Tuesday, November 28, 2023

"A Ticklish Thread of Irony Runs Through The Whole of Existence, and... It Sees to The Navigation on The Ship of Fools."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Globalists are racing against Time. They keep coming up with agendas that are associated with dates. They want this and that done by such and such a time. We know they've got a whole stable full of occult science whores who tell them when Penis will be rising with Moon in The Abyss. It transforms The Morning Star to morning wood when you got a hard-on for The World.

They came in here to take the piss and now their wine has turned to vinegar. I'm speaking in alchemical code, in case anyone finds this confusing.

If you want to know what this pack of deluded extrospectives are up to, all you have to do is reverse The Natural Order of Things because that is their game... to go in all ways contrary to Heaven. It doesn't have to make sense. They like it better when those seeking to please them go out of their way to find reason in the irrational.

It's like The Killer Vaccines. It is now impossible to deny that these are long-range murder tools. We know who it is that came up with them before the Scamdemic even arrived, AND... we know who manufactured and sold these hot shots in selective batches, to kill these people and give those people a pass.

Now... as if none of this ever happened, the hijacked government of America, and its propaganda arm, are all out to re-convince the terminally stupid to keep getting more and more killshots. They are convinced you are that stupid you will not believe your lying eyes and ears.

You can LITERALLY see the hordes of The Doomed getting on the railroad cars to Compost City. It gives too stupid to live even more meaning than it already had. Darwin Awards are now being mass-produced. It's really not as far to Tipperary as they once thought.

Like I said... they are on a schedule. What that means to me is that something is coming that is intended to oppose them and their interests. One might say that would be The Awakening, which shows no sign of slowing down, OR... it could well be something else that is intended to amplify and clarify the force of The Awakening. Of course, we've got Mr. Apocalypse pulling the covers off of everything. He doesn't seem to have anything better to do with his time.

The controlled digital currency scam is another kind of killer vaccine that is meant to isolate a specific group of people, just as those infected with a virus might be quarantined from the uninfected. In this case, it's the reverse. The uninfected are the ones being quarantined. Caligula's half-wit sister... who is now the governor of New York has already started her quarantine program. First, she isolated herself from the truth. The rest was axiomatic.

What's been going on here, and... at an accelerated rate over the last couple of decades... is a tenderizing of the consciousness of The Hive Mind. It's meant to soften up the incoming generations with the policy of Anything Goes.

Anything and Everything is now legitimate and deserves its own anti-discrimination lobby to protect its ongoing interests; sexual perversity across a complete spectrum of possibilities... Pedophilia normalized... lowering the standards on everything... poisoning the air... the water... and the food... in order to lower the collective resistance to opportunistic... death-dealing forces... casually unleashed far and wide.

They really are trying to kill you, and it seems like they must have some way to milk and store the suffering... because they are doing it in the most protracted ways, except when people simply drop dead, but that seems to be in the minority.

Catamite politicians... entertainers... other media personalities... social reformers... prosecuting attorneys... all of them seem to be compromised by either The Soros Machine or The WEF. Ramaswamy is starting to sound just like Obama. Crime is being encouraged in the streets of every Western country, and they are mass-importing an entirely new criminal demographic through the ruthlessly enforced Open Borders policies that are everywhere in evidence.

The Usual Suspects have deep pockets and they are intentionally importing men of military age from the most violent and least civilized countries on the planet; Angola... Somalia... Libya... Sierra Leone... The Congo... and sundry. I suppose that makes me racist for pointing it out but it is provably so.

♫ what's it gonna be boy? ♫ That paradise under the dashboard light is actually the nest of a Brown Recluse Spider. The idea is to make The World increasingly more and more dangerous, and then? They step in to protect you from it. I'm wondering if those 15-minute cities have anything to do with measuring the life expectancy of the inhabitants?

They stay in control for as long as they can keep us at each other's throats. This is precisely what they are engineering... all the live-long-day. They are purposely importing people from diverse cultures... to contend with entrenched cultures... in a survival of the most brutish... to occupy us so intensely with the fear of threat that we are no threat to them.

Diversity is a direct expression of Material Culture. Unity is a direct expression of Spiritual Culture. The whole fantasy of Inclusion is similar to what might happen if one were in a laboratory and began randomly mixing chemicals that did not combine with other chemicals... followed by the certainty of unfortunate results. Equity is another fantasy that says everyone should get an equal portion of life's goods regardless of the degree of effort expended to get them.

Creating a welfare state is one of the first steps toward creating a Communist entity. The Usual Suspects have been after this here for a long time. They went full bore in the 50s when The Red Scare was in operation. As you know or... as you should know... they favor Communism because people living under that political system have very little say about what happens to them.

Oh... we would be in a fine fix were it not for The Invisible Hierarchy that sees to all visible things by invisible means. What is really happening is that every... single... one... of... us is being put into a situation to see what we make of it. Do we mindlessly comply? Do we join with the oppressors for our piece of the action? Do we hunker down, hoping the ill wind blows over our heads, OR... do we resist the offenses being visited upon us and increasing by the day?

Now that Zelensky's retarded brother has been handed the reins of Argentina you can see how devious are the ways by which one says one thing and does another. The latter is yet to show its ugly face, BUT... it will. Argentina is where Patagonia is located; if that rings any bells.

The nogoodniks have access to the same soothsayers as the goodniks. Fortunately, they are about as accurate as the generic weatherman. Nobody really knows what's going on, otherwise, all the experts wouldn't be disagreeing with each other. The nogoodniks obviously know about the predictions for The Southern Hemisphere. I don't concern myself with advance planning for... What If? I get my marching orders when necessary. Otherwise, I march in place.

A Ticklish Thread of Irony runs through the whole of existence, and...it sees to the navigation on The Ship of Fools. You've heard about the planners who make God laugh. You've heard about the best-laid plans. You've heard that you should expect the unexpected. You've heard that there's a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will. You've heard of luck, which is a mask that is worn by Grace and previous Karma.

It seems there is ample historical precedence and inherent apperception... that indicates there is more to life than what others told us or we later told ourselves. That's the thing about existence. Half of it is always hidden until it shows up unannounced. Existence is a helix. It is why we can't see where we are bound on our departure or... where we came from once we have arrived here again. Wiser minds have long ago figured this out by listening to The Voice of The Intuition.

Higher Reason speaks clearly to our comings and goings, and... The Buddhists have maps and charts of the dynamic that would make Ross Perot blush. If you care to know, there is a great deal that you can know, so long as you are smart enough to keep it to yourself, and not ruin your understanding of it by yammering away to people who don't know a pearl from a peanut butter sandwich.

Listening is an art form of the highest order.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, November 23, 2023

"The Presence of The Divine Makes My Life Sing! It Rumbles The Sky with Laughter Ringing Invisible Bells The Livelong Day."

God Poet Transmitting.......

To paraphrase Carl Sandburg; the delusion creeps in on little rat's feet. These are not the days of Thanksgiving with Norman Rockwell. It's more a bloated... drunken... binge fest... a la Jackson Pollock or just a day off to do something else. Gratitude is not a common theme across the blasted American landscape ♫ above the looted plains ♫ Gratitude is more a sign of weakness now, and... the threat that you might be expecting more.

It's not a good time for the snatch n' grab artists cause a lot of places are closed. They're not going to be grateful. Many of the shuttered storefronts won't be re-opening because they had already closed down earlier... driven out of business by one thing or another. I'd say we're definitely looking at one of those winters of our discontent.

My personal celebration of Thanksgiving is to reflect on all that I have to be thankful for. That could take all day. Let's see if I can itemize a few of them. It seems like quite a few of them are for things I am grateful I am not present for, and not waiting on... or hoping for.

I am grateful I am not on The East Coast, and... I am grateful I am not on The West Coast. I am grateful for all kinds of other places I am not presently in. I am grateful for the entitled and the billionaires for exposing themselves to the eyes of The World. I'm grateful that the cash register nation in The Middle East has shown its true colors of a literal 50 shades of gray; can I have another, Sir!

Yeah... I seem to be drifting across the border into Sarcastia and Sardonica. Better not to leave The Reader with an ill taste in their mouths before they have even had breakfast... much less dinner. How about them Cowboys!

I am most glad to have the absolute certitude of the existence of God. I am unspeakably thankful that he speaks to me many times every day, and not only via the inner voice from The Upper Room. I am consoled and comforted by the company of angels who hover all around. I am thrilled at the majesty of The Sun who pours his golden elixir upon me all the livelong day.

I am beautifully startled by the sudden breeze through the wind chimes... that I KNOW are being played by invisible fingers... as if upon a harp with bells. Each day, I get to feed the birds who fly in from everywhere and who sing from every available branch. The hummingbirds have gone, but they'll be back whether I am still here or not.

Everywhere I turn... there is something to be thankful for, through its presence or absence. The Eye of Sauron is mostly focused elsewhere... where its business interests lie. Gratitude is a kind of amulet that protects the bearer from want and travail. It also sings from every available branch of my being that is forever under construction as a habitation for angels.

Today... in many places... it will be a rerun of people passed out in their chairs... poisoned by the processed comestibles... too much of everything not worth having... by people with nothing but complaints... for life not proceeding swimmingly... in the absence of all that is worth having. It is especially true in those times of a surfeit of all that you don't want, that you are most aware of what you do... want.

Multicolored vincas bloom outside my window. The leaves are turning on a tall tree beyond the casita. They might not completely turn in this place that never sees snow. I'm glad for that. Snow is a young man's game. Still... it is better that whatever chills may come into my life, they are not coming from the inside.

Ah... what a hellish thing it must be to have grown cold and tight within. So many of us shut off The World outside in Times of Material Darkness. It's a dreadful irony that one generates the other. Whatever is going on inside you is responsible for what you run into out here.

This is another reason why thankfulness and gratitude are saving graces. Light attracts light, and these are light-kissed emotions. They originate in a finer place before they precipitate down into the manifest... looking for fertile soil, and... as often finding stony ground... grown cold and tight... pulling a shawl of brambles and thorns about itself.

I'm reminded of The New York subway... how much like prison culture it seemed. You didn't want to catch anyone's eye; “What are you looking at?” “Nothing.” “Nothing!” “You calling me nothing?” Now... I understand it's much much worse.

I haven't been there in more than 20 years. Now... most of the country is in some stage of that, cold... grim... tight... and seething with anger... kindled by fear. I am very grateful that I am not in New York City OR... Gaza, but... we are all Palestinians now.

I am profoundly thankful that I am not in prison... meaning The Penitentiary of The Mind. I am less concerned about external prisons, having been there and done that, and not in a short-time fashion. There's too much Richard Lovelace in me to take any of that seriously. Like he said, “Minds innocent and quiet take that for a hermitage.”

I've always admired Richard. He was one of the wealthiest men in England and he impoverished himself by financing wars against his own country. That takes some balls... and this was even before Dickens cleaned the place up a bit. They were hanging pre-teens then for stealing a loaf of bread. Given the living conditions of the time, that was probably a promotion. So... I'm glad too that I don't live in The Elizabethan Age. That's some distance in the rearview mirror.

Back then was before toilets (I think), so people shit into holes in the floor and that would eventually fill up the basement.

If the floors were rotten, people were known to fall through and that was the end of them. People don't have much sense of history or what we've come out of, and look at what a lack of gratitude has done to The Age of Convenience! We have just about everything now and people are so unhappy.

There's a moral here somewhere, and some people still haven't learned not to shit where they eat.

I have so very... very... very much to be grateful for!!! I don't know where to begin. The list is long. Supreme among all the things I am grateful for is The Divine's presence in my life. My mind clenches in horror at the thought of people who live without this... and seem to have not a care otherwise. It doesn't matter what I might lack... so long as I do not lack that.

The presence of The Divine makes my life sing! It rumbles the sky with laughter! It rings invisible bells throughout the whole of the day. It charms and protects me so that nothing inimical can approach. It is the be-all and end-all of everything past... present... and yet to come. It is a candle in the window of every passing night... presaging the dawn without, and the dawn within. It is only a matter of moments strung together... before the both of them occur.

The most powerful and profound truth about The Presence of God is the inevitability of it. Once established... there is NOTHING... anywhere... that can hinder the coming of The Light entire... so that the whole world is made incandescent and suffused with a sustained brilliance before which all Evil must flee with scorched tails.

Gratitude and thankfulness... pile upon one another... till they reach the Heavens in joyful praise of The One... who birthed that thankfulness within. It is a magnet for all good things. It is an inexpressible truth... speaking in flaming tongues of love for those with ears to hear. It circles round itself into citadels of sanctuary and protection from all harm. Simple gratitude of any kind reaches The Throne of God every time without delay. It pleases The Divine to hear of it.

Today, I will be having a Louisiana Cajun Crayfish... pescatarian gumbo stew... over a much-tweaked Idaho baked potato. That's it; eat widely and fare poorly, I say. Well... maybe a small bowl of the Costco Butter Toffee Cashews. That will be the whole of it. The food on the plate is incidental. It is the finer food of invisible nature that will be the real feast for me.

Imagine!!! Here I am... unhassled by anything exterior or interior... hosting the finest guests in all of creation at my table. What a festival of lights it will be! They pour in through the crystals in the window. They dance with the bougainvillea blossoms on the paving stones out back. They shimmer in the rays of The Sun. They sing their songs of love, and... whisper... welcome everyone.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, November 20, 2023

"In a Real Awakening... Things No Longer Appear as They Seemed to be... In The Dream that One is Awakening From."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Certain things should be obvious. Even if you can't see or hear them, you can know they are present. Let's start with light. There is visible light and invisible light. Visible light requires no examples or explanations... unless you are really stupid. Invisible light consists of radio waves, infrared, ultraviolet, gamma rays, X-rays, and... much more; like The Black Sun that powers the physical sun but which is too bright to see.

The planes of existence are invisible too... except to those with elevated sight; the etheric plane... the Upper and Lower Astral plane... the Mental Plane... the Casual and Buddhic planes, and... The Atmic Plane.

You can't see people's emotions or thoughts... unless you have elevated sight. You can see evidence of them though; when people smile or frown... when they cry out in pain or pleasure. Then you see the emotions. Sometimes you can read people's thoughts in their faces... if you have elevated sight.

It's like The Wind. You can't see The Wind but you can see evidence of it whenever it is present. You can't see the sylphs that ride on The Wind... unless you have elevated sight. I have sometimes seen the evidence of these animated elementals in altered states, but... have yet to possess the elevated sight in ordinary states. I'm working on it. It's a matter of time.

It's a similar process to your getting muscles by lifting weights or... gaining weight by eating certain comestibles... or anything you do that changes your appearance or composition. ANYTHING that you do or work at consistently will show up in your being.

So... simple logic should tell you there is more to life than meets the eye. People who reject the spiritual aspects of life are like that because they insist on it. Some of them have gotten a bad taste from religion, and can't help associating religion with somebody else's idea of what God Is.

Religions are an imperfect expression of man's inability to see what is seldom present on the sensory bandwidth. God can be seen if you happen to be pure of heart. In Times of Material Darkness, the pure of heart is a rare breed.

Religions give people a template by which to imagine what they can't see. This leads to some horrible results... unfortunately. This is why it is ALWAYS best to see the God... which you cannot see, as... Love. Love is the medium by which God expresses himself in Nature. The Sun is a classic and enduring example of this. It's there every day but people still can't see it for what it is. Love exists at every level of the spectrum. According to your level of refinement, that is how Love interprets to or for you.

Materialism destroys your sense of community and bestializes your nature by inflaming your wanting, through suggestive advertising, and the way products are dressed. We will include the human body as one of the products. You get the sense that EVERYTHING is for sale, and that is the inspiration to get more and more money by any means necessary.

So it is that The Ruling Authority... The REAL Ruling Authority... not the temporal bozos with enforcement arms of blind mechanical soldiers... so it is that it inserts different periods of transformation into the chronology of events, in order to shepherd humanity past the pitfalls that appear when appetite becomes a stronger force than intelligence. One of the periods of transformation is a general sense of awakening.

One of the features of a real awakening is that things no longer appear as they seemed to be... in the dream one is awakening from. Depending on who is waking up, and what they were up to before it started happening, one can find themselves in many different degrees of liberation or disturbance.

Try to imagine how really awful The Bankers are. They instigated and orchestrated the last two world wars in which tens of millions died; hundreds of millions when you consider all the spin-offs. They did it for the money. They have also hidden the technology of free energy. They have hidden the cures for fatal diseases, and even increased the spread of these diseases, in order to profit from the treatment of them, which doesn't treat them.

They finance bad conditions and suppress the opportunity for good conditions. They literally turn life into Hell World so that the few can enjoy lavish lifestyles at the expense of the many. They even created a political system called Communism that is promoted as a solution for all their business as usual, and they laugh and laugh when you buy into it without realizing it will make your situation many times worse than it was before.

Their main efforts... it seems... is to agitate grievances between the different kinds of people. They divide you against each other... in order to conquer and govern you, while they control all your options and illusions of choice. This is why The REAL Ruling Authority inserts those apocalypses and awakenings into the chronology of events... in order to upset the rotten apple carts of those who are blind to obvious things that they can neither see nor hear.

It may seem like negativity and control by demonic intelligences is the general nature of things. It is not. It gets the way it's been... at extreme periods... of extended time frames... of tit for tat... at the end of a cycle. Most of the time... over the long haul... there are periods of greater light... visibly and invisibly. There's no real need for historical records when nothing is happening except harmony and Nature in balance. Lao Tzu goes into all this, for those who are capable of understanding what he is talking about.

In Times of Material Darkness, the narrow bandwidth of... what you see is what you get... predominates in The Hive Mind. Even the religions, which are supposed to be about what you cannot see, become as twisted and corrupt as everything else does. Instead of living the truth about any particular doctrine, people go around parroting scripture... which they don't even understand, and calling The Divine by names they do not know the meaning of or... they would not be using those names in the first place.

When all people have is the grocery list from A Canticle for Leibowitz, things get pretty confusing.

Ageless Wisdom is always around, but you have to go looking for it. This involves a protracted period of looking outside one's self for what can only be found inside one's self. Most resources are comically incomplete compilations of mindless complexity. Eventually... one finds the few examples of simplicity... or not.

One thing you can be sure of. If you refuse to stop looking you will discover what you seek. That's a cosmic law. It's like playing the guitar. Millions give it a shot. Thousands acquire a certain level of proficiency, and... a very few master the instrument. Those are the ones who never stopped learning. You are an instrument of a whole other order than the guitar. Why is it that so few people make any effort to master that instrument? It's a mystery is what it is.

The best way to get really good at all the things external to you... is to get really good at what's inside of you because... they are directly connected. Every talent you see demonstrated in life is an example of self-discipline taken to that degree.

I recommend finding The Divine because The Divine is the master of everything, and... the only mastery that ANYONE demonstrates at ANY TIME... ANYWHERE... is accomplished by letting God express through you. I realize it might be hard to understand how it is possible for one mysterious entity to be the actual master... of everything mastered... in every moment... everywhere, BUT... it is true.

Sometimes... trying to figure everything out is not the way to go. Sometimes... taking certain things on faith will save you a great deal of heartbreak and effort. Now... if you insist on doing things your own way... you are going to be allowed to do that... within the parameters of what is possible for you. If you would rather leave The Details to someone who is far more competent than you will ever be... this will also be permitted for as... long... as... you... can... stand... still... for... it.

Everything you can see is born of, and... controlled by... what you cannot see. The Worlds that you cannot see are far more populated than The World you can see. This should be obvious... if you compare the dimensions of the sensory bandwidth... with the dimensions of the extrasensory bandwidth; providing you are able to do that.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

"The World is Seen Through a Glass Darkly. It's a Venus Fly Trap Plant and a Glueboard... Quicksand Taking its Time."

You can really see Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening working in concert now. The Whole World has woken up to the fact that Israel is running The World through intimidation via the international banks. Their Genocide of Gaza... long hidden away and always explained as Israel defending itself is now exposed to The World as a vicious lie. The World knows now, and The World sees and Israel will not last much longer.

It was put together to operate as a criminal banking syndicate under the aegis of nationhood, which gave it the right to conduct business any way it saw fit, cause it had the big guns in deep debt, and blackmailed to their eyebrows. It was meant to be The Kingdom of Hell on Earth, and it has functioned as that for some time. Now... that kingdom is going to be thrown down and not one stone will stay atop another.

It will not return again for some time. Of course... Evil can never be eliminated. Like Sauron, it reemerges somewhere else, once it has licked its wounds for a time in The Darkness.

Here is a very telling little video that speaks to the downfall of The High and Mighty.

This war that Israel engineered to justify its Gazacide and NAKBA... The Final Chapter... is to be its downfall. It has become a stench in the nostrils of God and The Whole World. Its hour has come round at last.

Israel knows it should back off. It sees what The World sees, but it can't help itself because it is driven by its long-standing motto; "if it doesn't work, use force. If that doesn't work, use more force.” Now they have engineered a big demonstration in Washington DC to garner support for killing women and children, and any other fucking thing they want, cause if you don't like it, they will crush you just like The Palestinians. Except... that's not going to fly anymore. Their run is over.

To quote Lao Tzu in relation to Israel's run at the crap table; “those who miss after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.” Everyone who EVER set out to conquer and control The World has failed.

Now comes the long fall. The slow descent that picks up speed as it goes, at 32 feet per second... per second. Destiny and Fate are written in The Stars. As the prime agency of darkness crumbles to ruin at the hand of The Avatar... The Golden Age forms in his tailwind. The Avatar must appear before The Golden Age can begin, as Evil proceeds to destroy itself in the opening act. Shakespeare wrote the process in many different ways, even if it was Sir Francis Bacon in a mask.

Now we are coming into the clarity of identifications... as The Dark Side... absolutely confident in its power to crush everything and everyone that stands before it... takes off its mask and shows us its real face... the face of merciless intent... the face of the demon that lurks in that space where once humanity lived, and resides no more.

A day comes when... for whatever the reason... a person takes a deviation from what they know to be the right and proper course. It is a small digression... perhaps only a degree or two, but... as the person proceeds, the gap widens... the gap widens between the original way and the new direction, and... soon enough another variation is required to serve some new need, and it is easier this time, and then... the gap becomes wider still, and wider, and wider, till all sense of the original objective has been lost.

This is what happens in life. If you possess the borrowed sight of the eagle, you can see it everywhere. Many of us started out bright and fresh in the morning of life, and at some point... it started to go wrong. Some of us had gone so wrong the time before that there was little left to be bright and fresh about on this next occasion, and it gets worse and worse OR... it gets better and better.

At any point along the way, one can have an epiphany, OR... it just gets too painful and hard to continue in the way you insisted on going, and this can happen on either course because the right way takes sterner stuff, and times of material degeneracy make the other paths so much easier to walk. It explains, falling by the wayside. It explains the unmarked graves along the way... where the best parts of yourself were interred... in deference to the shouting mob within.

♫ I want it all and I want it now ♫

You either find your way or you get lost, and there are degrees of Certitude for the former and Uncertainty for the latter, and those degrees are exactly the degrees of the diversion from your own true north. If the first floor is out by a quarter of an inch, it will be out two inches on the second floor. That's what having a firm foundation is all about.

I've been lost... more than once. I have awakened not knowing where I was or even who I was; not that I knew who I was in the first place... but I kept on going and proved the maxim... if a fool persists in his folly he will be made wise. I used to flinch when I thought about that because there is a darker side to the import of the statement.

Somehow, I stumbled upon cogito ergo sum. Somehow... I understood that my mind has created all of it, and could just as well create something else. That is The God Particle that was invested in me by The Supreme Authority itself. I was given a mind, and I could do with it as I pleased, and the consequences of that belonged to me as well.

Once I caught on, I was a fairly quick study. I saw that I could continue in The Separated Mind OR... I could surrender it to union with The One Mind; not as easy as it sounds, and... not a sudden... certain... and permanent fix. One bounces off the unity for some time before the merger is completed. Some of us have to be beaten into submission. Life... inevitably... will tenderize us... like it or not. However... all of our resistance along the way has served to make us stronger. Nothing is lost... if you could only see this.

The separate self... that egoic persona... insists upon autonomy. Free Will is the right to resist Heaven OR... to voluntarily go into harness... to yoke up. That is ALL there is of Free Will. It is your choice to have it wear you down under the grinding wheel of Time OR... make you immortal otherwise.

Here is a profound tip. Some will get it and some won't OR... perhaps I should say... some will desire to get it and some will not. When things go wrong... when you hit a rough patch... should your body be sending you signals of disquiet and dis-ease... empty your mind AND your stomach, and... let a course correction set in. It will AUTOMATICALLY occur if you do not resist it. We are ALL drawn inexorably to Heaven. Only our resistance hinders the process.

If you can quiet the howling mob in your head for just a moment, you will see what an auspicious time you are living in. This is a rare... rare period that comes around very seldom. It is the reason for why The World is going batshit.

A few days ago, one of Heaven's communicators said to me; “Visible! What did you expect? You spend all this time scrolling through The X-Files and of course, it is going to depress and alarm you. You forget that I am in absolute control of everything!!! Step away from The Machine. It only takes a moment to clear your head. I told you, I'm here now. You don't have to concern yourself with any of this anymore. You never did.”

We do it to ourselves, my friends. The World is a whirlpool of swirling distractions... The World is seen through a glass darkly. It is a Venus Fly Trap plant. It is a glueboard. It is quicksand taking its time. Watch your step! Mind how you go! As Lao Tzu said...

“Long ago the land was ruled with a wisdom
Too fine, too deep, to be fully understood
And, since it was beyond men's full understanding,
Only some of it has come down to us, as in these sayings:

'Alert as a winter-farer on an icy stream,'
'Wary as a man in ambush,'
'Considerate as a welcome guest,'
'Selfless as melting ice,'
'Green as an uncut tree,
'Open as a valley,'
And this one also, 'Roiled as a torrent,

Why roiled as a torrent?
Because when a man is in turmoil how shall he find peace
Save by staying patient till the stream clears?
How can a man's life keep its course
If he will not let it flow?
Those who flow as life flows know
They need no other force:
They feel no wear, they feel no tear,
They need no mending, no repair.”

End Transmission.......

Ka-Pow!!! Take a moment to hear this beautiful and courageous woman speaking. I think her name is Laura Aboli. It took a lot of digging to find her name.

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Friday, November 10, 2023

"The Aliens are Coming! The Aliens are Coming! Brought to You by Black Rock Israel, and The Demons of The Deep."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Before I launch into today's polemic... concerning other worlds, and the intelligence that populates them, let me say that I KNOW there are aliens on ships, and some of them are other-dimensional. I had one land right in front of me in the Palm Springs desert one night, and it so happened that a friend was with me who was also known for his veracity.

I have had other encounters. I have talked about these in other posts. I don't feel like going into it again. I have also received transmissions... often... while on psychedelics. In these transmissions, they identified themselves as other than human. All sorts of people claim these things. Many books have been written on the experiences. Some of the UFO people are certifiable wackos looking for attention, and celebrity. I don't care about either of these things.

Even though I've had these experiences, I'm not that interested or worked up about the subject. I figure if they need to contact me, they know where to find me. I don't fancy spending my time with telescopes and other tech, running about the lonesome parts of The World, and looking for alien companions. I don't know who's who or what's what in those areas. I don't follow bears around with a camera either.

For the longest time, I have had contacts with The Sirius Cluster and especially Arcturus. That seems to compose the majority of my alien encounters, but... as I have said... this is peripheral to my main areas of inquiry, which are more about The Angels of The Sun, and the interior entities that visit me every day. If alien cultures want to interact with me, they know where to find me.

I didn't bring this up to talk about my ET experiences. I am much more interested in The Devic and Angelic Realms, and most especially interested in The Supreme Controller... Almighty God... who is the same, no matter the clothing of any religion he appeared in once for The Purpose of Demonstration.

God appears... rarely... and disappears as it pleases him to. People who happened to be around at the time did get all worked up and build statues... take dictation... and generally get involved in all the externals that manifested in that time and place. That's all irrelevant... unless you happened to be there, and that... could have gone either way.

I intended to talk about the subject of aliens today because I've seen something coming for years now. I suspect it's one of those things that the people in The Deep State keep in their back pockets for when the other shit they get up to doesn't work out as they wanted it to... like right now... today.

The Deep State is a collective of some of the most loathsome characters to ever appear here. Deep State might be less comprehensive as a term than it should be because it transcends any particular government, and is composed of people from all governments, who want to keep the profits coming in and the people pacified and under their control.

That works out most of the time... or it used to... across the long reach of recorded history, but now... The Deep State is actively involved with The Usual Suspects in attempting to kill off the majority of the inhabitants here... in order to be left with themselves and a permanent servant class in the aftermath.

This nasty behavior goes on most of the time... where temporary, and often self-appointed regents conspire with each other to maintain themselves in God-like isolation from the rest of us. Somewhere in Indonesia there is an island where a bunch of people in white live near the top of the central mountain, and are served by the populace below. It's been going on for generations. I can't remember the details now. I looked into it once but have forgotten what I knew. It might not even be Indonesia, but it seems to me that it is.

The Deep State has not gotten the universal compliance they wanted from the rest of us. Apparently, there is a percentage of us that have no interest in being railroaded by these twisted... demonically possessed... dead men laughing. They are laughing because the punch line hasn't reached them yet. At that point, they will know the joke is on them and they will no longer be laughing. They are approaching that point now.

They didn't get the numbers they were looking for from The Killer Vaccines. The wars haven't provided the body count... yet... that they are after. The poisoned food and pharmaceuticals; all the rest of the toxic shit they spread around... also hasn't gotten them their Georgia Guidestone's tally... yet.

The problem for them is that they are running out of time. The bread and circus routine is working... sort of, but... that's just a delaying tactic, and... they're running out of time. They know The Awakening is growing in force, by-the-day. They know they are in a time of apocalypse because all their secret doings keep coming out into the public view, and... the public is wired.

On the downside... even though wired... what the public is plugged into is mostly meaningless distractions of virtual bread and circuses... and other attractions of low-brow and prurient interest. However... the force of The Awakening continues to grow, and the instability of The World becomes ever more pronounced.

Meanwhile, The Seat of Satan on Earth is engaged in a very public mass murder spree... to appease the bloodthirsty demons... who exercise their will... through blood sacrifice pacts... to The Dark Invisible.

The same genre of people who own Black Rock also own Pornhub. They are behind the ruinous policies of forced migration in The West. They are behind the sexual perversity movements. They are the neo-con war hawks. They are also the owners of The Information Highway and every aspect of the entertainment business. This is also becoming more and more commonly known among the sleeping classes... presently being agitated out of sleep.

They know that The Piper is coming to call, and they know the agent of The Piper's Will is an awakened populace. So... they are about to go full-tilt with their alien number, with high tech AND the aforementioned industries and agencies just mentioned, of which only a few of them were named.

They also have The Jesus-in-the-Sky Caper... waiting in the wings. and they hope to hit the right demographics with that as well... and initiate a Pentecostal fever through the ranks of the fundie cinderblock heads.

They need... they badly need... to simulate what is already coming in real terms. They badly need to hijack the groundswell of The Avatar's approach, and all the very real changes that will bring. The Public is mostly unaware of The Avatar, but they do know that something is up. The Toad Cotillion knows something is coming too, but since they do not believe in anything divine, they think they can shoehorn something credible into the gap between now and whatever is coming.

Given the ignorant and idiotic things The Public already buys into, they don't think this is much of a scenario to activate, AND... they got plenty of holograms... bells and whistles... and a really creative makeup department. Because all of their vile projects are being exposed right and left, they have to do something to distract The Public, and The Aliens are Coming is a good ruse.

They will have these mock-ups appear in ships they've engineered for the purpose, and these shills will provide the messaging that conforms with the continuing needs of The Deep State. There will be a whole lot of woo-woo, and special effects for the cosplaying communities... video game junkies... and people who believe whatever they are told; The Aliens are Coming! The Aliens are Coming! Brought to you by Black Rock Israel and The Demons of The Deep.

You will see this any time now because they BADLY need a new distraction to take The Public's attention away from the thousands of missing Palestinian workers... who got rounded up in Israel and put into cages, and the thousands of mutilated and dead children... whose numbers grow by the day. This Gazacide has awakened The Public to who is controlling them. Our Secretary of State is even sitting on an Israeli Council and acting out his dual citizenship because these creeps are that clueless.

They think they are so in charge now that it doesn't matter who knows it, and all sorts of formerly credible people... who gave the appearance of presenting alternative viewpoints... are now bowing and scraping before the atrocities being committed, and... proclaiming them justified and necessary.

As God is my witness, and he is witness to all of us... all the time... and clear as crystal; they have shot themselves... not just in the foot, and are screaming for your compliance... like the cruel and petulant children they are. It's not going to fly, and neither is this alien shindig, but it should be thoroughly amusing... eh wot?

End Transmission.......

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