Monday, August 28, 2023

"Faith... Certitude... and Determination... are Essential to The Process of Arriving and One Cannot Arrive Without Them."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I have a friend in Greece. The other day I was responding to a comment and a post happened. Here it is.

As I understand it. Everyone goes where they already are... in relation to the degree of impersonal love resident in their soul and channeling through them; meaning your immediate location upon passing from the physical plane. That is the central core of existence, invisibly present everywhere; a measureless reservoir of love pouring into and through eternity. All around it are The Worlds of Time... Desire and Appetite...

The distance between The Central Core and the specific life forms in The Worlds of Time and Appetite/Desire is measured in the lifetimes required to realize the truth of The Central Core. The further from The Central Core... the greater the weight of time; an awareness restricting form of gravity.

The quantity and quality of evil present in the specific life form... is measured according to the changes required to transmute it, and that is also in lifetimes... measured by the degree of personal resistance... which it is the job of time (and Karma) to resolve and wear away..

At any time... anyone could let go and have the whole matter transmuted, but the intention to do so is not present. Eventually... it comes into being through directed aspiration. The Central Core is everywhere outside of time and nowhere within Time... But it is within that which precedes and exceeds Time.

When one goes into states of exaltation... any of the forms of Samadhi... as they are called in The East... time ceases and one is present in The Central Core. When one leaves that state of exaltation... time returns; time is what measures the linear flow of existence.

In arcane texts there is talk of a gulf between Heaven and Hell; on one side is Unity/Love and on the other the absence of Love and Unity. Both are states of mind. Unity-Union is the offspring of Love at every level; temporary or enduring. Disunity is manifested by The Separated Mind in conflict with other separated minds. Those are the definers on The Plane of Suffering.

To rise above Suffering... to depart from Suffering... one has to let loose of The Personal Self. This results in the reflecting mirror we were talking about in the post before last. It is Buddha-Mind. This personality is replaced by an individuality... because each of us... apart from God, but... on The Course of Return... express through an eternal self that is the personality of God that exists where separation ends. Love defines itself in Unity. God expresses THROUGH us and... there is only one Almighty God.

It requires the conscious death of the mortal personality to abide in The Individuality. It is called The Great Sacrifice... I die daily is another way of putting it. These are just words until they are understood. The beauty of the matter is that ANYONE who persists on The Path of Discovery WILL arrive there. In the process of a determined persistence to stay the course... one acquires Certitude. Determination is the driving engine and Faith is the fuel.

These 3, Faith... Certitude... and Determination are essential to the process of arriving and one cannot arrive without them. They take one to The Guide and the degrees of instruction from The Guide that results in the completion of The Operation of The Sun... and the construction of The Body of Glory.

It is possible that this description is not acceptable to those who have decided to interpret it in another fashion, OR... are in an increasing number of those who do not want to hear about God... or anything connected with God... because prevailing scripture prohibits certain acts that they are determined to willfully engage in. Determination is cyclopean. It goes in the direction that you point it, just like intention.

The terms and perspectives expressed in these postings are meant to trigger subconscious resonance. Everything we seek is within us and the storehouse is The Subconscious Mind. The Subconscious Mind is an ocean connected to The Greater Unconscious that we are all connected to. It is a sounding board for telepathy. It is many things. It is an underground body of water... whose tributaries join all of us together... whether we like it or not. It is a medium for healing, and it is a medium for harm... intentional and otherwise.

Everyone radiates healing or harming vibrations through the reach of their aura, and the direction of their thought. The various invisible bodies encapsulate our physical form; the etheric...the astral... the mental... the causal... the Buddhic... and the Atmic... all have their degrees of reach, and this can extend to a remarkable distance depending on who we are talking about. It was said that The Buddha's aura extended for many leagues outward.

A league is almost 5 kilometers. Imagine that! I don't know if this is true, but... it is one of the ways that The Great-Souled-Ones change The World... simply by being in it. Your subconscious is in touch with the subconscious of everyone on Earth. The more rarefied your thought... the wider your reach. This principle of interconnectedness also explains why it is so hard to climb out of pedestrian habits and commonplace appetites that drag the mass of us down. You need help, and you have to ask for it.

People are full of piss and vinegar when they are young. Then they become too preoccupied with trying to maintain and improve their existence... including enjoying their existence... to notice that they are aging. It comes upon them. It sneaks up on them. Then they more and more are looking back and no longer looking ahead; now they are prisoners in a Time capsule coffin... trapped like a fly in amber by a past that is now their future.

When you can draw all of your subtle bodies... and your gross body... into an alignment with each other... under the resonance of Heaven... you can fill your tank from the hidden springs of divinity. The mechanism... the medium... the means... these are all within you. If you lack the technical awareness you can realize Godhead through focused aspiration and Devotion.

There will be many who doubt and scoff at what I say here. I am not speaking to them. There are many more that will not go the way we go and become angry and argumentative when it is mentioned. A part of them knows what they lose and it enrages them. Why do some seek The Light... against all odds... and others step away... into the varieties of material desire?

For those of you who have come with us this far... we now give you two smaller treatises that will answer every present concern... on the way to The One that answers the final concerns, and which are written ONLY upon the soul of The Seeker in letters of flame. The first is Light on The Path;

...and the second is The Voice of The Silence... information collected by HPB.

If you have made note of the recommendations given here then you have acquired quite a collection of books by now... nearly all of them are small. Here is a listing of most of what we have passed on to you; The Way of Life, by Lao Tzu... translated by Witter Bynner. The Impersonal Life, The Way to The Kingdom. The Way Out and Brotherhood, all by Anonymous (Joseph Brenner). The Bhagavad Gita, translated by Eknath Easwaran. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, by Charles Johnston. The Door to Everything, by Ruby Nelson, and... The Tarot of The BOTA, by Paul Foster Case and Ann Davis.

Also the works of Mikhail Aivanhov... Paramhansa Yogananda... Swami Vivekananda, and others. We recommend a variety of sources because we come on different rays, under the influence of different personality attractors and... though all of these may be righteous portals, they do not all speak to everyone with the same lasting benefits. You must find what speaks to you.

You will note in the introduction to The Voice of The Silence that HPB mentions, Krishna-Christos, as the “Higher Self.” You could have knocked me over with a gentle nudge when I saw that, as it had been previously mentioned in these posts, and here I see it in print.

Last night, The Light on The Path came into my mind several times. This morning it was front and center. I obtained it and read it for my morning meditation, in place of The Bhagavad Gita and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

It had a profound and moving impact on me because of Direct References to commentary I had been receiving... in recent encounters... with my invisible friends... over the last several days. For you who truly seek... there will be much of great value... priceless direction and admonitions. Drink deeply at these wells. Return to them again and again.

In the introduction to The Light on The Path, mention is made of Master Hilarion... The Venetian Master... Master Djwal Kul... and Master Kuthumi. There are others who are also still present and can be reached by those who persist in The Journey. Some of these are still embodied and reside in The Quiet Zones... the protected sanctuaries of The Wise. Occasionally, they travel through The Dusty Worlds of Desire and Appetite to do The Work That Never Ends.

In attaining... by stages... one's labors and responsibilities are increased to an astounding degree. No lazy person... none that are self-involved... chose this way of going. It is also the end of you and the emergence of The Deathless Self which supplants you, so that you may toil in the field of human souls... eternally... and anonymously... known only to God... his companions... and yourself.

There is no seeking of rewards here. The reward is the joy of doing. It is its own reward. How can they be anonymous if you have heard their names? Do you know them? Have you met them? Would you recognize them if you did? Yeah. Well... there you go.

If a selfless and never-ending effort... in the service of The Divine... on behalf of Humanity does not appeal to you, I suggest you go another way. Only a great heartbreak will await you otherwise, and your disappointment will be bitter, and lasting. These are the ones who are among the scoffers and givers of ridicule... though they will likely not remember their failure. For those who persist, as HPB says... “there is reward past all telling—the power to bless and save humanity.”

Yeah... I know... lots of uniformed people don't like her. I do. The Devil works for God. The Devil is the way The Wicked see God; THERE... IS... ONLY... ONE ALMIGHTY GOD! Let the fools argue in the outer chambers... they will pass no further.

These are very difficult issues to write about. The two links I gave do a much better job than I. Please forgive my cumbersome efforts to clarify what can only be understood by rising to the level it exists on, where it becomes self-explanatory.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky, despite the fact I am royally fed up with the collective of humanity. Not so with the individuals. Select individuals, that is.

Anonymous said...

I have most of the books you mentioned. Have had them since the 80's forward. My whole path has been one of learning to stay present and listening, feeling, guidance. Not easy but that is where Truth is.
always enjoy your writings. thanks so much for your continued expressions of truth
sandy in the mountains

Al said...

"You must find what speaks to you."

I have to say brother that I have read a few of those in the past and gained much but these days I have little to no interest in the written anything, the steps, procedures, rights of passage, rituals, ways and means. It simply fell away after years and years of consuming every book of knowledge I could find.

It felt strange at first like the falling away of so many things in my life and I thought for a second how will I ever get there without knowing the do's and don'ts and then even that was gone.

I can say many things are very much needed, knowledge wise and that list is exceptional for many a soul heading towards home but the desire for more has gone away for me and now I seek only converse with God, Nature and those I love. It feels so damn clean and simple now I am absolutely blown away by nothing in between me and the Great Spirit. I hope this isn't a bad thing, it doesn't feel that way.

As always much love and Thanks for this warm place you give us Les.

Stef64 said...

Thanks for your words Visible. Thanks.

A little gift for you:
Love Is Stronger Than Death - THE THE

Beyond Love - THE THE

Greetings from Stef

0 said...

Great post today. Thanks for the additional works too!

"In the introduction to The Light on The Path, mention is made of Master Hilarion..."

You ever heard of a guy named John Fox? He made use of Hilarions nobel gas under high pressure then add a magnet to it type devices. The idea being that the nobel gasses when put under high pressure, peg their molecules in place due to that pressure. Then when you take a permanent magnet and put the pole over the pressurized gas, since the permanent magnets field is not Static, but a constantly flowing localized eddy centered on the form of the magnet acting as the fulcrum of the inversion, that flowing field then sorta "strums" the nobel gas atoms which are held in place by the pressure which results in a sort of perturbation that acts to harmonize that which is local to itself.

I wonder if my back issues woulda been prevented if I had a xenon device from John/Hilarion. I wonder if hes even still at it. He was out in Nevada somewheres. Lemme see if I can find his old site. <- main page <- inert gas faq

I have to sorta second Als comments above too. I've been at it for decades and am pretty well spent. I guess I'll see what comes next.

Take it easy,

Visible said...

I have long assumed that the people who come here over any stretch of time have read a great many books and continued to maintain an interest in whatever they found there. I have presumed that among the people who come here are people who have read more books than me, and... that would be a whole lot of books.

The Voice within has said to me on several occasions... more than several, in fact; "Visible, you have no idea who comes here and reads at these blogs." I never thought about it much because that has little to do with what happens here. I do what I do because I cannot do otherwise. I am compelled to do it and I don't give the matter much thought beyond that of a passing moment because I have other considerations going on and one of them is that my mind remains empty nearly all of the time for specific reasons.

I also know that some number of people of tender years (grin) come here regularly because I have had them communicate with me and I know they haven't read a lot of those books, so... that is the real reason I recommend them, and also because some books... invariably slip through the cracks of the libraries of even the most comprehensive of readers. I know that is true of me. I am only now reading The Pista Sophia.

Many books I did not read because they held no interest for me or they were excruciatingly dense or overly dogmatic. I'm attracted to those works I considering inspiring and inspired.

I don't think much about what happens here. I just show up and do it. Once this ceases I won't be thinking about it either.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis,

First, I loved your post and it awakened some understanding of things intuited but not yet grasped.
And you have listed two of my very favorites. These are not regular books
But are actual experiences that happen as a consciousness spirals
Upwards. Someone supernal, wise and intensely loving is
Teaching each one of us directly thru these offerings .
Thank you Visible!

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,
What was only previously a vague idea about the meaning of life, death and eternity in my head, you have clearly laid down a pattern for with your precise and illustrious commentary on all these arcane thoughts and understandings that you mentioned. Read the voice of the silence by H.P.B just now and received numerous insights. Definitely will be reading further. Even thought I had come across her work many times in my life I had never read things by her except the quotes you posted some times and I am grateful for this gift.Really cool things to use in my life today, right now, in that book. That is the distinctive characteristic of ageless wisdom, fresh as new the day you read it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. And I would also like you to know that your daily choir serving truth to us all as a service to god, has in my case at least, served the purpose intended one hundred percent!.Be well my friend and cheers to all your readers out there.
A friend from Greece

0 said...

Thanks man, I do appreciate what you do and your consistency in doing it. I found you about 15 years ago now I think. I was on a business trip in france and was still fumbling about with my identity, trying to figure out what to be-come. I've been a reader on/off ever since. Occasionally your blog nudges me this way or that, and I am grateful for it.

What comes comes be-coming then be-going. :)

Take it easy!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"God... as God Truly Exists... Cannot Be Seen, but... He Can Assume any Shape He Wishes for The Exercise of His Will."



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