Tuesday, February 22, 2022

"You Will be Handled Accordingly by The All Seeing Ever Present, Presently..."

 Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Having finally become able to see that Praise and Blame are equally impostors and should NEVER be motivators of action on the part of anyone who hopes to maintain their integrity. I don't engage in argument. EVERYONE was someone else in the past and will be someone else in the future. For so long as one is being whirled on automatic pilot one will be cycling identities and unaware of The Self within.

The people crying out about injustice are often those who formerly caused it. You want to see what people were up to, previously before they got here this time? Look at what they are saying and doing now. All sorts of people are shrill accusers and apologists on both sides of an ancient delusion, causing... and then trying to fix the damage they caused. Some become policemen high and low, to keep order and to serve the public good. Others see it as a fine way to steal. Others want to punish. You see it at every level where people exercise authority over others.

They do not have the authority and to be free of them one serves the one who does have the authority. Representatives of the Heavenly Order and the Infernal Realm know of and about each other. Not everyone is subject to this dance. Some of us listen to other music and carry it where we go. You can spread sunshine, and you can spread Gloom, Fear, or whatever you have. You will be handled accordingly by The All-Seeing Ever Present.,, Presently. This goes that way. That goes this way. Moving right along.

Well... people will believe what they want to believe. I do not spend my time commenting on forums. This, right here, is the extent of my social media. I rarely go by other places where my work is posted. I have already read what I have written. I don't need to read it again. I just go on to the next thing... which is ALWAYS the same thing; God... the contemplation of the wonders of God. That is how I spend my days and my nights. Sometimes, I may drift through a film or a book, but it is not long before God comes up again; right there in the film or the book, conversing with me about that or something, because... we are both watching the same film and reading the same book. Something often said from one to the other is, “Well, what do you think about that?”

It may be hard for many to understand how this would be so compelling as to take up all of one's time. You might think... since it is not true of you... it can't be true of someone else, which even you know has to be bullshit. None of that matters because how I live does not depend on you or anything that can be seen. My life depends on the one who gifted it to me. I'm good with how he plans to handle that. He does keep me in the loop.

The World outside is The World outside, and The World inside is The World inside. The latter ABSOLUTELY controls the former. Anyone who wishes to be in-line with that... can be. Anyone who wants to be in resonance with Heaven, and in Harmony with All Life, has only to practice the Harmony to be automatically a citizen of Heaven. Heaven is the seat of Order and Harmony. There is another kingdom that celebrates and seeks to disseminate disorder and discord. Regardless of appearances, Heaven ALWAYS wins. Everything else is just drama because life likes a spectacle. Life IS a spectacle.

Our performance in life is the magic we practice on life, and we will receive in return the fruits of our magic; however, it is that we force or exercise our will. What you see in The World around you is The Outworking of that. Life is the getting around to what you have been passing around, returning to you. It's what makes it all work. Remember, you don't have to be here in the first place. You bought a ticket to this show. The least you can do is to make a good go of it, and have a good time while you are here. Try to lift people up, not bring them down.

People just adamantly refuse to grasp the meaning of Karma. These are the people those training wheels exist for. The law is the law, as above so below (after a different fashion). Above, all is in accord with Heaven. Below all is not in accord but constantly coming into accord, like the scales in the hands of blind Justice. Stop mistreating people and they will stop mistreating you. This does not mean all the transitory evil is not running amok, what it means is that it will have nothing to do with you because you have given it NO CAUSE.

There are so many experts these days. They know all kinds of things about what this or that person said. They may have some level of understanding of a science or profession, but Life Itself? Not so much. In order to learn from those who know, we must acknowledge that we do not know. We must humble ourselves before what, by comparison, makes us less than a firefly before The Sun.

These experts are intoxicated with mere crumbs of material knowledge. It won't even travel with them to the next life... and they love to argue. Without Humility, you will get nowhere near real knowledge and Wisdom. There are keepers of these traditions. They have been around for millennia. In the upper reaches, they have been around considerably longer than that.

I've mentioned before about talking to The Sun or The Moon, or any star or force of Nature. If you approach any archetype or Force of Nature and you offer it true friendship, which you can... you will reap this friendship. You might have to court whoever it is for some time. It took me years in this life. I don't know what I did before this. HOWEVER... I assure you, if you persist you will hear directly back. Less influential forces might be content with the friendship on trial, a pay-as-you-go, give-as-you-go symbiosis can be had. It's like both sides are riding to the same objective.

When you have friends on The Other Side you are richer than any titan of finance that you can name. Most of them do have associates on The Other Side. These are temporary arrangements so long as, similar to the kind, conditions of mutual benefit are met. Some are of a more lengthy period because of agreements made. I have already given myself away forever and intend to keep doing so. We ALL make arrangements... though some disappear utterly into it. It is hard to determine whether they are still here. It is impossible to speak of the higher subtleties. It is enough to be aware of them.

Some might consider knowledge a burden. For most... perhaps it is. Wisdom puts knowledge on call. It's sort of the way on-demand hot water works. Then you no longer need knowledge. Wisdom informs you when you need to know it, and it is Wisdom, which is 'the informed side' of knowledge. You might think of it in terms of Intellectual vs Visceral. Not knowing also has its states... or levels; intellectually aware of not knowing, and fundamentally knowing you do not know= full bucket-empty bucket, fresh water-salt water. The tears of Mary, when they dry are like a cube of salt.

Anyway... just tooling along here, watching the scenery go by in my head. Listening to the heavenly calliope as the sounds are strung like Ariadne's Thread, in a connected trail of lights, on my way back to the Kingdom. I think of Chinese lanterns in the boughs of trees along a garden path, whose lights weave together to create that magic of light in the night. It's Romance. What have you fallen in love with? Does it love you? How long will it last? I would love it even if it did not love me. It is a wonderful benefit, but in no way did it influence my attraction. God is simply the be-all and end-all of everything wonderful and good that I can imagine. Loving God unleashes all the possibilities of Love. It expands your portfolio. It turns you toward artistry, and then mastery, once you can sort out who is in charge.

Loving God is made comprehensible when one becomes engaged in giving love away from the bottomless reservoir where it is; making it spill over its banks, inundating the fields below. Then The Sun shines upon it and a world of iridescent colors rises up in beauty and bounty; at least, that's the plan at the moment (grin). In other words, if you don't like freely giving yourself away in celebration of it, you wouldn't get the appeal, because that is what it results in. Anyone can see that on the way to selfless service there is an ever decreasing sense of interest in The World

It really is what you make it. So many of the platitudes and ancient statements prove to be true. Some leave a deeper and more lasting impression... like there being, “nothing new under The Sun, all things are of old.”

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Oh, I heard back all right; yesterday. CLEAN THE BLOODY LOO THAT'S NOT IN YOUR JURISDICTION. IT'S A FECKIN' HOLIDAY AND THE UPSTAIRS JANITORS AIN'T COMIN' IN TONIGHT! Some idiot exploded, if ye get what I mean. Damn, took me 15 minutes with a super harsh cleaner that actually made a fellow employee run out as soon as she was put together again.

I'm gonna ask my boss to be compensated for that, bein' it wasn't in my job description. 5 nose pets should do it.

I consider anyone who considers knowledge a burden to be a complete nutter. On the other hand, I still ain't gonna learn how to fix my own damn car. Worked in a garage for 6 months. Service writer/car shuttle/apprentice mechanic. Hated it all. Back hurts even thinkin' about that time I removed a water pump with guidance of the owner, of course. Not to mention my favourite former mechanic and buddy who has long since graduated this plane was always getting injured.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Read whole thang before sending comment, including comments. That Star Spangled Banner stuff. . .WHERE IS ROSEANNE BARR WHEN YOU NEED HER?????

Fast forward to 58 secods: https://www.cbs8.com/video/news/roseanne-barrs-cringe-worthy-crotch-grabbing-rendition-of-the-national-anthem/509-d541e457-c8fd-4cad-b3f2-8689fd65c50b

Or the ultimate! Schnoodles Langtail:


Had to do that in stages. It was a rather painful performance. From the band who's manager was a cat.

robert said...

Visible One of Many to Many,

Loving God is made comprehensible when one becomes engaged in giving love away from the bottomless reservoir where it is; making it spill over its banks, inundating the fields below. Then The Sun shines upon it and a world of iridescent colors rises up in beauty and bounty; at least, that's the plan at the moment

When we experience the One calling us with Desire overwhelming our desire to remain in our delusion of being divided, we respond from depths of our being of which we have been unaware until now.

When the One comes through one of many beings animated from unlimited divine creative ecstasy, we fall in love, out of our lonely tree of knowledge, back to the welcoming ground from which we were sprung.

We must respond in kind or at least as kind as we are capable in the moment.

Like a mirror ball, Visible creations shine, revolving around the central Sun, content to be at home in conscious relationship.

We learn to die daily, by letting go of all the phantom cares that our survival mindset has accumulated in fitful nightmares of separation

We let go of any mad notion to hold on to what never existed but in our own imaginariums, which we created to fill an emptiness we could not name.

We fall back upon the One who brung us into this existence for purposes mysterious to mortal mentality

we learn over and over that falling for a human romantic object is only an echo of divine love, and learn eventually that to love faithfully another human demands that first we fully love the One with perfecting trust.

Then, when all else has failed, when no more evanescent dreams come to tempt us away from our Present, we abandon our ship of fools and land upon the Oasis.

We may stir in fitful awareness away for a moment but nothing else matters than the connection to One Being.

We die from our illusions anyway, so why not see through them now and kill the pretensions which kill our joy and block our reunion?

We will be jumping with joy the moment we see how blessed we are to live in the most interesting times in ages!

Birthing ourselves back to who we are is not easy but can we really imagine what life can be when we are united again?

Anonymous said...

Mr V.,
Not sure if you ever considered absurdity? Just asking.
As in the very famous line…
...in order to commit atrocities, one must believe absurdities...
Chuck Norris jokes.
They are generally absurd, agreed?
He couldn’t possibly do all those things...right? I mean FFS?

Well, my most favoured Chuck Norris joke is when Chuck was asked to take a lengthy math exam.

There were 150 very difficult questions involving mathematical concepts, written proofs, equations, checking, etc. you know addition, accounting, subtraction, economics, algebra, calculus, differential equations, vectors, oh fuck…you get the idea.

Well Chuck, looked those questions over very quickly, confident in his every thought, scratched his head for a moment and then wrote the word.... Violence
as the answer to every question on the exam.

And to this very day, the answer to every difficult and complex problem is easily and quickly solved by violence.

Nuff said.

Visible said...

I recommend the Jack Bauer jokes=


Anonymous said...

Fidelito Trudea......... hmmm!?!?. I shall put him down as probably quare.


Anonymous said...

I've changed my mind. No one needs to create jokes when we have this in "real" life: Harvard Law prof suggests Tucker Carlson, 'Trump media' guilty of treason — then deletes tweets after backlash begins
News https://www.theblaze.com/news/harvard-law-prof-suggests-tucker-carlson-trump-media-guilty-of-treason


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-=

"Look at What Can't be Seen, but Intuited... Because The Outside... is Just The Inside on a Larger Scale."

Anonymous said...

Humbly i thank you.



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