Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bath and Beyond in the Rubber Room

Dog Poet Transmitting......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

The atmosphere of the times can be ponderous and dreadful on occasion, given all of the noxious activity taking place at the hands of some of the worst people ever to visit this planet. I expect any number of people have days like this...

Angry and then some...

...with a certain amount of frequency. A certain section of bat shit, insane academia is coming up with their own version of Bath and Beyond B.F. Skinner. Given that they are right up front about this, you can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors, cue Charlie Rich. Craig's list certainly provides us with a cross section of the culture and all sorts of nasty things have happened from there. They do provide a useful service making it possible to acquire hard to get but seriously desirable items. Of course, there are things you know you need and nothing says sane like a hyperbaric chamber and sane is what I want to talk about today.

I've mentioned that the world is moving into the realm of pure comedy, partly because of the degree of absurdity and the ridiculous. A good portion of the world is now officially insane. Insane is the new normal. Normal went out through the bathroom window, came back in through the basement window and found the door to the upstairs locked. Meanwhile, somebody closed off the access route, so Normal is stuck in the basement that is usually reserved for the subconscious. The conscious mind doesn't operate well, when forced to work like the sub-conscious does. This also means that the conscious mind can no longer filter or monitor bad behavior and reckless speech, so what we have are the unwashed multitudes, running on a loop of unsupervised outbursts, with a side order of Tourettes.

Public figures of every stripe are subject to even more intense expressions of this syndrome and that's how you get people like Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage and Bill Maher. In a balanced world, all three of these clowns would be in The Rubber Room and on medication. They certainly wouldn't be allowed to run around loose and mess with the heads of people even dumber than they are. Well we're swamped in bad influences and most of the good influences have been muted or marginalized because sanity is the new insanity because right and wrong have been reversed. Do you doubt what I'm saying? Insanity is off the hook. How about seriously conspicuous consumption along with a total of 50 million dollars for two photo shoots? How about wedding rings at half a million dollars a pop? These are some of the great humanitarians that walk among us.

Everything is about managed perception. It has nothing to do with reality. Our heroes are monsters who appear to be Koala Bears. They're cuddly and magnetic. They're blemish free and their lives are devoted to good, or so we are told but that's not how it is and as Mr. Apocalypse taps the sacred Earth with his walking stick, managed perception is becoming unmanageable. This plays off the incredible degree of hubris that's doing a Jack in the Box all over the place. Consider the case of Jon Corzine. The level of corruption is so great that nothing is out of bounds. Things can only stretch out of shape so far before they snap back into place and the force of the snapping is going to be extreme. For the moment, as crazy as everything has become, the managed perception makes it all seem passably okay but... when the snap comes, it's going to rock the world and the higher the point of your positioned seating, the greater the fall to the landscape below.

This is all scripted. If you could see all of the factors that brought us to that point, it would all make perfect sense how we got to this point and it would be fairly clear where it is all headed and the various ways it is going to be resolved, depending on your relationship to machinery of existence. Let's just say that “you reap what you sow”. You might also say, “What goes around comes around”. These are simple statements that are also profoundly true. Yet the mass of people ignore them. We have all wondered how it is that people can behave like they do and be so indifferent to the inflexible laws that affect their condition and determine their destination. Why have the police suddenly gone bananas? This is a very good question. How can the bankers commit one outrage after another, each one worse than the one before and nothing happens about it? Why are people going violently nuts? Just look at the news items of the day. There is a massive increase in the reporting of certain kinds of events. What happened to all the city and town councils that now enforce horrible anti-life laws against anyone and everyone? Where did all this come from? Some invasive, viral brain fungus has infiltrated the minds of people at large distances from each other, in many countries around the world. Some kind of Invasion of the Body Snatchers has taken place. We are talking 'possession' on a cosmic scale. We are talking about hijacked, stolen body cars. Look at the behavior of law enforcement and it's happening all over the place.

So, looking at all of this, it appears that there is some sort of immunization in place. Some of us are not being affected. It is obvious that this is the case. Those of us that are beyond the influence, are in line for something. Some kind of portal, some kind of window, is going to open up and only certain people will be able to see it. This will not be the people who cannot see what is taking place around them and live in a world where both opposites are illusions, so it doesn't matter what side they pick, they're still wrong.

On and on it goes and the relevance of anything is fog-locked. Body parts are showing up in different cities. The dark of the Moon now comes at midday and it's not even there. It was made in the Rand underground laboratories in Colorado and then unmade by the simple declaration of non-existence. It's possible that nothing is real and that might be at the bottom of Visible's Moon Theory. When it is said that nothing is real, it doesn't mean that nothing is real. It means that nothing is real in the way it appears to be. Control of anything comes about through understanding. You can take possession of anything, if you know what makes it tick; how it works. This is an important thing to understand (grin). People who understand the real composition of existence and what its purpose is, are able to see things as they are and also have power over appearances, rather than the other way around. This is all the difference between enslavement and liberty. People have a collar around their neck that is connected by a chain to everything that binds them and don't seem to realize that the collar is wide enough, so that they can slip it right off of their necks if they so choose.

The collar has an impact on the heart and mind and brings about a conditioned reality that is not reality but rather a construct that exists for the care and feeding of monsters. They can't appear as the monsters that they are or the game would be up. The unfortunate state of terminal life, cannot appear as it really is, or there would be a huge shift in priorities, among those presently serving as food for the ones who dine upon them.

I try to imagine how the world must look to the many people who pass me by in the streets, who are walking on the streets of all the towns and cities of the world. They're in a personal time capsule that's populated by all of the things they are after. It defines their world and the other things contained therein are all the things the things they don't like. What is not contained there, are all the things they don't understand and have no control over. You've heard me say that everything is under control. That must mean that there is someone who understands everything. This implies cosmic consciousness and the defining difference between the individual consciousness of those people I mentioned and cosmic consciousness, is the degree of personalization by the false self, who is the temporary self that is the mask of the being caught up in the web of time. The web of time doesn't exist in cosmic consciousness and the most important feature of cosmic consciousness is that it is not a person, it's a state of being and that means it is potentially available to anyone who wants it more than anything else and that is the only requirement for getting it. In fact, this principle could apply to anything, anything at all and acquisition depends on singularity of attraction and the operation of it depends on understanding. With some things, when you understand them, you no longer understand all kinds of other things. They look crazy and they are.

I tell myself that I live in an open air asylum and... I do. I know that the inmates are crazy. The attendants are crazy. The doctors and the nurses are crazy and the drugs are really bad. They control the kinds and qualities of the drugs in use, because these are behavior modifiers and reality fixatives. When the chemistry is altered, everything changes and they don't like that one bit. Unfortunately for them it doesn't matter about the good drugs or the bad drugs anymore because Mr. Apocalypse is on site and he's proactive. He's a hands on kind of a guy with a multi-use dynamic that contains only one benefic aspect, no matter what perspective you view it from. It's all about liberation but... since nothing is what it seems, liberation has six kinds of scary walking alongside of it. This is how people come to jump into the cell of their own accord and pull the cell door shut after them. Well, crazy can only go so far. It's a self defeating condition. I should mention inspired madness at this point, because they are not the same. Inspired madness is a seashell beyond the sea's kiss, beyond the full immersion circumstances of everyone trapped in the sea of forgetfulness. That's why Memory is the key and Understanding the result.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

wow...resonance rocking off the charts.

thanks so much for articulating and EXPANDING the insights i have been having the past few days.

very 'difficult times' if i define them as such but once i stopped labeling good/bad and thinking in terms of 'linear time - past - future' it all folded into a sense of finally living an authentic life -- real and not conceptually programmed by ???? (them! hahaha) and there was a shift in consciousness. it slowed down and became

what is is ....and may mr. apocalypse tap that walking cane with unabashed joy.

thanks as always

liz in l.a.

Laura said...

Our continued inner work ~ clearing out the noise and debris of the false self ~ will place us in a vibratory state of acute awareness to match that portal/window, that new timeline, of which Visible speaks.  This is not about being "saved" but all about us ~ rising above the frequency of fear that pervades this world, through our own choices and changes in thought, word and deed.  Our world has polarized itself into camps of love and fear, and fear has the public mouthpiece, broadcasting incessantly to the masses in all shades of degradation. Those who seem to be immune, as Visible mentions, are living this force of love, as in the absence of fear. The apocalypse is driven by this frequency, which is not a feeling, but a state of being.


Anonymous said...

Srila Prabhupada..

"There is no greater healer and there is no greater destroyer than sound vibrations and the condition of the world is very much dependent on what sound vibrations are permeating the atmosphere."

Srila Prabhupada

missingarib said...

Shaw said it some time ago and when I first read it at the tender age of 14 I didn't understand the full scope but know at 65 the picture -along with the nudging of other equally inspired artists (thank you les for setting the alarm clocks to ring the time of times)-has sharpened to the point that it pricks the conscious of us who turn pale at the reading of the morning ideas and happenings -God preserve us.

Back to Methuselah
George Bernard Shaw


Another observation I had made was that goodnatured unambitious men are
cowards when they have no religion. They are dominated and exploited not
only by greedy and often half-witted and half-alive weaklings who will
do anything for cigars, champagne, motor cars, and the more childish and
selfish uses of money, but by able and sound administrators who can do
nothing else with them than dominate and exploit them. Government and
exploitation become synonymous under such circumstances; and the world
is finally ruled by the childish, the brigands, and the blackguards.
Those who refuse to stand in with them are persecuted and occasionally
executed when they give any trouble to the exploiters. They fall into
poverty when they lack lucrative specific talents. At the present moment
one half of Europe, having knocked the other half down, is trying to
kick it to death, and may succeed: a procedure which is, logically,
sound Neo-Darwinism. And the goodnatured majority are looking on
in helpless horror, or allowing themselves to be persuaded by the
newspapers of their exploiters that the kicking is not only a sound
commercial investment, but an act of divine justice of which they are
the ardent instruments.

live long

the gardener said...

RE missingarib: now in backwards land it is more like the 'cowardice of the religious'... using their 'religion' as more like gang affiliations against the sovereign whose spirituality qualities usually do incorporate a 'goodnatured lack of ambition' as a matter of course.

Kind of a mind twister courtesy of GB Shaw... and it wasn't like there weren't the church gangs and their always present Inquisitions on the micro to macro level working full time at full bore then either. hmmm

Cowards and bullies and sneaks are all I've experienced in a patriarchal theocracy that I'm currently dwelling within. Nothing more than sociopathic gang members preying on the sovereign who don't want associations 'membership' involves-knowing the price you will pay.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

It's nature was of the nature of all nature,
in being
The everlasting pushing drawing pulling through the totality of itself
Along the bindings of its resonation,,,
Through the harmonic template of what ever it could be
Along the dreams that pull through the energetic structures of It's potentiality
To the place where it learn that it is but a strand in the weaving of the great tapestry of life,,,,
And Love pours through the moment in all it's essence...


Anonymous said...

Intoxicating flavours on the harmonic strings of the pure essence of love
Vibrate the dynamic strands of everlasting devotion
The place deep deep where a heart is lighted
Upon the breeze of its spontaneity
That pulls the the current along the lines of emotion
Through passion welding the beauty of all things upon the harmonic strands of love in all it's purity
Luminescent firmaments vibrating streams of eternity
Upon the dynamic structure of all that be


Poem land is strange today,,, : )

mike m said...

From the media center:

Just watched an old classic called Outward Bound made back in 1930.

If anybody has access to TMC Classic Movies I highly recommend taking in this flick.

Lee said...

Responding to this post.

"Government and
exploitation become synonymous under such circumstances; and the world
is finally ruled by the childish, the brigands, and the blackguards.
Those who refuse to stand in with them are persecuted and occasionally
executed when they give any trouble to the exploiters. They fall into
poverty when they lack lucrative specific talents."

I was pondering this same thought lately. Tyrants behave like children on high on a sugar rush. Idi Amin was observed playing with expensive cameras and acting like a child trying to operate them and then becoming furious when the toy didn't work.

I have seen grown siblings cover their ears when they refused to hear my opinions. One sister said she could get away with anything since it was her birthday.

It's a mad world indeed when our elected leaders behave in the same fashion.


Anonymous said...

control and seashells. your best posting in some time. thanks

Anonymous said...

Patterns of Harmonic footprints in the shape of a rose
In firmaments of imagination breathing life
Across the stirrings and banding
Along the rays of the template of all beauty
Bridging and arcing through itself bound in the magic
Of the purity of its harmonic vibrance
That weaves and blows across the strands of emanation


Anonymous said...

Visible, this piece you just wrote is a four-star ball-banger.

Whenever I read or hear the term, "The 99 percent", or, "The one percent", I immediately think in terms of these figures representing the 99% of the people on the planet who are batshit insane, and the 1% who aren't.

No matter where you go these days, you see that insanity has indeed become the norm. Friends, family members, acquaintances, strangers - they have all gone out of their freaking minds, or are in the process of arriving at that unfortunate destination. At first I felt a measure of sadness and unease about this, while witnessing it unfold. Now i realize that these individuals' seemingly friendly countenances were merely masks, which housed an empty and corrupt shell.

Call them inorganic beings, or semi-conscious humanoids, or whatever you might like - they are what they are, and they aren't good for anyone's spiritual evolution. In fact, they are traps for us, attachments which pull us into the void. So let them fall away. This is the time to let everything that we no longer need, fall away. If we cling to these people and things, then we, too, will descend into madness.

What we no longer need is going to fall away from us anyway, regardless of our desires - so clinging to the past is the kiss of death. The important thing is to remain fluid, and open to change. And in order to do that, we must pack light. The journey is hard and the road is long, but we can arrive at our destination in the wink of an eye. Keeping the eyes peeled, and the load light, and the heart clear, is of paramount importance.

Sound wisdom. Superb piece, Visible.

Brian Crossland said...

Wow les just had a conversation tonight re: consciousness/substances ..the legislation against mushrooms.
Feeling that yup..its an asylum, but keep the faith, step out of time when you can.
Enjoying the convocation

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

I hope everyone puts on their stereo headsets to listen to "Light Up Ahead". Judging by Neil's first poem he did. Anyway it felt like a fireworks display of sound inside my head. Bit hard dancing with a cord attached to the computer but no matter -- loved it!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Concerning the moon,I read somewhere,about what the aboriginies in Astralia said about the moon.Their oral histories are thousands of years long.They said there didn't use to be a moon.It was pulled to it's present place...kauai

Anonymous said...

I hope your right that we are sane and awake for a good reason (and soon to leave).
Things are so far out there and crazy I sometimes think "this can't even be real anymore". Sadly it is and getting worse.
Beam me up Scotty there isn't any sane intelligent life left down here.

niijii said...

Is sanity sedated in the dementia ward?

When I see MYSATAN's little corporate helpers spraying toxic swill I'm reminded of this experience in the ward...

I was walking behind the carpet scrubber when a fellow came rushind out of his room and grabbed my arm. I turned it off and he said "I can smell that, it's gonna get into the ground water". I said, "it sucks it back up". He angrily replied, "sucks it up, goddamned dumb kids with your chemicals, your gonna fuck up the ground water, then what?" and walked back into his room shaking his head in disgust.

A bit later he stood in front of me pissing on the wall with a look of defiance on his face.

The last time I saw him he was sitting in a chair with a blank look on his face.

I miss him, I liked him and am a whole lot like him.

So please tell me, where is sanity?

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

Dear Mr Visible (yes, some of us are paying some attention some of the time)... a question, why the missing (s) in Les, when jackradio pronounced it less and that is the meaning? Is it also pronounced isible? or could it be?

"Well, crazy can only go so far" but how much can a Koala Bear ?
warning! perception bending.

Anonymous said...

liberation unleashed is a global movement of people helping others to see through the illusion of self, that there is no separate entity behind the word ‘me’.


Richard said...

Ma and Mas Visible
Hey sometimes it takes a realization that the foot one has placed into a stirrup is attached to a leg that has been weakened by the fall from the saddle, so one has to change the side of the horse for the new mount, if that is the case be gentle with yourself, get around the other side of the horse, and use the good foot in the stirrup to get back in. If it is not the case, ignore the above. In any case welcome back to being mounted on your 'horse' whenever you manage it.
Heck,maybe like Zorro, all you have to do is make the right kind of whistle and the well-trained horse will come over and you can jump into the saddle from the balcony, but the for a dog , foxes are enemies, they raid the chicken-koop.
Ahh the cookoo-nest, sorry the chicken nest. Where is the cock that announces the approach of the dawn? here in the Visible origami?
Now what on earth will be, if the saddle has to placed on the snake and not a horse? and the reins too?
My goodness, will there be cart to harness the snake to, and a passenger in the cart ........?
And the snake has to make the way through a cactus field?...........
If muy epistle is appearantly non sequitor blame it on K-unda-lini (lingam) making its way up the spine.
May the Rose Garden of the Heart always be in Bloom.

Chinese Sneakers said...

What follows is perfectly put:

"The web of time doesn't exist in cosmic consciousness and The web of time doesn't exist in cosmic consciousness and the most important feature of cosmic consciousness is that it is not a person, it's a state of being and that means it is potentially available to anyone who wants it more than anything else and that is the only requirement for getting it., it's a state of being and that means it is potentially available to anyone who wants it more than anything else and that is the only requirement for getting it."

The key note being, "...the most important feature of cosmic consciousness is that it is not a person, it's a state of being."

The distance you can cover in a single turn of phrase, really is something exceptional. Even escaping the anthropomorphic view is a whale of battle to fight, and you threw that over like it was nothing.

Might be time, all along their all red line, to remedy what ever it is that's after us.

Argentum alles.


Anonymous said...

"The owners of this country (USA) know why it's called the American Dream - it's because you've gotta be asleep to believe it."
The Late George Carlin

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem em,,,, Neil : )

iniam said...

Vis said: ' Why have the police suddenly gone bananas? This is a very good question'? .........

They are meant to. It was quite obvious in the UK as long as 30 years ago that the general appearance and persona of the average pig was rapidly changing. They had changed from looking like the average Joe to thick necked, shaven headed, - later to become steroid fueled - low IQ thugs. The type previously found smashing in drunks and you peoples faces for minor infractions in nightclubs and bars. The entry test was actually dumbed down to such a level that it was virtual impossible to fail. This under the guise of recruiting more ethnic groups - which never happened.

Suppose this could be this case in many jobs - not so much the dumbing down - but the profiling.

Good news is that when they are done having their fun they will be quickly eliminated. It is a historical fact. Even those that are currently pulling their strings wont want them around once they have done their job. Too much competition.

Bernard Fyfe said...

The column today, and many of the following posts, remind me of a movie that had a great influence on me many years ago. For those who are not sure about sanity in the world we are presented with, you might consider taking a look at Le Roi de Couer, with English subtitles. If you can't find it then try the dubbed version - King of Hearts.

Reviewers often limit the message to war, when really it applies to the entire dream.

Visible said...

A terrific film with Alan Bates, I've seen it many times.

insiam said...

Simple Question visible. Just curious.

Jim Corr's link is featured quite prominently on all of your blogs just below your school photo. I also recall you saying he was a good friend.

Well thing is that the number one link on his site is to Alex Jones. I know that is his own personal business and people are free to live and learn. But you recently referred to anyone that doesn't know that Assange is a shill as dumb - or something like that. Well, I would extend that to anyone that supports Jones

So i wonder what gives with Jim. If you link from you to him - then you 'springboard' as he calls it straight to Jones!!

Just curious..

Visible said...

If I inspect everyone's underwear I will be living in an empty room. In any case I was unaware of that and could care less anyway. I would be concerned if he said the sort of things Jones does but he doesn't and since I've spent time with him in person I think very highly of him.

I have all kinds of friends and some of them have political views that I find disagreeable. Some of them have character flaws. I choose my friends for particular qualities and anything else that doesn't match up with the divine template gets fixed in the mix.

insiam said...

No offense meant Vis. Same here with friends - if i chose them for having the same opinions as me then i would have none :) Just thought i would point out that link to a link ......

Visible said...

Not offended. That's just how it came out.

Anonymous said...

I have to say something about this character assassination of Thomas sheridan by sottnet,,,,,,,
Thomas Sheridan is not a psychopath and conman,,,,,
Thomas Sheridan has had to learn his stuff on his feet ducking and dodging his way through the totally insain land of Britain,,,, which believe me is a task,,,,,
Whatever he has said on his fb page,,,he was probably saying in a state of anger,,,which is understandable

Also to michael James if hes reading over here,,,your words are needed,,as they have the ability to lift things,,

Respects Neil

Gunther said...

"The collar has an impact on the heart and mind and brings about a conditioned reality that is not reality but rather a construct that exists for the care and feeding of monsters."

Uufff! Reading that statement gave me chills! Razor sharp perception of the current situation.

Chas. J.

Anonymous said...

Do You Feel Like We Jews?
(A musical parody, based on the song, "Do You Feel Like We Do?", by Peter Frampton.)

Woke up this morning, with a brain stem in my hand
Whose brain? What brain? Whom the hell have I slain?
Must have been a dream, I don't believe where I've been
Come on...let's do it again!

Do you...YOU...feel like we Jews?
How d'ya feel?
Do you...YOU...feel like we Jews?

My friend got busted just the other day
They said, "Don't walk, don't walk don't walk away."
He drove into a tour bus, bent the boot, hit the bag
Had to kill some goyim, otherwise he'd crack

Do you...YOU...feel like we Jews?
How d'ya feel?
Do you...YOU...feel like we Jews?

Goy brains for breakfast, and a Shiksa in my lap
Dumb sheep, fast asleep - it never fails
Must have been a dream, I don't believe where I've been
Come on...let's do it again!

Do you...YOU...feel like we Jews?
How d'ya feel?
Do you...YOU...feel like we Jews?

Anonymous said...

While we're on the subject of insanity being the new norm, check this one out -

A baseball fan was arrested yesterday for retrieving Adam Dunn's 400th home run ball from a fountain at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri...

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Bozo the Clown and a Six Pack of High School Girls.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Thanks to Visible Origami!

This excellent summarization of Vedic Time was compiled by Vinay Mangal:

the gardener said...


starts out with POP cartoon with 'That's the way it SHOULD have BEGUN! But it's HOPELESS'


You've been under a spell.

A spell that has lasted thirty years. Even if you weren't born back then, the spell was put on your mother and father.
Now you can break it. It's time to break it. You must break it.
Way back then the Saturn Pluto conjunction started a chain reaction that put you under a spell.
There was separation, betrayal, rejection or even death.
Some strong alliances were formed then,
but many were unholy.
Other relationships were fractured and never healed.
Now it's time to wake up.
This aint gonna be easy.

You're probably desperately hanging on right now
to a person, a job, a house, a memory,
something that has come recently to matter sooo much and it seems to be giving you security
as if it were the last crust of bread in the world.

Are you clinging to someone or something? Have you been escaping some pain?

probably indeed.
The pain you were escaping came from thirty years ago.
The spell you were under is what has been eating at you.
The story you are living through now
is a direct result of that spell.
There's a parallel that may not be obvious.
When you comb through the wrecakge of the past, however,
you'll find it.






Saturn/Pluto conjunction... hmmmm just did an astro check-1982... best all round healthiest time in my life in all balanced ways.

Pluto at 24 degrees Libra -where Saturn is RIGHT NOW... Saturn on this date of August 20, 1982 was at 18 Libra...

Saturn return time for that is always helpful figuring your own SELF out by doing either Jupiter return times (every 12 years) or Saturn return times (every 30ish years)... see where you were then, what you were doing and where you are NOW... usually replaying the same old tune until you warble it right and pass onto the next adventure.

the gardener

the gardener said...

And speaking of 'spells' the EBAY is not going to 'sell anything 'metaphysical' after September 1, 2012... REGARDLESS OF HOW MANY THOUSANDS ARE BUYING AND/OR SELLING.

What next? Tarot readers, astrologists arrested for 'snake oil selling'? hahahahahah

as the doctors kill their patients
as the lawyers throw their clients' cases...
as the teachers dull the minds
as the politicians sell us out...

beware the 'metaphysicians' they may cause health, happiness, protection and PAY BACK!!!

the gardener

Ray B. said...

the gardener, Monday, August 20, 2012 8:18:00 PM

re eBay and the metaphysician 'ban':

This is just one more instance of the blind fearing the one-eyed man. Deep in the psyche of everyone is the knowledge that we are meant to be MORE. Intuition, empathy, psychic 'gifts', even up to and through ascension are all feared by those who depend on us not waking up. That is why Midwives were crushed (sometimes literally) as the unholy gained power. A little too close to the Source. Ditto the Druids. Etc., etc.

Fortunately, we now have many allies - who did nothing in the past - because they found out belatedly that they were being manipulated, too. The bad guys don't know it, but they are both outnumbered and 'outgunned'. Should be interesting how it manifests...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

Keel, John A. - "The Mothman Prophecies" (1975), p.161:

"But Charles Fort’s question always haunts me:

'If there is a universal mind, must it be sane?'"


I wonder about all-God sometimes...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.



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