Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Don't You Know we're Riding on the Disinfo Express.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

The promoters of the seminar in London are offering 5 tickets for five pounds (I think that's five pounds per ticket) for those who want to come and hear me. Details are sketchy, so I suggest that those possessing an interest contact Tahra at the Seminar webpage for details, especially if you have four people in your pocket with five pounds in each of their pockets (grin). There's a Charles Iwanga in the seminar comments to whom this may apply. He says he's 'skint' (grin).

In an email this morning I said to a correspondent who said something about short memories; “Living in the eternal present puts paid to memory but no one gets there without the assistance of it." In occult teachings we are told that the key to everything is memory. Within us is everything we need to know to be anyone or go anywhere, even ourselves and nowhere at all. Accessing it is the problem and that is where arcane technologies like the Tarot, Esoteric Astrology, types of Yoga and other powers and other environments come in. That's why Memory is ascribed to the High Priestess. Those with even a passing understanding of the implications of that can read volumes into it.

I have been in the habit of focusing the finger of accusation upon certain sectors of our society, primarily because of the dire circumstances of the hour. Once there was only a few of us calling attention to certain things, especially when it came to events like 9/11 and the other significant terror attacks of the last decade+. Few wanted to point the finger at Israel, who arranged for 9/11 to occur in order for their plans of world conquest to come to fruition. As a result of their efforts, millions have died in The Middle East and America has been turned into a police state, pending upon the arrival of a planned event, so far held in abeyance because they know we are watching because a few of us have been continuously calling attention to them and with the assistance of Mr. Apocalypse and his walking stick, many are now awakening and have been awakening and like a game of tag, information and awareness are making the rounds, Red Rover, come on over!

A new awareness is sweeping the lands and this is why the industry of the Zionists and Satanists, who are joined together in a common interest, are so frantic to get to the pass before they get cut off. Perhaps they haven't seen the movie? It's been awhile since this movie has been in the theaters. Still... they know somethings coming. Many of them think it is their hour of supremacy come round at last. They do consider themselves superior to the rest of us. This alone makes them inferior. Their penchant for strutting like roosters and boasting like apes beating their chest, reveals an inherent and unshakeable insecurity that will not go away because deep inside and not so deep as well, they know they're wrong and ill made. Well, they made themselves. How could it be otherwise? The higher they climb, the further they fall, ♫one and all♫ Their industry at digging only digs the hole they are in deeper and that is as it should be.

I intend, at a gradual pace, to turn my attention away from these miscreants and rather focus my attention more upon those positive activities and disciplines in which there is great profit to be found. The Punisher will attend to these sick fucks from Hell.

As I have mentioned, I've been watching various cable series to get an idea of what is being slipped into the common awareness, under the guise of entertainment, which is, near exclusively, in the hands of these same miscreants and is in their hands for the purposes they employ them for; those being for the corruption of the common mind and the culture, to the end that discord and disorder should prevail upon the general environment. So it is that I happen to be watching a series from the BBC called “Copper”. As we all know, Jimmy Savile was a high ranking Satanist who had the BBC and many highly placed public officials in his pocket. Evidence of his escapades only surfaced some time after his death. Now, by the day, evidence of other Satanists connected to the BBC and elsewhere, are surfacing, from the Isle of Wight to (eventually) Buckingham Palace and of course... all points abroad.

In this series is a ten year old girl who was sold into prostitution and then married to a degenerate. The series is full of her playing the coy adult, offering sexual favors, seeking to play all kinds of roles while currying favor. We're led to believe that this is all intended to paint a realistic picture of New York City and the Irish during The Civil War. Obviously what they are doing is catering to a pedophile audience, while seeking to awaken that urge in the common mind they are corrupting to that end. Objective and uncompromised intellects can see this. All of these series are filled with the same revolving plots of intrigue, sexual activities, violence, all of the things we see in pedestrian soap operas. There's no real difference in any of them. It's like all of the network shitcoms where the characters are doctors and nurses, lawyers, politicians, police officers etc. All of them have gay characters shoehorned into the mix and given a forced cultural legitimacy, defanging the sense of threat, as it may exist in various minds. Other historical non happenings are trumpeted as happenings because the control of history is all important.

Once again, what I say here has nothing to do with people being gay and exercising their lifestyle choices. That is none of my business. What is my business is the effort to subvert the family unit as the basic equation of civilization and the use of the gay agenda in its political application (run and controlled exclusively by Tribe members, as are any of the large atheist organizations, whose purpose- as far as the Tribe element in it is concerned- is the murder of Christianity) which is intended to be used as a springboard for the legitimization of pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia and anything the darker mind can dream up. I mentioned in a earlier post that we are all bisexual to a degree. The force of this is greater now than at any other time due to the outpouring of the feminine aspect upon the human mind with the advent of the Age of Aquarius. This is meant to awaken the female qualities of intuition, understanding and various sensitivities that are native to that aspect as it exists in the higher mind. However, since the force of the Urban Mall Culture and attendant materialism is so great, there is a strong pull toward acting out on the physical level and that is why this particular behavioral aspect is so much larger than it is usually. This is not to say that some of us are not born into a sensitivity in this regard for the purpose of demonstration. I suspect every soul encounters this on its way into the finer spheres; sex, as we 'commonly' understand it does not accompany us into those locations.

It dismays and amuses me, by turns, how people can read things I say and because they are narrow minded, or hung up, one way or another, decide to misread or misinterpret what I say. So it is that 'anonymous' came around screaming that I was gay because I mentioned the bisexual feature that attends the great majority of us, however latent it may be. This doesn't mean it's exercised. I prefer mine to find its outlets in music, poetry, dance and any number of places where the muse may be of a female character or where one comes off as observably clumsy, as in dancing, without it. As I've mentioned no end, I've had gay friends for decades and there's no problems encountered in our association. But people who are inclined to misread, mislabel and slander are not interested in what one actually means but are more interested in how they might subvert it to their ends. This is how a certain 'anonymous' can go around at forums claiming that I have admitted being a Mason, which I never have. What I've said is that all Masons aren't evil, nor are the essentials of Masonry (of which I am passing familiar, through my researches). I've stated that I consider myself' a Rosicrucian, which doesn't make me one. I admire the true Rosicrucians because they only exercise the one power and that is the ability to heal. Interested readers should read Arthur Edward Waite and Paul Foster Case on the matter. They wear no distinguishing garments and they move among us, anonymously and near invisibly, helping as they can.

Nowhere have I ever seen them accused of being agents of the dark side by any legitimate or informed source. However, some misinformed alternative news oracle decided to just say that they were and those with nothing more than a superficial knowledge of anything, including themselves, go around making wild and uninformed accusations about whatever. There are a number of sensationalists plying their trade on the Disinfo Express, like Jones, Fulford, Wilcox, Sorcha Faal and others. Some do a half and half, like Adams. On the spiritual end you have Tolle, Chopra, Dwyer and pretty much anyone published by Hays Publishing. There's money in these rackets. Sensationalism sells and- more often than not- they are funded by vipers like Little Georgie Sorrows, the Bronfmans, Rothschilds or some government agency. At no time will anyone find me funded by or in the employ of any of them. I've already been compromised by the uncompromising (grin). Word has it I will be paid at some point and even find somewhere to live... heh heh. Well... you don't fly first class till you get your wings with this operation and even then it's all in your mind.

As a shoutout to those who occasionally show up here by accident, or got their frogs stepped on, or are just terminally pissed off that life didn't go the way they wanted to force it to, I want to say once again that the word 'diabolus' from which we get devil, from the Greek, means 'slanderer'. It means slanderer. Keep in mind that I know this and it travels with me as a comfort. As far as my shortcomings go, I'm familiar with them and they have my attention on a daily, if not hourly, basis. They will go when they are 'taken'. Some big ones already have been.

(When I point a finger or mention names, I am already absolutely and unequivocally convinced, according to my standards. However, I have a standing offer to change my mind should anyone choose to present me with compelling truth to the contrary, which no one has done yet. Screeching in denial and not wanting it to be true are not valid positions.)

The same applies to us all. Everyone should definitely and absolutely give serious consideration to their personal being in terms of what they say and do. Are you a good guy or a bad guy? Think about it. Far too many of us are going through all kinds of motions under all kinds of pretenses and in some cases, misapprehensions. It is, I would say, of critical importance to know in whose service we go about our days. As it's been said, “you got to serve somebody.” What that means is that no matter what you think, you're serving someone and if you are a full time servant of your own self interest, it doesn't take a genius to figure out whose service you are actually in. It's something to think about. If you should find you've been batting for the wrong team (I don't mean sexually- that would be the other team, grin), you can just take off that uniform and put on the other one or simply travel incognito. Once you realize you've been wrong, instantaneously you can be no longer wrong but right. If more people know this and how easily it is done and how comprehensive the forgiveness is, many more people would change. In the worst cases there is no motivation to change, at all.

Question of the day; why does Investment Watch, Intelhub and RINF (I think that's the initials) have so many commercial ads that oft times they obscure the articles being read or the videos watched? I assure you, these sites and others are about the money and nothing else. Raw Story fits in there too. Greed and the lust for profit is not the exclusive province of the obvious creeps.

End Transmission.......


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Intelhub RNIF ???????? I read Mick Meaney's (You thought Leslie Crook was bad?) RINF (REBELLIOUS INDEPENDENT NEWS AND FILM), and it seems whatreallyhappened goes there to get their news since it's there first. The main 'Breaking News' page has also not updated for several days now, and nor have other parts of the site I checked out. Wonder why? But I get fresh links from WRH, so some part of the site is working. I may look into it, I may not. I couldn't even ask on the comment section. It says CAPTCHA FAILED all the time, so. . .

I ignore all ads everywhere. Kill, delete, what ever.
All they do is annoy the living daylights out of me, and they do NOT make me want to buy anything.

lightandlongshadows said...

Once one sees through the systems of control and dissonance departs...

Once one understands that all the abstractions are fantasy, too often destructive...

Once one realises that civilisation is the detritus of a self transforming ideal...

Once one has argued their last arguement...'s time to listen to the words "shut up and play". :)

Rene Aubry - Apres la pluie

Anonymous said...

They are slamming the exit doors here in the USA - within a span of a couple of weeks, some bizarre financial measures were put in place. Chase Bank limited the amount of money that could be withdrawn from personal accounts (you can't withdraw your money, unless you observe their monthly limits on withdrawals), and they also stopped allowing international bank wires.

At the same time, Western Union put wiring limits on its customers - used to be you could wire pretty much whatever you wanted, to anybody you wanted, anywhere you wanted. Not any longer. Now it's maxed out at $450 (at least in Arizona).

But wait, there's more! There are these gizmos called MoneyPaks (you can purchase a card, which has a code on it, and send the code to anybody who has a pay-as-you-go credit card, and they instantly get cash), and there are other types of cards like MoneyPaks. Used to be you could send up to $900 to another person, using this method. Not any longer. Now it's maxed out at $450, just like Western Union.

But there aren't any conspiracies, no, Watergate never happened.

So last night I go to this bar that I like to hang out at periodically. And I order a drink. They usually put the receipt in a glass in front of you, at your seat. Then you pay the tab later. Or you just pay as you go; I usually pay as I go, depends on my mood. So this waitress asks me for a credit card. I say, "No way, I pay cash." She says that in order to drink here now, you have to have a credit card. I asked her why that would be necessary, if I am a CASH CUSTOMER? She says, "I know it's stupid, but it's a new rule the company just put in place starting on Monday."

So I said, "Let me get this straight. I am a cash-paying customer. I have $400 in cash in my wallet right now. And you're telling me that I can't drink here, unless I have a credit card?" She says, "That's right, sir, you can't drink at any of our restaurants anywhere now, unless you have a credit card..."

So I laughed in her face and went to this non-chain watering hole and drank $2 beers instead.

Do they really think they can force this unbridled fascism on everybody, everywhere? Yes, yes they do. Wow, their delusion is limitless...

Makes you wanna sing the National Anthem, eh?

Laura said...

I will enjoy attention being given to those "positive activities and disciplines" and anticipate continued enrichment from your writings, Vis.

Ginnie said...

I am endlessly amused at the ineffable's sense of humor!

"Red rover, red rover. Come on over."

So many have been caught "screwing the pooch"...and now we have a Pluto/Uranus thing happening! I guess every dog has his day!

Mirrors and reversals are funny things.

And, as you pointed out, it can stop anytime you want it to by changing your ways/thoughts!

Visible said...


I'll be going into specific techniques for that; not generally known, as far as I have seen (grin)except for me. The good news is that it will all be videoed so It should be online next week. I've decided to drift away (cue Dobie Gray) from hammering on the fiends at large and apply myself to sharing some of the things I have received from the ineffable. For whatever reason, the time has come.

I'm doing this seminar because, come Spring I am going on a lecture tour across Europe and this is the 'toe in the water' thing and also a promo for my booking agent. God willing I've have a band as well.

Ginnie said...

Yay! for sharing time!

Been waiting for this to happen.

Lots of impossible things have been becoming possible in my world lately!

Got my "banana manna" and "cosmic popcorn" ready to see the show!

Seems everybody is ready!

May your toes and the dipping water find a mutual affinity!

Peter of Lone Tree said...

From Resistance to Renaissance:
Conversations with Cobra, Chapter One by Elizabeth Whitney

Micky said...

The truth telling business Buy,buy,buy,donate,donate,donate, buy me a beer x3,silver,gold,dried water,washable toilet paper and glow in the dark rocks so the spaceship can find you during the three days of darkness,did I tell you how expensive it is to maintain my website? about a gazillion pounds and dollars a week just to keep the truth alive don't let the secret masonic,satanic,socialist,fascist cabbage patch my little pony illuminated foreskin intact scumbags rule you forever buy, buy buy

I Am, David Paul said...

Hi V,
Great news with your shift of perspective on calling out the zionazis. They have held the contrast long enough and most are starting to 'chew' on their tail getting ready for the full-on swallow. I have a positive vibe with the Rosy Cross also, I had some very interesting synchronicities/initiations before my heart expansion(very blissful) event last August. Of course a few months later I had more 'dark water to swim' but it's really great now. I do miss my mountain home greatly but I know I will be back on the trail shortly.
RE/Membering is a hard process!!! You Vis, have really been a sort of teacher for me. I have been reading all of your blogs for years. Thank You.

All the best to everyone!

Love David Paul Widner

Anonymous said...

Like Socrates, what scares me the most is that I might do wrong.


Em (M. Rocknest) said...

@ Anon 6:11:00
Curious that amount of $450 -- it is also the consulate fee for Americans to renounce their citizenship. You must be living overseas to do this and it's best if you are all good to go with your US tax paperwork before you do it. If you are an American (I am not) it's time you became aware of the U.S. law called FATCA, another manifestation of U.S. hegemony. It could be past time actually.

Visible said...

If you give up your citizenship, don't you have to be a citizen somewhere? What's the benefit? Can 't they rendition you all the same? Those aren't Americans at Guantanamo.

Chinese Sneakers said...

In my humble opinion, the following passage (see below) is a most important insight, as it delineates what is at the heart of the matter; for the tribe feel they were wronged and betrayed by Jehovah, and this is why their leadership have been in revolt against the go(o)d ever since.

It's here wherein Vis. writes: "Perhaps they haven't seen the movie? It's been awhile since this movie has been in the theaters. Still... they know somethings coming. Many of them think it is their hour of supremacy come round at last. They do consider themselves superior to the rest of us. This alone makes them inferior. Their penchant for strutting like roosters and boasting like apes beating their chest, reveals an inherent and unshakeable insecurity that will not go away because deep inside and not so deep as well, they know they're wrong and ill made. Well, they made themselves. How could it be otherwise? The higher they climb, the further they fall, ♫one and all♫ Their industry at digging only digs the hole they are in deeper and that is as it should be."

Never read it put so aptly before. The only thing i would add is that they probably feel a terrible hurt down inside. And rather than correct it or concede they were in the wrong, they have chosen to violently fight back against anything and everything that isn't one them.

PS. Not sure it's quite the right time to pull back now that we've got them all punchy on the ropes. They are not going to just give up and join us. They count on us easing up, and then they take advantage of such mercy to fight back even more viciously in any way they can. The Germans had virtually won WW1 by the end of 1916 but failed to prosecute it to its final end. Might be better to push on and put them out for the count. But it's up to you and not me.

Have a good trip.


Visible said...

That's the essence of that 'guilt' they talk about.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

@ Visible
Yes it is advisable to have a second citizenship before ditching American citizenship. The advantage of renouncing, as increasing numbers of Americans are deciding, is to put an end to their annual U.S. tax filings and now, with FATCA in the fray, a stop to their bank giving the IRS every little detail about the accounts they hold in the country where they have chosen to live. One tax master is enough for some people. As you probably know, the U.S.A. is the only country in the world (other than Eritrea) which taxes its citizens no matter where they live in the world, no matter how little connection they have to the homeland.

David Fiske said...

"I intend, at a gradual pace, to turn my attention away from these miscreants and rather focus my attention more upon those positive activities and disciplines in which there is great profit to be found.'

Excellent idea Vis. Let the light in. Forget what's all wrong. You'll probably feel the better for this.

Chinese Sneakers said...

Ya', they've got the biggest, worst case of projection the world has ever known.

My mind boggles at the difficulty of them ever working it out.


Visible said...

I have a unique situation, since I am with someone who is native to the country so I have an identity card and can even work here, if someone wanted to hire me. If I had employment in Europe I'd be set. Maybe it will happen now that I will need to shortly.

I don't pay taxes in U.S. I pay them here but they do take a sizeable chunk of withholding out of my book sales at Amazon. I haven't figured out how to counteract that yet. I guess I could just file a return.

Anonymous said...

They are doing DoD training exercises with black unmarked helicopters here in the Phoenix AZ area. They have weird red and blue lights. People were freaking out about it downtown. The helicopters were flying in swarms in between high-rise buildings, swooping down low on top of people, and generally scaring the piss out of everybody. Many folks called the TV stations to report it. Of course, they sent the "usual suspect" reporters out - far away from what were later deemed to be "training exercises". (So you didn't see any actual footage of flying helicopters on the news.) The talking head reporter I listened to on the news broadcast said, basically, "All is well - nothing to see here. They are just doing training exercises for crowd disperal in urban area, because they are going overseas on missions..." Cough, cough. Surrrrrrreee they are. The witless reporter also said that similar exercises were going on all over the country. I haven't seen anything about this happening in other U.S. cities, but we all know the MSM doesn't lie, so I'm sure I just missed it (wink). I can hear helicopters flying over my hotel north of downtown, right now, they've been doing this all night long, and I hear one (they are very loud) about every three or four minutes or so. Supposedly this is going to go on until Nov. 22nd. Hmm. I wonder if a false flag is in the offing...I'm gonna go out on a limb here, and bet, "yep".

Visible said...

Yes, Israeli and government inspired terror is on the menu. I'm pretty sure if they cut that deal with Iran that shit for brains said, "Ve vill attack!" I'm thinking they're being set up. I hope so. The whole world would look fresh and new if they were to get even a little of what they have coming to them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they are getting ready to make a big move. My Creep-O-meter has really spiked hard over the last couple of days. Today I felt certain that something really bad was about to happen. And that was just before the helicopters started flying around here in Phoenix (or at least before they started flying around where I am). Add in the absolutely impenetrable chemtrails they have been laying down for the last couple of days, and there's no doubt that something is up. They are going to bring it - and soon. My guess is, if they are going to pull a false flag, they will do it before Thanksgiving. That way, the aftermath will be watched by all the turkey-gorging sheeple here in the States all through next weekend. Non-stop CNN replays of the dastardly event (whatever it might be). They love timing this shit to coincide with the highest periods of TV watching, and sporting events are their absolute favorite for ratcheting up the patriotic fervor. We have the anniversary of JFK's murder tomorrow. Sure would be an appropriate time to parlay that episode, into a brand-new, freedom-culling, false-flag event, eh?

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Dispassionate, Objective, Algebra Enabled, Distraction Free Mind.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

@ Visible
"Just file a return" sounds simple but it isn't. A U.S. site,, might be worth checking out. It explains the fatwa nature of FATCA ... and its folly. Unfortunately, we all know that nobody does both better than the U.S.A. -- just because it can -- or thinks it can.

bruce1337 said...


it's funny how your headlines are characteristic enough to identify them at first glance 99 times out of a 100 (I tend to tangentiate off WRH usually).

On topic of internet ads, a bit of advice: get

You can thank me later :)

Visible said...

Then again, they paid out 4 billion in false returns, much of it overseas. All I have to do is get into the mental headspace that it's a false return, even though it's not and I'll be fine.

I've had adblock plus (I'm no computer novice here, grin). I don't use Firefox anymore though, it's full of bugs, maybe because I still use Xp. I'm suing Chrome and I really like it, especially so, since, like it or not, I'm hooked into Google.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Ambulatory House Plants and Burning Bacon Heads.

bruce1337 said...

Uhm, adblock also comes as a chrome extension since 2009. Give it a go!

the gardener said...

Amazingly blase those involved in this story are in revealing or admitting what they did with their dual citizenship powers. And a ton of money. Gifts from the taxpaying chumps or the chumps paying $10 a ticket to watch the programming.

I thought these sould ones just had to blow all the uglies on demand all over the world.

Trying to remember which actor(s) have been caught in foreign places with tons of money, or Treasury notes or what not.

Actors/Producers Spying or Worse?


the gardener



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