Thursday, August 10, 2023

"It's Important that You Possess The Truth in The First Place; even if You Are Going to be Keeping It From Them."

God Poet Transmitting.......

You can't tell people the truth... not at any wide reach. They don't want to hear it. The Truth is volatile... caustic and corrosive. Lies are flammable and truth is incendiary. Do the math. People can get very angry with you if you tell them The Truth. You have to pick your spots, and... first off... it's likely to be important that you possess The Truth in the first place; even if you are going to be keeping it from them.

I don't purport to possess The Truth myself, but I know it when I hear it. I know it when I see it. It's some kind of an instinctive reaction that takes place in me when I encounter The Truth. I like it very much when I run into The Truth. This is not the usual response. Most people run in wild-eyed panic in the other direction, and you are lucky if they ONLY choose never to speak to you again.

Because of the devastating fires on the island of Maui, I somehow wound up tracking down a bunch of people that I had known in a former life. This led me to seek out yet more former lives. I have quite a few former lives, and it really shocks people that I am still alive, much less in such good shape. They are still alive too, well... most of them are, but... from what I saw, they are not in very good shape.

What puzzles them is that I lived with little caution... smoked and drank... took every drug in large quantities, but... was partial to only a few. I also said things that seriously angered The Ruling Class. Apparently... I still do. I also anger people from all walks of life because I say things they don't want to hear. It doesn't matter if they are true, and... it's even worse if I can prove they are true from right... left... sideways... and around the corner.

That makes it even worse because they really don't want to hear these things... no matter what. No! Not later on. Not at any time... No sir!

So I looked into all of what these people from several former lives happen to believe, and... it's like they are frozen in time. There was a time, and... that was the time when I knew them... when they were open to seeing things as they are. It was a window of time, and that window closed and they nailed it shut from the inside.

I suppose I had wondered why hardly anyone... except for the people I never lost touch with... ever bothered to get in touch with me. I couldn't have offended them that greatly... not all of them. There were plenty of times when I was really well-behaved... kept my knees together... and never dropped my ball of yarn.

I thought... well... people put down roots (I never did) and made new friends that were less likely to shock them, now that they had insulated themselves from The Truth, and... hopefully The Truth wouldn't come back around again and trouble them. It's sort of like leaving well enough alone.

Finally... one particular friend clued me in as to what the main problem was. The main problem can be found in the side margin menus of the blogs. I had removed some of the items a while ago. I was concerned about being top-heavy in that area. After all... there is a whole lot of truth if you go looking for it in certain places, which all these other people are very careful not to do.

Not one of these people has ever looked any deeper into these matters. They are content with not criticizing those you are not permitted to criticize. Most... all of them probably... are invested in family... either blood or otherwise extended... own things... have some standing in a community. They... don't... want... to... rock... the... boat.

The only families I am invested in are The Human Race... The Brotherhood of Mankind, and... ESPECIALLY... my invisible friends. I own a few tools and instruments... some clothes... nothing much else, and if someone needs or wants any of them, they can have them. You can't be associated with The Truth and possess anything you can be compromised over. I kinda got that early on.

I'm nothing special. I'm just fortunate this way. Being fortunate this way means being really unfortunate in all the other ways that seem to get people's attention... to the exclusion of Truth... and something we have yet to mention... INEVITABILITY. Certain events and conditions are inevitable. Don't they say that about Death and Taxes?

Death is ONLY inevitable if you resist change. If you can change; meaning that nothing temporal is interfering with that change... you don't have to die because you are always dying to The World of Mortality. This means you have to disappear at a certain point because nothing upsets people more than when one of their numbers isn't dying like they are supposed to.

I've met people like that. They come around dressed like anyone else and looking like anyone else, but... they bring great change with them. It follows them like a tailwind. It only becomes apparent once they are gone and people start wondering who was that cat that didn't bother to wear a mask; wasn't he supposed to be a masked man? Heh heh... that has a certain aura of irony in these times.

Yeah... a whole lot of people from my past don't want anything to do with me because I have some strange ideas and I'm not genuflecting to The Powers that Seem to Be. I never have. It got me into a whole lot of trouble. That's the problem with The Truth. It can get you into a whole lot of trouble. At the same time... someone has to play Martin Luther. Someone has to be Socrates... or Apollonius... Sir Thomas Moore... Giordano Bruno and others.

Those are not popular roles, no matter how one might look back on them over the passage of time... during the time... big problems were in attendance.

I'm not suggesting that I possess The Truth. I would never do such a thing. I am in search of The Truth and that's just as bad as possessing it. If you're going around with a lantern searching for The Truth you are going to illuminate many examples of that which people prefer to keep hidden in darkness.

I have come to see that the truth scares the Hell out of people. They do not want to hear about it, and now... as age descends on all of them... one can hear the stealthy feet of The Reaper coming up the walk.

Change is the cornerstone of Eternity. If you cannot change you will not find Death in your rear-view mirror. You will see him standing by the side of the road up ahead, and probably in your peripheral vision some time beforehand. Unless he jumps up out of nowhere.

I've seen recent photos of a lot of these people. They don't look happy. They're doing this and doing that. All kinds of people say how wonderful they are. They keep getting awards and are surrounded by busy work that I can directly see does not accomplish what they claim it does. If that were the case, wouldn't they be able to do it to themselves? Eh? Wouldn't they? I remember Jesus the Christ saying something about a physician.

I noticed one curious thing in my travels through the social media of people from former lives. It dawned slowly as I moved from one to the next. This was a lot of people; not a handful... not the number of fingers on both hands.

In some cases, they are public figures so I can read about them in several ways... as one can with such individuals. What did I notice? There was no mention of God. In the one instance where you would have expected God to be mentioned, God was not the central object of the discourses. It was just social chatter around the common social environment that contained them.

I guess I can understand. I lost more than 90% of my audience when I started talking about God too much. No one wanted to link to me anymore. I thought about it for about 5 seconds and moved right along.

They were all of them just going on about social interactions... or posting cute postcard-like images of pithy sayings; there was a lot of that. Whatever they were into... that was the whole of it. The closest it got to any mention of God... and I saw this in several places... was someone saying you have to love yourself before you can love other people, which... by the way... is not true.

Somehow... The Divine... who is the single self in all of us... has become displaced so that we can operate in his place. You see... in order for God to be central to your life, you have to get out of his/her way. That means no more personal you... except as a transparency... a stained glass window through which God is 'permitted' to shine. It's called The Great Sacrifice... which is no sacrifice at all.

Either you or God is the one who gets to shine. There's only one instance where you both get to shine and that is when you step aside and let God shine. New Age traditions... which I saw a lot of... are generous enough to tell you that you are God, just... the... way... you... are. No matter what you are... or what it entails... if that's how you are then God had better adjust accordingly.

Strange that I saw not a single mention of God. Oh well, maybe I showed up at the wrong time. God has been known to do that too.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

To everyone: an "un"-happy World Day Against Witch Hunts...

Bridget Bishop was the first person to be hanged at the Salem Witch Trials (June 10, 1692)

Let us never forget the women who were persecuted and murdered
because they were literate, healers, independent, and had the audacity
to do as they pleased.

Men fear the chaos in our souls.
They hate us because of it.
They fear us as a result.

I coined the word ‘overculture’ to mean the larger society which often attempts to tell girls, women and elders what we ought, should and must be, do, act, react — but, and, as you know, often the deeper wild nature says otherwise — for the wild instinctual nature is wise and wild both, with innate gifts and creative callings — all following the naturally insightful voice of the true self, rather than the often ‘one-inch deep overculture’s voice’ that values uniformity and only pre-authorized dancing. – Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Unruly women are always witches no matter what century we’re in. – Roxane Gay

Hazzah to all the unruly women! (Natural born, of course)

Blessed Be.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

TRUTH is all there is, if you can find it in Maya. Good luck with that. I'll wait until I get my Akashic Library Card. Illusions and lies rule here, and I have no use for either. Hence I can't stand this place. My NDE made me hate this realm even more. Will I change my mind after I know what it's about? I dunno. Some say it's the realm of the demiurge, many wanna escape the cycle of reincarnation, there's the ' prison planet' philosophy, and none of this sounds like this is a good place to me. I think the Cathars were right. Don't feed the demiurge, and don't breed. Well, looks like that was kinda forced on a lotta people. Oh well. I'm still waiting for my lower rent and less traffic.

Nostrils to the sky!

Chinese Sneakers said...

Lots got written in this one.

Let me just note a couple of points:

1) Virtually no one did as much of the "testing" with the altering agents and then managed to talk about you have. You've proven to be so resilient.

2) This following passage sums things up pretty clearly, both in regards to you and general earthing: "You can't be associated with The Truth and possess anything you can be compromised over. I kinda got that early on." A genuinely committed asceticism is what it amounts to; but it's such a high cost to pay.

Almost always the combination of those two experiences knocks most folks down-n-out long before they can also figure out how to turn a phrase well-enough to be worth reading.

You're a very rare bird. And I for one appreciate you making all the effort over the years.


Anonymous said...

pierre said... where is the up button?
"Change is the cornerstone of Eternity. If you cannot change you will not find Death in your rear-view mirror. You will see him standing by the side of the road up ahead, and probably in your peripheral vision some time beforehand. Unless he jumps up out of nowhere:
Jimmy Stewart in Rear View Mirror.
The possum teen chick that went onto the Beverly Billbillies (not Zimmermen) in Are You Going My Way Twilight zone...
heck I only discovered Steven McQueen (before his great escapades(sic) ) Dead or Alive series ( similar to bruce lee's starting out in The Green Hornet.
though the best advice, probably a comment at your site, was 'turn it off, all of it'.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"In Too Many Cases, People Hung The Vacancy Sign in Their Eyes and Someone Moved In and Brought Their Friends..."



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