temporary after that is in the canteen or getting out of a car. The only eternal thing is the temporary endlessly replacing the temporary. Sometimes it jazzes you up and sometimes it puts you to sleep, and then you get another movie inside your head. What that movie is composed of are all the undigested bits of experience you did not process when you thought you were awake earlier.

Then there is the movie that is playing out in your head, all day, as you travel through the other unreal movie that is your life, going through, up, over, and around the scenery and the settings for your personal events; the markers for the memory of such and such a thing... happening in such and such a place. We really are right there at the bending end... now. It is eerie... uncanny... and Deja Vuistic (rhymes with casuistic... given the concentration of sophistry in the air, I thought it worthy of mention)

It's a make-believe world, so... people are very comfortable with making things up. It's all a lie, to begin with, right? What's wrong with having your own version of it? Here is the deal with lies, falsehoods... every permutation of deception that is there for the mix and matching, it is like after hours in a large theater wardrobe department, where a crowd of Nancy Boys and Fag Hags get all fabulous, and 'oh my god' about nothing at all... nothing but flash and glitter and getting old. I am guessing that getting old is a kind of Hell for those who lived so long in Never Neverland in their heads, only to find it Never Never was.

Now... they are rewriting History. They are reshaping Psychology. They are redefining Normal. They are like the orcs of Saruman, and they enjoy getting that man's flesh to eat. It is all a process of self-cannibalizing. Whatever it suits them to be, they make it up. They get you to believe it. They get the people around you to believe it, and you all come together over a commonly accepted lie, and... before you know it, it has become The Truth.

This is a small part of what I saw this morning (and yesterday), and the reactions it stirred up in me. These reactions are all just surface impressions dancing over the water. They don't have any effect on me anymore, but... The Mind does its own thing, whether you are fully engaged or not. The Mind is a Shake and Bake masterpiece. They think it up. They drum it up. (so to speak, given that everything is a matter of adapted vibrations) They stamp it out. They put it on the shelves and the airwaves, and everything hums in accord in The Hive until The Queen dies or they start making honey from poison Nightshade.

None of this is real. We are the dupes of The Masters of Illusion. There are some number of men behind the curtain. They don't want you to see what they are really up to; not that they actually know. They also don't want you watching their reversed Kundalini sex rites with each other.

Yeah... it's turned into a real shit show, but... that is good news. It means it can't go on much longer. The lies they have told are flammable, and pressure and fumes... combine to create the cleansing fire. Why is it that people do not see what a cycle is? If you spin a bicycle wheel it keeps returning over the same route in its motion. That is all it does. In other words, it's still YOU, no matter what new terrain and personality change you may get up to. It's like moving to a new town to solve a drinking problem. EVERYTHING has consequences and these are inescapable.

If you could find your, Fool on the Hill placement, you could see it all come round upon itself with incredible precision. You don't have to do anything. It all takes care of itself. What you have to do is free yourself from it through detachment. When you are fully detached, you no longer have to worry about your passions skewering your perspective. You see things as they are. Then there is no more attraction for any of it.

However, most people (and I mean most people) want a life, with the usual assortment of desires fulfilled (up until they are fulfilled), which in the imagination all come to perfect fruition... that NEVER happens. The ONLY time things work out anywhere near perfectly is when you leave them completely alone. If you are intent on watering and providing nutrients for your plants, you will get tomatoes or potatoes or artichokes, if that is what you plant, but you cannot have the stems and leaves all present as you might have originally imagined they would. You don't know how many tomatoes or potatoes or artichokes you will get. You don't know if the mites, the aphids, or assorted pests will let you have any of them.

I am now convinced that something really big (and unexpected) is about to happen. When I see the brow-beating, crowd-screaming, whore-moaning, heart-tugging elementary school efforts of The Media at this time, I KNOW that The Usual Suspects have misread their own scripts and subsequently lost the plot, AND the war... and their minds, as shall soon prove to be so.

I can literally feel people waking up, out there among The Great Unwashed Pod People. I can see them saying to themselves, “Oh, my God, they've gone and done it. That is too stupid for even me to believe.” I wish I could put into words how it is all kaleidoscoping in front of me. Let me just say that The Divine Symmetry is truly divine. Lady Truth, who looks a little like the lady holding the torch in the opening of any Columbia Pictures movie is now doing The Dance of the Veils. Soon she will be revealed in all her naked beauty, and then? Some will be in a rapture, and some will see their worst imaginings given shape and... coming for them.

We create the monsters in our minds. We did not create ourselves. We did create the part of us that made itself separate from the whole, and we can go on reinventing ourselves forever if we so choose. For as long as we can stand the suffering, it will continue for us.

End Transmission.......

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What a pack of absolute liars. Whoops, here comes Mr. Apocalypse=

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

"You Will be Handled Accordingly by The All Seeing Ever Present, Presently..."

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Having finally become able to see that Praise and Blame are equally impostors and should NEVER be motivators of action on the part of anyone who hopes to maintain their integrity. I don't engage in argument. EVERYONE was someone else in the past and will be someone else in the future. For so long as one is being whirled on automatic pilot one will be cycling identities and unaware of The Self within.

The people crying out about injustice are often those who formerly caused it. You want to see what people were up to, previously before they got here this time? Look at what they are saying and doing now. All sorts of people are shrill accusers and apologists on both sides of an ancient delusion, causing... and then trying to fix the damage they caused. Some become policemen high and low, to keep order and to serve the public good. Others see it as a fine way to steal. Others want to punish. You see it at every level where people exercise authority over others.

They do not have the authority and to be free of them one serves the one who does have the authority. Representatives of the Heavenly Order and the Infernal Realm know of and about each other. Not everyone is subject to this dance. Some of us listen to other music and carry it where we go. You can spread sunshine, and you can spread Gloom, Fear, or whatever you have. You will be handled accordingly by The All-Seeing Ever Present.,, Presently. This goes that way. That goes this way. Moving right along.

Well... people will believe what they want to believe. I do not spend my time commenting on forums. This, right here, is the extent of my social media. I rarely go by other places where my work is posted. I have already read what I have written. I don't need to read it again. I just go on to the next thing... which is ALWAYS the same thing; God... the contemplation of the wonders of God. That is how I spend my days and my nights. Sometimes, I may drift through a film or a book, but it is not long before God comes up again; right there in the film or the book, conversing with me about that or something, because... we are both watching the same film and reading the same book. Something often said from one to the other is, “Well, what do you think about that?”

It may be hard for many to understand how this would be so compelling as to take up all of one's time. You might think... since it is not true of you... it can't be true of someone else, which even you know has to be bullshit. None of that matters because how I live does not depend on you or anything that can be seen. My life depends on the one who gifted it to me. I'm good with how he plans to handle that. He does keep me in the loop.

The World outside is The World outside, and The World inside is The World inside. The latter ABSOLUTELY controls the former. Anyone who wishes to be in-line with that... can be. Anyone who wants to be in resonance with Heaven, and in Harmony with All Life, has only to practice the Harmony to be automatically a citizen of Heaven. Heaven is the seat of Order and Harmony. There is another kingdom that celebrates and seeks to disseminate disorder and discord. Regardless of appearances, Heaven ALWAYS wins. Everything else is just drama because life likes a spectacle. Life IS a spectacle.

Our performance in life is the magic we practice on life, and we will receive in return the fruits of our magic; however, it is that we force or exercise our will. What you see in The World around you is The Outworking of that. Life is the getting around to what you have been passing around, returning to you. It's what makes it all work. Remember, you don't have to be here in the first place. You bought a ticket to this show. The least you can do is to make a good go of it, and have a good time while you are here. Try to lift people up, not bring them down.

People just adamantly refuse to grasp the meaning of Karma. These are the people those training wheels exist for. The law is the law, as above so below (after a different fashion). Above, all is in accord with Heaven. Below all is not in accord but constantly coming into accord, like the scales in the hands of blind Justice. Stop mistreating people and they will stop mistreating you. This does not mean all the transitory evil is not running amok, what it means is that it will have nothing to do with you because you have given it NO CAUSE.

There are so many experts these days. They know all kinds of things about what this or that person said. They may have some level of understanding of a science or profession, but Life Itself? Not so much. In order to learn from those who know, we must acknowledge that we do not know. We must humble ourselves before what, by comparison, makes us less than a firefly before The Sun.

These experts are intoxicated with mere crumbs of material knowledge. It won't even travel with them to the next life... and they love to argue. Without Humility, you will get nowhere near real knowledge and Wisdom. There are keepers of these traditions. They have been around for millennia. In the upper reaches, they have been around considerably longer than that.

I've mentioned before about talking to The Sun or The Moon, or any star or force of Nature. If you approach any archetype or Force of Nature and you offer it true friendship, which you can... you will reap this friendship. You might have to court whoever it is for some time. It took me years in this life. I don't know what I did before this. HOWEVER... I assure you, if you persist you will hear directly back. Less influential forces might be content with the friendship on trial, a pay-as-you-go, give-as-you-go symbiosis can be had. It's like both sides are riding to the same objective.

When you have friends on The Other Side you are richer than any titan of finance that you can name. Most of them do have associates on The Other Side. These are temporary arrangements so long as, similar to the kind, conditions of mutual benefit are met. Some are of a more lengthy period because of agreements made. I have already given myself away forever and intend to keep doing so. We ALL make arrangements... though some disappear utterly into it. It is hard to determine whether they are still here. It is impossible to speak of the higher subtleties. It is enough to be aware of them.

Some might consider knowledge a burden. For most... perhaps it is. Wisdom puts knowledge on call. It's sort of the way on-demand hot water works. Then you no longer need knowledge. Wisdom informs you when you need to know it, and it is Wisdom, which is 'the informed side' of knowledge. You might think of it in terms of Intellectual vs Visceral. Not knowing also has its states... or levels; intellectually aware of not knowing, and fundamentally knowing you do not know= full bucket-empty bucket, fresh water-salt water. The tears of Mary, when they dry are like a cube of salt.

Anyway... just tooling along here, watching the scenery go by in my head. Listening to the heavenly calliope as the sounds are strung like Ariadne's Thread, in a connected trail of lights, on my way back to the Kingdom. I think of Chinese lanterns in the boughs of trees along a garden path, whose lights weave together to create that magic of light in the night. It's Romance. What have you fallen in love with? Does it love you? How long will it last? I would love it even if it did not love me. It is a wonderful benefit, but in no way did it influence my attraction. God is simply the be-all and end-all of everything wonderful and good that I can imagine. Loving God unleashes all the possibilities of Love. It expands your portfolio. It turns you toward artistry, and then mastery, once you can sort out who is in charge.

Loving God is made comprehensible when one becomes engaged in giving love away from the bottomless reservoir where it is; making it spill over its banks, inundating the fields below. Then The Sun shines upon it and a world of iridescent colors rises up in beauty and bounty; at least, that's the plan at the moment (grin). In other words, if you don't like freely giving yourself away in celebration of it, you wouldn't get the appeal, because that is what it results in. Anyone can see that on the way to selfless service there is an ever decreasing sense of interest in The World

It really is what you make it. So many of the platitudes and ancient statements prove to be true. Some leave a deeper and more lasting impression... like there being, “nothing new under The Sun, all things are of old.”

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, February 17, 2022

"You and God, Dancing in a Thousand Reflecting Pools and Mirrors in Which the Light of Heaven Shines."

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Who... and what are we... after all? These are basic questions that we must be able to answer... or have answered for us... before we can move on to being of practical use. There is no greater possibility for our being than that of being Useful. Our bodies are often referred to as clay vessels. Supposedly... our appearance here is that of the temporary animated dust we appear in. There are two main ways that we can be animated. The pedestrian manner is to be animated for the pursuits of Appetite and Desire. The other is to come into resonance with a higher expression of ourselves, and through that resonance be... quickly or gradually, via Time and Experience, turned into a clear medium for this higher expression of our Self.

The alchemists talk about The Operation of The Sun and Moon aided by Mercury. If you could understand it... and it is not that hard to understand, the WHOLE of it is contained in the interplay of Sun and Moon with the aid of Mercury. Everything having to do with The Sun is brought into being by The Sun. You can think of The Sun as Superconsciousness, The Moon as Subconsciousness, and Mercury as The Self Conscious Mind.

If you have studied the nature and character of Mercury, it is easy to understand why it is equated with The Mind.

The process itself is simple and you don't perform it anyway. It is performed on or within you (as you prefer) by the angel(s) of The Sun. It is accomplished when you cease to hinder it by resisting it through The Separated Mind... that fantasy of a separated Will, captured in the electromagnetic dance of Spirit and Substance, chasing after Appetite satiation and the objects of Desire. All that I can say about it is right here being said... but that is only your side of the equation. There is that other side, the subtle side, which you cannot hope to understand, BUT... which you can permit to be completed in you.

I can juggle principles, thoughts, words... and whatever you like, again and again, as I do here each day; to what end? I can paint pictures; not well, but I give it a shot. I don't know how many yantras, mandalas, and Tarot cards we've posted here over the years. The whole of the matter is an INTERIOR affair. It's between you... and the angel of God. You have to convince Heaven with your sincerity. After that, it is out of your hands.

Unfortunately... for the human-all-too-human side of you, the manner in which your sincerity is validated can involve a good deal of pain. You could call the pain... any and all of the pain, an effect of Separation Anxiety. You got attached to the wrong things and you will need to be separated from them, in order for The Great Work or The Operation of The Sun to be realized IN you. That's about what it amounts to; the suffering of being separated from one state of being, in order to be attached to another state of being... kind of like reversing what got you into mortal trouble and confusion... to begin with.

There are readers out there who know what it is that I do, and they know why I do it. They would do the same in my position. They do the same in their own position every day. We are following our Dharma. There is no big whoop-de-do about that. I'm not going to be getting a dozen roses for doing my job. It does come with its perks though, and there is a recognition on The Invisible Planes that makes our being here on The Visible Plane a great deal nicer and more comfortable than it could have been. When you play nice with The Invisible Plane it works like that.

One is able to REALLY enjoy the simple things HERE because The Supreme Enjoyer is in residence. This is something you know... when it happens... because there is no question about it. Following this happening, you get to hang out with your greatest friend of all time... all the time. It is the same one who has appeared in every friend and lover you have ever had. It is just you and God dancing in a thousand reflecting pools and mirrors in which the light of Heaven shines. You can dance your way right out of this world by SIMPLY dancing INTO the next one... behaving as if you are already present there, BECAUSE... you will be. You can dance like that... in and thru this world... because it is one of the nicer things you can do for everyone else, WHILE YOU ARE HERE.

God is an energetic, ALWAYS ON, reality. It hums within you. It is what the Om, Ram and Amen-Amun, and all the other many variants are about. You are SUPPOSED to hook up with that, AND YOU WILL... if you head in the direction of it, which... is at the core center of your being. It's like a film, “Journey to the Center of Yourself.” There are mountains and depths. There are monsters and shields. It's a Middle Earth kind of a thing, and you don't see it because a spell has been put on you.

Those of you who are not under that spell, and who also come here, know of what it is that I write about. Lately, they have this new condition. What is it called? Mass Formation Hypnosis? Something like that. It's been around a lot longer than that, AND... there are degrees and levels within this spell, and there is the same outside of The Spell. Whadda ya gunna do?

I pay less and less attention to what is going on in The World as time passes; and... The Eternal takes another seat on The Board of Directors, giving The Eternal a majority in the corporation that I am. We don't have arguments about policy. We have no financial aspirations. We already possess many times the wealth of The World, and far more than that. We are CERTAIN of outcome in every point of the process, which is handled by The Angel whose job that is... to oversee and to balance, to temper and guide us into standing still while it does its work. It is going on for everyone who is not resisting it. It has been going on since The Dawn of Time. It is the ONLY movie worth being in, and... the roles get better and better.

What happens here is my awkward and sometimes haphazard efforts to talk about, to describe, that which cannot be talked about and which cannot be described. Ramakrishna said, “He who has heard about Fire has Ajnana. He who has seen Fire has Jnana, and he who has cooked with Fire has Vijnana. What more can be said? Well, apparently a great deal, because a tsunami of words rolls over and through us every day. Words... words... words.... pictures are better but only if one can comprehend them. This accounts for the use of symbols but who... who really KNOWS what they mean? Who has cooked with them?

It is not possible for one person to tell another, what it is, and how it works. The important thing is that it is and that it works. The important thing IS THAT IT IS, AND THAT IT WORKS!!! Find it! How do you find it? Well... it's not lost in the first place so... that should help. It is also looking for you, that should help too. Take your attention off of The World and put it on The Divine. The MOMENT you do this... it triggers a reaction in Heaven concerning you. Then... as previously mentioned, your sincerity is tested. If you want an easy fix, there are all kinds of seminars by Gleem-smiling androids who will talk you through it while they take your money. These seminars are like a bag of potato chips or any fast food. You know... the kind where you are hungry half an hour later.

When I joined with other kindred spirits in a macrobiotic restaurant in Woodstock, NY, originally called, “Five Rock City Road”, and then... “The Pentacle”, at my first meal I had a combo plate of rice and beans and assorted accessory items. I did not even notice any return of hunger for over 24 hours. That is the difference between real food and the shit most people eat. Garbage in and garbage out, you do the math.

It is the same with Spiritual Truth and the usual fare from everything else. One leaves a lasting impression and the other leaves no impression at all. You have to go deeper. You have to sink beneath the surface so as to avoid the crowds. Be mindful that there are things that live in The Deep and you have to be ready for them or... better stay closer to the surface until you are on a first-name basis with The Minotaur.

Life is... pretty much like this (think of it in Cosmic Terms). Your Mother takes you to the playground (The World) and she lets you run free. There is nothing else for her to do. Off you go. You get banged around (we all do) and left bleeding in the dust under the Jungle Jim. Perhaps you get up and... once more into The Fray. You continue to get banged around. Your heart gets broken. You get disappointed. You get old. It's no fun anymore. You're alone (even if you are not alone). You are filled with regrets and thoughts of failure over what you did not accomplish (you have the next life for that). Perhaps... in despair, you cry out for your mother. She's right there. She never went anywhere.

She takes you in her arms, sometimes disguised as The Angel of Death, and she makes you all new and sparkly and clean and cuts you loose again, and... the same thing happens again, and again, and again, and again. The winning idea is not to run off in the first place, but... where would all the drama and spectacle of life be if you didn't play? That's something you are going to have to figure out for yourself.

End Transmission.......

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They have no intention of letting up, and the degree to which they have been able to brainwash people into promoting this sick behavior is an amazing thing. History shows what happens to cultures that step off into the deep end of sexual perversity. The people really running things send in whoever is playing Attila this season=

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If you believe; there are no questions, if you don't believe; there are no answers. The future is closer than it appears to be in the mirror, yes... the future is behind you because it has already happened many times before. It happened to you today, but... you probably missed it; yeah... you missed it.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts, it is made up of our thoughts. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him, as the wheel follows the foot of the ox that draws the carriage.”

Monday, February 14, 2022

"They are Trapped in The Paddle-Boat Wheel on The Ship of Destiny, Turning... and Turning."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Powers that are not The Powers... are behind The Transylvania Trans-mania. They are behind all the gratuitous wars, the bad food, the bad music, the bad entertainment overall, the virus AND the vaccines (that are not vaccines), the Global Warming Scam, the race hatred, and pretty much everything that makes these times something less than a Golden Age; and... like I said, WAR. They're drumming it up big time now, as they do periodically, but... so far... both The Russians AND the Ukrainians are laughing about it. Things are just not going the way THEY want them to.

The process of bringing Hell on Earth begins with twisting the sexual nature of Humanity. After that it attacks The Bastions of Faith. It seeks to erode our human nature and bestialize the enduring rituals we celebrate; they want to take human fate out of the hands of a higher authority in the HEARTS and MINDS of Humanity; out of sight, out of mind takes on a whole new meaning when you can't see it in the first place. This is how they do it. They take the most mentally ill members of the human condition and they showcase them as the new normal. They make wrong seem right and vice versa.

You are like something a cat plays with. Remember, it doesn't work if you don't get sucked in.

We are separated from each other by the vanity dances of our weaker being. Divide and conquer is another way of putting it. We've come out of a history of treachery upon treachery. It is a blood-soaked legacy of the millions... processing through a ubiquitous abattoir of assisted suicide. They are trapped in the paddle boat wheel on The Ship of Destiny, turning... turning upon the endless river of existence... in role after role, animated slot-cars on a superhighway to nowhere.

Their world is falling apart... as they seek to destroy our world. They know very little of Heavenly Law. It doesn't work that way. Everything that happens here is an act in a stage play of individual and collective plots, that create the storyline of the real-life, dream drama you are in. You can influence this. You can be influenced by this. You can do both. That is generally the case (grin). Those playing the hard guys, the bad guys, the villains... are actually in the wrong part of the movie for things to go their way. Things have already gone their way for centuries. The time of transition is upon us, and... not everyone is going to appreciate how it plays out. That is to be expected.

Why is it so comically outrageous these days? They are exposing themselves to the eyes of The World. They really feel omnipotent and think they can do whatever they want. That was the idea behind making someone like Obama president; laughing in the face of the stupid public. Even as large pieces of their war on humanity crumbles away from the crumbling whole, their denial resists all acknowledgment of The Real. They really believe that if they don't see it, don't look at it, its not there. Uh... Yeah... it is.

Agitating The Truckers of the World is a mistake they will regret for a very long time. They woke up a sleeping giant of can-do independent-minded souls. The truckers KNOW what power they have and their intentions are HONORABLE. That is a BIG part of the certainty of their success. As The Awakening continues, all The World's peoples will be uniting against the tyranny of The Deep States in every country. I remember a quote. I think it was by some general. He said, “Every ship of state sails on a river of darkness.” The light is going to be shining on those waters soon. My friends, this IS an apocalypse, attended by a Grand Awakening.

Consider it a flowering of consciousness. Some parts of the hearts of many were together for beautiful moments in the 60s. That was another flowering. This one is going to be different; much more dramatic, much more lasting... in those places... in those hearts and minds where such things are cherished... it will last a very long time indeed.

You can see them falling apart everywhere in every public place, in all virtual locations as well. Big stars like Adele are being driven into a megalomaniac fever. These are tense times in the world of celebrities... whose fame is everything to them. That is what makes Infamy carry such a clout. There is a big difference between notoriety and fame. When you can't tell the difference you are in big trouble, and yes... there is such a thing as Bad Publicity. By the day we are seeing that there is more than one screw loose in La La Land. These people are not tightly wrapped in the first place. Their boat is NOT securely moored. They think they are someone else. That is why they are actors in the first place or... they desperately want to be someone else... anyone else... except who they are>>>

>>>That is why that industry has the largest percentage of sexual degenerates. Degenerates flock to that industry. Everything they could hope for is decomposing there.

The masses, with the dream vapors of burning oil slicks in their eyes, think that celebrities have a high old time of it; carefree... independent... rich... admired... adulated. They have no idea what a pestiferous existence it can be, and need I remind the reader... just think of the kinds of people you have to hang out with. They are also living their lives in a public way so... when things go wrong, the more famous you are, the bigger the deal it becomes. You can be sure the press will get it wrong, and... I suppose you know they can turn on you in a heartbeat?

Few of them... when they are up... think about the possibilities of being down. Some of them clawed their way up by ANY means necessary. I've heard tales, and even seen things... nothing would surprise me. You can learn a lot about human nature by reading about it. There are some things though that it is best to have the experience of. Rough times can be real character-building events. Disappointment can be invaluable, depending on what it is you are disappointed by.

The apocalypse is undressing people while they are unaware of it taking place. They are saying and doing things they never imagined they would say or do. The World is also SEEING it because of The Awakening. The Royal Family, The Synagogue of Satan, The Vatican, WEF, and sundry, Luciferian anagram organizations... are all headed for Dreadful Epiphany. I remember Mr. Apocalypse (who identified himself as that) telling me he was going to INGENIOUSLY pull their pants down in front of The World. He said... “And Visible, I suspect you have some idea of how ingenious I can be? NO... you don't.” You had to be there. Since I was there, I can tell you two things came through stronger than anything else; Authority... and Sincerity.

The Power, when it is flowing through you from Central Command can be a thrilling experience. That is the real reason we are here, besides providing God with playmates and entertainment. We are supposed to be channels for The Divine, we block that out by focusing instead on pedestrian desires and appetites. We are also here to reap our investments from previous turns on the wheel... on that paddle wheel. Perhaps we have made bad investments. Perhaps we have made good investments, but... almost everything comes with some amount of what you don't remember having ordered up, so... it is best to seek no return on your investment at all. I like to think that I work for The Common Fund that we all draw from.

It is very good indeed to have the bounty of Love. It is even more wonderful to be able to share it, to give it away... forever and a day. I feel genuinely sorry for many of the characters I see on The World Stage. I can see how it is going to turn out if I put any real attention on it, but I am not a rubbernecker at the scene of a mishap. I take the lesson from The Purpose of Demonstration and thank The Good Lord... there but for fortune goes you and I. Once again; "These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great-souled ones."

You can see The World around you. You can see it from a distance. You can see... these days... practically anything. You can see it up close too. Some are into that, especially when they are young, stupid... or both. We've all been there. The trick is not to stay there any longer than you have to. Very little turns out to be as advertised.. you learn that. How long it takes you to learn is up to you. How much punishment can you take?

These are VERY special times. A person can make a great deal of progress now, given the Degree of Difficulty. You get points for that. Sure... there is a big... wide... dirty world for you to roll around in. You could be under an enchantment. I know Circe and the others are all still employed at their arts. I see their representatives every day, in the media and... in the media, but not when I close my eyes.

Don't let it weigh your heart down. This is all temporary here anyway. It's permanently here, when its here, and then it's quiescent for a time... until its here again. It goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on. It's there if you enjoy that sort of thing. Sometimes The World holds you in its sway, and sometimes you hold The World in Sway, and sometimes... sometimes you walk away.

End Transmission.......

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I appeared at a seminar hosted by this Lady in London a few years ago. Now she is in trouble with The Usual Suspects. I suppose we are all vulnerable in this way, and we might have handled the matter differently, but some of us say things because they are the truth. Some people just don't like hearing about it. We KNOW that those of whom she speaks, have MOST CERTAINLY done this sort of thing more than once. I don't know what the case is here, but I hope you will offer a prayer for Tahra=

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On and on, the caravan of dung and darkness continues, but... the light is breaking... somewhere=

Look at this poor deluded soul from The King of Hearts. I'll bet he thinks he is some kind of a spiritual force instead of the head of the biggest sexual perversity organization on the planet. What is the silver cattle prod for?=

Can you imagine how many other things are true? This is more convincing than any of the apocryphal fodder from urban tales. Much for glaring revelations are due... SOON.=

Some of the events that really take place but you don't hear about them=

Materialism causes the Insanity, the drug and alcohol abuse. It creates that dirty kitchen that the opportunistic insects run wild in. It is the depravity of the parents that feeds the dysfunction of the children=

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Golly gee wiz. I think the government's biggest domestic export is Hypocrisy. They seem to never run out of the stuff. The clueless imperialism is a nice mix, kinda like an exotic cocktail=

Wednesday, February 09, 2022

"Life Might Seem Like a Long Time, but... When You Measure It Against Eternal Life."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There are two kinds of engineering at work behind all events, behind all trends and patterns. One is the engineering of Self Interest in all the dramas of life that take place every day, in search of satiation and acquisition. The other is the reaction of The Cosmos to all those trends and patterns. We are talking about the Karma that gives and the Karma that receives. One, unfailingly, leads to the other.

It seems that we are dealing with two basic motivations that might have many permutations but only a simple origin. There is The Personal, and The Impersonal posture wherever you go. Most of the time you see The Personal. It threads through all of our events like the gunas do through the whole of existence. You see it in the spiritual structure of the human being. Of course, the Rishis and sages mapped it all out long ago;

The bottom chakra has to do with Survival, atavistic fears, and your physical state. The next chakra has to do with sex and reproduction. The next is at the Solar Plexus and has to do with the expression of The Self, through the personal self. It is where your energy comes from.

Everything you see outside of you is an expression of the one interacting with the other. In times of Material Darkness, this interaction is handled badly due to pervasive material attraction. The next chakra has to do with affection and in its higher arc... Love. The next chakra has to do with the ways we communicate. It is the seat of many specialized powers, though all of them have some measure of powers, also called Siddhis. Rakshas (demons) seek the low expressions, Devas (demigods) seek the higher. We are set between these two worlds of influence and we must decide how that will affect us. Will it be Personal or Impersonal? Will it be Self Interest or Selfless Service that motivates us? Somehow the selfless always takes care of the personal self's needs anyway

The sixth chakra is the higher mind. It is the seat of Wisdom and the last chakra is the seat of Divine Luminous Wisdom and Realization. These are very simple definitions given here. Each chakra is more complex, and they become even more intricate as they go up. One can't hope to map out everything that goes on in these Energy Zones. I... most certainly color what I am talking about. We ALL do this, even those whose drive is to become colorless. I'm not after spiritual extinction, which is what many trips look like to me, especially in The Eastern Traditions. I'm not chasing Nirvana; don't care about it one way or the other, AND... I REALLY don't care about ANYTHING The World has to offer. It is one big gigantic marketplace of shit brushed with colors and formed in shapes, so as to appeal to one side of your nature or the other.

These are all mortality attractions. These are all sleeping pills. These are the things you see on The Highway. Life is all about people pulling off into rest stops, exits to shopping areas, and cities and towns, wherever roads go; into The Wilderness as well these days. I hear it's getting crowded there too now.

You can see the drive of The Personal and The Impersonal wherever you go. There are so many variants here. Sometimes Impersonal is simply someone doing something in a robotic fashion, perhaps not even conscious that they are doing it. Sometimes, Personal is making a statement on the wrong kinds of Impersonal. You see... there is more here than meets the eye. For me... Personal is when you are coming through and Impersonal is when God is coming through. As you can imagine, we see more of the one than the other in Times of Material Darkness.

So... now we arrive at the two kinds of Love; Personal Love and Impersonal Love. It seems we should already know what is going on here with these two perspectives, but I think maybe that is not always the case. The Sun is a great example of Impersonal Love. Romeo and Juliet is a good example of Personal Love. Interestingly... in all the possibilities of Romeo and Juliet played out in this world, they do all end in the death of Romeo and Juliet, regardless of what name they might be going by.

I am after something more lasting, so I am drawn toward The Sun because that is the best expression of Impersonal Love that I could think of. I also like the idea of going on forever. That means detaching oneself from the externals because they are ALL passing phenomena. Impersonal Love has its own Romeo and Juliet constructs. Bhakti Yoga is one. The angelic celibacy of the Christ Conscious is another.

At a certain point, you realize... and I mean REALLY realize that you have been coming and going here for quite some time, dancing in and out of lifetimes with all these parents and partners and offspring; not all of them physical children. Who knows how long it has been going on? All you know is that now you know this when you didn't know it before. Now it matters. Oh... it has probably always mattered. You just didn't know. So now... The World begins to look more and more like the same thing repeating itself over, and over, and over, and over. Today these people are on top. Tomorrow those people are on top. It's Strife and Contention all day long. The World is a steel cage match in The Octagon. The World is a massive cactus. It is like those myths about one location calling across to another location with The Sea in between and... they never meet. It's supposed to be some kind of poetry.

The tales and myths Personalize The Impersonal. We Personalize things. We agree to this and we don't agree to that. We like this but we don't like that. The Key is to become truly Impersonal about likes and dislikes until you are on a humming harmonic keel of serendipity and good tidings. The Gospel of Jesus Christ was about bringing Good Tidings. That got hijacked at some point by The Gloom and Doomers. It also got torn apart by people who did not know how it was constructed in the first place, so... they were unable to put it back together. Then there were the people selling it and, they are still selling it even though it no longer even resembles itself.

Well... The Sun is shining. The Sun will be holding court all day long until we turn away from The Sun and into The Night,  when his replacement... his reflection actually, comes in so that balance can be maintained. I am convinced that The Sun is keenly watching us as we spin beneath his gaze. God did create all this for his own purposes. One of his chief purposes is Amusement. He likes to be entertained. He also likes entertaining and you can see him appear in one actor or another when they are captured in The Spirit of it. It is the same with athletes and all manner of folk. Whenever it is being done really well, he is doing it. The person doing it may not know this, but he does (grin). He is often the cause of those, “How did I do that?” moments.

Letting God move through you is to court The Impersonal so that it may personalize through you without you obstructing it. This is what being truly inspired is about. The Muses are angels, devas. Different traditions term them differently. You can attract these beings. You have to be true to the inspiration. Otherwise, it will be taken away. This is so common that nearly everyone would know an example of it. When The Good Life gets its hands on you, you are no longer any good at what you do.

Impersonal Love makes it possible to love everyone. It resolves the dilemma of attraction and aversion. You are just loving to be loving. You are no longer personalizing it. It sets you free. This Impersonal Love will set you free in the most astounding ways. It is like... “Wow! I didn't know it could do that!!!” Impersonal Love covers a large area... a large radius. It charges your atmosphere. It controls The World around you. I am not saying that Personal Love is bad. We need it for replication if nothing else, and what would life be without all that drama and disappointment? (grin)

Impersonal Love is the passport to entering The Kingdom of Heaven. Everyone there is an expression of Impersonal Love. It is a world of everyone doing their job and being thrilled by the opportunity to do it until the end of time. The Personal is very temporary. Life might seem like a long time, but when you measure it against Eternal Life... it is not long at all.

Impersonal Love is a magical device. It goes before you, much as the rays of The Sun do. You are, in fact, The Sun in miniature, a microcosm. Keep shining. Maybe you start as a candle in the window. The power increases with use. The more you use it the stronger it gets. It's like anything. The heart's a muscle, right? There are certain simple and eternal verities that beg to be considered. They shine for your illumination.

God is everywhere... all the time. Who can see him? We can see him or her in everyone we meet because it is a spiritual truth that God is present within each of us. It is up to us who we invoke in others. The Devil is in there too. I like The Impersonal Life. It goes on forever.

End Transmission....... 

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If you don't want to use a VPN or Bit Torrent or similar. If you only want to stream films you can watch them on the spot. CAM means it was done with a camera in the theater. I avoid these. TS is Telesync (I think), I avoid these. HD is HD and those are what I watch=

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It is no accident. It is all purpose-driven. The videos are very uplifting with some nameless Jesus having a vision in a doorway=

Some pictures are worth a thousand profanities=

You are dealing with complete psychopaths. This is how they are covering for the killer vaccines, and... an alarming portion of the public is stupid enough to believe whatever they are told=

Friday, February 04, 2022

"There are Much Nicer Places To Be than Here. We Can Get to Them by Being Much Nicer Here."

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Another week in the doldrums of the year; the general atmosphere, not the one in my head. It's that time when Nature is quiescent, having fallen back upon herself, gathering her forces for Spring. These seasons come for nations just as they come for individuals. They come for planets. They come for solar systems. There's a bigger and bigger reach of time, each time it progresses, this cosmic weather of endless rise and fall. It is the grand sex act of the universe, continuously replicating and reinventing itself. In times of light... science follows a higher guidance. In times of darkness, medicine forgets how critically important nature is to health. In fact, there are some who don't need doctors at all... lawyers either. Their fortunes are tied to the one who holds the whole of it together in his literal (not metaphorical) hands.

There are fellowships that exist between kindred spirits. Sometimes they are called a Brotherhood, and sometimes a fellowship. They move in the sea of humanity, but they are not invested in the fortunes to be made from it. Fortunes are won and fortunes are lost. Where does that leave you? Where is your fortune? I cannot tell you how many times I will think something or say something, after having read something, and there is a corresponding Biblical or Vedic saying. I know The Bible has been hammered and shaped to certain ends. I also know that much truth remains in it, and... since I call tell the difference between the truth and a lie, the other parts don't concern me.

I am endlessly perplexed as to why people can spend so much time arguing about something, and never bother to go look for it and find out directly. People who have never seen rain are arguing about rain instead of going to where the rain is and experiencing it, so that it becomes visceral, which is the only place anything meaningful happens... in the visceral... because at least that leads somewhere that the empirical and the ephemeral do not. If you swim on the surface... you will never have a clue as to what goes on below. Butterflies are beautiful but they are not around for very long. You become what you emulate. If you are drawn to The Everlasting, The Everlasting will be drawn to you. It comes up out of the depths and clarifies the understanding about what is on the surface... as it rises up the column into the living light.

People have all kinds of ideas about what might happen after death. You sort of go where you already are. You can imagine that that makes for some strange environments in The Beyond. It's not really beyond. You are in it at this very moment, but only in a phase of it. Once the body is no longer the playing field of The Mind, you go where thoughts and feelings are actual things... vehicles of force. It makes a great deal of sense to master these things before you get to a place like that. You have to live up to it. You can, literally, just walk right out of Here. There are people who can step right outside of their bodies when the time comes. You are already living where you are going so... make sure it's something you are okay with.

There is no future in being downhearted, except to be more downhearted. Grief is its own reward and so is being detached from all negative emotion. You wind up on a plane of being that is very positive. I take a lot of my direction from The Sun. What is The Sun doing? It is shining. That says a great many things depending on how long you think about it. I think about The Sun a lot. The Sun happens to be a conscious agency and he very well knows what we are up to down here. He can see us individually. There are particular archetypal forces that are personified and move among us on occasion. They have bodies in wardrobes where the rest of us have clothes.

It is possible to live in your own paradise regardless of what The World gets up to. The World can find you anywhere, but... it mostly keeps to its particular zones when it gets up to less savory enterprises. Wherever there are concentrations of darkness, somewhere else there are corresponding concentrations of light. We are ALL light generators if we so choose. One doesn't have to spread bad news and rumors of one thing or another. The Shadow force is at the peak of its abilities, which are nothing at all when it comes to The Light. The Darkness is ONLY present where The Light is not. It scurries away soon enough when The Light shows up. There are times when The Light demonstrates concerning The Darkness... heh heh, and we are nearabouts to that now.

All those Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter types are going to be experiencing what they had only been pretending to experience before... as Middle Earth becomes a reality... sort of. The Light is coming. If you are at all sensitive you must have some sense of that. The Old Order is having its control taken away. This is why they are so desperate with the viruses and vaccines (that are not vaccines). This is why they are trying to drum up a new war. Hmm... but everything is not the same as it was before. Every now and then the tables are turned and the same people are not still sitting there. We get a renaissance, a flowering, like what the 60s presaged but could not live up to. Sometimes that happens to an age.

This means you are not moving just into a new century but into a new age as well. It means a much bigger degree of transformation. This will give rise to a Golden Age. I do not know how long that will last, (grin)... but they usually have quite a few seasons in them, certainly a lifetime or two. You need to get used to the idea that your body is just a suit of clothes you wear for this visit. Usually, a departing soul goes to another kind of place for a while, once he leaves... though time is very different there too. Then you're right back here again... to pick up where you left off. This is why I say, 'you have to live up to it,' because that means you can head off ANYWHERE you wish to go, you just have to live up to it. It will form itself around you.

One can burn up Karma in other ways besides just going through it. One can burn it up much faster and more efficiently in other ways. Pure Bhakti, Pure Love, will take one right up the ladder as if it were an escalator in high gear. It's a spiral staircase escalator that operates internally, and it can transport you to any world there might be. There are much nicer places to be than Here. We can get to them by being much nicer Here. There is a kind of magic that Love performs which changes The World you are resident in... whatever world it might be... and makes it a wonderland of possibilities. You just start living up to it and you will be taken there.

I got to see how life is in many places since I have been here. I've been places where life was dirt cheap, and places where people lived The High Life. You don't have to be there very long, if you are a good person... before you realize it is not for you. Let those who want it be welcome to it. I don't understand excess at all. It looks like a mental deficiency to me; living in massive debt, living in the driving expectation that there are better days ahead where you can be even more excessive, buy a bigger boat (or several), buy a bigger house (or several), buy your way out of what's coming... no... that's where the currency runs out of influence, and the place where you need it the most.

This is why I am a big investor in Spiritual Gold. I don't have much in a pedestrian way, maybe too many guitars. I have what I need, but Spiritual Gold? All those things they say that money cannot buy? Spiritual Gold is the preferred medium of exchange for them. Spiritual Gold is a real thing. It is good anywhere in The Universe. It is a buy your way out of trouble, get-out-of-jail-free card, where you don't get into any of those in the first place unless God wants to demonstrate something, and then... yeah, that all comes into play. I have seen it take place with my own eyes a few times.

There is no telling where fortune may put you, though there is a good chance you gave Fortune all the help it needed to do that. If God is with you there is nothing that can get in your way. In order to have God with you, you must go with God in the first place. You'll want to fasten your seatbelts because God likes to drive fast sometimes. Sure... but he has forever, so what's the hurry? That's not the point. Sometimes God just likes to drive fast is the point. I know firsthand why so many people do not take this route. It's a little too high tension for their tastes. There's no tension in it though, and you can't hope to survive if there is tension. When God is in the driver's seat, he knows what to do. You have to trust him. That's a big part of the relationship.

Getting to know God, and getting to know yourself, which are similar in many ways, WILL take you through every permutation of The Matter, so that you can understand it, more... uh... fully. Heh heh...I don't know. I feel very good these days. Some might say that that is when you should watch out. I'm not particularly feeling good about what's going on in the wider world, but that hasn't got anything to do with me. There is something going on on The Inner Planes. That means something is going to be coming DOWN... from ABOVE (grin). That means big changes in the wider world.

It will be nice when it all evens out.

End Transmission.......

And not many links... for whatever the reason=

Well written by one of the most powerful lawyers in the country=

Ah... that's too bad=

This is what happens when no one really likes you. this is also what happens to all of those who are so confident of their power and position and then it turns out that everyone knows about you. Gossip, it is the standard of industries in which there is no joy of creation. Sure... he'll land in the cushions somewhere else, so far as that goes and... maybe not. Times have changed=

They're coming for each other. Those of evil disposition cannot remain in accord with one another. They ALWAYS have a falling out=

Tuesday, February 01, 2022

"It is the Inspiration of Love to Find The Light that Leads One into The Light."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There is a secret code that is inscribed into the DNA of existence. It determines that Love survives and Evil perishes. This is a universal constant. It is written directly into the nature of the disposition for either path taken. Do you want to live forever? Then you must love without ceasing. It is Love that vitalizes. It is Love that renews. It is in the giving of one's own being that Love is expressed and made infectious. It is Love that heals. It is the inspiration of Love to find the light that leads one into The Light.

Divine Luminous Wisdom is so-called because it shines out of the vehicle that hosts it. It is often veiled when it moves through The World because there is much in The World that hates The Light. It is the ignorance of the perceiver that veils the splendor. This is not to say that The Darkness has any power over it at all. The movement of Higher Love is without disturbance. It is a singularity of the finest essence that extends warmth and vitality in all directions. It is a miracle hiding in plain sight. It shines from a multiplicity of levels and you receive it on as many levels as you are resident and open on. Remarkable events transpire every day but The Darkness does not comprehend them.

Hail, giver of life and liberty! Hail to the eternally conscious that marks every occurrence no matter how slight, and who... by the very seeing of it engraves its destiny upon it. Nothing escapes this. We are ceaselessly monitored and controlled by the slipstream of the Karma we travel upon. Higher Love controls the slipstream. The whole of the karma can be consumed in an instant by Higher Love. This is that redemption that The Christ spoke of. Too few Christians realize that Jesus was a man, and Christ is a state; a station. Others have gotten there since he revealed it to The World, which... very quickly set about concealing and misrepresenting it as soon as it appeared. Herein is the meaning of Christ Consciousness and “being in Christ.”

This is the state of radiant Impersonal Love. It is the light from The Sun. It is what twinkles in the stars, “up above The World so high, like a diamond in the sky.” This Higher Love has been discovered on every continent and in every culture, according to the traditions brought into being by the particular geographical avatars that appear in specific locations for specific reasons.

Perhaps some clarification on the term, Avatar is called for. We are each of us an avatar, programmed for a time far beyond the moment you are reading this in. Along the way, as we evolve over the course of lifetimes... if we are headed in that direction, we become more and more capable of taking others upon our back, and of bringing dramatic change down upon The Material Plane. We become Elders among our kind and shepherds of The Flock. As we evolve we may begin to appear, now and again, as a minor avatar with some particular gift for some grouping of life. St. Francis was a specialist in one regard. There are levels of avatar and the challenges become ever greater and requires components of sterner stuff.

To become a World Savior Avatar requires aeons of time for refining and preparation. Keep in mind that you are composed of millions of cells. Each of them is a living organism. Before one can consider (or is considered for) a role of such magnitude as avatar, the whole of one's being must first be brought into a common and harmonious alignment with all and sundry. Even so... one will have enemies. Consider the tale of Jesus Christ, of which little real recollection exists, and then only in the minds of The Silent Ones.

One thing Heaven always has great need of is Light Workers. They are few and far between in times such as these. You can be certain to be put to work if you are willing and of a proper disposition. We all start out in the mail-room; “as above, so below.” We are watched every step of the way. Some of us evolve much more rapidly than our fellows; “success is speedy for the energetic.”

I should point out that... before too long, most of us drop out. The way is too strenuous. Sometimes it is downright scary. One often feels alone. The pay and conditions can be terrible. It can be painful. At times it will, most certainly, be painful, BUT... regardless, it will be painful anyway. Since my own entire life has been about this very thing, I can tell you it can be overwhelming and I don't care who you are, it's going to have an effect on you, and it goes on longer than you ever thought it would. You come to Desperation's Edge many times. You lose everything more than once. You are caused to act out in ways you never anticipated taking place, simply for The Purpose of Demonstration.

If you are fortunate enough to lose everything more than once, you know ahead of time what you are in for when you depart from here, losing everything at once, and... what you thought was yourself in the bargain. It is far better to lose yourself before this INEVITABLY comes to pass. I've often recommended that one read, The Tibetan Book of the Dead. I doubt many have done so.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

Some might intend to but, for some reason, never get around to it. It has some scary moments having to do with one's migration to that far country from which nearly every traveler returns... to lose everything all over again.

I am not saying that The Tibetan Book of the Dead would apply to you; you're not Tibetan, right? The same might go for The Egyptian Book of the Dead... or, any others of similar weave to a common end. What I am saying is that in whatever tradition you depart in, you will find parallels between them all, should you be in a position to afterward consider it. Depending on how you lived, on that will depend the quality of companions who arrive to assist in the transmigration. If you have been a sonofabitch... sons of bitches will arrive to see you on. Try to see this as a metaphorical construct in which the term, 'sonofabitch' has nothing to do with the process of lineage. Think of it as a state of mind. Consider the final moments of “Ghost” when they came up out of the sewers for the bad guy.

Heaven and Hell are both REAL! You are the architect of the landscapes through which you pass. No one else is to blame for this. However... even if you have been a twenty-four-carat sonofabitch up until this point, you can clear the decks of all that in the time remaining for you. Where there is life, there is hope. These are NOT idle words.

This plane is also quite real... saying, “nothing is real” is not entirely so. This world is real enough in a relative sense, and which you already know if you have hit any portion of it at speed. Still... there is that within you that is unmoved and unaffected by all of the goings-on out here. This is the eternal portion of yourself that one is most improved by contact with. This... you accomplish through, yearning; prayer, austerities, LOVE... most especially, LOVE. Love is the be-all and end-all, and the quickest, slickest medium there is. If you lived in Love you would already be there by now (as certain highway signs sometimes attest)... like the one that advertises Harmon Cove, Secaucus. I'm sure it's a lovely place; have you been?

Regardless of whether anything is real or more real than something else, GOD is assuredly real, and in comparison, everything else is not real, except in a very temporary fashion. Even the mountains come and go. What God is... is not important. That God is... that is important. One thing only you need to know, and that is that Love is the evidence of The Presence of God. If you can find a way to Love without reserve at all times, you would not need anything further.

I have looked as far as I could go in every direction. Some directions I did not have to traverse for any real distance to discover that I was going the wrong way. Our attitudes and intentions CREATE the way that we go. What I found, over and over again, was that Love was the single most important component of the journey. It also led to every other attribute and archetype of value to me. Results may vary, depending on one's level of commitment.

Any road that can be traveled, no matter what road that is, has been traveled many, many times before already. There is a timeless and eternal system in place that has been perfect from the get-go. You might not like it. That does not make it less perfect. It is far better to adapt to what is than to run off in search of what is not, as seems to be a common trend in these times.

People who disparage Love have yet to experience it in any meaningful way. Pain and Suffering will open them up... make them capable of Higher Love. That is their purpose. It need not be so egregious but people are obstinate and resisting. Love will wear that all away... over a course of considerable time. There is a far more immediate relief from all that, and Love provides that too.

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Yesterday, in this space, I mentioned a series called, Utopia. There have been two versions of it. One was done in the UK and the other... more recently, in the U.S. I had not yet seen the last three episodes in Season 2 of the U.K. version. I've watched films and series go terribly wrong now and again, but I have NEVER seen one dissolve into such absolute incoherence as I did with this series last night. It's about viruses and vaccines and it seems like an intentional precursor to the real thing happening; which it did. It reminded me of PNAC calling for a New Pearl Harbor, and getting 9/11. The people behind the production and those who put it on are morons. That I can say. I wouldn't waste your time unless you have The Forensic Perspective. Otherwise, I am sorry I mentioned it. The idea is to share what is worth seeing, not what isn't. In that regard, The King's Daughter was a refreshing effort seldom seen in these times.

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