Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reeling in the Gotterdammerung

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I never like writing about these kinds of things but since they have some kind of meaning and since they affect everything that goes on around here, one supposes they are relevant. These last three years have been some of the roughest for me ever. In terms of actual experience, they pale by comparison with some of the shit I've been through ...but in terms of relentless bad fortune, in steady incremental doses and malefic astral assaults, they are right up there. Now the last week has been some of the worst on record. This means that every single thing I attempt goes haywire on me. I'm not going to itemize because I would fill the page with outrages and annoyances. The early portion of my birthday was a season in Hell and then, when evening came, my beloved dog Poncho started getting seizures. They come around every couple of month or so. This time there were four or five of them and then, later the next day a couple of more. Finally, last night, while he was sitting under my desk, I noticed he was trembling and shaking. Usually he's on his side, kicking at air and squealing. This time he was in a Sphinx pose and just trembling. He appeared paralyzed and he was not in this world. When I tried to draw close, he would lash at me with his teeth. I was absolutely certain after several hours that this was the end for him and it continued to go on and on.

I finally went to bed and Susanne slept by him in my computer room. The next morning, today, I came awake and heard something around me. There was Poncho, unsteady on his feet, bobbing and weaving and it's gone on like that, with steady improvements, to this point ...but the way things have been going for me, I'm not sanguine. Of course he's worn out; sleeping at the moment. I'm in a state of ongoing apprehension. There's nothing I can do and my intuitive tactics are futile and my prayers? I hardly know what to say. What I do know is that his present condition is nothing short of a miracle. You'd have had to be there and I'm glad you weren't. He was all twisted and shaking for hours. Now he's more or less what is normal for him. I'm guessing he has a brain tumor. The symptoms are all indicative. I'm of a mind to start feeding him curcumin and turmeric but... if it were malignant, I suspect he would have been gone already. Therefore, if it is benign then these remedies are probably not going to work.

I'm studying the things that are happening to me, apart from Poncho and I am baffled at both the extremity and the necessity. Then I think about Job being put through the shit and all the rest of the people I've heard about that got put through the shit and I think to myself, “Yeah, but there was a time limit on most of that wasn't there? It didn't go on for decade after decade with little respite”. Of course, with some of them, there was brutal and persistent torture that went on over the short term and some of them got burned at the stake, which doesn't strike me as pleasant but which didn't involve a lot of time. Though the time that it did involve must have seriously concentrated their minds. Of course we hear about the enraptured, who did not experience pain during the event and there is some metaphysical basis for this.

I want to make it clear that I'm not whining here. I wouldn't even mention it, if it weren't so severe and inexplicable. An astrologer told me it had something to do with Uranus and Pluto and that the universe is trying to tell me something but it never gets around to that and that is one of the problems with the whole process all the way through. There have never been any answers , no names, no clarification, no nothing. There have been visions and supernatural experiences that were off the charts. There have been sustained hyper realities and there are the voices, which have increased in clarity and frequency over recent time but there are no details, no why and wherefores, just encouragement and all kinds of promises of things to come, soon ...but apparently we have two different kinds of time in operation. There's the indication of new locations that are not reached by the usual conveyances. There's all sorts of things being said and the generic sturm und drang coming for the terminal shit-heels, which I have heard about in thunderous tones, with a lot of bouncing off of the walls on my part, from the sheer fury of emphasis in the delivery. Never has one been put through so much while being told so little. Of course, I'm speculating here. I can readily assume that people have been put through more but I feel like they probably had more detailed cue cards and a fleshed out backstory.

I've never been told anything. I can suss out the meaning of the Kundalini awakening and the long term guarantees on that. The Man on the Beach said, “You're a celebrity here, you know”? No, I didn't know and I still don't. That's about the sum total of detailed information and not much to go on.

I recognize that anyone performing some small amount of service, like myself, is going to come under attack and appear in the cross-hairs, some portion of the time and I recognize that the offensives are often going to be internalized outbreaks, telepathic invasions and invisible fugazy work, directed at physical conditions. The intensity has been off the charts. I find myself no longer able to appeal for help, or to rail with outrage against deaf heaven. I just keep saying, “Nothing, nothing, nothing” This is meant to negate anything and everything, so as to reduce the playing field to an empty lot and deprive all experience of any meaning. It works as a defense against despair, even if it seems very much like it.

One of the reasons that I got such a, never before seen, outpouring of support on my birthday, is that someone knew what was coming; not the people industriously engaged on my behalf but certainly whatever inspired them.

I know I've been the cause of a certain amount of optimism around these parts, on those small islands where I am not considered a flake or a madman. I don't want to create any kind of damper on that. I don't want to give voice to any number of internal states that think enough is enough. Obviously, it's not enough or it wouldn't keep happening. It's the lack of explanation that leaves me in a quandary. As I said, I'm not crying in my soup, not really. I've had some temporary versions of that come in and out of the room in times past but since, I have long ago recognized the futility of it. I'm just trying to articulate the syndrome, though I doubt that the forces behind it all spend much time reading any of these things and, you would think, they know all about my mental and emotional state. This kind of thing is never a good thing, given the expectations of the reader. The radio show will deliver on that account, I think (grin). I just want you to know what I'm up against, as I seek to continue here and why I might drop out of sight at any moment for some period of time, while I try to get a fix on the situation and the possibility of tactics I have yet to discover or explore.

These blogs are a lot of things. They may sometimes contain useful information and hopefully other times they are entertaining and bring a smile. As well, they are sometimes like a laundry line, both here and in the comments section. Doing your laundry is never an exciting affair. Some people get off on doing other people's laundry and some people get off even more having access to other people's laundry before it gets washed but that's not an attractive area of pursuit for me and hopefully it reflects only the smallest minority of the readers here.

Most people who come here are well wishers and that accounts for the success of the place. There's a natural bonhomie here and a resonant sympatico. The reason I am discussing any of this is because I am certain that I am not the Lone Ranger here and that usually when something comes up in these locations they tend to reflect some segment of the lives of the people who come around.

So, I've gotten through this post and Poncho is still laying on the blanket under my desk with no apparent change. That's a very good thing, as far as I am concerned, because there are few things as emotionally trying as being helpless to assist your four footed friends in their hour of need. You feel as if, were it to do any good, you would consider stabbing a knife into the back of your hand to make it all better.

The last few hours, all together, have been much better than most of the times in the last few days. I'm talking uncanny, eerie and strange all together. Everyone expects a few incidents in the process of their day; little accidents, mishaps, errors of judgments, missteps in one's personal behavior. These things happen. What you don't expect are 60 to a 100 of these things in the course of a single day. It smacks of supernatural interference of the non benefic kind.

Ah well, you probably didn't want this to be part of your day and I didn't either but I've got little choice about it. The rules of my operation here are strict in terms of full disclosure and the state of my existence, directly influences the things I say and talk about here.

Oddly, when I wake up each morning, it takes a few moments for me to remember the shit I was going through the day before. I wake up with my usual optimism and then it hits me that I've scant reason to feel that way but I do feel that way and that puzzles me more than anything else. Why do I feel such a degree of optimism with no reason for it? My dreams are nice and I've been enjoying them. I'm hoping that side of things translates into this side of things posthaste. Thank you for your patience in this matter. One thing we can always be sure of is that things change.

End Transmission.......

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Kevenj said...

Well, I can say with authority that I can empathize even without saying I can do much about it but wish you, Poncho and Suzanne well and good thoughts from the West.

Johann Schlackwurst auf dem Führerbunker said...

My comma ran over my apostrophe at St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast, where I stole the margarine.

Clarity said...

Visible, our pets are our loyal friends, companions, and true members of the family. As has been said before, dogs are the perfect examples of unconditional love. Not all dogs get that in return, but Poncho does. He's a lucky dog and knows he's loved.

It's so difficult to see our pets going through a rough time. We suffer right along with them.

I will be sending lots of prayers and so much love to Poncho, you, and your family.


the gardener said...

I am lighting a candle of protection and strength for you and your household Vis... been there with the pets and their seizures-which are a lot more common now then before-maybe just living longer and being exposed to that many more years of the toxins? Our beloved pets are our canaries in our coalmines. I've had three pets doing the seizures in the past few years. Two dogs, one elderly cat. All different kinds of seizures too-grand mal-petit mal... the 'frozen trembling' with either gaits like wading through deep waters on the moon or lurching about like a drunken sailor.

I've wondered if they're absorbing our psycho toxins of our own or others making. Sin eaters of the etheric realm.

I posted that post of his about 'us all being under a spell starting in 1982 with a Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 24 Libra' It was triggered with Libra and Mars recently conjoined at that same degree with also that time's Saturn return being the 24 Libra mark.

Sounds about right timing for me though I don't understand the 'spell part'-when did it start-when/how has it been broken. I queried him about that 'spell' business but that is the same timeline as my own 'losing my mojo' a few years after that with Saturn in Scorpio-fugue stated it through the Saturn in Sag time up to around Saturn in Leo in 2004ish...

I feel to the point of 'knowing' that the Venus/Gemini/Retrograde cycle of the 8 years from '08 through this past June was the top of the peak for those in 'charge' right now. They've peaked with all the bad attributes of humanity. All the insanities which have gone on totally without recourse to the millions of victims worldwide.

We're also in the Chinese Year of the Water Dragon-a 12 year cycle like the Jupiter cycle. I find it helpful for people to start with that cycle and work their way back every 12 years to remember where they were and what they were doing-seems to aid conscious works in the present when you can make your own human time lines.

the gardener

preacher said...

I feel for you and Poncho...
I had the same thing happen to me last year and the feeling of total failure to save my four legged friend still lingers. The attacks go on, so I lost nearly everything I care about.
Maybe that's the great plan; to strip you and humble you in total submission, I don't know but it is sometimes hard to endure.
The hardest thing is the lack of understanding around me, how I'm affected by this turmoil in my life.
I hope my friend is happy now, since he shed this mortal coil; his not so perfect body anymore...

I hope I can send a lot of love and strenght your way, and the ones your with, in these troubled times using just words.
And some music perhaps.

This Mortal Coil - Song to the Siren

Anonymous said...

Vis, I feel so sorry for what is happening with your little friend I don't know if this is any help, but around six years ago had a rottie who started "fitting". Taken to vet . Vet administered a shot of Diazepam (valium) which relaxed him . The shot was administered sub cutaneously ,but it might even be given anally ( kid you not ~check it out ).The last time it happened , he was violently convulsing with me wishing that I had the human version to give him as i cradled him and held him. Don't want to talk about this anymore~ so will sign off and obviously this is not intended as a comment on your sight . Good luck and strength bro as iI know you have that cheers Fred

Anonymous said...

Viz, my brother. I am at a loss for words to express how much you truly mean to me. You are priceless and a man truly without comparison. I was just browsing rense and reading really negative ugly shit about round ups of vets, vets having their homes invaded, handcuffed and hauled off indefinitely and involuntarily at psych hospitals and having their weapons confiscated because of posting anti-government opinions on facebook, etc. I started to feel very angry and anxious and I said to myself, God I wish Viz had a new blog posting because I could really use some light right now, but I know he probably doesn't because it's been 3 postings in 3 days and I know he's probably doing something else. Then I refreshed facebook and there it was!!! A new Origami!!! I tucked into it like I hadn't eaten in weeks. I was SO thankful. I am crying as I write this with such gratitude and depth of emotion. I needed a harbor in the tempest and there you were. I wish I could be a harbor to you as you are regularly and faithfully and persistently to me. I don't post much because so much of how I feel is expressed by others and I'm pretty introverted, so I leave the comments to others. I just had to say thank you so very much for .... for YOU. For you being in this world with me. I can't say that I know what it's like to be in your shoes, but I have experienced some of the things you are right now experienceing. I have had my kids (of the 4 legged type) get sick and held them in my lap as they were sent to the bridge. I have had to sign papers and call the heavy equipment operator to come and dig a grave for my beloved horse. I've come home to find my cat dead on the floor. And the years 2008-2011 were 4 years of selling everything that was not nailed down just to exist and have food on the table and food for the animals. It was terrible terrible despair the likes of which I never knew before and hopefully never will again. I think your optimism despite all your inner emotional pain is because your spirit is too big to contain and each morning the sun faithfully rises and bubbles up again with warm sunlight ready to kiss you good morning. Your spirit knows what your brain does not. You are truly the kindest, most fearless, persistently faithful and REAL person I've ever known, as much as one can know someone just by blogs and such. I just wanted to let you know how much you are loved, yes deeply loved by so many of us who are going or have gone thru much of the same shit you are going thru. I have a feeling everything's gonna turn out alright for all of us. I pray you feel the sincerity of this message my friend, and you are encouraged by the love that we all are sending you.

Laura in CA (since there is another Laura here I will call myself Laura in CA)

David V said...


I've been reading your blogs for about ten years now. I've been tempted to comment many times, but always refrained until now. Because your experiences of late so closely mirror my own, I feel compelled to offer my observations, imperfect thought they be.

My world started on an exponential "hard knocks" upward curve several years ago, and for the past year and a half, it has been straight up, nonstop. I can describe these events as "whammies", or cosmic ass-whippings, or whatever. They have come at me at least one every two weeks, usually once a week, and sometimes every day. Each time I've started to recover from the latest whack and get my feet under me, here comes another one. Almost always something totally unanticipated and out of the blue.

I am not any kind of saint or paragon of virtue; far from it. I can merely say that the direction of my life has been to know the truth, and to follow it wherever it leads.

My favorite scriptural texts are "you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free", and "these are those who perish, because they received not a love of the truth, and so believe the lie and are damned". You know your Bible well enough to know where this is found.

There is a tremendous, all-encompassing lie underway. Most everyone i know has already been swallowed by it, probably never to emerge alive. I have had friends and family turn on me for following the truth, especially for talking about it.

I'll interject here that the WHOLE truth, if we were to see it, might destroy us. The Lost Ark movie scene comes to mind, where Indy and whatsername are tied to a stake while angels(?) come out of the ark and devour everyone. They have to keep their eyes tightly closed or else suffer the same fate.

The point being, at some point we all have to walk by faith alone, because sight may deceive or destroy us. The faith has to be one that has led us far enough down this road, already, that we are sure of where the road leads, and of whose side we are on.

Such has been my case. A number of things have happened to me, over several years, that were difficult to endure, but which, in hindsight, proved to be nothing short of miraculous divine intervention. Now (about 1 1/2 years ago)I have taken the next big step. Since then, it seems like I've been under demonic attack (call it whatever you want, that's the term that I grew up with). I have to believe that, as with everything else, hindsight will reveal this struggle to have been for my benefit. But it sure doesn't seem that way from here.

Job, toward the end of his ordeal, says "though He slay me, yet will I trust Him". Elsewhere it says that "who the Lord loves, He chastens". I can only believe, or hope, that what I'm going through is to get me to the point where I have nofurther use for this planetary existence, and have to rely upon the divine for the outcome. And, if I have to die to get there, so be it.

There's much more I could say, but this is already too long.


william exsminger said...

As much as I am not prepared for the finish of certain things in my life, I am also not ready to lose you and your intelligent and gentle understandings of life. After reading your posts for some decade now, I have become attached to you somehow and we have to my knowledge, never met; although its possible we have crossed paths as some point. I guess what I am trying to say is that I wish you all the love you need and I am grateful for all you do. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Poncho was stepping up and taking some lumps intended for you. You'll never know. Dogs never want thanked.

There's always a drought when a prophet dies. Who died? It seems we all have to suffer when a prophet dies. Almost all summer, I've been dealing with spiders wanting in to get water. The infestation was so bad and continuous, I stopped asking "Where are they?" and started asking "Where are they NOT?". I've been jumpy for a long time. It rained today.

To make pottery, it takes pounding, beating, shaping and then fire. I feel for ya, guy. Ask the Almighty that if you can one day thank him for it, it will be worth the suffering. Easy for me to say, right now. But, I am thankful for the nonsensical hell I've gone through. Life is constant shaping, beating and refining with fire, for some.

To him to whom much is given, much is expected.

I could very well be cursing him in a month, or an hour or a day. He prefers that to sycophantic brownnosing, because it's honest.

Visible said...

Well, I've met his preferences then (grin).

Anonymous said...

Whatever happens we face wholeheartedly
My spirit stands by your side
The journey may seem long and tiring
The mountain steep that we must climb
Trudging onwards sometimes backwards
Sometimes it feels as though we are out of luck
But remember that day our hearts were made
Where the truth opened up and touched
Whatever happens it doesn't matter
Just makes us stronger in our stance
Tptw just grow weaker
They have had many many a chance
People say we chose this time to be here
It seems crazy but maybe it's true
All These people our sisters and brothers
With our love we will do all we can do


Anonymous said...

lol, then let him have it with both barrels (you think). There's more to be pressed out of your grape than you know about.

Don't share the intimate details about that with anyone.

If I know how that goes, you have made his arm short in your mind. Job did too.

Remember the chinese heiroglyph. Opportunity is in Crisis.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I get dogged like that, I was in the process of putting 400 nails in a mistake anyway. When you're a victim of yourself, you're always the last to know.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Maybe it's time to let little Poncho go.
Encourage him to reap his reward.

He no doubt will suffer anything if he believes it is in his family's best interest.

Maybe little Poncho, swelled with intense love, believes you cannot be safe without him.

Love in the material world, on its best day sincere and seemingly pure, sometimes is affected by different modes of desire.

I'm sure you've already told him it's ok for him to go and this would make you cry tears of joy?

My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

P.S. Is he eating the leftover prasadam?

God's food.

Visible said...

He had a bunch of prasadam today but he doesn't seem ready to go yet. He's been fine all the day. We'll see.

No one's making God's arms short. One is only discussing the nature of the moment, not passing judgment on it since one knows nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

Vis, my oldest dog, my dear little boy, is also experiencing tremors. It is so very hard to witness. My veterinarian suggested giving him half a tablet of children's gravol to calm him and to help him sleep through the night. He's been on the gravol for about three months now and he seems a little more relaxed although the tremors have not stopped. He is almost seventeen years old so he has had a good, long life being much loved and well cared for. The hardest part of our connections with our pets is knowing that we will most likely outlive them and we will have to watch them go through the dying process. I believe I have mentioned before that the one thought that sustained me through the loss of another dog was the belief that this special little pet would attain a human rebirth. I pray for you and your family as you experience this difficult time with Poncho.
Just another quick comment...I have been fortunate in this lifetime to have met an authentic realized teacher. He has often commented to us that, instead of resisting negative circumstances in our lives, we should welcome them as it is thus evident that we are working off our karma here and now. I know that this concept can be difficult to accept when we are experiencing such horrendous phenomena but it is, I think, worth considering.
Bless you, Vis, for your heroic efforts in communicating your thoughts and life experiences to all of are truly loved for this.

est said...

'If I needed you
Would you come to me,
Would you come to me,
And ease my pain?
If you needed me
I would come to you
I'd swim the seas
For to ease your pain

In the night forlorn
The morning's born
And the morning shines
With the lights of love
You will miss sunrise
If you close your eyes
That would break
My heart in two

The lady's with me now
Since I showed her how
To lay her lily
Hand in mine
Loop and lil agree
She's a sight to see
And a treasure for
The poor to find'

townes van zandt

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Viz - quit whining!

Now gimmee 50 trooper!

Visible said...

I understand Kilaya, it's how God makes wine and I am amendable to the will in all things. Poncho is a very young dog still. We shall see what God has in mind. If he wants to take him he will. He is assured of a human birth, this I know for various reasons.

I tried hard in the post to make clear I wasn't complaining or unaware of the process, it's just difficult sometimes having no information at all when just about everything else presents no problems in interpretation at all.

Patrick V1.2 said...

I know nothing Vis. I came here under the same circumstances you describe now.

I came looking for relief but what I discovered was understanding. Some why.

I haven't found all my answers here or anywhere and I never will but this place got me thinking right.

I am being shaken awake. It's not pleasant and it's not over until I face ALL my fears. In my case I'm going to say one thing and one thing only is the barrier between me and divine grace.

EGO !!!!!!!!!!!

I have been busy pulling my pants down here and there and generally being considered an unproductive failure just to piss ego off.

Being awsum and successful got me to line 1 of this comment. So what the fuck.

It's hard being a passenger. I just wanna drive. Show everyone how cool I am. I'm not allowed to. Nap time's over it's time to wake up.

My judgment of what is good and bad in this illusion is just bullshit anyway. I guess God's just an idiot ? Universe doesn't know shit?

Universe make me happy NOW ! Or not. LooollOOoLlOoLolol.

Maybe the man on the beach was full of shit ? I mean electricity flows through copper wires. Don't make the wire special. I dunno.

Is -30 degrees worse than +30 degrees Celsius I fuckin don't know. Do you ?

I Don't know !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Visible, have you considered giving Poncho Vitamin B6 and/or Vitamin C? It just might do the trick. You can Bing it for more info (I hate Google; thus the "Bing" reference). There is a lot of evidence which suggests that seizures/tremors in dogs is often due to a lack of one (or both) of these vitamins. I know dog owners who have given their animals one or both of these and in many cases the seizures/tremors disappeared entirely. Hope this helps, brother.

Visible said...

Thank you on the B6 and Vitamin C

preacher said...

Johnny Cash - Hurt

bholanath said...

You probably won't see this till your morning (top o' the morning, sir!), and I hope it heralds a good day for you and Pancho.
Since I have had much evidence of our four-leggeds taking on psycho shit blowing through our fields, I concur with the couple comments above in this regard.
But mainly I'm writing you (and I hope you don't mind me making this public) because I just spent a few hours the last 2 days with the Ram Tirth. Says you had many adventures starting back in mid-60s, and firstly said "he's brilliant" (you). He also emphasized that you have always had your ability to dip into the "void of light" and pull out the gems and treasures and hilarity. He loved your music, he loves you, sends his highest respects and greetings. He mentioned he read your trial records/transcripts and called the whole affair "historic". There was probably more, but there's the gist of it.
Anyway, it's been a lovely hang (and will continue i think), and I feel incredibly blessed to know both you gentlemen in this life (RT for 20 years, you for 8?). You have the Man on the Beach, RT has his Baba, I have my 2 Babas and Mataji, and somehow we'll successfully continue to know less and less as we get older...I mean younger (and sometimes even have different 'takes' in the meantime).
My so-called life is both hell (isolated and broke) and heaven (scrape by on miracles alone from day to day) - and also full of the wildest synchronicities and right-place/right-time moments. (RT seconds that... and he's also coming into his own as a respected 'elder', despite the terrific opposition and scape-goating of the past).
onelove, carry on

Anonymous said...

Like a bird through the eye of a needle
On a multicoloured spinning solar array
Across the jagged edge of lost cause
The infinate lessons of eternity display
A tidal wave of all conscious
Pouring the essences of pure sunshine
In dreams of seven dancing tigers
The heart awakening the scope of mind
The centred force's made invincible
A luminous cradle of earths pure intellect
For protection peace and harmony
Death kills the zionist project
Darts of the poison of scorpion
Emanating through the zionist idea
The charge of a thousand hungry lions
The dread of all it was the zionist ever feared


Anonymous said...

this guy's having a rough time.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes Kilaya, those are very nice thoughts.

I'm absolutely certainly convinced beyond the shadow of any doubt - the Lord know kudos when He hears them.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

many sympathies and parallels in this
post for me. I trust you've seen a vet or, if financially unable, aren't too coy, just this once, to put out a request.

as for hard times, and pulling my pants down (thank you Patrick) , which I'll be doing at the surgeons next week. physical pain has bugged me, variously and almost subliminally for many years now, possibly always in this life. post recent hernia op (not a big hernia or op), getting a little more active, a something brought out (as opposed to ironed out) specifically and conforming to previous patterns, is Mr Left Testical (possibly because of the associated hydroceles, maybe trauma, maybe a 'benign' impedance), prevously sought on my personal for "my eyes only" FBI page (un)known as "the Thing", that I have been looking for. time will tell, but it's the sort of thing that is cruel, or so it seems (more than any other suspects). of course there's the good side, being, isolation from the material worlds crap, and hard lessons in self control and humility, and perhaps a fix and somewhere, something good "over the rainbow". and if I get "there", I pat myself and my lucky stars for persistence and not harming others on the way amongst the frustration, confusion, and not much help from others (blame gamers, denialists, knowitall ignoramuses and the medically inept apart from the bleeding obviouses). , though perhaps regretting a not earlier resolution (if there is one of course)

So there's the battle quest and the acceptance, and partial understanding, most of all the balance. 'nuff laundry.

last week I found the python on the verandah, straight out, so I could measure his 9ft, but his head seemed to be coiling in pain. I had recently laid rat baits, so I immediately worried about that. turns out he was just shedding his skin. I came out later just as the last of him (a few inches of tail) was going off the verandah, taking the skin with him. I stepped on his old head as he went his way as I kept the skin for show and tells. I see him daily and I think we have an understanding (apart from the rat baits).

seems maybe the sharper the focus, the deeper the cuts. the more energy in the coil, the more bumps to the head, the deeper the faith, the higher the tests. alchemy and tempering. but I wouldnt wish these things on anyone , but that's not my job. (Job?).

Ray B. said...


I am sorry to hear about Poncho, and am asking Higher Self to 'recycle' some of his pain.

Good too that you are okay with 'waving your fist' at all-God. He/she/it can take it. It's only the folks that deny their true feelings about some unfortunate happening that are headed for major blowouts.

As a lot of us know, there are many levels of action at play. When I take the time to relax and focus up and down, there are parts of me doing one thing and another part doing something quite different. Remarkable. (If a major part of me is needed 'somewhere else', I may 'zone out' even while reading an exciting book, etc. Liz joshes me on this, because it looks a lot like sleeping... grin)

I can relate to unseen 'interference'. Last night, I awoke to what Liz called a 'nightmare'. My dream-state perception was that deer were trying to get into my garden. I couldn't move in the dream, so I suspect I was still in what scientists call the 'sleep paralysis' body-mode.

But, here is where I react differently. I always check with Higher Self to see whether it is "my stuff" coming out or some form of outside 'messing'. In the above case, it was four 9-level, bad-guy humans astralling-in and having some 'fun' at my expense.
They were duly taken care of - though one of them took some time; a lot of past-life baggage to remove.

Some happenings allow us to do some 'good' if we are aware of the options. For example, I was having a hard time 'tracking' one onlooker. He/she/it could 'flit around' almost faster than I could follow. Really different. I asked for a 'real Elf' to assist, and we found out it was a Castaneda-type sorcerer from Central America. (And, a good-side gal to boot.)

What happened next was unexpected, and a good indication of how our Higher Selves are way beyond our ego self. Suddenly, I was 'aware' of all the sorceror-types that were in this lady's 'network' (also good guys, around 13-level). My Higher Self then started speaking to them as a group in what I presume was Spanish. After what I presume was an explanation/warning, quite a few humans came 'popping-in' and started working with/on each of the group. Way cool.

I don't know anything about your methods, Vis, but we don't have to take 'attacks' passively. My way of dealing with them was to really get to know what feels like 'me' and my patterns and symbols. When a strange thing happens that does not 'fit' these, I now almost automatically go into 'check it out' mode. Then, Higher Self and trusted friends can extend our response.

Hope this helps...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

P.S. Readers new to this: Use caution always. Gain experience gradually.

Ray B. said...


Just saw the "The 'Hang The Bankers' Christmas Tree Ornament" link on Rense about 1/3 way down on right side. If you were verbotten, you're back. Congratulations, anyway!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Vis,

Those 4 legged ones reach so deeply into our hearts.... right where the most open vulnerabilities are.

I just know Poncho is a real good boy.... :)

3 years ago, they told me my little 4 legged boy had less than a year to live. Shortly after that, he became more jaundiced than ever ( the vet told me about a year after that incident that he thought "that was it" for my little guy).

He's doing great today! And they call him "The Miracle Kitty" at the Vets office. :)

We were spared. Thank you Lord!

I'd lost 2 others in quick succesion before that, so maybe He knew I couldn't take anymore, but like you, nobody tells me anything and I just have to figure it out on my own. :(

All of this hardship for you might be because of the Quarter Moon, though I suspect your friend Robert Phoenix might have more insight on that.

If your little guy is old and he has suddenly developed seizures, it probably is a brain tumor. But if he has had them all his life, than he needs to have his seizure meds increased.

I hope it's the latter.

Sometimes enough IS enough, and even more than enough! I'll ask God to spare your little guy the same way I asked Him to spare mine, though I claim no special access.

You're a good guy, Vis. It's time for a break now. I'll pray for that, too.

Jim in FL

Anonymous said...

Aloha Visible. I'm not sure if any of this will be useful to you. I think the best way to help your dog would to bake him a few months supply of pot brownies, or biscuits or what-have-you. It seems to be working for some malignant tumors of mine. It would certainly reduce and pain if he/she has any, also reduce the seizures and certainly reverse the tumors if that is in fact what is causing them. No matter what the medical condition, pot would be one of the best things to help him out.

I have compiled some info below. I realize that some amount of the suggestions here might only be useful for humans, but even so, there is some useful information here and perhaps it would be of use for you in the future or someone you care about. Maybe this will work with dogs too? I'm not sure.

This video overlooks some valuable information regarding the cancer killing combination of Molasses, baking soda and Yoga, which together can kill all cancers and severe fungal infestations of the digestive tract usually in ~1 week. I can attest to this fact because it worked for myself and many others. Cancer & fungi cannot survive in an oxygenated and alkalized environment. Oral intake of sodium bicarbonate offers an instant and powerful boost of blood pH into the alkaline. One teaspoon can raise the pH to around ~7.4. Maintaining a pH of ~7.4 effectively neutralizes the ability of cancers to grow and reproduce. Molasses acts as a kind of Trojan horse for the baking soda. Candida and cancer infestations will attempt to ingest the sugar rich Molasses as they do any sugar, except the oxygenating and alkalizing qualities of baking soda are taken in with the Molasses, effectively neutralizing the infestation at its very source. This is a natural and completely safe and effective kind of chemotherapy.

Search youtube for "juiced cannibis" and also watch the documentary "Run From The Cure." Eating raw marijana bud is one of the best cures for cancer... There is also tried and tested miracle pharmaceutical cure for many kinds of cancers called DCA and it is extremely cheap ( is the best resource). Kundalini Yoga can amplify the effects of the bicarbonate soda / Molasses combination exponentially... by helping to oxygenate the body. Do not underestimate the power of Kundalini yoga. Just doing Kundalini yoga every day immediately after taking the baking soda molasses combo can cure most cancers alone. This is the Yoga video I used to cure mine:

Cancer cannot thrive in an oxygenated body with a high ph.

If you find out you have cancer, the first thing to do is not to panic. Smile and take it on... cancer is a good motivator to eat well and get more exercise. Cancer is the result of the bodies natural process of defending itself from environmental toxins and stress. You take it seriously that you can cure it on your own, make a few adjustments here and there and you will cure it. If the cancer is life threatening I recommend a combination of all the three above (DCA, Marijuana & Baking soda / Molasses with Yoga) I personally do not recommend trusting anything a physician or a doctor says, they are hired killers as far as I am concerned.

This man cured his stage 4 colon cancer with molasses and baking soda in less than a week:

This is a bloody excellent article, must read on Baking Soda / Molasses...

Yes Baking soda cures Candida:

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the following unless you run into some issues and your cancer does not go into remission. Its not only fungus that one should be aware of, but cancer has some connections with heavy metal contamination and you can remove them from the body. Do some research on Chelation with cilantro, garlic, spirulina, chlorella, DMSA, MSM and clay or whatever combination you can mange to find Chelation pulls the heavy metals out of tissues and into the bloodstream where it eventually finds its way into the excretory system. if you have an overgrowth of fungus, the heavy metals will be reabsorbed into the blood before they can escape your body. Fungus penetrates cell walls and grows through out the body, it recycles some 200~ carcinogens and heavy metals back into the bloodstream. You must do chelation combined with bentonite clay (available in bulk at most local winery / brewing outlets) , and lots of fiber... it will actually bind with and pull the contaminates right out of your body.

The entire medical industry is designed to keep people sick, to keep people coming back buying more products. One of the greatest cures for cancer and HIV AIDS was covered up by the medical industry in the USA. A cure for AIDS was discovered in the early 90's. What do they do? They steal his cure, sue the man who made it and shut him down. That is what it is like in the west. I would hope that countries like Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine will have the courage to recreate these cures and showcase them to the entire world.

Ron J. said...

Dogs make their own Vitamin C, that is a fact. A thing to keep in mind is Oil of Oregano, it works for many things. If condition is viral or bacterial in nature it might help. I like the Now brand 25% the rest is 75% olive oil. A drop or two for my large dog took care of the canine flu. Please check for info regarding Oil of Oregano. There's a Georgetown Univ. study online about it's benefits and properties. Wish I knew about it in 80's as I had a miniature shep that had seizures. Vet said he had enlarged heart and liver and I suspect that he may have ate some poison intended for owner that didn't clean up though back then I walk my dog without a leash and glad he had that freedom. Please check out Oil of Oregano for yourselves as it has been great for me and you can find it for under $10 US for a one oz bottle. I ordered from Swansons though only saying becasue they offer a good price on brand name. Peace and best wishes on Poncho's recovery! PS if you find for sure it's pet cancer check out the cansema product, only legal for pets though cured Nasa Dr. from skin cancer.

Anonymous said...

congregant, wanderer, seeker . . .

star stuff...

one of how many billions...?

buried a little family pet on your birthday, didn't have the heart to give the details...

shot through the stomach by a "neighbor"...took two days for the little feller to expire..

LIVE STRONG....Prevail...

endure to the end...



Anonymous said...

Hard to keep smiling when you're swinging by your balls, but:
No rope lasts forever.
Karma works both ways.
Maybe your piggy bank is being stuffed with prepaid credits for better things to come.
Keep swinging Bro. You can feel the love. You bring light to many and are never alone except by choice. Poncho is in bigger hands than ours. Sooner or later, we all lose what we love in this world. All we can do is keep our bags packed for the next and love our way there. Feel the love you share come back to you.

niijii said...

Vis, I've seen whole raw milk, preferably goat milk do wonders perking creatures up. Good luck.

Best to all.

Anonymous said...

Fake white supremacist Jews
The banking houses poisoned carcas
The war machines self suicide
Financial death slowly advances
For all those children sold as slaves
People left as victims
The days of lost innocence
A world overtaken by false religions
The corrupted mind of Rothschilds hook
The kings and queens that never were
The sickness of all those politicians
Who sold themselves to unconcern
Learning comes and ebbs and flows
Torment crashes at the feet
Of where the truth stands as one
War was slain by peace


Anonymous said...

Right no more horrible poems today people,,Sorry


Visible said...

For some reason, Poncho is now better than new. It's nothing short of miraculous and just par for the course in nothing making sense.

Anonymous said...

via kathy
I came here via Rense and found an education through each post and every comment. My desire for understanding now bypasses all the alternative news blogs b/c it really doesn't matter and they create horrible negativity in my already pretty negative self. But every day I come here with a glad heart to find a nugget of truth or understanding or hope or companionship. You are a wonder to me Vis and I thank you.
Patrick V1.2- ditto
Every dog and cat in my family has been a reject from somewhere and each has become an intrinsic member of the family. I pray for both an end to your current trials and for Poncho's healing.

DaveS said...

My heart goes out to you and the brave pooch Poncho.

I sent you a lil something as an attachment to an email that you might find funny.

Peace to you and may your path become smoother.


Anonymous said...

I trust you have sense enough not to feed you dog "dog food", it's toxic waste. Wondering how much time he spends lying near your computer or other EMF source.

Anonymous said...

Very glad to hear things have improved, and partly for a selfish reason. It got me thinking about Sam Kinison, who was no stranger to the winepress and bitched at God pretty regular. "YEAH, I BITCH AT HIM. I BELIEVE IN HIM!", he said.

Dying in the road, he was talking to someone noone else could see, saying "NOW??? not NOW! This is the worst possible time!", arguing and bitching as usual.

"Honey, did you ever have anyone, ya know, bigger than me?". There's a right answer and a wrong answer for that. I won't spoil the surprise.

C'MON! I had to laugh some. Not to be insensitive.

Ray Zerwitt

Visible said...

My dog has seizures far from my computer and the world is filled with dangerous things and transmissions which may or may not be culpable for this or that.

My dogs diets are of the highest quality

cut and dried is it?

Visible said...

Ray, he also said, "Okay, Okay, I see" at the very end, or something very much like that.

Lee said...

Hang in there my good friend. I think about you all the time and hope the best for you. I say this a lot,but, my heart is broken.


Anonymous said...


Those that have studied the refining of fine gold know that it takes the strongest of heats to get the best and purest metal. So in observation to that it seems that the super refining that is going on with you is intended to make you the most pure of all.

Now on to your pup. Parasites are often known to cause animals and humans to convulse. That said I would try an organic parasite cleanse on the pup. Tests are not good as only one out of 4-6 times does the test show positive even though the animal does have a parasite. Same holds true for humans. Me personally I use Clear and Experience from a company out of Canada called the Awareness Corporation. If you cant get that over there I am sure there are other organic parasite cleanses you can find.

In the love and the light

PSO said...

I like what Kevenj in the first post said so I guess I will echo it down here, and say with same said authority that I can empathize even without saying I can do much about it but wish you, Poncho and Suzanne well and good thoughts from the West.

Patrick from western KY, usa

Oh yeah and that I get some moneis in on 31st so maybe the extra in your account will come in a way that helps even thou it's just a little way :)

Anonymous said...

I heard his buddy tell that story. I knew there was more I didn't remember. Amazing story.

He showed up in a dream I had once. We were tearing shingles off a roof (which I've done a lot of) and he gets the bright idea to put a railroad car up there for the trash. Of course, it goes rolling off CRASH BOOM BANG huge mess. And he just starts laughing his ass off about it and doesn't stop. I just look at him like "when are you gonna get serious". Seemed like I knew him forever though. Funny dream.

Ray Zerwitt

Rabbit said...

Hi Les. I am pleased that Ponho shows improvment. Empathy about his stage of life in general, because it sounds like the autumn years. I never got over the perverse mental exercise of dwelling on the inevitable loss of my beloved companion animals, whilst they've been with me, so the feeling is one I am never far from. In my case the last couple have been Rabbits and one in particular who came so close to my heart and life that his passing left a melancholy in my heart that has not diminished after nearly 3 years. Caddy went everywhere with me, and lived free in the local neighborhood where I lived, he came and ent as he pleased, but usually that meant wherever I was going. I would go to any lengths to save or protect my loved ones, and that always includes companion animals under my roof, because that's the nature of the contract I make with them/God when I take them in. I spent more than a year's rent on two separate leg operations for him after accidents which needed special surgery. He went too soon but was taken from me in a kind way with great evidence of a benevolent force beyond the veil. For me the one of the big questions of life remains, "will we see them again?" I hope so. Whatever Jannah is I trust it includes these special relationships. Some Animals never let you down like all people sooner or later will in some respect, but they remind me that it is always a struggle to avoid letting others down no matter how much we want to. This basic lack of control over life and our lives is why we say Inshallah. Admitting we have no control but that God does have all control.

I wonder if you shouldn't try the Turmeric and anything else which may seem appropriate on the basic premise that if it doesn't hurt, why not try it? Benign or not I can't see why Turmeric would not do something but I am not about to limit something I can't understand in the first place because of assumptions. Just my thought on that.

Your message is invariably positive despite being in tune with some decidedly nasty real time reality and I think you are like a life boat or beacon of hope for many sensitive people, aware of more of the nastiness than is nice and adrift in a dark sea of despair. You keep hope alive in a dark time, it is good.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

culpable for this or that!

haha! thank you!

coletteonice said...

It's a great routine to keep your self "alkalised" anyway...start every day with 1 teaspoon baking soda in 1/2 glass of water and skoll!After a week cut it down to once or twice a week...guaranteed higher energy levels...pop in a swig of good organic apple vinegar and you will be off and away energy level wise.We found this esp. good for arthritic twinges/gout just about immediately...cheers!

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

my drinking water, from a hand mixed and made concrete rainwater tank, has a ph of 8.6 .
the rheumatologists last week told me that isn't a problem.
I reckon though that, not taking Dr Visible's advice in Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World (or could that be rewrit as Gastronomical Survival in a Shitfull World), , as I take a cup of tea with my meals, I am possibly reducing the acidity and efficiency of digestion.
I'd get fat on malasses though, or an oily rag.
I am now taking a clove of garlic (not Chinese bleached) a day and, lo and behold, the smell went away within 2 weeks, according to my own fine opinion.



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