Friday, August 31, 2012

Wonder Bread Slinkys on the Stairway to Nowhere

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Dark Times add up to dark shit but... how much of what we hear is true? The truth lies (grin) invisibly between all the personal projections that surround us like molecules of air. That means there's a whole lot of them. Then there are aggregate projections, like air-balls, which, I am not sure if they exist except as an ineffective action on a basketball court, but if they did exist they would be composed of a lot of air molecules jammed close together. These would be the things we hear from the various forms of media that reflect collective perspectives on what is happening, funneled through some mouthpiece or other, most of them bankrupt or bogus and some of them having an element of truth.

Is America being turned into an open air concentration camp? There is an awful lot of evidence that indicates that and all kinds of evidence that indicates it is being spearheaded by the murderous banking vampires, with allegiance to a particular Middle Eastern country, which owns the American political system and by default, the military, the courts and law enforcement, along with all kinds of other things. How they did this we already know about. What most of us don't know about, is what we are going to do about it. That, I'm guessing is a personal decision that, in many cases, will be ad hoc adjudicated, without input by or questioning by those so railroaded into whatever containments and enclosures they may find themselves in, without ever having been aware of it taking place.

I know this is Origami but we will be dealing with the metaphysical sooner or later. Some of us may be dealing with the metaphysical sooner than we want to. That would be something to think about, given the capacity to engage in the process to begin with. The news is disturbing and the scene is unnerving and quantum assisted by the collective indifference of a bulk order of the population. Comparisons to the herding of cattle and sheep are not out of line, when you can see so many people waiting in line and marching in line. Here is a small sampling of the latest entertainment offenses against the culture. It's getting the highest ratings, compared with other offenses that are apparently more important than things like survival, self respect, integrity and a whole lot of other outdated considerations and qualities that have lost their relevance and importance. They got people with medical degrees, simpering in the wake of a soon to be human dirigible from the land of Wonder Bread and Twinkies, whose brains go down the stairway to nowhere, like Slinkys. It's some kind of “grab their balls and their minds will follow” kind of thing and God only knows what kind of sick freaks are already fantasizing about this ambulatory bran muffin. Now I'm not saying this emerged from the shallow end of the gene pool during the season of entropy but... we have definitely raised the state of Idiocracy upon the wreckage of the state of never was.

In 1975 a film called Rollerball came out. I saw it in the theater. I thought it was one of the best films I had seen in awhile. I thought it indicated what I was watching happening in the culture. That has happened. For years after I noticed it show up on ten worst movies lists. The critics panned it widely. Today, I understand why they did this. You should see the film if you get a chance. Keep in mind that a terrible remake got made in 2002. You don't want to see that one.

I've been watching all of this for a long time; watching from a distance because that is the position I got put in for whatever the reason. Every now and then, some anonymous wag comes around and lectures me on my not manning the barricades in the motherland. The implication is that some kind of fear motivated me to run away from the revolution they are not themselves engaged in. This overlooks my numerous arrests for calling attention to the kinds of things that, these days, are everywhere you look. This overlooks my extended stays in various confinement facilities of the emerging police state of America. This also overlooks the fact that I would certainly be back in such confinement facilities, were I to be foolish enough to practice my arts in the cleavage of the beast and would therefor be non practicing or performing at this time. I'm talking about several years in the kind of confinement facilities that would have broken most people and scarred them for life, given the ugly potential of these places. Fear isn't one of my operative mindsets.

It behooves an informed consciousness to act informed and to stay informed. If you don't exercise your brain, your mental waistline will swallow your focus which, by it's very definition needs to be narrow in order for concentration to be happen. I hope this paragraph makes as much sense to you reading it as it did to me while I was writing it.

There are only so many ways to approach the game of life. One might say that there are an infinite amount of ways but there are really only two. Either you are motivated by self interest or otherwise motivated. Sure, there can be a lot of variations on either theme but there are just the two themes and the varying intensities and lack thereof in terms of either. Intensity determines speed in either case and also the amount of impact on the affected environments.

Self interest and what we will loosely term selfless service, are not specifically what the words imply and some degree of either can certainly color the other. It can be truly stated that selfless service is the highest level of self-interest. So, as Lao Tu said, “terms may be used but none of them are absolute”. Whatever you say or do, you're serving someone and you can expect to be paid in the coin of the one whose world you are operating in and what you say and do, determines the world you are operating in and who you are serving. There is a vast historical record concerning the different kinds of service one can engage in and what results from them. I don't need to reinforce what life teaches everyone. You either know these things or you don't know them and it makes going on and on about it moot at either end.

The purpose of those who assist in the performance of life's reasons for being is to prod, provoke and guide us all. Sometimes you are whipped and sometimes you are led but you cannot stand still short of the finish line. You can serve false masters for a very, very long time but you can't do it forever. If we must all return to our origin then we cannot remain in a separated state. Although we might not be aware of it in the day to day, we are all in some degree of torment due to our separated state. This divine restlessness will not go away. We can try to bury it beneath our immersion in the world of the senses but this condition will not endure. It will extract a heavy price and perhaps wisdom will be the fruit of it somewhere further up the road. Wisdom is born of suffering and it blooms when the essential nature of suffering is revealed.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Lords of the Temporary and the Great Work.

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The time is coming when these blogs are going to need to migrate to my site or somewhere. Zio-Blogger has been minimizing people's ability to comment and certain other concerted efforts are at work as well. It's not unexpected. There are all sorts of ways that hosting services and email servers can operate in ways that set the writer and reader at odds. Gmail shut down my ability to communicate with the webmasters that link to my work. This went on for weeks, until I found a work around. I've been studying the matter for awhile now and it's time to gain some independence from the bullies whose basic intention is anti-life, while their promotional side is, “Look what I've done for you lately”. It's an old story and for a short time, these Lords of the Temporary, will hold their imaginary sway. Google will pretend to be user friendly, while they prowl the internet like the world's biggest vacuum cleaner with teeth. We live in a stampede of wolves in sheep's clothing. Very little of anything is what it seems and the only thing you can rely on is the internal barometer.

There's no telling what length these forces will go to. There's no difference between Zoogle and the military, industrial complex. We're at that point of maximum thrust, which comes around at the kind of times we're in. These times are the demarcation lines between before and after. Usually 'before' resembles something like what you see around you at the moment; sometimes worse, sometimes better, though never much better. 'After', usually resembles some combination of wasteland devastation, with spots of survival groupings. Maybe whole portions remain intact. Most of this depends on how far Before is able to get to, before After comes around. This is sequential cycling. There isn't anything new. It's all reconstituted and that's because of the essential reason why life exists in the first place. It is for the purpose of demonstration. This has been brought to our attention by Shakespeare and many others, across the weary stretch of time. It depends on you, what demonstration is required. It depends on your associations and your collective beliefs and attachments, what you will collectively experience. It's all pretty mathematical at the base level. On the manifest side, it transforms into shapes and colors in movement, through patterns of endless change. Every option and event, every possibility that we act upon and the intent behind that action, is attended by a specific degree and type of Karma. It is mathematical precision to the nth degree and not to be negotiated with except by arcane awareness.

What you see around you today, as you walk out on the sidewalk, in front of your house or apartment building, out in the wild and rural zones, or in the heart of the urban fire dancing pressure zones, is the summation of the collective Karma, as it appears in the moment. Everyone who is around you is there for a reason. Everyone and everything you pass on the street is there for a reason and so is the way that you see them. There are no accidents and there are no innocent bystanders, while at the same time, there are degrees of free will. For some, that is a wider dimension than for others and that is determined by the degree that one is bound by the chains of attachment and level of delusion one is operating under. This is why liberation is the supreme objective but... try selling that to the masses. When you walk off into the mountains of mist, in search of the cloistered and eternal flame, you are not usually attended by a crowd. When you go within, to commune with the infinite, you don't have a crowd and... if you do, you won't be communing with the infinite. It's a lonely road with no sense of loneliness whatsoever... except in the preliminary passages. This is where the weeding process takes place.

Each bud blooms in its own time and some don't bloom at all. Some bloom early and some bloom late. These statements are nearly trite and platitudinous, but no less true for that. The call for opening and coming forth, has to be greater than any other impetus. Nothing else can have a competitive importance. This is why the weeding takes place. All along the way, things and situations appear, to test the value and the draw of all other things against the great attraction. In the majority of situations, other things and situations prevail over the requirements of The Great Work. The eternal highway extends into the unknown and all along the way are exits into temporary environments, where a particular illusion prevails over the heart and minds of those who dwell there and it will prevail until one's disillusionment and disappointment, are greater than any of the attractions that drew them on to that particular exit ramp.

In Hesse's Magister Ludi, there are three short stories at the back of the book and one of them concerns a man who goes to meditate by the banks of a river. He winds up living an entire life and then, well... you are welcome to go read the story. We are en-swathed in dreamstuff. The dream is very, very powerful. You can imagine that you are outside of the dream and still be deep inside of it. All of us have had those dreams where we are struggling to awaken from something unpleasant. At some point we think we are awake and then it turns out that we are still dreaming, because finally we do come awake and realize that. Each night we go to sleep and every morning we wake up but these are just relative states of dreaming.

We tell ourselves that we want to awaken and we tell ourselves that none of the things that are around us are as important as awakening. Of course, the majority attempt to integrate their awakening with a new adaptation to the things and conditions they are attached to. That's what most of the new age is engaged in. The truth is that we spend the majority of our time on the things or thing that are most important to us. It should be a simple matter to calculate how you actually spend your time and what is most important. Some would argue, I have to go to work. I have to take care of my family. I have all these obligations. That might be true but where is the heart and mind at in the process of these activities? There's nothing wrong with the duties that exist for us, due to the Karma that has brought us into the possession of them. It's how we go through them and our intentions that make all the difference. For some, it's a long list of resentments and disappointments, due to the manner in which they met the challenges before them. For some it is a joyous enterprise of service and selfless release of things thought dear, which were only weights that held us down. As an example, there is no greater servant on Earth and no greater teacher than the mother.

As I have said many times, there is nothing more important than how you see and treat the female principle, because that is your gateway into this world and one might well argue it is also the determinant of your point of exit. Without the benevolent attention of the mother upon your way, you're in trouble or eventually will be. Although she is rightly termed Nature, she is a great deal more than that and there is no better friend or mentor. We've lived through a long period of the violent male usurpation of existence; rapacious drives to acquisition and dominance over every aspect of the divine feminine, who has been perverted and morphed beyond recognition. Ergo, the age of Kali and the pissed off mother. There's always a lot more to it but, within the framework of these essays, only so much can be treated with and the simpler the better. Male masters are in perfect touch with her and she is above most things, a protectress. To be acknowledged as her child, is an unsurpasseable state because it guarantees all the rest of the package. There are few possessions that can rival the conscious attention of the mother. On the other hand, there are any number of people turning Goddess worship into Twit City and also personalizing it in ways that are a profound embarrassment but that's just how things are at the moment.

It amuses me in many ways and also makes me very sad, to see people under the illusion that they can make it on their own; that they can gain any of the higher spiritual virtues or states on their own. One can make the argument of the fakirs and those who practice their yogas, for the purpose of activating siddhis, but I don't include that as representative of the true spiritual path. I find the larger percent of everything I hear about and see as being one plateau or another, where people wind up because it provides a temporary sanctuary from the continuous stripping away of everything that separates you from source.

People tend to misread me a lot, at a least according to some of the lectures and comments I get from people at various locations. When I share stories about things I am passing through, I'm not complaining. I'm not confused as to what's happening and why it's happening, or the necessity of it, though I can see how one might draw those impressions. The field of words is an imperfect medium. I understand pretty much what is happening to me and why ...but I know that many of the readers are in the same general area and my using the water level perspective helps all around. To go into my real reasons for all of this can make me appear self serving (grin), albeit in a possibly nice way but it wouldn't be correct. It happens to be an imperative. There's no great deal of personal choice involved. Everything is under control.

I realize there are people 'projecting' the idea that I work for some shady organization or that I'm crazy, which in a relative sense, I most certainly am and proud of it. None of these things are really true and the only bafflement and uncertainty I experience is because I get no details and obviously the mystery is an important part of my tale. We all have unique features to our stories, that's mine. Lately there is a cadre of people commenting, while many other people are kept from commenting, with the idea that it's going to disturb me somehow. Good luck with that. The other important feature about life, besides the fact that it is for the purpose of demonstration is that, 'everything is under control'. This is why I am told time and time again, “rely on me”. The point is that the more you rely on the source of all things, the more you are in cooperation and unity with the control and therefore what took so much effort before becomes effortless. You are no longer at war with yourself. The false self, wars against the real self, to its extreme disadvantage. If you are in accord with your true self, then your demonstration is a success story and not an example of one more way to fail and make a fool of yourself. You cannot accomplish this on your own because that is the false self. However, you cannot get people who have an investment in the false self to tumble to this because it compromises their self interest and that is at the heart of the motive of all these new age snake-oil salesmen, religious hucksters and for profit gurus.

Sorry if I'm jumping all over the place and engaging in a certain amount of disparagement but no one has been specifically named so, no harm, no foul and we always wind up back where we stared anyway. Carry on.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reeling in the Gotterdammerung

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I never like writing about these kinds of things but since they have some kind of meaning and since they affect everything that goes on around here, one supposes they are relevant. These last three years have been some of the roughest for me ever. In terms of actual experience, they pale by comparison with some of the shit I've been through ...but in terms of relentless bad fortune, in steady incremental doses and malefic astral assaults, they are right up there. Now the last week has been some of the worst on record. This means that every single thing I attempt goes haywire on me. I'm not going to itemize because I would fill the page with outrages and annoyances. The early portion of my birthday was a season in Hell and then, when evening came, my beloved dog Poncho started getting seizures. They come around every couple of month or so. This time there were four or five of them and then, later the next day a couple of more. Finally, last night, while he was sitting under my desk, I noticed he was trembling and shaking. Usually he's on his side, kicking at air and squealing. This time he was in a Sphinx pose and just trembling. He appeared paralyzed and he was not in this world. When I tried to draw close, he would lash at me with his teeth. I was absolutely certain after several hours that this was the end for him and it continued to go on and on.

I finally went to bed and Susanne slept by him in my computer room. The next morning, today, I came awake and heard something around me. There was Poncho, unsteady on his feet, bobbing and weaving and it's gone on like that, with steady improvements, to this point ...but the way things have been going for me, I'm not sanguine. Of course he's worn out; sleeping at the moment. I'm in a state of ongoing apprehension. There's nothing I can do and my intuitive tactics are futile and my prayers? I hardly know what to say. What I do know is that his present condition is nothing short of a miracle. You'd have had to be there and I'm glad you weren't. He was all twisted and shaking for hours. Now he's more or less what is normal for him. I'm guessing he has a brain tumor. The symptoms are all indicative. I'm of a mind to start feeding him curcumin and turmeric but... if it were malignant, I suspect he would have been gone already. Therefore, if it is benign then these remedies are probably not going to work.

I'm studying the things that are happening to me, apart from Poncho and I am baffled at both the extremity and the necessity. Then I think about Job being put through the shit and all the rest of the people I've heard about that got put through the shit and I think to myself, “Yeah, but there was a time limit on most of that wasn't there? It didn't go on for decade after decade with little respite”. Of course, with some of them, there was brutal and persistent torture that went on over the short term and some of them got burned at the stake, which doesn't strike me as pleasant but which didn't involve a lot of time. Though the time that it did involve must have seriously concentrated their minds. Of course we hear about the enraptured, who did not experience pain during the event and there is some metaphysical basis for this.

I want to make it clear that I'm not whining here. I wouldn't even mention it, if it weren't so severe and inexplicable. An astrologer told me it had something to do with Uranus and Pluto and that the universe is trying to tell me something but it never gets around to that and that is one of the problems with the whole process all the way through. There have never been any answers , no names, no clarification, no nothing. There have been visions and supernatural experiences that were off the charts. There have been sustained hyper realities and there are the voices, which have increased in clarity and frequency over recent time but there are no details, no why and wherefores, just encouragement and all kinds of promises of things to come, soon ...but apparently we have two different kinds of time in operation. There's the indication of new locations that are not reached by the usual conveyances. There's all sorts of things being said and the generic sturm und drang coming for the terminal shit-heels, which I have heard about in thunderous tones, with a lot of bouncing off of the walls on my part, from the sheer fury of emphasis in the delivery. Never has one been put through so much while being told so little. Of course, I'm speculating here. I can readily assume that people have been put through more but I feel like they probably had more detailed cue cards and a fleshed out backstory.

I've never been told anything. I can suss out the meaning of the Kundalini awakening and the long term guarantees on that. The Man on the Beach said, “You're a celebrity here, you know”? No, I didn't know and I still don't. That's about the sum total of detailed information and not much to go on.

I recognize that anyone performing some small amount of service, like myself, is going to come under attack and appear in the cross-hairs, some portion of the time and I recognize that the offensives are often going to be internalized outbreaks, telepathic invasions and invisible fugazy work, directed at physical conditions. The intensity has been off the charts. I find myself no longer able to appeal for help, or to rail with outrage against deaf heaven. I just keep saying, “Nothing, nothing, nothing” This is meant to negate anything and everything, so as to reduce the playing field to an empty lot and deprive all experience of any meaning. It works as a defense against despair, even if it seems very much like it.

One of the reasons that I got such a, never before seen, outpouring of support on my birthday, is that someone knew what was coming; not the people industriously engaged on my behalf but certainly whatever inspired them.

I know I've been the cause of a certain amount of optimism around these parts, on those small islands where I am not considered a flake or a madman. I don't want to create any kind of damper on that. I don't want to give voice to any number of internal states that think enough is enough. Obviously, it's not enough or it wouldn't keep happening. It's the lack of explanation that leaves me in a quandary. As I said, I'm not crying in my soup, not really. I've had some temporary versions of that come in and out of the room in times past but since, I have long ago recognized the futility of it. I'm just trying to articulate the syndrome, though I doubt that the forces behind it all spend much time reading any of these things and, you would think, they know all about my mental and emotional state. This kind of thing is never a good thing, given the expectations of the reader. The radio show will deliver on that account, I think (grin). I just want you to know what I'm up against, as I seek to continue here and why I might drop out of sight at any moment for some period of time, while I try to get a fix on the situation and the possibility of tactics I have yet to discover or explore.

These blogs are a lot of things. They may sometimes contain useful information and hopefully other times they are entertaining and bring a smile. As well, they are sometimes like a laundry line, both here and in the comments section. Doing your laundry is never an exciting affair. Some people get off on doing other people's laundry and some people get off even more having access to other people's laundry before it gets washed but that's not an attractive area of pursuit for me and hopefully it reflects only the smallest minority of the readers here.

Most people who come here are well wishers and that accounts for the success of the place. There's a natural bonhomie here and a resonant sympatico. The reason I am discussing any of this is because I am certain that I am not the Lone Ranger here and that usually when something comes up in these locations they tend to reflect some segment of the lives of the people who come around.

So, I've gotten through this post and Poncho is still laying on the blanket under my desk with no apparent change. That's a very good thing, as far as I am concerned, because there are few things as emotionally trying as being helpless to assist your four footed friends in their hour of need. You feel as if, were it to do any good, you would consider stabbing a knife into the back of your hand to make it all better.

The last few hours, all together, have been much better than most of the times in the last few days. I'm talking uncanny, eerie and strange all together. Everyone expects a few incidents in the process of their day; little accidents, mishaps, errors of judgments, missteps in one's personal behavior. These things happen. What you don't expect are 60 to a 100 of these things in the course of a single day. It smacks of supernatural interference of the non benefic kind.

Ah well, you probably didn't want this to be part of your day and I didn't either but I've got little choice about it. The rules of my operation here are strict in terms of full disclosure and the state of my existence, directly influences the things I say and talk about here.

Oddly, when I wake up each morning, it takes a few moments for me to remember the shit I was going through the day before. I wake up with my usual optimism and then it hits me that I've scant reason to feel that way but I do feel that way and that puzzles me more than anything else. Why do I feel such a degree of optimism with no reason for it? My dreams are nice and I've been enjoying them. I'm hoping that side of things translates into this side of things posthaste. Thank you for your patience in this matter. One thing we can always be sure of is that things change.

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There will be a radio show at some point this weekend.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fish in the Ocean and the Monkey Mind

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First off let me share a lovely photograph of a banker as they really look. No need to wait and put it in later and kill the mood, if there is one... Well everything has mood and tone. Using tone with another meaning, we see a connection to the concept that everything has vibration. Sound underlies and permeates all that is. That's the reason for the image of Shiva's drum. Om is a resonating harmonic. I'm guessing that if all you did was chant that at every opportunity, you would be well on your way to that state, which is the true objective of life. The essence of personal tragedy is not to know that there is a true objective of life. You can pretty much hang the blame for everything on that. Study your mind in the aftermath and notice how it goes, “Yeah, that's true” then the mind just saunters right on its way with the usual business. Interesting?

This is the thing. We know that there is a true objective to life. However, the magnetism of everything else, subverts the mind and makes it the plaything of external interests. That's the point of why there is a Devil but this Devil is only the Devil, so long as the external is predominant in the monkey mind. Why is the mind called a monkey and what has that to do with Hanuman being Krishna's most loyal servant? As previously stated, the Devil is an employee of The Divine. Why would there be “lead us not into temptation” in The Lord's Prayer, if God did not tempt us into things that were not in our best interest? Since The Divine does not directly engage in this, there must be someone who handles that department. Then there must be a reason, other than simple malice. One might say that the mind is the Devil's chief instrument and herein lies the key to that phrase, concerning the mind being your worst enemy and also potentially your best friend.

We have things upside down and this makes us constant victims of circumstance. When one is in a state of utter reliance upon the divine, everything runs as smooth as glass, after the initial bump and grind of the docking maneuver. Of course, this can go on for some time. Let us look at ourselves as fish in the ocean because we are very much like that in many respects. Let us look at the ocean as the medium in which existence takes place. Under ordinary circumstances, a fish out of water is a dead fish pretty quickly. You can ponder this on your own and consider ideas like being 'dead to this world'. You can consider the image presented by a teacher whose name I can't remember; nobody important (grin). He said that your desire to come into the presence of God should be like that of a man holding his breath under water, until the need for oxygen is the single most overpowering thought in his mind. I've never liked that image. It seems so extreme, as if no one could possibly feel like that, or rather that I find it hard to imagine that I could be like that, although I will say that my drive to come into the presence is greater than anything else and I think that is the key. It just has to be stronger and more intense than everything else. In fact, if everything else meant nothing then it might not take much effort at all.

Back to the ocean; the culture of the ocean is that a great many fish swim in schools. We probably never think too much about why they are called 'schools'. Is it just something like a murder of crows? You see these fish suddenly shift direction all at the same time, much as you do with large groups of birds on the wing. These schools of fish are completely subjective to the planetary influences, which are the component gears in the cosmic watch, which tells you both time and destiny. Then you have all kinds of fish that are more solitary or even when they are in packs, like sharks, still operate independently. A shark can never stop swimming or it will die. They are very prehistoric. There are a lot of sharks in the ocean and plenty of them in our ocean.

There are the bottom feeders, like lobsters, shrimps and crabs, which are among the tastiest things in the ocean. Shellfish are similarly inclined, according to dietary preferences. Why do garbage eaters taste so good? Then you've got your Manta Rays and Moray eels. One hides in the sand and one hides in holes in the coral reefs. If you happen to be standing near by when a large Manta Ray comes out of the sand, it can be a startling event.

There's that thing called The Rapture of the Deep and we can certainly say that in our ocean many people are deeply mesmerized by their surroundings and it's contents. Then there are things like Buck Fever and Gold Fever. One can look at the effect of passion and romance on the blood and the way it affects the brain and makes everything look different than it actually is or, in the case of the object of the affections, different than it appears to anyone else. Most of the time the bloom goes off of the rose and in the case of the things of this world, the bloom goes off of everything eventually. One should make it a point to visit some old folk's homes sometimes and study the people there. Get a feel for what is in their eyes and consider that this is a general thing for most people. Then you see the exceptions and in most cases they display a childlike persona. They are also alert and energized.

The nearer presence of God, confers energy all through the life. The power of Love is infinitely variable and a mystery to most people. One might say it remains a mystery for everyone because no one has ever plumbed the heights and depths of Love; no one. 'Those who love much are forgiven much'. That is a phrase that deserves serious contemplation. There are so many things that come to our attention, which are of great significance, but we just let it pass us by.

Water, like ether, is a medium for vibration and there are currents of sound that move through them. Some of these currents are life transforming and sustaining. Some of them are immortal and so are those who swim there.

Then there are the dolphins and the whales. The dolphins are special creatures and a wonder and a joy to be around. Words fail me. When I was going through that serious period, which stretched across a period of about two months, in Italy, a couple of years ago, the dolphins showed up in my hyper-reality and it was a very festive occasion. I came very close to death several times during this period and it is times like those when the heart and mind can be very receptive to certain impulses and see things not generally visible. Being Visible however, might give me a leg up (grin).

The reason I bring up the ocean and the fish is to show that there are analogies all around us. There are people who call themselves atheists and who are dead (grin) certain that there is no God. It is quite true that the God they don't believe in does not exist. I am in full agreement with them. On the other hand, the evidence for the existence of the God that does exist is everywhere, concealed in everything. This thing called God, which physicists have proven the existence of, with their discovery that everything is thought born and created out of mindstuff well... if you study the thing it becomes evident what the implications are. This entity called God make everything out of its own body. It's consciousness permeates everything in some fashion and it is also apart from it's creation as a Supreme Personality. This being has 3 main aspects and a host of other expressions such as archetypes and what have you. What have you? What has you?

So, let us say that a particular fish is swimming in the ocean and God is fishing. Maybe there's a connection to that Big Fisherman thing and being “fishers of men”. So this particular fish takes the bait on the hook and gets hooked. Now, depending on the fish, it might get hauled right into the boat, or it might take awhile to land it, if it's something like a swordfish or a Marlin. In any case, the hook is permanently affixed and it's only a matter of time before the fish tires of the fruitless flight and resistance. Eventually the fish gets too tired to be able to fight the pull. It's just a matter of time. I'm one of those hooked fish and... I suspect of the swordfish or Marlin variety. One doesn't want to fight but sometimes it is your nature and God likes the struggle. For some reason he's more impressed when he has to go through a lot of trouble (grin). As a living saint once told me, “No, not you, you fight and fight and fight and when you can fight no longer, then you surrender”. I had asked him about surrendering.

The highway of life can be a real monster of a course and sometimes perseverance and endurance are the only tools we have. I never thought it would be so incredibly hard. I thought it would even out at some point but I guess that's just how it is and one never knows what the next moment will bring. Hope is the last thing to die.

Somehow we find our way but it is ever so much better to find someone who knows the way. I've always believed that you can learn all kinds of things about how the world operates and be really successful at what's possible here but be entirely clueless about the landscape of your next location. That is the thing I have never understood about the human race. Your time here is temporary. All the power, sex and money games, are pointless exercises in futility, especially given your next role, in relation to the role presently screening. It would behoove one far more to learn about that unknown kingdom to which we all are bound and the varieties thereof. Familiarity eliminates fear and fear itself is often a more dreadful liability than that which is feared. Understanding something and how it works, grants one power over it's operation in respect of you. As Lao Tzu said, “There is a man so sure of his inland path that no tiger may claw him and no bull gore him. Why? Because he has no death to die”. “Cautious as a wayfarer, crossing an icy stream”. It's funny, when you put that last sentence into Google, two Visible Origami's come up and no one else quoting it. That's how many people read “The Way of Life”, translated by Witter Bynner. In the original Chinese, each sutra rhymes and so he sought to capture that. There are dozens of translations but none come as close to the clarity of this version.

End Transmission.......

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(I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Clarity and Sim for putting that birthday page together for me. That was really sweet and the expected tears did flow, which was probably the intention (grin). I had a veritable beast of a morning, with all sorts of things not showing up and all sorts of things getting bent out of shape; technical things and such. I must say, running across that page when I did was totally out of left field, although I knew those two were up to something last week. I could feel it. There's nothing special going on today. I was going to go to to this wonderful bath nearby for the sauna, steam and mineral hot tub but that is now put off for a later date. I will have a dinner tonight, with a single friend in attendance and the residents of the household. I'm making Eggplant Parmesan, Caesar salad and garlic baguette. There will be no cake, I don't much like birthday cakes. I never have. Thank you all for the splendid messages. They seriously warmed my heart. A lot of my time was taken up just thanking people over at Facebook. I was afraid it wasn't going to stop (grin), now I'm afraid to go back there. If I missed thanking you; about half a dozen of the messages got disappeared due to computer possession, then let me thank you here. I can't say anymore than Thank You! Words never have been adequate for that kind of thing.)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bath and Beyond in the Rubber Room

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The atmosphere of the times can be ponderous and dreadful on occasion, given all of the noxious activity taking place at the hands of some of the worst people ever to visit this planet. I expect any number of people have days like this...

Angry and then some...

...with a certain amount of frequency. A certain section of bat shit, insane academia is coming up with their own version of Bath and Beyond B.F. Skinner. Given that they are right up front about this, you can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors, cue Charlie Rich. Craig's list certainly provides us with a cross section of the culture and all sorts of nasty things have happened from there. They do provide a useful service making it possible to acquire hard to get but seriously desirable items. Of course, there are things you know you need and nothing says sane like a hyperbaric chamber and sane is what I want to talk about today.

I've mentioned that the world is moving into the realm of pure comedy, partly because of the degree of absurdity and the ridiculous. A good portion of the world is now officially insane. Insane is the new normal. Normal went out through the bathroom window, came back in through the basement window and found the door to the upstairs locked. Meanwhile, somebody closed off the access route, so Normal is stuck in the basement that is usually reserved for the subconscious. The conscious mind doesn't operate well, when forced to work like the sub-conscious does. This also means that the conscious mind can no longer filter or monitor bad behavior and reckless speech, so what we have are the unwashed multitudes, running on a loop of unsupervised outbursts, with a side order of Tourettes.

Public figures of every stripe are subject to even more intense expressions of this syndrome and that's how you get people like Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage and Bill Maher. In a balanced world, all three of these clowns would be in The Rubber Room and on medication. They certainly wouldn't be allowed to run around loose and mess with the heads of people even dumber than they are. Well we're swamped in bad influences and most of the good influences have been muted or marginalized because sanity is the new insanity because right and wrong have been reversed. Do you doubt what I'm saying? Insanity is off the hook. How about seriously conspicuous consumption along with a total of 50 million dollars for two photo shoots? How about wedding rings at half a million dollars a pop? These are some of the great humanitarians that walk among us.

Everything is about managed perception. It has nothing to do with reality. Our heroes are monsters who appear to be Koala Bears. They're cuddly and magnetic. They're blemish free and their lives are devoted to good, or so we are told but that's not how it is and as Mr. Apocalypse taps the sacred Earth with his walking stick, managed perception is becoming unmanageable. This plays off the incredible degree of hubris that's doing a Jack in the Box all over the place. Consider the case of Jon Corzine. The level of corruption is so great that nothing is out of bounds. Things can only stretch out of shape so far before they snap back into place and the force of the snapping is going to be extreme. For the moment, as crazy as everything has become, the managed perception makes it all seem passably okay but... when the snap comes, it's going to rock the world and the higher the point of your positioned seating, the greater the fall to the landscape below.

This is all scripted. If you could see all of the factors that brought us to that point, it would all make perfect sense how we got to this point and it would be fairly clear where it is all headed and the various ways it is going to be resolved, depending on your relationship to machinery of existence. Let's just say that “you reap what you sow”. You might also say, “What goes around comes around”. These are simple statements that are also profoundly true. Yet the mass of people ignore them. We have all wondered how it is that people can behave like they do and be so indifferent to the inflexible laws that affect their condition and determine their destination. Why have the police suddenly gone bananas? This is a very good question. How can the bankers commit one outrage after another, each one worse than the one before and nothing happens about it? Why are people going violently nuts? Just look at the news items of the day. There is a massive increase in the reporting of certain kinds of events. What happened to all the city and town councils that now enforce horrible anti-life laws against anyone and everyone? Where did all this come from? Some invasive, viral brain fungus has infiltrated the minds of people at large distances from each other, in many countries around the world. Some kind of Invasion of the Body Snatchers has taken place. We are talking 'possession' on a cosmic scale. We are talking about hijacked, stolen body cars. Look at the behavior of law enforcement and it's happening all over the place.

So, looking at all of this, it appears that there is some sort of immunization in place. Some of us are not being affected. It is obvious that this is the case. Those of us that are beyond the influence, are in line for something. Some kind of portal, some kind of window, is going to open up and only certain people will be able to see it. This will not be the people who cannot see what is taking place around them and live in a world where both opposites are illusions, so it doesn't matter what side they pick, they're still wrong.

On and on it goes and the relevance of anything is fog-locked. Body parts are showing up in different cities. The dark of the Moon now comes at midday and it's not even there. It was made in the Rand underground laboratories in Colorado and then unmade by the simple declaration of non-existence. It's possible that nothing is real and that might be at the bottom of Visible's Moon Theory. When it is said that nothing is real, it doesn't mean that nothing is real. It means that nothing is real in the way it appears to be. Control of anything comes about through understanding. You can take possession of anything, if you know what makes it tick; how it works. This is an important thing to understand (grin). People who understand the real composition of existence and what its purpose is, are able to see things as they are and also have power over appearances, rather than the other way around. This is all the difference between enslavement and liberty. People have a collar around their neck that is connected by a chain to everything that binds them and don't seem to realize that the collar is wide enough, so that they can slip it right off of their necks if they so choose.

The collar has an impact on the heart and mind and brings about a conditioned reality that is not reality but rather a construct that exists for the care and feeding of monsters. They can't appear as the monsters that they are or the game would be up. The unfortunate state of terminal life, cannot appear as it really is, or there would be a huge shift in priorities, among those presently serving as food for the ones who dine upon them.

I try to imagine how the world must look to the many people who pass me by in the streets, who are walking on the streets of all the towns and cities of the world. They're in a personal time capsule that's populated by all of the things they are after. It defines their world and the other things contained therein are all the things the things they don't like. What is not contained there, are all the things they don't understand and have no control over. You've heard me say that everything is under control. That must mean that there is someone who understands everything. This implies cosmic consciousness and the defining difference between the individual consciousness of those people I mentioned and cosmic consciousness, is the degree of personalization by the false self, who is the temporary self that is the mask of the being caught up in the web of time. The web of time doesn't exist in cosmic consciousness and the most important feature of cosmic consciousness is that it is not a person, it's a state of being and that means it is potentially available to anyone who wants it more than anything else and that is the only requirement for getting it. In fact, this principle could apply to anything, anything at all and acquisition depends on singularity of attraction and the operation of it depends on understanding. With some things, when you understand them, you no longer understand all kinds of other things. They look crazy and they are.

I tell myself that I live in an open air asylum and... I do. I know that the inmates are crazy. The attendants are crazy. The doctors and the nurses are crazy and the drugs are really bad. They control the kinds and qualities of the drugs in use, because these are behavior modifiers and reality fixatives. When the chemistry is altered, everything changes and they don't like that one bit. Unfortunately for them it doesn't matter about the good drugs or the bad drugs anymore because Mr. Apocalypse is on site and he's proactive. He's a hands on kind of a guy with a multi-use dynamic that contains only one benefic aspect, no matter what perspective you view it from. It's all about liberation but... since nothing is what it seems, liberation has six kinds of scary walking alongside of it. This is how people come to jump into the cell of their own accord and pull the cell door shut after them. Well, crazy can only go so far. It's a self defeating condition. I should mention inspired madness at this point, because they are not the same. Inspired madness is a seashell beyond the sea's kiss, beyond the full immersion circumstances of everyone trapped in the sea of forgetfulness. That's why Memory is the key and Understanding the result.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Enemy at the Gates of Wonderland

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It doesn't matter how hard you try, how self deprecating you may be, or what you admit to, in terms of shortcomings and personal drawbacks, you're always going to have enemies and detractors, who will look to injure you in the eyes of others and also inside your own head, if you let them in. The Devil translated means, 'slanderer'. That pretty much says it all. It's like a continuously perpetuating Fox News. You blare a headline but the content of the article has little to do with the headline. False claims are made and not verified, or justified because all you have to do is claim something and the lumpen proles will just take it as gospel. Some are already inclined to believe lies and others are too lazy to care to check.

Jesus Christ had enemies and he is reputed to have been without flaw or shortcoming. Gandhi had enemies. One of them even killed him. People come around here often to say that he was a fraud and a bad guy. Martin Luther King is painted as a tool, philanderer and what not. Buddha had enemies. Krishna had enemies. My opinion is that you can know the quality and substance of a person by the enemies that they have.

People have enemies for various reasons. Sometimes your way of life stands in opposition to those who bear you enmity. Sometimes you cross their path in an unfortunate (for them) manner. Sometimes it is because of jealousy and envy. Whatever the reason may be, the enemy is there and sometimes their malice and anger are deep and continuous. Earth is a place of conflict. Our bodies are a combination of warring elements. They war within us and they war outside of us, often automatically. Few people are in a state of liberated consciousness, especially in these times. That means delusion and negative perspectives, are preeminent above the virtues, which are often absent, or compromised by the vices that seek expression and can be hindered by virtues; “best not to have the virtues” says the mind of the self indulgent and prisoners of low appetite.

Projection is often the basis for judgments made by the blind. When certain unpleasant qualities exist in us, we project the same outward on to those we encounter. If you are covetous, you imagine that others are plotting to get your goods. If powerful appetites and lusts are operative within you, you imagine it is the same with others. A snake looks into a pool and sees there mirrored a snake. A deer sees a deer. An elephant sees an elephant and all of them imagine that is what God looks like.

A person might want to do something about these misapprehensions, in the hearts and minds of others and depending on the force of clarity and truth within that person, sometimes you can cause a change of heart in others but you will never be one hundred percent successful across the board. People generally focus on the negative impact of enemies but there are all sorts of positive effects provided by the right enemies. I'll leave speculation concerning that with the readers, whom I am sure will see the creative possibilities of resistance and opposition, especially if you are an electrician (grin).

Each of us, because of our astrological predispositions and progressed conditions, suffers from specific circumstances at the hands of enemies as well a particular mutations on a theme. For me it has been treachery and betrayal. John Hall's parents turned me in to the police but they only knew about my 'wanted' status from him. My friend's mother turned me in another time. That wasn't the result of mendacity (except on the mother's part). He was young and a little too candid. I helped out one Rick Glover by letting him come to Hawaii and stay in my apartment for some months. I also helped him get on the police force, indirectly. He used every opportunity to have me put away for life. That turned on him though and he had to leave the police force and the islands. Some guy named Jim from Washington State, who I helped out in several ways, went to the police and offered to trade me for a ticket off the island, telling them tales about me that were patently untrue. When my trial came up they flew him back in to testify. He was destroyed on the stand and my lawyer found out he was wanted for arson in Snohomish County. On his return to Washington State, the sheriff was waiting for him. There are some lesser offenses of the same kind. So it goes.

Some of us seem to have things that others resent and some darkness in them makes them wish us ill. I've not put a lot of thought into motive and source but I just figure these things come with the territory.

Still, the chief weapon of those housing the enemy, seems to be slander, which is also connected to false witness. I used to hear the most ludicrous things about myself, third or fourth hand delivered to my ears. You would think that the truth would be enough. There is plenty to find in any of our lives that can be authenticated and remarked on but for some reason, people feel the need to fantastically embellish, or gild the nightshade (we won't be using lilies in that descriptor because none of the players so involved are pushing up lilies, so far as I know).

I look into my past sometimes and wonder, “who was that guy”? It's pretty much the same when I look into my present. I'm surprised that limitations, which have dogged my footsteps for so long, still remain and then I realize they are there to suit the objectives of the one who uses me, or anyone, as a performance artist woven into the tapestry of life. Maybe it lends more drama and humor to the tale. I've been told they will all go away, when the time is right, but neither intense scrutiny or relentless effort has made much impact on these things.

♫Boy, you got to carry that weight♫ I guess it applies to all of us. I try to roll with it but sometimes it just rolls over me. As I look at life, it often appears that the grist stone must eventually grind us into powder so that God can snort us and get high. Or we might be trampled grapes, fermented, bottled and decanted so that God can get drunk. Things work in both directions. God is an intoxicant for those possessed of the presence and we are no less an intoxicant for God. I suppose therein lies the difference between stoned, stupid and high.

Life is a fairytale but there are many possible colors from The Brother's Grimm to Lewis Carroll to... Hans Christian Andersen. There are many fables from Aesop to George Orwell. They all tell the tale of life in their own dimension of pain and pleasure, gain and loss. The dramas have color, texture and teachings from Jack London and Joseph Conrad to E.M. Forster and Somerset Maugham. Some of us are whipped with switches and some of us are whipped by our conscience and some of us are whipped with birch branches in a sauna. Some of us are stroked and some of us are poked and some of us are stabbed. I guess it is whatever it takes to make the point, given that we haven't gotten the point and given that life is all about that. Life is a refinery and that will involve heat of some kind at one time or another.

You can't explain yourself to your enemies. They would not be your enemies if you could. Sometimes your enemies are right and don't need any explanation and don't have to “show you no stinking badges”. All of these things go into making what is known as great and enduring art, or cheap and pretentious crap and you need both of them to give value to either. Contrast is a very important part of life but not everyone gets what's going on there. We often only know things best by comparison with other things. We only see the exceptional in some, due to the mediocrity of the many. That's just how it goes.

For myself, I don't trouble “my beautiful mind” about it very much any more (grin). I just accept that there isn't much that I can say that will change what isn't real into something real, nor is there anything anyone else can do, for any length of time, to accomplish the reverse. Our job really, is to strive, endure and never give up and then, we surrender. So much for the shit and giggles of existence.

I recall trying to explain myself to people who weren't interested in understanding anything. Their minds were made up, or their agendas held firm in a vice. They were just looking for some vichyssoise best served and eaten cold. That's the nature of vichyssoise anyway. So many vendettas and resentments have little to do with the life in which you find them and everything to do with what made this particular life necessary in the first place. You just have to go through these things, until you get the point and you can do that in a t'ai chi sort of a way, or you can do it like a bull in a china shop, or any permutation between the two. No martial art has any lasting efficacy that is not seated in the mind, just the same as the marital arts are seated in the heart. We're all just going through the motions and sometimes the choreography is sublime and sometimes it is clumsy and brutal. Each degree has a tactile experience and level of attendant suffering or enjoyment and that all comes down to 'who' is enjoying it or suffering from it.

Yeah, we've come round in circles appearing but for some of us it's a spiral and that particular illustration can make all the difference in the end; as we come to the end of this post.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, August 06, 2012

The Wonderland of the Subconscious

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May your noses always detect duplicity.

This is the kind of thing The Cosmos is getting into these days. Nobody else has the motivation apparently and backdoor jujitsu, hammer-locks the investigative process. Zio-Ogre Schumer just opened the door for more of the total control that he and his associates are after. “Step by step and inch by inch” the last gasp of the dying empire, flops about like a beached shark. It's still dangerous though, as anyone who's had a certain kind of contact with sharkskin can tell you.

These unrelated events, like the false flag actions in Wisconsin and at the Egyptian border, have no direct bearing on this posting. They're just the usual events, marching to perdition, on the Highway to Hell. We, on the other hand, are marching where? Some kind of Uncertainty Principle comes in to play when the mind turns, however briefly to that consideration. Seriously, what did you think when you read that sentence? It's things like this, that come out of the blue and dance for an instant in our minds then disappears under the influence of the day to day surface mind.

The surface mind is very powerful. We have conferred an autonomy upon the surface mind that bars our access to the treasures buried deeper within us. I'm talking about the subconscious. The subconscious is like an ancient labyrinth. That means it also may contain a minotaur. Aside from that there are recessed niches, press panels and many a clever and curious device, known only to those who have managed to come across them by design or accident; as if anything like that could ever be considered an accident.

There are various mechanisms that have been tried and tested and proven true over the course of time. Yoga comes to mind. The Hermetic tradition comes to mind. The Tarot comes to mind and I suppose there are more avenues and vehicles. One has to find the one that works for them. It can make all the difference having something you're comfortable with. Think of it like different word processing or recording software. Some of them have a simplicity and ease. Some of them are technically complex. That's okay for a left brain individual but not so user friendly for a right brain (like me) kind of a guy. What I'm saying here is important. Choosing the wrong medium can be the difference between success and failure because you can't sync up with it and the degree of necessary ease in relation to resistance is not in your favor.

All of these systems cross reference. The parallels can be astonishing sometimes. I've used an example on this some long time ago, probably here. Let's pick 3 cards from The Major Arcana. Let's pick The Hanged Man, Death and The Star. The Star is Tzaddi. It means fishhook. The Hanged Man is Mem. It means water. Death is Nun, a fish. The function of The Star is meditation. So, consider this, by the process of meditation you can dip into the waters of your being an extract the fish of Death. Of course, you have to have the meditation process down and generally you need an observer in the background who is familiar with the eternal witness within you. That's all already in place in most cases, present company included.

This particular tradition uses what has been called the Hebrew alphabet. Both the alphabet and the origins of the Tarot are from another time and culture and they were appropriated by these people and not in a good way, as we have seen from the, “by their works ye shall know them” principle. There is a tale told about The Tarot coming out of a meeting in Fez, Morroco in the 12th century. Perhaps some of this is true in terms of a modern equivalent but the actual phenomena is timeless and goes way back. These are pictorial reflections of the archetypes that exist within us and which the activation of transforms us into gods. All this and more resides in the subconscious. The subconscious should be seen as a child and something that processes information in a pictorial way. Images, symbols, all things of this nature are intuitively understood by the subconscious. The intuition works through the subconscious. Think of the subconscious as a kind of sounding board. It vibrates and it resonates and is plastic and readily influenced by anything you impress upon it.

You impress things on your subconscious all the time. Every time you are wishful or desirous of something, it impresses the subconscious, which, according to the focus and intensity of that other portion of the mind, via visualization and creative imaging, guarantees the relative success of it all. People wonder why certain things don't happen. They know about people who have succeeded with the very thing under discussion. Why are they not succeeding? “Faith is the substance of things unseen”. Nothing is denied to us but we do deny ourselves and that is all because we don't know who we really are. If we knew who we are everything would be transformed; the devil would be changed into an angel of light at the given moment. “If you had the faith of a mustard seed” and so on and so on. It's all simply and elegantly explained in the scriptures, if we could just get over the cognitive dissonance broadcasting from Unclear Channel, WKALI. We look at things but not into them. We can only see as deeply into things as we can see into ourselves. It's a rule. It's a law. We use the laws of Nature and The Cosmos AGAINST ourselves. It comes from the telepathic invasion practiced on us when we were children and could not defend ourselves. That is another subconscious imprinting.

The resonance here is no mystery to me. We're all the same person, underneath the patina of the personality. Oh sure, we are as individual as a snowflake but there is a pervasive commonality and it accounts for why certain thoughts will have a wide ranging impact on diverse beings. It's why there are dreams of a certain type that happens around here and other things I leave unsaid. We'e all obsessed with knowing and it blocks us from the unknowing. The fundamental and visceral awareness of “I don't know is all we need”. If I know, then god is not permitted to. If I don't know, if we don't know, then the unchained god can mentate and perform through us. We imprison divinity and make war on Heaven by way of deception practiced upon ourselves and performed upon us by the servants of darkness. They have no real power, except what we confer upon them. It's time to reclaim what is ours.

People may or may not wonder why I like dogs. I like them precisely for the qualities certain cultures despise in them. Some people prefer cats, precisely because of their stubbornness, selfishness and independence. I happen to be a cat, precisely because of the self containment aspect. Selfishness is an acquired taste that I haven't acquired and most people come here because they aren't selfish either. Some are confused but... they know that.

When one of us leaves the house here, our companions from the Devic Realm arrange themselves near the front door. When one of us returns they go nuts, jump up and down. It means everything to them. Their love is real and unconditional. That's how I want to be but I'm not even as good at it as my dogs are. However, they do remind us. They show me every day how short I fall from the natural devotion that- for any of us- would insure the desired union with great speed. Most people go through their whole lives, going through the motions. The next thing you know, you're old and looking back. You don't look ahead anymore. Old is a state of mind and it has a power to it. The subconscious contains the keys of conscious immortality and a veritable cornucopia of gifts and blessings. I have proven this on my own to some degree so I can assure you it is real.

With God you have to be persistent and importunate. You have to bang on the door, or conversely, you can just answer the door, according to, “I stand at the door and knock”.

The subconscious is a wonderland. It's an ancient place. All of your former lifetimes are arranged next to each other like suits of clothes in a closet. The more recent ones have sharper features. The older ones are more blurred. It's possible some of them disappear entirely when all relevance is gone.

Anyway, I recommend fishing expeditions for those so inclined and bid you a good day.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, August 03, 2012

The United States of Dumbass open a Can of Whoop-Ass

Dog Poet Projectile vomiting.......

May your noses always sense the invisible dancing in the wind.

These days there is a thin line between stupidity and insanity. Much of the time you can hardly tell them apart. I'm not sure if that thin line is denial or not. Maybe it's like the line in the sand that Colonel Travis drew at the Alamo. Maybe it's a line of Trailer Boys Meth. Maybe it's a line of bath salts. Maybe, these days, there is no line, except for the great big line of people standing outside of the one book store; no one is waiting outside the other one. On the one bookstore is a sign that says, “Please come in and browse our large collection of absolutely useless crap. We will sell no book with useful information”. The sign on the other bookstore reads, “Timeless classics and books that will change your life (shameless self promotion). You owe me more reviews people. I'm not asking much.

Anyway, Stupidity and Insanity are walking hand in hand down the boulevard. They're in love. They stop and exchange a passionate kiss in the middle of the block. The girl, or whatever may be in that role lifts one leg behind her. Her hat falls off but the man catches it. It's a tender moment. Passersby are touched and perhaps reminded of when they two were once enthralled by Cupid's touch and internal ministrations. You have be impressed by the capacity of the public to respond to the important issues of our time. Check out the next to last sentence. Yes, the public is wearing a t-shirt that has a line drawn near the bottom with a slogan that says, “No thinking above this line”. Begin digression; I used to have a t-shirt that I made, which had a dotted line near the bottom. Above it was the slogan, “Only authorized personnel allowed below this line. At the chest area it said, “Les Visible World Tour T-Shirt. I don't have it anymore because one night, I was wearing it in Charley's Bar and Restaurant in Paia, Maui. By day it's a fantastic breakfast joint and by night it can be a dangerous place, frequented by drunk locals and serious fights can and do break out there. I don't know how it is now. This was during it's Wild West Period. My friends would usually not come in there with me because I was somewhat provocative. This was back in the days when I used to go into Kalama Park and spar with the locals for entertainment. I was seriously out of my mind at the time. The lady bartender liked the shirt so much that I took it off at the bar and gave it to her. This nearly sparked an incident but she went off on the guy and all was well (grin). End digression.

Yes, the public knows what issues are important to it. You can't go wrong using public and corporate concern as a barometer for approaching dumbass weather fronts. Some things slip under the public radar, simply because the public has no radar, like defense spending actually being twice what is reported, or unimportant financial matters that makes the public uneasy while they are waiting for The Kardashians to come on. The government has given the public a high colonic and now they're catatonic with residual afterglow. The truth is that if either the public or the government, took a complete shit they would both disappear. I know this is Origami, don't worry, I'll get there.

The same murderous thugs from the destruction of Libya are killing everyone in reach in Syria, with the open and publicly applauded assistance of the Israeli owned United States of Dumbass. Jesus and Coca Cola are the same thing and they both want a big pile of dead Syrians at the all you can kill buffet table. You can get Jesus in the can or Jesus in the bottle. Have a tall glass of carbonated Christ today and remember, it will clean your battery contacts as well. Did Christ tell you to go and kill all those Muslims? Did he whisper in your ear? Did you know that Jesus was a Syrian and NOT Jewish? Do you know what irony means? Do you know that Israel did 9/11? Do you know what cognitive dissonance is? It means that inside your head are a bunch of juvenile delinquents, banging trash can lids together. Meanwhile yet another mega- church leader has been caught out at serial buggery. Look what I got just putting megachurch leader into Google. I didn't have to put anything else in. Would you like another helping of irony?

America is the cultural equivalent of colony collapse disorder and it won't be long till the cities go up in flames. Just an example of where the head of the country is at and which part of his anatomy his head is inserted in, they're considering using foods made only from chemicals. Does this give an indication that Monsanto (my Satan) is running the place? Who founded Monsanto? Don't ask, don't tell, just bend over and wait. Youtube has a new policy when dealing with Mr.Visible's work. They let the counter go up to a certain number; counting every four or five visitors and then? Then they count backwards. I have observed this a number of times. Now some readers are saying that when they bookmark my site, the bookmark very soon disappears and if they bookmark it again, it disappears again and they can't get to my site by normal means and have to go to one of the sites linking me to get here. I'm honored in both cases. Once, years ago I won a non monetary award as Best 9/11 truth site. Since that time I might as well be living in 17th century Massachusetts, with a big red A hung around my neck. This might discourage and upset some people. To me it's an affirmation, not the same kind of bogus affirmation you might see from Louise B. Hays, who affirms that every disease comes from a particular emotional state that she can heal any of them in between martinis. Okay, some of you probably think she knows what she's talking about. I don't; not saying that most diseases aren't tied to emotional states. My considered opinion is that stress initiates the conditions in most cases.

The public, the public, should not be seen in public. Show them the truth, if you want to make them angry, like a hive of bees was nesting on the back of their neck. Their church of the almighty, goddamn dollar, was founded on buggery and global murder. The historical record proves what that church is all about. Don't tell the public, they'll probably get angry and burn you at the stake. Don't tell them they're committing suicide, physically and spiritually. Don't tell them most of their nation is obese. Don't point out things that are directly in front of their eyes. That will really piss them off. Don't mention Palestine cause apparently it doesn't exist and never did.

What are the things that the church outlaws and forbids? Gnosticism and Essence practices. They've opted for Obscene practices. Religious leaders, well known celebrities, sports figures, educated academics all come out for Bwak! Obama. This blood-stained Howdy Doody primps and poses in the universal mirror and shows his shiny ass to the public, like an excited primate and asks you to kiss it and you do. Is it possible that none of these people have a clue as to what is going on? Is it possible that no one hears what that Federal Reserve executive had to say on C-Span? If they heard it would they comprehend the outrageous significance of her words?

I am in awe of the monolithic stupidity that crowns the heads of the contemporary public. I am literally stunned by its epic proportions. They have to be drinking a Big Gulp full of dumbass every morning. They have to be mainlining it. Is it possible that there is anything that can wake these people up? There doesn't appear to be anything short of absolute chaos and calamity that will bring them to their senses. I would not want to be in America now and I doubt I will ever set foot on that dark landscape again. There is a whirlwind coalescing in the ethers. Judgment Day approaches. The weather has lost it's mind. The crops are dying. The water is evaporating. The wildfires are gestating. Am I wrong?

If war is going to come, then we are in a window of only a few months. Once it happens, the world will be altered beyond recognition. Every area of ordinary life is going to be affected. Food and water are going to be made scarce and it is in the cities where you will see the result of that, as the all too thin veneer of humanities civilized face, drops off like a mask to reveal the beast beneath. Gejzuz Visible, that is some depressing shit. Is it true? Is it true?

Okay, physics is one thing and metaphysics is another. Visible evidence is one thing and invisible evidence is, well, invisible. One has to keep in mind, “the substance of things unseen”. There are a number of perspectives to view all of this from. If you are a materialist it looks one way and if you are a hedonist it looks another. Whatever you are, defines what you see and the meaning and implications of the mindset that populates your word, is what activates your Karma and your destiny. Nothing is real per se but thinking makes it so and every dynamic has certain principles, as well as a field of operation. Your existence is a personal expression of manifest destiny. It is what it is and predictable, until it is no longer what it is and then it becomes something else, with a whole new set of rules, or the same rules with a different impact. Anyone can change into anything at any time; that they do not do so is the result of conditioning and a belief system that is the motive impetus behind lifetime after lifetime, turning on a flaming wheel of unrequited desire.

When a person makes a change for the better in themselves, powerful forces of good rush to their side. There are invisible agencies for every condition of being. They are the advisers that inform every decision that is made. Get good advisers and they won't steer you wrong. Your advisers are determined by what you think you want and they help you get it, over and over again. The most important question anyone can ask themselves is, “What do I really want”? After that you don't have to concern yourself with anything else, ♫Your prison's out walking through this world all alone♫ “What do I really want”? What is the inherent and enduring value of it? How does it compare to everything else I could want? What is the historical truth, concerning the desire for and acquisition of everything that can be desired? How does each thing match up with the other? If a person would only ask the right questions and do the necessary research, nearly all of their problems would vanish, because nearly all of their problems are the result of wanting the wrong things. You'll have what you're meant to have and probably a lot more of it, when you prioritize what's important and discard what is not and the possession of what is important makes it possible to enjoy everything else far more than when you don't possess what's important. These are just words though and everyone will value and apply them or not, depending on how important they are to them. Well, we just came full circle again; “What do I really want”?

End Projectile Vomiting.......

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