Thursday, November 02, 2023

"Those Appreciating The Tireless Efforts of The Sun... Shining on One and All, Will Also Find Much to Occupy Their Thoughts."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings, Dear Friends... on this glorious day that is like every other day... when one has the eyes to see it... the heart to appreciate it... the mind to enjoy it... and the imagination to expand upon it all, and raise it to a higher understanding. Those fixated on the gloom and doom will find much to occupy their thoughts. Those appreciating the tireless efforts of The Sun to shine on one and all, will also find much to occupy their thoughts.

Though there are other truths to be gleaned in these few pages, I call your attention to page 10. I cannot link that specific page through the usual method because it seems to be all of a part.


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At various times, I have heard from the occasional unfortunate who was angry with himself and The World... usually in that order, and who took me to task for putting Lord Ganesha on the blogs.

I say, if your God can walk on water and rise from the dead... my God can have an elephant's head. Of course, Ganesh... Lord Ganapati... is not my God, he is a friend of mine, and the Lord of The Devic Realm. For those with understanding, that should explain my reasons for the friendship.

Anyway... I direct your attention to page 10 of that commentary... and the illustrations of the human brain... in respect of the presence of Lord Ganesha IN ALL OF US.

The ancient sages of the land of the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Bhagavad Gita knew a thing or two about human anatomy, and its being based on The Divine Being. Sometimes what SEEMS to be a ridiculous personification of a deity is based on real science. This is why most people cannot understand the writings of The Alchemists, especially those who are looking to make physical gold; morons!

This is not to say that you cannot make gold with The Stone, you can, but there is another gold... of much greater value... that is the real attraction of the true seekers of ageless wisdom. I am referring to The Body of Glory, also known as The Great Work, which is the result of The Operation of The Sun. It's all there for the intrepid seeker to find.

I ASSURE you... all sincere and dedicated seekers WILL FIND what they seek, should they pass through the trials, which are the necessary and unavoidable conditions for the acquisition of The Method.

The rest are free to chase after the material representation of wealth and temporary stability. I prefer the honeyed love of The Sun.

So... we mentioned the heart, the mind, and the imagination in the beginning. It is here that anyone's work must begin if you are serious about success. Each of these must be purified before anything can be accomplished. This should mean... obviously... that we have two hearts... two minds... and two states of the imagination... representing The True Self and The Shadow Self; ♫ me... and... my... shadow ♫ and so on.

One of these sets of heart... mind... and imagination... apply to The World, and the other applies to The Real World... of which this world is but a shadow. Ah! The Shadow again. He keeps cropping up. He's the product of you blocking The Light.

By now, it should be evident... or obvious; pick one... (heh heh) that there is a carnal version of the heart... the mind... and the imagination. A cursory look about you in The World should show you many examples of this version of the heart... mind... and imagination. In fact... you could say that this world... The World of The Senses... is a closed dimension of carnal enterprise. Why! Just look around you.

There are the two planes upon which The Lower and The Higher Natures disport. Each of these is subdivided into stages of grosser to finer expressions, within the framework of each. The Carnal Aspect is limited in its possibilities and ALWAYS ends in what is called Death, but... which is not actually Death, but rather... inevitable change.

Death is evidence of failure to transcend... except in rare cases of greater sacrifice for the whole. These intermissions in the course of endless life... go on and on without end... until The Way is found. This is a fact that both Physics (late to the party) and Metaphysics affirm. However... in the case of Physics, you have to know how to read the evidence. We should probably start with the mathematical proof that the universe is Thought-Born.

Of course, regardless of the obvious implications, there are those who will parse the meaning until the meaning is gone because they absolutely refuse to recognize a Divine Being. I am one of those rare types for whom this is evident at all times. For the rest, it indicates the inability to see what is right in front of you, (the forest getting in the way of the trees) but... let those with eyes to see... and so forth.

Once the heart... mind... and imagination are purified of the attractions of The Lower Nature, they can be put to good use... their intended use... which got sidetracked in the fun and games, which are not actually fun (in the long run) and less of a game than a closed circuit maze where rats are looking for the cheese. The cheese may or may not be there. It depends on the intentions of the one who built The Maze.

That would be The Mind, so... really we are only using rats as stand-ins for ourselves... running about in all directions and looking for something that cannot be found in the places where we are looking. This creates stress... which creates anger... which creates war, and so on... and so forth. People get pretty pissed off here when none of it satisfies the real hunger within.

To see the object of true desire... the heart and the imagination must be cleansed. Perhaps you are familiar with Sir Galahad and Sir Lancelot? Then you know that Galahad saw The Grail, and Lancelot only saw the light of The Grail reflected. The reasons for this should be obvious, but... what do I know?

Perhaps the reader remembers when we mentioned that one of the most significant revelations that occur in legitimate initiations is the revelation that THERE IS ONLY ONE GOD... no matter the religion... or the personifications... one God; that's all you get. It should be enough but The Maze confused the issue with a great deal of help from The Mind.

Once this idea fully dawns on you... The Mind also becomes a united state and is no longer a separated state because... in truth... there is only one mind; one God... one mind... no substitutions... no refunds. Column A and Column B no longer exist. A child's mind works in this fashion... until Puberty takes an axe to it. Then... there is the matter of Senility vs Regenerated Innocence. You don't see much of the latter... do you?

This is because of the powerful effect of Materialism on the state of The World, and... by extension... upon the heart... mind... and imagination. Of course, it all starts within the mind, but for the sake of the usual methods of perception... that has been going on around here for God knows how long... I am running it in reverse. (grin)

If you think about what languages run left to right, and right to left, it might explain a great deal... if you think about it. The World being what it is... especially at this time.

Yeah... there's only so much one can talk about using this medium. Words fail... they always fail, except in the case of The Word of God; not explained much at all from The Western Perspective... because the priest class needs the skim. It is known as OM in The East. East moves West... West moves East. This should tell you a great deal depending on what you think I am talking about.

Sorry, I sincerely do not mean to mystify. Sometimes... things said at one end, have to be reworked at the other.

I was just out for my morning commune before The Altar of The Sun, and it was one of the better interactions in a long while. I'll just include the portion that hit me the hardest.

“Visible... you know all those people you think so highly of and don't really know much about? Some of them were not a whole lot of fun to work with. They had no sense of humor; too serious for my tastes. Oh, sure... I worked with them anyway. It's part of my job to work with anyone who brings it, but... I much prefer to work with people who have a sense of humor. I cherish fun. I don't think most people know that about me. I love to have fun.”

And that brings us to an end of the day's festivities. Godspeed you one and all.

End Transmission.......

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Al M. said...

"I ASSURE you... all sincere and dedicated seekers WILL FIND what they seek, should they pass through the trials, which are the necessary and unavoidable conditions for the acquisition of The Method."

I was just finished viewing a David Ike interview with, for anyone interested.
as I appreciate many views from the many fingers of God and Mr Ike mentioned a wheel that traps people and forces reincarnation back here again as some type of hack by whomever one can imagine of the bad actors.

Anyway when he said that what I saw was not a hacked trap but a wheel that will not be side tracked until one has passed the mustard (trials) so to speak. As in The Truman show one can leave anytime they like but they just don't know how or why and what must be experienced before that door opens to the next one.

So many things are moving so fast now it surely demonstrates that time fly's when one is having fun.

Much Love and Thanks Amigo!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"They Are Now Perishing in Massive Crowds of Genuflecting Nimrods, Walking into The Surf for The Pleasure of Sharks."

0 said...

Fun huh. Felt that. I am pretty serious most of the time. I do find irony rather amusing. Ah well, it is what it is and ain't what it t'aint.

I'm ok with Fun as long as the Works all Done First. Work first, Play Later.

I haven't had fun in years tho. The best I can do is find a way to be alone or with my Dog without Other things Stressing me, usually people. The context is the Alls concern, I just try to take in as much as I can so the All gets the feed from my effort so it can do as it needs to... tho that sounds sorta stupid saying it out loud. When I was in my 20s I decided to learn everything I was curious about and take it all in and that I'd then depend on the All to put order to it all. In any case its been lived, and so is done.

Give my apologies to the Su/on. If I wasn't how I am I'd be like the rest. I am ok with what I've be-come.


Chillease said...

You may want to watch the best documentaries on Our Lady Of Guadalupe. It is mesmerizing for the spirit and scientists are mind-blown with the details. Thank you for your insights which are very much appreciated. : )



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