Thursday, July 15, 2021

"Love, PROPERLY EMPLOYED, is an Absolute Defense Against Them. It is Their Kryptonite."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

A song I consider well written and produced is “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”;

NOT because of the salacious nature of the subject but for how it resolves. The singer is dying to get somewhere and then he does and the last lines of the song (keeping in mind he had already said, “I will love you till the end of time.”) are...

“And now I'm waiting for the End of Time
To hurry up and arrive
Because if I have to spend another minute with you
I don't think I can really survive...
...I'm praying for the End of Time...
So that I can end my time with you”

That's more or less how it goes... and, I might add, more or less how it goes.

Even when I was quite young I knew certain situations were binding. Living through them did not convince me otherwise. Once I had my Kundalini Experience, casual encounters were just that, and other encounters were something like gilding the lily. Nothing external held any lasting appeal, BUT... I HAD TO live through it all for the Purpose of Demonstration and I think the purpose was demonstrated on me, and for me, in a way similar to when Cool Hand Luke FINALLY... REALLY pissed off the superintendent and was forced to dig a deep hole, and then was smacked around for doing so, and had to fill the hole in again, only to get smacked around, and forced to dig the hole again... and so it went until they broke him.

The point was made effectively on Luke, with lasting impact. It still didn't take in the end. It did with me. I am QUITE CERTAIN, and... ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED, beyond any shadow of doubt or argument that THINGS ARE NOT WHAT THEY SEEM and most things ARE NOT worth having. “Shakin it here, Boss.”

There is no Paradise by the Dashboard Light. There is only smoke and mirrors, and a relentless soundtrack. What you think is there, is not even there, and you can't see what is, otherwise... certain vested interests wouldn't make any money. It seems that all of our religious holidays now involve shopping trips. What are you actually celebrating?

When you think about the life of Christ, what little we know of it, and even most of that couched in allegory, they were simpler times; MUCH SIMPLER TIMES. He won't be coming to gather us together again so that he can send us out like spiritualized pollen. He will be separating us according to departure points.

Each time is different, has a different intent, and has a different result. I probably should include a disclaimer here; I do not, in fact, KNOW, but I suspect certain things and so far that is how it has been, with my suspicions being confirmed. Most of what I speak from is intuitive and I hear it at the same time it gets composed. That, of course, validates nothing, but it is how it is.

People run themselves ragged chasing Gold, in one shape or another, and they condemn themselves to the desert of the Sierra Madre. The ONLY gold worth having is Spiritual Gold and that is where the confusions exists, concerning alchemical intent. I suspect you can make gold, not only out of lead but out of everything, since everything is made from the same substance, and is only individualized by its vibration. HOWEVER... it's a mug's game; chasing gold is the same as chasing sorrow, and she's not hard to catch. Having gold can be an even bigger problem. No one can take your spiritual gold, only you can lose it, and only God can give it back. To BE ABLE to do and be certain things, you have to be able to function on the level where they occur.

What is Spiritual Gold? It is Higher Love. There is one bit of scripture upon which all of it depends. It is yours for the taking. It is, “you shall love the Lord God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and with all your mind.” This comes around to you loving God in everyone else as well. Loving God is the secret magic to all providence and serendipity. It's been said that “the fear of God is the BEGINNING of wisdom.” To me, it seems, the love of God is the fulfillment of Wisdom.

There are a few other sites where this work can be found. One of them draws quite a crowd. Some of them are very intelligent, and no doubt some of them are good people. There is a segment there, however, that is VERY angry, contemptuous, scoffing, know-it-all and they prove the last by seldom paying any real attention to what they are reading and objecting to. Otherwise, how could they be so woefully uninformed? I had a comment directed at me yesterday that announced how very limited in understanding I am because I worship the Christian God who is controlled by The Jews.

Hmm... the God I worship is not controlled by ANY terrestrial forces WHATSOEVER. I have also stated MANY TIMES that I am NOT a Christian. I am a follower of Christ AND OTHERS, but I belong to no religion because the REAL GOD is the only God upon which all the religions are founded. Anyway... I usually don't even read the comments but sometimes they come to my attention through WordPress and I have to deal with them. So, occasionally, I will travel through some number of all of the comments, not just the ones that have to do with me, and I am continuously surprised at how REALLY angry and reactive some of the readers are. We don't get anything like that here.

The reason I bring this up is that it is distressing to see anyone trapped in these ugly, bottom-feeding emotions; the ones that are like sucker-fish, lampreys, which vampirize the host body. I can understand the hatred they display for The Semitic Pretenders. I can also understand that this is not the best way to deal with them. They are here for a reason. They are part of the dynamic. For some reason, MANY people think the material world should be a stable place. It is in SOME PLACES. Even so, it changes. You can't hold back the tide or the river, even if you dam it.

I have suffered at the hands of this group on various occasions. That is not a reason for me to hate them. Hating them strengthens them. They have a contract with The Prince of Darkness; not all of them, but a significant number. This is largely due to their being materialistic opportunists, who have NO OTHER interests besides personal prosperity. Among them are a number who do evil for the sheer joy of it. Evil is not exclusive to them alone. It will take ANYONE it can get its hands on and use them for its purposes.

Love, PROPERLY EMPLOYED, is an absolute defense against them. It is also a weapon and they WILL NOT come around where it is present because it is Kryptonite to them. Once I got this, VISCERALLY, I have had no further problems.

Most people have no interest in The Avatar, or even know what that is. They are concerned with THEIR business... doity-doity-doity, they build their piles of rubbish and think them monuments to themselves. They are that... monuments. The Sun, The Wind, and The Rain will take care of them, and they give the pigeons a place to roost. Most who know the term, Avatar, have vague projections about what that is, but they miss the right perspective by a good distance (we ALL do), and they are definitely off about the scope of the powers and the force of impact. They are off by magnitudes in their measurements, and the human mind is like a frog in a well who dreams of the ocean.

The Avatar is the will of God, crystallized into manifestation. He comes to set the tone for the age, just as did Jesus Christ, and his will shapes it and his blood pays for the coming age. The blood of The Avatar is the currency of existence. There would soon be none were it not greasing the wheels behind the curtain of Maya.

Jesus Christ is still a mystery to just about everyone. To be Christed is to be illuminated, BUT... that is NOT the only road up the mountain. I am not on that road. Now... The Avatar is returning. The Avatar is always the same= God in Human Form, but the conditions and the shape to be taken by existence through the coming age IS NOT THE SAME. Jesus Christ worked through the aegis of the Pisces-Virgo axis. This Avatar will be working through the Aquarius-Leo axis. It will not be the same. This age coming is The Age of Brotherhood. Some good number of us, HOPEFULLY, will discover who it is that is resident within, and that IMMEDIATELY ignites Brotherhood around them.

The Avatar is coming in The Human Heart where a place has been PREPARED for him, and those hearts will be satellite outposts from which The Avatar will radiate in a lesser luminosity than will The Avatar himself. Still... this will create force fields. which all resonate with the central command. These satellites will be like routers, like hotspots, and the same way we communicate on the internet will be taking place within.

Many will not be open to Brotherhood. They will be harvested and sent to the place appropriate to them. Many will not be open to dramatic change but they WILL BE changed nonetheless. It is far less painful to cooperate in the changes than it is to resist them. “Resistance is futile.” The Light is coming, my friends. It is already breaking upon the collective mind. The reactions to it are widely divergent, due to flawed understanding, and will come to different results.

Open your mind and open your heart. Prepare a place where your true being can be recognized. This does not mean living your own truth. There is no such thing. The brainwashing that is going on at present is astounding. What is more astounding is how transparent it is, yet it is still effective. It's easy picking in Times of Material Darkness when people go blind of their own volition.

End Transmission.......

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Visible said...

One of the readers asked me about Dylan's comment that he had made a deal with the devil. I can't find the comment now so I will answer it here, Yes, I have come across that several times, and seen it said about others and it may be true and it may not. I DON'T KNOW. What I do know about Bob Dylan is that he OFTEN says things for EFFECT. He's a bit of a prankster in that area. I am NOT saying this is what he was doing. I DON'T KNOW. I am saying that this is as likely as the other.

I haven't listened to Dylan in decades. I stopped going by that well after "Blood on the Tracks." I think that was in the mid-70s. I don't know what he's been up to since. I do know that he tours constantly and often in small towns. He came to a small town near me while I was in Germany. I didn't attend but I noted it. What others get up to is none of my affair, except that I learn from it by proxy.

He remains the greatest songwriter of that century. I've heard so many tales about people. I've even witnessed celebrities behaving badly. You'd be surprised at what some people get up to. You won't hear about it from me.

I'm grateful to Bob Dylan. He inspired me for a long time. My sources of inspiration are now much more Heaven-centric. It took me a long time to get my horses under control. That's not the important part, getting them under control is the important part, not how long it took you.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Unconditional agape love. I find it hard to find for Soros, Bezos, Gates, (List goes on.) varying relatives and foes of my past; but hey! I do admit I learnt something from some of them; like what not to do in order to make my life easier in so many respects.

Ray B. said...

Vis, this column was 'Spiritual Gold'. Thanks! Thoughts brought-up by this column:

Vis: "It seems that all of our religious holidays now involve shopping trips. What are you actually celebrating?"

There has been an intense effort to dilute any 'sense of God' in all religious matters. At the best, one is expected to stay in the head (intellectual) about God, rather than striving for visceral contact (whatever that may mean for you, personally). If you look back in early church records, miracles abounded. If you look at society today, miracles either don't exist or are explained-away as coincidence, mental illness, or such. Guess who 'wins' if mankind is convinced that they are only meat-bags?
Vis: "Hating them strengthens them."

Yes, that is the underlying intent (by our higher, invisible Handlers). One gets back to the ancient archetypes: One 'side' is on the Pleasure aspect - Love, Joy, etc., fall on that wing. One 'side' is on the Pain aspect - Anger, Fear, Sadness, etc., fall on that wing. Alas, both 'sides' are part of all-God; we cannot avoid them entirely. However, we can choose which 'side' we will emphasize (empath-ize?) in our relations with others...

Vis: "...this will create force fields. which all resonate with the central command."

One of my favorite 'mythical' tales which I read was of a monk (in this case Buddhist) who was charged by a tiger. By the time the tiger reached the monk, the tiger was in 'bliss' mode, and ended-up rubbing against the monk. Now, that is quite a 'force field'! I am presuming that the source of that force field is the monk getting out of his own human-limitations enough to become more of a 'pure conduit' for all-God - probably on the Pleasure aspect noted above. I have a sense that this is how the old, original Saints & Sages operated: Getting out of the way enough for our Higher Natures to come through...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Thomas said...


robert said...

Visible One,

Had to comment on your transmission:

They are off by magnitudes in their measurements, and the human mind is like a frog in a well who dreams of the ocean

Some frogs sit in shit and dream of things to accrue
Some frogs shit in paradise and stroke themselves for their contribution
Other frogs pray to be made capable of jumping out of the well into the sea of tranquility

It is far less painful to cooperate in the changes than it is to resist them

We humans are hooked by dramatic tail spins
We like the contrast to be high so that we can tell where is our next step out of quicksand
We know at core that we are not in time for anything

We are more or less here for nothing more than to find our present and make it grow.

Growing life or killing time for sport
Moving toward the center or flying off the handle
Giving up or taking down
Loving the One life or hating our owned life

The way we go from drama to drama, telling ourselves stories along our blind journey, provides sustenance for consumers of human life.
When we graduate from the schol of dramatic arts we have a degree of wisdom to wield like a peace balm.
When we free ourselves from personal hells of pretentious wells of self-pity we can convey our spirit to all the frogs around us, as you say:

These satellites will be like routers, like hotspots, and the same way we communicate on the internet will be taking place within

Shall we transmit our pain to our fellow travelers?
Can we be joy miners from the caverns of our souls?
Whose will will we find in the center of the place setting?

Will we follow our heart's command or the phantoms of our mind?

These are the questions we answer with positive affirmation.
The alternative is negative consequences, all the way down to something else.

The pain of waking up from a delusive collective dream drives us back together
We drop the personal baggage the free our arms to embrace our brothers our sisters and our confused.

What else is worth our time to the end of time?

The One coming is us united again
Nothing more in the way of homecoming

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"They are Circus Animals. They are Prostie's on The Strut and There to Entice The Rut."

Amazing Albatross said...

well that makes sense. good thing we have all that good ol' capitalism. #winning #lifeisperfect

also no it's not.



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