Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Lords of the Temporary and the Great Work.

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The time is coming when these blogs are going to need to migrate to my site or somewhere. Zio-Blogger has been minimizing people's ability to comment and certain other concerted efforts are at work as well. It's not unexpected. There are all sorts of ways that hosting services and email servers can operate in ways that set the writer and reader at odds. Gmail shut down my ability to communicate with the webmasters that link to my work. This went on for weeks, until I found a work around. I've been studying the matter for awhile now and it's time to gain some independence from the bullies whose basic intention is anti-life, while their promotional side is, “Look what I've done for you lately”. It's an old story and for a short time, these Lords of the Temporary, will hold their imaginary sway. Google will pretend to be user friendly, while they prowl the internet like the world's biggest vacuum cleaner with teeth. We live in a stampede of wolves in sheep's clothing. Very little of anything is what it seems and the only thing you can rely on is the internal barometer.

There's no telling what length these forces will go to. There's no difference between Zoogle and the military, industrial complex. We're at that point of maximum thrust, which comes around at the kind of times we're in. These times are the demarcation lines between before and after. Usually 'before' resembles something like what you see around you at the moment; sometimes worse, sometimes better, though never much better. 'After', usually resembles some combination of wasteland devastation, with spots of survival groupings. Maybe whole portions remain intact. Most of this depends on how far Before is able to get to, before After comes around. This is sequential cycling. There isn't anything new. It's all reconstituted and that's because of the essential reason why life exists in the first place. It is for the purpose of demonstration. This has been brought to our attention by Shakespeare and many others, across the weary stretch of time. It depends on you, what demonstration is required. It depends on your associations and your collective beliefs and attachments, what you will collectively experience. It's all pretty mathematical at the base level. On the manifest side, it transforms into shapes and colors in movement, through patterns of endless change. Every option and event, every possibility that we act upon and the intent behind that action, is attended by a specific degree and type of Karma. It is mathematical precision to the nth degree and not to be negotiated with except by arcane awareness.

What you see around you today, as you walk out on the sidewalk, in front of your house or apartment building, out in the wild and rural zones, or in the heart of the urban fire dancing pressure zones, is the summation of the collective Karma, as it appears in the moment. Everyone who is around you is there for a reason. Everyone and everything you pass on the street is there for a reason and so is the way that you see them. There are no accidents and there are no innocent bystanders, while at the same time, there are degrees of free will. For some, that is a wider dimension than for others and that is determined by the degree that one is bound by the chains of attachment and level of delusion one is operating under. This is why liberation is the supreme objective but... try selling that to the masses. When you walk off into the mountains of mist, in search of the cloistered and eternal flame, you are not usually attended by a crowd. When you go within, to commune with the infinite, you don't have a crowd and... if you do, you won't be communing with the infinite. It's a lonely road with no sense of loneliness whatsoever... except in the preliminary passages. This is where the weeding process takes place.

Each bud blooms in its own time and some don't bloom at all. Some bloom early and some bloom late. These statements are nearly trite and platitudinous, but no less true for that. The call for opening and coming forth, has to be greater than any other impetus. Nothing else can have a competitive importance. This is why the weeding takes place. All along the way, things and situations appear, to test the value and the draw of all other things against the great attraction. In the majority of situations, other things and situations prevail over the requirements of The Great Work. The eternal highway extends into the unknown and all along the way are exits into temporary environments, where a particular illusion prevails over the heart and minds of those who dwell there and it will prevail until one's disillusionment and disappointment, are greater than any of the attractions that drew them on to that particular exit ramp.

In Hesse's Magister Ludi, there are three short stories at the back of the book and one of them concerns a man who goes to meditate by the banks of a river. He winds up living an entire life and then, well... you are welcome to go read the story. We are en-swathed in dreamstuff. The dream is very, very powerful. You can imagine that you are outside of the dream and still be deep inside of it. All of us have had those dreams where we are struggling to awaken from something unpleasant. At some point we think we are awake and then it turns out that we are still dreaming, because finally we do come awake and realize that. Each night we go to sleep and every morning we wake up but these are just relative states of dreaming.

We tell ourselves that we want to awaken and we tell ourselves that none of the things that are around us are as important as awakening. Of course, the majority attempt to integrate their awakening with a new adaptation to the things and conditions they are attached to. That's what most of the new age is engaged in. The truth is that we spend the majority of our time on the things or thing that are most important to us. It should be a simple matter to calculate how you actually spend your time and what is most important. Some would argue, I have to go to work. I have to take care of my family. I have all these obligations. That might be true but where is the heart and mind at in the process of these activities? There's nothing wrong with the duties that exist for us, due to the Karma that has brought us into the possession of them. It's how we go through them and our intentions that make all the difference. For some, it's a long list of resentments and disappointments, due to the manner in which they met the challenges before them. For some it is a joyous enterprise of service and selfless release of things thought dear, which were only weights that held us down. As an example, there is no greater servant on Earth and no greater teacher than the mother.

As I have said many times, there is nothing more important than how you see and treat the female principle, because that is your gateway into this world and one might well argue it is also the determinant of your point of exit. Without the benevolent attention of the mother upon your way, you're in trouble or eventually will be. Although she is rightly termed Nature, she is a great deal more than that and there is no better friend or mentor. We've lived through a long period of the violent male usurpation of existence; rapacious drives to acquisition and dominance over every aspect of the divine feminine, who has been perverted and morphed beyond recognition. Ergo, the age of Kali and the pissed off mother. There's always a lot more to it but, within the framework of these essays, only so much can be treated with and the simpler the better. Male masters are in perfect touch with her and she is above most things, a protectress. To be acknowledged as her child, is an unsurpasseable state because it guarantees all the rest of the package. There are few possessions that can rival the conscious attention of the mother. On the other hand, there are any number of people turning Goddess worship into Twit City and also personalizing it in ways that are a profound embarrassment but that's just how things are at the moment.

It amuses me in many ways and also makes me very sad, to see people under the illusion that they can make it on their own; that they can gain any of the higher spiritual virtues or states on their own. One can make the argument of the fakirs and those who practice their yogas, for the purpose of activating siddhis, but I don't include that as representative of the true spiritual path. I find the larger percent of everything I hear about and see as being one plateau or another, where people wind up because it provides a temporary sanctuary from the continuous stripping away of everything that separates you from source.

People tend to misread me a lot, at a least according to some of the lectures and comments I get from people at various locations. When I share stories about things I am passing through, I'm not complaining. I'm not confused as to what's happening and why it's happening, or the necessity of it, though I can see how one might draw those impressions. The field of words is an imperfect medium. I understand pretty much what is happening to me and why ...but I know that many of the readers are in the same general area and my using the water level perspective helps all around. To go into my real reasons for all of this can make me appear self serving (grin), albeit in a possibly nice way but it wouldn't be correct. It happens to be an imperative. There's no great deal of personal choice involved. Everything is under control.

I realize there are people 'projecting' the idea that I work for some shady organization or that I'm crazy, which in a relative sense, I most certainly am and proud of it. None of these things are really true and the only bafflement and uncertainty I experience is because I get no details and obviously the mystery is an important part of my tale. We all have unique features to our stories, that's mine. Lately there is a cadre of people commenting, while many other people are kept from commenting, with the idea that it's going to disturb me somehow. Good luck with that. The other important feature about life, besides the fact that it is for the purpose of demonstration is that, 'everything is under control'. This is why I am told time and time again, “rely on me”. The point is that the more you rely on the source of all things, the more you are in cooperation and unity with the control and therefore what took so much effort before becomes effortless. You are no longer at war with yourself. The false self, wars against the real self, to its extreme disadvantage. If you are in accord with your true self, then your demonstration is a success story and not an example of one more way to fail and make a fool of yourself. You cannot accomplish this on your own because that is the false self. However, you cannot get people who have an investment in the false self to tumble to this because it compromises their self interest and that is at the heart of the motive of all these new age snake-oil salesmen, religious hucksters and for profit gurus.

Sorry if I'm jumping all over the place and engaging in a certain amount of disparagement but no one has been specifically named so, no harm, no foul and we always wind up back where we stared anyway. Carry on.

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Anonymous said...

...yeah, and you hate that.....

"I TOLD YOU SO..." refrain.


but they're not really black witches....like Oprah.

Rachel Corrie died for the sins of America....and all we got was 9/11


check out this "Chutzpah"...


you know, for the purposes of demonstration and all...

cue yousef...


Hail Isaacs sons'

Live Long...

I'm ready to dream again...


missingarib said...

It is for the purpose of demonstration that a man some thousand years ago came to demonstrate that the spirit is willing but the flesh can be phuced up in too many ways and ya can't rely on promises!
live long and a late birthday wish

Anonymous said...

"The Jews realize that due to the Internet, mainly, there is a lot of awareness of Jewish crimes against humanity. The veterans, a lot of them, know that they were exploited in their youthful ignorance to kill people they shouldn’t have killed. In Raub’s case, he knows that the big excuse to volunteer and go kill strangers was based on the fantastic Jewish lies of 9/11. Maybe Raub hasn’t put the Jewish element into his thinking, but in resisting the 9/11 legend he put himself at the top of the fascist list. ..."

"So now we know things we didn’t know yesterday. We know that many thousands of normal people are being arrested and committed illegally to mental institutions for unknown reasons – twenty-thousand people a year just in Virginia! So-called “civil commitments” require no due process; you’re taken to the nut house, automatically drugged and may just disappear. We know that most of the victims of this form of rendition are veterans who are not up to speed on the Jewish Problem. They are feared and hated by the Jews for the possibility that they may become aware. ..."

-- J.B. Campbell


Anonymous said...

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven & all else shall be added unto you."

A great post - for the sincere seeker every obstacle can be surmounted with ever increasing joy.

Thanks, Les !

Visible said...

On The what really happened radio show in one hour at 8:00 my time.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant ,,,Like a couple of pandava brothers,nattering away,,,,,,it's good to hear,,,,,,,Be good to hear more of you and Michael rivero together,,,
Like some sort of lethal force,,,,,,

Respects ,,,,,neil

Anonymous said...

Criminal overcrowded division
Corruption just won't hide
Financial destruction imminent
A debt to the people in lies
For all those slaves that were Mongered
All the dead that it cheat
The soldiers put in asylums
Who learn they were used and deceived
The banking cartel is unlawful
A parasite sucking the Life blood
Murdering genocidal psychopath
Making war on the heavens above
A danger to the earth a menace
Unrepentful of the discord it sow
People need to join all together
Away from this system we go


Anonymous said...

Calling of attention
Opening the here
bringing to the moment
Sharpening the sphere
Focusing attention
Lifting up the now
Blossoms in the sunshine
Weaving through the cloud
Flowers in the breeze
Livening of source
Lotions made of wonderful
swirling bringing forth
Stirring up the fire
Binding in the deep
Calming of the ocean
Where harmony leaps


Skepticfrog said...

The light is HER.
Some want to bask in it, to look more important. (They give advice and look for things to nitpick).
Some want to extinguish it and destroy the SOURCE.(You know who they are, with underhanded attack, discerditing and invalidation).
And some use the light to see, enlighten and illuminate. They (we) have no agenda; we take what we get.

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about Eliphas Levi (Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn), and his "Great Work" here, Visible? Or are you talking about Aleister Crowley's "Great Work" (Thelemic Mysticism), or the "Great Work" of Freemasonry in general, or is this something else entirely?

Pardon my denseness here, but I was wondering if you could clarify...

Smyrna said...

Hi Vis. I sent you an email for an interesting doco on Autism. Big pharma aren't interested in hearing this of course.

Am mixing bi-carb into my molasses now. Certainly no less palatable.

Another substance I consume is MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane). I can't speak highly enough of it. It occurs naturally in foods, but once they are harvested it starts depleting, which in this day and age means pretty much no food contains it, unless you are eating apples etc straight off your tree.
I'm a smoker but my lungs feel brand new on this stuff, nerves and joints also.

Interesting how molasses, bi-carb and also MSM are all common substances given to racehorses(my brother used to breed and agist them, that's how I learned about MSM), but not people. Horse worming mixture also gives you a real kick. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

wow, and just wow, and just.. just...
IS your best and deepest and too much that I might reply to.
on one's own? well I think I am, I think I am what I think, I tinker with the feely bits, and I blink (cue Nietche's Zarathustra), only human on the inside ( cue the Pretenders and Chrisy Hines), cue Eddy Charlton for all the good it might do. to each their own. to you, Bravo, Gravitas , and thanks, simply, thanks.
as for the Googlebots who think, deterministically, that they can tinker with the ALL and win God's dice game, good luck with that. even on my own I am greater than thou (meaning them, not thee ( or Thou)), and that is not much, but it is better than NOTHING. you, Mr Vs, might be dirt but you are gold dust and feeling dirty (ie honestly) is how you got there. there rest is mere alchemy (conglometration, colsolidation, quantum decompression), and can that be done on one's own? I dunno' cue Cat (yusaf) Stevens ♫Sitting on My own not by myself, everybody's here with me♫ then again, we have Inside Laurel Canyon and the Exploitative Expletative's. (Are the natives really revolting?) The mad fuckers that wouldn't know innocence if it fucked them up the arse (or do they?) / poetic license requested (and, did I confess at the begin?, a few glasses of verito ala vino).
I hope I am not making sense, in the land of the crazies the one-thought man is not king, even though he be appointed. the crazy fool should be countenanced, there's madness reduction in the leech that's on to a good thing . cue Billy Halliday ♫God Bless the child that has his own♫. but on his own? I dunno'

Visible said...

Concerning The Great Work. If any of those people discussed climbing K2 and I happened to mention climbing K-2 are we all talking about the same mountain? Does this mountain belong to any of them, or to me? If Paul talks about Christ consciousness and John talks about Christ consciousness and Peter talks about Christ consciousness and I talk about Christ consciousness am I talking about Peter's, Paul's or John's Christ consciousness or am I talking about my own. Is Christ consciousness changed due to the person talking about or experiencing it or is the person changed. That should be sufficient answer.

John C (UK) said...

The Great Work IS The Great Work. Your question shows your ignorance and the underlying attempt at shit-stirring by (loose) association.

Now, why don't you fuck off and have a bacon butty and a shower to calm down :)

Flood said...

Visible said, "Each bud blooms in it's own time and some don't bloom at all."

Sorry but that strikes me as pretty sad. You mean doesn't bloom in one lifetime? Or never blooms throughout all eternity? The latter is almost unbelievable. Surely you can't be serious.


Josh in North Carolina

Alan Jong said...

This, is one of your great works, and the irresistible aspect of your character. As for christ consciousness. I have the inner sense that in the enduring vessel, our bodies not deposed to the conditions of time, perhaps the missing portion of our DNA, it manifest with greater clarity, but it is the same thing, just expressed through the prism of individual personal journey's here on Earth. Quoting you of course "I don't know" either. I was the one who left you a 2 star rating on amazon, I was trying to be honest, and fair, but I realized leaving any type of rating for anything is a form of bias, and sometimes reading your other blogs does feel like a spanking, and that's just me being honest. I had a recent break in my experience here, where life here on earth feels more and more like a dream, and I guess there are many who don't really realize they're only dreaming, and they invest everything they have to preserve a temporary situation. And that's I'm sure a realization, which could better qualify as a branch from the wisdom in the title of your book, I may have criticised unfairly. Anyway happy belated Birthday.

Visible said...

Flood, don't be dense. A bud blooms on a plant. Plants bloom every year. Some buds don't open in certain years and others do.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing loose about the association between Satanist/Freemason Aleister Crowley (who was also known as the Great Beast 666) and the Great Work. It's as plain as day. (As plain as the true allegiances of some of the noble individuals around here...) Now pardon me while I go puke into a Masonic casket.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish-

McDonald's S&M Club and the Chuck E. Cheese Bind and Ride.

Anonymous said...

"So far, not a single U.S.A. soldier has set foot on foreign soil, but many have been chased back to U.S. soil in disgrace. After a siege of two or three weeks, an army of 60,000 men with munitions and food sufficient for six months gave up, leaving all of 600 dead behind. That does not bother its brilliant leadership in the least. Of course, it does not have a citizenry able to defend itself against such silly illusions. Everything is junk and make-believe. Everything is sensational. Public opinion can be kneaded like dough. It is a paradise for cunning Jews and businessmen who terrorize the people while flying the flag of democracy and citing Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms. Only in the U.S.A. is it possible for criminals to become world famous gangsters, the guests of mayors and police chiefs, who give interviews for journalists from newspapers with circulations in the millions in which they give their opinions on the questions of the day.... "

-- "God's County", Joseph Goebbels, August 1942


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

A reflection of this fine heavy title might sound something like this - from the Origami.

"The play proper (Sakuntala and the Ring of Recollection) then begins, with King Dusyanta on a hunting expedition. He's going after an antelope, but a monk stops him, telling him the antelope belongs to the local hermitage..

"Your weapon should rescue victims, not destroy the innocent!"
The song was the best part.

Lord Vinyaka is dear to Lord Krishna and dear to me too, and it's not just because of his shining opulent good looks!

Gosh, I kinda like those songs..



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