Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mr. Apocalypse is the Ronald McDonald of Armageddon.

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Well, they are warming up in the background, straining at the leash to get into the foreground, on their way to being planted into the ground, sooner or later. Then you got things like this. There are many rumors and collective apprehensions of pending threats that never come or come indeed and then... then there is the really trenchant and enervating news, which is almost sustenance to some. Riding alongside the obscene and absurd, are the fantastic things we hear too little of because they have nothing to do with corporate profits, Satanic ambitions or nasty little Syndicated Crime countries. The same tired, morally bankrupt liars continue to embarrass themselves on the world's stage. They have no shame. They have no shame.

No one can say the owner of the Washington Redskins doesn't know how to play the game, the other game. Every day, half a dozen times, I come across something that makes me laugh, mostly from watching the wheels and gears turning behind the curtains. Things are looking more and more bleak for the liars. Can anyone doubt that Mr. Apocalypse is about? They seek him here. They seek him there but... I can see him everywhere. Yes! It's the Ronald McDonald of Armageddon= Mr. Apocalypse. He's playing full contact without pads. The truth is breaking through to the other side (cue Jim Morrison). Just likeChomsky, the reality of Julian (the apostate) Assange is pretty much in the can. It's hard to argue against the government backing off of what they were so relentless about back when anyone was paying attention to any of it but... these days as we see with CNN and MSNBC, few people care anymore and if they're not paying attention to the liars any more; where are they getting their news, eh... eh? The conservative Crass Media is not taking such a large hit but they have much more practiced demagogues and a much slicker, sliding surface that the common moron can slide into the abyss on, on any given Saturnday.

Those of you who don't click on the links have been routinely missing the daily specials that are offered exclusively to those who click on the links, such as the autographed Ben Wa balls that were featured last week. Ben played for 9 seasons with The Paralytics in the western division but, of course, you would know that if you clicked on the links. Those who click on the links also get to know what I'm talking about (as if I did), which may, or may not, be relevant. If knowing what you are talking about was some kind of necessity for the trade, there wouldn't be much to see. I suppose that would be a good thing but this is Kali Yuga and that's not a good thing to begin with. Still, you have to be philosophical because you are where you are in the age you are in. You could go the Minniver Cheevy route, get all stoic like Invictus, or even come into possession of that micro-macro vision thing of a Tacitus or a Plutarch. We wind up being whoever it is that we decide is a good overlay mask, sufficient to get us through existence without the unremitting pain of being ourselves in the company of everyone else who is not. That's the dilemma faced by everyone who has to put on a suit or a uniform in order to ad both status and conformity to their act. Dressed up and surrounded by the encapsulating environment of their fabricated reality, populated by their conspiring peers, it all looks legit. Let a lot of money come in and out, attend a few conventions, give a few speeches and hear a few speeches and what it's not soon becomes what it is. The years roll by. The lies expand like active yeast in the malleable dough and... on they go.

We're all headed somewhere and that would amount to, or become that which we have acted in accord with and in pursuit of. No one should ever be surprised at where they wind up. It's what it is and it used to be what it is not. It stands to reason that those wearing a mask would, more or less, find themselves in Halloween or carnival circumstances, toodling along with the likes of carnival barkers, dancing chickens and the geeks that pursue them. Most things make sense when they are going on in a controlled environment. They make all kinds of sense in relation to the atmosphere of the environment. It doesn't take too long for the majority to get locked in, to the point that they can't see anything outside of what they are inside of. Tell them something that goes counter to the lies they have built their industry on and you become a threat. Tell them something which the recognition of, immediately challenges their longstanding well being and you become a dangerous threat. So long as the lies can remain in place, the infrastructure of delusion can maintain itself up until their arrival at the gates of death.

What goes on, goes on and on. It really is a cycling treadmill, where it gets dark for the briefest moment at the nadir and then back into the upswing wearing a new costume, until that brief flash at the bottom again, over and over and over again, because the lies are preferable to the truth and the darkness is preferable to the light. There are very critical periods, like the one we are in now, when enormous potential and possibility lay at the feet of the intrepid. This is counterpointed by a roiling, magnetic negativity of powerful materialism that sucks everything in reach into its gaping maw. I've said this over and over, one way or another. Variations upon this theme are being commented on at various points here and there, by those expounding upon the subject for a variety of personal reasons, usually having to do with profit and gain. Many of the dialogues are subtle. In the main, all the right points are made with a few omissions. Later on these omissions prove to be critical, although they didn't appear to be at the time.

Feel good philosophies are nothing new. They are the vast majority of everything that comes out of the New Age movement. The New Age movement is an arm of The One World government movement, just as the established and now crumbling religious institutions are. All of the temporal security enclosures are mental and emotional prisons, based on a willing complicity on the part of the imprisoned; a collective conspiracy of agreement that what is not is what is and all of this is about comfort and control. Thousands of years ago when Socrates was doing his thing, the juntas of the day were not shy about showing their displeasure. It's no different now. This is the reason secret societies came about, to protect the legacy of the light against the corruptions of the darkness. After a certain period of time, some number of these societies became corrupted as well. They weren't in the beginning and the truths they were entrusted to protect and which departed at the first whiff of corruption, are still available to the true of heart. Nothing of value is ever acquired without tremendous effort and it is never acquired unless it is desired more than anything else. That is the one determining factor at all times and in all places. You have to want it more than anything else. It's simple enough, until you discover what it is that is at work to keep you from it. This is why you have to want it more than anything else because anything less than that will not be enough. It is only this that makes you stronger than the force that seeks to deny it to you; "half measures avail nothing."

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God in Country by Les Visible

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Seek-Speak and Spread Truth Conference.

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Wow! What can I say? By any standards, the Seek-Speak-Spread Truth conference was a rousing success. For this, massive kudos must go to Tahra with the able assistance of Tyler Vincent, James and Steven along with Tom Fry and Anthony doing the video which you will see shortly somewhere. I'll link it when possible.

We'll forget about my presentation. It's not my place to comment on it. Someone or several someone's will come around with their two pence at some point.

Alan Hart started it off and was lucid and very well informed. After that the day took off and never stopped. Ken Shott came up and did a slideshow about his amazing work in Sweden. The amount of work and industry put out by himself and his associates is impressive. There are a lot of good things going on on this planet.

I had an epiphany of sorts at the conference where my former perceptions about someone did a big 180. In keeping with Visble's Full Disclosure Act of 2003, I'm left with no choice. I'd had certain reservations about Gilad Atzmon, on the publicity end and Litmus Test end and what I found in real life was a larger than life personality, which canceled out my concern on the first concern and made moot my second concern. Gilad is, as best I can tell, a social philosopher. That's the best definition I can come up with. He's also an, off the charts, jazz musician. He's a consummate showman as well as a very articulate and subtle speaker. I was impressed and I am not easily impressed. He's also a generous soul who came over to me and laid his books and a musical CD on me, following my moments on the dais.

I missed David Messenger, I'm sorry to say but... it was 12 hours of non-stop action, except for lunch and there were all kinds of people I was supposed to speak to; had no choice but to speak to (grin) and this is just how it wound up. I came and went without thinking about who was or wasn't coming next because it was a terrifically high energy scene, still, I managed to catch most everyone.

Ken O'Keefe followed Gilad and continued in the spirit of the extemporaneous, which seemed to be the order of the day for nearly all of us. You hardly ever see anyone speaking off the cuff anymore. They're either reading directly from a script or a teleprompter and it's also usually nothing but lies. Ken was as lucid as anyone I've ever seen in my life; clear and sustained power of precisely organized thought. That's how it comes to my mind now, on reflection.

Tyler read a moving poem then, I think it was then (grin) and at various times in the day they would take an opportunity to play one of Patrick Willis's renderings of some of my blog postings. They closed it out with “A Place Called Gratitude”. Following that we all relocated to the dining room, bar area where Gilad and a couple of supporting musicians played their asses off. All in all it was an amazing day. There was a seriously celebratory mood taking place at the end which I figured it was best if I missed most of it, so I left with Dr. Richard for his place in Forrest Grove, where I actually managed to get some rest. I'd only had a couple of hours the night before and was planning on not sleeping this night either since my plane left early on Sunday morning but Richard invited me to his home and I got a few more hours. I was pretty exhausted when I finally got home... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

It occurred to me that any number of people might have been expecting any kind of results from the day. I'm pretty sure it passed everyone's expectations, positive wise. All of us who were able to participate feel a great deal of gratitude toward Tahra in the aftermath.

Like I've been saying, things have changed and dramatically so. The most amazing feature of the whole affair was that not a single Hasbara shill showed up at the event. That is nigh on unheard of. We were sayanim-free, there in the belly of the beast.

My great thanks to all of you who remain unnamed. Thank you for your exquisite generosity and unqualified support!!! We will do it again. I probably should be living in the U.K. despite the political situation. The quality of humanity there is incredible.

I'm going to cut it short here today. I'm pretty frazzled; overdosed on human contact, given that I spend my days pretty much alone, pretty much all of the time. I do believe I will go take a nap. Thank you one and all.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Don't You Know we're Riding on the Disinfo Express.

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The promoters of the seminar in London are offering 5 tickets for five pounds (I think that's five pounds per ticket) for those who want to come and hear me. Details are sketchy, so I suggest that those possessing an interest contact Tahra at the Seminar webpage for details, especially if you have four people in your pocket with five pounds in each of their pockets (grin). There's a Charles Iwanga in the seminar comments to whom this may apply. He says he's 'skint' (grin).

In an email this morning I said to a correspondent who said something about short memories; “Living in the eternal present puts paid to memory but no one gets there without the assistance of it." In occult teachings we are told that the key to everything is memory. Within us is everything we need to know to be anyone or go anywhere, even ourselves and nowhere at all. Accessing it is the problem and that is where arcane technologies like the Tarot, Esoteric Astrology, types of Yoga and other powers and other environments come in. That's why Memory is ascribed to the High Priestess. Those with even a passing understanding of the implications of that can read volumes into it.

I have been in the habit of focusing the finger of accusation upon certain sectors of our society, primarily because of the dire circumstances of the hour. Once there was only a few of us calling attention to certain things, especially when it came to events like 9/11 and the other significant terror attacks of the last decade+. Few wanted to point the finger at Israel, who arranged for 9/11 to occur in order for their plans of world conquest to come to fruition. As a result of their efforts, millions have died in The Middle East and America has been turned into a police state, pending upon the arrival of a planned event, so far held in abeyance because they know we are watching because a few of us have been continuously calling attention to them and with the assistance of Mr. Apocalypse and his walking stick, many are now awakening and have been awakening and like a game of tag, information and awareness are making the rounds, Red Rover, come on over!

A new awareness is sweeping the lands and this is why the industry of the Zionists and Satanists, who are joined together in a common interest, are so frantic to get to the pass before they get cut off. Perhaps they haven't seen the movie? It's been awhile since this movie has been in the theaters. Still... they know somethings coming. Many of them think it is their hour of supremacy come round at last. They do consider themselves superior to the rest of us. This alone makes them inferior. Their penchant for strutting like roosters and boasting like apes beating their chest, reveals an inherent and unshakeable insecurity that will not go away because deep inside and not so deep as well, they know they're wrong and ill made. Well, they made themselves. How could it be otherwise? The higher they climb, the further they fall, ♫one and all♫ Their industry at digging only digs the hole they are in deeper and that is as it should be.

I intend, at a gradual pace, to turn my attention away from these miscreants and rather focus my attention more upon those positive activities and disciplines in which there is great profit to be found. The Punisher will attend to these sick fucks from Hell.

As I have mentioned, I've been watching various cable series to get an idea of what is being slipped into the common awareness, under the guise of entertainment, which is, near exclusively, in the hands of these same miscreants and is in their hands for the purposes they employ them for; those being for the corruption of the common mind and the culture, to the end that discord and disorder should prevail upon the general environment. So it is that I happen to be watching a series from the BBC called “Copper”. As we all know, Jimmy Savile was a high ranking Satanist who had the BBC and many highly placed public officials in his pocket. Evidence of his escapades only surfaced some time after his death. Now, by the day, evidence of other Satanists connected to the BBC and elsewhere, are surfacing, from the Isle of Wight to (eventually) Buckingham Palace and of course... all points abroad.

In this series is a ten year old girl who was sold into prostitution and then married to a degenerate. The series is full of her playing the coy adult, offering sexual favors, seeking to play all kinds of roles while currying favor. We're led to believe that this is all intended to paint a realistic picture of New York City and the Irish during The Civil War. Obviously what they are doing is catering to a pedophile audience, while seeking to awaken that urge in the common mind they are corrupting to that end. Objective and uncompromised intellects can see this. All of these series are filled with the same revolving plots of intrigue, sexual activities, violence, all of the things we see in pedestrian soap operas. There's no real difference in any of them. It's like all of the network shitcoms where the characters are doctors and nurses, lawyers, politicians, police officers etc. All of them have gay characters shoehorned into the mix and given a forced cultural legitimacy, defanging the sense of threat, as it may exist in various minds. Other historical non happenings are trumpeted as happenings because the control of history is all important.

Once again, what I say here has nothing to do with people being gay and exercising their lifestyle choices. That is none of my business. What is my business is the effort to subvert the family unit as the basic equation of civilization and the use of the gay agenda in its political application (run and controlled exclusively by Tribe members, as are any of the large atheist organizations, whose purpose- as far as the Tribe element in it is concerned- is the murder of Christianity) which is intended to be used as a springboard for the legitimization of pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia and anything the darker mind can dream up. I mentioned in a earlier post that we are all bisexual to a degree. The force of this is greater now than at any other time due to the outpouring of the feminine aspect upon the human mind with the advent of the Age of Aquarius. This is meant to awaken the female qualities of intuition, understanding and various sensitivities that are native to that aspect as it exists in the higher mind. However, since the force of the Urban Mall Culture and attendant materialism is so great, there is a strong pull toward acting out on the physical level and that is why this particular behavioral aspect is so much larger than it is usually. This is not to say that some of us are not born into a sensitivity in this regard for the purpose of demonstration. I suspect every soul encounters this on its way into the finer spheres; sex, as we 'commonly' understand it does not accompany us into those locations.

It dismays and amuses me, by turns, how people can read things I say and because they are narrow minded, or hung up, one way or another, decide to misread or misinterpret what I say. So it is that 'anonymous' came around screaming that I was gay because I mentioned the bisexual feature that attends the great majority of us, however latent it may be. This doesn't mean it's exercised. I prefer mine to find its outlets in music, poetry, dance and any number of places where the muse may be of a female character or where one comes off as observably clumsy, as in dancing, without it. As I've mentioned no end, I've had gay friends for decades and there's no problems encountered in our association. But people who are inclined to misread, mislabel and slander are not interested in what one actually means but are more interested in how they might subvert it to their ends. This is how a certain 'anonymous' can go around at forums claiming that I have admitted being a Mason, which I never have. What I've said is that all Masons aren't evil, nor are the essentials of Masonry (of which I am passing familiar, through my researches). I've stated that I consider myself' a Rosicrucian, which doesn't make me one. I admire the true Rosicrucians because they only exercise the one power and that is the ability to heal. Interested readers should read Arthur Edward Waite and Paul Foster Case on the matter. They wear no distinguishing garments and they move among us, anonymously and near invisibly, helping as they can.

Nowhere have I ever seen them accused of being agents of the dark side by any legitimate or informed source. However, some misinformed alternative news oracle decided to just say that they were and those with nothing more than a superficial knowledge of anything, including themselves, go around making wild and uninformed accusations about whatever. There are a number of sensationalists plying their trade on the Disinfo Express, like Jones, Fulford, Wilcox, Sorcha Faal and others. Some do a half and half, like Adams. On the spiritual end you have Tolle, Chopra, Dwyer and pretty much anyone published by Hays Publishing. There's money in these rackets. Sensationalism sells and- more often than not- they are funded by vipers like Little Georgie Sorrows, the Bronfmans, Rothschilds or some government agency. At no time will anyone find me funded by or in the employ of any of them. I've already been compromised by the uncompromising (grin). Word has it I will be paid at some point and even find somewhere to live... heh heh. Well... you don't fly first class till you get your wings with this operation and even then it's all in your mind.

As a shoutout to those who occasionally show up here by accident, or got their frogs stepped on, or are just terminally pissed off that life didn't go the way they wanted to force it to, I want to say once again that the word 'diabolus' from which we get devil, from the Greek, means 'slanderer'. It means slanderer. Keep in mind that I know this and it travels with me as a comfort. As far as my shortcomings go, I'm familiar with them and they have my attention on a daily, if not hourly, basis. They will go when they are 'taken'. Some big ones already have been.

(When I point a finger or mention names, I am already absolutely and unequivocally convinced, according to my standards. However, I have a standing offer to change my mind should anyone choose to present me with compelling truth to the contrary, which no one has done yet. Screeching in denial and not wanting it to be true are not valid positions.)

The same applies to us all. Everyone should definitely and absolutely give serious consideration to their personal being in terms of what they say and do. Are you a good guy or a bad guy? Think about it. Far too many of us are going through all kinds of motions under all kinds of pretenses and in some cases, misapprehensions. It is, I would say, of critical importance to know in whose service we go about our days. As it's been said, “you got to serve somebody.” What that means is that no matter what you think, you're serving someone and if you are a full time servant of your own self interest, it doesn't take a genius to figure out whose service you are actually in. It's something to think about. If you should find you've been batting for the wrong team (I don't mean sexually- that would be the other team, grin), you can just take off that uniform and put on the other one or simply travel incognito. Once you realize you've been wrong, instantaneously you can be no longer wrong but right. If more people know this and how easily it is done and how comprehensive the forgiveness is, many more people would change. In the worst cases there is no motivation to change, at all.

Question of the day; why does Investment Watch, Intelhub and RINF (I think that's the initials) have so many commercial ads that oft times they obscure the articles being read or the videos watched? I assure you, these sites and others are about the money and nothing else. Raw Story fits in there too. Greed and the lust for profit is not the exclusive province of the obvious creeps.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

A World beyond Lawyers and Vampire Banks.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's the fifteenth today. I don't know why I'm counting the dates all of a sudden; something to do? Nah... I'm expecting something and hoping against it, hoping that talking about and dramatizing it will militate against it. Their hatred of Iran, well... of all things human really. That new Iranian president has put coals of fire on their heads, due to his suave ways. They're having fits as their hope for bloody and gruesome war seems to be slipping though their fingers. It's an odd affair. The people who shouldn't be in charge are continuously harried and hassled by the ones who absolutely should not be in charge but... as usual, all you have to do is follow the money. In this case it's all about juicy munitions contracts for the French.

The leaders of the western powers know they're in trouble. Sure, they got all those cops and soldiers and that fancy crowd control apparati; Robo-Cop outfits, modern day Kendo warriors with metal body armour and stun batons; big hulking thugs, with BB shot testicles and incontinent rage, steroidosaurs lumbering through the concrete jungles, pumped up and... pissed off; at what? Well, anything really, anything at all. They want to cause pain, at least kill a dog. They want to cause lasting pain that will drum out the pain inside them, which pierces their guts with red hot skewers. Someone is twisting and turning those skewers.

The five + one were right there at the victory line when Nemesis cornholed the frog with threats and promises. What a spectacle of greed and fear, hot oil and semi-liquefied shit-mud wrestling for supremacy. Will fear win out? Will greed win out? Does it matter?

Look how completely they have shut down any opening for the sane and informed among us to speak out in any public manner. Those chosen by the higher muses to sing and speak and act in humanities interest have been silenced and stopped. In their place , strange oracles for trivia, violence and sex freak action have appeared in the way orcs were fashioned as a perversion of elves. All mainstream avenues for social and artistic communication have been closed off. Were it not for the internet it would be near total. The only moral (hypocrite) guidance counsellors visible, are Big Hair, Christian Zionist preachers buggering the minds of their flocks and kiddiebanger priests, buggering both their minds and their asses. They are supplemented by the Satanic New Agers with bags of cash in their hands.

From co-opted 12 step programs to Scientology, people are being restrained or rerouted into self interest scenarios; talking all about taking care of number one before you worry about taking care of anyone else. Meanwhile, slowly, near unnoticeably; the jobs went away, the manufacturing left town, the housing market tanked, the utilities costs went up, the health care costs became engines of bankruptcy, social services got squeezed or went MIA. Law enforcement mutated into an old school Soviet style of some kind of occupying army. Poisonous pharmaceuticals are coursing through the nation's bloodstream and water supply, the skies are poisoned, the oceans are poisoned. As the anti-depressants fail to counter life's appearances and desperation sets in, followed by a collective descent into the dark lands of alcohol and dream powders, the crackling of atmospheric electricity and the smell of ozone blankets the landscape. People walk quickly, looking straight ahead. Ubiquitous and epidemic crime is a given as the basic needs can no longer be met and... you think this is going to turn out well? It might, depending on the cosmos and a few imponderables but... otherwise... look out.

The bad guys have been aware of this coming for a long time. Heck, they've been causing it. You combine their intents and interests with a collective murk of ignorance, material obsessions and apathy and you got a perfect storm of looming possibilities. Well, they been looming for a long while of late (if that makes sense).

I had a very strange dream this early morning. There were all kinds of symbolic happenings but I'll leave the bulk of them out, given the possibility of trolls lurking in the underbrush. I was with my oldest best friend, Billy. We were sitting at a rustic, dark natural wood table, in a cafe, bordered by shrubbery on one side. Billy had been trying to get me to share a joint with him. I'd told him I didn't much like pot and would prefer something different. So, we were having something to drink and I suspect we were in Hawaii. I heard something moving behind me. I turned and saw a parakeet, larger by half than any parakeet I'd ever seen before. It had a metal collar and maybe one around a leg as well. Obviously it had belonged to someone. It drew close to me and I extended my hand in a wary fashion, knowing such creatures can bite but he had no intention of that. I stroked his hard bill that seemed wider than a parakeets while I was doing. I extended my arm, so as to indicate he should climb on. For a moment it looked like he might and then... he shook his head and said, “No, I don't do that anymore.

I don't know if Billy heard what the parakeet said, I don't think so. He said, “grab it, it's someone’s bird and they probably paid a lot of money for it.” I replied, “No, let him go. He's a free creature now.” the bird acknowledged that in some fashion, I don't remember how now and then it flew away. The whole series of dream sequences was suffused with meaning. I'd been asking for that very thing to happen for some months now. Slowly that has been coming around. It's pretty much on pace with all of the things in the world that keep dancing back and forth on the edge but don't manage to fall down into manifestation, at least so far.

Thanksgiving is coming up and so is Christmas. Certain Satanic holidays, disguised as religious holidays from a very old tradition, given to the worship of demons, under the guise of a deity are also coming up. Blood sacrifices are called for. One of these days, if they keep getting their way, they'll be having child sacrifices on the White House lawn to the tune of something tuneless and profane from 2LiveCrew or Gorgoroth (check them out on youtube). Hmm.... ♫cover that girl in chocolate syrup and make her do a nasty on the white house lawn♫ The pornography of violence, or the pornography of timeless process? They'd prefer the first but they'll take the second while they wait.

The porno is everywhere; bulletproof vests for attack dogs, while the thug cops kill the family dog and family members too, given the opportunity.

There can be no question about whether the mass of humanity is walking around in a trance or not. Their inability to see what is happening in front of them and to them is mindblowing; for the most part. Humanity is given to interests I have no interest in, like #11 on the list in this article. Number 12 and 13 seem to be engaged in some kind of numerical disconnect that I hope someone can explain to me and Number 19 seems flat out impossible unless they are referring to some kind of incipient herpes that isn't technically a venereal disease. That calls for a stanza from one of Mr. Visible's songs, "I Don't Love you Anymore"

“I admit to some small satisfaction
When you gave my friends venereal disease
And I suppose that I should be grateful
That you weren't sleeping with me.

They say that there's one born every minute
In that case I've done more than my fair share of time
and I just hope you don't have a sister
waiting for me further on down the line”


"Call all the radio stations
You can talk to the talking heads on TV
Yeah, ring out the bells from the ship to the shore
To say that I don't love you anymore."

The human mind is a funny thing. It's why and how the Federal Reserve, which is not Federal but only a Mafia cabal of private AshkeNAZI banks, can get away with what they do. Because American's have, for the most part, lost their objectivity, their courage and their integrity, firms like this are allowed to operate. Then those same Americans continue right along with their feudal, serfish propensities, seeking to borrow money from those who pull the money out of thin air. In most cases there is no money, only the numbers on a contract at the auto sales room and another number on some contract at the bank, or a number at a real estate office and another at a bank. Until the banking system is 'overthrown' there can be no justice and no peace and I don't care how many sidewalks you stand on and scream, “no justice, no peace”. You might as well be standing there screaming, “We are all uninformed fucking morons.” It would have pretty much the same benefit. Perhaps you should all dress up as giant turnips and scream, “We are not turnips.”

Until you address the ongoing conflict in your own mind (with yourself) and withdraw all your assets from the Central Banking system and refuse to purchase anything from Wall Street corporations, nothing is going to change. No doubt you will find it impossible not to purchase things manufactured by massive corporations that hate you and hold you in contempt. So... Wall Street has to be brought to the ground and the crooks and scoundrels who have fed upon your flesh have to be sent to prison for however many lifetimes proves to be necessary. These two things, juxtaposed by human ignorance and appetite are the root causes of your distress. The one is external and the other internal. You can argue about the first two all you want, everything tracks back to them and they are that important that they will kill presidents to maintain their grip on these entities because they are the twin levers of external control and they are in the hands of Satan worshiping, psychopathic monsters. The second factor, only the ignorant would argue about but... one of the main expressions of ignorance is argument. If you know what's what, you don't argue, you state your case and go your way; take it or leave it.

If you know what's what you don't stand around confused about it all. You know the majority of people are enslaved by their appetites and that is what makes it possible for others to enslave them in the first place. That is how you get people complaining about jerks in business who don't follow through and give them a bad credit rating for saying so and then they're all up tight because their credit rating with the Central Banks isn't where they want it to be so that they can borrow ghost money from the Globoctopus Vampire banks. Meanwhile, another large corporation won't straighten out their credit because they are just like the banks and all of them rely on the most conscienceless of bottom feeders known to man, the lawyer. It's the lawyers who grease the axles of the wheels of oppression that crush the populace at the behest of monsters.

Shakespeare (who wasn't Shakespeare) had it nailed (“first we kill all the lawyers”), as he did so many things, being an initiate of the higher mysteries and basically illustrated all the possibilities of human existence for the edification of those who are inclined to profit from it, as opposed to those who see it as entertainment or something to pump up their pseudo-intellectualism. Before you get into that, provided you have not been seduced by pseudo-intellectualism, I suggest looking into Orson Welles at the age of ten years old (or so), maybe Mozart at the age of six while you're at it. You can look at how they wound up if you want to, too. True genius is expressed in how you live your life. The gifts that fall from your efforts into the lives of others will happen as you go. You'll be both loved and despised. It comes with the territory but... you're only concerned with your objective, not the chatter of wildlife from their perches on those metaphorical branches and rocks. You don't spend your time arguing. You got better things to do. You don't spend all your time trying to please everyone or make everyone like you. They never will. There are things you have to accept in life, better do that ASAP. Comfort yourself with the difference in quality between those who like you and those who do not and be glad it's not the other way around, as is the case with celebrities, movers and shakers, politicians and so forth. Think about it!!!

You know these things, you're just not employing them. You have to look inward and find those places where you have capitulated with the status quo and recognize that you don't have to be a thrall. The hidden masters of all planes are well disposed to those who have the courage and conviction to pursue what they cannot see (as yet). I'm watching, “Jobs” as I write this. Boy, what an asshole. That's what it takes though... to climb that particular mountain and sometimes the genius in that area brings new and useful things into the world but it often comes at great human cost. Many people tell themselves, “I'll be a nice person. I'll be generous when I get where I intend to be.” However, when you sacrifice your humanity on the way to a pedestrian goal... there is no later for that. Some do come into those zones but... they held on to the precious parts of themselves.

Now, we've all been assholes. I certainly qualify in that regard. However, if our asshole quotient diminishes as we go, we can consider ourselves a success. In the end, it is our success as a human being that counts. Nothing else is even in the same room, or shouldn't be unless your values are upside down. We should never lose sight of that. We will make mistakes. We will over react. We will be excessive, simply because our energy is so difficult to contain. Learn from it all. Forgive yourself and forgive others. If you can do this you will please those you cannot see and they will help you on the way. I know this to be true. You can only go so far without their help and no further... no further in the right direction that is. If you absorb what's been said here today and make it a working part of your life from here on out, it will be the most powerful and effective thing you have ever done or will ever do because it will lead to the fulfilment of your every righteous dream and unchain your imagination to where you will no longer recognize yourself but will truly see yourself in all the wonder and glory of your essential being. It won't happen over night but it will happen. What kind of motivating assurance is that? You figure it out according to how you value it, or anything for that matter and Godspeed.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Dragon of the Apocalypse at the Crossroads of Impasse.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The march of fascism continues. Why? It is because those who have stolen so much from the public that they are rich beyond need and everyone else is in need. When you steal a lot of money, you need a lot of money. You have to hire your own private army to protect you but... that never works for very long and it definitely won't work in an apocalypse. You can't tell these people anything though. It's similar to what happens when the dictator's palace is being mobbed by his subjects. Long before it came to that he could have done things, set things in motion that would have appeased the populace but instead (he did not) and even at that late hour, he orders the army to shoot down the populace. The army is a part of the populace though, comes out of the populace. These days that aspect presents itself to their minds, as it did in Yugoslavia and Romania. Those who will not listen will feel. Those who will not awaken by being called out to, will be shaken from their sleep by whatever force is necessary.

I think of all the things I could say to the reader. I think of all the things I have said to the reader and all the ways I've said the same things for the sake of variable perspectives. I work for an energy that provides me with these perspectives. I see what I believe to be the rightness of these perspectives and... we need various perspectives because we are different people, or we think we are and... "as a man thinketh, so is he". In reality there is only one persona behind us all and it can take two dramatic aspects, depending on personal intention. One of those leads to painful lessons and the other leads to a freedom from them. It's like that white light through a spectrum. It's like the snow on the mountaintops. When it melts, the water runs down and creates all of the riot of colors below. Wake up and smell your body burning. There's more than one kind of fire too.

So... I think of all the things I could say and ever and again my mind returns to Love being the skeleton key for all of life's confinement boxes. It might be that sometimes the lock is on the outside of the box and you're going to need help. Sometimes you have to cry out. Maybe you will be heard. Sometimes you have to keep crying out because the distance within you and what you believe to be outside of you is considerable. Sometimes you have to band together and sometimes the dire circumstances of life are arranged as they are for just that reason.

Some believe that life is just a series of random events, giving the impression that you are nothing more than a pinball. Then there are the fatalists that believe you are doomed to the road you're on, ♫Don't take your guns to town son. Leave your guns at home Bill. Don't take your guns to town♫ Some don't believe anything. They're the meat-heads who serve their appetites. Some believe "there's a destiny that shapes our ends." ... "rough hew them how we will." That last implies that we are in in some kind of a mysterious situation that we have something to do with or, what does 'we' mean?. What I take away from it is that we can cooperate in the direction of our best interests, or we can opposes them. Lao Tzu nails it again as he always does, "though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven." If you've got no use for religion, like me, it's splendid to find something that rings so true that doubt is never a factor. What a man or woman believes, can be likened to a miner's helmet with the light on the brow. The light shines upon what your attention is on. I could spend the rest of this post weaving allegorical associations out of this image. For instance, consider what coal was originally. Consider the lyrics, ♫it's dark as a dungeon way down in the mind♫ we'd be speaking of our personal darkness here and all those past lives , so distant from this day that now we heat the moments of our present with lifetimes long obscured by the mists of time.

Enough with the allegories, analogies and metaphors, at least for a couple of sentences (grin). We are in a time phase that my vibrationary tripwires tell me is Defcon 2. The usual troublemakers are running around with their hair on fire. Ye Gods! They have encountered opposition! They don't like that, not at all. They did manage to buy off the thoroughly corrupt prime minister of France. He's toast. He is singlehandedly responsible for the huge rise in support for the right wing. The wheels are coming off the wagon. They've awakened the dragon. They have awakened The Dragon of the Apocalypse. He's red and green, depending on the mood; ♫working in a coal mine going down down down, working in a coal mine, whoops about to slip down♫ Then there are those who come "Out of the night that covers me, Black as the Pit from pole to pole." believing, "I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul." Sure you are. Then again, in a manner of speaking it is true. It's a general consensus that this is an atheist's poem. In fact it's the poster boy poem for atheists. Strangely enough, it was a testament of faith for some number of notable individuals. Nelson Mandela says he would never have made it through prison without that poem. Then again, Timothy McVeigh considered it inspirational as well.

Mind the passage of these coming days. I hope I'm wrong but the coconut telegraph of the astral plane has got a new bass and drums track that sounds like a carload of gangbangers going down the street. Today, tomorrow, this weekend, sooner rather than later now, we come to The Crossroads of Impasse and ♫something's got to give♫ On the one hand, the enemies of humanity are in no mood for compromise or retreat. Funny thing is, their ability to continue is diminishing by the day. They're distracted from being able to focus on that because things keep going wrong and they can't figure out why that is. On the inside of their mind they've got this portion that's precision machinery and that's the part that stays on top of fucking with the rest of the human race, though some of them are no longer members and none of them are in good standing. Thing is, things that used to happen with precision and what was out of sight would stay out of sight, that isn't happening like it used to. A sane individual would probably begin rethinking their courses of previous action. They aren't sane though and they are being driven more and more insane by the forces that covered their action in the past. Imagine your ability to do various things receding while the desire to do them steadily increases. Imagine your paranoia going up and up. It's counterpointed by the intrinsic knowledge that you are a detestable life form. This is radiating below the threshold of your conscious mind. Occasionally it leaps out upon the surface like a flying fish and then it's back under the water again. The waters are not stilled again for awhile. You know it's there but it's out of sight like a peripheral brain wave. You know about it but you don't know about it. You know you're troubled and it throws you off but the force of your arrogance is huge. Your memory of past offenses, truly awful offenses against your fellows is strong. You've had an incredible run. You've killed, tortured and maimed thousands, tens of thousands and no one has stopped you. You've stolen the wealth of entire countries. You've convinced a good portion of the world to believe improbable and impossible lies but now... the whole structure is shaking. Nuts and bolts are coming loose from their moorings. They're clattering on the cold concrete. Something's up... something big is up.

Digression... it looks like I am going to go to that seminar. I should be able to finalize the details in the next 24 hours... ba da bing!

I hope I'm wrong. I often say things because I suspect it is possible that saying them affects them happening in some way. If enough of us are sounding the alarm, they might retreat. It is my fervent hope that they get caught in the act. That would be a wonderful thing.

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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Dilettantes, Dabblers and Ouija Board Warriors

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's a slender, slender thread. It's a narrow, narrow way. Is it any wonder we fall to one side or the other? That's no wonder at all. What is a wonder is how few ever bother to even try. When they do try, it's one of those compromise jaunts, leading to one of those plateaus which exists for several reasons; one of them is as evidence that that is not the place. Another is the profit factor which always attends being resident in a place that is not the place and then... there are all the reasons people have for actually thinking there is an easier way, spending all that time looking for an easier way (when they could have been well on their way) and all the other reasons known and unknown for why people don't take advantage of what there is, just cause they can't see or identify it for what it is. There are no TV commercials for the invisible lokas and plenty for the open sewers, with their lipstick mouths (metaphorically speaking) talking in tongues, speaking that corporophagial glossolalia, singing that material world version of "Amazing Grace" called "Amazing Waste". I'm still surprised that most people don't know the story of that song's author; the first song, not the second one. The second one has many authors and is never completed.

And then there's really important news (courtesy of Anon). AND the really important issues; "A University of Hawaii professor has estimated that same-sex marriages could bring in another $271 million to the state over a three-year period starting in 2014." Oh... that's interesting, ♫Won't you tell him please to shoot up some speed, swallow my seed, Oh how I need... someone to go down on me♫ (Apologies to Gershwin? beautiful version...) Once again, this is about the Tribe sponsored political push, whose intent is the destruction of the family unit; no need to argue about it, that's a proven fact. Besides, visible believes everyone is bisexual and all of us are female to God, the latter visible is personally aware of. Of course, those who like to hammer on visible are indifferent to reality since they needs must construct a fantasy in the first place. First they construct a fantasy about themselves, which likely has not been nor ever will be realized and then? They construct a fantasy about you. What has sustained me over time is my full recognition of Nature as a mirror and each of us as mirrors to the other, like it or not. That's one reason I am absolutely comfortable with my jeremiads. You hear a lot of new agey folks and westerners, with new Asian names to go with their saffron robes, talk about that mirror aspect. Certainly those who have looked within the Buddhmind to any depth, are aware of this as a cosmic phenomena. Ergo, it's easy to suss out where other people are coming from if your mirror is operating in an efficient manner and is not distorted like a fun-house mirror, or totally opaque from reasons of neglect.

Let me make something very clear. There is a vast distance between the dilettante and dabbler and the consistent practitioner. The dilettante and dabbler get scared off at certain levels because they are not considered worthy of what comes after, given that they are dilettantes and dabblers to begin with. You'll get this if you are a consistent practitioner but not if you are a dilettante or dabbler. You will also understand how to clearly interpret the motivations of others but not if you are a dilettante or dabbler because the factor of personal dishonesty hasn't been cleared up. This is the primary reason that those who use the cloister of anonymous for venomous assault do so under such cover. Those who are secure in their position need no such hideyhole. Once again, this has nothing to do with being anonymous, I can well understand why people feel the need for anonymity. Not everyone has my dispensation for the purpose of demonstration; believe that or not, the proof of it should be evident after ten years of my doing this (and decades before being engaged in similar) and that includes all my wild antics, for whatever my reasons and the reasons of the cosmos might be. I don't come out of so many situations or perpetuate as I do without serious backup. Make of that what you will.

Speaking of being 'out there' (which we were, sort of), I've been invited to a seminar. As a late invitee I am not presently listed on the event flyer or website. Should any of the readers out there have an interest in coming to London Town you'll get to meet me and the others listed. I was offered 30 to 45 minutes but I demurred to 15. My feeling is that if you can't say it in 15 minutes or less you're usually confusing and overstating the case. I was once invited to speak at an event in Switzerland by an exceptionally fine man. David Ray Griffin spoke and so did Niels Harrit. They went on and on for at least an hour and a half each. An associate of the man's delightful daughter got me ripped on some high end pot. I mentioned to the man that these speakers were boring the audience to tears, even though they were Swiss (inside joke which you have to be mainland Europe to get). He agreed and as soon as there was an opening I was sent up. I went into my George Carlin mode. Heck, I was already in George Carlin mode and- to be honest- I was outrageous and said things you aren't supposed to say in Europe and I'm guessing you know what that was.

I stayed on for about 15 minutes and when I walked off stage, half the audience followed me out. I think this added to the annoyance and paranoia I created. I still feel bad about blindsiding this wonderful man but it's my job to do this, precisely because most people who put themselves up as truth-speakers avoid the combustive truth. I do not, fool that I am. The people who followed me out did not seem inclined to go back in and finally the man had to come out and get them. He gave me a measured and intelligent, compassionate lecture on the ride to the hotel. He was and probably is a sterling individual. He was wounded that I would get so declarative. It was unfortunate but, once again, it's what I do. I am more mindful than I was in the past. I've been in an envelope of years that confined me in the cycle of certain shortcomings. Those have departed lately and should be toast in a few weeks, I'm hoping. I haven't been as clear as I am these days in a long time. Let's hope that continues. I am told that it will. God, it's been a haul.

Anyway, if you have an interest in coming to this event, please make your interest known because it might not happen otherwise. There has been ACTIVE opposition to this event and these efforts have hamstrung the work of the promoters to make it happen. There's a serious discount available now and a fantastic meal is in the offing. Should the event go forward, I am strongly considering attending, even though the expense of having to travel on such short notice will put a serious dent in my meager financial holdings. Anyway, there's that sorted, sort of.

Back to that mirror thing. Nature is a mirror of humanity's mental and emotional intent and expression. You might also call Nature a blank canvas. We write our karma on it. There's a Dorian Gray kind of a thing that takes place and you'll have some idea of that, unless you are a dilettante or a dabbler. There's a dark side to being a dilettante and a dabbler. What would that be? Dilettantes and dabblers have no secure connection to the prime mover, which protects those who are not dilettantes and dabblers. I like to call that particular contingent, The Ouija Board Warriors. Invariably that medium is taken over by conscious entities who have been at the game of deception far longer than individual lives are known for. This makes them a lot sharper and more aware of the weaknesses in human nature than most humans and more than ALL dilettantes and dabblers. This is why, no matter what your intentions are when entering into a study of Magic and the practice of Magic, you will invariably gravitate to the dark side, due to the absence of a purified will. You only get a purified will when well past the point that dilettantes and dabblers are allowed to proceed. Let this stand as a stern warning to all who consider this path. You have no idea of the force and sphincter loosening fear that can be brought up by any number of those whose path you might cross or... whose path might cross yours.

A word to the wise about Magic. I brought with me into this life a long term association with this area, which came to my attention, along with all kinds of things following my Kundalini rising. I was very lucky that my Karma kept me from the dangerous ends of the practice and luckier still that I met a holy man (Guru Bawa) who removed it all. He told me, he could activate the totality of it in me but I would be in terrible peril if he did. So he just swept it all aside (apparently with my permission- grin) and it never crossed my mind again. All the fascination with it (and it was a fascination) went, poof! It was a reverse abracadabra of sorts. The ONLY ones who prosper in this field are those ordained to do so and who come into the presence of those who are masters at it, or they are chosen for the purpose of demonstration (God help you if it's the latter). It's the same thing with Tantra. For some reason, most of the self styled Tantric authorities are Germans. No one learns this system who does not learn it from a bona fide master and... of all the systems, there are fewer of these around than there is representative of any of the other systems and it takes decades, under the best of circumstances, it takes decades to master. Believe what you will.

There are all kinds of fools running around claiming to be empowered to give out instruction on everything under the sun. Some of these clowns, by virtue of the diligent pursuit of particular siddhis, obtain them and can demonstrate some 'seemingly' remarkable things. Simpletons, dilettantes and dabblers think this means something and that somehow these 'performance artists' can be helpful to them. You see someone manifesting and manipulating phenomena and you imagine that implies Wisdom or spiritual insight. These things do not come with parlor tricks. I have certain siddhis as Sim and others have experienced. One fellow last year around this time went off in flight, terrified, telling another of the former readers here that if anything happened to him, no matter if it looked like an accident, I was responsible for it. There are others also and those I haven't met in person who have had positive 'events' in their life and with their health. I'm not bringing this up to pump up my profile. I'm really not like that, regardless of what some might think, because of the mirroring thing. I bring this up so that I can explain how it works with me. I DO NOT employ these attributes. These are exercised through me by those who operate me and to whom I owe fealty and loyalty beyond anything I can adequately or accurately state. Because mine are exercised in this manner there is no way I am made responsible for errors I would 'certainly' make (even if they might appear to be errors to some [grin], they are intentional). Some things happen around some people and nothing happens around others. In some few cases, panic and fear are the stronger result. In other cases people are delighted and entertained or... nonplussed.

I try not to discuss this aspect because it is certain to infuriate certain personality types. Their level of self awareness cannot process this kind of thing. They are dilettantes and dabblers, often misanthropes, constipated iconoclasts and sundry. Balanced and aware individuals are not threatened by these capacities in others and secure sorts are not challenged by them. They KNOW we all reach equally exalted states eventually, however they may differ in expression or resonance. If they are informed they know that all of us (masters included) have a secret life of shame behind us; each and every one. They know "there are more things in Heaven and Earth." Meanwhile, there's widespread proof across the years of what I say concerning my own history. There's a whole lot about all of this that I don't understand and I am given to believe there is a very good reason for that. We'll see. On all these matters we'll see. Time will tell and until then, we will just keep on keeping on.

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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Military Cocktails at the Feeding Ground for Ghouls.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

If something is the way it is and continues the way it is, it is because certain interests want it that way. Eventually the truth about a whole lot of things will burble to the surface like toxic, septic seep. The stink will be noticeable and the source identifiable. All things are going to be resolved That is the nature of an apocalypse. It's all about revealing, summing up and adjusting the scales of cosmic justice. If people in general were more aware of how critical these times are to their onward bound travels, they would be a lot more focused and circumspect. The great power of materialism and the efforts of it's agents are all for the purpose of taking people's minds off of what is important, by body-slamming them with trivia and the inconsequential. Things are not going to go on the way they have been going on for so long. Things are going to change radically and quickly and then we shall see what all sorts of things have been set in place for.

People are far too concerned with the ill conditions that affect them and less so about why those conditions are there in the first place. We ARE being tested and how we respond and change has everything to do with where we wind up. As has been said here any number of times, it doesn't matter what sort of a conveyance you use. If you are headed for Kansas City, if your ticket says Kansas City, you are going to wind up in Kansas City. If you don't want to wind up in Kansas City, change your direction. If your actions are of a certain order and type, the cosmic reaction to them will reflect exactly what is called for. If everything you do falls under the heading of 'for the purpose of material gain', you can presume that you are bonded with the destiny of that sphere. Look around you. What do you see? Take a hard, extended and focused look. Go into a mall or a park or anywhere and study the people around you. What is in their eyes? Are they aware that they are there or are they walking in a dream? You can train your mind to see this. There are those who profiteer off of this condition. They don't give a shit about any outcome so long as their profit targets get met. You've heard of 'old souls' (did your life coach tell you you were an old soul? How nice for you). There are also 'cold souls'. Here is a grievous gaggle of them. Here's what happens when you step out of line. My reaction would be ,"take this job and shove it". If you go along with the incremental creep of ever more offensive constrictions, you will eventually be very constricted (Kansas City?).

If your life is series of compromises and accommodations of going along to get along, you're not actually going anywhere, you are being herded. It's kinds like going wrong. You make a concession here, you sidestep what's called for there. You measure your moral sense according to the prevailing climate. What is that? Is that another kind of climatic warming, meaning it's heating up?

Appetite and desire blur the critical eye. You can't see what's going on because one siren or another is singing in your ear. Your state of consciousness is dark because the times are dark. Most people succumb to the prevailing climate and bend with the prevailing wind. They don't want to call attention to themselves. They want their misery with company. The weight of material things has a specific gravity and the more of it there is, the more it drags you down and the more you are confined by it. Freedom is an essential key to joy and well being. Lacking it, you lack them as well. One cannot be happy when they are confined and that extends across the gamut from physical, to emotional and mental.

There is an effort afoot to drive everyone into the cities; easier to control. When those in charge of seeing after your welfare are stealing your resources, they know they have to set up protections for themselves so they pre-empt the discovery of their crimes (Mr. Apocalypse) with a police state. They set up shootings of TSA goons so that they can tell the press, "I just wanted to protect people (sniffle). Only a cinderblock head does not hate the TSA. So, getting some of them shot is how they do PR. It's just one more false flag. They're pretty much all false flags because people are easily convinced because? People are stupid, gullible and frightened. How do people get stupid? People are obviously more stupid than they were earlier. Some of it has to do with convenience on all sides. Some of it has to do with a concerted effort on the part of those who employ the educators to dumb down the curriculum. Some of it has to do with replacing knowledge with trivia, or not providing knowledge to begin with. A lot of it has to do with the level of entertainment. It's got a lot to do with those that the public emulates and imitates. They copy the language. They copy the poses. They see themselves performing like these vacuous actors in pursuit of the eternal swag of sex, money and social position. . The second two guarantee the first.

Rap music was designed and proliferated, in order to ratchet up the tensions, celebrate the violence and demean the feminine. Here's a whole page at Google that illustrates the type of goons at large these days. These things are considered cool. You get women marching in different countries, celebrating their rights to be sluts; 'slut empowerment', 'regaining one's inner slut', 'Find your Slut Goddess'! That all sounds like some profitable new age courses that you can get your life coach to turn you on to.

One of the most amazing world wide examples of brainwashing, is that mindset of former soldiers, who fought in one banker war or another, glorifying their service. They say it is in the service of their country. The war was completely unnecessary. It only happened so that bankers could finance both sides of the conflict and so that the arms merchants could sell weapons and all the big armament corporations could produce their products and people like Bush Sr. and the rest of the corrupt Satanists, over at Carlyle, can make a killing in more ways than one. Look at all of these fools standing in front of black walls, with the lists of thousands of names of those who died for banker profit. Look at them putting wreaths in front of one of thousands and thousands of white crosses, where lie buried more casualties of banker wars. Look at them dressing up in their uniforms, overcome with cheap emotion for the only time they felt alive, or had any camaraderie, which is what they really missed and didn't need war to have in the first place. Look at them, slumped over on bar stools, telling inflated self glorifying lies about their time in combat when they were flying a desk in the quartermaster's corps.

Look at them getting all outraged and seething with violence when you challenge the legitimacy of what they see as their sacrifice; these dumb bozos see what their country thinks of them when they need medical treatment. Look at the politicians in the employ of bankers and how they treat the soldiers. It hits me as incredibly sleazy to see these Nam vets going on and on about their war tales, much of which involved burning women and children and so called enemy combatants with napalm and phosphorus, which involved the Phoenix Program and all kinds of other horrible things and glorifying the whole sad affair. World War 2, The Korean War, Vietnam and all those nasty little skirmishes that followed... all banker wars.. all for banker profits and having nothing else to do with anything other than pacification, resource looting and control.

We know it's all a sham. A lot of them know it's a sham but... it goes on, this glorification of violence for the sake of bankers, this toleration of every kind of outrage, this dehumanizing process in the creation of huge feeding grounds for ghouls

Here's one of the weasel swine employed by bankers. Send this lying Zio-Ogre a message at his Facebook page like I did. Read what he has to say in that article. I look forward to schadenfreude concerning this reptile. I shouldn't. I know I shouldn't but he curdles my blood, just like all of his fellow Tribe members that dominate the ranks of now ubiquitous, yellow journalism world wide. They lie and lie and lie and press for bloody wars without conscience. They cheerlead for war with no hesitation whatsoever. They are monsters. They know Israel did 9/11. They applaud and support this. They want Syria destroyed. The deaths of others mean nothing to them. They're paid more in a year than I make in 20, to tell lies and petition for murder and the stupid of the world support them and believe them. So it goes for the moment. It's going to change, count on it.

Only so much corruption and stench can be tolerated. Eventually the stink of it permeates into the realms of those who are entrusted with the restoration of balance. They are patient and long-suffering because, once the necessary changes are set into motion there's no turning back and the fallout can be awesome and awful. That's coming and I wouldn't want to be in the shoes of some of those who have no idea of what is on it's way to them. It shouldn't be long now. I can hear the thunder. I expect that I will soon see the lightning.

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Saturday, November 02, 2013

The Bint Paradise of Helminth Crawlers in the Age of the Aeolist.

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May your noses always be cold and wet!

Change is coming. It's happening everywhere in small ways; in ways ignored by those who lie for a living out of the mouths of Bitch Media, the hydra headed monster, whose organ of speech will soon be stuffed with the shit it spews.

Believe what you like but do the right thing, admit that you don't know. You don't know one way or the other about Snowden. You don't. Assange we know about. Snowden is still unclear. What we do know, or should know, is that the revelations concerning the NSA spying on European leaders is a BIG deal. The uproar out of Germany and the accusations flying from those caught with their pants down is no small matter.

It's not just one thing. It's not just small things or big things. It's all kinds of things and the nastiest conclaves and cabals are being bescumbered and drenched in the substance upon which they have relied for so long. It's been America's (and her running dog, whore accomplices) biggest and most well known product in recent times. This steaming mess of the same is redolent with fecal compounds beyond anything ever seen before. Don't tell me the hand of the cosmos was not shoulder to the wheel on this one. These coccydinia generating ninnyhammers are drowning in their own buncombes. These fetid hircismus pits of unrelenting offense have pushed the river up against The Damn of Pass Not and shall drown in the flood of their own cacafuego as the waters catch fire. The puzzumous fellow travelers, upon this sinking ship of hours come round at last, have had their passports stamped for the nether worlds beyond. Jobernowles and koisters all, are hearing the ass trumpets of The Pit sounding in their honor. Their rumbustical and toitish personas are melting like the Wicked Witch of the West, as The Hounds of Hell erupt in cacophonous dissonance. If they were twice as smart they would still be stupid cause... look where it got them.

We are on the further rise of critical mass. There are no following hills. We are at that point where, in the next moment, everyone turns in astonishment and asks, "How did we get here?" Critical mass has come when small and big calamities attend every big and small act of intended injury, manifested by those who have sidestepped both for far too long. It's the big loblolly roundup and it's happening now.

The end is near when fear has been replaced by ridicule. When contempt swallows all apprehension, you know that the shitmeisters have fallen into their own soup. They can't go forward. They can't go backwards. They can only go down.

One of the great secrets of irresistible change is that those most responsible for the need of it, are the ones most responsible for bringing it about. We must keep in mind that even the worst among us like Condolezza Rice, Susan Rice, Samantha Power (ladies first-grin), speaking of witches AND lightless slubberdeguillions like Rumsfield, Cheney, the Bush clan; not unlike the Sawney Bean clan and far too many others, will all be redeemed in the far, far off future. Just as it took them a long time to get to where they got, it will take them easily as long to ♫get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged♫ The universe is perfect, even if it takes forever for it to prove it to us, well, that's what forever is for. These helminth crawlers will eventually find the light, or it will find them. We have been too long in The Age of the Aeolist, with their clapperdudgeon inheritances. This is what happens when your Eighth House is an outhouse.

The days of America's Bint Paradise are coming to an end. Your job as a bystander is to become a conscious bystander, who steps back from their participation in assisting in the continuance of your own confinement. Step back and let it fall under it's own weight. Laugh at Obamacare and ignore it. Ignore the IRS. After all, the corporations do, why shouldn't you? Let us not come off as a runaway sesquipedalians here... or... what?

Look at the train wreck! Look at the humor! When ridicule replaces fear, you know the end is near. Lead in the water and attendant decadence, juxtaposed to one's reach exceeding one's grasp, brought Rome to it's knees, figuratively and in a pornographically literal sense as well. Use your imagination ...or maybe not. The same thing exists in contempt-orary America and the mindset of the wanna be movers and shakers says it all. Sure, it's aluminum chemtrails instead of lead in the pipes this go round. It's thumbfucking angry birds, screaming over the big beat, Satan worshiping, Dr.Dre headphones, instead of incestuous humping in the palaces and this time the lead is in the head. They're not barbecuing in the Iron Bull of Satyricon. They're flame broiling Palestinians with white phosphorus and Drone burning subsistence farmers in Pakistan and Yemen, Amen.

Where is the shame? Where is the regret and the tears of remorse in the dark night? They are not permitted. The misled are given no opportunity to see, until the moment of revelation comes upon them.

The metrosexual meme of the wall to wall mall culture, is toilet twerking in Larry Craigland. The writing on the bathroom walls has become florescent in the minds of the black light dancers. The shining shadow forms, in the false light of The Great White way, are rocking out on the broadway that leadeth to destruction. Selah!

Take a moment in time to thank Mr. Apocalypse, without whose active participation we would be seeing nothing but the darkness, behind our own closed eyes. If you don't know by now. If you can't see by now, you don't want to, no how. If you can't see by now, you have lacked all motivation to do so. You've been busy feeding the howling ventriculus and that mini-me microphallus appetites. Insecurity is the natural parent of over compensation.

It's here. The methane creep generated from proximity to Washington D.C is waiting on a match. The culture has become a ubiquitous pile of dirty rags in the corner of the basements of every official building in the capitals of every Tribe hijacked government of The West. If you don't know what's going on (cause you got that terminal dumbass virus), you don't want to know. If you don't know what's going on, you're 'crimes of omission' culpable. If you don't know what's going on, you probably wish you were there. It's what it is and... so are you.

The weight of evidence is enough to create a black hole. The true definition of irredeemable evil is when you are engaged in it for the sheer joy of performing it. The rabbit hole is not unlike the world's intestinal tract. How much more do you need to see when you have no desire to see? How much more can you avoid until there is no oxygen left to breathe?

You did not know these things and there is worse, far worse at deeper points, below the festering pustules of moral fracking gone mad. Down in the deeps where massive unseen monsters breed, horrible crimes are plotted for the sheer joy of performing them. You did not know that such creatures walked among us. You did not know how completely they have seduced your leaders in every walk of life. It's all for the purpose of demon-stration. It is the battle of Armageddon, warming up in the wings.

"We are standing on an endless horizon
Facing into the blazing sun
And we have come to Armageddon
Just to find the battle won."

We'll get there if we don't give up.

End Transmission.......

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