Monday, September 16, 2019

"Not all Epiphanies are Serendipitous, nor All Revelations a Beauty and a Wonder; be Watchful."

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Greetings dear friends and welcome to the latest installment of Visible Origami; all day today I have been sitting here, or there... pondering, reflecting, thinking my way in and around a peculiar revelation that has come upon me and like with anything else I run into these days- having learned my lesson about so many things, by this time, I've had to keep changing the angle of my perspective to get a more expanded read on what I experienced. Regardless of how many times I might have done this, there was no getting around the fact that a certain amount of time was needed for digestion. In much the same way as the food you eat has to process through your system and get separated into what the body takes to use and the rest of which gets packaged for disposal, one's thoughts go through a very similar series of changes.

About ten years ago I was on some Oaxacan mushrooms and I was hiking through some German woodlands when I came to the top of a ridge, where there was a poster under glass that described the area ahead and some information about wildlife and a few do's and don't. I clearly remember standing there and reading the text, when another consciousness came into my own and began speaking to me. This was before the time when back and forth discourse came into play and at that time I would only hear from my invisible friends when I was on psychedelics. I was told that the information I was taking in from the poster was the same as the food I eat and that was the case with all sensory information. I was told I should chew slowly and thoughtfully and that if I did this, whatever information I was getting would be more fully assimilated and I'd get much more out of it. The conversation continued to the subject of spiritual texts.

I was told that there were stages of understanding that were possible for me if I had my attention fully fixed on the material I was reading, that the degree of my concentration had everything to do with the amount of real value I would get. I was told that there was one understanding I could get from the immediate reading and then another understanding that would come over time, as my subconscious digested what I had read. I was told that the surface understanding of 'inspired' spiritual texts and scripture was one thing but that there was a much deeper understanding that would come through revelation, if I was slow and deliberate, patient and fully focused on what I was reading. The interesting thing, as I remember, was that while I was hearing this I could literally feel my mind chewing the information, as a prelude to the following digestion.

Over the years that have followed since this occurred, I have had an ongoing series of these conversations and I have come to trust the source of the information because, over time, everything I was told, either appeared in my life as evidence, or came true. I've had people ask me about why I trust what I hear and how do I know the source is reputable and an authentic oracle. I reply that my experiences have proven all of it out and by this time I no longer question what I am told. In the times when I did question, or worse, went in a direction counter to the directions I was given, I paid for it.

When I met my master on the beach, such a long time ago it seems now, during the whole of the time we were interacting, he kept saying “I don't know.” I did not realize what this meant or the impact it would later have on my life. I was completely under his influence and completely unaware of this as well.

At one point we were walking along the edge of this stream and about to go under the bridge, toward the ocean. Highway 1 ran over the bridge. We were talking and he said something to me, I can't remember what it was and I found myself saying, “I don't know.” Then I repeated it several times, I don't know why and while this was happening, I had this visceral, deep to the core of my being, certainty that I REALLY did not know. Everything I thought I knew was being, temporarily, sucked right out of me. It was, by turns, frightening and exciting. Because, along with all the things I thought I knew went everything I believed about myself. I had no idea who I was but somehow that was okay. I suspect, no! I am sure it would have driven many other people insane. Fortunately... I had never known who I was to begin with and had nothing invested in the persona that I had been operating through. I did experience the incredible lightness of being in the aftermath.

Some months later, everything I thought I knew was completely sucked out of me, along with every connection I had to family or anything else in this world. The funny thing is that, after that, it is as if everyone else knew about this and I never had any relationship, any blood tie associations at all continue on, ever since.

This peculiar revelation I had today has set me back into a continuous consideration of it. I have been writing these blogs since around the beginning of the century and all of my interactions with other people have come about through contacts made through this. Since I am no longer carried on the large news gathering sites, my audience has been concentrated in a smaller number of people and I take all of my cues and the things I talk about from the resonance between us. As the reader knows, it is a common occurrence for me to discuss subjects that they had just been thinking about. This is no accident. It has to do with our commonality behind all the fictional knowing that runs this world, the delusions that control the masses of the population and the delusions manipulated by the controllers, who are well aware of this aspect of human psychology. Here is a maxim for the ages however, So long as you think YOU KNOW, then GOD DOES NOT KNOW. When you KNOW THAT YOU DO NOT KNOW then GOD DOES KNOW and anything you ever need to know, God will inform you of.

Anyway, now these writings have been going out to another audience and there are some people in this audience who know everything. You have only to ask them. This world of social interplay is ego driven and that means a whole bunch of people with cudgels in their hands, demanding that they are right; people who are suspicious of the motives of others, because those are their motives and they believe everyone is like them. If they are thieves, they think everyone else is a thief. If they are greedy, everyone else is greedy. If they know they are faking this or that or whatever, then everyone else is doing the same.

If the dog looks into a mirror, it sees another dog. Whatever the animal or person, this is what they see when they look into the universal mirror. This is how they create their anthropomorphic god, who is a bigger version of them. If they are vengeful, he is vengeful. If they are autocratic, he is autocratic. After a fashion they are right because this is the God they run into; just as the devil is the way the wicked see God.

So I am learning an important lesson here. In all honesty- and long time readers know this- I don't think of myself as anyone more important than anyone else. I don't think I know it all, or that I am always right, or that I know what is going on, or that I have the secret key of life (well... I do have that but... so does everyone else). The secret key of life is Love. Now... I could do just fine in this new environment, if I only can remember the one thing that I- along with so many others- keep forgetting and that is to STILL THE REACTIVE MIND; to not argue with anyone, to simply state the case and let fare what fares.

Unfortunately I have lost a little of my edge, my former deftness, because I am not used to dealing with deceitful and self aggrandizing types. I am used to dealing with the sort of people that compose the readership here, over these past years. I have had a real wake-up call. There are people out there who want to hurt you, me, anyone. They don't care if they lie, or slander. It matters not to them because they are the one's doing it and EVERYTHING they do is okay.

When people, who are not who they present themselves as, see you, they don't see you. They see themselves and you are someone as fully capable of certain behavior as they are and they are so sure of this that they figure they had better do it to you first. Most importantly, you should never tell them the truth about themselves because then they will seethe with a terrible hatred for you and long after you have forgotten about whatever it was that set them off, they will still be burning up with it. One of the Buddhas once said, “be kind to those who abuse you, you will put a basket of burning coals on their heads” (grin). Yeah... I get that. There are a good amount of wonderful people in this world and at that other location; probably more than we might think but... there are also a large amount of self wounding refugees, walking down punishment road and they would love to take you along.

I had forgotten a lot of these things because I wasn't running into any of them, except very rarely. That phrase from the Bible keeps coming back at me; “Be ye as wise as serpents but as harmless as doves.” Also; “behold, I send you out as sheep among the wolves.”

I already knew, or I did know, (even though I don't know) that there is nothing any of these people can do to me. As another Buddha said, “If a man brings you a gift and you do not accept it, to whom does that gift then belong?” Right. Still, in my usual Pollyanna fashion, I forgot all about hard learned lessons of the past. I have been reminded. Well... I've said what I have to say; not as comprehensively as I might have liked but... I'll get to that up the road (grin). I wanted to leave you with something nice so... here you go-

Something happened last night, concerning a reader and afterwards, I burst into tears. I wept for some time. Then I went into the alcove just off the living room to mention it to my friend and Jackie Evancho was singing on my friend's computer. If you do not know who Jackie Evancho is, you are in for a real treat.

Doubt the presence of God and his angels? Doubt no more because an angel of God is singing through this young lady and if you can't hear and feel it... ah... there is nothing I can say to that.

She is a sweet treasure and further proof to me (as if I needed any) that God is real. In a sense, God is as real as we are... if we choose to be real. Here is one last offering from her and you can find many more on the net. I think someone in her family has gender issues, not that that matters.

She is 18 this year and I had the good fortune to catch her at 10 years old, which is what you will see and hear in those links. How can I describe how my heart soared on every note of her singing? This made me reflect on how truly fortunate I am; not in worldly goods, or other material assets. I don't look like Tom Cruise. I am not an international celebrity. I do not sit in one of the seats of temporal power, nor do I aspire to any of those assured embarrassments further in the wind. If you have God in your life, you need nothing else and God is in no one's life because he went and got permission first.

Whether God is or is not in your life is of real importance only to you and only you need be convinced of it. What anyone else thinks is irrelevant. One thing I think all of us can agree on, whether God is in our lives or not, is that when God comes into anyone's life, there is no doubting that it happened. If it is real then the impact of it is real too and it is also something that gives evidence of its presence to others as well. Certainly not to those who do not have God in their lives, or who claim to have God in their lives but do not. The truth is that ALL will be revealed. Lies will be shown to be lies. Evil done will not remain concealed.

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Sunday, September 08, 2019

The Entire World is a Distraction from the Power Upon which it Relies for its Existence.

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Welcome to Visible Origami, our go to metaphysical blog, wherein we investigate the world outside the parameters of the sensory apparati. Being born with an imaginative disposition and then being beaten and abused into a state of chronic schizophrenia, I spent many of my early years outside the parameters of the pedestrian senses. I'm not sure I would have survived otherwise. Some years later, when I discovered psychedelics, it was like old home week on turbo-nova steroids. I took to it like a hydrogen molecule to a threesome with oxygen.

Later... when I came upon eastern religions and the teachings attendant, My mind quickly dovetailed with their idea that this life, is most certainly a dream state. It took me awhile to learn not to disturb the sleepwalkers going by in all directions. It took me about the same length of time to realize that 'they' were not going to get what I was experiencing, until certain absolutely necessary transformations took place; whether that be through trauma, some greater catastrophe, or serendipitous epiphany, as a byproduct of Grace. This put me in the position of having to leave depth charges and time bombs along the route of my passage, just as others had done for me, across the centuries and millennia prior to. When I was very young, I thought of it as footprints left for me to follow and follow I did.

People exist in three states of presentation. There is a period when the past is their general reference to anything they are discussing. There is a period where the present is the only reference to anything they are discussing and... in certain rare circumstances, one is speaking into the future and whatever the reverse of an echo is, comes into play, as the mechanism of resonance, for comprehension that... isn't taking place right then. You with me so far (grin)?

It can be a very scary thing to find out that what you thought was reality, is not real. It can cause a person to go insane because they cannot process it. Among those, you have people who manage somehow, in the aftermath and those who cannot. At this very moment there are a frightening number of people who have gone mad or are about to. Urban environments are littered with these ship wrecked souls, washed up on strange (to them) shores, who make their way in various stages of defensive intoxication and seek death on the most available avenue. It is a common feature of materialism that suicide and despair begin to reach epidemic proportions. It's funny- but not hah hah- when you have EVERYTHING and realize that something is missing. This is a common experience for them that do.

There is a great and resentful wailing about slavery in these times and that is because there is such opportunity to indulge in it; never realizing that the proliferation of this and all kinds of other insanities are being promoted by a specific group of people who control the information highway. I should point out that these are descendants of the people who owned the slave ships that brought the slaves to the new world. One can find historical proof that surely as many members of every other color and kind have been enslaved at another time. We possess only a fragment of the histories that have come and gone. What is really taking place is that the servants of the Prince of Darkness are abroad, stirring hatred, dissension, discord and chaos wherever the fertile fields of ignorance are to be found. Things like Antifa did not come out of nowhere. The evil and terrible horror of mob justice is always lurking at the borders of the shadow but it is the spiritual light in our larger grouping of the sane that has kept it at bay.

The power of God comes and goes in human personalities all the time. All the great heroes, the real ones, were inspired by the single master of us all.

All the good guys and the bad guys too; for the sake of drama and the purpose of demonstration. He can change from and into anything in the wink of an eye. And you and I? We will be judged in the quietude of exposure, to our own deeds, through the eyes of every witness who experienced it. We will be judged according to our capacity for love, to the degree that we let our personal self go and allow the cosmic dancer to flow through our being and twist and leap, in the choreographed footsteps of extemporaneous and inspired spontaneity, as our true freedom burns through every prison bar and through all of the armies and warders and agents of darkness that were only there for the purpose of seeing if we had it in us or not. Until we show that we do, the labyrinths of confinement will materialize in that space that exists between us and whatever is blocking the sun that seeks to shine on and through us and it will never be other than you and I who stands between you and I.

You and I are our own shadow, the false self, built out of the coalesced particles of darkness, that are attracted to one another by the radiant heat of ignorant desire, which creates spiritual rebellion. The luminous and living light of God reveals all. In it nothing can be hidden. It is like the ever recurrent tale of Adam and Eve, whose nakedness was revealed to them as shameful. The literalist fundies take the whole of The Bible as being literal truth, when it is often analogy and metaphor, much like the parables of Jesus the Christ and any other who has been Christed, which means the spirit of God is now consciously resident in their being. It was always so but not recognized. When one experiences transcendent awareness, the false self is dematerialized, as if it had never been and... it never was! This is how one can be forgiven of their sin; the one engaged in it is no longer present. “Behold! All things are become new.” To cast off the old man is to cast off death. One who is hosting the eternal spirit of the living God is no longer subject to the protocols of mortality.

There is a perpetual argument going about among the uninformed, they being the only ones who engage in argument in any case. The wise do not argue. They know full well that they do not know, just as they know that there is one who does know and who is resident within. That argument is whether one is or is not God. I've listened to both sides of the equation and have decided for myself that I would prefer to be a servant of God. This runs contrary to Advaitism. Here is a westerner explaining what Advaita is. My feeling is that this person talks far too much about it to know what he is talking about but... that is neither here nor there (heh heh- here nor there... heh heh- never mind) I recognize the truth of Advaita BUT I, willingly, choose the posture of duality because it allows me to be an eternal subject of the everlasting. In other words, I seek to be apart so that I can adore my creator.

Yes... the time comes when one is in true union with the beloved but... one MUST realize that in terms of mind and in terms of being a being in the context of manifest life... all of these things exist in a state of contradiction. I don't care, given that it is all 'neti-neti' it is none of these things, it is all of these things, it is rather more a gestalt, which is where the total is MORE than the sum of its parts.

I have studied in all of the systems that there are that I could find. In some cases it did not take very long for me to know it was not for me, or in cases like Tantra, where it was beyond me and not permitted for me, in any case, without a bonafide teacher. In cases like Judaism, Scientology and a host of similar methodologies, it was Satanism in camouflage. What I was left with was Bhakti Yoga, which is the practice of pure devotion and love for the creator and lord of all things. True Christians are Bhakti practitioners, as are any devotees who are able to lose all sense of their personal and separate self in the love of the beloved.

Here is a beautiful secret that hides in plain sight, or for as long as it is present but has not yet been pointed out to you. One can pursue the path of Wisdom, which is called Jnana, also the path of knowledge and self realization, or one can pursue the path of Devotion, which is called Bhakti. In the former one can become as wise as Solomon and know all there is to know BUT... he will still have to come back and walk the path of Love. However, the one who walks the path of Love has the other added in as one of the perks of the way. Like the scripture says, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all else will be added unto you.”

I did not choose the path of Love, simply due to being a poet and a lover of God, but because of the danger inherent in all of the other ways and means. In this time of utter deception and material darkness, it is VERY difficult to achieve true liberation and all too easy to be seduced by the glamours of the world. I'm just not smart enough, nor strong enough to trust myself in anything but unqualified love.

There is an ancient tale told about Solomon, which is not widely known. As the result of his mastery of all of the arcane arts, he knew that he was going to die on a Saturday, so... at a certain point, he spent that entire day in prayer, knowing he could not be taken under those circumstances. So God sent an angel to distract him and... whoops. It does make me wonder how wise he really was though, to seek to evade going through the portal into paradise ...but many tales and teachings exist for the beauty of the weave in the tapestry. It is all the color and drama of life that makes it such an epic movie. The reels are changed as our roles are changed and on and on we go in search of whatever is meaningful to us. The question is; is it meaningful in and of itself? Is it eternally meaningful? Otherwise it is just one pedestrian passion after another. We pick up a toy only to discard it when something else glitters. On and on it goes.

I am tired of this place. It holds no attractions for me. If I were young again and filled with all the fire of passion for the experience of life, I would run away as fast as I could manage, indeed that was what I did to begin with but there is so much that is not in our hands. What IS IN OUR HANDS is our reactions and our intentions. The key to the mastery of life is in the mastery of the reactive mind. Oh my! Look at the time! He looks at his wrist, upon which there is no watch, nor has been and well... that's going to have to be it. Even though time is only a construct of the mind, it plays quite a tune in this theater of the absurd.

(Nothing stated in this posting should be an indication that I have any idea of what I am talking about whatsoever; I would say 'caveat emptor' but this didn't cost you anything but your time.)

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A note of interest; this morning I saw where troublemaker Antonio Brown was gotten rid of by the Oakland Raiders. I went to my friend and said, "The Patriots will pick him up soonest." An hour later I heard this had happened. I shoulda made a bet in Vegas (grin). Anyway... if they can get the egomaniac under control, Tom Brady to Antonio Brown will be devastating for the league!!! and I am a Pats fan; have been since 1999 when Brady came in. However... with Brady's time soon to end, who shows up? My quarterback of the future, Baker Mayfield! AND he gets the most amazing backup players- like magic... heh heh... I love it when these things happen!!!

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The Supernal Realm and the Infernal Realm and the Industrious Angels that Fly Between.

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This is the metaphysical corner in Visibilandia. Although we do not feature (at this location) discount crystals, Chakra Khan Cleansing, psychic past life readings from our resident Hell's Angel leather nun, Hallelujah- Oil Slick- Rainbow Morning, Reiki Applied, Lower Astral Colonics Twerking, or any number of other seriously sophisticated, new age, hornswaggle hulas, horizontal hulas or any hulas; not even bobble head hulas, we do have a few things you are extremely unlikely to run across at Divine Travel Cruises, hosted by that Renaissance Woman of All Things for All Ages on the Sliding Scale for Bell Curve Ex-Pats, Susan Shumsky who, no matter what anyone says, is not in it ONLY for the money; wait until you read about all the cool things she can do and is a master of!!! She even 'teaches' intuition! Wow! How do you teach Intuition? And Boy Howdy for that! There is a whole list of accomplished Masters of The Universe at that page. Here is just one of the fantastic, To the Moon Alice! Trips that you can go on. Wait!!! There's more!!! If you order now, you can go here to sign up for more things than you ever imagined were possible!!! You can just keep going to one place after another, for as long as your bank account or trust fund makes possible.

To be honest, I can't do all the things that Susan and the other people at that page can do. However, to be fair, neither can Susan or the other clowns. You really owe it to yourself to read the bios of the people who will be resident at the Too the Moon, Alice Trip on UFOs, most especially, Zadok 'Ra' Osiris. Not only are nearly all of them from 'a particular genetic demographic' but as you study their claims, well... why not just see for yourself? There are all kinds of opportunities to 'pay in advance' for certain 'services' that will be available on the cruise. Sadly, these are not going to be the kind of services you might have paid for in another time and place from practitioners dressed by Victoria's Secret, where you might have felt like you got your money's worth, as long as you don't get arrested but... the good news is that you can still remind yourself that, regardless... you did get screwed, even if it wasn't in the way you had hoped it might be but they do provide a champagne brunch.

I try very hard not to say I can do things that I cannot do. There are several reasons for this. One of them is that I do not want to be exposed as a fraud or a con artist. Now... it is true that there are people who think of me in a less than positive light but it isn't from selling pink slime as hamburger. Another reason is that I truly hate to disappoint people and promise something that cannot be delivered. What I promise, CAN BE delivered but it will cost you something; not money, which is the least valuable of what you possess. It will cost you time and effort and it will require Faith, Certitude and Determination. I suspect none of you would really appreciate it anyway, if it didn't cost time and effort. There is a certain satisfaction we gain from putting our life blood and our sweat into something; be that allegorical or metaphorical, after a fashion, or not. In this case you have to impress the source of the item(s) you are after and that source is not easily impressed. One finds out fairly quickly whether they are up to it or not.

I want to talk to you about spiritual powers. Most of you already have these powers but may not be aware of how to activate or employ them. It is NOT A GOOD THING to seek after powers of any kind. You are responsible for the results from your performance of them. Many an offender deeply wishes, in the aftermath, that they had not tried to be The Sorcerers Apprentice. It is always best to let these things develop naturally on their own, as the fruits of austerities and spiritual practices. That said, the evolution CAN BE hothoused. Sitting on top of every physical sense, is a spiritual sense and one of the main reasons that we cannot access these senses, is because we have, through habit and routine, overly identified with the physical side of our senses. This is especially true in times of material darkness.

There are some spiritual powers that we don't recognize as being spiritual powers. I assure you they are exactly that. We consider these powers to be qualities. Among them are Compassion, Understanding, Integrity, Faith, Certitude and Determination among quite a few others. These qualities, in their higher aspect, are the qualities of God and correctly employed, they can have the same impact as when they are exercised by divine agency. What we call Angels and what are termed Devas in the East, individually embody these qualities. There are grades of angelic beings. The Invisible Hierarchy and the Angelic Kingdom are not unlike the levels of management in a large corporation.

You might think that Archangels are the highest in the ranks. This is not so. I, in NO WAY, am an expert on angels. Most of what I know about angels is that they exist and this is because I have direct experience of that. According to certain arcane traditions, angels exist in 'spheres', of which there are three. Among angels, Seraphim are considered the highest because they are closest to God. After them come Cherubim, then Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels and then, your generic angel. The last of these are our intermediaries and guardian angels come out of this group. You can do your own research if you are of a mind and want to know what the various ranks of angels do.

Isn't it interesting that in the common parlance of today, Seraphim and Cherubim are seen as cuddly little creatures on Valentine Cards and such?

The qualities I spoke of would no doubt be represented by the Virtues and in some cases, Powers. There is an angel who oversees each of the physical senses. There are angels that regulate the other angels. Angels, though mostly unseen, are involved in every aspect of human existence. This is also true of animals and plants as well. When you have demonstrated yourself to be a legitimate representative of ANY of the higher aspects of human behavior, you are going to come into contact with angels. I could go on and on about this subject but that is not the purpose of this posting.

I do have a question though, why is it that the only people who seem to see angels, are complete airheads and are looking to charge you for talking about them and- should you be foolish enough to oblige- will find yourself never wanting to hear about angels again. It just seems to me... I could be wrong, of course but... it just seems to me that any self respecting angels would tear off in the opposite direction the moment they even saw one of these people approaching.

It is angels who activate the spiritual powers in you that have been mentioned here. Contrary to what most people think, EVERYTHING you think and say and do is SEEN and KNOWN and recorded by an angel and perhaps even more so these days, by their opposite number in the infernal kingdom. We exist in the aptly named Middle Earth. Above us, after a manner of speaking, is the supernal kingdom (Kingdom of God). Below us and often, all around us, is the Infernal Kingdom. There is a spiritual war that 'appears' to be taking place and the objective is to bring Heaven on Earth, or alternatively, Hell on Earth. One could accurately state that both of these exist in the manifest, in certain locations on this planet. At this very moment there are people experiencing unimaginable brutality and others who are in states of also unimaginable rapture and grace.

As we make the ineffable the centerpiece of our existence, we are immediately led toward that greatest of all encounters. It starts right off. At any point one can step away into the pedestrian and mundane and most do. It is the rare and singular soul who has convinced themselves that THIS IS ALL THERE IS. For them, the keys to the kingdom of heaven are forged.

Most people believe that there is a principle of uncertainty in life; that there is such a thing as random occurrence. Most people, in one fashion or another, believe that the devil wars against God with some expectation of success. Surely from conditions here on Earth, it can seem that way. The Devil has only the power rendered by anyone through Fear and fear can ONLY manifest through a departure from righteousness. Otherwise there is no reason for any progeny of the most high to fear ANYTHING... EVER. Another interesting and mathematically dependable thing is that NO negative attribute can exist simultaneously in the same place as real Love. Love displaces Fear, Anger, Hate; all of those and their fellow travelers. It is some kind of cosmic truism, perfect love casts out fear and all of the others too.

I am going to state something that many of the readers have seen before but... since there is a new audience these days, it bears repeating. Any of you are free to disagree with what I say here but you will get no argument from me about it. All are free to believe what their present level of awareness permits for them; THE DEVIL WORKS FOR GOD. He is an employee. He operates as the tempter here to test the faith of humanity, until that faith has been justified in revelation. Following that, there is no further need for testing. At NO TIME is the almighty God not in complete control of EVERYTHING, nor shall there ever come such a time. That is the reason for the title of 'almighty'.

The battle is over. The battle is long over. It only continues in the hearts and minds of those still at war with themselves and by extension with everyone else. Whatever discord there is, is in those who are divided against themselves.

“Even the devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment, be not deceived.”

You can't find that quote anywhere these days where it resembles that sequencing with those words. The argument is that the devil can make himself to appear as the real thing. It would profit the one inspired to inquire... to think about this and also WHY this quote as it once was, no longer is? Why would it have been changed so dramatically? I CLEARLY remember how it once read and does no more.

As I said, one can believe what they like but... once revelation and true epiphany have occurred there are no more devils. The devil is simply God as the wicked see him. In the meantime, it is not possible to convince anyone of the truth of anything, while the force of their own desires and appetites shapes the world they see. Everyone in rebellion is a fallen angel. Free will is the right to oppose the divine will. The divine will, seen in it's true light, is the course, designed by the grand architect, of what is best for us. Most of us oppose this because we think we know better and... as a man thinketh, so is he.

We live in paradise this very moment. We just can't see it because of the veils upon our sight, because we see through a glass darkly. The gates of Heaven are open wide for any who are of a mind to enter. When one ceases serving themselves and is able to forget themselves in selfless service, they are in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is selfishness that blinds us and fear is the whip hand that drives us forward, just as the devil's pitchfork is the goad, eventually we find ourselves on the path and require no further prodding. We do not have to suffer. It is all the result of ignorant desire.

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