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"Focused Concentration Leads to a True Discrimination. The Ability to Hold and Direct Thought is a Real Talent."

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“Concentration is the secret of the magical art.” I think Eliphas Levi said that. Controlled manifestation is a process... seen thru from beginning to end. Manly Palmer Hall... I think it was him... said something like, (not verbatim) “there is nothing frivolous about Black Magic. Anyone who can burn a hole through 2 inches of ebony... with their mind... is to be taken seriously.”

You see... Concentration is cyclopean... neither Good nor Evil. Intention is the determinant of that. Both The Good Guys and The Bad Guys, at a certain level of proficiency, have degrees of power on the level they operate at. The Good Guys have more... when necessary, because The Impersonal reservoir of all force, though it loves without reserve or qualification... favors The Good. It would probably be better to use the words; righteous and unrighteous.

Patanjali has a whole book about this one thing... Concentration. It's called Patanjali's Aphorisms. (I prefer the Alice Bailey translation.) Sure... he brings up other issues, but all of them have to do with Concentration. He talks about stilling The Mindstuff. I call it The Reactive Mind. When you can still it entire... you can reflect The Image of God. It is the critical essential of Mastery in concert with Love.

Not everyone becomes a master. That's a specialized duty. Some become a Sage or a Poet-Philosopher-King. Some become magicians.. though... that is just a phase on The Journey. It depends on the perfection of the ray you travel on. I think I once mentioned that there are only 36 basic personalities in humanity. Well... these are all details and other disciplines may differ in terminology. That is not the important area for me; contending or relying on... details.

For me, it is all about making conscious contact with God. I've been on the road about this for some time. It went from non-existent... to many... many shades of intermittent... until it was always on tap. It was always there but I had not developed sufficient Concentration. I picked a road... sometimes I had to cut through the foliage. It wasn't so much like I had a map, but I knew what I was looking for... and you can't miss it... if you just keep on coming.

A fool who persists in his folly will be made wise. There are many ways to take that.

Like Krishna said to Arjuna, “in whatever way men approach me, I accept them. I am the end result of every search. All roads... Arjuna... lead to me.”

People argue about these things. Fundie, scripture-blasting Christians like to use The Bible as a club. God is not so sectarian as they are, but you can't argue with them, and you shouldn't argue with them. They are cinderblock heads. They have come around me for years like water off a duck's back. I found God. He wasn't lost. I was... So you could say he... found... me; but I was already looking for him, just in the wrong places. He was with me every step of the way... across the deserts... into and over the mountains... around the corner... in an ever tighter spiral until it disappears into The Self.

Someone was ragging on me about Hinduism and why am I always promoting it. Heh heh... I hardly mention it... certainly, Hindus are quoted far less often than Christ is here. Well... this person was only looking to wind me up. Islam is a far more aggressive cancel culture than Hinduism. So is Christianity.

I don't promote ANY of these. I promote Ageless Wisdom. Some parts of Ageless Wisdom are to be found in all of these traditions, BUT... when I seek to worship, I sit before The Sun and let it tune my inner sun.

That's the extent of everything I do... more or less. People can believe as they like. I have no desire to conflict with them. I know where it all leads... somewhere up the road... The Inner Sun dawns on The Mind. It is inevitable. For many... the light may be too bright and they will flee to Gollumville... North of The Sun and South of The Moon.

Still... still... over many a winding course... through darkness and intermittent light... illumination breaks upon The Soul. It is inevitable. In between times... many coarse destinies are outworking. It is the route of brutish nature that will not hear... to be made to listen. Every hardened heart WILL melt. Every intransigent mind WILL crumble.

Up comes the raging, separated will... goosestepping across the page of history, and as time passes... more and more relegated to a footnote in a book no one reads. The names of those who change The World are often unknown at the wider reach. They keep their heads down and search within. When they find that inner light... they travel from town to town... igniting that light in others. It is an act of transference.

Many do not need to travel the dusty roads of dangerous cities. They can reach the whole world from their living room. It is one mind ALWAYS... no matter how fragmented in appearance it may seem to be... in times of great change... it is one mind, and those who have accomplished the singular unity within them... can make that part of The World safe wherever they are.

The greatest problem for many... especially in Times of Material Darkness... is the narrow bandwidth of their physical sight. If they could only see the myriads of life forms that move about them and are invisible to their eyes... their lives would change.

We have all been places that did... not... feel... right. We have all been places that felt safe and secure. Both of these environments are populated by entities that make them what they are. I used to take LSD in graveyards at night, and in the day. It made for some outrageous company, and I remember rolling on the ground in laughter... while spending time with some erudite commentator on the comedy of life. The discorporate can be truly amusing. If people only knew what was possible.

One of the cardinal mischiefs of materialism is the fragmenting of human attention. People can no longer concentrate. Their attention flits from one amusement to the next. They no longer have any sense of who they are, given they had no idea to begin with. They become prisoners of appetite and slaves to desire. This is one of the main ways that Possession takes hold.

The forces of illusion and delusion become more and more sophisticated. People can no longer tell what is real and what is not.

As for The World you live in now... here in America... all this turmoil and upheaval is being manipulated through mediums of deceit. Fortunately... there is a far greater power that oversees the plots of evil men, and which always steers them to their destruction. It is unfortunate for those who are caught up in the tailwinds of these machinations. Collateral damage? There are no innocent bystanders.

Here is where The Mercy of God is so wonderful. Those who sincerely cry out for help... receive assistance. Humble yourself before The Throne.

Focused concentration leads to a true discrimination. The ability to hold and direct thought is a real and unappreciated talent, except by those who possess it. It is by such means that God created The World. It is a very different world, depending on the eyes that see it, and the meaning given. Awaken sleepers! Pray for The Kingdom of God on Earth.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Anonymous said...

"Well... this person was only looking to wind me up. "

No brother i am not looking to wind you up. I'm simply pointing out that Hinduism is one of the greatest evils in this world today, just like Judaism. Their promotion of caste to enslave people into a lifetime of hopelessness is pure evil, just as enslaving the Africans in America was. Prabhupada was a fascist, racist, woman hating pedophile enabler. Hinduism is the most woman hating religion to ever exist, and even today many Hindus are so hateful towards women that they still support the idea of sati, burning a woman to death on her husband's funeral pyre.

All I'm saying is this: if you don't want to oppose evil, that's fine. But at least let's not actively support or promote evil.

As for that Yogananda guy who you support, well he was much more into humanism than blind ritualistic religion like Hinduism. But even still, because he still identifies as a Hindu, I cannot support him in any way whatsoever. Even OSHO who had a lot of good stuff to say, still promoted the idea of "guru". Krishnamurti was the only sane and genuine one because he simply presented himself as a philosopher and wasn't on some crazy guru ego trip.

The divine force has shown tremendous mercy on me by revealing the full truth and evil nature of Hindus to me and thus freeing me from the lies and dogmas of vaisnavism and Hinduism. We are simply one consciousness and mind-ego is the thin barrier which creates the idea of separation. The very concept of liberation is a joke because we are already free, whether we know it or not. Religion and governments have created a hellish level of suffering, rooted in the repression of the kundalini sexual energy, and thus have created such a miserable society that people feel the need to "escape". Otherwise without religion and government interferring with people's lives and development as children, this earth is naturally a paradise and our natural state is of ecstasy. Gurus and saints and priests are themselves the biggest criminals and monsters because they're the ones responsible for creating the very suffering they claim they want to "save" people from.

A new age is dawning and many people are waking up and remembering the truth- life is NOT suffering, this earth is a paradise, and it's only the religious-political elite that have turned the earth into a Hell. The divine force is currently removing those elites, as you've mentioned so many times. Life is bright, life is good, all we have to do is remember our original nature, we are all one!

Anonymous said...

Maybe i am right, maybe I'm wrong, but at least i don't blindly follow or imitate others. I don't know why my comments upset you, that is certainly not my intent. Everything I've said can be summarised into the one statement:

If you aren't willing to oppose evil, at least don't actively support or promote it.

Your reaction to my statements against the satanic religion of Hinduism have simply reconfirmed my beliefs, that Hindus are an evil and merciless people, and are literally under the control of satan. Once again, i thank the divine for saving me from such a demonic and satanic religion. Anyway, the divine guides those whom it will and misguided those whom it shall.

Forgive me if I've offended you, that was not my intent, but i will NOT be silent while injustice or HYPOCRISY is taking place. And indians themselves have told me "indians are hypocrites". What they really meant to say is "HINDUS are hypocrites".

Why would this offend you if you don't identify with religion, as you claim? Sanatan dharma is a lie, there is no "eternal cycle". The actual original religion of the human race is tantra, shamanism. The concept of "sanatan dharma" is just a lie invented by terrorist fascist scum in the previous century.

Visible said...

I'll let this one through too. I want the readers to see what is going on here. I can tell you with certitude... you are wrong, and your censure speaks to you being hoodwinked by some false teacher of the Hindu persuasion. That is obvious, because you only go after Hindus, and avoid the much more violent and repressive Muslim religion AND OTHERS. You're just wounded, my friend. May God bring you to sanity. This ends our communications on the matter.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"If... in The Hubbub and Passionate Fury of Existence, Their Thoughts Turn to Me. I... Will... Guide... Them... Home."

Cro-Magnon Anti-Social said...

LV your best of East and West is the best and rightfully so to discard the rest.
Organized religion was infiltrated long ago and where else would the devil hide.
I could feel it at the local church and thankfully parents relented and I never went back.
Being able to see right through the false Potemkin world is always a gift and I need to work on not looking down on those who cannot.
They have the materialism blinders on and only think of the next sensation.
If you step on one of their pet frogs they go off.
Just a standard issue dumbazz and spiritual warfare is only for the truly connected but after the conveyor belt nothing is frightful anymore.
A lot of the trouble in the world is the fear of mortality and the controllers have used it to advance the rule by soviet council almost to the end zone.



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