Friday, May 17, 2019

Visible is going to be Les Visible for a Bit as he Visits with his 'usually' Unseen Friends.

Dog Poet Transmigrating.......

My friends, I am called away for a week into the wild. I will be without means of communication in the virtual sense. In the interim, 'the elf' will take care of all the affairs here.

Hold it together my friends. Hold fast to the light within for surely it is holding fast to you.

May God richly bless and protect you in my seeming absence.

Love abundant to you one and all.

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Thursday, May 09, 2019

The Power of God is Limitless and the Power of God is Love.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It is amusing, if it occurs to one in the first place, as it most assuredly does not in most cases, that so much of what we think we understand and so much that we have interpreted, based on the limited breadth of our experiences and acquired knowledge, relies on the terms we use, the words we gather to the purpose of making ourselves understood by others. What is amusing is that those terms and words are understood by others differently than they are understood by us. We might be talking about the same thing but we are not understanding or interpreting it the same way. So we argue about what is not clear to us in the first place and we agree on points that we aren't even agreeing on and the world turns and the tide goes out and the tide comes in and the rain falls and the sun shines.

We travel through the experiences that our previous experiences have choreographed for us, committing acts that our previous acts have determined by mathematical approximation we will commit as punishment or reward ...and outside of an early window of possible innovation we are tied more and more firmly to the wheel of certainty of event and outcome. This is very hard for most people to accept, much less to even think about. This is the problem with truth, unless one faces it with eyes wide open, it is mostly an unpleasant thing, because it invariably involves, disease, old age and death. It involves infirmity. It involves loss, which brings grief. It involves accumulated mistakes, which brings regret. It involves the fear of the unknown due to the refusal to face the unknown and the world turns and the tide goes out and the tide comes in and the rain falls and the sun shines.

Triumphs do not last. Riches do not console. Position makes a larger target of a person. Fame brings a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes, in the person of those one would wish to avoid more than any other. The real affection and honesty of those you call your friends are in doubt because of who everyone imagines you are, until you no longer are and the world turns and the tide goes out and the tide goes in and the rain falls and the sun shines.

Periods of sameness go by, especially for those grown comfortable in unchallenged circumstances, who know where their next meal is coming from, who are not under the threat of a mortgage, of money owed,  of the fear of catastrophic health concerns. I have no largess of money and what there was got swallowed and frozen by currency transfers and a fall off a steep cliff, where it presently huddles in hope of resurrection, while I had a year of Hell, with one major health concern after another and they cost me nothing because I had no money (grin).

A few months ago a fellow I know; not that well but... we have bumped up against each other here and there, suffered something like a stroke, or maybe it was a stroke and then there were complications and he wound up in a nursing facility with touch and go possibilities about recovering and... time passed, while he has had trouble being able to walk or use his hands effectively and previously he had been an  energetic and animated life form. Then... just like that...

About a week ago, I heard from a man that I had known for some years but only virtually. About ten years ago he had suffered a stroke and was left impaired in his movements, Recently his wife of 21 years was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He told me during one of our conversations that persons with this form of stroke had an average life expectancy of ten years. Such is the nature of this event we call life and all of us- with rare exception, can expect some variation on the theme.

My heart goes out to each of these people. They are the ones I asked you to pray for. Yesterday, I heard that the fellow in the nursing home was going home. This was very unexpected. I bring this up for various reasons but one of them is the notable success of prayer for others. I have experienced results, almost without exception. Some of the outcomes have been truly remarkable. This is one more example. I do not know if this or any of the results have been the result of these prayers, except that I was told they were and because there has been a consistency in time of prayer and time of outcome. All of this is incidental to the FACT that I know it is a FACT that prayer works. Belief is the major actor in this affair. I state in every prayer of this kind; “and I pray believing.” and the world turns and the tide goes out and the tide goes in and the rain falls and the sun shines.

I do not know how the situation continues with my other friends but the prayers will continue as long the world turns and the tide goes out and the tide goes in and the rain falls and the sun shines.

There are three qualities that everyone, who cares enough to do so, should ask the almighty for and they are Faith, Certitude and Determination. You will not get far without them. They are critical to spiritual success. Faith is critical because you need to believe; “faith is the substance of things unseen”. Certitude is critical; you have to be sure that what you believe is true. This must be unwavering. Determination is critical; you must have resolve. These three, that in some ways seem to be the same thing, all contribute to creating a certain thing and it will carry you across Hell and Highwater, to the lands of everlasting conscious and benevolent light.

There are only so many ways that you can go in this or any life. It may seem complex and Byzantine but you are either going up, down, or you are treading water. You can see this as being metaphorical, virtual or literal. It is all of them. The mind is a strange and curious thing. Its potentials and possibilities are little known outside of a small circle of souls. Some utilize it for good and some for ill and either are mere players in a drama. In some cases those who appear to be representative of malefic intent are actually employed by the creator for reasons known only to him. Asian Indian tales contain some number of reference to this very feature. My point is that if you judge anything by the appearance of it, you are in a position to be misled. Discard appearances altogether. Focus only on your own thoughts, words and actions. They will prevail over any and all appearances. The power of Love is supreme in every circumstance. Employ it at every turn.

Pray without ceasing by keeping the image of the ineffable uppermost in your heart and mind at all times. It does not have to be an image. It can be an idea. It can be a light. It is a light. It is a 'guiding light'. The mind is a monkey. It is either made still or it is not. The heart must swallow the mind. The power of love is greater than any other force of thought, words or action. It must be acknowledged as supreme. Let love be supreme in your thoughts above every consideration and you are on your way.

The nature of the agencies of darkness is to distract us and to divide us against ourselves and each other. Love creates unity. Love is the ultimate master of distraction and division. Everything is one, unless you make it otherwise. You cannot be led where you will not go. Love will be supreme as long the world turns and the tide goes out and the tide goes in and the rain falls and the sun shines and long after that as well.

The power of God is limitless and the power of God is Love. God is resident within you and lives and moves in you unless you hinder it. It is a simple thing. Either God acts or we do and that is why the world is filled with clumsy dancers and bad actors. One is successful in life to the extent that one allows the divine to express through them. Yes, of course, there are all sorts of people celebrated way above their pay grade, with no positive talents whatsoever, like the Kardashians (look at Kanye's face) and all manner of folk who are inexplicably successful past all rhyme and reason. This is just appearances my friends. This is all for the purpose of demonstration, as you will see demonstrated. Yes you will. All manner of characters are being set up for grand denouements that will manifest for them one and all. Never forget that we are in an apocalypse and never forget what the definition of an apocalypse is. This is also, no ordinary apocalypse.

It is simplicity itself. Let me reiterate one more time; the power of God is limitless and greater, not only than every other power but greater than all powers put together. The source of all things is the source of all power so... all power is 'borrowed power' and can be repossessed at any time. The power of God is Love. Love is greater than anything else. The source of Love is resident within you. It can be expressed through you at any time and all the time. You have examples of people who have exercised Love to such an extent that they have changed the world. What is the difference between you and them? It is a matter of degree. They have employed it more consistently and with a greater amount of Faith, Certitude and Determination.

Love is like a muscle. If you exercise it, it will grow strong and then stronger. Love is a fire; actually, “a consuming fire', or so I have been told. If you apply a bellows to a fire it will flare, oh yes it will. If you toss fuel on a fire, it will eat it all and so long as you are judicious about the addition of the fuel it will consume everything and get bigger and bigger. Fuel can be looked at as motivation and inspiration. Nothing expands in potential and capacity unless it is used. This is not rocket science but it is physics. Let's call it meta-physics but it's still physics. Meta just means you have extended its range. It's still physics. It's like some kind of law (grin). It is really simple if you think about it. Do it. Love under every circumstance and in every situation. Watch and see what happens.

It took me some time to understand this but... once you do, there is a force of desire, an urgency that attends 'getting it' that is so overwhelming, so filled with rightness ...and so... 'conviction' enters the picture and that is like Certitude and Certitude gives birth to Determination. Ignore the world and lose everything you think you know and all the grief and regret that now attends the hard to restrain memory of your failures coming back on you. It's a new day. Nothing that came before means anything unless it affirms this. Ignore appearances, they are the false impressions that stand in front of the real thing. Love and concentration will melt them away and you will be dealing with the real thing. If what you have been doing has not been working then try this. Give it everything you have and see what happens. I know what happens. Maybe it doesn't work for anyone else who isn't willing to pay the fare but... it works for me because, I am willing to pay the fare as long as the world turns and the tide goes out and the tide comes in and the rain falls and the sun shines.

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Please pray for Robert and Freidom Pyle and Robert Hitt.