Tuesday, February 28, 2023

"Evil in All its Forms is The Raw Materials Transformed by Heaven to Create The Material Beauty Made by Light Magic."

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The World that we imagine we are passing through is not The World we are actually passing through. I have often used an image of The Dial to explain distinct separations of consciousness; levels of consciousness that are separated from each other. Though there are more than two states of consciousness, there are two main states of consciousness. One is resident in The Carnal Realm... or in The Spiritual Realm, of... The... Mind.

In Times of Material Darkness, the larger portion of Humanity is resident in The Carnal Realm. That is how it is at the moment. This is why the masses are so confused and easy to manipulate by the predator class among us. Everything is about material appetite and material desire; television commercials... electronic billboards... Sexualized children... ads everywhere on The Internet where a great many people are living the majority of their life. They are eating garbage with their minds. Their feelings are in arrested development, and their food is also garbage and unblessed.

If The Internet goes down there will be mass suicide.

Porn is the Top Gun entertainment area and people are rendering themselves impotent at a very young age. It is a new world of Simps and Incels. Class and Color War is ramping up. The most brutish of us are elevated above the rest, and God help anyone who objects. Standards have been lowered to where no one can learn anything anymore, nor do they have to. This ubiquitous stupidity has lowered our resistance to enslavement, and it is coming like a tidal wave.

These people are killing themselves and it appears they wouldn't have it any other way.

Among us are Rakshasa dynasties where demonic possession is a routine condition. Then there are those aspiring to higher ground. There is no actual wrong in people living a carnal existence if that is as far as they can see. They receive the fruits AND the suffering of it. There are those who continue for many generations as prosperous materialists because they know about certain laws concerning the dynamics of exchange and the need to be giving... if you have any intention of continuing in your prosperity.

They inherit The Earth and this is all they seek. Yet they conduct themselves within the necessary parameters. All Materialists are not evil or vile creatures. This is just how they are. One should seek after the means of their own salvation and not... trouble... others... who... are... not... willing.

These families... spiritual and material... these two groupings, which represent stages of conscious being... have been coming and going for millennia. It is not our job to judge the one if we are of the other. People come here for different reasons. Some find that carnal existence is just what they are looking for so they come back again and again to experience variations on the theme. It is worth The Suffering attendant... apparently.

The alleged evil in all its forms of manifestation is the raw materials transformed by heaven to create the material beauty made by the magic of Light.

Others have risen to a higher understanding. The bottom Chakra represents Love and Life in all its physical forms of expression. The top chakra, The Sahasrara, represents the seat of Divine Love and Sacrifice. These are two expressions of a single force and you get what you love... at the level that you love, and... over time... you turn into it. From the moment that your feet are set firmly upon the path, you determine the speed of transformation by the degree of passion you bring to the industry. Your Karma determines your capacity... however... Grace is ALWAYS possible.

As above so below by The Grace of The Everlasting. This message has been Out There from the beginning and humans... exceptional humans that built up a head of steam over a progression of lifetimes have discovered it and gone all the way to Brahmaloka or any one of the heavens that best depict the most precise location for the form of devotion they engage in.

Some are not content with Heaven while others suffer so. These are the ones who come again and again to help in some way. Not all realized beings are sages or sitting masters... saints and liberated yogis. There is a brotherhood of souls who move relatively unseen through the masses... assisting as they go. There will be more seen of them in this coming age; The Age of Brotherhood.

In the last age... Sacrifice was the highest form of love. In this age, Brotherhood will be the most visible expression of love. It will be the age of Brotherhood with different agendas and objectives.

A massive shift in consciousness is coming... or else... civilization will fall into ruin. I suspect both events to occur in the locations where they apply. I do not know which of these will come first; will there be a cataclysmic event occurring in nature or... will the dark side of human nature cause an event?

Once again... it is likely to be both. What I do know is that the incomparable and incomprehensible Almighty God has a hierarchy of advanced souls who shepherd the human race. It is through this hierarchy that the will of God finds expression.

If you have taken the trouble to acquaint yourself with God's messages and his agents on this planet, you are already being guided to a higher outcome, even if that does mean your passing on. Passing on should not be a concern. It is what you pass on to that is important.

God is very careful with the fate of those who love him/her/it. No matter how many times I explain that God appears to each of us through the format in which we envision God, there are always those who want to know why I am not accommodating to their way... the way they know to be the right way. BZZT! Wrong answer!

Krishna says in The Gita, “in whatever way they approach me, I accept them. All roads, Arjuna... lead to me.” I have never understood why people spend so much time arguing about the components of deity, instead of simply seeking... in all humility... God as he/she/it appears to their understanding and serving God in selfless industry and devotion.

I worship... serve, and adore God as Father and Divine Mother. In the daytime, I worship him at the altar of The Sun. At night I contemplate and adore God as The Divine Mother. At all times of the day, I note and know that God is beyond either of these definers. These are mere vehicles in which God personalizes itself. The Avatar comes as Love and Wisdom incarnate to demonstrate Truth to a wayward and disobedient world.

Angels are without sex definers, BUT... they can present as either sex. All this nasty confusion among the young at this time is only a temporary phase. It will lead into something wonderful in times to come. So... as I learn... more and more about The Real in my passage out of The Unreal... I am more inclined to a greater sense of tolerance. Tolerance... however... is not acceptance.

Those who hear the call of The Everlasting Gospel, rise to a higher order of being, and those who refuse and reject the call, put themselves upon the road of suffering, turning in The Wheel of Fire, which they have chosen in defiance of Heaven's best efforts and intentions. You ALWAYS fail to please yourself when your intention is to please yourself. Relentless disappointment makes people mean. They just don't know any better, and you must take care in bringing it to their attention because they can and will turn on you.

Yes... The World has gone severely out of balance. This happens in Times of Material Darkness. Balance must, AND WILL be restored; to the joy of some, and the dismay and discomfort of others. The malicious and intentional perversion of the sexual function is a sure and certain sign of trouble coming soon.

By this... I mean that there are among us those who INTENTIONALLY do evil, and who delight in harming others. They are not my concern. God has specialized entities who... sooner or later... impress Heaven's will upon them.

I know that I have been repeating myself, again and again, in this particular forum for more than twenty years. Long before that, it was still certain and true that there was time still to get right with Heaven. I say this again today, more than twenty years later, there is still time to get right with Heaven. I do not know how much longer the grace period lasts. God's patience and restraint are remarkable, BUT... sooner or later, God has had enough.

Let me point out AGAIN that The Avatar comes to reward AND to punish. “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still.” It is what it is. You can try to get around it, and many do, BUT... you will not get around it.

Regardless... there are those who seek out the hogwallers... and those who aspire to the heights. To each is given that which they seek after.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

If the net goes down. Thank you for the reminder to buy more books. Less traffic, more housing available means lower rent. Might not be a bad thang. Gods, so much business would come to a screeching halt.

As for those who wanna inherit the Earth, they can HAVE it. I don't need those addicted to inconvenience, illusions and being a feather in the wind in my 'hood anyway. I'm not into 'lowest common denominator, which so many seem to be striving for.


Visible said...

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