Friday, February 10, 2023

"Trying to Make Sense of It is What is Confusing You. It is Why People Turn to Religion in The First Place."

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There are varieties of personality that come and go here. From the most selfless altruists to the most black-hearted psychopath... there's a lot of range there. For instance, people like Bill Gates, George Soros, Victoria Nuland, the people who run Black Rock... Pfizer and Vanguard... and quite a few others are not the same as someone who is misguided... in denial... operating off of bad information. Bill and the rest of them, do Evil for the sheer joy of it. It makes them hard. It gets them off.

I tossed a few names in there. There are plenty more of whom there is no doubt about it. They know just how much harm they do and it thrills them. Yes... there are people like that. They're not like you and me. Trying to understand them is a foolish waste of time.

For some mysterious reason, God allows them to prosper for a time. I don't know yet where people come from in terms of their previous lifetimes or... what... specifically... awaits them when they leave. I'm not at that level of awareness yet. However... I do know that Justice is perfect, so I can assume a great deal, and be confident that... even if I don't see it, it gets done.

Wringing your hands about the unfortunate state of The World avails nothing. There must be a reason. There must be an answer. You just haven't found it yet.

What I can tell you is that... it appears... that EVERYTHING is permitted, within the boundaries of the locations it occurs in... for the period of time allotted for it. Everything is permitted and nothing is real. I think Hassan-i Sabbah said that. I believe this is likely true. You have to remember that existence spans billions upon billions upon billions of years. It goes on forever; if that gives you any kind of perspective, so... a lot can happen. Right?

Your trying to make sense of it is what is confusing you. It is why people turn to religion in the first place. At the level most people operate on, it doesn't make sense. You need to get a little higher up where there is a better view and it will make better sense to you. You get higher up by tossing the ballast out of your balloon rig. If you let go of The World, it will reveal itself to you.

I'm sure there is a great deal that I am missing, and a lot of them are things that don't concern or interest me. Here is what I have found on a personal level. First... Wake up! Stay in wake-up mode. Passionately seek God MORE than anything else that drives or attracts you. Hone your separate desires into a single objective. Find God, (you will), and then serve Heaven and Humanity with... all... your... might!

This may not work for everyone. It is what works for me. I can't think of any other form of avocation or employment that meets my needs... and the needs of existence... as well. I believe that service is the highest form of action and that NOTHING is more valuable than being Useful. To be useful is to be immortal.

Now you might ask, “visible, is this like a full-time thing with no time off to pursue distractions and entertainments of a personal kind?” The perks that come with selfless service are absolutely priceless and exceed in value any other object or circumstance. It's just how it works. Believe me... there is no labor... stress... or discomfort that attends this activity. Stress comes... labor and discomfort come... from not being one hundred percent committed. As soon as you are, these all go away.

As soon as the inner battle ends, the portal to Paradise opens. You become a citizen of Heaven in good standing. Your papers are in order. Your war of attrition is with yourself. Your suffering is all self-generated. You might insist this cannot be true, BUT... I must tell you, it cannot be otherwise because that is how it works. Should you come into contact with Ageless Wisdom, all of these questions will be resolved.

When you are in conflict with others... the source of that conflict... no matter how well hidden... is yourself; “What! I'm at fault if someone throws a rock into a crowd and it hits me?” At some time. At some point. You arranged for it. “What! So no matter what happens, it was meant to happen and nothing we do makes any difference?” I didn't say that. Everything makes a difference from every point onward in The Imaginary Dance of Time.

Reality is not the same... outside of the dreaming corridors of Maya... as it is inside of them. Inside of them... everything that seems important is not actually important, and that is the cause of the stress and suffering. None of it has any meaning, and... people... know... this... in their heart of hearts... every time the disappointments of life hit them. Is all this worth it? No. It is not.

The only thing worth having... besides Love, is to possess freedom from wanting... from craving.

Living in The World with the bursting enthusiasm of youth is like running through the desert at night; a desert filled with cacti of all kinds, high and low. It will tear you to shreds if you keep on coming. There are so many aspects of life that we do not know when we are young.

When you are young... you seldom have regrets... because you are on to the next thing... certain that it will work out in the next reel. How often have you seen and heard about that? It's a little like winning the lottery, especially in present times. There is a way that The Mind works at each stage. It hides and reveals different things. You need to know... that from right this moment... your life can dramatically change for the better.

Yes, you can still die from cancer... heart attack... car accident... someone might shoot you, but... it is likely you will die of something in any case. Is this not so? There are those rare birds who make immortal. It's always happening to some few someones somewhere, but it's rare. That is why they are called rare birds.

There's a thing that happens... when you make immortal, and that is... you drop out of sight. You drop out of mind. You can not go about in The World in that condition. If you do appear... here and there afterward... you are in disguise. There is a glamour upon you. It's part of the way the whole dynamic operates. You will make immortal someday, but you will still have to die to accomplish it. You must die to one world in order to enter the other.

Because of the mass of population here now, and the state of Materialism in these times... the degree of difficulty is great. The force and magnetism of bullshit are off... the... charts. Even those who are desperately seeking for an escape portal... find there are fewer and fewer places to go. The barbed wire... visible and invisible... seems to be everywhere.

The good news is that there isn't any way to get to where you are trying to go without permission anyway. The truly sacred places of The Earth are camouflaged by The Fellowship (Brotherhood) to hide them from The Profane. The only way to get to such places is to get there within you, and the rest of the process is automatic. A sacred place of The Earth will form around you, as an extension of your being... very much like The World that surrounds you now is an extension of your being.

Why are so many people here at this time? Heaven intends to make a statement. Heaven intends to address the material tower that will never reach or threaten Heaven. This is the same Lightning-Struck Tower of Babel. A new confusion of tongues is already in process. (grin)

Why do vampires not actually fear the cross? It is the force behind the cross that they fear. If you don't have that, you might want to think about your bonafides in waging a spiritual war. All those creatures of fantasy and legend do exist, BUT... they are camouflaged as well. Some of them are running countries or internationally famous. The Cross is an extension of a cube that represents The Material Plane. That is the cross that burdens each of us for so long as we carry it. It is your beast of burden.

It is bright and sparkly for a little while, but it progressively runs out of steam and vanishes. Then it is off to The Wardrobe Department to get another cross. I'm having to talk all around these things, and what you get from me are rough outlines. I am not a skilled painter. You have to flesh the rest of it out on your own.

From the moment that you have that change of heart, all the forces of good will come to your side. However... there is ALWAYS... Difficulty at The Beginning

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

We are immortal. I sure as Hell wouldn't want to spend the rest of eternity HERE, though. I think anyone who does is 5.99 cans short of a 6 pack. What a nightmare.

After I'm gone, I'm NEVER comin' back. I've HAD it with this place.

As for: 'Why are so many people here at this time?' I suspect it's because infanticide is illegal. (I HAD to say that. I wouldn't be surprised if it were true.)

Killer post, as always. This is a very good time to be either Cathar, aligned with the Cathars, or a Schrodinger's Nose.


Anonymous said...

Brazil government now requiring anyone recieving welfare to be fully vaxxed with all the booster shots too, including their entire family.

I guess you're right, the divine force is allowing the evil elite to fully reveal themselves now in the eyes of the public. Otherwise it simply makes no sense why the divine force is allowing such pure evil nowadays, with the requirement yesterday from the CDC that covid vax will now be included in the normal vaccine schedule for babies and children. I sure hope God does something soon, because this kind of pure evil where even children are being poisoned cannot be allowed to continue.

BlackBelt Yogi said...

Consciousness is fascinating. Understanding how our autonomic nervous system responds to stimuli far below what our consciousness and perception allows, really shines a light upon the wounded baby humans we all have been and many still are. I admit I have global collapse fatigue...the waiting game for the past 3 years living under Canadacommunism. There is this delicious shift though, a surrendering and spectator energy to this apocalypse which I enjoy. Feeling right with God, talking to him everyday....toning my nervous system, having faith, impatience and fatigue, love and gratitude, anger and solace. As always, I send you Viz abundant love and blessings. thank you!

robert said...

Thank you for the visible unfolding of our knotty minds!

Your war of attrition is with yourself. Your suffering is all self-generated. You might insist this cannot be true, BUT... I must tell you, it cannot be otherwise because that is how it works. Should you come into contact with Ageless Wisdom, all of these questions will be resolved.

Oh how we rail against ourselves falsely!

How we resist being
How we resist being more
How we resist being One

We suffer as we thrash and twist within the grasp of infinite mercy

We surrender only when read the terms by the only voice that matters

Everyone who gets it first faces the shock at who is opposing our expression of love.

Then tries the blame game for the One responsible for creating us this way.

Then we wonder why we prefer to stay in low consciousness orbit.

Finally we see the ultimate responsibility to our brother and sister souls
We weep in shame and doubt again if we can ever be clear enough to serve the light

We walk again without knowing anything from outer experience, staying still enough to hear our next instruction.

Quietly questing without question
Moving closer to home we never left

Our praise is our acquiescence to our daily duty to be cheerful
Nothing remains but to breathe as deeply as we can stand to reason

And to laugh out loud as we see through every last limitation to love!

Anonymous said...

What no GAB links?! In that case, lemme donate
the sincerst form of flattery:
Laugh out loud, I did!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It is a Time of Relentless Exposures and Revelations in The Hive Mind... Traveling at The Speed of Thought."



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