Thursday, February 23, 2023

"The Chiaroscuro Calliope, where The Shades of Gray Spin... The Up and Down Puppets Between The Night and The Day."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

If you could see backwards over the immense span of time, and the civilizations that are forever rising and falling; the times of merciless barbarism, and shining cities with magical light, you would pay little mind to the collapse you see all around you. What goes up, must come down... somewhere? I always think that 'somewhere' should be the end of that statement.

Religions have had good moments and bad. Basically... religions are the keeper of traditions. They are the people who tell you; “you can't do this, and you can't do that,” cause so-and-so says so. Usually... there are areas of white and black... (is that racist?) narrow strips of the presence of all colors and no colors... sandwiching a wide reach of shades of gray. I call it the chiaroscuro calliope, where the shades of gray... spin the puppets going up and down between night and day.

Religions have been consistent fomenters of war. This is because they are maintained by men, once God has moved on. God shows up and does a little dance. A dance that gets bigger and bigger over the passage of time... through the add-ons; like aps for an operating system. Operating systems are the new altars for the worship of tech; the God of Deus Ex Machina.

A decade or more past, I heard that Apple had 250,000 apps. Now they have over two million. This is the sort of thing that happened to Christianity and Islam. Christianity is strangling in red tape, and Islam keeps birthing more and more violent sects... based off of Sharia Law. Somehow... the proportion of young boys buggered by sexually repressed fanatics keeps increasing. This is what bankrupt traditions result in. When The Spirit has gone missing, you get Sharia Law and you get Canonical Law.

Dry tedious volumes... that lead to chronic Thomas Aquinas Syndrome. This is what religions become over the course of time. Some strange toxins burble up from the deep wells of hypocrisy. Formerly normal individuals... get poisoned by the vapors... that cause them to wander off into the mists of confusion that blanket The Land of Spiritual Entropy which... is the final resting place of religions.

Religion is the worship of dead things by the deeply asleep. The stifling atmosphere of the churches puts the parishioners to sleep... while ♫ faith of our fathers ♫ rocks them in the cradle of mind-numbing nonsense with The Owl and The Pussycat.

COME OUT OF THE TOMB... LAZARUS!!! Step away from the self-inflicted coffins of mortality. Have you not heard? God is a living presence! God is of the living... not of the dead.

Nature is the cathedral of The Living God... and The Sun is the altar. The choir sings sweetly upon The Wind, and Nature shapes herself in a beautiful adoration of The Everlasting. Nature unassisted... always fails. It is the inspiration of God within the human soul that brings meaning to life. Absent the inspiration of God, you have a dry... dusty... sarcophagus. When Humanity is inspired by God... balance is restored. A harmony exists between the seen and the unseen.

Materialism... which is the official religion of The Carnal Mind... inspires a sociopathic selfishness in those afflicted by material-nature. When selfishness prevails... alienation follows and you get nihilistic, philosophers like Sartre and pederasts like Foucault.

Whenever a culture is in decline you get widespread sexual perversity. You get rampant suicide. You get brother against brother and the cities in flames. Babylon Rising is on a loop that precedes the fall of Babylon. It's a kind of poisonous ribbon candy to celebrate The Death of Christmas... swallowed whole by Mammon.

You need only 2 things... that combine to reveal a 3rd thing... for a successful counterpart to the coffin-bound glitter suits of the cash-register religions created by priests; Love and Wisdom... which... in combination... reveal Truth. Truth is the offspring of Love and Wisdom, and Wisdom becomes Divine Luminous Wisdom when the light of Truth is the radiance thereof.

As we like to say now and again, when the truth takes off her clothes, The World disappears. From The Carnal Perspective, what you see is what you get. (even when you don't get it) From The Spiritual Perspective, what you see is not all there is. Everything you do see... comes from what you cannot see... unless you have awakened eyes; a focus on Purity will lead to clairvoyance.

It is said that God is Love. God... in expression... is Love. The apprehension of God is... Wisdom. Love is warmth. Wisdom is light. Truth is the source of the light in Wisdom and the warmth in Love. The light of Truth... which is too bright to see is the source of the Wisdom by whose light we see. The Sun is the visible manifestation of The Sun too bright to see, and which to our mortal eyes... appears to be darkness.

This is all just word gibberish... making words dance to the music of thought, but it is the thought that is the power. It is by the power of thought that God created the universe. The Universe is thought-born. You have a minute portion of the same, which can... be... increased... by... concentration, and... brought to an astonishing efficacy by letting it pass through you.

Life... in essence... is remarkably simple. The Mind complicates it because of The Separated Mind that exists in opposition to Unity. In Unity... love finds unbridled expression. With Unity... you are divided against no one. You are in harmony with all life. By opposing no one, no one is motivated to oppose you.

Personal Karma is a recognition system that attracts what is resonant to it. Your life is composed of what you have attracted into it... by predispositions manifested by Personal Karma. This accounts for where you were born, and into what conditions and circumstances; the parents your karma chose. The sex your karma chose. The color your karma chose. The language and traditions your karma chose. The diseases and discomforts your karma chose. The pains and pleasures your karma chose. The personality your karma chose and... the death your karma chose.

For the faithless. They are locked up tight. They are on rails that move from station to station where moments of epiphany wait. Will you register the epiphany or pass it by? The rails are also on a loop. Now we see some small portion of the incredible mercy of God, who can lift all your burdens and assume your personal karma, as... soon... as... you... embrace... The... Impersonal.

The nature of The Christ is... impersonal. The love of God is... impersonal. The Impersonal swallows up The Personal; oh death... where is your sting? You must die to The Personal to find life everlasting.

To understand the nature of God, it helps to understand the nature of angels. Angels... like demons... are single-minded. Angels are personalized expressions of the attributes of God. There is no difference between God and his angels except that they are a step-down transformer of his power particularized.

No demon of appetite or desire can have any influence upon you if you do not share that appetite or desire. When you have woven all of your desires into the single desire for union with God, no demon will approach you because angels will be all about you. The desire for union with God is catnip for angels.

Emissaries and agents of God... ceaselessly circle The Earth in search of those seeking union with God. Those who are not seeking union with God are engaged in their own pursuits, and personal karma determines the outcome of the moments in their life.

If you are not seeking God you are on a walkabout through The World, in search of whatever your personal karma is attracted to. Eventual disappointment is the... guaranteed... result... in every case. Ah... the restless spirit of Humanity; the focus of poetry and song. The source of every drama experienced... upon a loop of endless return into the animation of dust.

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Guy Reid-Brown said...


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

A lot of traditions are destructive to those practising them, or at least as far from cost effective as you can get. Not at all pragmatic.

As for your message, YOU SAID IT! Nostrils to the sky!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Somehow... the proportion of young boys buggered by sexually repressed fanatics keeps increasing"

Let's also not fail to mention how Prabhupada was told in 1976 that Bhavananda was molesting young boys in Mayapur, and Prabhupada didn't ban him, he merely sent him away to a different zone to "preach".

OSHO's statement "your saints and gurus are the biggest criminals" is really starting to make more sense.

Prabhupada himself was a monster who covered up and enabled mass homosexual pedophilia. If there is an eternal world, it's very unlikely Prabhupada is residing there. It's far more likely that Prabhupada is burning in Hell right now.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"They are Written Upon Our Hearts as The Interior Bible and Gita that is The Soul's Message to The Dreaming Mind."

Visible said...

Anonymous; just because you were abused... taken in... by being in the wrong place at the wrong time... probably due to some earlier behavior on your own part, DOES... NOT... MEAN that it is that way for others. Your blanket hatred for all things Hindu has been noted. How far do you think all this revenge-minded vitriol is going to get you?



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