Tuesday, February 28, 2023

"Evil in All its Forms is The Raw Materials Transformed by Heaven to Create The Material Beauty Made by Light Magic."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The World that we imagine we are passing through is not The World we are actually passing through. I have often used an image of The Dial to explain distinct separations of consciousness; levels of consciousness that are separated from each other. Though there are more than two states of consciousness, there are two main states of consciousness. One is resident in The Carnal Realm... or in The Spiritual Realm, of... The... Mind.

In Times of Material Darkness, the larger portion of Humanity is resident in The Carnal Realm. That is how it is at the moment. This is why the masses are so confused and easy to manipulate by the predator class among us. Everything is about material appetite and material desire; television commercials... electronic billboards... Sexualized children... ads everywhere on The Internet where a great many people are living the majority of their life. They are eating garbage with their minds. Their feelings are in arrested development, and their food is also garbage and unblessed.

If The Internet goes down there will be mass suicide.

Porn is the Top Gun entertainment area and people are rendering themselves impotent at a very young age. It is a new world of Simps and Incels. Class and Color War is ramping up. The most brutish of us are elevated above the rest, and God help anyone who objects. Standards have been lowered to where no one can learn anything anymore, nor do they have to. This ubiquitous stupidity has lowered our resistance to enslavement, and it is coming like a tidal wave.

These people are killing themselves and it appears they wouldn't have it any other way.

Among us are Rakshasa dynasties where demonic possession is a routine condition. Then there are those aspiring to higher ground. There is no actual wrong in people living a carnal existence if that is as far as they can see. They receive the fruits AND the suffering of it. There are those who continue for many generations as prosperous materialists because they know about certain laws concerning the dynamics of exchange and the need to be giving... if you have any intention of continuing in your prosperity.

They inherit The Earth and this is all they seek. Yet they conduct themselves within the necessary parameters. All Materialists are not evil or vile creatures. This is just how they are. One should seek after the means of their own salvation and not... trouble... others... who... are... not... willing.

These families... spiritual and material... these two groupings, which represent stages of conscious being... have been coming and going for millennia. It is not our job to judge the one if we are of the other. People come here for different reasons. Some find that carnal existence is just what they are looking for so they come back again and again to experience variations on the theme. It is worth The Suffering attendant... apparently.

The alleged evil in all its forms of manifestation is the raw materials transformed by heaven to create the material beauty made by the magic of Light.

Others have risen to a higher understanding. The bottom Chakra represents Love and Life in all its physical forms of expression. The top chakra, The Sahasrara, represents the seat of Divine Love and Sacrifice. These are two expressions of a single force and you get what you love... at the level that you love, and... over time... you turn into it. From the moment that your feet are set firmly upon the path, you determine the speed of transformation by the degree of passion you bring to the industry. Your Karma determines your capacity... however... Grace is ALWAYS possible.

As above so below by The Grace of The Everlasting. This message has been Out There from the beginning and humans... exceptional humans that built up a head of steam over a progression of lifetimes have discovered it and gone all the way to Brahmaloka or any one of the heavens that best depict the most precise location for the form of devotion they engage in.

Some are not content with Heaven while others suffer so. These are the ones who come again and again to help in some way. Not all realized beings are sages or sitting masters... saints and liberated yogis. There is a brotherhood of souls who move relatively unseen through the masses... assisting as they go. There will be more seen of them in this coming age; The Age of Brotherhood.

In the last age... Sacrifice was the highest form of love. In this age, Brotherhood will be the most visible expression of love. It will be the age of Brotherhood with different agendas and objectives.

A massive shift in consciousness is coming... or else... civilization will fall into ruin. I suspect both events to occur in the locations where they apply. I do not know which of these will come first; will there be a cataclysmic event occurring in nature or... will the dark side of human nature cause an event?

Once again... it is likely to be both. What I do know is that the incomparable and incomprehensible Almighty God has a hierarchy of advanced souls who shepherd the human race. It is through this hierarchy that the will of God finds expression.

If you have taken the trouble to acquaint yourself with God's messages and his agents on this planet, you are already being guided to a higher outcome, even if that does mean your passing on. Passing on should not be a concern. It is what you pass on to that is important.

God is very careful with the fate of those who love him/her/it. No matter how many times I explain that God appears to each of us through the format in which we envision God, there are always those who want to know why I am not accommodating to their way... the way they know to be the right way. BZZT! Wrong answer!

Krishna says in The Gita, “in whatever way they approach me, I accept them. All roads, Arjuna... lead to me.” I have never understood why people spend so much time arguing about the components of deity, instead of simply seeking... in all humility... God as he/she/it appears to their understanding and serving God in selfless industry and devotion.

I worship... serve, and adore God as Father and Divine Mother. In the daytime, I worship him at the altar of The Sun. At night I contemplate and adore God as The Divine Mother. At all times of the day, I note and know that God is beyond either of these definers. These are mere vehicles in which God personalizes itself. The Avatar comes as Love and Wisdom incarnate to demonstrate Truth to a wayward and disobedient world.

Angels are without sex definers, BUT... they can present as either sex. All this nasty confusion among the young at this time is only a temporary phase. It will lead into something wonderful in times to come. So... as I learn... more and more about The Real in my passage out of The Unreal... I am more inclined to a greater sense of tolerance. Tolerance... however... is not acceptance.

Those who hear the call of The Everlasting Gospel, rise to a higher order of being, and those who refuse and reject the call, put themselves upon the road of suffering, turning in The Wheel of Fire, which they have chosen in defiance of Heaven's best efforts and intentions. You ALWAYS fail to please yourself when your intention is to please yourself. Relentless disappointment makes people mean. They just don't know any better, and you must take care in bringing it to their attention because they can and will turn on you.

Yes... The World has gone severely out of balance. This happens in Times of Material Darkness. Balance must, AND WILL be restored; to the joy of some, and the dismay and discomfort of others. The malicious and intentional perversion of the sexual function is a sure and certain sign of trouble coming soon.

By this... I mean that there are among us those who INTENTIONALLY do evil, and who delight in harming others. They are not my concern. God has specialized entities who... sooner or later... impress Heaven's will upon them.

I know that I have been repeating myself, again and again, in this particular forum for more than twenty years. Long before that, it was still certain and true that there was time still to get right with Heaven. I say this again today, more than twenty years later, there is still time to get right with Heaven. I do not know how much longer the grace period lasts. God's patience and restraint are remarkable, BUT... sooner or later, God has had enough.

Let me point out AGAIN that The Avatar comes to reward AND to punish. “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.” It is what it is. You can try to get around it, and many do, BUT... you will not get around it.

Regardless... there are those who seek out the hogwallers... and those who aspire to the heights. To each is given that which they seek after.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, February 23, 2023

"The Chiaroscuro Calliope, where The Shades of Gray Spin... The Up and Down Puppets Between The Night and The Day."

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If you could see backwards over the immense span of time, and the civilizations that are forever rising and falling; the times of merciless barbarism, and shining cities with magical light, you would pay little mind to the collapse you see all around you. What goes up, must come down... somewhere? I always think that 'somewhere' should be the end of that statement.

Religions have had good moments and bad. Basically... religions are the keeper of traditions. They are the people who tell you; “you can't do this, and you can't do that,” cause so-and-so says so. Usually... there are areas of white and black... (is that racist?) narrow strips of the presence of all colors and no colors... sandwiching a wide reach of shades of gray. I call it the chiaroscuro calliope, where the shades of gray... spin the puppets going up and down between night and day.

Religions have been consistent fomenters of war. This is because they are maintained by men, once God has moved on. God shows up and does a little dance. A dance that gets bigger and bigger over the passage of time... through the add-ons; like aps for an operating system. Operating systems are the new altars for the worship of tech; the God of Deus Ex Machina.

A decade or more past, I heard that Apple had 250,000 apps. Now they have over two million. This is the sort of thing that happened to Christianity and Islam. Christianity is strangling in red tape, and Islam keeps birthing more and more violent sects... based off of Sharia Law. Somehow... the proportion of young boys buggered by sexually repressed fanatics keeps increasing. This is what bankrupt traditions result in. When The Spirit has gone missing, you get Sharia Law and you get Canonical Law.

Dry tedious volumes... that lead to chronic Thomas Aquinas Syndrome. This is what religions become over the course of time. Some strange toxins burble up from the deep wells of hypocrisy. Formerly normal individuals... get poisoned by the vapors... that cause them to wander off into the mists of confusion that blanket The Land of Spiritual Entropy which... is the final resting place of religions.

Religion is the worship of dead things by the deeply asleep. The stifling atmosphere of the churches puts the parishioners to sleep... while ♫ faith of our fathers ♫ rocks them in the cradle of mind-numbing nonsense with The Owl and The Pussycat.

COME OUT OF THE TOMB... LAZARUS!!! Step away from the self-inflicted coffins of mortality. Have you not heard? God is a living presence! God is of the living... not of the dead.

Nature is the cathedral of The Living God... and The Sun is the altar. The choir sings sweetly upon The Wind, and Nature shapes herself in a beautiful adoration of The Everlasting. Nature unassisted... always fails. It is the inspiration of God within the human soul that brings meaning to life. Absent the inspiration of God, you have a dry... dusty... sarcophagus. When Humanity is inspired by God... balance is restored. A harmony exists between the seen and the unseen.

Materialism... which is the official religion of The Carnal Mind... inspires a sociopathic selfishness in those afflicted by material-nature. When selfishness prevails... alienation follows and you get nihilistic, philosophers like Sartre and pederasts like Foucault.

Whenever a culture is in decline you get widespread sexual perversity. You get rampant suicide. You get brother against brother and the cities in flames. Babylon Rising is on a loop that precedes the fall of Babylon. It's a kind of poisonous ribbon candy to celebrate The Death of Christmas... swallowed whole by Mammon.

You need only 2 things... that combine to reveal a 3rd thing... for a successful counterpart to the coffin-bound glitter suits of the cash-register religions created by priests; Love and Wisdom... which... in combination... reveal Truth. Truth is the offspring of Love and Wisdom, and Wisdom becomes Divine Luminous Wisdom when the light of Truth is the radiance thereof.

As we like to say now and again, when the truth takes off her clothes, The World disappears. From The Carnal Perspective, what you see is what you get. (even when you don't get it) From The Spiritual Perspective, what you see is not all there is. Everything you do see... comes from what you cannot see... unless you have awakened eyes; a focus on Purity will lead to clairvoyance.

It is said that God is Love. God... in expression... is Love. The apprehension of God is... Wisdom. Love is warmth. Wisdom is light. Truth is the source of the light in Wisdom and the warmth in Love. The light of Truth... which is too bright to see is the source of the Wisdom by whose light we see. The Sun is the visible manifestation of The Sun too bright to see, and which to our mortal eyes... appears to be darkness.

This is all just word gibberish... making words dance to the music of thought, but it is the thought that is the power. It is by the power of thought that God created the universe. The Universe is thought-born. You have a minute portion of the same, which can... be... increased... by... concentration, and... brought to an astonishing efficacy by letting it pass through you.

Life... in essence... is remarkably simple. The Mind complicates it because of The Separated Mind that exists in opposition to Unity. In Unity... love finds unbridled expression. With Unity... you are divided against no one. You are in harmony with all life. By opposing no one, no one is motivated to oppose you.

Personal Karma is a recognition system that attracts what is resonant to it. Your life is composed of what you have attracted into it... by predispositions manifested by Personal Karma. This accounts for where you were born, and into what conditions and circumstances; the parents your karma chose. The sex your karma chose. The color your karma chose. The language and traditions your karma chose. The diseases and discomforts your karma chose. The pains and pleasures your karma chose. The personality your karma chose and... the death your karma chose.

For the faithless. They are locked up tight. They are on rails that move from station to station where moments of epiphany wait. Will you register the epiphany or pass it by? The rails are also on a loop. Now we see some small portion of the incredible mercy of God, who can lift all your burdens and assume your personal karma, as... soon... as... you... embrace... The... Impersonal.

The nature of The Christ is... impersonal. The love of God is... impersonal. The Impersonal swallows up The Personal; oh death... where is your sting? You must die to The Personal to find life everlasting.

To understand the nature of God, it helps to understand the nature of angels. Angels... like demons... are single-minded. Angels are personalized expressions of the attributes of God. There is no difference between God and his angels except that they are a step-down transformer of his power particularized.

No demon of appetite or desire can have any influence upon you if you do not share that appetite or desire. When you have woven all of your desires into the single desire for union with God, no demon will approach you because angels will be all about you. The desire for union with God is catnip for angels.

Emissaries and agents of God... ceaselessly circle The Earth in search of those seeking union with God. Those who are not seeking union with God are engaged in their own pursuits, and personal karma determines the outcome of the moments in their life.

If you are not seeking God you are on a walkabout through The World, in search of whatever your personal karma is attracted to. Eventual disappointment is the... guaranteed... result... in every case. Ah... the restless spirit of Humanity; the focus of poetry and song. The source of every drama experienced... upon a loop of endless return into the animation of dust.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, February 20, 2023

"Indulging Selfish Appetites and Whims because You are in Fat City, WILL Bring Attila to The Gates of Your Town."

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The Asbury Revival is spreading like a spiritual virus from college to college. In recent times... universities have been inoculating students with Lemming and Lockstep Vaccines. They seem to be working about as well as The Killer Vaccines in terms of promises made. Many are being led astray by those who don't know where they are going themselves.

You CAN'T keep the human spirit down. The most primal human urge after survival and sex is... Freedom! And that freedom (for some of us) implies freedom from the fear for survival and the hunger for sex. Sex becomes a twisted obsession in Times of Material Darkness.

I do not know if this Asbury Revival is orchestrated. Most events of any kind seem to be... in these times. Then again... it could be genuine. What I know about such movements is that certain vested mentalities try to get control over them early on... then they can manipulate them at will.

What I also know is that real spirituality finds a way past them. It sweeps through The Collective Mind like a fever. The Temporal World can't put it down, though they do... indeed... try. Eventually... the form of it... over the course of many years of editing... gets absorbed into the whole control mechanism where everything has to be state-sanctioned, and then... The Avatar must come again. Obviously... he's getting closer.

You can see this in the initial crazy times we are passing through. A reaction to the imbalance is as predictable as it is inevitable. Is this revival a prelude to other things? Everything... is a prelude... to other things.

These movements get initiated and then directed to certain mercantile ends all... the.. time. What I can say is that the tide is now turning. The absurd have crossed one bridge too far, and... they can't go back... because they burned all the bridges behind them. This is the situation that The WEF... George Soros... Bill Gates and many others... all find themselves in now. Will they make it in time? Will they be too late? They will... most certainly... be too late.

It's not going to go the way The World-Reavers hope... insist... and intend for it to go. Due to all of the distractions, I can see why many people are unaware of what is really happening. Carnal hungers are turning The World into a jungle. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you haven't been paying attention.

You might think that you don't have to pay attention... if you are far enough away from the action, but... then again... The Action is ubiquitous. The forces of Nature are everywhere, and they carry both life and death with them. One must always pay attention. If you are paying attention to God. God is paying attention to you. With anything else... you are at the mercy of whatever that condition intends... whether you know what it is... or not.

Ignorance does not change the rules of engagement.

Please... do not fool yourself into believing that there is any truth in appearances. Real Truth is palpable. It rings. It is constant... because it is eternal, and so is anything and anyone that associates with it. Truth is beyond definition or description. That leaves you with relative truth, and that remains truth until the conditions or polarities change. This is an uncertain world for the uncertain. Get Certitude!

It would be OUTSTANDING for a spiritual revival to come at this time. It is to be hoped it will continue, given the powerful temporal agencies that will do most anything to curtail... or derail it. IF... if... it is a real Heaven-driven event, NOTHING will stop it.

The Children of Their Father, The Devil... have taken over The World of Appearances, and are manipulating them down to the lowest common denominator of The Rutting Instinct. Then they are seeking to what extreme can they pervert it... pushing the envelope through the subconscious sewer lines to The Castle of Ultimate Darkness. This is VISIBLY apparent. It stands to reason that FINALLY... The Spirit of God will come upon the land. It happens over... and over... and over again.

I am always hopeful The Light will break upon The Hive Mind. Perhaps this is The First Domino. The level of depravity, especially among the programmed young is... unbelievable. Everywhere else in The Denser Zones is the freedom to act out, no matter how much the acting out might offend or threaten others.

The Generation of Vipers has arrived and is in residence; may God bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth... this moment. Comfort and convenience killed the children. Indulging selfish appetites and whims because you are in Fat City... WILL bring Attila to the gates of your town. When your offspring have become chronic sexual perverts... to what destiny are they bound? When they become slothful and indolent... what should their reward be?

When a nation departs from God, there is no good outcome. It is a painful road of return. I am not some Old Testament figure wailing in The Wilderness. I am an observer. I see what is, and it tells me what is to come. I look at what has been... patterns and trends repeat themselves in the tapestry of cycling events. To see what is coming... one has only to look at what has been. There is one road for the righteous, and many other roads for the unrighteous... depending on where they fell away, and what they fell into.

Two-thirds of America's population is to the east of The Mississippi. There are more states to the east of The Mississippi than there are west of the river, but the land mass to the west is much larger. If Kalifornia's population were added to the east, it leaves much fewer people on a much larger piece of land between the west coast and The Mississippi. BIG CHANGES IN TECHNOLOGY are coming that will render parts of The World into kinds of paradise... at least in a material sense.

A powerful shift in perspectives is coming soon. I do not know if the ravages of war will cause it... or some toxic or traumatic occurrence on Lady Nature or... from Lady Nature. I think one of the biggest factors is that a lot of people are getting heartsick over the obvious Possession of The World by runaway desire and appetite, and... a lot of people are getting angry about all kinds of things, some of them in defense of their appetites and desires.

Mind parasites are a real deal.

In times of chaos and confusion... as you can clearly see happening all around... it is best to seek the throne of The Self within. God being present in and aware of ALL life, is attentive to all sincere prayer and efforts to reach God... however it is that you perceive God. God can NEVER be perceived except through filters and step-down transformers.

Many believe that these presentations are God, and... in a sense that is true, BUT... God Ineffable is forever beyond the reach of The Mind. Regardless... God IS resident within you. You can communicate with God. You must be persistent. Most especially in times like these... God and his angels are attuned to The Human Condition. You might think of God's angels as being his senses... that touch and smell and taste existence through God's selected mediums of you and I. This is why you can have no greater wealth than invisible friends in high places. What you think, and say, and do... determines the quality of invisible friends you have.

Look at what people say and do and you can tell what kind of invisible friends they have.

If you are on the low end of The Dial, your invisible friends put you in bondage... possess you, and exercise appetites through you. If you are on the higher end of The Dial, your invisible friends teach and train you within the framework of a timeless system that... sets... you... free.

The Spirit of God is everywhere. It moves on The Wind, literally and metaphorically. It carries The Word of God's coming industries through humanity. The focused study of exterior... AND interior Nature will answer any question a person could have... and provide sanctuary of every sort when needed.

Everyone is listening to someone. So, many people are getting bad directions. I'm sheltering in place. (grin)

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

"You can See The Struggles that Evil Engages In. Before The Winds of Heaven Blow Them to Hell... and Gone."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We have... obviously... entered a new phase of deceit and deception; something with a more ominous tone than in the last phase. Now that healthy people are dropping dead all over the place from The Zion Death-Shot, a greater urgency for obfuscation has come over the land, courtesy of The Retard Junta. It's a take on the old, 'gang that couldn't shoot straight' theme. Now it's the gang that couldn't think straight. Possibly because many of them are not... straight.

When your moral compass freezes on Due South, your sexual nature degenerates. This is why most of The Dark Order of Satanic Intent are pederasts, and also why they are pushing for ever greater legitimization of the practices.

If you can get them early... before their sexuality is formed... you can twist them in any direction that pleases you, and then leave them twisting in the wind. This is why they are all out to make the little children suffer, rather than to, “suffer the little children.” It's also because the number of actual sexual deviants is quite small and they don't reproduce; do... the... math.

It wasn't the neon name tag of the law for Gay Marriage. It was all the codicils... addendums... small print and similar... that have led to the oppression of the majority, and the perversion of the child-mind. It was all the little legislations added on... that led to men with makeup playing on girls' sports teams... and doing the Nosferatu Polka through the changing rooms at the gyms.

Any SANE person... with any amount of integrity left... can see what is going on in The World. It is the exaltation of the mentally ill and sexually deranged. Anyone capable of focusing their attention, for even a little while, can see what is going on. Unfortunately, cowardice is the bastard offspring of comfort and convenience, and the loudest voice in the playpen.

Behind the scenes... where the buggery goes down, at every level of human interaction... visible and invisible... there schemes and dreams the cabal of the damned, who are both offenders of Nature, AND... promoters of depravity in every learning environment... round the water cooler... in the playgrounds of The World, and... in every case, they turn their baboon asses to the heavens.

There is no God, they say. You are meat for a time, and then you are gone... gone with the wind, Cynara. It is their justification for all that they do. Who is there that can stop or punish them? They are lords of the lands beneath the floorboards. It's an alternate reality of the wardrobe to Narnia.

Little do they understand that by declaring there is no God, they diminish themselves in ways beyond their knowing. Because God lives in us... demonstrates through us, and is glorified in our deeds; should that be the case.

None of what is happening. None of what you see around you. None of what you hear of at a distance. None of it is by accident. This is a period of trial and testing to see what you are made of... and where your loyalties lie. This is a set piece... in the rotation of events... toward a certain and sure end, that varies considerably on a case-by-case basis... depending on where your interests and intentions are taking you.

This happens on a regular schedule, BUT... since it happens so seldom... and because it happens differently each time... the ordinary... distracted mind of humanity... does not recognize it when it appears. They think it is some kind of anomaly. They hope it will pass. They “shelter in place.” They watch the news and the talking heads, who are nothing more than jabbering chimps, who... if they aren't squawking about something, are throwing shit at the people watching them.

They have every hair in place. They are real-life airbrushed. Their teeth gleam in a perfect setting. They talk nonsense, and they smile while they do it.

When the president and other leaders of a country are criminals. When they are a family of criminals. When the people who work for them want to be just like them. When the public is mesmerized like schools of fish... motionlessly transfixed before whatever the Hell it is; hard times are coming. The times will... relentlessly... grow harder, and harder as The Awakening presses upon them from the central nexus of The Cosmic Mind. Outer conditions will mirror their interior distress.

ONE... MORE... TIME; “when God wants you to wake up. He comes and gently shakes your shoulder. When you do not awaken, he shakes you considerably harder. If you still do not awaken, God picks up a two-by-four.”

GET THIS INTO YOUR HEAD!!! Everything... everything is under control. The falling sparrow... the trembling leaf. The wind that combs the leaves of grass. The endless ocean waves upon the measureless sands. Every particle of everything is under the control of Almighty God.

I would not insult Heaven with religion or give names to what I do not understand... and thereby imagine I gain command; thinking that I had gained control when I cannot even control my own body's automatic functioning. Religion is training wheels for those who have not gained the confidence of knowing who is riding with them.

Religion is for people who want their own version of God because the comprehension of God will ALWAYS be beyond their reach. They have to... they must... name and define and order creation in such a way as to diminish the sounds of The Howling Unknown. If they can rest in the familiar, perhaps it will be alright. Then Death comes.

Strive with all your might to make contact with The Indwelling. You WILL succeed. Let it otherwise be on my head if I deceive you about this. GOD... IS... REAL. God is a living, conscious force that is intimately aware of you, regardless of whether you are aware of God.

It is not an accident that drag queens are the new rock stars... that criminals can now act with impunity because evil flows downhill. It is no accident that we suffer under the tyranny of the minority, who continue to force ever-greater darkness on The Common Mind. They ridicule and make sport of humanity because... they can. That time is coming to an end... and it is coming to an unpleasant end for many, BUT... it is all an orchestrated dramedy, with good guys and bad guys for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Last year, Netflix filmed something called White Noise.

Done by one of The Usual Suspects, which features a train derailment... with a toxic spill in Ohio. In East Palestine, Ohio... and extras from East Palestine were used in the film. Are you getting this? Many of these things are staged. Their intention is to keep the public uneasy, AND in line. These pacification efforts are the precursor to martial law.

Life imitating bad art.

Oh yeah... though I haven't seen the film. The general consensus is that it is a piece of shit.

Yes... God is permitting this for The Purpose of Demonstration. These events are all part of The Awakening. If you are waking up, you can see the stumble-points placed in your path. Those who are still sleeping cannot. If you are waking up, you can see the struggles that Evil engages in, before The Winds of Heaven blow them to Hell and gone. What part do you play? What are your intentions? Quo vadis?

Think of a massive and incomprehensible machine that produces products in every direction. Imagine that it is programmed by a mind beyond your comprehension. It directs every individual life onto specific conveyor belts of shared destinies... in accord with the paths you are taking and making.

You write your own script, and then you are the judge of its quality through the experience of it, in... the... life.... that... follows. Some persist for countless lifetimes because of the attractions they can't get enough of... seemingly forever blind to the joys and blessings to be had elsewhere... and here as well, if... you... know... what... you... are... doing.

Someone is guiding you. If you learn to listen more carefully, you can hear it. Voices come from below and voices come from above, and all of them come from within as well. What draws you? Shall I go this way? You'll find out where that leads. Should I... instead... go that way? You'll find out where that leads. Better to get a clue earlier on. It will save you a great amount of suffering.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, February 10, 2023

"Trying to Make Sense of It is What is Confusing You. It is Why People Turn to Religion in The First Place."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There are varieties of personality that come and go here. From the most selfless altruists to the most black-hearted psychopath... there's a lot of range there. For instance, people like Bill Gates, George Soros, Victoria Nuland, the people who run Black Rock... Pfizer and Vanguard... and quite a few others are not the same as someone who is misguided... in denial... operating off of bad information. Bill and the rest of them, do Evil for the sheer joy of it. It makes them hard. It gets them off.

I tossed a few names in there. There are plenty more of whom there is no doubt about it. They know just how much harm they do and it thrills them. Yes... there are people like that. They're not like you and me. Trying to understand them is a foolish waste of time.

For some mysterious reason, God allows them to prosper for a time. I don't know yet where people come from in terms of their previous lifetimes or... what... specifically... awaits them when they leave. I'm not at that level of awareness yet. However... I do know that Justice is perfect, so I can assume a great deal, and be confident that... even if I don't see it, it gets done.

Wringing your hands about the unfortunate state of The World avails nothing. There must be a reason. There must be an answer. You just haven't found it yet.

What I can tell you is that... it appears... that EVERYTHING is permitted, within the boundaries of the locations it occurs in... for the period of time allotted for it. Everything is permitted and nothing is real. I think Hassan-i Sabbah said that. I believe this is likely true. You have to remember that existence spans billions upon billions upon billions of years. It goes on forever; if that gives you any kind of perspective, so... a lot can happen. Right?

Your trying to make sense of it is what is confusing you. It is why people turn to religion in the first place. At the level most people operate on, it doesn't make sense. You need to get a little higher up where there is a better view and it will make better sense to you. You get higher up by tossing the ballast out of your balloon rig. If you let go of The World, it will reveal itself to you.

I'm sure there is a great deal that I am missing, and a lot of them are things that don't concern or interest me. Here is what I have found on a personal level. First... Wake up! Stay in wake-up mode. Passionately seek God MORE than anything else that drives or attracts you. Hone your separate desires into a single objective. Find God, (you will), and then serve Heaven and Humanity with... all... your... might!

This may not work for everyone. It is what works for me. I can't think of any other form of avocation or employment that meets my needs... and the needs of existence... as well. I believe that service is the highest form of action and that NOTHING is more valuable than being Useful. To be useful is to be immortal.

Now you might ask, “visible, is this like a full-time thing with no time off to pursue distractions and entertainments of a personal kind?” The perks that come with selfless service are absolutely priceless and exceed in value any other object or circumstance. It's just how it works. Believe me... there is no labor... stress... or discomfort that attends this activity. Stress comes... labor and discomfort come... from not being one hundred percent committed. As soon as you are, these all go away.

As soon as the inner battle ends, the portal to Paradise opens. You become a citizen of Heaven in good standing. Your papers are in order. Your war of attrition is with yourself. Your suffering is all self-generated. You might insist this cannot be true, BUT... I must tell you, it cannot be otherwise because that is how it works. Should you come into contact with Ageless Wisdom, all of these questions will be resolved.

When you are in conflict with others... the source of that conflict... no matter how well hidden... is yourself; “What! I'm at fault if someone throws a rock into a crowd and it hits me?” At some time. At some point. You arranged for it. “What! So no matter what happens, it was meant to happen and nothing we do makes any difference?” I didn't say that. Everything makes a difference from every point onward in The Imaginary Dance of Time.

Reality is not the same... outside of the dreaming corridors of Maya... as it is inside of them. Inside of them... everything that seems important is not actually important, and that is the cause of the stress and suffering. None of it has any meaning, and... people... know... this... in their heart of hearts... every time the disappointments of life hit them. Is all this worth it? No. It is not.

The only thing worth having... besides Love, is to possess freedom from wanting... from craving.

Living in The World with the bursting enthusiasm of youth is like running through the desert at night; a desert filled with cacti of all kinds, high and low. It will tear you to shreds if you keep on coming. There are so many aspects of life that we do not know when we are young.

When you are young... you seldom have regrets... because you are on to the next thing... certain that it will work out in the next reel. How often have you seen and heard about that? It's a little like winning the lottery, especially in present times. There is a way that The Mind works at each stage. It hides and reveals different things. You need to know... that from right this moment... your life can dramatically change for the better.

Yes, you can still die from cancer... heart attack... car accident... someone might shoot you, but... it is likely you will die of something in any case. Is this not so? There are those rare birds who make immortal. It's always happening to some few someones somewhere, but it's rare. That is why they are called rare birds.

There's a thing that happens... when you make immortal, and that is... you drop out of sight. You drop out of mind. You can not go about in The World in that condition. If you do appear... here and there afterward... you are in disguise. There is a glamour upon you. It's part of the way the whole dynamic operates. You will make immortal someday, but you will still have to die to accomplish it. You must die to one world in order to enter the other.

Because of the mass of population here now, and the state of Materialism in these times... the degree of difficulty is great. The force and magnetism of bullshit are off... the... charts. Even those who are desperately seeking for an escape portal... find there are fewer and fewer places to go. The barbed wire... visible and invisible... seems to be everywhere.

The good news is that there isn't any way to get to where you are trying to go without permission anyway. The truly sacred places of The Earth are camouflaged by The Fellowship (Brotherhood) to hide them from The Profane. The only way to get to such places is to get there within you, and the rest of the process is automatic. A sacred place of The Earth will form around you, as an extension of your being... very much like The World that surrounds you now is an extension of your being.

Why are so many people here at this time? Heaven intends to make a statement. Heaven intends to address the material tower that will never reach or threaten Heaven. This is the same Lightning-Struck Tower of Babel. A new confusion of tongues is already in process. (grin)

Why do vampires not actually fear the cross? It is the force behind the cross that they fear. If you don't have that, you might want to think about your bonafides in waging a spiritual war. All those creatures of fantasy and legend do exist, BUT... they are camouflaged as well. Some of them are running countries or internationally famous. The Cross is an extension of a cube that represents The Material Plane. That is the cross that burdens each of us for so long as we carry it. It is your beast of burden.

It is bright and sparkly for a little while, but it progressively runs out of steam and vanishes. Then it is off to The Wardrobe Department to get another cross. I'm having to talk all around these things, and what you get from me are rough outlines. I am not a skilled painter. You have to flesh the rest of it out on your own.

From the moment that you have that change of heart, all the forces of good will come to your side. However... there is ALWAYS... Difficulty at The Beginning

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, February 07, 2023

"Focused Concentration Leads to a True Discrimination. The Ability to Hold and Direct Thought is a Real Talent."

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“Concentration is the secret of the magical art.” I think Eliphas Levi said that. Controlled manifestation is a process... seen thru from beginning to end. Manly Palmer Hall... I think it was him... said something like, (not verbatim) “there is nothing frivolous about Black Magic. Anyone who can burn a hole through 2 inches of ebony... with their mind... is to be taken seriously.”

You see... Concentration is cyclopean... neither Good nor Evil. Intention is the determinant of that. Both The Good Guys and The Bad Guys, at a certain level of proficiency, have degrees of power on the level they operate at. The Good Guys have more... when necessary, because The Impersonal reservoir of all force, though it loves without reserve or qualification... favors The Good. It would probably be better to use the words; righteous and unrighteous.

Patanjali has a whole book about this one thing... Concentration. It's called Patanjali's Aphorisms. (I prefer the Alice Bailey translation.) Sure... he brings up other issues, but all of them have to do with Concentration. He talks about stilling The Mindstuff. I call it The Reactive Mind. When you can still it entire... you can reflect The Image of God. It is the critical essential of Mastery in concert with Love.

Not everyone becomes a master. That's a specialized duty. Some become a Sage or a Poet-Philosopher-King. Some become magicians.. though... that is just a phase on The Journey. It depends on the perfection of the ray you travel on. I think I once mentioned that there are only 36 basic personalities in humanity. Well... these are all details and other disciplines may differ in terminology. That is not the important area for me; contending or relying on... details.

For me, it is all about making conscious contact with God. I've been on the road about this for some time. It went from non-existent... to many... many shades of intermittent... until it was always on tap. It was always there but I had not developed sufficient Concentration. I picked a road... sometimes I had to cut through the foliage. It wasn't so much like I had a map, but I knew what I was looking for... and you can't miss it... if you just keep on coming.

A fool who persists in his folly will be made wise. There are many ways to take that.

Like Krishna said to Arjuna, “in whatever way men approach me, I accept them. I am the end result of every search. All roads... Arjuna... lead to me.”

People argue about these things. Fundie, scripture-blasting Christians like to use The Bible as a club. God is not so sectarian as they are, but you can't argue with them, and you shouldn't argue with them. They are cinderblock heads. They have come around me for years like water off a duck's back. I found God. He wasn't lost. I was... So you could say he... found... me; but I was already looking for him, just in the wrong places. He was with me every step of the way... across the deserts... into and over the mountains... around the corner... in an ever tighter spiral until it disappears into The Self.

Someone was ragging on me about Hinduism and why am I always promoting it. Heh heh... I hardly mention it... certainly, Hindus are quoted far less often than Christ is here. Well... this person was only looking to wind me up. Islam is a far more aggressive cancel culture than Hinduism. So is Christianity.

I don't promote ANY of these. I promote Ageless Wisdom. Some parts of Ageless Wisdom are to be found in all of these traditions, BUT... when I seek to worship, I sit before The Sun and let it tune my inner sun.

That's the extent of everything I do... more or less. People can believe as they like. I have no desire to conflict with them. I know where it all leads... somewhere up the road... The Inner Sun dawns on The Mind. It is inevitable. For many... the light may be too bright and they will flee to Gollumville... North of The Sun and South of The Moon.

Still... still... over many a winding course... through darkness and intermittent light... illumination breaks upon The Soul. It is inevitable. In between times... many coarse destinies are outworking. It is the route of brutish nature that will not hear... to be made to listen. Every hardened heart WILL melt. Every intransigent mind WILL crumble.

Up comes the raging, separated will... goosestepping across the page of history, and as time passes... more and more relegated to a footnote in a book no one reads. The names of those who change The World are often unknown at the wider reach. They keep their heads down and search within. When they find that inner light... they travel from town to town... igniting that light in others. It is an act of transference.

Many do not need to travel the dusty roads of dangerous cities. They can reach the whole world from their living room. It is one mind ALWAYS... no matter how fragmented in appearance it may seem to be... in times of great change... it is one mind, and those who have accomplished the singular unity within them... can make that part of The World safe wherever they are.

The greatest problem for many... especially in Times of Material Darkness... is the narrow bandwidth of their physical sight. If they could only see the myriads of life forms that move about them and are invisible to their eyes... their lives would change.

We have all been places that did... not... feel... right. We have all been places that felt safe and secure. Both of these environments are populated by entities that make them what they are. I used to take LSD in graveyards at night, and in the day. It made for some outrageous company, and I remember rolling on the ground in laughter... while spending time with some erudite commentator on the comedy of life. The discorporate can be truly amusing. If people only knew what was possible.

One of the cardinal mischiefs of materialism is the fragmenting of human attention. People can no longer concentrate. Their attention flits from one amusement to the next. They no longer have any sense of who they are, given they had no idea to begin with. They become prisoners of appetite and slaves to desire. This is one of the main ways that Possession takes hold.

The forces of illusion and delusion become more and more sophisticated. People can no longer tell what is real and what is not.

As for The World you live in now... here in America... all this turmoil and upheaval is being manipulated through mediums of deceit. Fortunately... there is a far greater power that oversees the plots of evil men, and which always steers them to their destruction. It is unfortunate for those who are caught up in the tailwinds of these machinations. Collateral damage? There are no innocent bystanders.

Here is where The Mercy of God is so wonderful. Those who sincerely cry out for help... receive assistance. Humble yourself before The Throne.

Focused concentration leads to a true discrimination. The ability to hold and direct thought is a real and unappreciated talent, except by those who possess it. It is by such means that God created The World. It is a very different world, depending on the eyes that see it, and the meaning given. Awaken sleepers! Pray for The Kingdom of God on Earth.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, February 02, 2023

"We are Shaped by Our Aspirations thru The Hands of Angels Who are Inspired to that End. It's Best not to Resist Them."

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In former times... ancient times actually... there was one God for Love and War. There's a definite connection there; how about the face that launched a thousand ships? Well... there are too many examples to trouble my keyboard over. When talking about deity and deities, it's a slippery slope. Always you must contend with the contemporary state of religions and they can get mean in their dotage.

I said that I worship at the altar of The Sun. The Sun is the best I can get in terms of The Sensory Bandwidth. If you try to talk about what can't be seen... then it is a matter of opinion. In that case, the best you can do is to seek out someone who has met the ineffable. It's still 2nd hand, BUT... the likelihood... in that case... is... you will be advised to look within. Otherwise... you could wind up in some Penitentiary of The Mind. I'm talking about religion again.

The Sun puts out visible AND invisible rays. It warms the body and it feeds the soul. One of the major problems and obstacles in talking about The Sun... or God... is due to the level of awareness in whoever you are talking to. Putting it into print... it's always best to just tell the truth; though that is impossible, you can incline in the direction you last saw it moving in.

When I worship at the altar of The Sun, I am communing with that which resides in The Sun and... passes through The Sun. It's not The Sun itself that is the object of my worship. The Sun worships the same force as I do. The Sun is ALSO an expression of the same force that I am.

We can't see... with physical eyes... what it is that lies behind and empowers The Sun. That is why it is called The Black Sun because it is too bright to see. It would probably be a useful exercise to consider that there might be something behind The Black Sun too, and... behind that... and behind that... and behind that.

God is both everything at the widest reach in The Macrocosm and... also... the tiniest particle of himself within the... vehicle... of... your... soul. You can try to approach him/her outside yourself, and people believe that they can find it in someone they hope to meet, and you can see... right there... why the god of Love and War was the same at one time. However... the ONLY way that you can successfully meet God is to ping off of him within.

You know those radio waves that the scientific community sends out into space... looking for aliens? The pinging is like that. Most people don't ping at all OR... only now and then; most often when they encounter some difficulty or danger. They are part-time lovers, and God knows this. How you ping off of God is through Love, Prayer, and focused attention on God. The more insistently AND sincerely you ping, the more sure it is that God will hear you.

The angels of God hear you knocking on the door, which is another way to say... pinging. They hear it when it is desperate. They hear it when it is half-hearted. .. or ritually routine... like people banging their heads against the wall... weeping in public for the attention of The Crowd, like they are attending a funeral and dressed to impress The Dead. They hear it all. They don't listen to most of it, and they pass on ONLY what is sincere and loving.

The most important parts of The Ping are The Intention and The Medium of delivery. Here again... is yet another example that Love is The Universal language. Love is the skeleton key that opens every door. Love is the sword and the shield in times of trial. Love is THE most effective ping, and no ping lacking love even pings at all.

Why am I telling you these things? I speak to God through his step-down transformers and he speaks to me the same way. My pings are heard. What I would like... is for everyone with a sincere interest in pinging God... to be able to do so.

Now... of course... there will be some to say... “How is it, visible... that you who have been a colossal fuck-up on more than one occasion and yet... you are able to talk to God?” Good question. Well... part of The Rite of Passage is to have been a colossal fuck-up. God doesn't care for the namby-pamby risk-nothing crowd; “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” “Faint heart never won fair lady.” “Fortune favors The Brave.”

“Success is speedy for the energetic.” Kind of guy that I am, I put my whole heart into everything I do or I don't do it. This I learned some time ago. It did take a while for me to get it into my whole routine of life activities, BUT... I also approached that with my whole heart too. God is well aware of all of our failings, AND... he is intimately aware of whether we love him, AND... precisely how much. How much you love him is a length or two ahead of every other horse in the race for his attention.

If you haven't lived in the teeth of the wind. If you haven't failed dramatically and spectacularly more than once, God is not going to show any interest in you. Sure... he loves you. He loves EVERYONE, but... you're still not going to get his attention. God is watching the playground at recess. He sees who is doing what. He sees the one who leaves the playground. He sees the one who sits alone. He knows the quality of their hearts. Some get more attention.

God is in the classroom... which is the entirety of every life. He notes your interests.

Here... it needs be said... attention from God can come in the form of trials and tests galore. That is what comes of getting God's attention. He WILL put you through the wringer; which also accounts for any number of those colossal fuck-ups. “Be ye hot or cold. If you are lukewarm I will spew thee out of my mouth.”

So... this... in large part... accounts for why most people don't seek out God's attention, and... don't ask him for Patience or he will give you something to be patient about. The thing is.. the road gets easier the more fully committed you are about being on that road. It's only wrestling with yourself that brings the struggle and frustration... the stress. If you're all the way in... it's like moonlight gliding over a still lake. Make up your mind or move on to something else cause... half measures avail nothing.

It's like anything else. You have to get God's attention. People do it all the time without thinking about it, in pursuit of all the idle nonsense they get up to. People scream at him with desire and he throws things at them. Heh heh... it doesn't satisfy so it doesn't last. As a result, they continue to scream at him again, and again, and he throws something else their way. On and on it goes. That's one aspect of his attention and everyone gets that. The other is when he takes a personal interest in you.

He's gonna find out... right quick... if you are up to the muster. Well, he knows that already... but... heh heh, there are formalities that have to be experienced and endured. No shrinking OR shrieking violets are going to make the cut. The Good News... THE REALLY GOOD NEWS... is that God is REAL! God being real, you can absolutely expect results commensurate with your investment. Some say, “I'm all in.” Others play more cagey... looking for the angle, and sometimes... the opportunity to cheat.

Me? I'm all in. I've been all in for some time. Mostly, in the past... it was times when I would regret being all in. (grin) I got over it. It's different for everyone. Some of us get the more extreme treatment. Of course... that could just mean you already went through the extreme treatment in another life. I'm guessing that the extreme treatment is another Rite of Passage.

Then again... God expects different things from different people. We are all designed for specific tasks. We are on different rays. We have a different dharma. Not everybody is meant for the limelight, and... I would say that they are the lucky ones. Consider yourself fortunate that God spares you from making a fool of yourself on a larger stage. It's best not to want that, but... if it so happens that's in the cards for you, it's best to leave it in God's hands and then he will be your manager.

We are all shaped by our aspirations under the hands of angels who are inspired to that end. It's best not to interfere. It can take a really long time to finally get a clue about your role in The Process. Your role in The Process is to not interfere in the process.

End Transmission.......

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