Thursday, August 31, 2023

"They do Evil for The Sheer Joy of It. They are The Landlords and Lampreys of The Many Realms of The Dark Splendor."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The love of money being at the root of all evil... it stands to reason that it would branch out underground (metaphorically speaking) and make contact with the carnal nature... the sexual expression. It would make sense that perversity would be the objective... which would explain why so much force, finance, and media would be devoted to alternative sexual expressions, and why the degree of perversity would increase exponentially.

The truth of the matter is that only between 2 and 6% (at its greatest reach during Babylon Rising) are focused on bizzaromundo expressions of low-brow attractions for the place where The Sun don't shine... as the animal nature is amplified, and... only 10%... or less than that... of those attracted to Bizzaromundo-Land would be transsexually motivated.

These are very small demographics. The Divide and Conquer and Despoil Demographic is even smaller yet, and... they are the main force behind all the horrific mutations being foisted upon everyone else. This is because they control The Money Supply. This is why Larry Fink says that behavior must be forced.

We must be forced to comply. The fake COVID scam... the masks... the pressure to accept the unacceptable and the programming of the child-mind to force behavior... this is simply part of The Plan.

So... why would so much force, finance, and media... explicitly... be spent on promoting strange sexual dances? Why would it have extreme government sanction? Why would it become a part of the educational system's curriculum from the moment children fall into the hands of outside influences?

It is because the primary motivation of those... most engaged in the proliferation of anti-family-unit degeneracy... is focused on the destruction of the culture... and on the absolute CONTROL that can be formed out of the wreckage. They play God. It's an old... old story that is routinely acted out For The Purpose of Demonstration.

They do what they do to gain control of The Hive Mind's lower nature for the explicit purpose of enslavement... period. It is at the heart of all of their efforts toward control, along with drugs... bread... circuses, and kaleidoscoping distractions.

Babylon is a real state of being that certain vested interests raise up again and again because... They do Evil for The Sheer Joy of It. They are The Landlords and Lampreys of The Many Realms of The Dark Splendor.

Always... there are two directions pulling on people. Always it has been an internal battle for the soul of humanity... settled on the individual battlefields of the human heart and mind. You win some. You lose some. Centuries go by. Nations rise and fall. On the upward swing... the soundtrack is geared to the upward course. On the downswing... it's what you now hear, but... that is changing.

They do not want it to change. They have been on top for so long. They are desperate to maintain their places. This is why you now see and experience what you see and experience.

Okay... so we know these things. What are we going to do about them? Let us consider mycelium. This is a large network of thin fibers that connect plants across a wider reach, and... not just the mushrooms that connect the trees. Oh! It is a fascinating thing to see. This is all below the surface of The Earth. Let us consider this to be the manner in which Evil communicates among those who serve the interests of The Underlords.

In The Emerald Tablet, Hermes says, “Thou shalt separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, suavely, and with great ingenuity. It ascends from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors. So thou hast the glory of the whole world; therefore let all obscurity flee before thee.” Well... that's interesting. What does it mean?

The force of Godhead... Kundalini rises up the column within us... through the stations, and then... it comes back down. Why would it do that? It does it to transform the nature of evil within itself, whereby it becomes the master over that plane. The Wise and Realized have no need to be concerned with the righteous man and woman. That is not their area of interest. However... by changing the evil within... the evil without is automatically changed because of the mycelium.

There is a network of Good and there is a network of Evil. The whole purpose of existence for The Wise and Realized is to inspire The Unwise and Unrealized. First... they are themselves transmuted and then everything they come into contact with is transmuted. Perhaps... not on the spot, but certainly over time. The Wise and Realized infect others the same way that evil infects and proliferates through neighborhoods.

Why are The Wise motivated to concern themselves with the reprobate and crazy among us, and whose numbers grow by leaps and bounds in this time period? It is their nature to do it because they are influenced by The Living Light.

It comes at great cost in the beginning.

When one is... slated for higher things... at some point that same one has their nose rubbed in corruptions that abound in existence. They are brought low... lower than low... so that they can rise again, but the knowledge of their fall and their ignominy NEVER leaves them.

It is said that “every master has a secret life of shame.” This is true. God... however... in most cases... conceals this from The World. It is not concealed from the one who got dragged through it. One might imagine that at times... along the way... one would despair of ever returning to the light-filled rooms of yesteryear. Yes... that would be part of the process.

The Realized KNOW that one must be humbled earlier on. Otherwise... when rising to great heights, one can fall a considerable distance through Pride, and it does happen... now and again... anyway.

There is a calculated reason that these celebrations of sexual otherness are called Pride. The intention is to normalize and make one proud of whatever depravity might occur. Why are they coming after the children and why did they hijack the rainbow? These sorts do not reproduce by normal means and they need to keep their numbers up. They need to increase their numbers because that's what ALL organizations do; all governments... all religions... all corporations.

The rainbow is to push the idea of Diversity upon the public. Diversity is the opposite of Unity. It provides the perfect landscape and conditions for... Divide and conquer. All of these things like BLM... CRT... WEF... LGB-ETC... are tools of Marxism and Marxism is the best of all vehicles for Satanism.

Their game is filled with contradictions. Why is there a B in the LGBT? Doesn't that mean there are only two sexes? Doesn't that mean all this wide spectrum non-binary is bullshit? Why yes... I believe it does. Are human relations improved by a fixation on buggery? Do we rise to a more enlightened plane of being by abusing Nature? Nature is not to be trifled with.

What is the fruit of trifling with Nature? Disease and Death are the fruit. Any fool should know this simply through observation. Why is ill health being forced upon the public? Why are schools now designed to make one dull and compliant; not to mention grossly misinformed? It is for the profit of those who feed off of Disease and Death (which would make them vermin; wouldn't it?) It is also for CONTROL.

Well... they will NEVER really be in control. It will only seem that way to those who have been weakened by their influence enough to be compelled to submit. I've been dealing with this very thing through the whole of this go-round. I do believe I have some awareness of it.

Mycelium is not evil... it is simply a medium that is used by both Good and Evil. How best to understand this? Consider The Sun above, and The Moon rules what is below. Something gets lost in the translation between the source and the reflection, and then... further reflections more and more depart from the nature of the source. Things get bent out of shape... harder to see... to make out... to distinguish one from the other.

Certain information travels along the mycelium below The Earth and above The Earth... there are forms of telepathy... but... one thing remains constant, The Darkness does not change the light, but The Light assuredly changes The Darkness. A great light is now coming. Nothing can stop it, but... they will try. They will try.

Yes... this posting would have served better if I had been more comprehensive. However... these posts exist within specific parameters of size. The Reader is meant to extrapolate on their own and come to their own conclusions of what is implied and not spelled out entirely; sometimes only briefly sketched out. The meaning is there, but it requires a degree of thinking and introspection. It will come to you... or so I am told.

End Transmission.......

Given the nature of the post... this might possibly prove to be of interest to some.

And here you can find more, including the cultures to grow them in.

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Monday, August 28, 2023

"Faith... Certitude... and Determination... are Essential to The Process of Arriving and One Cannot Arrive Without Them."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I have a friend in Greece. The other day I was responding to a comment and a post happened. Here it is.

As I understand it. Everyone goes where they already are... in relation to the degree of impersonal love resident in their soul and channeling through them; meaning your immediate location upon passing from the physical plane. That is the central core of existence, invisibly present everywhere; a measureless reservoir of love pouring into and through eternity. All around it are The Worlds of Time... Desire and Appetite...

The distance between The Central Core and the specific life forms in The Worlds of Time and Appetite/Desire is measured in the lifetimes required to realize the truth of The Central Core. The further from The Central Core... the greater the weight of time; an awareness restricting form of gravity.

The quantity and quality of evil present in the specific life form... is measured according to the changes required to transmute it, and that is also in lifetimes... measured by the degree of personal resistance... which it is the job of time (and Karma) to resolve and wear away..

At any time... anyone could let go and have the whole matter transmuted, but the intention to do so is not present. Eventually... it comes into being through directed aspiration. The Central Core is everywhere outside of time and nowhere within Time... But it is within that which precedes and exceeds Time.

When one goes into states of exaltation... any of the forms of Samadhi... as they are called in The East... time ceases and one is present in The Central Core. When one leaves that state of exaltation... time returns; time is what measures the linear flow of existence.

In arcane texts there is talk of a gulf between Heaven and Hell; on one side is Unity/Love and on the other the absence of Love and Unity. Both are states of mind. Unity-Union is the offspring of Love at every level; temporary or enduring. Disunity is manifested by The Separated Mind in conflict with other separated minds. Those are the definers on The Plane of Suffering.

To rise above Suffering... to depart from Suffering... one has to let loose of The Personal Self. This results in the reflecting mirror we were talking about in the post before last. It is Buddha-Mind. This personality is replaced by an individuality... because each of us... apart from God, but... on The Course of Return... express through an eternal self that is the personality of God that exists where separation ends. Love defines itself in Unity. God expresses THROUGH us and... there is only one Almighty God.

It requires the conscious death of the mortal personality to abide in The Individuality. It is called The Great Sacrifice... I die daily is another way of putting it. These are just words until they are understood. The beauty of the matter is that ANYONE who persists on The Path of Discovery WILL arrive there. In the process of a determined persistence to stay the course... one acquires Certitude. Determination is the driving engine and Faith is the fuel.

These 3, Faith... Certitude... and Determination are essential to the process of arriving and one cannot arrive without them. They take one to The Guide and the degrees of instruction from The Guide that results in the completion of The Operation of The Sun... and the construction of The Body of Glory.

It is possible that this description is not acceptable to those who have decided to interpret it in another fashion, OR... are in an increasing number of those who do not want to hear about God... or anything connected with God... because prevailing scripture prohibits certain acts that they are determined to willfully engage in. Determination is cyclopean. It goes in the direction that you point it, just like intention.

The terms and perspectives expressed in these postings are meant to trigger subconscious resonance. Everything we seek is within us and the storehouse is The Subconscious Mind. The Subconscious Mind is an ocean connected to The Greater Unconscious that we are all connected to. It is a sounding board for telepathy. It is many things. It is an underground body of water... whose tributaries join all of us together... whether we like it or not. It is a medium for healing, and it is a medium for harm... intentional and otherwise.

Everyone radiates healing or harming vibrations through the reach of their aura, and the direction of their thought. The various invisible bodies encapsulate our physical form; the etheric...the astral... the mental... the causal... the Buddhic... and the Atmic... all have their degrees of reach, and this can extend to a remarkable distance depending on who we are talking about. It was said that The Buddha's aura extended for many leagues outward.

A league is almost 5 kilometers. Imagine that! I don't know if this is true, but... it is one of the ways that The Great-Souled-Ones change The World... simply by being in it. Your subconscious is in touch with the subconscious of everyone on Earth. The more rarefied your thought... the wider your reach. This principle of interconnectedness also explains why it is so hard to climb out of pedestrian habits and commonplace appetites that drag the mass of us down. You need help, and you have to ask for it.

People are full of piss and vinegar when they are young. Then they become too preoccupied with trying to maintain and improve their existence... including enjoying their existence... to notice that they are aging. It comes upon them. It sneaks up on them. Then they more and more are looking back and no longer looking ahead; now they are prisoners in a Time capsule coffin... trapped like a fly in amber by a past that is now their future.

When you can draw all of your subtle bodies... and your gross body... into an alignment with each other... under the resonance of Heaven... you can fill your tank from the hidden springs of divinity. The mechanism... the medium... the means... these are all within you. If you lack the technical awareness you can realize Godhead through focused aspiration and Devotion.

There will be many who doubt and scoff at what I say here. I am not speaking to them. There are many more that will not go the way we go and become angry and argumentative when it is mentioned. A part of them knows what they lose and it enrages them. Why do some seek The Light... against all odds... and others step away... into the varieties of material desire?

For those of you who have come with us this far... we now give you two smaller treatises that will answer every present concern... on the way to The One that answers the final concerns, and which are written ONLY upon the soul of The Seeker in letters of flame. The first is Light on The Path;

...and the second is The Voice of The Silence... information collected by HPB.

If you have made note of the recommendations given here then you have acquired quite a collection of books by now... nearly all of them are small. Here is a listing of most of what we have passed on to you; The Way of Life, by Lao Tzu... translated by Witter Bynner. The Impersonal Life, The Way to The Kingdom. The Way Out and Brotherhood, all by Anonymous (Joseph Brenner). The Bhagavad Gita, translated by Eknath Easwaran. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, by Charles Johnston. The Door to Everything, by Ruby Nelson, and... The Tarot of The BOTA, by Paul Foster Case and Ann Davis.

Also the works of Mikhail Aivanhov... Paramhansa Yogananda... Swami Vivekananda, and others. We recommend a variety of sources because we come on different rays, under the influence of different personality attractors and... though all of these may be righteous portals, they do not all speak to everyone with the same lasting benefits. You must find what speaks to you.

You will note in the introduction to The Voice of The Silence that HPB mentions, Krishna-Christos, as the “Higher Self.” You could have knocked me over with a gentle nudge when I saw that, as it had been previously mentioned in these posts, and here I see it in print.

Last night, The Light on The Path came into my mind several times. This morning it was front and center. I obtained it and read it for my morning meditation, in place of The Bhagavad Gita and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

It had a profound and moving impact on me because of Direct References to commentary I had been receiving... in recent encounters... with my invisible friends... over the last several days. For you who truly seek... there will be much of great value... priceless direction and admonitions. Drink deeply at these wells. Return to them again and again.

In the introduction to The Light on The Path, mention is made of Master Hilarion... The Venetian Master... Master Djwal Kul... and Master Kuthumi. There are others who are also still present and can be reached by those who persist in The Journey. Some of these are still embodied and reside in The Quiet Zones... the protected sanctuaries of The Wise. Occasionally, they travel through The Dusty Worlds of Desire and Appetite to do The Work That Never Ends.

In attaining... by stages... one's labors and responsibilities are increased to an astounding degree. No lazy person... none that are self-involved... chose this way of going. It is also the end of you and the emergence of The Deathless Self which supplants you, so that you may toil in the field of human souls... eternally... and anonymously... known only to God... his companions... and yourself.

There is no seeking of rewards here. The reward is the joy of doing. It is its own reward. How can they be anonymous if you have heard their names? Do you know them? Have you met them? Would you recognize them if you did? Yeah. Well... there you go.

If a selfless and never-ending effort... in the service of The Divine... on behalf of Humanity does not appeal to you, I suggest you go another way. Only a great heartbreak will await you otherwise, and your disappointment will be bitter, and lasting. These are the ones who are among the scoffers and givers of ridicule... though they will likely not remember their failure. For those who persist, as HPB says... “there is reward past all telling—the power to bless and save humanity.”

Yeah... I know... lots of uniformed people don't like her. I do. The Devil works for God. The Devil is the way The Wicked see God; THERE... IS... ONLY... ONE ALMIGHTY GOD! Let the fools argue in the outer chambers... they will pass no further.

These are very difficult issues to write about. The two links I gave do a much better job than I. Please forgive my cumbersome efforts to clarify what can only be understood by rising to the level it exists on, where it becomes self-explanatory.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

"The Mind is The Devil. The Snatch and Grab Mechanism of The Carnal Nature. It Wants to Eat, Fondle and Screw All of It."

God Poet Transmitting.......

“The Mind is not self-luminous, since it can be seen as an object.

“This is a further step toward overthrowing the tyranny of The Mind; the psychic nature of emotion and mental measuring. This psychic self, the personality, claims to be absolute, asserting that life is for it and through it; it seeks to impose on the whole being of man its narrow, materialistic, faithless view of life and the universe; it would clip the wings of the soaring soul. But The Soul dethrones the tyrant, by perceiving and steadily affirming that the psychic self is no true self at all, not self-luminous, but only an object of observation, watched by the serene eyes of The Spiritual Man.

“Nor could The Mind, at the same time, know itself and things external to it.

“The truth is that The Mind knows neither external things nor itself. Its measuring and analyzing, its hoping and fearing, hating and desiring, never give it a true measure of life, nor any sense of real values. Ceaselessly active, it never attains to knowledge; or, if we admit its knowledge, it ever falls short of wisdom, which comes only through the intuition; the vision of The Spiritual Man.

“Life cannot be known by The Mind. Its secrets cannot be learned through The Mind. The proof is in the ceaseless strife and contradictions of opinion among those who trust in The Mind. Much less can The Mind know itself; the more so because it is pervaded by the illusion that it truly knows, truly is.

“True knowledge of The Mind, comes, first, when The Spiritual Man, arising, stands detached, regarding The Mind from above, with quiet eyes, and seeing it for the tangled web of psychic forces that it truly is. But The Truth is divined long before it is clearly seen, and then begins the long battle of The Mind against The Real, The Mind fighting doggedly, craftily, for its supremacy.”

This is taken from Book 4 of Patanjali's Sutras #19 and 20. It continues along the same line with some very interesting insights. I discovered the inherent truth in the sutras via the Charles Johnson interpretations because everything he said was something already resident within my own consciousness. I got the tuning fork syndrome immediately.

I was subject to an endless harmonic pinging, like a hanging wind chime... relentlessly stirred by an invisible hand... the same way that I am relentlessly stirred by an invisible hand... AND... the invisible mind... because my long battle with The Mind is not yet ended either... even though The Truth has been divined long before it is... as yet... clearly seen.

Pedestrian intellects do not attain victory over The Mind. (See Trump # 7... The Chariot)

BOTA Chariot Card

This card represents Triumph in The Mind. This particular incarnation of mine has been mostly a progression between cards 7... 8.... and 9. I think this is a common circuit for all determined seekers at a specific point in their spiritual evolution. The charioteer is personified as Alexander because... in a manner of speaking... once you have triumphed over The Mind, you have triumphed over The World.

The Mind is The Devil. It is the snatch-and-grab mechanism of The Carnal Nature. It wants to eat, fondle and screw all of it. It consumes all things external as seen through the physical eyes. This is a world inflamed by desire and The Mind wants it... precious! The Mind plots and connives. The Mind is out for itself. It is a liar... offspring of The Father of Lies... lies passed from generation to generation.

This is what Paul spoke of; to put off The Old Man, because all things are made new in Christ. When we are cleansed... we cleanse our entire line of ancestors. Meanwhile... we are poisoned by their legacies that are worked into the flesh of our being, and which... we must bring to heel or it will bring us to the grave as a continuance of failure... like exhausted relay runners passing a baton.

The sins of the father are visited upon the offspring. It's no small thing to master the inherited troubles of generations upon generations. We all have a part in this. Some few struggle without respite... many struggle for a time and then surrender to their fate. Their small window of youthful aspiration closes and... the grave awaits.

The Mind... once tamed... once brought to heel... is a most powerful ally. You can't kill The Mind any more than you can kill the ego. That's all nonsense... badly translated from East to West. Understandings vary according to culture and location. It's good to keep this in mind.

Vain little fools imagine they can change The World and harass everyone else for not doing so, while they... of course... mostly do little but talk. No one changes The World, and... everyone changes The World... because... The World is an extension of your mind... given its appearance by the coloration of your desires. Our worlds are individual, to begin with. This is why it is said... to change The World you need only change yourself. Someone must have said that... (grin) maybe.

God is The Supreme Controller. Therefore it is advised you put yourself in resonance with that eternal reality; to see The World... or whatever... as God sees it... by letting God see through your eyes. God is already in residence, but yet sleeping... in most cases... dreaming.

It has been made very clear to me that I do nothing myself. God does everything... IF I PERMIT GOD TO. If I do not hinder God, God realizes his vision of me. If I hinder God... I wind up with an ill-made, badly drawn life form. Self Will is opposed to The Will of Heaven because of the desire to have... because of the fire of endless wanting. Stop wanting and hold still. It is for your own good.

No one goes out and conquers The World. The World is already conquered. It is a sacred vessel that is made sacred or profane by the mindset of the one who beholds it. You have either the eye of the scorpion or the eye of the eagle; depending on whether your sexual nature is projected outward... or channeled upward. IT ALL DEPENDS ON THIS.

Most people are deeply confused about what Freedom is. Freedom is not license. You see this demonstrated all around you, and now... now that the degenerates are twisting human sexual nature in order to have a larger membership SINCE THEY DO NOT REPRODUCE LIFE... other than to give birth to demons in The Lower Astral... they are coming for the children. This is why Drag Queen Story Hour and other perversities are so important to them.

They want to take over The World through the financing granted by Satanic Bankers and those whom they control... those who are compelled to do their bidding. They will fail.

The ordinary human mind is like a drunk in a boat... with a flashlight... searching over the waters, and unable to hold it still. Eventually, the drunks falls into the water... along with the flashlight. In an extraordinary human mind... the feature of concentration and focus is present and controlled. Then you have a laser. Monsters thought it a good idea to translate this dynamic into direct energy weaponry. They are trying to control The World too.

The perversion of Divine Powers... that are possessed by the agents of The Dark Side... are bad copies of celestial powers that are beyond their grasp entirely. They are a mockery... ill-constructed counterfeits of light magic far beyond their ken. It's far better to seek The Light than to curse and fear The Darkness.

Of course, you are in danger outside the sanctuary of The Almighty... but it is a matter of personal choice whether you are in this sanctuary or not. Think of the mouse that the cat waits upon, and the fear that drives it to its doom. Panic is ALWAYS a mistake.

If you had searched for God from the beginning, God would be with you now. If you realize the error of not having done so... it is not too late. Where there is life there is hope. God loves all, and he has more interest in those temporarily lost than those who are safe in The Fold. Remember the tale of the shepherd who went looking for the missing sheep?

The World without is not your concern. The World within... that determines The World without... is your concern. God handles every detail. Stop blocking God's efforts. God only wants to free you from what you have entangled yourself in. You have to hold still for God to accomplish that. Struggling embeds the thorns ever deeper.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, August 18, 2023

"They Want No Part of You. There are No Parts of You. You are Singular and Inviolable. You are The End of Them."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Let's get this out of the way. Why I REALLY don't like RFK Jr can be encapsulated here.

There is also the Physiognomy factor which I employ in every case, and which also involves body language and auric impression. Subsequently... I don't care for any of the candidates. The one I would like to have some fragment of hope for is Ramaswamy, but... his history on the way to the moment is fraught with bad associations.

Sooner than you might think... something is going to be done about those murderous psychopaths in The Middle East. It is ONLY a matter of time, and... the clock is ticking. This is the real reason for the war in Ukraine. When you outwear your welcome... in this case- long ago... you need to find new worlds to plunder.

Much of what Ramaswamy says is in line with how I view the situation, BUT... I don't see how he can have come from where he came from and be expected to materialize what he says he intends; stranger things have happened. His latest ten commandments effort is spot on with my perspective of, how... life... works, and... without which... life does not work.

Enough of all that. We'll see it when it shows up and it will show up... whatever IT is... wherever it has been called into residence by incantation or... intention or... Karmic ball return. It will not show up where it has not been called into residence. The World might be blowing up all around you... yet you are in a safe harbor... you are out of town... you do not have skin in the game.

There are fixed and inviolable rules of law... both rules and laws... known and... generally unknown... depending on the blinders you may be wearing, and... which are fashioned from your particular form of self-interest, as... well... as... the objects of your desire and repulsion... weaving a tapestry from the forced consorting of the two that you... eventually... can't see through.

No one else is to blame for your situation, and... believe it or not... you can simply end your attachments to all your troubles... which is an interior matter... any time you want to. Past behaviors have given you familial associations with all the things and conditions that plague you. Step away from the buffet table of your own sufferings and misfortunes.

Put down the cutlery with which you consume your daily rations of misery. Let those companions who love your company find others to commiserate with.

Here is a little something I learned. You might find it useful. Whenever you are doing something... anything at all... you come into a resonance with kindred spirits. If you are drinking to excess, you wind up with companions who mirror your situation. If you are fixing drugs or obsessed with certain appetites, well... like attracts like, and birds of a feather... wind up at KFC together.

As soon as you stop engaging in any of the pursuits just mentioned, all those kindred spirits fall away. You forget you ever knew them. You are actually unable to recall who they were, with occasional exceptions. Your whole world changes. Some strange and inexplicable dynamic comes into play that shifts and alters all the scenery. You are now in an entirely different movie.

When you fall in love with God, you reap the benefits of the relationship... the same as you would in any relationship, and... that includes the drawbacks as well. Loving God has no drawbacks... unless you consider the loss of your illusions, and... missing the swamps you were formerly navigating... to be a drawback.

I imagine... if you keep thinking about it... it would...eventually... draw you back, so... you would have that waiting for you... if you happen to fall out of love... because you are missing some other kind of love, and here is where Impersonal Love comes into play. You could also call it... loving everyone equally. You could call it... leaving the town where you loved this and hated that.

The only one you should love personally is God. Everyone else is a reflection that you can personally love God in, BUT... not to the exclusion of everyone else that you love equally. This is what God does. You would be emulating God. Eventually, you would become so much like God... you would be in a state of divine unity that no worldly separators would have any power over. Division and discord would vanish from your life.

True unity is inviolable. It cannot be divided and set against itself. Then... all performers of confusion... all agents of darkness... will flee at your very approach. They want no part of you. There are no parts of you. You are single and inviolable. You are the end of them. They must flee or perish, and flee they will; mark... my... words.

Did you never wonder how certain people were protected and prospered in the midst of deadly circumstances? How does the hero come forth unscathed by the weapons of The Enemy? How is it that prisons cannot hold such a person? Only God's Laws are relevant and enduring. Follow God's Laws and you will have no worries about man's laws.

Fear is also an attractor. What you fear you will draw to yourself. Fear nothing except to displease God. In these times... so many people take no thought for God, or... they worship The Dead Guy, instead of The Living Presence. They rattle the bones of the dead and hold up the artifacts of The Dead, and they insist that they are filled with The Living Presence.

They wave censers and repeat the same tired phrases over and over until death finds them. Death is not impressed by incense and incantations... by outdated costumes and ancient and abused texts... from which all virtue has fled. God is a LIVING GOD. God has no need for any hocus pocus. All magic is in The Will, and there is but one will. We... as individuals... have fragmented that and live in separated minds.

If you host The One... The One resides in you. Is this difficult to understand? If you host The One... The One resides in you. Where everyone gets into trouble is by insisting on going their own way. Leave me alone! I know what I'm doing! Do you? Do you really? Personally... I do not know what I am doing, BUT... God does.

Well... yeah... I do kinda know what I am doing, BUT... before I am doing anything I go to the one who gives me my marching orders. You fail at what you do by setting yourself against The Will of God, and this is what you see many people up to all around you. They are going their own way and trying to make it on their own.

I don't eat out anymore. I eat at God's restaurant at home. When I used to eat out, it would amaze me that I seldom ever saw anyone say, Grace. This is one of the things I liked in Sufism and any spiritual setting where people lived in a common agreement about the reality of God. What I did not like was the level of hypocrisy... rivalry... competition... and self-interest that also existed in these communities.

The poisons of Material Culture have infected everything. This is why The Avatar returns again and again. The degeneration happens on schedule like the seasons repeating themselves. Of course... the key is to not see the poisoning... the sin... the competition of everyone set against each other. I try to live by that perspective. HOWEVER... in order to discuss components there must be components. You can't effectively discuss True Unity. You can only exist in it.

True Unity is silent. The only sound it generates is a hum. It is a humming accord between all of the components... in a perpetual living resonance... with each other, AND... The Living Light at the core. So... in order to write about it... I must separate it for a time... until we bring it all back together... right about now. (grin)

God is one. Why not be at one? Is that what is intended; at-one-ment when it is connected as atonement? Words and meaning have long fascinated me. Of course, nothing has any meaning... at least this is true of me... unless God gives it meaning. Something means one thing at the common level. It means something else at a higher level, and something else yet again at the revelatory level.

If I want to know something... ANYTHING... I ask God, and God tells me... directly... or indirectly as life unfolds before me. I'm not going to miss anything this way, and... you won't either.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

"You Have to Get A Handle on It or... It WILL Get A Handle on You, AND... You Will Go Round and Round on The Calliope."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Heaven is playing chess with human pieces. This is ALWAYS going on. Pieces are sacrificed for the overall plan of Wham! Bam! And... Thank you, Mam. Sounds like a law firm... doesn't it? What am I implying here? Let's go back to when (at another time) I said all of manifest existence is the product of a sex act happening at every level of being. It even started as one. They don't call it The Big Bang for no reason.

Yes... there is physical intercourse and that provides physical progeny, but there is also etheric... emotional-desire-body... and mental intercourse as well; also with representative progeny, AND... progeny from the highest levels... descends to the lowest level... according to the law of As Above... So Below. We leave an evidence trail wherever we go.

The Self Conscious Mind impregnates The Subconscious Mind, and we are awash in invisible children that EVENTUALLY find their way to the physical plane. The Female Aspect... faithfully reproduces the seed image of the father. Don't blame The Mother for this. She does what she does because she is what she is. Of course... she operates at a particular level as well; be it twerking or resting in prayer.

(and all the stations in between)

When people copulate in animal fashion... they produce animal intelligences in human form... who behave like animals. You can take that any way you like. The Law is The Law. This is why you reap what you sow. This is the proof of actions have consequences. This is the truth of what goes around comes around. People behave like beasts... because they were conceived by bestial mindsets... in bestial fashion. When there is no positive parenting... The Rules of The Jungle apply.

In Times of Material Darkness... the likelihood of progressive degeneracy... in the generations appearing, is... a... certainty...

FORTUNATELY... Heaven has a hand in the matter and The Better Angels of our Nature are a reality. People who make mistakes at an earlier age, learn to behave better once life has gotten up-close-and-personal... or they don't, and certain outcomes are set into motion... BUT... EVENTUALLY... everyone gets a clue... even on The Slow Highway of countless lifetimes.

Think of The World as... usually... in Times of Material Darkness... a distortion of The Mind driven by impure desires; a carnival ride of funhouse mirrors... where the images are not a true reflection. Sex operates accordingly and produces results... accordingly.

When people are in states of mental torment or emotional distress, it is because their children of The Lower Mind and Heart have come to call. They've come home to live in your basement or terrorize you through the whole house.

Just like children... they can be cute when they are young. They are small. They get bigger as you feed them; whatever it is that you are feeding them. They can get bigger than you and become a terrible adversary that you nursed into that position of power... step by step. It's the proverbial monkey on the back turning into a gorilla.

America was/is an experiment. At a certain level, it has been a wonderful place where dreams are realized by hard work and dedication to certain principles. On the other hand... being a capitalist dog-eat-dog venue... people have done everything they could think of to get what they wanted... and it didn't/doesn't matter who got/gets hurt/.

Lawyers came to be the footsoldiers of selfish interest. The more lawyers you could afford... the more successful you became. In times of advanced Materialism... people start to eat whatever tastes good, and food manufacturers catered to the senses. Health problems became a growth industry, so a lot of sociopaths who did not become lawyers became doctors... or worked for insurance agencies... or pharmaceutical combines.

Of course... Bankers set The Play, but those are familial dynasties that are closed to the general public at a certain level of enterprise. All of this is self-evident IF... your selfish nature does not stand in the way of a greater clarity of seeing. When one becomes truly impersonal... everything stands out in stark relief as what... it... is. The Dark Side of impersonality trends toward socio-psychopathy. Your values and intentions define you. You come to be and look like what you are... sooner or later.

I am NOT saying all lawyers... doctors... whathaveyou... are criminals who serve the coffers of self-interest or... first do no harm; just most of them... as the culture trends... more and more... toward Material Darkness. Eventually... most people become criminally minded because they have to get around the laws that are passed by the political criminals who created them for their own profit at... your... expense.

If you are going to operate in The World... as it is at this time... you need to know what's going on around you. Otherwise... you need to control what is going on inside you. The primary force of immediate concern should be your sexual nature, especially when The World is deliberately engaged in perverting it in order to enslave you.

People are very devoted and dedicated to their sexual nature. They will force their spiritual viewpoint to conform to the necessities of their sexual imagination. They will make allowances in their value system... compromise their integrity... and sell themselves out for a turn at the honeypot. They want what they want and everything else HAS TO adjust accordingly. It is what makes hypocrites out of most people.

You have to get a handle on it or it WILL get a handle on you, AND... you will go round and round on the calliope... one more painted pony going up and down; ridden by... and riding everyone else... who torques your fancy.

Kundalini is a force driven to union with Godhead. All along the route... inconsistent seekers will twist it to the definitions that suit them. Everything short of union with Godhead becomes a painful disappointment, and you can get stuck at certain levels for lifetimes... or like a runaway horse, it will take you into rough country and toss you from the saddle into terrible circumstances. Everything I say here is true... like it or not.

IF... you can concentrate your focus in an unswerving intention toward union with Godhead... the rewards are considerable. Considerable doesn't quite do it as a definer. Let's say, well and far beyond considerable. It will lead you directly to the mouth of the cornucopia horn of everything worth having... and nothing that isn't.

There is The World... The Devil... and The Deep Blue Sea... The Ocean of Death and Rebirth... and The Light Within. I tried to express my perspective on it all... in Light Up Ahead.

Each of us will shape it according to the heart's desire... unless we get a clue and let God shape it for us. That is the route I prefer. Others may differ in their take on the matter. There is no telling people anything where their mind has been made up otherwise.

The Truth makes people angry. They will shitcan a friend of longstanding in an instant if The Truth gets between them. You have to be very careful with The Truth. You have to feel your way. If you step on someone's frog... or gore their sacred cow... there's no telling how bad it might get. It doesn't matter what The Truth is to most people. PERCEPTION is all that counts, and preference dictates that.

There is no accounting for taste or the beauty in the eye of the beholder.

At any point... people might discover they were wrong and blame it all on you. Do not upset people's apple carts if you can avoid it. This is one of the primary reasons that The Wise are silent. I do not have that luxury... nor am I implying I am wise. My commission is to do what I do as I do it... under the aegis of my guide, and my invisible friends. Some people get to be shoemakers... some chandlers... some this... and some that. I get to be this... for the moment.

Many things are hidden. Some of them are hidden in plain sight. Some are revealed through inquiry and... experience; by those who acted in haste and repent at their leisure. People argue about all kinds of things and it doesn't matter if they know what they are talking about or not. It's what they want to believe, and only time and circumstance will modify that, which is what life does to us... and what we do to life.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, August 10, 2023

"It's Important that You Possess The Truth in The First Place; even if You Are Going to be Keeping It From Them."

God Poet Transmitting.......

You can't tell people the truth... not at any wide reach. They don't want to hear it. The Truth is volatile... caustic and corrosive. Lies are flammable and truth is incendiary. Do the math. People can get very angry with you if you tell them The Truth. You have to pick your spots, and... first off... it's likely to be important that you possess The Truth in the first place; even if you are going to be keeping it from them.

I don't purport to possess The Truth myself, but I know it when I hear it. I know it when I see it. It's some kind of an instinctive reaction that takes place in me when I encounter The Truth. I like it very much when I run into The Truth. This is not the usual response. Most people run in wild-eyed panic in the other direction, and you are lucky if they ONLY choose never to speak to you again.

Because of the devastating fires on the island of Maui, I somehow wound up tracking down a bunch of people that I had known in a former life. This led me to seek out yet more former lives. I have quite a few former lives, and it really shocks people that I am still alive, much less in such good shape. They are still alive too, well... most of them are, but... from what I saw, they are not in very good shape.

What puzzles them is that I lived with little caution... smoked and drank... took every drug in large quantities, but... was partial to only a few. I also said things that seriously angered The Ruling Class. Apparently... I still do. I also anger people from all walks of life because I say things they don't want to hear. It doesn't matter if they are true, and... it's even worse if I can prove they are true from right... left... sideways... and around the corner.

That makes it even worse because they really don't want to hear these things... no matter what. No! Not later on. Not at any time... No sir!

So I looked into all of what these people from several former lives happen to believe, and... it's like they are frozen in time. There was a time, and... that was the time when I knew them... when they were open to seeing things as they are. It was a window of time, and that window closed and they nailed it shut from the inside.

I suppose I had wondered why hardly anyone... except for the people I never lost touch with... ever bothered to get in touch with me. I couldn't have offended them that greatly... not all of them. There were plenty of times when I was really well-behaved... kept my knees together... and never dropped my ball of yarn.

I thought... well... people put down roots (I never did) and made new friends that were less likely to shock them, now that they had insulated themselves from The Truth, and... hopefully The Truth wouldn't come back around again and trouble them. It's sort of like leaving well enough alone.

Finally... one particular friend clued me in as to what the main problem was. The main problem can be found in the side margin menus of the blogs. I had removed some of the items a while ago. I was concerned about being top-heavy in that area. After all... there is a whole lot of truth if you go looking for it in certain places, which all these other people are very careful not to do.

Not one of these people has ever looked any deeper into these matters. They are content with not criticizing those you are not permitted to criticize. Most... all of them probably... are invested in family... either blood or otherwise extended... own things... have some standing in a community. They... don't... want... to... rock... the... boat.

The only families I am invested in are The Human Race... The Brotherhood of Mankind, and... ESPECIALLY... my invisible friends. I own a few tools and instruments... some clothes... nothing much else, and if someone needs or wants any of them, they can have them. You can't be associated with The Truth and possess anything you can be compromised over. I kinda got that early on.

I'm nothing special. I'm just fortunate this way. Being fortunate this way means being really unfortunate in all the other ways that seem to get people's attention... to the exclusion of Truth... and something we have yet to mention... INEVITABILITY. Certain events and conditions are inevitable. Don't they say that about Death and Taxes?

Death is ONLY inevitable if you resist change. If you can change; meaning that nothing temporal is interfering with that change... you don't have to die because you are always dying to The World of Mortality. This means you have to disappear at a certain point because nothing upsets people more than when one of their numbers isn't dying like they are supposed to.

I've met people like that. They come around dressed like anyone else and looking like anyone else, but... they bring great change with them. It follows them like a tailwind. It only becomes apparent once they are gone and people start wondering who was that cat that didn't bother to wear a mask; wasn't he supposed to be a masked man? Heh heh... that has a certain aura of irony in these times.

Yeah... a whole lot of people from my past don't want anything to do with me because I have some strange ideas and I'm not genuflecting to The Powers that Seem to Be. I never have. It got me into a whole lot of trouble. That's the problem with The Truth. It can get you into a whole lot of trouble. At the same time... someone has to play Martin Luther. Someone has to be Socrates... or Apollonius... Sir Thomas Moore... Giordano Bruno and others.

Those are not popular roles, no matter how one might look back on them over the passage of time... during the time... big problems were in attendance.

I'm not suggesting that I possess The Truth. I would never do such a thing. I am in search of The Truth and that's just as bad as possessing it. If you're going around with a lantern searching for The Truth you are going to illuminate many examples of that which people prefer to keep hidden in darkness.

I have come to see that the truth scares the Hell out of people. They do not want to hear about it, and now... as age descends on all of them... one can hear the stealthy feet of The Reaper coming up the walk.

Change is the cornerstone of Eternity. If you cannot change you will not find Death in your rear-view mirror. You will see him standing by the side of the road up ahead, and probably in your peripheral vision some time beforehand. Unless he jumps up out of nowhere.

I've seen recent photos of a lot of these people. They don't look happy. They're doing this and doing that. All kinds of people say how wonderful they are. They keep getting awards and are surrounded by busy work that I can directly see does not accomplish what they claim it does. If that were the case, wouldn't they be able to do it to themselves? Eh? Wouldn't they? I remember Jesus the Christ saying something about a physician.

I noticed one curious thing in my travels through the social media of people from former lives. It dawned slowly as I moved from one to the next. This was a lot of people; not a handful... not the number of fingers on both hands.

In some cases, they are public figures so I can read about them in several ways... as one can with such individuals. What did I notice? There was no mention of God. In the one instance where you would have expected God to be mentioned, God was not the central object of the discourses. It was just social chatter around the common social environment that contained them.

I guess I can understand. I lost more than 90% of my audience when I started talking about God too much. No one wanted to link to me anymore. I thought about it for about 5 seconds and moved right along.

They were all of them just going on about social interactions... or posting cute postcard-like images of pithy sayings; there was a lot of that. Whatever they were into... that was the whole of it. The closest it got to any mention of God... and I saw this in several places... was someone saying you have to love yourself before you can love other people, which... by the way... is not true.

Somehow... The Divine... who is the single self in all of us... has become displaced so that we can operate in his place. You see... in order for God to be central to your life, you have to get out of his/her way. That means no more personal you... except as a transparency... a stained glass window through which God is 'permitted' to shine. It's called The Great Sacrifice... which is no sacrifice at all.

Either you or God is the one who gets to shine. There's only one instance where you both get to shine and that is when you step aside and let God shine. New Age traditions... which I saw a lot of... are generous enough to tell you that you are God, just... the... way... you... are. No matter what you are... or what it entails... if that's how you are then God had better adjust accordingly.

Strange that I saw not a single mention of God. Oh well, maybe I showed up at the wrong time. God has been known to do that too.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, August 07, 2023

"Materialism Breeds Ignorance. You are No Longer Fed by Secret Springs Because You Have Drowned in Stranger Waters."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I thought I might mention something about the metaphysical side of existence that also directly translates into the physical side of existence... immaterial science into material science. With all that is made manifest, some things from the invisible remain invisible. Some things that are visible... remain obscure.

When Humanity's attention is turned away from God and drawn into material darkness, you could say that one has broken The Greatest Commandment. That is the same as breaking a natural law... though it exists on a supernatural plane... it also acts out on this plane. When you break The Laws of Nature... there are consequences. Often you get sick. Sometimes you go mad. You can develop impulsive... compulsive... and obsessive behavior patterns.

Ignorance is a by-product of Materialism. You are no longer being fed by the secret springs because you have drowned in stranger waters; if I can put an allegorical spin on it. In more direct and simple terms, Materialism makes you stupid. Stupidity is a form of blindness whereby you... more and more... as you advance into stupidity... are unable to see and correctly interpret what is going on around you, AND... inside you.

You mistake one thing for another. You are easily confused. The presence of Right and Wrong is dependent on the force and direction of your appetites. You might say that smart people do that too. I would point out that smart people can be stupid also.

Smart and clever are no indications of Wise and Insightful. They are a form of surface intelligence, so... no matter how smart you might think you are... you are missing half of the picture at all times.

The cleverness of the fox cannot forever evade the determined pursuit of the hounds. A wise fox moves where there are no hounds, though sustenance might be harder to find at times. It is better to be hungry than to be dead; perhaps... perhaps not.

You could say that all of us are missing half of the picture at all times because physical sight exists within a specific bandwidth. I would say that there are other means by which the other half of the picture can be seen, but you can't tell smart and clever people anything because... they are smart and clever.

The Greatest Commandment is a COMMANDMENT! Think about that for a moment. Please suspend your sense of being offended and put off by being told you have to do something; who does he think he is to command me to love him/her/it with all my heart... all my soul... all my strength/will... and all my mind? What kind of a power trip is he on?

First... it might help to consider what God is... insofar as you are capable of understanding it. One thing I can say for certain that is true... is that God is a part of you. God is the higher self of your own being, so... who is it that you are loving, and... more importantly... what does this love do?

It feeds. This love you express... it feeds your higher nature. It focuses your attention and brings it into conscious residence within. You attract it. You draw it down. This is how The Kingdom of Heaven comes to Earth. Love is... The Attractive Force! This is a form of Yoga.; The more you engage in it... the more real the dynamic becomes. It is a commandment because... if you don't do it... you die.

If you exist in your higher nature, then you exist in your angelic nature. If you reside in your lower nature then you exist in your animal nature.

If your attention is focused on outward things... this is what your love and attraction flow toward, and you have condemned yourself to death because you do not live by bread alone. The fall into lower appetites does not feed The Higher Nature. It feeds The Lower Nature. STILL... you need The Lower Nature. Do not kid yourself about this. Everything that is part of you is part of you for a reason.

You have to put each facet of your being in the proper order. Then... you wait for the lightning of God's Presence to galvanize and awaken you. This is metaphysics that is also proven in physics as well. The Universe is thought-born. What are you thinking into being? As you think... so are you.

If you love The Lord your God with all your heart... all your soul... all your strength/will... and all your mind, then you are in the proper relationship where everything is in the proper order. Otherwise... death is the inevitable outcome.

This dynamic 0f life and death... life and death... goes round and round and round until you get it. That's it. That's existence and the purpose of existence. All the needless complexities of scholars and philosophers are just a big pool of shit in which The Lower Self wallows. It's The Mind playing tag and catch-the-tail. It is the disturbance in the water that hides the reality of The Light reflected there. It is the distraction that waves its scarves before your eyes.

I was sitting before The Altar of The Sun this morning and... as... what I thought was the angel speaking, I noticed what I imagined was a sinister tone. I remarked on it. The angel/deva said, “There's nothing sinister about it. I'm being direct. I'm telling you what's coming and how it's going to be. Listen up, visible... I'm already here”.

Then I realized it was The Avatar speaking. Of course, that should have been obvious because he comes here from The Sun. He might have been speaking through a filter, but it was him.

He continued; “I'm here but I am not going to present as a single person. I am presently resident... though not yet active in many cases... in select individuals around The World. I am going to appear in them... in the form and manner of their culture... in the language they speak... in an easy familiarity with all they know.

“They will be like spiritually magnetized transmission centers, very similar to what The Dark Side is trying to do with The Killer Vaccines and telepathic invasion, but diametrically in opposition to... as far as intention goes. These individuals will radiate a calming... healing sense of harmonic resonance... an atmosphere of security and sanctuary... an aura of control... with the higher nature of everyone so disposed to it. No one and nothing will be able to oppose them.

“On the other hand... all those seeking to harm life in its variety of forms, who willfully disregard The Will of Heaven, will have a demon appointed to them who is bigger and stronger than they are, and every time the idea of harm or injury to another life rises in them, it will activate the disciplining demon. It will be automatic. I am appointing legions of angels to maintain this conditioning force.

“All force comes from Heaven and is then interpreted and applied... according to the understanding and intentions of the ones exercising it. The whole of it has gone out of order. It is all going to be set in order again.

“Humanity should understand that in a moment, with simply a thought, I can bring existence into absolute obedience to my will. I chose rather to bring it about through a series of changes so that understanding can gradually dawn on The Hive Mind and bring a unity, and return to balance around The World.

“This will necessitate some extreme measures here and there. I wish it would be different but the minds of those few are steeped too deeply in evil to respond to any humane appeal, and the masses are so conditioned that only specific forms of trauma can awaken them. This will not apply to everyone. For some... a gentle nudge will be all that is required. Make no mistake... I am intimately connected to every living thing.”

As you can imagine... the effect of hearing this had a powerful impact on me... especially in light of what I heard at sundown the night before.

I would rather not have communicated these things. It will set some people's heads on fire. Their anger and outrage will not be long in coming, but... since it was given to me to say... I have said it.

In conclusion, let me also say... we shall see and time will tell. If I have been deceived or misled it will make itself known. What I can say is that so far... much of what we have mentioned here has come about... especially what has been said about the progressive insanity that continues apace.

Evil will destroy itself. Those in a state of violence will turn upon each other. Evil will cancel itself out. This is the sense of it that I was left with.

I am no one of any consequence in the sense that The World understands such matters. I have no ambitions other than to abide by The Greatest Commandment. Every other possible course of action that might exist for me is subsumed into that one. I make no claims except to say I believe what I have been told to be true. I regularly see the evidence of what I am told materialize around me in all that I think... and feel... and experience.

Here, I must add that second commandment that The Master gave... thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. I know this is a very difficult thing to do. Perhaps it is something you have to accomplish before you understand why it is so very necessary.

Prayer and devotion will bring you through the stages needed in order for you to love indiscriminately and impersonally. Once the wave of profound and lasting change begins to broadcast from Heaven it will feel like the most natural thing in The World to love everyone else.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, August 02, 2023

"It Takes Longer for Conditions to Appear on The Physical Plane than to Think The Thought that Shapes and Becomes Them."

God Poet Transmitting.......

We are now approaching a main crisis point. Those captured by the delusions of personal power are increasingly beset by Mr. Apocalypse AND Lady Awakening, which are pressing upon the consciousness of ALL life... as Life transitions to the next wave... and next level of operating consciousness. Desperation is becoming increasingly palpable... to those who could not feel anything previously... other than the surging heat of their own misguided ambitions.

In the former times of the previous age... malefactors got away with all kinds of vile nonsense. They grew comfortable... complacent... and confident in their abilities to harm... offend... and force others to submit to their will. They were 'to the manor born.' The rest of us were serfs and sheep in their eyes. Now their whole fragile house of cards is coming down around them.

They are driven by an intensifying fear of loss... a cumulative sense that it is all slipping away from them, AND... IT... IS. What do they say? “Desperate times call for desperate measures?” It's something like that.

Those who hijacked the traditions of mystical Egypt in the later days of Free Masonry. Those who perverted The Sacred Magic of Abramelin The Mage... who reversed The Kabbalah... so that they could disport with demons because the angels would not bend to their twisted plots. The same who have taken control of the seats of temporal power. They know... they know the change is coming.

They are possessed... and they are obsessed... with getting beyond the transition before it takes hold... with the intention of shaping it to their will, that they might command conditions for the whole of the next age. IT... IS... NOT... GOING... TO... HAPPEN. Because of the degradation of their spiritual nature... they hardly understand physics anymore... much less metaphysics.

Do they not realize that the only reason they were able to take hold of the previous traditions and institutions... was because they were already on the way out, and they were PERMITTED to lay waste to them... in order to set the stage for what is to replace them?

When a house falls into disorder... be it a real house... or a metaphorical house... rot invades the timbers... the previous pointing leaves the bricks. The cellars grow cold and damp... and mold appears. The roof leaks. The paint fades and curls. The porch falls in, and weeds invade the garden. No one cares to attend to it anymore.

This happens with clockwork precision in every age. The best of that age carries over. The rest is composted to become nutrients. Evil is a nutrient when properly handled.

There... is... never... a... time... when Evil gains the upper hand across The Earth... except in appearances... for a brief time... at the time of transition for... The Purpose of Demonstration. “These are the times that TRY (read test and trial) men's souls.” We are in such a time to see what we shall do under the force of the inflowing inspiration OR... the pressure of mounting fear.

Do we master the conditions within us, OR... do we buckle and give way before the weakness of our nature? That is something for each of us to handle according to what we value. Kirk Cameron is doing his part, and he is inspiring others. We... the good and decent defenders of The Family Unit... and the core principles that have guided Humanity through many a storm and trial are The Many. The destructive and degenerate are The Few.

Caught between these two poles of possibility are a not insignificant number who only want for examples and guidance. Some are rising to the call, as... is... ever... the... case. Matt Walsh is doing his part, and many others are hearing him.

I'm not trying to rah-rah The World with things you've already heard from The Boy on The Burning Bridge... or Henry V on St. Crispin's Day... John Paul Jones, and others. I'm just stating the facts... Mam. There's nothing new going on here. It's pretty much the same thing every time. A few of us do great evil. A few of us do great good, and the rest are swayed by the rhetoric of one side or the other.

In times of great villainy... heroes rise for The Purpose of Demonstration. Theseus... Perseus... Jason... Ulysses... Hercules, and many another... all have their counterparts in these modern times. At the moment... a number of them await instructions. A number of them do not yet know that they are heroes, or... that they are awaiting instructions.

Believe me! The whole thing is scripted to an irrevocable outcome. Unlike material conditions seen here and at a wider reach. In The Invisible Realm... the battles... and the war are already over. The results of that are now precipitating onto the manifest plane. It takes longer for conditions to appear on the physical plane than to think the thought that shapes and becomes them.

In the couple decades that I have been engaged in this phase of The Work, I have heard the dogs barking many times. I have seen them in the rearview mirror as the caravan moves on. I've heard the snide commentary from those who are not capable of The Work. I've heard the excuses and encountered the varieties of opposition, BUT... I KNOW... among the very few things that I do KNOW... that The Divine is in control of EVERYTHING at ALL TIMES... NOW and FOREVER!!!

I can rest... in absolute confidence... in this unchanging truth. It matters not to me what those who will not join in common brotherhood might say. What they say defines them. It... does... not... define... me!

I am not concerned about the Halloween spooks that jump out of the shadows crying, “Boo!” I do not fear the creatures of The Dark that I know with certitude are deathly afraid of The Light. I do not listen to Chicken Little crying about this... that... and the other thing. None of these self-generated fears... of what has not yet come to pass... move me at all. I've been through the wars. I know what I'm up against.

I also know what I'm not up against. I'm not up against ANYTHING that I don't water with my negative attention... paranoid concern... or fear of the loss of something material. There are immaterial things that I would choose not to lose... BUT... as it so happens... they are part of me... and cannot be lost because they are part of God as well.

The way The Dark Side controls The Hive Mind is through The Atavistic Backdoor... through button-pushing appearances... and through Wormtongue commentary whispered in your ear... or clarion-cried from The Conning Towers of Temporal Deceit.

Some people will stay on the sinking ship because that fear holds them in place. Some will lock their doors against the enemy... when the enemy is locked inside with them. Some will listen to liars or be consumed with rumors of potential gain. Nothing is worth having that compromises you... that steals your integrity... which then blinds you to what is... and to what you are.

There is no difference between life and a movie... that is also a dream in The Mind. Life is longer than a movie. One might say it is... potentially... many movies strung on a strand... one connected to the other. For some it is a chaotic transition that... at the end... leaves one no better than they were before, and sometimes even worse.

For others... it exhibits an ever-dawning clarity and unity that resolves into an eternal present... where both past and future flow in and around the one who remains unmoved... and unchanged... by either.

God commands everything... including Time and Space... and every law and rule he has set into place, he can set aside as it pleases him. This does not mean he needs to do so because they are time-tested and true, BUT... He can. He can. His powers are limitless and he desires... deeply... to share this with you. It is the purpose of existence itself. God is in search of boon companions. Imagine how what you see around you must make him feel.

HOWEVER... in every age... across the endless stretch of change... that is the definer of this plane... he does... now and again... find a boon companion, and it pleases him mightily. He can barely contain his joy at having found someone to play with. He's like a child in that regard. Living outside the prison house of time... causes you to become childlike. It's how it works.

You'll see. I don't know how long it is going to take you, but... you will see.

End Transmission.......

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