Friday, May 20, 2016

A Potpourri of Reptile Jambalaya

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Greetings friends and welcome to Visible Origami. We were recently over at the Petri Dish and we'd like to feel we've left that behind, until we wind up there again. It's important that there are demarcation lines between the different personas and perspectives, otherwise, one of the personas begins to yoke rob the others and sooner or later, one of them is running around in an Eight Ball jacket with a pimp roll. It's like your mind has been turned into the New York Subway system before Giuliani transformed all the annoying parts into Soylent Green pate at The Tavern on the Green.

We spent this morning reading, scanning, parsing and profiling The Huffington Post. If there is a more Satanic and culturally evil website out there, I haven't seen it yet. They hate Donald Trump, which almost makes me like him. At the same time THP presents things like this. You would think efforts like that and the articles about them were a good thing over all... until you realize, if ever you do, that all these efforts and articles are about the efforts and articles designed to turn us all into Caitlyn Jenner clones, or Kardashian whores and it will all be under the pennants and declarations of a promoted guise of freedom that expresses itself in ever more confining and stifling environments of controlled behavior and imposed slavery.

Is what this fellow is peddling, satire ...or... is he serious?

It's all about this latest meme of transgender rights and as if it were cued back stage, events like this are happening. I can imagine what took place here, the woman who did the shooting made some comment to the dead one and the dead one got massively outraged and began to come at this woman with some dark intent and got hammered by .45 caliber 1911 model from Kimber. I had no idea women would even be carrying guns with that kind of force with them. Meanwhile... agents that had been formerly employed at the Boston Marathon cartoon bombing appeared out of the darkness to assault what seems to be a hippie lumberjack transvestite.

Material culture is a perversion of the feminine force. That is what Kali Yuga is all about. On occasion I would take psychedelics and wander through a mall. It was palpably evident what was taking place. I could feel the pressure seeking to press a negative feminism down upon the shoppers who actually went out to shop without anything specific in mind. They were simply looking for something to acquire. I've never been bit by that bug. This force is directed through the lens of Kali as a certain intention that is then manifested through the bottom chakras. Only through concentration and aspiration can one turn it to the higher feminine qualities which this new age will bring. If you want to be a woman, all you have to do is wait your turn. The wheel provides every accommodation you could wish for. In the same way, you will not get what you think you want, unless you really know what that is. Ramakrishna used to dress as a woman because he was inhabited by the purest form of what was available. That's you other option.

I don't know if the violent outbreaks are Mr. Apocalypse moving through the agitated resentment of people, who just can't take it anymore, or if it is engineered to provide a Hegelian construct in order for the problem-reaction-solution people to advance their social engineering agendas. What I know is that it is like onion layers and the core of it is darkness.

The people at the top of the pyramid of Satanic influence are setting the trend for people at every walk of life at the upper levels of cultural impact; be they in the political, economic, social or entertainment fields and it seems that success is determined by acquiescence.

I don't give a damn about transgender rights or gay rights or lefts or rights of any dimension. I care only about human rights, period ...and animal rights, comprehensively ...and all life rights as they should be accorded in their dimensions of being. I don't feel like issues of sexual choice should be in schools because of the way the effort is being made to skewer the judgment of those too young to be in a position to make a decision on the matter. In any case, this sort of thing at a prepubescent level is demonic. You do not positively adjust the mindset of a majority accord, by attempting to needle and haystack every tiny demographic, at a cost to all the virtues and conditions that the majority, since time immemorable, have considered sacrosanct. It's bullshit and if you don't have the stones to back the play of the entirety in their time tested efforts to realize something better for themselves and their offspring, without the need to shanghai the whole of it, by pandering to behaviors that time and time again have proven to be the downfall of society anyway then... fuck you.

I'm passed being tired of all of these charades. I'm dead beat. I don't know what it is going to take but some of us are going to have to go because a far greater number of us are too stupid to see what is going on. You don't arrive at a higher state of existence by catering to every reverse engineered pathology that comes along. It's not how it works and it doesn't work that way. It just doesn't.

The people preying on us and manipulating us and destroying us... and themselves... are not stupid. They may be ignorant but they are not stupid. They own all the mediums and they control who they hire and employ by making sure that they have hired either the most opportunistic and spiritually dead among us, or the dumbest rote players and respondents that you can imagine. These are the people who can color inside the lines, no matter where the lines are from one day to the next. These are the people who follow orders and don't care if their passionate outcries change into the very thing they are crying out against the following day. They will adjust their positions according to the prevailing wind and even if that is created out of the bowels of a demon and regardless of their having to sit in an unimaginable density of noxious fumes, they will pronounce it as perfume and be glad that they had the chance to sit there and experience it. Bizarre and getting more so.

It can seem overwhelming at times. The truly sick have infected those not inoculated against it and it accounts for an army of marching zombies these days. The facts are that the majority of the public cannot stand political correctness. Just today a report was issued that 90% of Native Americans don't care about the use of the term, Redskins ...and it is probably across the board true that 90% of Americans do not care about any of these PC issues and are probably collectively as offended as the parasites and predators who pretend to be about the issues they promote. These cynical reptiles promote their causes solely for the purpose of creating division between everyone and everyone else except for those who have banded together in clueless cabals of temporary alliance over batshit schemes of forced equality, under the banner of alleged diversity, which helps no one in the end. The point is to destroy cultural cohesion and create a kinetic atmosphere of pervasive paranoia. Jezz, I'm starting to sound like Spiro Agnew.

Yes... this is the metaphysical blog but there are metaphysical implications all over this area of critical concern and if you don't recognize them as critical at the moment you will encounter it as such later on unless awakening comes to match its mendacity and send it whimpering back into the darkness like Shelob. You'll soon enough be at the red eyed mercy of monsters such as these.

Clinton and Aguilera

Conversely you get Trump. I don't know what is possible in the man. I've never met him. However, his impressive megalomania is a weakness when it comes to any idea of sustained integrity. His across the board solutions to problems, which he defines in racial and religious terms, instead of practical solutions defined in another fashion, strikes me as troubling. It could be he is so wise- and an expression of 'The Great Man Theory'- that he knows you can only get the public's attention by pandering to their fears and so far that has proven true and... maybe... later, he does all the smart and intelligent things the people are so desperately hoping for. It could happen. The odds are not great, given the personality type, but stranger things have happened.

This is the time of Mr. Apocalypse so... all bets are off. I've been looking at what is out there and the perception of enormous control on the part of sick twisted weasels from the south end of Hades and it looks like that kind of dark you expect just before the dawn; something like being in the middle of an enormous tire fire. Even more toxic is the ad that precedes it and you see the helicopters with their pitiful loads of water flying into the smoke. It makes me wonder what the positive effect can be from that tiny segment of us that seeks to expose, retard or circumnavigate it. I've noticed that a small handful can make impressive changes over time through fixity of focus and a true linkup with the source at its moment of concentrated intensity on the moment, as it ceaselessly does... or there would be no moment but... if it isn't a crap shoot, it is made to look like one. Maybe it is best that the scene gets rolled up at every closing of the scene ...and that bad men seem to get their way and that we all seem to get mulched at some point; regardless... the greater mass want what they want and envy their oppressors, seeking to emulate them and hope to be them should fortune smile in that regard. This is one of the horrors of humankind. They seek to play along and they want to belong but the advertising gets them and the role models change and without their ever catching on they are now modeling what they would have never considered before they were led to that place.

We cannot let the force of perception determine our destination. Wherever I go I meet good people. I see people trying to hold it together and being ignored as to what they really aspire to. I walk through neighborhoods of houses and schools and all those thousands and tens of thousands and millions who really want to do the right thing and who are finding that more and more difficult because the entire system is feeding on them like vampires do on unwitting hosts.

Without the power of unseen angels and the blinding light of the central generator of the celestial realms, we are toast. You've got your choice. You align with the one or you align with the other. The other is a front that works its magic through appearances, but make no mistake, the one is behind both. It automatically generates according to the intentions of the one perceiving it. Nowhere is truly dangerous to the informed. Whatever danger there is, you carry in with you as you go...

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Endless Pageantry Across the Face of Inflexible Space.

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The levels of absurdity keeps going up and what the mobsters at the top of the landfill don't get, is that it is set to backfire on them soon. They're putting people in jail now for comedy. There are two different reports that I came across in relation to this. One of them is here. The other one is here. The thought and speech control over the world has reached an insufferable point and the comments that follow this video demonstrate how the majority of the viewers and respondents think about it.

The most difficult thing about comprehending that revolution is on the doorstep is the stretched and tortured appearance of normality, passing in front of the eyes reach, as if to confirm that all the trembling subconscious tensions are simply a personal fantasy, generated by one's inability to integrate with the conflicting reports of the senses. On the one hand, everything just putt putts along on the surface, while beneath the surface, the reports of the senses are translated according to a deeper logic because that which is below the surface is closer to actual truth than that which prances about on the perpetually deconstructing stage of manifest life, as it breaks down and reinvents itself with every day.

Certain aspects of reality definition are in the hands of different generations for set periods, until those aspects are taken over by a following generation, until that one is mulched into whatever phase it passes into and each of them go through all of these stages in their cycling... coming out of seemingly nowhere and then disappearing into the same but in a different fashion. We each come here, in our turn, to demonstrate whatever it is we came here to demonstrate and then are followed by the next and the next and the next. Past generations decompose like dead leaves under the pressing cover of dead leaves, under the pressing cover of yet more dead leaves. Every turn of the seasons brings more dead leaves and they burn at the bottom level with a special kind of fire, as they are returned to the same elementary composition they were formed out of to begin with.

The human heart and mind are contained within the inflexible routines of this process and regardless of all protestations and momentary defiance of it, they submit regardless. This is the cardinal feature of existence that everyone ought to get and ought to be profoundly aware of but most are not and it often dawns on them in a horror of futility, as the inescapable unknown begins to loom upon them.

Of course there are a multitude of options available to all but the amount of time and industry, invested in other options, varies widely and the greater the press of materialism, the more unlikely that wonderful possibilities are left unexplored and one remains in the grip of the huge cosmic gears that churn on relentlessly.

It takes a unique and truly fortunate awareness to see beyond the endless twisting of the material kaleidoscope, to the source of the light that is responsible for all of those colors in the first place. Most lives are uniformly pedestrian and don't want to be otherwise. Is it a matter of choice that this is so, or is it something impressed upon them that they submit to without reflection or understanding?

They compose the large mob of the willing ...and all the true believers seduced into one construct or another. They compose the canon fodder ...and the millions that scurry about in offices and restaurants, down the sidewalks and across the farms and plantations, in and around the factories and foundries, to the kneeling sleep ...before any number of altars designed to represent some litany of faith in something incomprehensible to them but which is defined in myth and legend, allegory and fable. Some measure of them bear similarities to one another and some measure seem to exist in defiance to this shared similarity in the rest. All of them have been disfigured over time, until the useful elements are obscured or rendered useless.

Certain minds that are aware of this, purport that this is an indication that it's all bullshit, constructed to delude the masses and to separate them from their coin. It proves quite the contrary to me but everything in life proves to me that there is a divine presence and that the whole point of life is to come into contact with it and that everything else is just a waste of time or a series of experience designed to show us we don't know much of anything and to provoke us toward a curiosity about the rarefied planes and the blessed realms.

Most of the time, life goes through one form of pageantry or another and acquires titles like The Age of Reason, The Enlightenment, The Dark Ages, The Industrial Revolution and so on. These are theaters of time, where the unseen builders construct the stage and the play takes place and then the unseen builders come around and dismantle the stage and then move on to some other location and construct the next stage, usually a series of them, so that whatever is coming can leapfrog through continuums of influence, as is always the case when the next thing emerges and spreads around the globe to be integrated in the general synthesis of things. None of it has any real meaning except for the lessons learned and the historical record, which one would hope might impinge upon the general consciousness in a positive way ...but which is shaped according to the will of the manipulators to tell a tale very different from what actually happened.

One can well ask, “What is the point of it all then?” That is what we are left with to figure out, or to have revealed to us, should we have been fortunate enough to cultivate or acquire a relationship with someone that makes it possible. It is my belief that this is the critical necessity in life; to meet someone remarkable and to have them take us under their wing. Of course, we all have a guardian angel; after a fashion and the presence and the force is different for each of us. It is one thing to have a guardian and another to have a relationship with that guardian; something other than just a perfunctory shuffling of situations designed to bring about moments of potential epiphany, which may or may not occur, especially under the suffocating cloak of materialism which surrounds us on all sides. This is why grace is all important. It is grace that weaves the necessary serendipity that brings us to a pass where we are fully empowered to take advantage of what is possible for us, rather than what is predictable at any point. What is predictable is the turning of those massive cosmic gears and someone is always going to win the lottery after every turn of the wheel but the majority will have to comfort themselves with the long haul of life following life, until their numbers come up.

It doesn't have to be this way and singular souls have demonstrated this in every period of time, in every country, sooner or later. It is possible to hothouse your evolution through unwavering focus and unshakable determination, through unbending faith and an unwavering certitude. This degree of effort does not go unnoticed where it counts. It is not the appreciation or approbation of your fellows that counts, unless your fellows, at least one, anyway, are members of a high plane of awareness. What counts is to get the attention of those who can really help you in the most important ways and that does not mean something along the lines of getting you a position in a high profile investment bank, or securing a recording contract with Vampire Records. It doesn't mean engineering a massive bank loan or bringing you into a level of society, where you can marry some soulless debutante, whose father is going to grease the wheels for your slide into perdition.

Just as it is who you know that counts on the material plane, the same rule applies in the planes above. If the right personnel take notice of you, then despite all the appearances of trial and suffering you might pass through, you are golden. You are slipstreamed into realms beyond imagining... depending on you meeting the criteria as you go … but even this is handled in the approach. The greatest of good fortune is meeting the remarkable among us and having all confusion and doubt removed from the levels where they can do the most harm. This is not to say some measure of these will not come and go in your journey ...but you will know it is only clouds passing across the face of the sun and you will know that the sun is always shining, whether you can see it or not.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Snorting Swaroski Crystal off of the Curve of a Perfect Ass.

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Greetings dear friends and welcome to Visible Origami where we make metaphysical figurines out of folded, twisted and shaped imaginary paper. We'd do the same with stained glass and Swaroski crystal but we don't have the experience or materials. Working in stained glass always intrigued me but you can't do everything.

I respect a certain number of spiritual teachers, I wish I could be even half as effective as some of them. I'm not a spiritual teacher but we are all laborers in this vineyard and like it or not, we all affect each other. We might as well have a positive effect and even if we are only partially successful at it, it's better than nothing at all. We are all given talents and as the parable teaches, we are expected to invest them. Alternatively, Yogananda advises that we ask the ineffable for a loan from his spiritual bank; “as above so below.” The ineffable will gladly do this. We get this loan and we pay back the principal with interest through the medium of our industry. This is all the ineffable wants from us, that we take this loan and convert it into action, even when action is sincere inaction (grin).

It is to be expected in a time of intense material darkness that spiritual teachers would appear who are not genuine and whose entire profile is all about the money. One of them that I know of makes awesome amounts of money and denies any interest in it. Something isn't right with this sort of thing. The comments really speak into the matter here.

Some of these are just weird but the money thing is the bottom line. There are a number of sites that seek to validate or expose teachers. I no longer know what to think about any of this but... one thing I do know is that when the acquisition of money becomes an expression of profane excess and the money does not freely circulate, you are looking at spiritual arteriosclerosis. The plague buildup is endemic of a form of anal retentiveness and it is an absolute bottom line thing for me. There is nothing wrong with money coming in. There is nothing wrong with money per se. There is a great deal wrong with money coming in and not going out. If you want to be a real teacher then whatever money flows in should have an unobstructed flow out. Your generosity must increase in proportion to your good fortune or it will not be good fortune.

This is no strange complexity, where there is an answer for everything and the more convoluted the better. If you are making tons of money and involved in high price seating, where the cost rises in direct proportion to the closer one is sitting to you, you really have to have a borderline intelligence to buy (literally) into this.

What many people do not get is that major intelligence services are involved in setting up the profiles of a great many of these new age clowns. Here is a clear statement concerning authenticity in spiritual matters; your assets and expenditures must flow easily in and out, without hindrance. You must serve at every level and you don't employ publicists who trumpet what a wonderful person you are because as it says in the Bible, “surely they have their reward.” You serve as you go along. You become like water and find the level of whatever it is you interplay with. You are not about image control because the image is already controlled by whatever is processing through it.

It mystifies me how people are taken in by stone cold materialists pretending to be spiritual. Things spiritual belong to the spiritual realm, things material belong to the material realm. Reach into your pocket and take out all your money and throw it up in the air. All that stays up is gods and all that comes down is mine.

Gurdjieff is an interesting fellow. I've not got a whole lot of interest in his Fourth Way devices because I am mostly right brain and his systems generally apply to the left brain. He said some interesting things though. He said, “No man should call himself a master until he can take care of at least 30 other people besides himself by his own industry.” I'm probably paraphrasing but it is close.

I've heard all kinds of statements about Gurdjieff; that he drank 24 shots of whiskey every day, that he was a clever and sometimes unscrupulous rug and curio merchant, that he tormented Ouspensky by coming up with all kinds of absurd mathematical formula because he thought Ouspensky was a poseur and a phony. I've heard this and I've heard that but I never met the guy. I thought his “Meetings with Remarkable Men” was great. The Beelzebub book and a few others just sailed right over my head and given the size of them you may be sure I ducked the same way I did when I had the Urantia Book thrown at me.

I know a lot of you are into the minutiae and you like all that Byzantine complexity. I do not. I believe in the simplicity of Love and Service. I believe in generosity of pocket and self. I believe in giving yourself away, each and every day and you will have yourself given back to you. I believe that no matter how crazy you may appear to be that there might be a method in your madness and true sanity is at the core of you. I believe you never ascend unless you have married yourself to the everlasting ascendant. I believe that the ineffable is intimately involved in every aspect of your life, no matter how seemingly insignificant it may appear to be. I believe that nothing you might gain and achieve here is worth the loss of the qualities of the almighty as they exist within you and whether it is a 'mess of pottage' or the consideration of “what profitteth a man to gain the whole world and lose his only soul.” It's all been said, even if it has yet to be understood.

There is nothing wrong with the intricate complexity of life if you are geared toward making sense of it; it you have the gene. I am a simple fellow and simplicity works best for me. Some people actually get something from Thomas Aquinas or Emmanuel Kant and some of us gravitate more toward Lao Tzu. We need to discover what we are in this regard. If it works for you, that is all that counts ...but sitting in front of people and droning on and on in a hypnotic monotone is not for me. For all I know, this works on some level. It just isn't the level I am on.

I believe in surrender and the awareness of an enduring not knowing. I believe in relying on something greater than myself and which will, through everlasting... always be greater. It is the lure that pulls us out of the waters of death. It is that upward magnetics that draws us through ever finer and finer kingdoms of being and ever more pervasive states of awareness. If you are attached to the author of all things, you are not required to think your way out of it. I recognize that for many people there is no satisfaction unless one can convince themselves they did it on their own. I do not believe this is possible.

A lot gets said here. It is to be understood that some portions of it will contradict other portions. Contradiction is a basic truth when you deal in words. It is impossible not to contradict yourself and that is why teachers like Meher Baba stopped speaking at all. There are true teachers of humanity and there are clever bullshitters, who engage in serial, spiritual plagiarism. I can't say with any convincing authority, who is not this but I believe I can say who is because, 'by their works ye shall know them.”

If scads of money are being thrown at you and you've got less of a history of good works than those who don't even pretend to be anything other than an opportunist, I'd say there is something wrong with you. We may fool others for a good deal of time and we might successfully fool ourselves as well but... we cannot fool the ineffable. The ineffable sees through our eyes and hears through our ears. The ineffable is in every one of us simultaneously and records and understands every thought, word and deed and the meaning and impact of each. You cannot evade or deceive the indwelling witness and silent watcher. For some, the Ferris wheel going round and round is enough. For some, every time the wheel goes round they forget all the times it went round before. I would rather see the wheel from a distance. I can hear the sound of the machinery and see the lights flashing. I can hear the distant murmur of the crowds but I am ever so glad not to be in the middle of it.

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Sunday, May 01, 2016

The Troubles of Life are all in Our Minds.

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These last few months I have felt as if I were adrift on an unknown sea; some sort of holding tank with a sense of great detachment as if I were not where I am, as if I were dreaming I am here instead of here. It is not unpleasant, it is just strange. Could it have something to do with now being on the far coast where I have not been in 20 years? It used to be this is how I felt when I was in California. Recently I was in California and did not feel this way at all. In fact, aside from a constant weirdness where I was residing, I had a remarkable time and met all kinds of wonderful people. I really wanted to stay in the area but was not allowed to for various reasons and something wonderful opened up here at the same time so... one goes with the cosmic flow that closes doors and opens others. We haven't always been spot on about our choices but lately we've been on the money, except as concerns this very unusual sense of displacement.

One day follows the next and every night is filled with vivid dreams that seem to follow like episodes of a cable TV series. These are idyllic, more than Game of Thrones like; thank god. We want to know if the reader is experiencing any sort of reality bending sequencing that is remarkable for its consistency and endurance.

A couple of days ago I was seriously depressed. I don't usually get depressed. Usually I am bubbling with optimism and enthusiasm. I thought this state might have been generated by a particular event but now I have seen this, which was sent to me by a friend and I noted certain references that were made; one having to do with depression. On the other hand, I looked on the CalTEch site and various other earthquake registries and there was NO mention of a 7.0 quake. Maybe I missed it. I noticed also the manner in which the article was written. It had a kind of lunacy about it; something made up out of whole cloth. I've been wrong about some things before so... maybe I am wrong about this. The earthquake is said to have originated in Vanatu. I couldn't find anything on that either, which doesn't mean it didn't happen. I didn't look that hard.

There is a heightened frequency of lunacy going around all over the world in the media, whose job it is, or seems to be, to ratchet up madness, to cheer-lead for insanity. Meanwhile, on the streets of this world, the streets I have traveled, people appear normal, except when they don't but that has always been the case. I haven't been in any big cities, except for the train stations. People have always looked more than slightly nuts to me but that is generally based on their values and interests such as they appear to me. Alternatively, I might be the one who is crazy and that is fine with me.

Still, it is not difficult to see the disconnect between what the media is saying and what one's eyes and the translating mind tell one. It is not difficult to see the nature and direction of ordinary souls and the direction in which extraordinarily deceived or evil souls seek to route them.

There are obviously a series of agendas at work, whose intent is to sow the seeds of chaos and confusion around the globe, while perverting every natural instinct into something other than what nature intended it to be. I'm not being specific here as far as all the possibilities of appetite are concerned. I am being comprehensive; across the board so to speak. It's not just some new sexual twist every year. It is all the drives that we possess. They are after every one of them. It is every one of our ideals and dreams. They are after every one of them.

I really wonder about the public mind; all those little access points into the one mind, all those shapes of consciousness defined by the manner in which they define it or have it defined for them. It shouldn't be that easy but I observe from history that it has been, over and over again. It has to do with the programming on one hand and the fear and desire on the other. Most animals die more quickly than they might wish, in the pursuit of sex and food. That often involves crossing the road.

I've been told for a long time, “rely on me. You don't have to go anywhere for anything. It will all come to you.” I wasn't told this for the longest time. For the longest time the conversation was mostly one way, except for when I was in an altered state, or out of the blue during some brief burst of serendipity. Now I hear about it on a daily basis. It is probably the result of determined pursuit over a long period of time. You finally wear a big enough aperture and... what was being said all along begins to be heard all along. It is like a story I once came across about how the stars in the sky are holes that got worn through the darkness by the relentless brilliance of entities of light who did not give up until they had accomplished this great work.

I have come to see that some of us are just different from the rest and that is true in both good and bad ways. Some of us are after the real answer and are unwilling to take any convenient or easy alternatives On the other hand, some of us are out to do the maximum injury to others for the purpose of personal profit or simply for the enjoyment they get from it. There are those who do evil for the sheer pleasure of it. Some of us are ill made and nothing but their departure will have any positive result. Some of us are committed to such a degree on the better side of things that nothing will satisfy our breath and our beating hearts but that we find the secret source of all things. In between the extreme positive and negative of our collective mass are the bleating sheep; attended by seen and unseen shepherds and tracked by hungry wolves.

We hear stories and some of us have done a great deal of reading in our times and we are given the impression that bad things happen to good people. Nothing happens that is not engineered or ordained and nothing that happens is not to our advantage, despite appearances to the contrary. You might be carrying a metaphorical backpack filled with all manner of baggage from the past. You've been carrying it for so long that you no longer remember that you are carrying it. The weight is there but you have grown so accustomed to it. One day a metaphorical snatch and grab artist goes flying past you and steals the bag. Your first thought is that you have been violated and important things have been taken from you but you notice that you are much lighter than you have ever been and all those important things were not only unimportant but liabilities. We go through life accumulating items of negative value that we have given positive value. Behind all of this, the real culprit is that we think we know. Until we know that we don't know, we are condemned to operate within the parameters of what we believe we know. Belief is a powerful thing and it is also an investment based on values placed on worthless and meaningless things but... they seem so meaningful. They seem so important but they are not.

Paramahansa Yogananda once said to take all of your sorrows, concerns and troubles, put them in a bag, tie it off and throw it in the ocean; I'm paraphrasing. He also said

How to Express Everlasting Youthfulness

Know the Reason for Your Experience

Youth Is a State of Mind and Soul, As Well As of the Body.

There is no excuse for a wrong state of mind. You must be always positive-minded, cheerful, smiling, vibrant. By all means, practice this mental youthfulness that comes from the core of your being.

The definition of youth is that state of body, mind and soul in which one feels the acme, the zenith, of joy and power. If you want to, you can retain that state indefinitely. Conversely, by carelessness you can lose it very easily.

This mind, or consciousness, is the supreme force that governs all voluntary and involuntary activities of this bodily factory with its multifarious outputs.

The Five Mental States of the Consciousness: …there are five mental states: happiness, sorrow, indifference, peace, and true joy.

What man* needs in order to live a successful and satisfying life is evenness of mind. That can be attained only by concentration, mastery of the mental faculties.

The time has come for you to know and understand the purpose of religion: how to contact that supernal Joy, which is God, the great and eternal Comforter.

So that is the first law of retaining youth: You must have a happy state of mind, a state that is untouched by the events of life. In that joy, not even death can shake you.

That is the invulnerable state you must strive to cultivate.

Learn to Smile Sincerely in All Circumstances

Seeking God in meditation is the direct way to attain a joyous and youthful state of mind. There are additional practices that will also help to nurture mental youthfulness. First of all, learn to smile – sincere smiles.

Harbor no form of anger or malice.

It is not the approval of human beings that you want, but the certification of God.

The Importance of Willingness, and of Being Less Self-centered

Willingness also is important in order to retain youthfulness.

…you are willing, you have the vitality and enthusiasm of youthfulness.

Another key to mental youthfulness is to learn to be less selfish and self-centered, and more giving and caring toward others.

Reach out to help every day, in whatever way you can – and especially by bringing souls to the spiritual path to seek God.

The more universal your loves becomes, the more your expanded consciousness will be filled with the joy of His omnipresent Being.

His wrong habits of living, thinking, persistence in disunion from God, are passed from generation to generation in the process of evolution, severely limiting the expression of his divine potentiality – physically as well as mentally and spiritually.

How to convert somatic cells back into versatile, creative germ cells, which can rebuild and rejuvenate body parts, will be the future endeavor of science.* Our bodies be able to change in whatever way we will them to do so.

The Greater the Will, the Greater the Flow of Energy

Learn to keep your will strong – a calm will, not a nervous will – and your body will then be full of energy. It is by the power of will that you bring energy into the body and utilize it.

The methods I teach show you how to recharge every part of your body with life energy coming direct from the omnipresent vibratory power of God that surrounds you and is within you. It is that power which has created your body and which sustains it. By the practice of the Energization Exercises and especially by Kriya Yoga you can enliven your whole being with Divine Life.

Each atom is a dynamo of power.

Obey the Laws of God Embodied in Cosmic Nature

Nature, cosmic creation, is the embodiment of the laws of God.

Your diet should include a predominance of fresh fruits and vegetables, and natural whole grains and legumes. Avoid too many refined starches and too many sweets, and greatly limit the intake of fats.

…strictly avoiding all forms of beef of pork, and eating fish, poultry or lamb only occasionally.

Far more preferable is a totally meatless diet that includes instead some dairy products, eggs, and vegetable protein foods. Unsalted peanuts or almonds or raw garbanzo beans, ground finely and mixed orange juice, makes a good source of protein as a substitute for meat.

Avoid overeating.

..learn to fast one day a week and three consecutive days once a month on fresh fruits or unsweetened fruit juices.

Posture, also, important to good health.

Take regular exercise, such as walking every day. Learn to breathe properly – calmly and deeply, filling the lungs all the way to the lower lobes. When the system is well oxygenated by proper breathing and exercise, the life force therein vitalizes the whole body, including the brain.

Overindulgence in sex and misuse of Nature’s creative force will bring on disease and old age quicker than anything else.

The “Fountain of Youth” Is Within the Soul..

Your true Self, being made in the image of God, is immortal.

Meditation upon the soul is the method by which the mind can be made to work its wonders under your control.

…if you know that you are immortal, made in the image of God, your whole being will glow with that eternal youthfulness.

Leaving you with a few thoughts on this rain-swept Sunday morning.

End Transmission.......