Wednesday, May 03, 2017

There Comes a Time in Every Life when Life May Come Alive.

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Greetings and salutations my friends. We are now thousands of miles from where we were, in the land of mostly perpetual sunlight and triple digit temperatures but... it's dry heat and very easy to deal with. It's a new game board in this location and much more Trumpville than psychopathic liberal soul rot territory. It's a hard call as to which state of mind is more pernicious, given that the international banker control demons are seemingly running the show from both ends toward a non existent middle. It can be very hard on us to stay faithful, determined and filled with certitude at this time but... otherwise, despair is your roommate and not very good company.

We have received several emails in recent days from readers who are on the edge, concerning what they imagine themselves to be up against, given their interpretation of the experiences they are having. Herein lies the problem across the board. It is what we think is real and what we think is happening that is messing up our minds. I know this because I have been victimized by the same misconceptions for periods of time that... were occasionally disturbed by moments of clarity.

Various readers are really on edge, emotionally and mentally. Those who are not are up against material problems that seem to be coming out of nowhere. Everything comes out of nowhere or... in other words, everything seen, originates in the unseen. This means we can often control what seems to be going on around us by having a conscious relationship with that which is actually in control of everything that seems to be and occasionally is.

We make things much harder for ourselves than they have to be by thinking and thereby complicating circumstances through the process of misidentifying whatever. If what we think is what we are then, why bother thinking when our perspective is always limited given that it is personal? Is it not better to have the ineffable think through us? Seriously... if we, who know nothing, allow the one who knows everything to do our thinking for us then our interference in the divine process is at an end. All our troubles and all of our suffering originates out of the personal and becomes continuously subject to the vicissitudes of Karma. We are no more than a ping pong ball going back and forth, until the force of whatever Karma we carry has been exhausted across the long road of cause and effect. In the meantime we keep creating new Karma and it begins to look like there is no end to it. The circle constantly circles and whatever happens takes upon itself the aspect of our interpretations of it.

We do not have to keep going through what we are going through. Surrender is the key. Once you surrender to the ineffable and once you take it upon yourself to rely on the ineffable, the ineffable will surely find and implement the shortest way to liberation. It is effortless. It is we, ourselves who bring effort into the picture and make ourselves old and weary by dividing ourselves against ourselves.

I had an amusing experience recently. Some European that shows up at infrequent intervals, took me to task over my vaping. He summarily ignored everything that was being said, in order to focus upon his disdain for my stopping smoking and shifting to vaping. This could be compared to dismissing the important information on highway signs for the sake of texting someone, or... put another way, opting for the insubstantial and irrelevant over the substantial and relevant. I notice this form of behavior more and more as I seek to turn my attention more and more toward what is meaningful. The thing is that I have been no different than anyone else when it comes to being distracted by concerns that have no importance whatsoever. Where I differ from many is that I refuse to remain that way and eventually good things happen.

I bring this up to point out that I didn't start vaping during my broadcasts just because it can be amusing. I did it because of the remarkable health benefits I am getting from vaping and the hope that it might influence others who have been victimizing themselves through smoking cigarettes. It got to where I couldn't sing anymore. That is unacceptable. What I have been studiously avoiding and refusing to recognize is that I am aging, as are we all and therefore experiencing problems that never surfaced before. There are, quite simply, things you can no longer do when you are seventy years old that you could get away with when you were younger.

I am not promoting vaping. I don't know what the risks are. What I do know is that they do not approach the drawbacks that I run into from what I was doing before. The time has come to be sensible about my way of living. I never thought I would find myself saying this (grin) but... so it is.

I've been giving a lot of thought to what it is that I do and have come to the conclusion that I would much rather be informative than entertaining. I would much rather be simple than complex. I would much rather fully and completely live what I believe than exercise it inconsistently. Sometimes we think we are being honest with ourselves and we are not. It is a rare individual indeed who always hews to the line without exception. The excuses we make for ourselves are many and many of us get to the point where we are unaware that we are doing it. It's like living a double life. I observe glaring examples of this in the behavior of various new age practitioners who go about preaching certain points of view and then walking out of the lecture hall with a briefcase full of money. This is common practice these days, except when it results in a wire transfer rather than a briefcase. I don't know what these people tell themselves but I can imagine. It looks to me like someone talking about God, while at the same time presuming that God isn't actually watching or that God doesn't really care. What they don't seem to get is that the portion of God that does engage in every judgment concerning our actions is a part of ourselves. In the end we are shown the error of our ways in such a manner that it is revelatory and irrefutable and we wind up being the one passing judgment on ourselves.

Personally... I am experiencing the most remarkable states of being that I have ever known. There is a sweetness to life that has either been missing or I just never saw it. Now, each person I meet has my full attention. I recognize that it isn't important what I might say about myself. I'm of no importance at all, unless I am listening to the other person. I have no need to spill myself out on others but... everywhere I go, there are people with a desperate need to talk about themselves and if you can offer this invisible room, composed of mirrors that adapt to the better possibilities of every reflection then people can cleanse and liberate themselves without you ever needing to say a word. I am finding that this place is like a rapture. It is the missing dynamic in all of existence. If one can simply let themselves fade away they will become filled up with whomever is around and manifest the most remarkable possibilities in them. It is as if some magical mechanism comes into play that does whatever it is that is being done... all by itself. It's automatic and precise and perfect. It needs no assistance in what it does and completes itself absolutely when it is unhindered. It is always taking place in a potential sense but it is seldom ever taking place because it is so seldom unhindered.

It is so incredibly clear to me now and I find it impossible to explain it in anyway close to how it is. That's not terribly important because IT IS. It is. I've bumbled and stumbled over and around it for so long and it was right in front of me all the time. I couldn't see it because I was in the way. All I had to do was step out of the way and it precipitated into being. I remember now all of the different ways that I read about it in the words of masters. I remember nodding my head as I felt I understood it when I did not understand it and so I moved on into one or another of the myriad of predictable and cycling patterns that emerge, immediately following my glossing over it.

I remember how it would seem tedious or incomplete whenever I sought to perform some variant of self abdication... the attempt to push myself aside... the acting episodes when I performed what I had been given to understand was how you did it or got it done and I was right in that respect. I was right that this way what one needed to do but I was wrong in the sense of thinking it was something you did. You don't do it. It simply takes place and you're a witness to it.

I know I'm not saying anything new but what is new is the awareness I presently possess concerning the manner in which one comprehends it and the correct part of oneself that has anything to do with it. Somehow it comes to a point where everything is finally aligned as it has to be and before you even know it is happening it is happening and so familiar and easy that you are mystified as to why you never got it and the truth is that it can't happen until it is meant to happen. Prior to that, you bang your head against the wall, you try yoga and meditation, you pray and plead and weep and laugh, you run around in a state of progressive confusion, you stand awestruck in some brief flash of tranquility; just a taste, just enough to let you know what the most important thing in the world is before it disappears again and NOTHING you do matters or makes any difference in the process of ultimately arriving where you have been all along, lacking only the recognition, lacking only that particular awareness that lights up the darkened room that you thought was already lit.

Of course it is all important as parts of the means to an end that is measureless and only begins at that point and which has been going on all along but which for the most part has been invisible because no one sees it because everyone is standing in their own way of it. This has never been so crystalline like this for me and there's no way to talk about it as if it were something one could describe or explain because the description and explanation of it can only be found in the experience of it and there is no way to stand apart from it and... heh heh... it is something so wonderful that all the finest material possibilities that have ever been or shall be ...rolled all into one... every dream that has ever been dreamed and anything I might say and not say cannot even approach the very edge of the light of it, nor ever shall and the most. Everything else can only come to the edging skirts of the shadows that flee from it and the most beautiful truth of it is that we shall all of us come to that place when the time appointed for it arrives.

I'm guessing one should live in a state of constant, trembling expectation of it. It waits around the corner and it doesn't matter how great the distance before the corner turns into it. It will come. It cannot be otherwise and perhaps ones clumsy efforts after acquiring it have something to do with the speed by which it arrives and possibly one's indifference to it has something to do with it remaining out of reach. I can't say for certain and I don't know but... it is truly as wonderful as it is indescribable and we shall all be there, even as we are already there without knowing it. Like the good book says... “for now we see through a glass darkly...”

Some measure of this joy and bliss... may it come to you with all possible expediency.

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