Wednesday, July 28, 2021

"The Billions March in Slavery to their Appetites, and Then They are Gone. STOP WANTING!"

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Well, as you can see here, people are not shy about losing their minds. On the two coasts of this, mostly... otherwise sane country, the formerly protected social spaces are no longer protected. Grave injustices are being performed as if they were business as usual. They have certainly become so. We are at a critical moment in the transfer between the ages. It can go in radically different directions from HERE. More and more it seems that it will devolve into a free-for-all in the densely packed locations on the coasts... and move more toward the armed camp mentality in what may later be called, The Free States, The Free Zones, or The Safe Zones. We are looking at some permutations of Escape from New York, AND Escape from LA.

The thing is, America cannot fall to ruin in a vacuum. The conditions and quality of life will change everywhere on the planet. America also has enemies abroad, for which there are a variety of reasons. Our global conflict record in distant lands is not good. We have also been used as a hired bully boy for a Satanic Banker regime in The Middle East. For reasons that escape the parameters of Reason, the present administration is literally busing in a criminal army, and NOT your 'poor, huddled masses yearning to be free'.

Something is going on behind the scenes. At times it looks like an orchestrated plot against humanity. At times it reeks of Satanic possession. Either it is the evil within, or the evil without, which turns out the same no matter how you look at it because, as The Beatles said, ♫ your inside is out and your outside is in, so come on and take it easy, come on and take it easy. Everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey ♫ The monkey is your mind and the source of all your troubles, or the protection from all trouble, depending on how you handle it OR... it handles you. Now... it is not the mind per se that protects you but it is the main feature in all your torments and pain-free moments.

Something is going on behind the scenes. What could it be that would COMPEL Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft to bend the knee to... something? In attendance as well is the fashion industry, all entertainment venues, soft drink manufacturers, sports teams, AND traditional religions. Whatever this something is, it is VERY POWERFUL. It isn't affecting me though, and I know a number of other people who are not affected, given that we have the 23rd Psalm riding shotgun with us. DISCLAIMER ALERT!!! I am not a Christian, I simply have great empathy and love for Jesus Christ and ALL the Wayshowers of whatever faith they may be.

Something is going on outside of the public arena of nattering Nabobs. Some will argue that it is a reunion tour for the Annunaki. Some will tell you they come from The Stars. Some will say they come from within the Earth and are of supernatural origin. Some will tell you it is nothing but meat puppets getting restless, which happens periodically.

Holy shit! Get a load of this.

Let me see if I can put this into a comprehensible perspective. We... EACH OF US has two natures. They war all through our lives for dominance, or... until dominance is achieved through an Understanding Harmony between them. You cannot kill the beast, for you will also destroy yourself. You have to teach and train the beast to dance, and sing, and celebrate in the unity of the united self. You CANNOT allow it to run wild.

There are times in a culture where there is a surfeit of everything and people INCLINE or directly fall into the sticky matter of magnetized dust. This causes the Lower Nature to achieve preeminence. Unless one resists this descent into collective Torpor, one will be swept away in the slipstream. It is much harder for The Individual to set itself apart from the whirling spin of attractive objects in such times. Peer Pressure is a greater force than one might think, not to mention that The Government intrudes itself into every area of our lives. Oh... what is one to do?

It is a given that existence has gone astray all around us. It certainly looks like The Bad Guys are winning. Let me clarify this. It is IMPOSSIBLE for The Bad Guys to win, but... for the Purpose of Demonstration there has to be the appearance of it. You are here to either capitulate or stand within the sanctuary of The Self. The Bhagavad Gita clarifies the nature of existence Very Well.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

It begins on a battleground and the reasons for this are explained in simple terms. Of course, there are going to be people who resist this. Usually, these are the people who know better than The Eternal, and... they will surely find out if this is true or not.

You are present in a magic show, and various magicians are competing for your attention. This magic show, this fundamental illusion on the playing ground of the senses, appears to exist in all directions. That is the world outside. HOWEVER... the world outside is controlled by the world inside, UNLESS IT IS NOT! This brings us back to The Mind again. Everything you see moving around you or standing still is a crystallized thought-form. It is composed of Mind-Stuff. YOU are the author of your world since you have chosen to label all of it according to your likes and dislikes. Universal Law says that your attractions and aversions equal out into balanced measures of pleasure and pain. I prefer to go another route.

You have to become tired of The World because The World will NEVER tire of you. It is the relentless disappointments of material life that eventually spur one to look within. It can take a while before that fully kicks in, depending on how many books you have to read, how many religions you have to join, how many arguments you have to have; with others and with yourself. At some point, and that remains a mystery until it is arrived at, you realize that you can find out nothing of lasting importance until you look within, where the object of your restless quest is ALWAYS resident.

You have to think of God as busy as he can be in his motionless stillness. You might find yourself “troubling deaf Heaven with your bootless cries” for a good long while. You MUST be persistent and you must want it more than anything else. That's about it. Once it is made clear to The Invisible Hierarchy that you are sincere and CANNOT BE DETERRED, you are in for a wonderful surprise.

There will be the usual crowd of know-it-alls who claim that none of this can be true BECAUSE it hasn't happened to them. Why should you gain favored status while they languish in The Twilight Zone? I can give you a good answer for that. The Invisible Hierarchy loves Humility and if you don't have it, and Gratitude and SOME measure of a few other things, you're not even going to get close. Arrogance will keep you out of Heaven as surely as violating the dress code at a fancy restaurant.

Yes... there are many who believe that if they don't know it, it can't be known. Angels are everywhere around, but if you can't see them or feel them where does that leave you? You have to win the favor of Heaven by behaving in a fashion that makes you RECOGNIZABLE to them. You need the mark and The Mark WILL come as the fruit of your industry. The Mark is like a merit badge. It is like a license to perform Selfless Service. If you do not understand the PROFOUND meaning and outcome of Selfless Service, you WILL GET NOWHERE. You can piss and moan about it all you want, BUT... deaf Heaven and all that.

I am trying to present this as best I can. However, I am limited in my abilities. What I mean to say is that there are RULES and FORMS that you must abide by and acquire. You don't really acquire them, they are given to you. Still... you MUST earn this.

I feel sad for the curmudgeon mind and rigid egoism of those who sentence themselves to The Penitentiary of the Mind. All they can do is argue and insist in their pointless contentions, which is not unlike a dog chasing its tail. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. What I am saying is that you need to know what to do with the tail once you catch it. It's like having a Left-Handed Skyhook but no operation's manual.

You WILL NOT get far without a guide. Most people will not set out on such a course anyway, but... for those who do, You MUST have a guide, a mentor, a teacher... someone to lead you there. It is IMPOSSIBLE to find otherwise and you MUST come to a visceral awareness of NOT-KNOWING. Try entering ANY of the blessed spheres with your head filled with nonsense and garbage; not going to happen.

I truly feel for those who have burdened themselves with so much knowledge, and none of it useful further on. It is only useful HERE and that is a matter of debate as well. You MUST become as a little child through Regenerated Innocence. That is the flip side of Senility. Who is going to help you HERE? Doctors? Lawyers? Influential Friends? Paid Sycophants? None of these terrestrial professionals can save you. Perhaps they can ease your PHYSICAL pain. Meanwhile... day by day, you proceed inexorably toward The Howling Unknown. You don't know where you came from and you don't know where you are going but you have convinced yourself that you do. I can just imagine some of the humorous exchanges that happen when some get to The Gates of Elsewhere; “Your papers plizze.”

Heaven begins where your feet touch the ground. Anyone can make a relationship with Heaven, or Lady Nature. It doesn't happen overnight (usually).

So... who is responsible for all the fear and the unrest? We are. We carry our fear and unrest with us, and they find their counterparts as we move through The World. If you are not carrying fear and unrest with you, it WILL NOT FIND YOU. Once again, let us visit with Lao Tzu and see what he says about this;

“Death might appear to be the issue of life,

Since for every three out of ten being born

Three out of ten are dying.

Then why

Should another three out of ten continue breeding death?

By use of sheer madness to multiply.

But there is one out of ten, they say, so sure of life

That tiger and wild bull keep clear of his inland path.

Weapons turn from him on the battle-field,

No bull-horn could tell where to gore him,

No tiger-claw where to tear him,

No weapon where to enter him.

And why?

Because he has no death to die.”

All that is USEFUL or can be written down,is simply and elegantly written here. There are other examples of Ageless Wisdom as well. The cloying suffocations of Vanity and self-importance are a horror to see and a horror to experience. The billions march in slavery to their appetites and then they are gone. Stop wanting. Stop wanting anything but illumination and see what happens.

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Friday, July 23, 2021

"We are All Food. Everything is Food for Something, or Fuel for Something."

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Allergies are often the result of specific excesses in past lives. Physical disabilities, skin color, place of birth, all the trappings, are karmic reverberations from previous visits here.

How much time do you spend in Heaven, or Hell, or anywhere in between while the meter is running? That depends. You have to keep in mind hat time in either place and anywhere in between is subjective. An hour on the beach is one thing. An hour in jail or a government agency is another. An hour of pleasure is assuredly different than an hour of pain, and ALL OF THESE THINGS come to you courtesy of your past actions. Time in Heaven is much different than time in Hell, AND both of them are as real as you make them.

At ANY point on your way ANYWHERE, you can (but not always) make a shift in direction. You can always make a shift in Attitude. Dismas comes to mind. The hour of death is ALWAYS an interesting time. This is when you find out if going to Sunday School as a child, and occasionally attending church as an adult is enough to get you past the velvet ropes. Everything comes down to your actions. Ancient myths provide allegorical perspectives to Justice, merit, and demerit. It is all precisely mathematical. How do I know these things when I don't really know anything at all? A little birdie tells me.

I've often used the image of snow-covered mountain tops to describe the flow of existence. The white snow at the mountaintop is pure math. When it melts it runs down into the valley where it becomes a riot of color, similar to white light moving through a spectrum. In case you need further understanding, this should help. The valley is the plane of material culture. It is also the realm of The Senses. This is not so at the mountaintop.

Because of the POWERFUL effect of The Senses, one can quickly become immersed in the spectacle and experience of sensations. One can, and does forget The Higher Mind. One then becomes gradually separated from it and captivated by the lower mind. All of your problems emerge from a lack of understanding about what is REALLY going on. We are food. We are all food. Everything is food for something or fuel for something. You have command of who and what it is that eats you. I prefer to be The Food of the Gods. In that case, I have to work to make myself taste good.

Does this alarm me that I will be eaten by... something? Not at all. It excites me because I KNOW that I am being amalgamated into a higher expression of myself. Now... there is this fundamental area of contention, which has to do with whether we acquire something new, or we reveal something old. Do we suddenly come upon a novel and evolved being, or do we wash away what conceals and has concealed it for so long within us? It's like the argument between Advaita and Dvaita. They are BOTH valid and they are BOTH right. I CHOOSE Dvaita because I prefer to worship The Divine, as opposed to becoming The Divine. That might still happen but it is a matter of indifference to me.

I am aware of what happens when one falls from a high plane. I seek not to be on a high plane in the first place. Of course, the Will of God will put me where it pleases him, but I prefer something at a distance from The Court of Spiritual Celebrity. I often will ask God to put me at the furthest reach of The Kingdom, while STILL IN The Kingdom. Fans of The Ring Trilogy might think of Strider, who was later revealed as Aragorn Elessar. He was a Ranger, one of the Dunedain, who scouted the boundaries between the wild and the (cough cough) civilized, and protected the public, though most remained unaware of that. That always impressed me.

Let me parse that a tad. The King, which Aragorn became, is The King resident in all of us, and in the Kingdom of Heaven, all residents host The King of Heaven in some fashion. As above so below, so in Heaven as anywhere else, there is a pecking order, and where there are too many chickens, some are going to get pecked to death, and the rest wind up in a Pride Parade. I am not suggesting anything like that takes place in Heaven, BUT... crowds make me uncomfortable. I much prefer a more solitary state.

I am fascinated by the higher planes. Some people like to go clubbing and hit restaurants, attend sporting events and go on holidays to where their special tastes can be exercised. I prefer to travel and to visit in more esoteric lands. When I discovered LSD, I thought I had found The Door to Everything. I had, in a sense, but all I had was a temporary visa. I drove myself crazy with this. It's a good thing I was already so close that I hardly noticed the transition to full-time dancing dervish. I think I can honestly say that I know what I like.

When I lived on Maui, there was this fellow in Pukalani-Makawao who had a bike shop. He was grossly overweight and slovenly to boot. I can't remember how it was that I came to even be there. I suspect I was with a friend who knew him. What this fellow did was to save up all of his coin and every year, for a month or more, he would take off for Thailand and rent a house in the hinterlands and hire 3 or 4 young ladies to look after him and his pleasures. “What else can a guy who looks like me do?” he asked me. I appreciated his candor, if not his style.

The world is now filled with people in pursuit of appetite satisfaction, and there is a huge marketplace for that... whether it be Tinder, or Grinder, or a particular block in the city. There are clubs of all sorts. I remember walking on a certain street when I lived in NYC. It was on my route so I passed along it most days. At one location was a place made up to look like an exclusive club. It had a subtle and ornate exterior with blacked-out windows (this is how I remember it). It was called Paddles and it was for people who were into S&M. A surprising amount of people are compelled in this direction. They NEED to be punished and humiliated. I don't get it but that's just me. I'd say life hands out a great deal of punishment and humiliation already (grin). I don't have to go looking for it.

What do you expect from a place where you can order ANYTHING and have it appear at your door 24/7? I have definitely seen some things I hope to never see again. I was propelled through certain experiences to IMPRESS upon me what happens when you push this button, metaphorically speaking.

Yes... the spiritual path, especially in the inception, can be difficult. Far more people fall away or make a compromised arrangement in their minds to accommodate their wants. HOWEVER... I would say that every other path one can take is even more difficult, given you will wind up worse than nowhere at all, and there is NO UPSIDE other than a state of temporary satiation. I've tried pleasure and what most might call pleasure, I find to be unpleasant. I don't like pain either and I've had a good portion of that. I realize now that I caused it all myself. I don't have to do that anymore and I cannot tell you what a relief that is.

Day by day I watch the world's procession into madness. I can LITERALLY see it happening at varying distances, thanks to modern technology. It sure looks like a big test to me. It looks like a great opportunity to see what you are made of, though most would not look at this challenge as being all that inviting. Life IS. It's a fact. It's a fact that you appear here and that you disappear. Where do you come from and where do you go? The World is a bus station, a train station, an airport, define it as you please. It is a period of residence on THIS PLANE, and how you comport yourselves is what punches your ticket to the next port of call.

We live now in a time of excuses. Everyone has a reason for why they are where they are and what they are, and most of the time it is because SOMEONE did something to them, or they rightly deserve something that they are being denied by SOMEONE, yet again. This is a time of payback and revenge. It is not a pretty picture. The pushing and shoving for personal gain looks like the aftermath of lighting up an anthill. It is a mad scramble in all directions, a world of billions of little animated (some might say 'charged') particles all scrambling for possession of something that looks like something it is not.

Will the ships come? Will a race appear from within the Earth? Will we find Childhood's End? What's going to happen? Will the hero escape in the final reel? The portal to Shambhala is in your own heart, just as is a portal to anywhere, because “where your heart is there are your treasures also.” These are not just bytes from scripture. These are not just words. Ah... the tears and agony that are gleaned from the pursuit of personal gain. What a mad folly!

There is peace to be found. There is Serenity and Tranquility to be found. There is content and there is distress and they are both to be found. So are Serendipity and Want. Always there is want; a burning hunger to consume. It is a raging inferno of pain. “All life is pain caused by ignorant desire.” Be careful what you wish for and be careful of what you want. To your great misfortune, you may get it.

Now... I don't know much. I am in no position to chart the course of the life of another, given the hash I made of my own for a while. Still... that part is over and at least I have the good sense to seek guidance and to be led by those who have gone before and left Good Footprints. HELP and SUCCOR are THERE TO BE FOUND~! You have to want it the same way you wanted everything else. Your hunger has to burn from a secret fire. This fire will also consume all that hinders and confines you. It will refine your appetites and weave them into a single hunger, and then? “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

End Transmission.......

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May Heaven truly bless you, one and all.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

"The World is a POOR, POOR Competition for the Singing Joy of The King's Highway."

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I, USUALLY, solve something to My Satisfaction in one of two ways. I reason it out, or I am informed by The Intuition, which... I will mention again stands for Inner Teaching. So it is that I was considering the vaccines in this light. We KNOW that the pandemic was a case of transference and deception because The Flu and the Common Cold disappeared, and so did all the other maladies whose numbers they needed to panic humanity. It reminds me of Israel changing the Arab names for towns and streets in The Occupied Zones, so as to say... “Well, they/it were never here in the first place.”

I tied the Scamdemic in with the election right off. Then I went on to the vaccines, which I guess were ready and waiting all along. However... they aren't really vaccines, are they? And they don't really work, do they? People are dying from them in numbers that perhaps all the vaccines of history combined would not accomplish. People are also getting all sorts of alarming reactions. Some of them trending toward chronic conditions. On the whole... studying and reflecting, I can come to no other conclusion than that the vaccines are the product of malign intent.

Chaotic conditions the world over are being accelerated at this time. It's as if there is some kind of a race on. Something is coming. Something big is coming and it is going to sweep all other concerns aside. They may still be there but they won't matter, as the awareness dawns on all life to SOME degree or other. It will be seen from many diverse perspectives. Self-Interest will triumph in many and that runs from concerns over profit to SURVIVAL issues. It is not that hard to imagine that, depending on your state of being, it might look like a devil, or it might look like an angel. It could look like an alien, or whatever the heart imagines or The Mind PROJECTS

It looks like there will be people jumping for joy, and there will be people trembling in fear. There will be sadness and gladness all around. There will be people looking to hide and some to be seen who were previously unseen.

Study your life and see where your investments are. What did you do with your life? Whatever that would be is where you will find your investments. That could be really good news or really bad news. The best news is that one can do something about it. At any point where a person comes to epiphany, and there still remains life and breath, there is hope of transforming change and that means a change of destiny. One might have been doing nothing of any real importance for most of their life. One might have been doing mostly harm. One can step into a new world of understanding at any time. This is one of the features of an apocalypse and most especially of a Grand Apocalypse. With the coming of The Avatar will be coming a stream of waterfalling blessings. Those who are ABLE TO SEE or FEEL THEM will enjoy them.

Many things are coming with The Avatar. He is bringing his Qualities. He is bringing forgiveness and redemption for those who would avail themselves of it. He is bringing punishment for those who are unrepentant and defiant. I think resisting The Avatar would be like a temporary shadow, caused by a passing cloud, raising its fists to The Sun. It's no contest. This is something The Dark Side refuses to acknowledge. There are those steeped in evil who know how the power ratio works out but there is something in their nature that keeps them from getting it.

I am well aware of how things look down here and I am also conversant with History. I know what a bloodbath it's been. I can see the sorrow and loss. We've never had it so good as in recent years. For many of us, it seems that our appreciation and gratitude have left town. I was fairly convinced that it was true what got said here about Materialism=Insanity. I have now been completely convinced. I can see the trends running out of the moment, like programmed rivers. Trends have a destiny, just like everything else. It is obvious, everyone dies OR IS CHANGED. Does it not seem therefore that what you live for is what you will die for? Karma is a MOST INTRIGUING thing. It has my attention a good part of the time, especially since EVERYTHING is Karma.

Karma is a simple process, it seems; action and then reaction is as succinctly as I can put it. Then you add in terms such as equal, like, and opposite. That complicates it somewhat. Then you get into the uniqueness factor of individualized snowflakes. Isn't each grain of sand somehow unique and apart? The same applies to us. There are times when God lights up the entire universe with his conscious light, for a brief period (relatively speaking). It doesn't happen often, but it happens.

Of course, as an individual, you can experience this with every cell in all of your bodies being flooded with conscious light. This is one of the culminating moments in Yoga. If anyone knew what wonders await them on the spiritual path, they would walk no other path.

The World is dazzling, isn't it? More so than most would accept. Many think that they see through The World and they don't even see through themselves. Maya has both gross and fine aspects. The grosser and the finer run off into an infinitude of progressions. If you can manage to get undazzled, there is a much more incredible area of experience awaiting. This is another feature that comes with The Avatar. There are always a certain amount of signs and wonders. Some see a good amount of them and some see nothing at all. Beyond such pedestrian spiritual events, there is a deeper core of wonder at the treasure cave within, filled with endless possibilities of being and expression.

We live in a treasure house and cannot see the treasures. We see the bad copies and intentional perversions of them. They are presently plentiful. It takes a special sort of person to turn away from the bedazzlement of The World. Ironically, life WILL teach you the value of what you thought was worth having, pursuing et al. This is the essence of Suffering. The Buddha put it as clearly as I've heard it, when he said, “All life is pain, caused by ignorant desire.” Christ said, “Lay not up your treasures where moth and rust can consume them.” Krishna said that by whatever path anyone might go, he is the end result. “All roads, Arjuna, lead to me.” So... one suffers until one is tired of suffering, and then lets go of the instruments of their torment.

The Avatar is bringing the game plan and the road map for the next round of demonstrations for the purpose of (grin). The Avatar is all of your real hopes and dreams in a singularity. He's coming to reward and to punish. He has no wish to punish but the process is automatic. Here comes Karma again.

I've studied, and in some cases, experienced some of the states that different systems speak of, like Nirvana, Heaven, Awakening, Realization, Liberation, Jivanmukti, Illumination. There are a lot of words one could add here. I am not in any way seeking to imply that I am realized, liberated, or illuminated. What I am saying is that I have had a taste of them here and there. Some of the experiences were absolutely transforming and have stayed through my life. I can tell you this much, The World is a POOR, POOR competition for the Singing Joy of The King's Highway.

Yes, there are rocks in the road. There are ALWAYS rocks in the road. It might be said that WE are the rocks in the road. You can look at it as a drudgery, or dangerous, or you can see it with excitement and anticipation. The Attitude is yours. I don't want to be Down. Some people prefer it. Some like to sing The Blues. That doesn't work for me. I'm waiting on The Avatar and I know he's coming, and he's coming on the inside as well.

I don't know why this would be hard for anyone to believe. We have historical records of avatars coming and going. You would find if you could access occult history, that it is a cosmic clockwork thing. Whenever things get too disturbing down here, he makes an appearance, and he does it in REGULAR sequences. He's due clockwise and he's due world-wise, insofar as present conditions are evidence of.

Prior to his coming there is a departure of humanity from spiritual concerns. Often the traditions he comes into have become archaic, rigid, and often nonsensical. Ping! Ping! Ping!

As I have said, often, I don't have to convince anyone else of anything. I have ONLY to convince myself. I KNOW that God is REAL. Having confirmed this, I am left with no further options except to CELEBRATE it, and I FULLY intend to do so.

This is a time to pay CAREFUL attention to what is going on inside of you. Outside of you is, at best, a distraction. I know you have to go to work, put food on your family and complete the various chores that attend our being here. Well... the good news is that once you find God (who wasn't lost in the first place) you will still have to chop wood and carry water. These are Incidentals to your being here, and tied into your previous engagements. Far more important is that which is lifting you out of the dream world and into a cornucopia of endlessly flowing NOW. My recommendation is to go with that.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, July 15, 2021

"Love, PROPERLY EMPLOYED, is an Absolute Defense Against Them. It is Their Kryptonite."

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A song I consider well written and produced is “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”;

NOT because of the salacious nature of the subject but for how it resolves. The singer is dying to get somewhere and then he does and the last lines of the song (keeping in mind he had already said, “I will love you till the end of time.”) are...

“And now I'm waiting for the End of Time
To hurry up and arrive
Because if I have to spend another minute with you
I don't think I can really survive...
...I'm praying for the End of Time...
So that I can end my time with you”

That's more or less how it goes... and, I might add, more or less how it goes.

Even when I was quite young I knew certain situations were binding. Living through them did not convince me otherwise. Once I had my Kundalini Experience, casual encounters were just that, and other encounters were something like gilding the lily. Nothing external held any lasting appeal, BUT... I HAD TO live through it all for the Purpose of Demonstration and I think the purpose was demonstrated on me, and for me, in a way similar to when Cool Hand Luke FINALLY... REALLY pissed off the superintendent and was forced to dig a deep hole, and then was smacked around for doing so, and had to fill the hole in again, only to get smacked around, and forced to dig the hole again... and so it went until they broke him.

The point was made effectively on Luke, with lasting impact. It still didn't take in the end. It did with me. I am QUITE CERTAIN, and... ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED, beyond any shadow of doubt or argument that THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM and most things ARE NOT worth having. “Shakin it here, Boss.”

There is no Paradise by the Dashboard Light. There is only smoke and mirrors, and a relentless soundtrack. What you think is there, is not even there, and you can't see what is, otherwise... certain vested interests wouldn't make any money. It seems that all of our religious holidays now involve shopping trips. What are you actually celebrating?

When you think about the life of Christ, what little we know of it, and even most of that couched in allegory, they were simpler times; MUCH SIMPLER TIMES. He won't be coming to gather us together again so that he can send us out like spiritualized pollen. He will be separating us according to departure points.

Each time is different, has a different intent, and has a different result. I probably should include a disclaimer here; I do not, in fact, KNOW, but I suspect certain things and so far that is how it has been, with my suspicions being confirmed. Most of what I speak from is intuitive and I hear it at the same time it gets composed. That, of course, validates nothing, but it is how it is.

People run themselves ragged chasing Gold, in one shape or another, and they condemn themselves to the desert of the Sierra Madre. The ONLY gold worth having is Spiritual Gold and that is where the confusions exists, concerning alchemical intent. I suspect you can make gold, not only out of lead but out of everything, since everything is made from the same substance, and is only individualized by its vibration. HOWEVER... it's a mug's game; chasing gold is the same as chasing sorrow, and she's not hard to catch. Having gold can be an even bigger problem. No one can take your spiritual gold, only you can lose it, and only God can give it back. To BE ABLE to do and be certain things, you have to be able to function on the level where they occur.

What is Spiritual Gold? It is Higher Love. There is one bit of scripture upon which all of it depends. It is yours for the taking. It is, “you shall love the Lord God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and with all your mind.” This comes around to you loving God in everyone else as well. Loving God is the secret magic to all providence and serendipity. It's been said that “the fear of God is the BEGINNING of wisdom.” To me, it seems, the love of God is the fulfillment of Wisdom.

There are a few other sites where this work can be found. One of them draws quite a crowd. Some of them are very intelligent, and no doubt some of them are good people. There is a segment there, however, that is VERY angry, contemptuous, scoffing, know-it-all and they prove the last by seldom paying any real attention to what they are reading and objecting to. Otherwise, how could they be so woefully uninformed? I had a comment directed at me yesterday that announced how very limited in understanding I am because I worship the Christian God who is controlled by The Jews.

Hmm... the God I worship is not controlled by ANY terrestrial forces WHATSOEVER. I have also stated MANY TIMES that I am NOT a Christian. I am a follower of Christ AND OTHERS, but I belong to no religion because the REAL GOD is the only God upon which all the religions are founded. Anyway... I usually don't even read the comments but sometimes they come to my attention through WordPress and I have to deal with them. So, occasionally, I will travel through some number of all of the comments, not just the ones that have to do with me, and I am continuously surprised at how REALLY angry and reactive some of the readers are. We don't get anything like that here.

The reason I bring this up is that it is distressing to see anyone trapped in these ugly, bottom-feeding emotions; the ones that are like sucker-fish, lampreys, which vampirize the host body. I can understand the hatred they display for The Semitic Pretenders. I can also understand that this is not the best way to deal with them. They are here for a reason. They are part of the dynamic. For some reason, MANY people think the material world should be a stable place. It is in SOME PLACES. Even so, it changes. You can't hold back the tide or the river, even if you dam it.

I have suffered at the hands of this group on various occasions. That is not a reason for me to hate them. Hating them strengthens them. They have a contract with The Prince of Darkness; not all of them, but a significant number. This is largely due to their being materialistic opportunists, who have NO OTHER interests besides personal prosperity. Among them are a number who do evil for the sheer joy of it. Evil is not exclusive to them alone. It will take ANYONE it can get its hands on and use them for its purposes.

Love, PROPERLY EMPLOYED, is an absolute defense against them. It is also a weapon and they WILL NOT come around where it is present because it is Kryptonite to them. Once I got this, VISCERALLY, I have had no further problems.

Most people have no interest in The Avatar, or even know what that is. They are concerned with THEIR business... doity-doity-doity, they build their piles of rubbish and think them monuments to themselves. They are that... monuments. The Sun, The Wind, and The Rain will take care of them, and they give the pigeons a place to roost. Most who know the term, Avatar, have vague projections about what that is, but they miss the right perspective by a good distance (we ALL do), and they are definitely off about the scope of the powers and the force of impact. They are off by magnitudes in their measurements, and the human mind is like a frog in a well who dreams of the ocean.

The Avatar is the will of God, crystallized into manifestation. He comes to set the tone for the age, just as did Jesus Christ, and his will shapes it and his blood pays for the coming age. The blood of The Avatar is the currency of existence. There would soon be none were it not greasing the wheels behind the curtain of Maya.

Jesus Christ is still a mystery to just about everyone. To be Christed is to be illuminated, BUT... that is NOT the only road up the mountain. I am not on that road. Now... The Avatar is returning. The Avatar is always the same= God in Human Form, but the conditions and the shape to be taken by existence through the coming age IS NOT THE SAME. Jesus Christ worked through the aegis of the Pisces-Virgo axis. This Avatar will be working through the Aquarius-Leo axis. It will not be the same. This age coming is The Age of Brotherhood. Some good number of us, HOPEFULLY, will discover who it is that is resident within, and that IMMEDIATELY ignites Brotherhood around them.

The Avatar is coming in The Human Heart where a place has been PREPARED for him, and those hearts will be satellite outposts from which The Avatar will radiate in a lesser luminosity than will The Avatar himself. Still... this will create force fields. which all resonate with the central command. These satellites will be like routers, like hotspots, and the same way we communicate on the internet will be taking place within.

Many will not be open to Brotherhood. They will be harvested and sent to the place appropriate to them. Many will not be open to dramatic change but they WILL BE changed nonetheless. It is far less painful to cooperate in the changes than it is to resist them. “Resistance is futile.” The Light is coming, my friends. It is already breaking upon the collective mind. The reactions to it are widely divergent, due to flawed understanding, and will come to different results.

Open your mind and open your heart. Prepare a place where your true being can be recognized. This does not mean living your own truth. There is no such thing. The brainwashing that is going on at present is astounding. What is more astounding is how transparent it is, yet it is still effective. It's easy picking in Times of Material Darkness when people go blind of their own volition.

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Monday, July 12, 2021

"The Whole of Existence is a Case of Possession. All the Way to Kingdom Come."

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If you are paying attention, then you can see, first hand, the processing of Karma in The World around you. Observe the generations and the kinds of programming inflicted on each of them and how it shaped the times they lived through. The present phase of political correctness nonsense, cancel culture, manufactured virus hoaxes, stolen elections and a general climate of intimidation are all dances called up by the dancers.

One can view the whole of it with alarm. It is certainly deserving of alarm if taken according to Appearances. It can be seen as a transition period of 'out with the old' and 'in with the new'. It can be seen as many tributaries running off of mountains and finding their way to the sea. Some fear this. Some fear that, and these fears create an atmosfear. If enough people join their fears together or join in the negative celebration of a common fear, (suddenly appearing) fear can materialize, can become manifest. The whole of The World is a projection of MIND. How you identify any of it sets up the nature of your relationship with it and the company you keep.

Certain circumstances and conditions are directly caused by our fears. A negative mindset will lead to negative circumstances and conditions. The reverse is also true. Some might say, “I've been trying for years to get out of this and I can't.” My reply would be, “No, you have not. That is just what you tell yourself.” Then again, this is not an absolute. It depends on your Karma and on what is possessing you.

Certain things are true though most of the population would rather not think about them, and they MOST DEFINITELY don't want to hear about them. Only those already in a greater misery are willing to hear a Jeremiad. I suspect that Jeremiah spent a lot of time alone. Many there are of the few who, joyful or sorrowful, seek to be alone. People and life itself become books that are open to you and... what is the point of reading them if there is nothing you can do? Well... there are things you can do, but 'direct interference' is not one of them.

The whole of existence is a case of possession, ongoing through the generations to Kingdom Come. Choose wisely who and what it is that possesses you because something will. The road can (and does) go up, and the road can (and does) go down. People COULD easily see that they are heading in a wrong direction... if it were not that they thought what they were after was to be found DOWN there. Common sense and appetite are often at cross purposes. If a person would ONLY concentrate on controlling their hungers they would, relatively quickly, come to an awakened state. If a person did no more than control their thoughts, they could control their world. Stilling the Reactive Mind is one of the great accomplishments in life and is not often achieved. Ceaseless effort is required for this.

The crazies on the urban streets are growing ever more strident, and their demands ever more ridiculous. I can't imagine what the players in various fields have to endure or what contortions they must perform. Much earlier in life, I decided I would not give them any say in my life. They cannot threaten my income. I don't really have one, and what there is they can't take away, nor is there much to bother about. They cannot cancel me; who would notice? They can't intimidate me because I have no fear of them. They seem to lash about in every direction but they mostly leave me alone; and why is that? I don't impede them. I most certainly dare ♫ to speak out against the madness ♫ but they don't seem to see me because I don't impede them. Let me paraphrase Lao Tzu, “for blocking no one's way no one blocks (blames) him.”

Good and Evil are indeed relative, and evil is in all of us, even if it be quieted, it is Potential to be Kinetic. Evil is a tool that Good can use in small homeopathic doses or to make an anti-venom from snake venom. Jesus hung out with Publicans and Sinners. He was no whitened sepulcher. He took everyone as he found them, and being able to see into the depths of their hearts he could touch them. One can define only certain things as generally Evil. The rest is in a state of flux. Evil... if redirected can create a big head of steam. The steam doesn't hit peak all at once. It has to BUILD UP. The Wise throw no one away. They recognize that they are everyone and everyone is them, only at a different landing on the spiral staircase to the stars, though it is, indeed, an inner journey, we often use externals to describe it. As we like to say around here, 'don't piss over the railing.'

Yes... it is certain that very disturbing events are going to take place. They will take place in THOSE PLACES where such events are intended to occur. What place you occupy, VERY DEFINITELY, is dependent on what interior place you are already occupying; who or what is possessing you! Much depends on your INTENTIONS and MOTIVES, as well as THE LENGTHS you will go to, to carry them out. However... if whatever is taking place has nothing to do with you, that is how much of an effect it is going to have on you.

Whatever it is that has possessed you is determining the course you are on. Go anywhere. Go to NYC at Wall Street and you will see those who scurry about like insects, building an insect empire. You can go to Hollywood (wherever that is now. It might be in The Cloud) and see a posturing crowd of self-adulating (and fellating) impostors, like weightlifters on the beach, pretending to be that which does not need to pretend. Go anywhere and you will see The Dance of the Imaginary Power-Brokers who represent the tone of their industries in that location. Go to the rainforest and you will see something entirely different. Wherever you are has to do with whatever is possessing you.

I desire, with all my heart and soul to be a habitation of angels. Surely you have heard the term, “a habitation of demons”? Then... according to a basic law of existence, there must be habitations of angels. I wish to emulate The Sun so... that must mean The Angels of the Sun. Such career decisions can be made by anyone with The Determination to see them through. You become whatever it is that attracts you most. It seems that this is something of Critical Concern to which serious attention should be given. It is not available at the mall. Amazon does not carry it, much less deliver it. You already have it.

The doing is the key. It is all about Walking the Talk. It is not something for public display. We already have crowds of every kind pretending to do this. I suppose pretending is easier than The Real. Having looked into this, I can say that pretending is far more costly and arduous overall, when The Real is merely Difficulty at the Beginning.

I am writing about this because it IS going to get more distressing in certain locations. Think of it as being like a visit to a zoo. The animals are in cages. Of course, you could climb into the cages and people do. Not everyone's animals are caged but EVERYTHING and everyone is caged before God unless one finally attains to Jivanmukti. Everything else is a conveyor belt of time where people are in different stages of bondage. Some are more confining than others. It depends on what is possessing you.

All appetites and hungers (are these two different things?), ESPECIALLY common appetites and hungers, have a particular archetype that controls it or has no control whatsoever of it; be it angel or demon. People suffer accordingly; depending on how much sway the hunger has in their lives they could become Hungry Ghosts. There are plenty of those around, and especially NOW. On the invisible plane are legions of hungry ghosts who are homeless and looking for a vehicle they can experience their hunger in. You are that vehicle, depending on what is possessing you.

You are surrounded by invisible entities at all times and they are of the same quality as your hungers and appetites. Raise your hunger and you will have different companions. Turn down the flame. Cut back on senseless cravings. Learn to be at peace with yourself by ceasing to be at war with yourself, as The World already is.

If you are living your life for your appetites and hungers, they will determine your fate. If you are permitting the master of all hungers to be resident in you... AND UNHINDERED, that will determine your fate. It really all comes down to who or what is possessing you. You can court possession. We do this anyway far more than we know. All True Masters are THE SAME MASTER. I should add that God routinely shows up here as someone for the purpose of demonstration. He says that whenever something is being done in an exceptional fashion, he is present and he is responsible. Paul said that he became like all men, as they saw themselves, to win them to Christ.

As long as there are sheep, there will be wolves, and guard dogs and shepherds, for as long as this drama plays out. The main drama we have been experiencing across this passing age is now being re-written for the coming age. The Archetypes are being reconstituted. I imagine that some of the changes coming will be catastrophic and some serendipitous. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, July 07, 2021

"This Pathetic Wilderness of Human Ignorance is a Chosen Vale of Enterprise for Some."

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A reader wanted to know more about The Soul and The Spirit, as pertains to statements made in a recent posting, where I mentioned that The Heart is the Tool of the Soul and The Mind is the Tool of the Spirit. There! Now you have context. Anyway, I do not know how competent I am to comment on this subject. I can only say that this is the view from here. Think of The Soul as being like a very fine, luminous, glass-like figurine, whose unique, snowflake-like identity, is represented by the vibratory signature that holds it together. The Spirit is the spark of God himself and is what animates every living thing. This should be seen in the context of... nothing dies but everything changes. Well... not everything, only that which is on the more material levels, which are ALWAYS being informed by Spirit (anyway) as it draws all life to it, in anticipation of the Grand Reunion that occurs every so many billions of years.

When one migrates from life to life, it is the soul that is the conveyance. This is called transmigration, or reincarnation, or metempsychosis. DEPENDING on WHAT you have accomplished in any life, what you have made a part of you goes with you. Everything else... like your material wealth, your name, and place at the table stays behind. This is an intricate subject and I hesitate to go further into it because of the great possibility of getting lost in it. Much of it is Subjective anyway. It's always more important what is happening to you than to someone else. HOWEVER... it is ALL connected, so... tell yourself what you like, it changes nothing, but... it will be changed.

There is a certain thing that happens when selfishness takes over a person's nature, as it is VERY prone to do in Times of Material Darkness. It is certainly the time to have the light of God guiding your way, but the light of God does not shine for the guidance of the selfish. It is the personality, which shines in the pursuit of its objectives.

God is Light and... if you do not have God in your life, if you have shut God out or fled into personal darkness, what light will shine for you? I've seen where it is called “Outer Darkness”. Interesting...

The new age hucksters are responsible for all sorts of maladies that pop up in different forms elsewhere, like “living your own truth” and “we are all gods”, which WE ARE NOT! We are all God's in the making but that could be a million years from now or more. It depends on how quickly you cut loose all of what you are holding on to and reaching out after, that is nothing more than magnetized dust. Usually, that doesn't take place with any speed in Time of Material Darkness. The Personality, which is the marketplace of the New Age, will NEVER be God. It can play God. It can play dress-up and let's pretend but it will NEVER actually be God. It's a monkey sitting on a rock that it calls a throne. He's got a robe on and a club in his hand for a scepter. That makes him God (grin).

You can pretend to be something or you can become The Genuine Article. In the becoming, you find it is more about scraping away the crap that covers The Genuine Article. Illumination comes from WITHIN. It is not something conferred on you by a Pope or at a synod. You have to be lit from within. ALL of the outer trappings of power and wealth are nothing but a weight to bear you down. 'Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown', as The Bard would say.

People think certain things are worth having. Hey! Everyone is chasing after them and there are only so many spots! NOTHING in The World is worth having, compared to the lightness of The Soul in the one who walks away from it. You won't draw a crowd. They are busy with that other stuff. Now... if you were to do magic or the old soft-shoe, you might could draw a crowd. No one knows where he goes, who listens deeply.

I am telling you a Literal Truth; there are other kingdoms of residence and portals leading there from this one. The way is concealed and can be revealed to The Pure of Heart, which is why you are advised to become as a little child. The little child thing is really about the capacity to be led with Trust; taking your Father's Hand to walk across the street. Angels... unseen... are all around you, should you reside in your heart and mind in places that angels frequent. There are other places where another form of angel comes and goes. You can tell what anything is like from the atmosphere or the aura that it generates. People are warned off from certain activities all the time but do not listen.

The Soul is something that speaks within but whose voice is concealed by the noise of The World. You have to STILL those voices and that is what Meditation and Prayer are all about. You have to FIND the Quietude of The Soul. There is a peace in The Soul and it is a profound peace. It has seen the lifetimes come and go. It knows a great deal that you would desire to know. You CAN access it. You simply give it more attention than anything else, AND... you must be Patient. This means you must be Determined, and the ONLY thing that would keep you determined would be The Certitude of your objective. The Soul is a very reservoir of Faith. It all ties together.

My friends... the wonders that wait are beyond describing. This pathetic wilderness of human ignorance is a chosen vale of enterprise for some. Some go there to shear the sheep, and some to sell the flesh and skin. There are all sorts of ancillary doomed sheep markets. Then there is the larger portion of the sheared and butchered. Occasionally someone comes through and does an about-face, going back the way they came. That is what we should be concerned with; The Way Back. The Way Back is the Way Within. Love burns away Sin. This is a good thing to know. It means there is something you can do about it. You can also go to The Reservoir of Love, which... like the waters of the spirit are Freely Given. It's something to think about.

Of course, it's not entirely Freely Given. You are responsible for what is done with The Love you take. What is it that The Beatles said? ♫ and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make ♫ They were NOT talking about physical sex. Certain artists of almost every persuasion, if they are inspired, have the presence of angelic muses to guide their creative process. The angels ARE NOT obliged to stay around if the artist departs from the finer motivations. One could say that there was a vast distance between the art of Michelangelo and Andy Warhol. The Beatles, AND OTHERS, have been visited by angels, but the angels have departed. George Harrison managed to keep his angelic influences for a longer period.

The WHOLE of this visible world is controlled by The Invisible, and it is demarcated into carnal and spiritual zones, moving from the finer to the finer and the coarser to the more coarse. Both are there if you want them. If you want to tell your future, look at what you get up to. What you are experiencing now is the fallout (good or bad) from the waves you made getting there. How you are handling that determines the next round of handball.

The Spirit lives in The Soul. You might think of The Soul as a habitation and the spirit as the resident. All our light is borrowed light from the source of light. On higher planes, are The Causal Plane, and The Buddhi Plane. The Causal Plane is the plane of The Mind. Why do they call that plane, Causal? Perhaps it causes everything... heh heh. The Buddhic plane is the province of The Soul and the higher heart which generates the ♫ higher love. Bring me a higher love ♫ The Buddhic Plane (and this is just my take) is a plane of influence and guidance. It is meant to guide the Causal Plane in the nature of its constructions. The whole of it takes TEAMWORK. This is why I pray for a Harmony with all Life and a resonance with Heaven.

Yes... this sort of thing possesses my thoughts all through my days. When I am asked for an account of myself, this is what I will tell them, and that I tried to employ it the best I could manage, under the guidance of Heaven, which will guide anyone who sincerely asks for it. It doesn't have to be all that complicated. It is NOT all that complicated from the perspective of your own best interests. Do the right thing. BUT... but Mr. Visible, what is the right thing? Surely you have a conscience. Does your conscience not tell you when you are going wrong (but you just can't help yourself)?

Every moment is the critical moment of NOW, and everything that ever happens will happen NOW. You are presently (one would hope) in that very moment because there is no other. The Past is the echo of the moment's passage and The Future is the materializing of the NOW as it precipitates into being. What does Being and Non-Being mean? Why... it depends on what you are being and not being. Forget about all that academic garbage arrayed around this subject. Those are all the words arranged by those who did not know what they were talking about. It is something you EXPERIENCE, not something you talk about, unless you can't help yourself, which seems more and more the case as The Web tightens.

For me... the key is to create a harmonic resonance in yourself with your higher nature and let that bring the whole of you into focus as you are pulled up by your own bootstraps (grin) into a finer plane of residence. Take Nike's advice, at least in this SPECIFIC instance. God be with you.

End Transmission.......

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