Wednesday, August 23, 2023

"The Mind is The Devil. The Snatch and Grab Mechanism of The Carnal Nature. It Wants to Eat, Fondle and Screw All of It."

God Poet Transmitting.......

“The Mind is not self-luminous, since it can be seen as an object.

“This is a further step toward overthrowing the tyranny of The Mind; the psychic nature of emotion and mental measuring. This psychic self, the personality, claims to be absolute, asserting that life is for it and through it; it seeks to impose on the whole being of man its narrow, materialistic, faithless view of life and the universe; it would clip the wings of the soaring soul. But The Soul dethrones the tyrant, by perceiving and steadily affirming that the psychic self is no true self at all, not self-luminous, but only an object of observation, watched by the serene eyes of The Spiritual Man.

“Nor could The Mind, at the same time, know itself and things external to it.

“The truth is that The Mind knows neither external things nor itself. Its measuring and analyzing, its hoping and fearing, hating and desiring, never give it a true measure of life, nor any sense of real values. Ceaselessly active, it never attains to knowledge; or, if we admit its knowledge, it ever falls short of wisdom, which comes only through the intuition; the vision of The Spiritual Man.

“Life cannot be known by The Mind. Its secrets cannot be learned through The Mind. The proof is in the ceaseless strife and contradictions of opinion among those who trust in The Mind. Much less can The Mind know itself; the more so because it is pervaded by the illusion that it truly knows, truly is.

“True knowledge of The Mind, comes, first, when The Spiritual Man, arising, stands detached, regarding The Mind from above, with quiet eyes, and seeing it for the tangled web of psychic forces that it truly is. But The Truth is divined long before it is clearly seen, and then begins the long battle of The Mind against The Real, The Mind fighting doggedly, craftily, for its supremacy.”

This is taken from Book 4 of Patanjali's Sutras #19 and 20. It continues along the same line with some very interesting insights. I discovered the inherent truth in the sutras via the Charles Johnson interpretations because everything he said was something already resident within my own consciousness. I got the tuning fork syndrome immediately.

I was subject to an endless harmonic pinging, like a hanging wind chime... relentlessly stirred by an invisible hand... the same way that I am relentlessly stirred by an invisible hand... AND... the invisible mind... because my long battle with The Mind is not yet ended either... even though The Truth has been divined long before it is... as yet... clearly seen.

Pedestrian intellects do not attain victory over The Mind. (See Trump # 7... The Chariot)

BOTA Chariot Card

This card represents Triumph in The Mind. This particular incarnation of mine has been mostly a progression between cards 7... 8.... and 9. I think this is a common circuit for all determined seekers at a specific point in their spiritual evolution. The charioteer is personified as Alexander because... in a manner of speaking... once you have triumphed over The Mind, you have triumphed over The World.

The Mind is The Devil. It is the snatch-and-grab mechanism of The Carnal Nature. It wants to eat, fondle and screw all of it. It consumes all things external as seen through the physical eyes. This is a world inflamed by desire and The Mind wants it... precious! The Mind plots and connives. The Mind is out for itself. It is a liar... offspring of The Father of Lies... lies passed from generation to generation.

This is what Paul spoke of; to put off The Old Man, because all things are made new in Christ. When we are cleansed... we cleanse our entire line of ancestors. Meanwhile... we are poisoned by their legacies that are worked into the flesh of our being, and which... we must bring to heel or it will bring us to the grave as a continuance of failure... like exhausted relay runners passing a baton.

The sins of the father are visited upon the offspring. It's no small thing to master the inherited troubles of generations upon generations. We all have a part in this. Some few struggle without respite... many struggle for a time and then surrender to their fate. Their small window of youthful aspiration closes and... the grave awaits.

The Mind... once tamed... once brought to heel... is a most powerful ally. You can't kill The Mind any more than you can kill the ego. That's all nonsense... badly translated from East to West. Understandings vary according to culture and location. It's good to keep this in mind.

Vain little fools imagine they can change The World and harass everyone else for not doing so, while they... of course... mostly do little but talk. No one changes The World, and... everyone changes The World... because... The World is an extension of your mind... given its appearance by the coloration of your desires. Our worlds are individual, to begin with. This is why it is said... to change The World you need only change yourself. Someone must have said that... (grin) maybe.

God is The Supreme Controller. Therefore it is advised you put yourself in resonance with that eternal reality; to see The World... or whatever... as God sees it... by letting God see through your eyes. God is already in residence, but yet sleeping... in most cases... dreaming.

It has been made very clear to me that I do nothing myself. God does everything... IF I PERMIT GOD TO. If I do not hinder God, God realizes his vision of me. If I hinder God... I wind up with an ill-made, badly drawn life form. Self Will is opposed to The Will of Heaven because of the desire to have... because of the fire of endless wanting. Stop wanting and hold still. It is for your own good.

No one goes out and conquers The World. The World is already conquered. It is a sacred vessel that is made sacred or profane by the mindset of the one who beholds it. You have either the eye of the scorpion or the eye of the eagle; depending on whether your sexual nature is projected outward... or channeled upward. IT ALL DEPENDS ON THIS.

Most people are deeply confused about what Freedom is. Freedom is not license. You see this demonstrated all around you, and now... now that the degenerates are twisting human sexual nature in order to have a larger membership SINCE THEY DO NOT REPRODUCE LIFE... other than to give birth to demons in The Lower Astral... they are coming for the children. This is why Drag Queen Story Hour and other perversities are so important to them.

They want to take over The World through the financing granted by Satanic Bankers and those whom they control... those who are compelled to do their bidding. They will fail.

The ordinary human mind is like a drunk in a boat... with a flashlight... searching over the waters, and unable to hold it still. Eventually, the drunks falls into the water... along with the flashlight. In an extraordinary human mind... the feature of concentration and focus is present and controlled. Then you have a laser. Monsters thought it a good idea to translate this dynamic into direct energy weaponry. They are trying to control The World too.

The perversion of Divine Powers... that are possessed by the agents of The Dark Side... are bad copies of celestial powers that are beyond their grasp entirely. They are a mockery... ill-constructed counterfeits of light magic far beyond their ken. It's far better to seek The Light than to curse and fear The Darkness.

Of course, you are in danger outside the sanctuary of The Almighty... but it is a matter of personal choice whether you are in this sanctuary or not. Think of the mouse that the cat waits upon, and the fear that drives it to its doom. Panic is ALWAYS a mistake.

If you had searched for God from the beginning, God would be with you now. If you realize the error of not having done so... it is not too late. Where there is life there is hope. God loves all, and he has more interest in those temporarily lost than those who are safe in The Fold. Remember the tale of the shepherd who went looking for the missing sheep?

The World without is not your concern. The World within... that determines The World without... is your concern. God handles every detail. Stop blocking God's efforts. God only wants to free you from what you have entangled yourself in. You have to hold still for God to accomplish that. Struggling embeds the thorns ever deeper.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

From what I read, the banking system is in deep doo-doo. The parasite has all but killed it's host, and a parasite cannot exist without a host.

As for all else, the majority has to overcome bad programming. VERY bad programming.
All of us here who are either, biological accidents, or intended man traps, hobbies, 401 K plans or farm slaves.

Nostrils to the sky.

0 said...

I wonder if some of us are here as an objective barometer for the times we're seeded in so the All can get an objective read on the formed reality as it is Now.

I wonder if that means that one will be consumed by the context at the point that one can no longer continue to Deal with it... course I usually get shown I could still take more, tho I'd much rather take less. A reprieve is needed when decades pass in Concentrated Focus. Perhaps thats Death.

I leave it to the All to sort and hope something comes along that renews any sort of interest in the outter world. Lacking that I don't imagine I'll be an iteration of form for to much longer. Theres nothing I desire here, since understanding doesn't produce Accountability. Who wants to keep Existing in a world devoid of accountability.

I wish they who act criminally and in collusive fashion would all just suddenly Drop Dead.

At least then the shit antics would finally be halted, at least for a time, as the voids left by such are murdered over by those who want to take up those Roles. It really is remarkable how arbitrary the length of intervals are for the masses. Even in the 1800s the asshole bankers and financiers were busy taking advantage of money as it existed then, when real silver and gold were in circulation they aimed to trim the actual weights to less than their Naming asserted, and that went on till silver and gold coins were removed from circulation entirely as methods to pay or be paid.

So maybe this is just a "lets see if he Acts like he says he will" type reveal, more for the self than for anyone else. Course if ones not already objective the viewed results will be panned to find a random belief that ones better than one Does.

It sure is Prolonged tho. 3year with claims of a new scamdemic inbound. Gates seems sure of himself that This next version of a scamdemic will see people dropping dead like didn't happen on the original one that got everyone to take the injections to Seed them for Round 2 to have Greater Effect/Reach.

Till shit smells like Flowers huh.

Take it easy!

Anonymous said...

well they are bringing back the lockdowns. The vaccine is killing a lot of people and the government will just blame the deaths on a "new covid variant" instead of the vaccine, and will make new lockdowns and more vaccines. So it looks like the apocalypse is about to kick off into over-drive now.

Visible said...

0 said...

I wonder if the all takes an objective ones desire for reprieve as an indication of the state of the formed world starting to stall in its constant motion and perhaps that’s why the all then chooses to intervene…. As no desire for motion would still the salient world returning it to the disindividuated void. Curious to wonder at.

Aghoric calcination huh. Burn it all down, what’s left is real.

Happy belated man! Is it of interest that I’m an 8/11 birthday? My best friend in high school was a 8/21 birthday. What’s ur take on the secret language of birthdays? ;)


Visible said...

There are no accidents. There are no coincidences. Everything is relevant. The Divine proceeds and is at the end of existence and so knows all the ins and outs and has no concern about present conditions in a world of constant and continuous change. The idea is to bring your mind into resonance with The Mind... The ONLY mind and from that point, one is expedited into ever more perfect union. This I know by visceral impact brought on by experience.

I would wrap this up but I suddenly realized I had to be somewhere. Interesting that. eh?

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Another lovely words worth of your and God’s reminder to control your own DEW.

And Happy belated Birthday, Mr. Visible!


Anonymous said...

The guy who runs that Event Horizon Chronicle blog just switched to Substack for posting his articles since google removed one of his articles. So not sure if you're still looking for a different place to post your blogs on, but substack seems like a place with zero censorship

Visible said...

Sorry, I posted a broken link=

Here you go=

"When You Go to Hawaii, You Get a Lei Put Around Your Neck. When You Mess With Children... You Get a Millstone."



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