Friday, August 26, 2016

Limping Along on the Way to Haphazardville.

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What a mystery is life. We pass through it from that mystery origin location to that mystery departure location and in between those junctures is the blurred dream of our existence. Many have only the dimmest awareness of anything that exists outside of the dream. Some have a partial awareness and only a very few are aware of themselves within the texture and body of the dream. For such as these, the difference in quality of life is greater than that between an ordinary human and a chimpanzee. I recognize that there are those who object to certain comparisons that get made here between the different species. I need to point out that these comparisons were not made by me but only heard by me at the feet of a master, or in writings that have come my way over time.

The slow and less than newsworthy pacing of the day to day over this summer has a lulling effect on what awaits. Much of what could have come to pass has not done so. There was no real Summer of Rage and no signal event of major change. It has all just limped along on its way to Haphazardville. Where it will no longer be 'scuttling across the floors of silent seas' is when The Fall comes in. It has become a dependable trend in recent decades that all kinds of strange events can come to pass in a major election cycle. We are in one of the most dramatic of its kind since the election of 2000.

I am done with all inclination to attempt to predict anything. I get little things right but miss the really important ones, though... often enough the important ones doesn't even happen. What we do notice here is a long range geo-politick strategizing and endless and interminable shifting of game board pieces. The games of 'Go' and 'Risk' come to mind. The big horses trample in whatever direction, lacking both respect and compassion for one and all and the smaller horses herd together and stampede in the direction of whatever temporary openings may appear. They are all playing the roles embraced by any of them and the roles are an expression of whatever compounded force is generated by the elemental, archetypal, planetary powers as a synthesis of their interplay with or against one another and it continues to change by the day, or the week or the months, as the strength of the force increases, diminishes or changes completely because of a change in the planetary aspects brought about in the natural progression of their courses.

We like to think that we are more important than we are. We like to think we have a great deal of free will and that is why judgment is such a big thing down here. We immediately blame others for everything they do and remain unaware that in many cases the end result was inevitable. We are channels for the powers that act upon and through us. I lay it all at the feet of Karma. Sure... there can be dramatic changes in our mind sets as we are confronted by the evidence of our intentions and our deeds and there have been many cases of individuals being dramatically changed for one reason or another. Still, this can also be laid at the feet of Karma. The powers and forces which cannot be seen directly can be seen indirectly as they operate through the life forms on this planet. I would like to think that we have the ability the change, even at a fundamental level. Up to this moment, I do not know. I struggle with my own efforts to be a more efficient and aware person but I note that sometimes everything in life seems to go counter to our best attempts at change.

If life is a movie and I believe it is, then it is also a movie that includes every plot construction that the mind can imagine and all of them are playing out at all times somewhere in the world. Some seem to have every benefit and blessing available to them and some seem to encounter every misfortune that is possible. In every case, the meter is running. In every case there is a specific amount of time that exists in order to live out all the good fortune and pass through the bad fortune and every permutation of this is determined by the baggage we came in here with. Some spend lifetimes of industrious effort in order to arrive at the fortuitous place were all the necessary talents and conditions are in place. Then the drama plays out and then the drama ends and we are slot-circuited into whatever zone, in the land beyond, that most completely applies to however we handled what we did here. This means that no matter what good fortune you might have had in the bank when you arrived, it can be quickly spent and not replenished if you go about it in the wrong way. Conversely, you can endure all kinds of unfortunate experiences and conditions and find that you've got far more in the bank than you imagined you would because you handled it the right way.

One can rise and fall to dizzying heights and depth here. It behooves one to have right intention as regards the landscapes you pass through. We are always being watched and monitored. Just because we cannot see or feel this does not mean it is not true. One of the most powerful statements ever made is; “As above, so below.” If we are seen by others on this plane here then it stands to reason that entities from other planes can also see us. If we make the right friends we will have all necessary assistance when the need is upon us. I have been in dire circumstances in this life and I have seen or heard about others in the same environment and it turned out very different for some than it did for me. I was mightily looked out for. There were any number of tense moments where the cavalry showed up or a door opened and someone came through, thus neutralizing the dramatic uncertainty of the moment before. Some were literally chewed up and spit out in a most unpleasant way. Of course, many never even found themselves in this sort of location and seemed to be far more deserving of it than I myself. At least it looked that way to me (grin).

There was this fellow who moved around on the periphery of my social scene and he was a dark fellow indeed. His name was John Reed and he became entangled in certain drug sales and once arrested he agreed to assist in entrapping me in the same. This wasn't the easiest thing because I wasn't doing this. Surely I bought comestibles for my own use but becoming a trafficker when I was having such incredible spiritual experiences was out of the question so... I was tricked into a ride along across state lines.

Later I found myself in Petersburg Reformatory and John was there. He was in his element; the criminal element and the Satanic nature of his personality was easily seen as he involved himself in all manner of corruptions. He tried to make out that he was a friend of mine, since I was something of a celebrity in there, due to my Kundalini awakening and the powers that attended it at that time. It was a real circus. I wish it had been filmed (grin). It would have been highly entertaining. There were moments of high drama and comedy both. I never saw John again after that. My guess is that he was in and out of prisons or... because he was very intelligent in all the wrong ways, he might have advanced in his positioning in the underworld, or he could have been killed but I never heard about it. I never heard about him again. Whatever difficulties have attended my passage through this vale of tears, I am glad I am not him or anyone like him.

There are many theories about free will running around out there. I only know what I have seen in my own life and what I observed where it has proven out and ...what I believe is that free will is nothing more than the decision made to seek and serve the ineffable or to oppose the ineffable. Obviously this can prove to be much more complex than my single statement concerning it makes it seem. We can look at the wide world around us from any one, or several, of the countless perspectives that are available. We can look within from a wide variety of introspective postures. As we move through life both of these can change remarkably, given what we learn or do not learn from experience. You need to find what works for you and be consistent about it. The current drive of proselytizing, as if one size fits all is pointless to me. It is even harmful in many ways as can easily be seen. I want everyone to find the niche that applies to them. I want every soul to be comfortable within the construct they choose to demonstrate whatever spiritual fervor they possess. I don't believe in 'my way or the highway' and I certainly don't believe in anyone else's version of the same.

We're going to start using this blogging site for talk about the travel to come. As it seems now we are going to head into West Virginia and then upwards into Ohio and across the Northern Route to an area outside of Chicago, then down into Colorado and then upwards through Idaho into Washington State, then down through Oregon and California, back through Arizona and New Mexico, into Texas and then up into Missouri, through Kentucky and Tennessee, into South Carolina- North Carolina and Virginia and home. This is a rough approximation of it at the moment and it is subject to change. There is such an amount of people along the way that we have to stick to certain wider routes or it could take a very long time to make it back. We won't be able to see everyone but those who get missed can always come and visit me. It works out.

I need to ask a favor of the internet and cellphone savvy among you. I've looked at AT&T and will be stopping in at Verizon later today. I need to be able to blog and vlog in the car and bandwidth is certainly a consideration. I know there are ways to conserve on the data use but I'm not that up on the cellphone side of things. Apparently you can turn your car into a hotspot. I don't see where 5 gigs a month will be sufficient but maybe it will if I only use it when necessary and otherwise rely on hotspots and wireless locations at lodging and eating establishments. I won't be needing to surf and download in the car in any intense way, except to check comments and emails. This can be taken care of at the various wi fi spots that litter the landscape these days (grin).

Well, my friends, onward we go and where we wind up one day we will know.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Something Along the Lines of a Continuing Theme.

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I felt a cold wind come into my space after I wrote that last posting. I know how quick information can make its way across the world like digital lightning. I tried to do the right thing and I nearly always get myself into trouble this way. It's that Quixote thing. I deeply feel the troubles of another soul in crisis. I have been in trouble. As I said in the posting, “there but for fortune goes you and I.” I myself have been slandered with no evidence to support it, or where the evidence was presented as something it was not, or completely fabricated. I've been around bad companions and I have misbehaved on purpose for the purpose of demonstration. I have never been in the kind of place Zen Gardner has been in but I can sympathize.

More important than what I just said and more important than what I said earlier... we don't know any specific details about Zen. We know he was engaged with these people but we don't know anything more... yet. For myself, until I do know, I will reserve my opinion and regardless, in the aftermath, I chose compassion above all other things. I am fair amazed that I find myself feeling what I am feeling these days. I always liked Zen Gardner. He said the right things in the right way, or I thought so. In more recent times he seemed to have gone insane and all of us get a touch of that now and again. I still can't figure out why he got behind the Flat Earth nonsense. However, that makes me think there are things going on behind the scenes that we don't know about. I have been getting approached in social situations where I am probed to see if I swing this way or that way. People show up in locations where I wouldn't expect to see this occur and yet it does. It seems to me that there is a concerted effort to seduce anyone and everyone into a state of false identification through some weakness or the fence being down in the surround sound of one's character. Those who seek to destroy us have some powerful weapons and if you are not sufficiently armored, you will be a victim. What is that line in The Bible? “Put on the whole armor of God.”

I try not to judge people for crimes of the flesh. It is going on everywhere these days it seems and they aren't even seen as crimes. Most crimes of this sort are crimes against yourself. It is so hard to be accurate and correct in one's summation of circumstances that they played no part in. We are all so quick to judgment. We forget how weak we are ourselves and how easily we could find ourselves in the same situation... or made to look like we are. Photoshop is the new reality. Oh how easily we are led by our intellects and our egos. Love the ineffable, that is your only salvation in these times. Love the almighty with all the force of your pitiable will. You have no will except for the will conferred on you. If you love the almighty that operates like a bellows. The love of God is a consuming fire. It will take you over entirely and sweep all opposition to it by the wayside. I am living proof that loving the divine will cover and redeem a multitude of errors. If you are still standing afterwards then... what is holding you up? What is holding you up?

I know they are coming after all of us, inasmuch as they are allowed to. My friends, if you have never taken anything away from what I have said on these pages, take this... nothing can touch you unless it is permitted. Everything... EVERYTHING is in the hands of the ineffable. You can only fall if you rely on yourself. 'know you not that you are weak and blind and helpless?'

I do not know what Zen is guilty of and that is my point. Until I do I will reserve my judgment. What that psychopathic Satanist David Berg (Tribe member) did is one thing. What others did is another. I know some wonderful Hare Krishna people and I know some serious nutjobs. Every case is different. Let us wait until we know and let us always go with fear and trembling that we ourselves might be next in line. I have met the almighty and if not, certainly a direct representative (same thing). What I came away with was awe and there was no room for anything else. I can see how people get mislead and identify themselves with the experience they are having. There is this unfortunate feature in the human psyche where some of us choose to believe that we are the thing we are in the company of. That is a serious error of judgment. It is one thing to host the ineffable. It is another thing to believe you are the ineffable. You are not and you never will be but... you can sit in the atmosphere of the light of the ineffable and how bad can that be?

I have never aspired to be anything but a servant. I am comfortable in that role. I like cooking for people and bringing them something to drink or... whatever I can do, that has always been what I enjoyed the most. When people like to make more out of me than is accurate in the relative valuation, I don't like that. I am not comfortable with that and NEVER will be. I have seen great masters as humble as dirt with glowing coronas around their head and... I am supposed to accept that I am on that level? It's not happening. After a fashion it is true that we become like that which we identify with but this is tricky territory.

Life is a condition of levels of deception. We convince ourselves according to certain fallacies of perception and exist in concert with our beliefs in them. It is very much like living in a dream. The dream is not real but we think it is. We dream that we are something we are not. It is some role that we play and the identity is like a suit of clothes. After a time we come to believe that we are the clothes we are wearing rather than the being beneath them. The being beneath is the son of God in whom the spirit of self knowing is awake and aware and that is the indwelling self that is known in its presence by the one hosting it. We are that, regardless of what we think we are. It is the process of thinking that creates the delusions in which we are confined. Delusions and illusions are the same as being in prison. This is why terms like 'liberation' are used to define the state of being awakened out of them. This is why those who arrive at that state experience being free, unlike their fellows who are not and it is the job of the free to liberate their fellows ...and in this world and in this life, there are those who liberate us and those who confine us. It is one of the fine arts of being to be able to tell the difference between these in terms of your associates, companions and the world at large.

It all comes down to what we allow ourselves to be occupied by and this is why our most critical job is to stand guard at the gateway of our mind. What occupies us is determined by the qualities of our desires. That determines the level of consciousness of what resides within us. It is all awareness and levels of awareness. The horned deer in rut is a level. The tantric master in euphoric union is another. There are far more deer in rut than there are tantric masters, the latter being one of the most elusive stations that there are. True Bhakti is a form of tantra that evades the complexities of nuance. The power of focused devotion bypasses all of the intricacies of knowledge necessary to perform at a particular level. Almost no one possesses both the knowledge and acumen required to walk the labyrinth but... you don't need to if you know someone who does. You leave the details to the one who guides you and you just walk the road.

I've been bouncing all around the place here with a destination in mind, whether I get there or not is debatable. There is no reason for me to even be discussing Zen Gardner and there are good reasons to evade the discussion altogether. It is one of the most difficult things to take a position on any person or subject when all the facts are not known. One only exposes their ignorance. I have entered into this fray for a specific purpose; I sense that there is more to the story than we are being told. This alleged friend of Zen's who turned on him as she did causes me to ponder the whole facade. Something else is going on here. There are wheels within wheels turning. Something doesn't smell right. It is beyond the borders of belief that Zen did not know what was going on. It could have been Stockholm Syndrome that kept him there or any number of compelling reasons. I don't pretend to know anything about it. My point is that we need to be watchful about things that come to our attention. What is really going on? This is what I ask myself. I cannot shake the thought that there are forces at work here that are off camera. I am neither pro nor con in any sense about this affair and the realities of The Children of God is a horrific tale of some of the worst abuses going these days.

One of the oddest features of this whole mess is the tight relationship between David Icke and Zen Gardner and the queasy and querulous reaction from the Icke camp about his relationship with Zen. Mr Apocalypse is having a field day of late and it is about to double down exponentially. I really hope the reader will use their objective reasoning to consider the many implications going on here; not the least of which is David Icke's relationship with Jimmy Saville and his claims of being a pedophile exposer. Something is going on behind the woodwork. I don't know what it is but it is.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We Came to Armageddon, just to Find the Battle Won.

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I don't know what one is to make of this mysterious happening that has been a mystery since it first happened and was brought about by one R.C. Christian who represented some unknown group that was instrumental in having this Stonehenge-likes sculpture erected. There are no details to speak of, which concern whatever the motive was to have this removed. Spooky things are going on.

Less spooky but certainly more perverse are articles like this. It was published in that icon of sump pump journalism, whose motto is something like, “all this shit we print.” Imagine my surprise when I found this was written by a rabbi. His reflections on God's gender confusion are a marvel of psycho babble. Does anyone need further proof of who is behind this massive cultural sewage project? The New York Times is a wholly Tribe owned and administered disinfo organ. Tribe members sit on the board of directors of every alternative sex performing organization and in some cases it is exclusively Tribe members. Tribe members are at the head of every militant atheist organization. They are the primary driving force behind the drive for global communism. They are behind the wars that profit their international banker membership and they are behind the forces that are funneling aggressive migrants into all of the 1st world countries of Europe. None of this is open for dispute.

Here is something I know. I don't know much by comparison with the all knowing mind of God but I do know that the incremental exposure of Tribe manipulations of all that was once good and decent, into ever widening whirlpools of depravity, by various forces in pursuit of the truth, is all the result of the collective efforts of the armies of Mr. Apocalypse and by their own hand, the agents of darkness are pushing themselves front and center to be named, labeled and convicted of near countless crimes against humanity. The Age of Exposure does not have a set length of time nor a limitation upon events. It ends when its agenda has been accomplished. All will be uncovered and we will be judged within our own conscience for the lies we have embraced and we will by the energies of our own hand place ourselves center stage for the eyes of the world. It is like the operation of the most accurate watch ever made. Every hour the light intensifies and the accumulating weight of intention and action will finally break the veil of appearances, until there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide and no argument can exist to exonerate those who have worked so tirelessly to destroy and enslave humanity.

In this critical hour, we must strive with all the strength and fortitude that we can muster to be a living light in the service of the source of all light and all power. The hand of the ineffable moves inexorably toward the lever that switches the course of force from the hands of the servants of the infernal, into the hands of servants of the supernal. In a moment, everything is changed. We wait upon this moment with both faith and certitude. God is not mocked, nor can the lies that entangle us, or our fellows, prevail over the course of humanities struggle to be free of them. We shall be free. In fact, all we need do is to recognize that we already are. It is much like the fear of Armageddon and the supposed battle that is the hallmark of the event. The battle has already been fought and won.

Every consideration of and apprehension before the forces of darkness and confusion, are a projection of atavistic fantasies of fears, woven out of the restless pools of memories that may have no personal connection to us whatsoever. At a certain point in the far distance behind us, we have blended into one another, either through genealogy or shared experience that was never even experienced but only seemed to be. We thought something was true and then began to act as if it had been and that led us into an ever greater potential for its impact upon us when it never was in the first place. It is like the Holocaust Fantasy that was created for two primary reasons. One of them was a a protection against the recognition of terrible crimes, committed by Tribe cabals, where the perpetrators portrayed themselves as victims, when they were the victimizers- and the other was purely for economic gain and political clout, purchased with funds extorted from those who have been painted as oppressors when they were not only the oppressed but also the ones tortured and murdered by those who claim they were tortured and murdered. When the truth of this particular lie is revealed, as it will be, the repercussions and reverberations will shake the world.

We live in a world that is founded on diaphanous fabrications. The cultural and legal infrastructure is presented as true and fair expressions of all things good for all of us ...but which exist only to be used by those with the power to pervert them at every turn. It seems that no activity is too hideous for those who believe themselves to be above the law and immune to its tenets. Here is such an example. Is this true? Is it possible that this can be true? We have already seen in recent decades and also in the long road of life that bends out of the swallowing mist of the forgotten past and which features all our history as roadside attractions, that there is no limit upon what the more bestial and psychopathic among us are capable of.

About 15 years ago there began to appear posters on bulletin boards and telephone poles all over the French countryside. Hundreds of young girls had gone missing. I was living in Europe at the time and this came to my attention. As I just tried to find some news reports on this, I could find nothing. I didn't look that hard since my memory of the situation is clear and accurate and all I have to know is that it did happen. I don't have to prove it to anyone. People can believe what they like and it is already an established fact that thousands and thousands of young people disappear every year and are never seen or heard from again. Obviously, within the bewildering mix of runaways that find a new location under the radar, there are those who are snatched and used in terrible ways. Sure you can sit back and ask, “What kind of a God would permit this sort of thing?” It's all Karma. This is the time of scores being settled. It is a time of payback for sins of the past and it is difficult for the layman to see that the pimp or human trafficker of their last go round is now the woman in a cage somewhere. The intricacy of the human equation among all the numbers of extras on the set is beyond the capacity of any one mind to compute the meaning of. I take it on faith; not dismissively so ...but simply that the almighty is right there in every moment, every event; is right there in the midst of us, working out all the details and all for the single purpose of bringing every one of us to liberation.

I cannot sit around agonizing about all of it. I am in no position to pass judgment on the why and wherefore of all the conditions and circumstances that come up every day. I have to trust someone or something and I choose to trust the ineffable. There is so much that I do not know but the ineffable knows everything and whatever I do know, on any given day, is given to me by the ineffable. I have to believe that every gesture I make and every gesture I see, is choreographed by the overarching consciousness that is in all things. I must, at some point, trust in something and since I have proven to myself that God is real and compassionate and loving beyond anything I can imagine, I must make the divine the centerpiece of my life. I have proven this to myself again and again and again and otherwise have had it proven to me. By this time, I can only hold my hands open and raise them to the sky and thank from the bottom of my heart, the grace and magnificent mercy of the author of all things.

In two weeks we will be on the road for 4 to 6 weeks, crossing the northern route first and the southern route back. If you haven't sent me your email and phone number, along with your location, please do so, if you would like to get together with us along the way. We are in no need of places to stay, or anything like that. We would like to visit with you on your porch, or at a restaurant, or in a park. Picnics are especially attractive (grin). It might be that hearing from you moves the sticks enough to bring us into your area, when added to the others who are in your neighborhood.

I am making a list and putting pins in the map to guide our course. It looks like we might well come through Oregon on the first leg, given the amount of readers who have responded from that location. So far, Washington doesn't have the numbers (smile) but that could change. Some places are guaranteed, like the Sequoia National Forest, Sedona, Austin, Boulder and locations in Missouri and North Carolina for sure. In some cases because of the numbers we will be in that area for several days.

I'll be bringing copies of the books that got written and thumb drives of the music for all and sundry, unless we run out. Let me know.



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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Selling Wolf Tickets and Loving God.

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Well, as could be predicted I am watching “Four Weddings and a Funeral” as I write this. I'm always watching something, unless I close my eyes and then I am also watching something. It is hard to be aware all the time. I would say that was the greatest torment of my life that I am far too aware of everything. I am living on the beach. Teenage girls go by on their bicycles, thumbhumping their cellphones as they go. It cracks me up. The age of digital masturbation is at hand. I suspect they should have four arms, like those gods and goddesses that appear in my mind every time I close my eyes. I close my eyes.

Lately I have had the feeling that Van Morrison is about to give up the ghost. I must be fairly convinced of it to write about it. I want to share with you a concert given by John Fogarty;

I've been reading his autobiography of late and maybe share some of the most elegant lyrical accomplishments by Jackson Browne.

I never got to get my music out this way but I am a huge fan of some of those who did.

During the Vietnam War, John Fogarty was one of the most played in that conflict, along with The Temptations and Jimi Hendrix. I had this friend who was the girlfriend of Jackie Lomax and who was a temporary friend of mine, who was the first artist done on Apple Records by The Beatles. We used to hang out together. She was a good friend of Jimi Hendrix and she told me that he used to ask her to sit on his chest because demons were stealing his breath. He later died in such a manner. His manager lived right up the street from me and he had these two huge wolfhounds that used to get loose now and again. I had a dog named 'Pig' who was a large and brawny dog and very combative. He wound up with me because no one else could control him. I had to get violent with him a couple of times and there he was... sorted. He was cock of the walk among dogs in Woodstock but... when Michael Jefferies dogs got loose, Pig would see them way before I did and run like the hounds of Hell were after him, which I think was the case. They never got him. For some reason, when you are running from certain doom, sometimes you are faster than what is chasing you.

I remember these massive wolfhounds blowing by me after Pig. The wind of their passage near knocked me over. Ah... those were the days. I never thought I would get old and I think no one does. It sneaks up on you. I am more limber than most and mostly pain free. When I hear about people that are of my age they have many complaints. All I have is gratitude.

That friend of mine, whose name I won't mention, got into a terrible accident outside Chico California. She was in a Volkswagen and got hit by a tractor trailer. She recovered. We didn't stay in touch; such is life.

I am reminded of Liz from LA who used to come around here for years. She is dying of cancer. She may be gone as I write this and maybe not. I tried to communicate with her but I always felt like, “why am I doing this?” I didn't really know her and in trying to get to know someone in extremity is not easy. Nothing I could say was going to make any difference and she was surrounded by people who loved her, so I just drifted away. I did pray for her a great deal. Sometimes you have to simply release people to whatever it is they have to deal with. I always loved her and she was one of the people I hoped I would meet one day. Well, I'm going to meet a lot of you soon. Some of you have been in my thoughts for a long time like Mr. Zephyr Machine and Jabar with all those big cats. He had this young lady that he took in and looked after and she died. You see the memorial in the left sidebar of all my blogs. Apparently she was a big fan of my work and that led to Jabar and I meeting. I have always wanted to play with the big cats (grin). I'm going to get to do that. I LOVE animals, this is going to be a treat for me.

I don't fear animals and I am no threat to them. As I have mentioned here several times, when you are afraid of an animal they see it as a threat because fear and anger smell the same. I am also not recklessly over confident. I let the animal come to me. I remain still. They'll let you know if and when they want to play and I know they sense in me that I want to play. Some of my martial arts games with dogs are well known. A fellow I knew had two big dobermans and I used to slap box with them and the owner would scream at me about how I was going to get hurt. I never got bit once. I'm kind of proud of that. Could the dogs have had my ass if they wanted? I don't know. I had incredibly fast hands. Many a raging Hawaiian mad man will attest to that. Point I am making is that none of the things in my life have anything to do with me. It has either been god in residence or god concealed. Once the almighty entered into the equation, I was gone. I've never seen myself again since. I pretty much mirror whatever is in front of me and since I am a man of peace, others, more or less, are compliant.

I didn't go to Vietnam, although given my military training I am guessing I might have. I went to prison instead and believe me, Vietnam is definitely not more dangerous than prison. I think I spent something like four years inside and in some of the worst hellholes. Twenty two months I was in the John Howard Pavilion for The Criminally Insane at St. Elizabeth's (it is now the central nexus for Homeland Insecurity). This, along with Springfield MO, are the two places where the really sick, dangerous and psychotic are held and no one touched me, except for a couple of dustups that you shrug off, given that you got to walk away. God was doing his purpose of demonstration thing. I saw people reduced to things you don't want to know about and though I did what I could, you can't protect people from their own vulnerabilities.

One day these two hippies came in, long hair and all and one of them was pretty- insofar as that is some kind of currency inside. I told them to cut their hair and watch their asses (unfunny pun intended).They didn't listen to me. In fact they were arrogant about their dismissal of my cautions. About a week later I am coming up the stairs to my ward and I hear this commotion. I come around the corner and there is the cute one, bruised and bleeding. I picked him up and carried him down the long reach of the ward I was walking through in order to get to my ward. For whatever reason I was extremely pissed, so I started screaming something like, “I don't know what cowardly motherfucker beat this boy but here I am you punk! Come on! Where are you you piece of shit!” The hallway had to be about 100 yards long; first through the dormitory and then all the private rooms and nurses station. I kept yelling and as I left that ward and was about to turn the corner to my ward, King Kong comes out into the hallway and starts screaming at me about this and that. It's called selling Wolf Tickets. I went to go back after him and the guard at the turning grabbed me. It's probably a good thing because this guy was large but... he could have had me way earlier. He didn't.

The next morning at breakfast I got to see what was what. Our two wards were served by a common kitchen, so you could see the other prisoners on the other side of the kitchen. They were all howling at me and threatening retribution. I am in line with Waverly Holden, who was a little shorter than me but as wide as a door. To put Waverly in perspective, he was a supreme bad ass and a good friend. He was locked up because he used to stick up liquor stores. One night he was coming home and a couple of guys were waiting in the stairwell of his apartment building. He had two bags of groceries and he managed to blow both of those guys away with his 1911 45 caliber gun. Then he burned down the apartment building to get rid of the evidence; true story. There in the line with me was Feets Robinson; 6'8” and around three hundred pounds of muscle. He was one of the greatest athletes I have ever seen. If not for his peculiar problem he could have been the equal of Lawrence Taylor. He liked to rape and strangle nurses. He got 6 of them before they got him and when Doctor Kunev refused to release me because I was too dangerous, he let Feets go and Feets promptly raped and strangled a nurse on the grounds of the institution. This is how crazy things can be sometimes.

Waverly turned to me and asked, “Gypsy, what did you do?” I told him. We shared a table, Feets, Waverly and Alan Smith. Alan was a bank robber; very educated and very cool. I used to sing Beatles songs and Alan would open the door to his room, directly across from mine to listen. We were all friends as much as one can be in such circumstances. Waverly said to me, “You don't do things like that in a place like this. You want to save a drowning person and they will pull you down with them. Don't worry, I'll take care of it” and... he did, I never heard a word about it again. Waverly had clout.

Early on one morning I was taking a shower and Feets walked in and said, “You got a pretty cock white boy, why don't you come by my room and let me suck it?” If I had six other guys with me I don't think I could handle Feets. I didn't say anything. He walked away and I just hoped it would go away. Months later I am playing poker with Feets, Waverly, Alan and another guy when Feets says, “You know, Gypsy is pretty cool.” He then related the story of the shower event, chuckling and so... then he says, “You know, a couple of white boys took me up on that offer and I beat the living shit out of them.” He had those psychopathic eyes and as he said it and was looking at me I shivered... heh heh. Water under the bridge or... bodies even.

I've had a pretty eventful life, although I am sure, most people would not want to live what I have been through. All the heavy shit and chaos has done no more than to increase my love of God. I think that has been the point of it. Sometimes I am reduced to tears about this. There is a yearning in me that cannot be described by mere words. I love God, so much that it drives me to distraction on occasion. I look back at my life and ask myself, “Who did this happen to?” I have no idea who I am anymore. I have no idea what each day will bring. I just try to manage until I realize that I am not the one managing. As I have said before, I am one of the luckiest men alive, as punishing as my existence has been, it has all led to the almighty and I assure you... being in a position to love the ineffable, being motivated to do so, waking in the morning with, “I love you.” on my breath is comparable to nothing else. I do not know where my destiny will take me or what my crimes (picayune as they are) cost me but I figure if you love God that must amount to something. What was that about the greatest commandment???

Honorable mention again:

And this:

I guess I am a tad nostalgic.

Much love my friends.

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Sunday's radio broadcast is out there somewhere.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Traversing the Mountains and Valleys of Whatthefuckistan.

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Gnostics believe that there are two worlds and that the material world is ruled over by the Hebrew God and the other world is ruled over by the 'supreme' ruler, Aeon. This dovetails with my belief that the Hebrew god is the devil, inasmuch as that can be understood as the Lord of Appearances. Once one sees through the veil of appearances one no longer has to be subject to them. You create your own world of appearances, via your judgments on the definition and meaning of them. You literally weave your own future out of your expectations and the way you go about realizing them. Behavior is a big thing. It was later on during my speculations on this for the purpose of today's presentation that I came across this video:

but... of course, nothing happens by accident.

The mind is a movie projector and your feelings about what is valuable and worthy of acquisition AND the level of consciousness that you possess, determines the quality of the film you witness and your role in the movie. I choose to see it all as a dance of the divine, working out every destiny in terms of its best possibilities and potential and as an ongoing getting and losing of temporary shit. Of course, there is always a greater complexity in the outward drive for expression but at the heart of it all is a simple matrix, which rules the atomic solar systems and the external solar systems and one is either harmoniously in accord or one is inharmonious... or some imaginary point in between. What I mean is that what you imagine is what you tell yourself is so. I prefer to believe that I will be told what is so through some form of the vehicle of realization. At the same time, despite all our striving, sometimes we have to play a role. Sometimes we imagine ourselves trapped in a role and we lack the courage and conviction to step out of it. It's easier, or it seems to be, to be on a wheel. The wheel is predictable and though it ends in death and dissolution, according to the laws of physics and metaphysics, we don't think about it and Presto! It isn't there, except it is.

No matter where we find ourselves in this very moment, our lives can magically transform, once we adjust the manner in which we think and project. Nothing is real, only our thinking is behind what we create as a personal reality. All personal realities come up against cosmic reality at some point so, to me, it seems insane not to pursue cosmic reality in the first place and since you can't get beyond certain limitations without a guide, I prefer to have a guide and that guide can come in all kinds of envelopes of a particular faith, or a rejection of all faiths, or some farmer you met on a field trip to Whatthefuckistan and who took upon himself the responsibility to plow your fields and plant what you really wanted to grow but didn't have the seeds or thumb for; be it green or not.

The seemingly intricate complexity of life is generally an expression of your incapacity to get deeper than you have found yourself capable of. Sure... it is great when someone rescues you from the tumultuous seas of your own fear and doubt, on that vast restless expanse that you are, or seem to be, incapable of traversing. It is also grand when you find someone who will drag you out of your depth and down into unimaginable darkness to the luminous worlds of light. It's not rocket science and it is rocket science. It is unfathomable in its intricacy and it is as simple as child play. You are the determiner of what's required in your own case, if you insist on being the architect of something whose dimensions exceed not only anything you will ever be capable of but more than anyone else will ever be capable of and more than all the people ever created or will be created put together, then... have at it. Put yer backs into it, yew scum!!!

I'm done being a galley slave. I didn't sign on for this shit and I damn well won't follow orders, nor put myself in a position where I have to. This is not to say I don't follow orders. I certainly do but they are orders given to me from my own self and only my ignorance makes me think that there is some separation between me and myself.

We tell ourselves all kinds of lies and half truths in order to motivate ourselves along the path of possession of all the things we don't really want and we certainly find this out once we get them. I have been fortunate in this regard and even more fortunate in moving sprightly on from my mistaken affections once I found out what was going on. I do not mean this in terms of romantic affections; then again, aren't they all romantic affections? Don't we romance ourselves into all kinds of cul de sacs to get a more clear impression of ourselves that only results in clouding the mirror?

First principle; do not lie to yourself. Second principle is irrelevant ...because if you don't lie to yourself you won't lie to everyone else. In this world you can easily find all manner of people who will willingly embrace whatever lies you are telling yourself because they are doing the same thing. From this I extract that kernel of truth in the term; “misery loves company.” Presto! Once again, you have the world as we think we all know it. There is no world. There is no matter. It's like mind over matter- I don't mind and it don't matter.

Once again I would like to include that great piece by H.P. Blavatsky;

“There is a Road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a Road. And it leads to the very heart of the universe.

I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inwardly only, and closes fast behind the neophyte forevermore.

There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer.
There is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through.
There is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount.

For those who win onward, there is reward past all telling: the power to bless and to save humanity. For those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come.”

Of course, she has many detractors and I am no apologist for her. I don't know her that well but... as is so often told to the reader here; take what is useful and discard the rest. This is not to say that the rest is without value, only that it may not apply to you. This is also not to say there is any value in any of it. The reader must decide for themselves and prove it through testing and experience. Never accept anything as true that you have not first proven to be so to yourself.

This world of illusionary bullshit is not all bullshit but so long as your senses dictate to you what is and is not so, you still find yourself in a world where all that you have proven to yourself is only relevant in this world. You have to go beyond, while still anchored (for a time) in this locale. It's that old lotus dynamic of... “in the world but not of it.”

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As you know, I will be looping the US come September and some of you have sent me contact info and some have not and it would be seriously dumb on my part to hit every point on the way. I would wind up circling the Earth in terms of distance. So I will be posting the route and that will be based on the density of individuals in certain locales. Should anyone want to meet up and be willing to cover some amount of distance, I will at least remain until they can but it is going to be a pretty straightforward route, east to west and north to south and then west to east. Please send your location and details to If you sent them before then send them again. We have begun putting pins in the map and I apologize for the extra work on your part but consider it from my end (grin).

A lot of strange things have been going on. I used to put every posting here; have been for years and have done so by invitation. Now the site has removed the capacity. Odd.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Testing Patterns, Test Patterns and the Blood Spangled Banner.

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Well... I'm back at the moment. Rumors swirl about why I was out; all of them are wrong but that is par for the course for someone not on the course and who doesn't know that golf is a game not a sport. We've often maintained that golf courses and cemeteries should be combined to save some portion of all that wasted real estate. Once your interests are all about being on a golf course, a visit to the cemetery is not far behind.

Here at Visible Enterprises or, what I like to term as WTF? Central, many conditions and events come and go in what we have come to understand as a constant test pattern, on those nights when you can't fall asleep and the vibrating Indian's head sits there with its own version of counting sheep, which probably translates as counting coup. After The Blood Spangled Banner has stopped playing, the test, or testing pattern, if you prefer, continues.

There are some very big detail events and conditions pending at the moment. Some will come to pass and some will not. What does and does not happen is dependent on the cohesion of the collective consciousness. This is why such an effort is underway to separate us from one another, to create that house divided state where we can be set at each others throats. That great enemy of freedom and human spiritual progress, The Rothschild Family and their cabin boy front man, George Soros, are doing everything in their power to bring about managed chaos and their preferred expression of the Hegelian Dialectic. They are also targeting those who labor in the blog vineyards and streets of ever more amplified public discontent. Because of this, some of us have to step back and take a look at the subtle and less than subtle nature of concerted attack.

Not everything that happens and doesn't happen around here has to do with Visible driving off the road into the sagebrush and dry washes. Of course such things have occurred but they are not a regular test pattern, more like portions of those science fiction movies, where the image keeps going in and out of focus, or when you find yourself in a no service cellphone area. The truth of the matter is that the ineffable always prevails. The ineffable does not always prevail according to the wishes of those it prevails over or upon, regardless; you got to keep on keeping on.

There are recurrent trials that go down around here. One of them is the appearance of people who are playing the long con and who create parallel identities that they can unleash at desired moment. Then there are those who pretend to have a poor grasp of English but who have come round to be disruptive and who have been coming around here for some while, on an ever intensifying effort and spreading zombie propaganda and who have pretensions of being Jesus Christ and other nonsense. In times former, these sleazy reptiles of variating behavior patterns managed to get me to engage in a tug of war, confrontation game and that was the point of their whole operation and... still is. They are far less successful in those results though; not anymore.

So... one has to also pull back and analyze that feature too. Apropos of this, we'd like to announce here that Old Testament gobbledy gook cannot be posted in the comments section of these sites. (most of) The New Testament is fine; Thomas Merton is fine. Teilhard de Chardin is fine. Martin Luther is fine and all kinds of mystics and masters are fine. Preferable is when a reader speaks from their own mind out of the promptings of their own heart. Not preferable and unacceptable is commentary from the odious, anti human, Satanic Judaic Old Testament. Make no mistake, Judaism is Satanism and we don't want it around here. We don't want the cinderblock head flat Earthers. It could be Chardin and others have warts on them like so many frogs do but in the idea of free discourse, insofar as I can put up with it (grin), latitude is permissible.

This should be a place that is free of the orchestrated BS that is epidemic these days. This should be no indication that we believe that we don't possess some modicum of BS ourselves. It's hard to negotiate these environments without some amount of it but... we are trying to do our best. Sometimes a comment doesn't come through and I have no control over that and The Elf does the best that can be done but fish do slip through the net so, don't assume that you got rejected out of hand. Do keep in mind if you come in here with some flowing white, metaphorical beard and vengeful eyes, spouting fire and brimstone, I don't want you coming around here. I don't work for a god like this and the only god I know that operates like that is not a god but a demon. My god is a god of Love and my god is a god of forgiveness and though I know there is plenty of unfortunate chatter in the New Testament (and those portions aren't allowed here either) at least most of it is far more preferable and far more welcome here.

I recognize that I probably should have posted something like this earlier but so many things go by the wayside and not having a clear idea about what is going to be said in any posting (until I read it back) also sidesteps issues that might have gotten discussed once but never did.

I never looked at this work as grueling or inconvenient. It's what I do and there is no more to be said about that but... sometimes I just have to stop what I am doing and take a good look at it. Things are about to change dramatically in the world. It's been coming for awhile. HOW it will change and WHAT it will change into is another consideration but as we have often maintained hereabouts, most all of those two questions are affected by you and HOW you change and WHAT you change into. All useful and lasting changes are effected within. We don't need to worry about the world outside of us, only the world inside of us.

I've just been doing a lot of thinking, as well as no thinking whatsoever. Both of these are helpful. I don't believe in “this is right and that is wrong.” I believe both might be right and both might be wrong. This doesn't cover all actions and subjects. This is simply a perspective. As soon as your mind is made up about anything, you think you know and you don't; not really. One has to keep an open mind about most things because most things change and are not the same as they were, nor the same as they will be. It is what is behind all of everything that is important and which is to be sought and it cannot be known but it can know itself within you.

Among a number of annoying visitations that we get around here is one Duke Potgieter. If you've been coming here for awhile you have seen Duke appear and behave in an acceptable fashion, until he implodes and starts screaming and yelling and doing his Fundie Christian, Seig Heil dance. Duke hasn't been around for awhile; at least not under the name Duke. He wrote me an offensive email so I informed him that he is not Jesus Christ and he replied, “I have returned in order to bring about judgment as promised. Accepting me (for the living), or rejecting me (for the dead).” Lucky me, I seldom run into this kind of thing. Most of the people who come around here are intelligent, good and decent people. Some amount are not but... they are in a distinct minority and that's good news.

Still... I've had to take a long look at myself and how I have handled conditions in the past, hoping that I can make some small leap in the way I go about what I do and... there are some things going on around here that I have been noticing and I want to address them in the best possible way and not get caught up in extraneous and irrelevant events that are designed to throw me off stride. Sometimes it is better to take a few moments and invest some thought in the whole procedure. This is what I have done.

I should be much more consistent in appearance here now.

There's going to be a whole lot of shaking going on and there has been a whole lot of shaking going on. How it shakes out, 'time will tell and we shall see.'

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