Saturday, November 28, 2009

Les Visible, Heretic at Large

What would you think if the representative of a particular spiritual path (not specifically your own spiritual path) who was an occasional visitor to your site, suddenly and out of the blue, sent you a letter of condemnation for departing from principles that you don’t necessarily subscribe to and who also appended a life style criticism based on zero information concerning your lifestyle?

My feeling was similar to what I would have experienced if someone from the Catholic Church sent me a ‘cease and desist’ letter (when I was not a Catholic) because I was at odds with certain protocols hammered out at The Council of Nicaea. It sounded to me that I was being named as a modern day Arius, with a recommendation that I also stop beating my wife.

This individual had made a comment, not long ago, that people who de-personalized what they consider to be the ultimate and absolute expression of God were going to Hell for the crime. What I immediately thought when I read this was that it doesn’t look good for the world’s millions of Buddhists and many other folk if he happens to be right. What I also thought is that this is just the sort of thing which ‘by the book Christians’ anticipate for everyone but themselves. It’s an odd condition that the proponents of most religions believe; those who do not believe as they do are going somewhere hot and uncomfortable for an extended stay.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t read more than a quarter of the letter. It wasn’t the implication of heresy and the departure from tenants carved in stone that got to me. It wasn’t that I wasn’t a member of the organization to begin with that got to me. It was the little ‘dagger-edged’ lifestyle reference that was based on zero evidence of what, where and why. I should probably go back and read the letter in its entirety but I just can’t bring myself to.

People who presume to have a relationship with the divine and who have placed themselves in a position of interpreting the message in a particular tradition have an obligation to approach their work with wisdom and restraint. I have always felt that before one makes sweeping assumptions on something outside their presence and experience, it is always best to ask first and judge later. It’s also the height of arrogance to censure someone for a mere question of speech when that someone isn’t even a member of your organization.

The irony here is that, in most cases, I agree with the teachings and traditions of the one who sent me this letter. Most of my writings over the course of several years reflect this. It was this very thing that drew this person and some of his associates here in the first place. That hasn’t changed. If this person had had the courtesy to ask me, I could have explained the reason for the temporary appearance of this conundrum which they misunderstood.

My essays here are always within the area of 1500 words. I have no idea why this is. At some point, near the beginning of my work here, I decided to keep these things within the parameters of 2.5 pages in MS Word and that’s how it’s been. If I had to add disclaimers and explanations for everything said and not said, I might still be writing some of them. The intent is to leave a great deal of what is not said or explained to the mind of the readers to sort out on their own. I’m not here to present a party line or to encourage the reader to believe as I do. I’m here to provoke thought and reflection and to inspire whenever I can be successful at that through the grace of what inspires me.

The letter writer wondered if I had noticed that they hadn’t been around. This made me laugh and shake my head; people really do take themselves far too seriously. Interestingly, I note that this is often accompanied by certain cosmetic props which are a ‘tell’ for those paying attention. It’s that rock star virus. I notice it in most fields of enterprise. You might be doing almost anything but... you’re a rock star nonetheless. The protective humility that is de rigueur for anyone traveling on this road has been shut off so that the extra power can be transferred to the amplifiers and lights.

It would be remiss of me to write this thing and not clarify what- I can only imagine at this point- seems to be the point of contention for this person. Like I said, I can’t explain myself at each point along the way. However, the reader is always free to ask me (which should have been the case here) and I will explain. I might not know what I meant off-hand but I can always go back and look at it and see if I can get what I meant (grin).

Occasionally when I am talking about God, I am not talking about God the being but rather about the ‘force of God’ or some aspect in expression. I realize it’s probably a shortcoming of mine not to clearly illustrate or mention this at the time but I have great faith in the reader to ‘divine’ what I am about. Here is where I apparently opened a schism or a fissure in the formerly seamless Earth of scripture; scripture which, by the way, I did not take a blood oath to defend in its literal sense. We are more important than scripture (no doubt another heresy in the making). We are the reason for scripture in the first place.

When I think of God, I sometimes think of God the Father; sometimes as The Mother, sometimes as my lover but... most often as my friend. That is what it usually comes to because that is what it usually feels like. Jesus said something about this when he said that his disciples should not call him ‘master’ because a servant does not know what the master is about so is better to call him, ‘friend’... or words to that effect. It’s pretty clear that I see God (even though no man can see God) as a living personality and I’ve never been successful as an impersonalist anyway. However, I do see certain functions, aspects and potencies of God as impersonal. This means they are applied across the board in an equal and impersonal manner to all; be you good or evil. The effect might vary depending on whether you are good or evil but the intent does not.

If... because of limitations on my part, I am less clear that you want me to be, just ask me. You will find I am inclined to explain myself, except on those occasions when I don’t know what I’m doing in the first place ...and I will likely express that if it is the case as well. This won’t apply to the tendency to be ‘all seeing and all knowing’ on your part, should that be the situation... but you won’t ask under those circumstances anyway; will you?

I’ve never once been arrested on the highway for anything. I’ve never been arrested for engaging in or possessing any substance, though I have been arrested for other permutations of the same, when the circumstances were engineered by the PTB. Either I am supernaturally lucky; supernaturally careful or not the person particular people assume me to be. This should put the lie to the impression that some might have where I occasionally wake up in my own excrement or am being hauled away from some outrageous public performance in which I lost control of my faculties.

Except for the presence of very few people, I have been alone for at least ten years now and am often completely alone for months at a time (such as now); though I’m never alone. I never see the friends I used to have and I hardly see anyone else either. On some rare occasions a reader may visit me. People here only know me through what I tell them and I promised myself when I started this that I would share information about my activities and state of mind because it was the honest thing to do, as opposed to wrapping myself in a cloak of personal obscurity and cultivating a fabricated image of legend and myth.

I don’t go on speaking tours or surround myself with people whose job it is to agree with me. The former has been offered more than once and the latter is available to anyone with a certain degree of showmanship and charisma. I mentioned the length of these pieces today for another reason because it is my intention to exceed that limitation today, even though I have to write twice this much, following this, for tomorrow’s radio show.

I try not to disparage the paths people have chosen for themselves. On occasions when I am critical of features connected to some paths, it is usually because of literalist or fundamentalist attitudes. In other lives, I have suffered from these things and many others have too. Sometimes, I am critical because the path might be admittedly satanic or Satanism camouflaged, such as Scientology, or certain occult organizations. I am not enamored of traditional religious practices but I can see where they are a comfort to people and can provide a framework for people on their way to encountering the inexplicable and unpredictable reality of God.

I know there are people who read here who object to my use of psychedelic substances on the infrequent occasions when I engage in them. I have given real consideration to whether it is desirable or useful for me to talk about it. What keeps coming back to me is that it would be dishonest not to. An enormous percentage of people who present or assume to represent spiritual and religious teachings, conceal aspects of their being and behavior because of what it might cost them in terms of reputation and economic gain. Sometimes it is something minor like a hairpiece or wearing dark sunglasses indoors. Sometimes it is not minor at all and we’ve heard about these things when they invariably come to light... sooner or later. Some pretty highly ranked teachers have slept with their followers and sometimes milked them dry of their resources and I don’t mean just their money.

I am, like ‘all’ of you, in possession of personal limitations and shortcomings. In certain instances, God intentionally gave me certain limitations. I’m aware of a couple of these such as playing my musical instruments; technical facility with any number of things etc. This has the effect of forcing me to rely on others though, for some time there have been no others to rely on (grin). He has made speaking foreign languages difficult while being able to understand them much better than I can speak them. He has kept me on a financial margin. He has also deliberately encouraged me to take certain substances on occasions, which I vividly remember. Anyone who thinks they understand God or think that God acts the same way all the time is fooling themselves. Anyone who believes they understand the deeper meanings of certain commandments; rules of behavior and what have you, is fooling themselves. Anyone who thinks they are wise is not. Anyone who reflexively assumes they are right is not. We just don’t know. We may do our best and intend our best but we don’t know. I know I don’t know and that is how I know you don’t either. When you are honest with yourself, some amount of things becomes far more apparent about yourself and others than it would have been if you were not.

My advice to all who read here is to take what is useful and leave go of the rest. I am partially realized. I am, by no means, fully realized. Sometimes we find the truth of something within what we say to each other. Sometimes what is missing in both of us is completed by our interaction in respect of the matter; whatever that might be.

I have been moving, through time, away from the use of certain chemicals. It is much rarer in my life than it has been in the past and the time will come when it is gone altogether. I never recommend that others do what I do in this regard, in fact, I have counseled against it more than once. Some of us have a shamanic gene. We suffer the negative side of being high far less than others and our intention for doing it is very often diametrically the opposite of the common motives.

What is the point of people, on different paths to the same goal, struggling against one another? What is the point of people, whose practices differ, demanding that the practices conform? God is not as much concerned with your rituals and routines nearly as much as he is concerned with the state of your heart. There’s a great deal to that idea of becoming as a little child. We should support each other in our efforts to find the divine, not demean, criticize or attempt to retard that effort. There is no question that I am in error on occasion in the way I go about what I do but... there is no error in my intention and I have no question about my sincerity in the matter.

If I disappoint or offend you at times, I have also disappointed and offended myself and I make it a point to correct that error the moment I see it. That is the best I can do. In some cases what may seem an error to others does not seem so to me due to whatever personal understanding I might have about some particular thing but... I am always open to change and constantly seeking the opportunity to do so. This isn’t something I get around to on a certain hour of a certain day. It’s going on all the time. It is my life. I don’t have anything else. I can hardly forget about it even for a little while. I am not allowed to.

I don’t know what else to say so, I will hope I have said enough. I will try harder but, for the moment, this is what you get because this is as far as I have come.

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God in Country by Les Visible

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Dog Poet transmitting.......

I’ve been getting some interesting emails. You might call them strange even. Mostly it has to do with people’s perception of me from a distance and my perception of me up close (grin). Over the last year, I have occasionally hung my life on a clothesline so that people could get some idea of the things I sometimes go through on my way out of here. I do it intentionally and maybe I shouldn’t. I’m aware that a certain segment of the people who read here get put off by some of the comments directed at me and I sympathize with that. I really do. As a result I’ve tried to illustrate flaws in my nature with the idea of humanizing a personality that is only experienced at a distance except for the random visits I get from readers.

I find these times through which we are passing to be difficult to navigate here and there. Most people have natural defenses in their psyche which protect them from invasion. I blew the doors off early on and it gave me access to many things on the other side. It also made it imperative that I guard the borders because all kinds of things can go in and out otherwise. Taking risks can pay off in a big way and it can also get you into trouble. I don’t want to feel like I didn’t make every effort to comprehend and understand as much as it is possible for me to and... I find myself thinking often these days that maybe I should have gone the recommended route; don’t take chemicals, follow certain disciplines, be moderate in all things and whatever it says on the blackboard for the course on Correct Spiritual Procedures 101. It didn’t work out that way.

This is a time of intense materialism. That means that the amount of dust that collects on the mirror is much greater than at other times. The physical pollution is matched by mental and emotional pollutions, compounded by all kinds of waves and pulses moving through the atmosphere. Right or wrong, I have felt it desirable to burn the carbon off of my jets on occasion. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. My perception is that the divine favors any effort to reach it. If you are just flat out intending to scratch and claw your way up the mountain, you are going to get points for effort, even if you land on your ass a lot of the time. Those who love much are forgiven much.

So I will find myself having a week of continuous chanting and visualizing along with whatever else I am doing. I get into a fine rhythm and find myself chugging along like a freight train across big open spaces toward a destination which I can’t see but can sometimes vividly imagine. There are periods in this process where I think it’s just what I should be doing and everything is orderly and slow moving. It reminds me of the times I would be heading up the Haleakala Highway toward one of the towns on the volcano. This is on the island of Maui. It’s such a gradual rise in the beginning that you might not even realize you are going uphill but when you look in the rear view mirror you can see the landscape receding far below. Deliberate spiritual practice results in something like this and it’s worked fine for all manner of seekers over the centuries.

Some of us are in a little more of a hurry. I know that doesn’t make any sense, speed-balling into a place of eternal rest, or whatever it results in. The idea is really to slow down I suspect but... sincerely looking for the divine means that you will go mad at some point. I don’t think there’s any way around that. Actually seeking to engage the divine... not just Sunday morning hymns and prayers but a dedicated all out endeavor is going to make you insane as far as the world is concerned because the world is insane and when you get really sane then you appear to be nuts.

So I get thrown from the horse now and again and I put it up here for wider viewing. I really do it so that the people who get put off by the kinds of comments I get will feel a little better for having seen it. I know that sounds odd or stupid but it’s what I do. You please one side and you offend the other. I’m thinking about learning to play both sides against the middle but I don’t even know what that means exactly and that might be a good thing. One reader (of whom I am quite fond) went off on me recently and accused me of playing to the crowd and compromising my message in order to be better liked. I didn’t know what he was talking about because I couldn’t see any difference in what I do. I hoped I might be improving but... whatever.

Being me, I have some idea of what I think when I am composing these things and my take on it is that I don’t think about it at all. I don’t think period. I sit down and start writing and then it ends. I check the text for errors, always missing at least one, which a certain reader is kind enough to point out to me pretty soon after I post it. I’ve acquired some helpful elves on the way through this period. We’re coming up on a thousand blog entries. That’s over a million and a half words; almost a Minchner novel. I guess I could go on doing this for decades, as long as I’m here. There are the radio shows now and there’s going to be video whenever I decide to plug in the camera that reader donations bought and start doing it. The musical recording end has suffered as has the novel writing end. I don’t know what to do about that. It seems like I should focus on increasing my income but it just doesn’t seem to motivate me, it’s not rational I know.

I try to provide a service here and I hope I’m doing that. Because I really do believe in the divine, I think it only fair to trust it to provide for all of my needs and... miraculously it does all of that and I have no complaints. I believe that you can do things for free, just give yourself away, as long as there is any kind of demand for that sort of thing and the rest of it will take care of itself. I tried to have a musical career and Bernard Stollman of ESP and his mad hatter of a wife screwed, blued and tattooed me and continue to. I tried to publish a novel and Mogg Morgan of Mandrake of Oxford Press released the book with the name misspelled on the spine and every header on every page. He also ignored the final draft and printed a rough copy. This ruined it for me and it took a year for him to put out the better version. I never got a dime. He told me he only sold so many books and I can find more than that amount for sale, used, on the internet.

The stories are more complicated and much more devious and dirty than I have the time or inclination to get into here. My disappointments were huge. I’ve stopped trying after that. It seemed like I wasn’t supposed to. I figure if anything is going to happen for me, that is in the hands of the divine as well and I am more and more disposed to trust that with every single detail in my life. I put so much work into my songs and my novel and they were both deliberately trashed and I can’t understand why and perhaps I never will. Now I’ve got half a dozen novels in various stages of completion and no enthusiasm to finish them. What I do is just sit down and write these things without knowing why and run them up the flagpole. I’ve met a lot of fantastic people this way and I consider that an honor and payment in full. In the end, it’s the enduring relationships that you made and enjoyed and not much of anything else. I feel like I’ve made some real friends here, though I may never meet most of them and that’s something that Bernard, Flavia and Moog can’t ruin for me.

There aren’t many other people who can be fully employed (and I am fully employed) at their occupation without any of the things that usually go with it. I suppose that’s an accomplishment of some sort. I wish I was recording all of these new songs I’ve written but it just doesn’t seem to happen. I’ve got tangerines all over my desk here, along with the can of American Spirit and a cup of green tea with Tamari. Poncho’s out in the yard guarding the car which is the great love of his life. The computer is humming and it’s getting dark now. I’ll probably go get Poncho shortly and watch a movie or something.

I’ve had some really good moments here and I’ve got you to thank for that. You’ve made this worthwhile for me. It wouldn’t have meant very much otherwise and I want to sincrely thank you. I don’t thank you often enough for having given me this opportunity to talk about the things I love and which maybe some of you have grown fond of too. We’re sailing on a big ship somewhere on the heart’s ocean or maybe the tossing waves of the mind or maybe both. I don’t know if we will get where we are headed or exactly where that is but it has been a fine ride because of the quality of the company. Thank you one and all.

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Straight and the Narrow and the Long and Winding Road.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Time is speeding up. There is less time in the day than there was. I forget where I read it but someone had an actual figure based on some mathematical process that determined we now only have something over 16 hours in the day in comparison with the 24 hours that we once had. A minute is not a minute anymore and an hour is not an hour. A dollar is not a dollar either. There are a lot of parallels in life to this time shrinkage.

Why is time shrinking and why is change happening more rapidly? It is because of the precession of the equinox. We are heading toward the exact center of the galaxy. Are we going to find ourselves swimming in a sea of milk? Vishnu is said to reside on an island in a sea of milk; the sixth circumambient ocean of the world. I had heard that during the night of Brahman, he sleeps on a sea of milk. It makes me think of the Milky Way. Is it a coincidence? The night of Brahman, like the day, is a seriously long time. It is a very, very long time. When I am grieved at being bound in this dreaming flesh, I like to remind myself of the extraordinary vastness of time and space. It reduces all of my concerns to inconsequentiality. I really am inconsequential. This life, by comparison to the incomprehensible is inconsequential. It is also very, very important.

One of the greatest tragedies in any life is to find yourself nearing the end of that life with the realization that you wasted it. Of course, the end of any life can come at any time. One never knows, does one? Once again, I will include that quote by Paramahansa Yogananda; “If you don’t search for God in the springtime of your life, he won’t be there in the winter.”

We are approaching something that happens only every 25,765 years. It’s sometimes referred to as the Great Platonic Year. I’ve heard variations on the amount of time which runs between 25,000 and 27,000 years. I don’t know the precise figure. There must be one but I don’t know what it is. That’s a lot of time. That is a great deal of time when you consider that we’ve only got about 5,000 years of recorded history in this most recent stretch of bloodshed and folly. You can put five of these into one of those. This makes me think that we are coming up on something truly momentous. The Kalachakra and the Mayan calendar are pretty close to one another time wise. There are more speculations, computations, prophecies and predictions than all of us can shake a stick at, at the same time. Here’s a taste of that. I will wager that no one here reads more than a portion of that. It does go to show you how much is out there and that doesn’t come close to what’s ‘in there’.

Yes, we can put five of our recent historical records into one precession; imagine that. Darn, I broke a nail. I’ll be right back after I see my nail technician. There are worse things than breaking a nail; dropping your cellphone in the toilet, dropping your cellphone into the toilet while you are sitting there and before you have flushed. Life is filled with important concerns that need our attention. What truly astonishes me is that a far greater number of people are going to be much more interested in things like this than they will ever be in the things we talk about here.

I saw the movie 2012 the other night. The plot is a mess and there are glaring errors, if you are disposed to catching that sort of thing, but it fulfills its task as a popcorn movie even if it stretches your credulity to the limit. It’s worth seeing as an example of how the entertainment industry relates to something like this and it does catch certain manifest realities which I do not doubt are already taking place.

No one knows what is going to happen... or when but... something is coming and it is going to be transformative.

I consider myself very lucky in a certain respect. I am very much a left-handed, right brain person. Pie charts and grafts, along with streaming lines of equations, are not my area of inquiry. I don’t have to figure things out. I don’t have to possess all the technical data and that can be a real stumbling block when the truth is that the ineffable is incomprehensible, incalculable and indefinable. All I have to do is watch what I say and do- working on that- and love and seek the divine. I don’t have to know anything if the divine knows everything... and it does. The real payoff to this is that I am informed of what I need to know and not informed about what doesn’t concern me.

People look at 2012 and see it as some kind of a mechanical event- if they pay attention to it at all- ...I see it as God the watchmaker at work. I see the hand of God. Since I know the divine to be an extraordinarily, benevolent being, I’m thinking whatever 2012 is going to be, it is going to be good for me. Most people look at 2012 and think; Y2K, The Comet Kahoutek and the Harmonica Virgins. This is quite another thing altogether. So they laugh and shake their head and go back to the funny pages or the sports section.

If you want a serious heads up about what has been happening in the world over recent times and who is involved in it, I suggest you read David Icke’s, “Tales from the Time Loop” which I am presently reading in PDF. Those of you paying attention will know what this means and probably contact me.

Umm hmmm, I started out all cosmic and synchro-slinky and then devolved into the mundane. Well, the cosmos is coming and it is going to be coming right into the mundane. Here are some things you will begin to notice with more frequency. People are going to start to lose their minds. Something is happening and your job is to open up to it with ardor, faith and willingness. If you aren’t inclined to do this, it is going to open you up like a can of beans. Time is going to begin to move even faster and changes are going to occur with more and more rapidity.

Nature is the mirror of the cosmic mind and it is also the mirror of your personal mind. Large concentrations of people sharing similarities of thought; whether cosmic or pedestrian, have a greater impact on the mirror than smaller groups and individuals. Please note that the concentrated focus of an aware consciousness can be very powerful and should not be confused with those who are scattered. The mirror of nature is going to reflect the state of human consciousness as it passes into and though this period in a manner more magnified than is usual. You can probably guess what this means.

The whole point of this summing up of the large cycle of time is to give you the opportunity for promotion to a higher state of being. It’s going to get right up into your face, via your heart and mind, and let you know this. Those trapped in their attachment to the material plane and the torpor of the dream are going to experience some real discomfort. Those up to no good are going to come up against their antithesis. Not too long from now there are going to be a few events that are going to demarcate our passage into strange lands and interesting times. It’s all been gradual, even though it’s been moving at a good clip. That’s going to get more exponential.

What I am saying here is what I am sensing about it all. I could be way off but... I’m already seeing the preliminary signs of most of what I have mentioned. 2010 is a watershed year.

If there was ever a time to strive to make contact with the source of your being and the dynamic, animating principle of your life, that time is now. Now is late in the game but not too late. Phenomenal blessings that are seldom available are available now to the sincere and industrious. I couldn’t begin to tell you how important it is for you. You are standing on a launching pad with the magnitude of the universe stretching to all sides. There are a great many places one could go and a great many doors opening without and within. There’s the good, the bad and the ugly on tap. Clarity of mind comes only through contact with our higher nature and clarity of mind is a tremendous aid in consideration of what lies before you.

Times like this are rare and seldom indeed and so are the opportunities provided. Take advantage of the celestial generosity and good will toward you. Dismiss and ignore them at your peril. One should never be so proud as to discourage the hand of help in the hour of need. It would not be extended if it was not needed.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Taking Refuge in Green Tara.

I’m going to bypass The Petri Dish’s natural place in the rotation this morning. I’m not in a cultural, anthropological mood. Sometimes routine is going to give you just that and we’ve had so much to say about so many things and you can see for yourself what’s going on today... not much; Obama’s in China and whining about Iran; apart from that, most everything is going on in the back room and we won’t know what new crimes are on the way until they commit them so... let’s head over to Origami.

Over the last several years I have been engaging the attention of several expressions of the divine as they specifically relate to my situation. I’ve been well aware of my shortcomings and weaknesses as they have to do with my aspirations and the course of my life. For awhile I was focused on the Amitabha Buddha. That actually started much earlier but then my studies took me in another direction. Most recently, about six years ago, the Amitabha Buddha began to come into my mind again. My attraction was based on the ability to be reborn in The Western Pure Land without having to reincarnate here again. In other words, you are allowed to work out your karma there. That has a great attraction for me. I’m not fond of the idea of coming back here.

Then, about four years ago, I had some experiences with Ganesha. This happened on my first trip to Italy, to the Umbria province. I began to see this large elephant character dancing across the hills that surrounded the house we had rented. He was in my thoughts constantly and I was even composing an album of songs about him that are still in a holding pattern over the recording booth along with a great deal of other material that’s gotten sidetracked by various other projects that are now also sidetracked as well.

I didn’t know much about Ganesha and hadn’t been much interested in him. I thought he was just one of those household gods and I knew he was favored by merchants and business people and I’m not one of those by any stretch of the imagination. It came as quite a surprise to me to find out about him; Lord Ganapati as he is also known. He is the remover of our obstacles to Self-Realization. That became a key interest of mine concerning him. He is also the Lord of the Devic Realm and the Devic Realm has always been a major attraction of mine. He is also the divine patron of the writing arts. The more I read about him, the more he dovetailed with so many similarities in my nature and aspirations.

I considered the humorous absurdity (on the surface) of communicating with this aspect of God possessing an elephant’s head ...and it manifested in a particular song I intend to record whenever this holding pattern gets clearance from the tower. One of the lines in the chorus is, “If your God can walk on water and rise from the dead, my God can have an elephant’s head”. I chanted the following mantra a great deal over the recent years; “Om Hari Sri Ganapatiyay nama Avig namas du.” It’s phonetically rendered as I don’t have the actual text on hand. Basically what it says is an entreaty to have the obstacles to one’s self-realization removed.

During some of my Vitamin K sessions over the last year I had become more and more aware of the feminine principle as it operates in my life and in the cosmos surrounding. In the initial period following my kundalini awakening, I was a devotee of Kali and most especially Shiva. I often found myself spontaneously in the Nataraja pose and would remain in it for periods of time. Certainly when the force of the kundalini initially made its way up my spine, I was very aware of the feminine nature of the force and a ‘very’ powerful force it is.

One of the things that is happening in this time, as the Aquarian Age comes into power, is the feminization of consciousness which relates to the awakening of new powers of the heart and mind in humanity. On the negative side, it has been expressing itself in certain sexual practices that have convinced quite some number of people that they are something they are not. The point of the awakening is meant to activate higher centers in the human psyche but, as it the usual course in the manifest world and especially in this Kali Yuga, it has detoured to the lowest common denominator. People are free to take exception with me over this but it’s not a judgment on my part concerning homoeroticism. That is a stage everyone passes through, the same way that they are born into different cultures and clothed in bodies with differing skin types. My point is simply that the larger number of people engaged in these things are confused about the intended means of expression.

So... what is happening to me now has been coming for awhile; a sort of full circle thing. I found myself a few months ago trying to remember this chant that I had been employing for a little while a few years ago to Green Tara. You can see it at the top of the page. It came to me as I was lying in bed and I began to recite it. Since then it has now become a standard throughout my day and can occupy my attention for increasing periods of time.

Once again I found that I knew far less about this divine aspect than I had thought. It turns out that she provides some very similar services as that of Ganesha. I was especially surprised to find that she has manifested in many cultures around the world at many different times in many different guises and the remarkable similarity in her name gave me a bit of a jolt. Then I saw her connections to the Amitabha Buddha as well. I continue to be surprised by the synchronicity that discloses itself as I go.

When it comes to worship and the pursuit of the divine, I am a very simple guy. I’m not interested in the intricacies of detail; the varieties of personification and manifestation, the minutiae of rituals and devotional routines. I’ve got the one chant and that’s enough and I have the image of Green Tara and that combines all of the other Tara’s so, I’m good to go. Interestingly, the graphic of Tara that you see in the first link is the cover art that I chose for my “Songwriter” CD when I released it about eight years ago. She’s always been hovering around me; a sort of peripheral presence. I have spoken to her generically as the mother now and again but she is coming front row center now and I couldn’t be more pleased.

It has something to do with my recent crisis (and it was a crisis). I try not to be a drama queen because it does no good. Help is going to come from only one place. It’s not going to come from other people. They are as helpless as you are. A certain moral and spiritual support is always possible but I am a realist when it comes to such matters. Given the nature of what I’ve been talking about here, that preceding sentence might cause some to burst out into laughter. It made me laugh. I have the advantage of certain direct experiences so, for me, it’s not like; I hope someone is out there/in there. That’s not a matter of debate for me. I’ve had a difficult route getting to where I am and had nothing but bad luck with my lifetime of artistic endeavors and all the assorted attempts at making the practical side of life work for me (that’s changed a lot over recent years) but in the matter of spiritual experiences, I don’t feel cheated in the least. Certainly that’s more important than the other things.

Since I have ratcheted up the intensity of my relationship with Green Tara there have been noticeable changes in my internal state. Things have evened out remarkably. I’m pretty excited in anticipation of my next opportunity for extra dimensional travel. I expect some very interesting events. At the same time it doesn’t matter if or when it happens either because what I am getting on the more gradual route is exceedingly fulfilling. This all came about because I was asking with real intensity for clarity in my practices and perspectives. I had been asking for awhile but I did not stop asking, I asked with the assurance that I would get an answer and it appears that I did. You always get an answer. However, if you leave for some other location and then the postman shows up with your package, whose fault is it?

For some it is enough to have just one image and ideal that will carry them beyond the ocean of birth and death; more power to them. For some of us it is a series of progressions that change as our understanding changes. Tomorrow, Green Tara might change herself into something else... or not. It isn’t the appearance that is most important but the essential and everlasting truth that shines like sunlight through the stained glass image which our mind presents to us. There is no Green Tara outside myself and apart from me. She is the living presence of my higher nature and is as real as I allow her to be. I have written this not to introduce any of you to any particular form which the divine is inclined to take. This is just to say that it happens.

While all of the chaos and confusion of the world continues apace, in this massively transforming world of the moment, there are islands of stability in the midst. These islands are within and have withstood and will withstand anything the phenomenal world can throw at them. One would be advised to ‘take refuge’ in something real and enduring. There’s a welcoming and compassionate embrace that is tailored for every taste.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Coming Storm and Visible Origami Radio Show

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Ahroooooooooooooooooo.... And greetings from the concealed saucer pod; in direct link up with the mothership, channeling from the mind gardens of Sirius to a tiny blue green and troubled world far away. This is a Visible Origami flavored transmission.

Lots of people like the Dog Poet format and, occasionally, I hear otherwise, as if I have trod on a brand name of some sort; nothing like it. The reality of the matter is that we shall see. It’s necessary in this format to have a certain amount of entertainment factor operating. I realize that there must be people who don’t season their food but I’m not one of them. I don’t do things, most of the time, unless I get permission and I certainly don’t keep doing them unless I continue to get permission. I get my permission from the one who grants all permission.

Once again I am sitting here and I have no idea what I’m going to say so, why don’t you listen to a musical clip that a reader sent me while I see if I can isolate the transmission coming in from the mothership. Because we now broadcast inter-dimensionally, as well as along the usual routes, we get a higher degree of cross-traffic now and I have to adjust the filters appropriately.

I’ve been the beneficiary of a week of liquid sunlight pouring down upon me and everything around me here in this cul-de-sac oasis of solitude and self. Each morning when I awaken it is as if I am awakening twice. Old memories of former states appear and I remember there were times when I was closer to the hearts desire than I have been, for the most part, over recent years.

I press onward within but it is slow going. It feels like I am on a small boat being tossed about on rolling waters. Little fish keep leaping into the boat and I have to keep tossing them back into the water. You can think of the ocean as the restless mind and all those fishes as thoughts that penetrate our individual consciousness. It’s not as individual as we think it is but... thinking makes it so. Thinking is an act of profound magic but, having taken upon itself the appearance of the routine; we don’t realize the power that is involved. We can look around us and see the result of thought, fueled by desire, but we don’t make the connection for some reason.

There’s a reason why so many souls have been arriving here. There’s a reason for the large population now present on the Earth. A lot of people wanted to be here for what’s coming. Unfortunately, people forget their reasons for coming once the spectacle of the manifest world impacts on their minds. We are coming to a great crossroads in time and space. We are coming to a place where large highways spin off into various directions and people are going to be on all of them.

There’s a kind of traffic cop standing at the roundabout from which the highways begin and he directs the flow according to the composition of the traveler. “You go that way. You go this way.” No one is forced to go in a particular direction. Everyone agrees with the instructions of the traffic cop. It’s the way they want to go after all. He’s just facilitating the smooth process of continuance.

Ancient traditions and many religious scriptures all talk about this time. In many cases they pinpoint this time. Other indications that tell you about this time are the tremendous effect of materialism; the breakdown of religions, the prevailing decadence and breakup of natural family connections, the dumbing down feature and the rise to power of the very worst among us. There are many other signs that can be clearly seen by those with discerning sight.

There is a curious disconnect in the human mind that can see things taking place right in front of it but refuse to accept the natural interpretation of the evidence. It’s the same thing with periods of great change. People can see that something is different but their basic instinct is to hug to their routines. They want normalcy. They want the predictable and the ordinary. They want a life. I’m not knocking this inherent desire in the hearts of the people. I’m just saying they can’t see the forest for the trees when it comes to what they want and what they get.

There are some who believe that most of the life on Earth is going to end. Others believe not much is going to happen besides more of the same and it will be contained and eventually turn into something else. I don’t know what’s going to happen but from what I can see and intuit, I think it’s going to be very bad and very good depending on what you are up to. Things are going to be judged. In these preliminary days we are mostly treating with exposure. Nations and individuals are behaving in certain ways for public observation. You might say that the evidence is being demonstrated before the court convenes.

You are familiar with the maxim, “as above so below”. You could say that there are courts which exist on three different levels; in the infernal kingdom, middle Earth and the Heavenly realm. A lot of things are the same in all of these places, only consciousness is different. People from the realms above can easily visit the realms below, should there be a reason. Quite the opposite is true in reverse. This is why it is always better to reach for the heavens within and without, while you are clothed in this dreaming flesh. You are going to get what you reach for.

Even people of faith find this hard to believe. They’re hopeful and believing but deep inside there is no strong conviction. This is why life puts them through the things they are put through. You might say that life is all about the will of Heaven proving its point, even though Heaven is not importunate and does not harass you to acknowledge it.

As usual, I am trying to say something without actually coming right out and saying it. I look at these posts and radio shows as something like trigger point massage. The place where your hands are employed is not the same area as the target. Shiatsu and Reflexology are similar in this regard. One of them might well make your feet feel good but that wasn’t the primary intent.

Right now you are getting other massages all the time. If you are heavily engaged in viewing print and electronic media you are getting a lot more of a massage than if you are not. If you live under high tension lines or close to microwave towers you are also getting a certain kind of massage. If you use cellphones- and some of you are truly impressive in your use of them- you are also getting a massage. If you chant, or pray, or practice the presence then too, ...another massage. If you are in a populous urban setting, your massage is going to be different and more pronounced than if you are out in the countryside. Also, the greater the exterior clamor, the more difficult it is to hear the inner voice. There’s a strange irony in this when you consider that it is in the cities where you see the majority of people walking around and talking to themselves.

A lot of people are looking for great changes to occur in the world around them. That will surely happen in places but... the greatest changes are going on inside of you. This accounts for much of the uneasiness that is being felt by more sensitive souls. Our inner world is going to be shaken up as well. Here is where the leap of faith will be taken or refused. You will be making a choice whether you want to or not.

It is always easier when you are prepared. You can apply this to any life situation with which you are familiar through experience or observation. It applies on the field of sports competition, on the battlefield and in the workplace. Being prepared always provides a convincing edge. Free will allows that we can move as we choose, to some degree. For myself, given past mistakes and occasional victories, I plan on listening for my master’s voice like the RCA dog, Nipper. Since I have never known where I was headed or what anything meant, I am inclined to be guided even in the smallest detail.

End visual Transmission.......

You can hear the show tonight here or download it here a day or so later. We’ll now continue with the strictly audio portion of this show.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Climbing to Freedom through the Devil's Horns.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It’s great to be back at Origami which is where I prefer to be. I don’t much care about the other stuff but I am obliged to do what I do for the moment. There’s a reason for everything, even if I don’t often know what that reason is. I have to get a little personal with this posting since commentary has been running in this direction; not so much at the blogs as in the emails.

Some numbers of people have commented on the positions and the ways in which I hold my hands in some of the photographs of me online. I’ve received many a curious email and in some cases, people questioning why I would be making what they consider to be the sign of the devil’s horns. One person asked why I was making the hand sign of The Baphomet. Well, first off, the sign of The Baphomet has the thumb across the palm and a V made between the two separated middle fingers.

I got away from the area of the occult that treats with these things many moons ago. Before that I put a lot of study into it; years and years. It was quite a passion of mine but destined to go nowhere because I don’t care about magic. I care about completing The Great Work; opening the third eye (on a permanent basis), making the Philosopher’s Stone and acquiring the Pearl of Great Price. These are all the same thing.

People are very much uninformed about what things mean and that is why there is so much confusion about what things mean. There is only one force, period. There are not two forces; one good and one evil. There is one force with two different applications. It depends on the person conducting it what direction it flows in and what it accomplishes. The beauty of a perfect Spring morning and the howling rage of a winter storm are examples of the same force.

Whether you are a student of the Western Tradition and talk about things like Fohat or a student of the East and you talk about Kundalini, you are talking about the same thing; even if they differ slightly or one comes out of the other. After my Kundalini experience, I was obliged to go to prison for awhile. One thing I noticed was the number of gangsters who would rest the backs of their hands at the top of their ass and have their hands just like mine only pointing downward. This was an unconscious expression of this force but applied to the criminal mind’s enterprises.

Here is a picture of one of India’s greatest saints. You can see other examples here. Should you ever get to read the large biography of this man by his disciple M, you will see that he was truly remarkable.

In the Lord of the Rings it is explained how Sauron made goblins as travesties of elves. What powers the darkness has are perversions of the powers of light. This is one reason that certain brotherhoods of the light are very careful about who learns what. All that the darkness knows about certain things, it took from compromised souls. There’s a bit more to it than that but let’s leave it at this because it serves for the purpose of argument.

We all have God inside of us. Some of us are involved in the process of awakening that part of ourselves but most are not. I’ve said it before; the Devil is God the way he appears to the wicked.

I’ve had to listen to a lot of people go on and on about The Masonic Order. This is a sign of ignorance. There is no doubt that members of that organization have acted to create their own mafia just like all the other mafias. The established churches conceal the mystery of the universe and its truths but that does not stop the churches from being a haven for demons and a stinking corruption of what is eternal within us. Of course they cannot corrupt that but they can corrupt our perceptions of it.

For myself, I have no idea why my kundalini was activated; why I found myself in the same positions as Ramakrishna and with a green electric fiery outline around my form that is still around. Given how I have behaved on occasion it makes no sense. Given my limitations and varieties of ignorance it makes no sense but God makes no sense either.

I do belong to an order but I do not even know its name. I did not get the name of my teacher when I met him on that Big Sur beach and I never have. I have no idea what I am doing here or where it’s headed. I do what is in front of me and it is all I can do. I do not belong to any temporal clubs and I don’t participate in any rituals. The hands of those awakened by God and those who have entered into contracts with the dark lord are very similar in this way because it is the same force and it moves the same ways but for different purposes. A study of Tibetan religious art will explain a great deal. Study the wrathful deities as well as the benevolent and you will see what I mean. Take a look at the Great Tibetan Wheel of Life. It’s something like this. I like to say that it is something ‘like’ this because everything is an approximation and everything is based on the belief system of the person it happens to.

Just because you see someone making what you think is devil’s horns; don’t assume they are a devil. Don’t assume that the Masons are evil or that everyone in power everywhere belongs to some secret organization or that they take their orders from there. If you don’t know, then tell yourself so. There are so many wild assumptions going on. Every day people take the information from their chosen news organ and assume it’s true. None of it might be true. It’s not what’s going on outside of you that is important anyway. It’s what’s going on inside of you. The world is an endless kaleidoscope of unreal and temporary appearances. The power inside of you is greater than all of the standing armies of the world. This is a fact. Accessing it is the key and the mystery, which is easily solved by faith, certitude and determination... not to mention a certain amount of courage and the ability to make it more important than anything else. This is an interesting feature which deserves exploration, this idea of making it more important than anything else. In fact, you will find this applies to anything you want and anything you want to do or be.

Be careful what you wish for and what you pursue. I’m lucky in that regard. I really don’t want anything more than the presence of God. That might be because I have had it on occasion and... well... what is there after that?

We are welcome to go right on pursuing will ‘o the wisps and fata morganas until the stars fall from the sky or we are welcome to become one. There is a road to every destination, real or imagined that the mind can conceive. The simple act of believing in it makes it so. The power of the mind is incalculable; the power of the heart quite a bit more than that. This of course may be poetic license but I felt like saying it and I believe it so, same rules apply. The power of God is way beyond any of that. To me it is the height of insanity that people do not pursue the company of their creator. They are possessed of the possibility of conscious immortality and beauty beyond description and they pursue the grave and traffic in turds.

I don’t know much but ...some of the things I do know have to do with things that happened to me so I have evidence of them. We shouldn’t attribute evil to things that we don’t understand. There is a power resident within that knows everything and is not shy about sharing particular information with the sincere seeker. It is not shy about guidance and its generosity is beyond the scope of human comprehension. Its mercy defies description and has no limits. I realize that things are bad out there but they are always wonderful within, depending on how deeply you are willing to go.

There has never been a time when the materially driven, with stolen secrets, will not endeavor to slander the lightbringers. Nothing threatens their houses of cards more. We do not search for some future victory. Victory was achieved most convincingly long ago. We are living in the echoes of a battle that has ended. We should conduct ourselves with that understanding.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

It would have been the Radio Show.

I wrote this last Friday and I intended to go to an internet cafe. Then I found I had left my microphone back in Switzerland. Then when I drove into town to record it directly, I found it was Sunday. I was so drunk I couldn't even remember what day it was. Charming huh? Anyway... I didn't finish it because I was going to wing it which is actually better than my writing it but I haven't decided to do that but I will. I am sorry for being such a fucking loser. I did my best people but nothing short of the almighty is going to save me now. I am seriously fucked. So...this is what I had written and some other things I wrote you won't see because I deleted them. God be with all of you in your hour of need.

Ahroooooooooooooooo... dog poet transmitting from the Visible Origami sector of the cosmic mind... no talk about specific bad guys tonight. No tearing of raiment’s, no flagellation of penitential backs, no wear and no tear upon the emotions, no playing to the atavistic fears of the coming storm. I want to talk about other things tonight. I would apologize for the recent Petri Dish offering but I meant every word of it so that would be disingenuous of me and... Lord knows I don’t want to be disingenuous. I will apologize for being unable to communicate with you except in a very unpredictable and disorderly fashion. Very southern Italy is a third world country and I’m just lucky not to be ransacked and abused by Albanian hijackers. It appears that neither the good guys nor the bad guys can find me.

I don’t know when I’ll be online again and I’m okay with that. I’m really busy fixing things up down here and I’ve got to go north again in February which doesn’t leave me much time. The good news is that I get to see my sweetheart sooner than I might have along with the dog poet associates; Lily Nelson, Chloe, One-eyed Alfie and Caramela. Poncho Moonlight is with me and that rounds out the crew although, God knows who Susanne has added to the pack in the meantime.

Down here in Italy, the occasional tourists like to have a dog around during their summer vacation and then they let them loose on the streets when they go. I see these unfortunates roaming around and I have a bag of dog food and some water but I couldn’t possibly house all these wonderful creatures. It breaks my heart but apparently it doesn’t bother the people who do it. Could you do something like that? Could you just cast away a family member because of their inconvenience to your superficial lifestyle? Yeah... I know I said I wouldn’t talk about any bad guys tonight but it’s like not talking about the forest when you are surrounded by trees.

Karma is a relentless thing. It’s remorseless and mathematical. It’s like the movement of the stars around whatever has a heavier drag than they do. Everything rotates around something. It’s a kind of what rotates around comes around sort of a thing. I catch karma every day. I see my limitations and it is what makes me so intolerant of the people who set themselves up as masters. There is only one master and he/she only use so many hands at a time for that particular job description. A realized master once told me that there were never more than a few real spiritual masters around at a time. I saw would be spiritual teachers tremble when they were around him so he was seriously bonafide.

In these times there are going to be a lot of people selling some kind of gospel and it’s important that you don’t get led into the desert by them. I’m not leading you anywhere because I’m not going anywhere. I’m here... howling at the indifferent, pregnant moon as it glides above me. It’s all phenomenal. It’s all appearances and it all comes back on you in the realm of appearances. Now... if you could get beyond appearances then you wouldn’t be that affected but that’s like asking a person in a movie theater to be mindful of the white screen that the movie is playing on while he/she is watching the movie if you catch my drift and you should catch my drift because it is the difference between surfing the wave and being tumbled in the wave and that is a big difference.

I live the formica life. In Harmon Cove Secaucus with my wife and two nameless children and one lonely dog where death’s not a threat it’s the law.

A little musical interlude for those who are tired of Peter and the wolf and understand that ballet is one of the more ingenious kinds of torture that pretentious people visit on their children so that they can pretend they have some sort of refinement which sets them apart from their fellows while they pump the vanity bellows on the fire that will devour them... if you catch my drift.

I can’t be the guy I used to be because the times are not what they were. There is an enormous transformation about to arrive and it is not going to give you that eight AM wakeup call you are expecting. As Velikovsky once said, “Expect the unexpected.” But worlds do collide and so do events conspire as we all work to form the world closer to our hearts desire.

We all role play because we are all role players gifted with the presentations and costumes that are appropriate to our level of understanding which makes us prophets to the people below us and fools to the ones above. I am partially illuminated. You could say that I am half awake. I am not fully awake so there are things I suspect but cannot say and some things I might know in a general way. One of the things I do know is who I was in some of my past lives. When I go on record to say this you can be assured that I have relived these things since. When kundalini attacks she opens your worlds and melts the veils... usually she only does this when you are prepared to experience it and not go mad in the process. I’m going to mention a couple of my past lives tonight because it is relevant to my right to speak. I’m not going to mention other lives; more prominent appearance wise but not germane to the topic.

I was the man called Omar Khayyam and Giordano Bruno. I’m certain of the first life but not clear about the Bruno matter because I might have been just his very best friend. I saw the Bruno life with a sense of great loss which made me think I was witnessing the departure of a treasured friend. With Omar I was right there. It’s amusing to me now because when I was eighteen years old after being thrown out of the Air Force for being crazy which, I can tell you now... I faked because I don’t enjoy the company of regimented zombies and I will go a stretch further here... I pulled off several remarkable acting jobs because that is probably what I do best... then again, you have to look behind me at the guy with the seven cobras over his head to see who is doing the driving in my life...digressing...

Anyway... when I was 18 and just out of the service; having joined up the week after I was 17... I hitchhiked across the country with a guy named Tank because he was as broad as he was tall and he took me along because I was the only guy he couldn’t pin and whip, the kundalini thing hadn’t happened yet but the aura was there and so were some of the powers. Tank took me to a North Carolina military base and then we parted ways.. I spent the next night in a Salvation Army hostel where the man in charge knew my father from his time in the military. He told me my father was a hard man. I already knew that. I arrived in Washington D.C. the next day and entered The Union Gospel Mission because I wanted to serve god. That was always the thing with me but I was incompetent if you catch my drift. Anyway it so happened that I met an alcoholic in this mission... we served drunks, junkies and the usual crazies and you have to remember that I was not the usual 18 year old. I was probably around 12 years old because around the time of puberty I was beaten so badly that time stopped. So I met this alcoholic who was reciting quatrains from The Rubiyat which blew me away. I went to the major public library on New York Avenue and there I found a record of Lord Alfred Drake reading the Rubiyat and I memorized it in a week. That wasn’t such a big deal. I had already memorized The Courtship of Miles Standish and Evangeline “druids of eld” and all that..

Once the kundalini thing happened, I understood my fascination with the Rubiyat. All the time streams of my different lives flowed into a central pipeline and became one. With Giordano Bruno it was different. I might have just loved him and not been him but some deep connection there lies and the point is that I have been at odds with the established church for about two thousand years. I have been burned and murdered more times than I care to recall and that is why I am given certain latitude now and why I am going be an agent of the cosmic payback.

Mind you, I don’t like that sort of thing. Until I was pretty far along the road in this life I didn’t even defend myself. I just routinely let people kick my ass but after the kundalini thing I didn’t let that happen any more. I had all my martial arts powers from my past lives and the confidence and courage too so... I did use that to some degree which brings me back to the dogs running hungry and loose on the streets. Those dogs are going to get larger soon and they are going to eat you with relish or catsup... I don’t care. Those you have abandoned and abused are going to teach you the error of your ways. I am speaking from the Dog Star in the Sirius cluster and your planet has nothing like what we have. We are far in advance of your punitive abuse of those you have made your victims. I was one of them. I let you hurt me over and over but that time is at an end.

Citizens of Earth you don’t get to hurt your seeming lesser comrades any more. We are tired of being used as your laboratories for the silly cosmetics you paint on your aging faces to attract people you don’t even like. We are tired of being abused. We came here as your friends and you have used us disgracefully. We sent our emissaries and one of them is speaking right now and you have burned us at the stake and thrown us into your prisons and used us as canon fodder for gratuitous wars and I am here to tell you and you had better hear me. We are going to clear this place up and you had better be on our side because there is no other side. This is alpha dog and omega dog talking and what you have treated like shit were your beast friends and are now going to rub your noses in it and let slip the dogs of war.

I don’t know if you can wake up. I do not know how deep your dreams run. I don’t know how asleep you are. I know you have been warned repeatedly and you have never listened yet. Well, you better listen now. We are not kidding around. All your leaders are working for two bit aliens with small time powers and they are impressed. We are about to show you what it means to really be impressed and your interdimensional thugs are going to run like frightened school girls. You sold yourself out to the lowest un-empowered astral garbage around and you think they have some kind of capacity... you haven’t seen power yet but you will. We are going to show you power. Some of you will be improved by it and some of you will be destroyed by it according to what you’ve been doing all along. Your Bible tells you all these things and your interpreters spin it for the market place but it’s in all the good books. The truth is there and...visible dog poet pounds his chest... here! It’s here... and was written here long before it went down on stone and papyrus and paper.

It is written in the human heart and those of you who are still human can read it there. It is indelibly printed upon the fabric of the blood itself and embossed upon the pump to be sure.

You can call me crazy and you can call me Ray. I don’t particularly care what you call me. I am part of the advance guard so you might better call me herald. I’m here to tell you that things are going to change and you are going to change... one way or the other and it doesn’t matter which way that is.