Sunday, September 08, 2019

The Entire World is a Distraction from the Power Upon which it Relies for its Existence.

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Welcome to Visible Origami, our go to metaphysical blog, wherein we investigate the world outside the parameters of the sensory apparati. Being born with an imaginative disposition and then being beaten and abused into a state of chronic schizophrenia, I spent many of my early years outside the parameters of the pedestrian senses. I'm not sure I would have survived otherwise. Some years later, when I discovered psychedelics, it was like old home week on turbo-nova steroids. I took to it like a hydrogen molecule to a threesome with oxygen.

Later... when I came upon eastern religions and the teachings attendant, My mind quickly dovetailed with their idea that this life, is most certainly a dream state. It took me awhile to learn not to disturb the sleepwalkers going by in all directions. It took me about the same length of time to realize that 'they' were not going to get what I was experiencing, until certain absolutely necessary transformations took place; whether that be through trauma, some greater catastrophe, or serendipitous epiphany, as a byproduct of Grace. This put me in the position of having to leave depth charges and time bombs along the route of my passage, just as others had done for me, across the centuries and millennia prior to. When I was very young, I thought of it as footprints left for me to follow and follow I did.

People exist in three states of presentation. There is a period when the past is their general reference to anything they are discussing. There is a period where the present is the only reference to anything they are discussing and... in certain rare circumstances, one is speaking into the future and whatever the reverse of an echo is, comes into play, as the mechanism of resonance, for comprehension that... isn't taking place right then. You with me so far (grin)?

It can be a very scary thing to find out that what you thought was reality, is not real. It can cause a person to go insane because they cannot process it. Among those, you have people who manage somehow, in the aftermath and those who cannot. At this very moment there are a frightening number of people who have gone mad or are about to. Urban environments are littered with these ship wrecked souls, washed up on strange (to them) shores, who make their way in various stages of defensive intoxication and seek death on the most available avenue. It is a common feature of materialism that suicide and despair begin to reach epidemic proportions. It's funny- but not hah hah- when you have EVERYTHING and realize that something is missing. This is a common experience for them that do.

There is a great and resentful wailing about slavery in these times and that is because there is such opportunity to indulge in it; never realizing that the proliferation of this and all kinds of other insanities are being promoted by a specific group of people who control the information highway. I should point out that these are descendants of the people who owned the slave ships that brought the slaves to the new world. One can find historical proof that surely as many members of every other color and kind have been enslaved at another time. We possess only a fragment of the histories that have come and gone. What is really taking place is that the servants of the Prince of Darkness are abroad, stirring hatred, dissension, discord and chaos wherever the fertile fields of ignorance are to be found. Things like Antifa did not come out of nowhere. The evil and terrible horror of mob justice is always lurking at the borders of the shadow but it is the spiritual light in our larger grouping of the sane that has kept it at bay.

The power of God comes and goes in human personalities all the time. All the great heroes, the real ones, were inspired by the single master of us all.

All the good guys and the bad guys too; for the sake of drama and the purpose of demonstration. He can change from and into anything in the wink of an eye. And you and I? We will be judged in the quietude of exposure, to our own deeds, through the eyes of every witness who experienced it. We will be judged according to our capacity for love, to the degree that we let our personal self go and allow the cosmic dancer to flow through our being and twist and leap, in the choreographed footsteps of extemporaneous and inspired spontaneity, as our true freedom burns through every prison bar and through all of the armies and warders and agents of darkness that were only there for the purpose of seeing if we had it in us or not. Until we show that we do, the labyrinths of confinement will materialize in that space that exists between us and whatever is blocking the sun that seeks to shine on and through us and it will never be other than you and I who stands between you and I.

You and I are our own shadow, the false self, built out of the coalesced particles of darkness, that are attracted to one another by the radiant heat of ignorant desire, which creates spiritual rebellion. The luminous and living light of God reveals all. In it nothing can be hidden. It is like the ever recurrent tale of Adam and Eve, whose nakedness was revealed to them as shameful. The literalist fundies take the whole of The Bible as being literal truth, when it is often analogy and metaphor, much like the parables of Jesus the Christ and any other who has been Christed, which means the spirit of God is now consciously resident in their being. It was always so but not recognized. When one experiences transcendent awareness, the false self is dematerialized, as if it had never been and... it never was! This is how one can be forgiven of their sin; the one engaged in it is no longer present. “Behold! All things are become new.” To cast off the old man is to cast off death. One who is hosting the eternal spirit of the living God is no longer subject to the protocols of mortality.

There is a perpetual argument going about among the uninformed, they being the only ones who engage in argument in any case. The wise do not argue. They know full well that they do not know, just as they know that there is one who does know and who is resident within. That argument is whether one is or is not God. I've listened to both sides of the equation and have decided for myself that I would prefer to be a servant of God. This runs contrary to Advaitism. Here is a westerner explaining what Advaita is. My feeling is that this person talks far too much about it to know what he is talking about but... that is neither here nor there (heh heh- here nor there... heh heh- never mind) I recognize the truth of Advaita BUT I, willingly, choose the posture of duality because it allows me to be an eternal subject of the everlasting. In other words, I seek to be apart so that I can adore my creator.

Yes... the time comes when one is in true union with the beloved but... one MUST realize that in terms of mind and in terms of being a being in the context of manifest life... all of these things exist in a state of contradiction. I don't care, given that it is all 'neti-neti' it is none of these things, it is all of these things, it is rather more a gestalt, which is where the total is MORE than the sum of its parts.

I have studied in all of the systems that there are that I could find. In some cases it did not take very long for me to know it was not for me, or in cases like Tantra, where it was beyond me and not permitted for me, in any case, without a bonafide teacher. In cases like Judaism, Scientology and a host of similar methodologies, it was Satanism in camouflage. What I was left with was Bhakti Yoga, which is the practice of pure devotion and love for the creator and lord of all things. True Christians are Bhakti practitioners, as are any devotees who are able to lose all sense of their personal and separate self in the love of the beloved.

Here is a beautiful secret that hides in plain sight, or for as long as it is present but has not yet been pointed out to you. One can pursue the path of Wisdom, which is called Jnana, also the path of knowledge and self realization, or one can pursue the path of Devotion, which is called Bhakti. In the former one can become as wise as Solomon and know all there is to know BUT... he will still have to come back and walk the path of Love. However, the one who walks the path of Love has the other added in as one of the perks of the way. Like the scripture says, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all else will be added unto you.”

I did not choose the path of Love, simply due to being a poet and a lover of God, but because of the danger inherent in all of the other ways and means. In this time of utter deception and material darkness, it is VERY difficult to achieve true liberation and all too easy to be seduced by the glamours of the world. I'm just not smart enough, nor strong enough to trust myself in anything but unqualified love.

There is an ancient tale told about Solomon, which is not widely known. As the result of his mastery of all of the arcane arts, he knew that he was going to die on a Saturday, so... at a certain point, he spent that entire day in prayer, knowing he could not be taken under those circumstances. So God sent an angel to distract him and... whoops. It does make me wonder how wise he really was though, to seek to evade going through the portal into paradise ...but many tales and teachings exist for the beauty of the weave in the tapestry. It is all the color and drama of life that makes it such an epic movie. The reels are changed as our roles are changed and on and on we go in search of whatever is meaningful to us. The question is; is it meaningful in and of itself? Is it eternally meaningful? Otherwise it is just one pedestrian passion after another. We pick up a toy only to discard it when something else glitters. On and on it goes.

I am tired of this place. It holds no attractions for me. If I were young again and filled with all the fire of passion for the experience of life, I would run away as fast as I could manage, indeed that was what I did to begin with but there is so much that is not in our hands. What IS IN OUR HANDS is our reactions and our intentions. The key to the mastery of life is in the mastery of the reactive mind. Oh my! Look at the time! He looks at his wrist, upon which there is no watch, nor has been and well... that's going to have to be it. Even though time is only a construct of the mind, it plays quite a tune in this theater of the absurd.

(Nothing stated in this posting should be an indication that I have any idea of what I am talking about whatsoever; I would say 'caveat emptor' but this didn't cost you anything but your time.)

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A note of interest; this morning I saw where troublemaker Antonio Brown was gotten rid of by the Oakland Raiders. I went to my friend and said, "The Patriots will pick him up soonest." An hour later I heard this had happened. I shoulda made a bet in Vegas (grin). Anyway... if they can get the egomaniac under control, Tom Brady to Antonio Brown will be devastating for the league!!! and I am a Pats fan; have been since 1999 when Brady came in. However... with Brady's time soon to end, who shows up? My quarterback of the future, Baker Mayfield! AND he gets the most amazing backup players- like magic... heh heh... I love it when these things happen!!!


Anonymous said...

Tears welled up in my eyes and a lump formed in my throat as I read this. I don't know why. I'll have to read it again to figure it all out. Usually, it means YEAH, right, and I'll simply go with that for now. Definitely, a direct to the heart thing, LOVE.

Always nice to read your posts, Visible. Nothing like it out there..............

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir


Ray B. said...

Vis, a twist-your-mind-into-mush blog. Thanks!

On your "People exist in three states of presentation" (past-present-future referenced), I have a kind of fourth state: beyond SpaceTime. At some point as you go 'up' to converse with higher beings, you are no longer talking to folks within SpaceTime. So, when/where are you talking to them? Boggles the mind. (And there are levels beyond-which you are not talking to individuals. You are talking to collectives or archetypal levels. So, who is answering?)

Vis: "It is a common feature of materialism that suicide and despair begin to reach epidemic proportions."

In my early twenties, I read a book entitled "The Corporate Man." On an intuitive level, it scared the hell out of me. You could just feel the gradual alienation from one's Self. And that could/would become a living death. Of course, this is true of any profession/lifestyle where you are directed not to listen to the still, small voice...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visble
poetry in prose....
Thank you
Cheerful Love , Grizzlybear hug

robert said...

Oh Visible One, how you inspire us to meet the Creator in our daily walk, from your daily talk!

We will be judged according to our capacity for love, to the degree that we let our personal self go and allow the cosmic dancer to flow through our being and twist and leap, in the choreographed footsteps of extemporaneous and inspired spontaneity, as our true freedom burns through every prison bar and through all of the armies and warders and agents of darkness that were only there for the purpose of seeing if we had it in us or not.

Humanimals are the resistors of the Divine Spirit, indeed the only sentient beings granted the capacity to do so!
Designed and grown by unlimited intelligence to be finite hosts for the infinite, we were allowed to rebel with our free will, to discover and experience what living in constant error is like.

The curious mystery is what happens when we consciously begin to realize that we are far better off being directed by the Director, than by the other actors, especially those playing the easy parts of villains, chewing the scenery with excess emotional indulgence.

This one, for too many years, resented being nothing more than a meat puppet, mainly due to the ignorant assumption that to be a puppet of the Divine could be comprehended by human minds as directly analogous to being a puppet of another human willed usurper.

Then, after re-learning to improvise in dance, words and music, it finally became obvious even to the benighted intellect that without being a pure enough transmitter, to tune and channel inspiration from the inexhaustible fount, from the mysterious (to us) muse of the Spirit, there was nothing interesting being created and certainly no fun in the “creative” process.

Those who hear the call of the wild (again to US) free Spirit, then graduate from being resisting avatars to being merely reluctant!

After developing the humanimal avatar over millennia and through the refinement of mass suffering of individualized souls, why let the individualized point of view, the unique in time and space refractor and reflector of the Divine light be totally dissolved?

When moving among plants, animals and people, it is good to watch your step and avoid unnecessary damage and confusion, n’est ce pas?

Learning to burn away the mask of personality is more of a reprogramming task than a demolition, depending on how much suffering is required to make changes in the code. We must learn to program our minds, to create its temporally temporary consciousness from deeper and deeper within the metaphysical laws of logic WITH the constant, ongoing mentoring of the Christ channel!

When the Creator wills to Create, out of a pure imagination comes forth the creation, no need for blueprints, scaffolding and overtime! Here in the manifest, words from the Christ consciousness are enough to move mountains, should they have the temerity to stand in the way of love in the first place!

Too many lifetimes of struggling with the effects of limited consciousness have blinded us to the power we once knew, to reprogram creation from the inside, from the core, from the beginning of all things!

We still need our individual points of view, our individualized fractals of the One Individual to function here in the manifest, so the voice telling us to die to ourselves must not be understood too literally! Dying to the old selfish coding and learning to transcend the limitations of sense logic is quite enough of a challenge, if we are to remain alive and useful here.

(1 of 2)

robert said...

(2 of 2)

When the humanimal senses ill intentions from nearby humanimals under demonic remote control, the human experience, instead of regressing to fight or flight, wisely notes the situation and then relies on the Infinite for direction. This takes time and courage to master but the point is that the localized self is still there, but consciously knows that it is but a layer of awareness, a living boundary layer of a much greater being, from whom all blessed director’s notes come in return for being totally cooperative.

This may seem a mere semantic pedantic quibble, but the value of a well-trained, fully functional local intelligence, under the direction of a higher consciousness directed by the Director makes the play work out with less sound and fury. Some believe in a many-layered hierarchy between a living avatar and the One in the center but that is where the Christ consciousness comes into the play.

We may note that human hierarchies become unwieldy, cruel and inefficient when there are more than 3 levels. We may also note that our human nakedness when conscious of our inadequacies before the Eternal Child makes us sometimes WISH that there are many layers between us and the One.

The Christ conscious spirit of the One has no limitations in time and space and can act as the intimate lover of every willing consciousness open to the centering frequency. Can we stay tuned?

Have you ever turned your gaze from your lover’s face at an awkward moment and broken the connection from momentary lapse of attention?

This is where the reluctance of the reluctant avatar derives: once we see what little local tyrants we are, even when we surrender our wills, we know that we still owe an ongoing fealty to obey the directives meant for us, the custom lines and blocking for our personal act in the Universal play.

In other words, we know that we can still blow our lines and make a mess, if our flickering mindfulness flakes out under pressure of the audience of One!

While we are assured by the Christ spirit that we are forgiven, because we have aligned our wills to follow the true leader of our hearts, still we hate to disappoint the Promiser, cause pain to our brother and sister avatars, and add yet another memory munition to our intellect’s con-science, to con and torment us with our failings, to slip in a seed of doubt that we are not really the avatar of an unlimited Creator.

It IS liberating to realize that, once we have stopped being slaves to our inner Adversary, the intellect-powered personality of the humanimal, and begun to learn to maintain UNLIMITED consciousness and UNFETTERED hearts, that the intellect can then only really be reluctant.

Never again to act as successful resistors to the force within, for that would prove fatal.
ANY resistance to high powered enough current leads in incineration, just from the lowly laws of physics, not mention the higher laws of metaphysics.

Our humanimal avatars may still sense fear and loathing but we no longer have to react automatically or worse, reprogram our minds on the fly to take some limited, inefficient action.

Why treat the symptom when we can cure the cause? Why run around with pants on fire when we can dip at will into the cooling Consciousness which administers the laws of creation and oversees the manifestation of events?

Why waste more precious time pretending to be nothing more than a meat machine when we can realize that we are beloved creations, cherished children of an unlimited consciousness seeking to express something beyond our comprehension THROUGH US?

It is not possible to hold back an infinite reservoir of love, so when will we choose to let it go?

Anonymous said...

"You and I are our own shadow, the false self, built out of the coalesced particles of darkness, that are attracted to one another by the radiant heat of ignorant desire, which creates spiritual rebellion."

Thank You Mr Visible

.....I, also once lived in the hell of the me divided, without that greater part and knowing self, until , opening to the immaculate , I learned to free the way that separated us . Now....the hell remains, it can be about me, but as its dark attachment can find no likeness - there's nothing for it to consume.....Me, i'm still here, just, not here.

Anonymous said...

"...the reverse of an echo..."

That morsel alone is a feast for contemplation.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Beautiful, as 99.99999999999999999. . .% of the time.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"And the Gates Appeared out of the Concealing Mist and the Armies of Truth Rode Forth against the Shadow and the Nightmare."



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