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Mr. Apocalypse is the Ronald McDonald of Armageddon.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, they are warming up in the background, straining at the leash to get into the foreground, on their way to being planted into the ground, sooner or later. Then you got things like this. There are many rumors and collective apprehensions of pending threats that never come or come indeed and then... then there is the really trenchant and enervating news, which is almost sustenance to some. Riding alongside the obscene and absurd, are the fantastic things we hear too little of because they have nothing to do with corporate profits, Satanic ambitions or nasty little Syndicated Crime countries. The same tired, morally bankrupt liars continue to embarrass themselves on the world's stage. They have no shame. They have no shame.

No one can say the owner of the Washington Redskins doesn't know how to play the game, the other game. Every day, half a dozen times, I come across something that makes me laugh, mostly from watching the wheels and gears turning behind the curtains. Things are looking more and more bleak for the liars. Can anyone doubt that Mr. Apocalypse is about? They seek him here. They seek him there but... I can see him everywhere. Yes! It's the Ronald McDonald of Armageddon= Mr. Apocalypse. He's playing full contact without pads. The truth is breaking through to the other side (cue Jim Morrison). Just likeChomsky, the reality of Julian (the apostate) Assange is pretty much in the can. It's hard to argue against the government backing off of what they were so relentless about back when anyone was paying attention to any of it but... these days as we see with CNN and MSNBC, few people care anymore and if they're not paying attention to the liars any more; where are they getting their news, eh... eh? The conservative Crass Media is not taking such a large hit but they have much more practiced demagogues and a much slicker, sliding surface that the common moron can slide into the abyss on, on any given Saturnday.

Those of you who don't click on the links have been routinely missing the daily specials that are offered exclusively to those who click on the links, such as the autographed Ben Wa balls that were featured last week. Ben played for 9 seasons with The Paralytics in the western division but, of course, you would know that if you clicked on the links. Those who click on the links also get to know what I'm talking about (as if I did), which may, or may not, be relevant. If knowing what you are talking about was some kind of necessity for the trade, there wouldn't be much to see. I suppose that would be a good thing but this is Kali Yuga and that's not a good thing to begin with. Still, you have to be philosophical because you are where you are in the age you are in. You could go the Minniver Cheevy route, get all stoic like Invictus, or even come into possession of that micro-macro vision thing of a Tacitus or a Plutarch. We wind up being whoever it is that we decide is a good overlay mask, sufficient to get us through existence without the unremitting pain of being ourselves in the company of everyone else who is not. That's the dilemma faced by everyone who has to put on a suit or a uniform in order to ad both status and conformity to their act. Dressed up and surrounded by the encapsulating environment of their fabricated reality, populated by their conspiring peers, it all looks legit. Let a lot of money come in and out, attend a few conventions, give a few speeches and hear a few speeches and what it's not soon becomes what it is. The years roll by. The lies expand like active yeast in the malleable dough and... on they go.

We're all headed somewhere and that would amount to, or become that which we have acted in accord with and in pursuit of. No one should ever be surprised at where they wind up. It's what it is and it used to be what it is not. It stands to reason that those wearing a mask would, more or less, find themselves in Halloween or carnival circumstances, toodling along with the likes of carnival barkers, dancing chickens and the geeks that pursue them. Most things make sense when they are going on in a controlled environment. They make all kinds of sense in relation to the atmosphere of the environment. It doesn't take too long for the majority to get locked in, to the point that they can't see anything outside of what they are inside of. Tell them something that goes counter to the lies they have built their industry on and you become a threat. Tell them something which the recognition of, immediately challenges their longstanding well being and you become a dangerous threat. So long as the lies can remain in place, the infrastructure of delusion can maintain itself up until their arrival at the gates of death.

What goes on, goes on and on. It really is a cycling treadmill, where it gets dark for the briefest moment at the nadir and then back into the upswing wearing a new costume, until that brief flash at the bottom again, over and over and over again, because the lies are preferable to the truth and the darkness is preferable to the light. There are very critical periods, like the one we are in now, when enormous potential and possibility lay at the feet of the intrepid. This is counterpointed by a roiling, magnetic negativity of powerful materialism that sucks everything in reach into its gaping maw. I've said this over and over, one way or another. Variations upon this theme are being commented on at various points here and there, by those expounding upon the subject for a variety of personal reasons, usually having to do with profit and gain. Many of the dialogues are subtle. In the main, all the right points are made with a few omissions. Later on these omissions prove to be critical, although they didn't appear to be at the time.

Feel good philosophies are nothing new. They are the vast majority of everything that comes out of the New Age movement. The New Age movement is an arm of The One World government movement, just as the established and now crumbling religious institutions are. All of the temporal security enclosures are mental and emotional prisons, based on a willing complicity on the part of the imprisoned; a collective conspiracy of agreement that what is not is what is and all of this is about comfort and control. Thousands of years ago when Socrates was doing his thing, the juntas of the day were not shy about showing their displeasure. It's no different now. This is the reason secret societies came about, to protect the legacy of the light against the corruptions of the darkness. After a certain period of time, some number of these societies became corrupted as well. They weren't in the beginning and the truths they were entrusted to protect and which departed at the first whiff of corruption, are still available to the true of heart. Nothing of value is ever acquired without tremendous effort and it is never acquired unless it is desired more than anything else. That is the one determining factor at all times and in all places. You have to want it more than anything else. It's simple enough, until you discover what it is that is at work to keep you from it. This is why you have to want it more than anything else because anything less than that will not be enough. It is only this that makes you stronger than the force that seeks to deny it to you; "half measures avail nothing."

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, with people like Heliogabalus reincarnating to be the wife of the worst president the u.s. and world has ever know, how can things not heat up. Burn up like a supernova before it's over, no doubt.

And would the obumster be the reincarnation of Gaius Germanicus? Well, they couldn't deserve each other more, huh.

lightandlongshadows said...

The darkness of a particularly invasive delusion is about to swallow this country whole. Actually the country has already been swallowed, digested and is about to evacuate out of and into a special hell that's been on repeat around the world. We all speak the same language apparently: Greed, and then fear.
The average GTA family income, by the way, is about $98,000. Fifty-five per cent of that is $53,900, which is actually 75% of the money that family brings home in after-tax income. Ridiculous. But it’s nothing compared with Vancouver, where RBC says it now takes 84.2% of gross income to carry a house (with 25% equity, remember), which is $6,000 more than the average family actually nets. “Affordability slipping,” adds the bank. No kidding. They said that.

Canada is well on it's way to third world status. Pigple insist on it. Next comes the finger pointing. Lots of strutting followed by the blame game. Collectively we just don't learn.

the gardener said...

Vis you are so freaking hilarious! But I always knew there was some reason that corporation created that!

"Can anyone doubt that Mr. Apocalypse is about? They seek him here. They seek him there but... I can see him everywhere. Yes! It's the Ronald McDonald of Armageddon= Mr. Apocalypse. He's playing full contact without pads."

One pleasant noon time chat room episode at Robert Phoenix' radio show someone heavy brought up the 'ancestral memories of Apocalyptic proportions heavy enough for generations tens of thousands of years later to still carry the open wounds of those memories'

I've read about that many times over the years-this chat was about Barbara Hand Clow's presentation about them astrologically-which was a good one too.

But through the shrinks and philosophy pages I roamed through was a statement of 'Universally most children have an aversion to clowns-with their checkered pants and pointed hats..." segueing into an 'ancestral memory line' dialogue about sacrifices and ceremonies throughout the eons.

And it has been my experience to note that once any industry 'loses more than a third to a half of its voluntary customers/consumers is when those who profit from such industry work to make such consumption MANDATORY and perhaps secretly so. Like with the bovine growth hormones in the dairy products-hard to not notice the young men today sprouting breasts that are a good A cup in size.

For my kind of fun I was into the "Dulles brothers" and their family line ups. Reading comments on books about them and their deadly genocidal "Department of State" adventures. Don't know why John Foster Dulles who (of course) never served in any of the wars that served him and his masters so well was buried at Arlington along with his later deceased wife.

But back to those book review comments-people are PISSED that they were so lied to and that they never knew... I have visions of great halls of men saying their prayers of allegiance and working en masse their spells of invisibility and confusion over the masses.

A long time ago now Mark Morford came up with the catchy phrase "like demons on meth" in regards to Bush and that cabal (which is same cabal as now) and since there is a lot of ummm smack talk about mountains of "blow" worked by those industrious bankster freaks which would explain perhaps what "kinds of perverted addictions do these freaks have that requires so much money"... no doubt about the Cold War era worker bees-they were all working all kinds of chemistry-reasons why those pharmaceutical/chemical companies came out of the wars unscathed and heavily invested by those these crazy men and women work for.

I'd like to hear some about the live reactions to you... somebody 'here' was at the venue... would be good to hear you heralded. One day and I hope it is soon all tapped into Source will soon be like open faucets...

the gardener

Ginnie said...

Perfect post today...again!

You even put in my dream "cob house"!

How bad do I want it? Yeah!

lightandlongshadows said...

Rosicrucian Science Of Initiation

...lots of unveiling happening these days too.

galen said...

Re the Chomsky link. . . Wow, after all these years he's STILL gate-keeping, and horribly so. He discredits the tireless efforts of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and all their attempts to break into the media and inform the public. They've collectively written hundreds of articles on 9/11, held countless seminars, interviews, etc. He invalidates and reduces these integrity-driven whistle-blowers to "a minuscule number." Notice the applause of the uninformed, and at the end, notice the arrogant and suppressive censoring. It makes me sick that much of America idolizes this so-called "academic." Oh, to protect Mossad, at all costs. . . And how could any reasonable person, with eyes that work, have "NO opinion on building 7?" How?

Anonymous said...

Cheers and warmest regards Les
About five weeks ago I followed a link, can't recall where I found it now but it took me to YouTube and the video, Jesus jerky on a long dead American train. Within seconds into the video I realized I was onto something I had never before heard. I finished the video and told myself I had to read the text to get more clarity, which I did and I have not missed a single post of yours since.
I saw in a comment a few days ago where you mentioned to readers about the links and some perhaps not reading the links...I can assure you I read each and every link; some discarded after seeing the content and many put in favorites so I can follow later.
I wanted to post a comment with a question for you and others to address but in order to post my question I will need to first lay the groundwork to explain how I got where I am. I will try to keep it as brief as possible and if I bore anyone you have my apologies in advance.
I became aware on Dec. 21, 2007 at 10:30am lying in the recovery room of a hospital. Allow me to explain what I mean by that......up until this moment in time I was a dyed in the wool sheeple. I fully believed the official 9-11 story, the official Oklahoma City bombing, etc.
I believed everything I was told by the talking heads of television. In short, I was a good mind-controlled slave.
For several years before the day my life flipped 180 degrees I led the typical sheeple lifestyle.
And for all these years I lived with a tumor in my neck and because of its growth it was bulging slightly from my neck. My doctor told me to have it checked and I did and it was nothing to worry about, it really did not need to be removed unless I wanted it removed. This tumor was egg shaped and about the size of a ping pong ball.
Years went by and every time I would see a doctor they would comment that I should have it removed. My wife kept after me to have it removed as it looked unsightly bulging from neck.
I had no intention of having it surgically removed as I grown fond of it.
Never the less after several more months I had the tumor removed on December 21, 2007. When I awoke in the recovery room about 10:30am I was not the same person that went into surgery. Sure I looked the same and many aspects of my life were the same but my system of beliefs had turned 180 degrees. But more importantly I learned something about my life I never knew existed. This new found part of my life had been part of my life since a young child and it only took 60 years to finally surface.
How and why my life took a drastic turn at that particular time is baffling to me. I have tried to make some sense of it and cannot do so.


Anonymous said...

I started looking for the truth and it was not long before I discovered, and and many more I won’t bother listing here.
I was shocked beyond belief that I had been lied to about 9-11, so I started researching the Oklahoma City bombing and was further shocked.
Something was driving me to find the truth. For some odd reason I had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and truth. I stopped watching television and spent my time reading and researching. My world views were quickly changing.
I could go on but I it’s time for me to throw out a wild card and see where it lands.
Some reading this may believe I need to be put away and force fed SSRIs the rest of my life. Some reading this may think like my brother thinks of me; ’the old man has lost his mind'.
Granted, I'm not a very smart person, I know it and I make no apologies for this. The world needs ditch diggers too; we can't all be rich and powerful and wear suits to work, however what I don't have in the 'smart' department I more than make up for in the 'common sense' department and since Dec. 21, 2007 my sense of awareness has become extremely acute.
I have and can do things that defy human logic. An example is visiting the past. Let’s say I want to know more about an event that happened long ago. It’s fairly simple for me to go there and watch in real time the events unfold before my very eyes. I say real-time because once there I am part of the scene and it’s so real it scares me.
I can see the eyes rolling and hear the laughter from my laptop but I continue anyway as I have not yet thrown the wild card, but I'm about to do so.
So Les, I've been reading every post of yours for a few weeks now, and I enjoy each and every one. And I understand just about everything you post, although some words are not in my vocabulary and I need to look up the word to find the meaning.
And when I first saw this on your webpage....THIS IS AN OFFICIAL 'ISRAEL DID 9/11' SITE, I knew I had found what I had been looking for. Not to say I don't visit other 'truther sites' as I do but I have ruled out many of them over the last few years as my eyes become more open I start to find the real agenda behind so called truther sites.


Anonymous said...

I see the world falling apart at its seems, I see the misery and death around the planet and I weep for the people. I wish we all lived in a world where everyone had respect and love for everyone else but as long as the dark side exists this will never be the case.
I am quite familiar with the dark side, although I’m not sure just exactly what it is. I know what it’s called by most people and some people even think this dark evil presence is here to save humanity.
I’m referring to ET....Extraterrestrial Biological Entities....Aliens.
I cannot quite see how they fit into the overall picture. And knowing that there are several different species visiting this planet right now I am even more confused how all of this fits into the puzzle.
More laughter from the crowd? Good, laughter is good for the soul, so they say; whoever they are.
I believe I probably know as much or more about this particular type of ET than anyone else. It’s because of my relationship with them over a lifetime but more specifically since December 2007.
I have written over 30 articles about my life around these creatures. And I must say up front; I am NOT a writer, only a person who has a computer and word processing software, and that is where the similarity ends.
The amount of time I spend with these creatures is mind boggling. The choice is not mine and never was and never will be. For some reason or other they chose me.
The most important thing I have learned about them is these creatures exemplify the word ‘evil’. The dictionaries should have another meaning for the word evil.
EVIL: ET, aliens, Extraterrestrial Biological Entities
I realize many people will disagree with me on this one, especially Dr. Stephen Greer.
But I have learned much about them despite their secrecy. These creatures are 100% evil 100% of the time. I refer to them as demons and call them demons to their face.
Still, these creatures are physical and require flying craft to move place to place. They are cloaked most of the time while at my house but because of my heightened sense of awareness I can easily detect them.
The question that I cannot seem to find an answer for is how does ET fit into the picture. I have asked others over the years and get different answers. Perhaps this question will one day answer itself when the time is right.

Visible said...

Chomsky is a loathsome toad. That's what comes to mind when I think of him.

est said...

"We wind up being whoever it is that we decide is a good overlay mask, sufficient to get us through existence without the unremitting pain of being ourselves in the company of everyone else who is not."

these lines stood out, for me,
along with :

"Nothing of value is ever acquired without tremendous effort and it is never acquired unless it is desired more than anything else."

no one sees it before they are ready
we are all being taught the
the same lesson, that of letting go

of everything we think is true
in the sense of, it exists,
it is real and it is who i am

who/what we really are is hidden
but it is always right here

there are ways to get there
and it's not as far as one might think

you might say, it's been right
under our nose, the whole time

Anonymous said...

So here's something most of you has never considered when it comes to incidents involving police who allegedly shoot the "wrong" person, during these increasingly ubiquitous no-knock raids. Many of these shootings are anything but accidental; they are deliberate hits. Let's say you have a drug dealer who is competing with the local Satanic elite for drug turf. These people are often eliminated under the guise of "serial killings", as Dave McGowan has pointed out repeatedly, in many of his written works. However, some of these no-knock ops, provide perfect cover for other types of deliberate assassinations, for example, whenever a local dissident (somebody who is stupid enough to actually go to some local sheeple rally and hold signs that read, "Hang the bankers", or whatever) is rankling the elite. Once the dissident has been identified (and, hey, why do you think the notion of protesting is so popular to begin with, you dimwits, hmm? - because it allows the unwitting morons to be identified and dealt with) all they have to do is send in the cops, kick the "wrong" door down, shoot the dissident in the head, and then tell the world, "Gosh, sorry, we got the wrong person". Cops do what they are told to do - period. That's all they do, they take orders, just like anybody in the military takes orders. And you are undoubtedly noticing that police forces are becoming more and more militarized, hmm? The notion of the idiotic, incompetent, bumbling policeman, was deliberately fomented by the elite via the MSM, much like the notion of the idiotic, incompetent, bumbling politician. It provides cover for much more insidiously clever goings-on. So it would be wise for you to think about that. Because who knows, the NSA undoubtedly watches these blogs, as they watch everything else, and they're all on the same team (the pigs, the politicians, the spooks, et al), and all it takes is one quick phone call to the right pig-handler, and oops, your door could mistakenly get kicked in one day, too. You have be able to really use your brain and exercise true discernment and recognize exactly what is going on, if you want to be a successful activist, because these guys are light years ahead of you. And if you aren't capable of using your brain, it's best to leave the real activism to the real activists, because it is an incredibly dangerous game that most of you simply are not capable of playing with any sort of aplomb (as indicated by your naive comments). Y'all have a nice day now. (And Visible, bravo on your latest piece here, you doled out more hard-core truth in it, than most of these people will ever be exposed to, in 10 lifetimes.)

Kazz said...

Response to anonymous about the corrupt finding out who you are... I let them know who I am loud and clear because I am one of God's children, if the lying theiving bags of shit want to come and get me so be it, because I refuse to live in fear! They want us to cower in fear and be afraid for our lives, but the truth is the battle is not for our lives it is for our soul, which is much more precious. Fear simply lowers your vibration so you are more accessible and susceptible to these lower forms of life. You can choose to live on your knees or die on your feet, and God does not like cowards. Vis is no coward and he is putting it right out there for the elite arse wipes to see, so your scaremongering does not pan out in this respect because Vis has been on the job for years. With your crawl under the rock and hide attitude I think you are better cut out for the dark than the light. If you wish to be of use to the light then you cannot hide!

Just in case the dark side is reading this post, go fu.k yourself :p, because I am tired of you doing it to babies.

PS. Unlike you who signs with anonymous I use my real name because I am not a coward!

Anonymous said...

The current heavy-handed push for not posting as anonymous on the Net, is part of the same scam being run by the elite, in their push for total control of our minds, bodies and souls. You will notice that nearly all the major online truthers are pushing for non-anonymous posting, i.e., the Real ID Act (which is your first clue that those "truthers" are working for the other side). I love the comments sections at blogs like these, because in the future, anybody who is truly on the path to awakening, can read through them, and determine what's what, and who the players are. It's like leaving huge footprints which are only visible for those with open eyes. (Which is what it's all about; as Visible said, there is no magic pill, you have to do the work and intend it in single-minded fashion; only then will the doors open. If you can figure that one out, you've got it by the balls.) FYI, you will notice people like Michael Rivero and other truthers are completely against anonymous online posting. Well, so is the former head of the NSA and the CIA. Try and wrap your mind around the irony there. The beauty of anonymous posting, is that it allows people to express their feelings without fear of reprisal. Sure, "they" can I.D. you by your IP address, but that's not the point. It's up to them to make a case in terms of who actually posted what, as computers can, and are, often used by more than one person in the same household. True freedom means just that - freedom to say what you want, whenever you want, without fear of reprisal. In the old days, only people with printing presses had true power. The Internet has leveled the playing field. And that makes the elite nervous. Getting rid of anonymous posting slices that level playing field all to shreds. There are myriad reasons why a person might want to remain anonymous while posting on the Internet. Disgruntled ex-husbands and ex-wives scour the Internet, looking for ex-lovers, so they can fuck them over. There are myriad reasons. But when it comes to truther sites, and anonymous posting, curiously, nearly all the major players are against anonymous posting. So here's a nice fat slice of truth, for those who are looking for it with open eyes: It's not the name of the poster that matters - IT'S THE MESSAGE THEY IMPART. If you are against anonymous posting you are working for the wrong side. Period. So class is dismissed for the day, and don't choke on that Kool-Aid you're drinking. Drink it slowly. Yummy. So good.

Curtis. M. Ellsoworth said...

Yes, there've been one too many compromises amongst certain people who certainly don't have a clue, nor do they want or need one, about any official story that they're honestly, uh, um, most likely bullshiting themselves en masse about, and with there being a very low potential dividend rate for adhering to big lies the whole time, I won't be there for the same people that "had to laugh" at someone's honest intuition when they get disabused about the nature of the truth and the subsequent voicing of "oh, how ironic" from such types with such a grasp on expectations about where circumstances were always, only ever headed. That being said, I'm an optimist about the future, but am not going to talk to certain people, the laughing types, about the situation once it all gets started. I know I've made a bed that I have to lay in, so hearing all those people that "knew" about propaganda always being the truth to their hive-minded selves, running interference for conspirators that they always "knew" didn't exist becoming so surprised all the sudden, isn't something I'm going to be too sweet with the obtuse chumps about when the time comes. It bothers me a lot about what's become of so-called "sane" people and their dedication to big-ass lies, given I can't get into discussions with such types about psy-ops from 911 onward without getting hardily laughed at, let alone cosmologically "crazy" issues that they all also "know" don't exist. Oh well. It was their initiative to take in terms of discerning and discretion to utilize or squander, with squandering being rather popular, and that runs the show for them, I strongly intuit.

Visible said...

Hopefully it is recognized that I have nothing against anonymous save for one exception and that is when I get the occasional acid laced, ad hominem driven negatron. Otherwise, stealth out to your hearts leisure. Constructive criticism is always welcome, of course.

Bobby Morrison said...

When I sent my post to Les at his Gmail address I had not intended on being anonymous.

Visible said...

Except there was no last name in the email and only a Bob at the bottom which I duly included (grin).

Anonymous said...

Hey my man, maybe describing the links would make following your thoughts easier and not distract from the flow of your post.

lightandlongshadows said...

Is it time to put Sophia back into philosophia yet?

Anonymous said...

To Bobby Morrison:

I presume that you're this Bobby Morrison?

If so? Interesting to note that although you've been experiencing abductions since the age of 9, from what I understand, you had no clue what was afoot until after your neck operation in December 2007 and then your world was turned upside down:

"... I learned something about my life I never knew existed. This new found part of my life had been part of my life since a young child and it only took 60 years to finally surface."

Do you write a blog? If not, you should.

I'm glad you found Vis's site and emailed him.

zepheri said...

Had a black friday on black sabbath at the deli today ala pastrami on rye. Hard to beat the ole nuns buns with butter.

Thomas said...

It seems God has given me another chance. My good moods have returned, and I have begun singing and dancing again. Hallelujah! I pray that it continues, so that I might serve. Inshallah. Now, a new thing is that I don't care where I wind up, as long as I can do something good on the way. Hehe.

Thanks for blazing on and on and on, Les.

Best of luck and joy, everyone.

flyingcossack said...

simple prayer,
me is diabol, we is christos

Jenny said...

Oh what a post... I enjoyed it and the comments as well. Anonymous or no- we all come here just because. maybe that's it.... it is just...because. jen

Anaughty Mouser said...

Mr. Les Visible,

You semm to rally the best comments on the web - bar none!

Sure you have troll problems, but hey, who telling the real truth doesn't?

Keep blazing a trail light-worker!

Peace brother.

Visible said...

Thank you G.



Anonymous said...

Les, as usual, I enjoy your columns and links greatly, but, please.... I come to your site to get AWAY from Kanye and the Kardashians!

mike m said...

I love my alarm system, I just feed them love and they alert me to any intrusion upon my sphere of habitation. Unconditionally.

Stay aware

Sal Rachele said...

Dear Les, I have been a lurker here for a long time, but I cannot remain silent after reading Anonymous on the negative ET encounters. There are millions of intelligent civilizations in the Universe. About 80% are more loving and more evolved than humans, about 20% are less. Some fit the definition of "evil". The ones anonymous is referring to are often called "reptilians." Many are from the Zeta Reticulus star system. They have large almond eyes with short spindly arms and legs. There are ways to get rid of them, which I can talk about when appropriate. Know that you are more powerful than they are, and YES, you can say NO, with a strong intent to connect with your own higher wisdom (which is always available even if you are not). I will say more very soon, but please do not despair. You are the victorious one in the grand scheme of things.

Sal the Wanderer

Sal Rachele said...

Just a quick follow-up. If I can bothered to finish reading the comments, I would have seen that "anonymous" is Bobby Morrison. Sorry about that.

btw, Les, I love your writing. I asked my spirit guides, about an hour after 9/11 happened, to give me the truth about it, and they told me Israel's Mossad was behind it. I was heartened to see that you figured this out as well. --Sal

Visible said...

We await your insights Sal.

Sorry about the Kanye commentary. I try to stay away from those pinheads but I thought his statements in that one were not to be missed.

Visible said...

a new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

A Zombie Apocalypse on the Streets of the Great Satan.

Kazz said...

In response to using anonymous instead of your name. For anyone in the know your name is not your living being, it is your agent in commerce, and the only one who can adjoin their living being to their name is the individual in question. Those initiated into sacred knowledge know that it is fraudulent to adjoin yourself to your surname/last name/family name, because it is an incorporation of your family. The only names you were ever given were your Christian names, and a true Christian only has one name (check the Bible and you will see no one mentioned has more than one name). I use the name given to me at birth (berth) in orded to operate in commerce, but the name is not who I am. If you want to find your freedom I suggest you check out who your 'STRAWMAN' is, and once you realize that you are not the strawman you are free, because corporations and governments only have jurisdiction over corporations, not living beings. The only entity that has authority over MAN/WOMAN is God. That is why the maxim of law is 'that which is created cannot be greater than that which created'. Man/Woman created governments and corporations so they answer to us we do not answer to them! Another maxim of law is that no law can do harm. The laws that are being churned out today are nothing more than bylaws of corporations, so unless you are operating commercially or employed by that organisation their rules have no lawful jurisdiction over you. Unless you are silly enough to adjoin your living being to your corporate fiction! Why do you think it is so important for the police to get 'your name'. The police are nothing more than private contractors trying to contract with you, unless you have harmed another, their property, or committed fraud, in which case the plaintiff initiated the police officer's jurisdication. The difference between a government and a corporation comes down to the spelling of its name, a corporation is in ALL CAPITALS while a government, like a living being, uses Pronoun.

Know who you are, because the truth shall set you free :o).

Eudoxia said...

@ Karen

That's precisely how they get you in court as you are required to go up to the prosecutor and "give your name" Right, go up and give yourself up! I haven't been in court for a few years now, but can imagine all sorts of people are challenging them right now - more so than when I was there last in 2008. There is another maxim of law that states : "Let he who is deceived be deceived"

It's amazing really, the deception has been alive and well for a long time and you get idiots like KOS over a BIN screaming "Obama is the Antichrist" - hilarious!!! I don't know why I bother to keep going there........

Eudoxia said...

"Disgruntled ex-husbands and ex-wives scour the Internet, looking for ex-lovers, so they can fuck them over. There are myriad reasons. But when it comes to truther sites, and anonymous posting, curiously, nearly all the major players are against anonymous posting. So here's a nice fat slice of truth, for those who are looking for it with open eyes: It's not the name of the poster that matters - IT'S THE MESSAGE THEY IMPART. If you are against anonymous posting you are working for the wrong side. Period. So class is dismissed for the day, and don't choke on that Kool-Aid you're drinking. Drink it slowly. Yummy. So good".

Shows the bandwidth you're on......... why don't you try something novel like dropping down the Name/URL (under Chose Identity, 3rd down from the top) and type a name in - can be anything. It saves time and there is no further need to demonstrate what a moron you actually are.

Farmer said...


"Know who you are, because the truth shall set you free"

It sure will Daughter of the Divine.

Visible said...

Great! That is precisely why I put things like that up. It seemed a little too pat and too Benjie Fulford like to be true. However, up pops the refutation. I love this place and one of the reasons is the quality of reader that's attracted here.



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