Saturday, November 09, 2013

Dilettantes, Dabblers and Ouija Board Warriors

Dog Poet Transmission.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's a slender, slender thread. It's a narrow, narrow way. Is it any wonder we fall to one side or the other? That's no wonder at all. What is a wonder is how few ever bother to even try. When they do try, it's one of those compromise jaunts, leading to one of those plateaus which exists for several reasons; one of them is as evidence that that is not the place. Another is the profit factor which always attends being resident in a place that is not the place and then... there are all the reasons people have for actually thinking there is an easier way, spending all that time looking for an easier way (when they could have been well on their way) and all the other reasons known and unknown for why people don't take advantage of what there is, just cause they can't see or identify it for what it is. There are no TV commercials for the invisible lokas and plenty for the open sewers, with their lipstick mouths (metaphorically speaking) talking in tongues, speaking that corporophagial glossolalia, singing that material world version of "Amazing Grace" called "Amazing Waste". I'm still surprised that most people don't know the story of that song's author; the first song, not the second one. The second one has many authors and is never completed.

And then there's really important news (courtesy of Anon). AND the really important issues; "A University of Hawaii professor has estimated that same-sex marriages could bring in another $271 million to the state over a three-year period starting in 2014." Oh... that's interesting, ♫Won't you tell him please to shoot up some speed, swallow my seed, Oh how I need... someone to go down on me♫ (Apologies to Gershwin? beautiful version...) Once again, this is about the Tribe sponsored political push, whose intent is the destruction of the family unit; no need to argue about it, that's a proven fact. Besides, visible believes everyone is bisexual and all of us are female to God, the latter visible is personally aware of. Of course, those who like to hammer on visible are indifferent to reality since they needs must construct a fantasy in the first place. First they construct a fantasy about themselves, which likely has not been nor ever will be realized and then? They construct a fantasy about you. What has sustained me over time is my full recognition of Nature as a mirror and each of us as mirrors to the other, like it or not. That's one reason I am absolutely comfortable with my jeremiads. You hear a lot of new agey folks and westerners, with new Asian names to go with their saffron robes, talk about that mirror aspect. Certainly those who have looked within the Buddhmind to any depth, are aware of this as a cosmic phenomena. Ergo, it's easy to suss out where other people are coming from if your mirror is operating in an efficient manner and is not distorted like a fun-house mirror, or totally opaque from reasons of neglect.

Let me make something very clear. There is a vast distance between the dilettante and dabbler and the consistent practitioner. The dilettante and dabbler get scared off at certain levels because they are not considered worthy of what comes after, given that they are dilettantes and dabblers to begin with. You'll get this if you are a consistent practitioner but not if you are a dilettante or dabbler. You will also understand how to clearly interpret the motivations of others but not if you are a dilettante or dabbler because the factor of personal dishonesty hasn't been cleared up. This is the primary reason that those who use the cloister of anonymous for venomous assault do so under such cover. Those who are secure in their position need no such hideyhole. Once again, this has nothing to do with being anonymous, I can well understand why people feel the need for anonymity. Not everyone has my dispensation for the purpose of demonstration; believe that or not, the proof of it should be evident after ten years of my doing this (and decades before being engaged in similar) and that includes all my wild antics, for whatever my reasons and the reasons of the cosmos might be. I don't come out of so many situations or perpetuate as I do without serious backup. Make of that what you will.

Speaking of being 'out there' (which we were, sort of), I've been invited to a seminar. As a late invitee I am not presently listed on the event flyer or website. Should any of the readers out there have an interest in coming to London Town you'll get to meet me and the others listed. I was offered 30 to 45 minutes but I demurred to 15. My feeling is that if you can't say it in 15 minutes or less you're usually confusing and overstating the case. I was once invited to speak at an event in Switzerland by an exceptionally fine man. David Ray Griffin spoke and so did Niels Harrit. They went on and on for at least an hour and a half each. An associate of the man's delightful daughter got me ripped on some high end pot. I mentioned to the man that these speakers were boring the audience to tears, even though they were Swiss (inside joke which you have to be mainland Europe to get). He agreed and as soon as there was an opening I was sent up. I went into my George Carlin mode. Heck, I was already in George Carlin mode and- to be honest- I was outrageous and said things you aren't supposed to say in Europe and I'm guessing you know what that was.

I stayed on for about 15 minutes and when I walked off stage, half the audience followed me out. I think this added to the annoyance and paranoia I created. I still feel bad about blindsiding this wonderful man but it's my job to do this, precisely because most people who put themselves up as truth-speakers avoid the combustive truth. I do not, fool that I am. The people who followed me out did not seem inclined to go back in and finally the man had to come out and get them. He gave me a measured and intelligent, compassionate lecture on the ride to the hotel. He was and probably is a sterling individual. He was wounded that I would get so declarative. It was unfortunate but, once again, it's what I do. I am more mindful than I was in the past. I've been in an envelope of years that confined me in the cycle of certain shortcomings. Those have departed lately and should be toast in a few weeks, I'm hoping. I haven't been as clear as I am these days in a long time. Let's hope that continues. I am told that it will. God, it's been a haul.

Anyway, if you have an interest in coming to this event, please make your interest known because it might not happen otherwise. There has been ACTIVE opposition to this event and these efforts have hamstrung the work of the promoters to make it happen. There's a serious discount available now and a fantastic meal is in the offing. Should the event go forward, I am strongly considering attending, even though the expense of having to travel on such short notice will put a serious dent in my meager financial holdings. Anyway, there's that sorted, sort of.

Back to that mirror thing. Nature is a mirror of humanity's mental and emotional intent and expression. You might also call Nature a blank canvas. We write our karma on it. There's a Dorian Gray kind of a thing that takes place and you'll have some idea of that, unless you are a dilettante or a dabbler. There's a dark side to being a dilettante and a dabbler. What would that be? Dilettantes and dabblers have no secure connection to the prime mover, which protects those who are not dilettantes and dabblers. I like to call that particular contingent, The Ouija Board Warriors. Invariably that medium is taken over by conscious entities who have been at the game of deception far longer than individual lives are known for. This makes them a lot sharper and more aware of the weaknesses in human nature than most humans and more than ALL dilettantes and dabblers. This is why, no matter what your intentions are when entering into a study of Magic and the practice of Magic, you will invariably gravitate to the dark side, due to the absence of a purified will. You only get a purified will when well past the point that dilettantes and dabblers are allowed to proceed. Let this stand as a stern warning to all who consider this path. You have no idea of the force and sphincter loosening fear that can be brought up by any number of those whose path you might cross or... whose path might cross yours.

A word to the wise about Magic. I brought with me into this life a long term association with this area, which came to my attention, along with all kinds of things following my Kundalini rising. I was very lucky that my Karma kept me from the dangerous ends of the practice and luckier still that I met a holy man (Guru Bawa) who removed it all. He told me, he could activate the totality of it in me but I would be in terrible peril if he did. So he just swept it all aside (apparently with my permission- grin) and it never crossed my mind again. All the fascination with it (and it was a fascination) went, poof! It was a reverse abracadabra of sorts. The ONLY ones who prosper in this field are those ordained to do so and who come into the presence of those who are masters at it, or they are chosen for the purpose of demonstration (God help you if it's the latter). It's the same thing with Tantra. For some reason, most of the self styled Tantric authorities are Germans. No one learns this system who does not learn it from a bona fide master and... of all the systems, there are fewer of these around than there is representative of any of the other systems and it takes decades, under the best of circumstances, it takes decades to master. Believe what you will.

There are all kinds of fools running around claiming to be empowered to give out instruction on everything under the sun. Some of these clowns, by virtue of the diligent pursuit of particular siddhis, obtain them and can demonstrate some 'seemingly' remarkable things. Simpletons, dilettantes and dabblers think this means something and that somehow these 'performance artists' can be helpful to them. You see someone manifesting and manipulating phenomena and you imagine that implies Wisdom or spiritual insight. These things do not come with parlor tricks. I have certain siddhis as Sim and others have experienced. One fellow last year around this time went off in flight, terrified, telling another of the former readers here that if anything happened to him, no matter if it looked like an accident, I was responsible for it. There are others also and those I haven't met in person who have had positive 'events' in their life and with their health. I'm not bringing this up to pump up my profile. I'm really not like that, regardless of what some might think, because of the mirroring thing. I bring this up so that I can explain how it works with me. I DO NOT employ these attributes. These are exercised through me by those who operate me and to whom I owe fealty and loyalty beyond anything I can adequately or accurately state. Because mine are exercised in this manner there is no way I am made responsible for errors I would 'certainly' make (even if they might appear to be errors to some [grin], they are intentional). Some things happen around some people and nothing happens around others. In some few cases, panic and fear are the stronger result. In other cases people are delighted and entertained or... nonplussed.

I try not to discuss this aspect because it is certain to infuriate certain personality types. Their level of self awareness cannot process this kind of thing. They are dilettantes and dabblers, often misanthropes, constipated iconoclasts and sundry. Balanced and aware individuals are not threatened by these capacities in others and secure sorts are not challenged by them. They KNOW we all reach equally exalted states eventually, however they may differ in expression or resonance. If they are informed they know that all of us (masters included) have a secret life of shame behind us; each and every one. They know "there are more things in Heaven and Earth." Meanwhile, there's widespread proof across the years of what I say concerning my own history. There's a whole lot about all of this that I don't understand and I am given to believe there is a very good reason for that. We'll see. On all these matters we'll see. Time will tell and until then, we will just keep on keeping on.

End Transmission.......


Anonymous said...

If Kat Von D really had balls (which, I suppose, is definitely possible), she would have called her lipstick Celebretard, instead of Celebutard. As for Ouija Board Warriors, those people must feel absolutely beSOTTed with disinformation (caps were deliberate there). The others, should we call them Dilletaints? I dunno, but I know I sure like being anonymous. Well, as anonymous as anyone can be, in the world, these days. Anybody ever hear that song, "Hey Man Nice Shot", by Filter? Catchy little tune. It's about a Pennsylvania politician named Budd Dwyer. And if you clicked that last link (you'll have to log in using a Google account to view the video at JewTube, er, I mean YouTube), well, you just saw the actions of a man who most definitely did not go down anonymously...

Visible said...

Actually I wasn't thinking of SOTT when I said that. I've had that opinion since long before there was a SOTT. I've always felt that it was possible to initially get good information until, until the bad dogs honed in on your beacon into the astral. In times of darkness the astral is generally over run with thugs and monsters.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't resist the SOTT comment. It fit too perfectly. And I think it's definitely a given that you can attract (and will attract) all sorts of negative entities once you start traversing realms outside of the visible. That cuts in all directions; the deceivers exist in all dimensions and directions. And their game is really polished, once you get into those realms. So you have to question all of your information, I think, no matter the source. I think you can only get into serious trouble when you start to believe everything you are told, or shown, unquestioningly, about anything at all. As in, a person might think they are getting the straight dope, every single time they travel into the unseen realms, due to establishing a long history of trust with whatever or whomever they are communicating with in those regions. But that doesn't mean that the traveler is being given the straight truth, 24/7, and it doesn't mean we can't be misled by someone, or something, who is posing as a particular entity. It's a weird game out there, to be sure. Keep your nose in the wind, and your eyes along the skyline...

Visible said...

That's how it's done too. They win your trust and bypass your objective perspective... ext thing you're operating like a psychic and we know how reliable they are.

josey said...


I wasn't sure if you could steer me in the right direction.

About 2 months ago my right hand/wrist stopped working. I can't hold it out strait or open my fingers. I've been to Dr's, they call it drop wrist. I have felling but no control. i am right handed.

Any ideas?

Visible said...

Visible said...

This is a critical week coming up. It is possible the long awaited Israeli mistake is about to happen. So many signs and so many cliffhanger issues are trembling on the drop line in the unpredictable sea. Besides, the spidey sense is tingling.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I knew R. Budd Dwyer.

He was buried right beside my cousin in the Blooming Valley cemetery.

Visible said...

Saturday night. Maybe you're thinking when you get in you'd like to watch a nice movie so I'm going to recommend Interstate 60. This is the film where I fell in love with Amy Smart and... Gary Oldman is one of my top five favorite actors. He's got depth. When they wouldn't give him equal billing for the film "Hannibal", he told them to not even put his name in the credits. He definitely deserved top billing too with that masterful performance. When I say top billing I mean, equal billing with Hopkins and Harris. The latter brought the film down consistently all through.

If you want a couple of other recommendations I'll give you 3 Ellen Page (always been in love with her) films (whom I still have lucid dreams about now and again. I cannot figure out the why and wherefore of that. I don't spend any extraordinary time thinking about her).

Whip It. is a delightful comedy and sure to make you smile all through, especially if you have a measure of film intelligence and see what's going on here and there. Super. is a bit darker (still funny) but with a shocking twist and not so forgettable scene; definitely unexpected. Finally there is The East. This is a masterful thriller that will keep you attentive in the way a film like "The International" did.

If you like enjoyable flciks you will thank me for this list.

Visible said...

Be sure and read the IMDB review of "Super" Heck! Read the posted review for ALL of them. They're spot on. They always highlight a particular review with each film, or it's simply the most recent one. If this is the case, it's pretty cool the one's that wound up there.

Visible said...

This is a fascinating tale of psychopathy.

Overacting got him.

Steve said...

Hello Les: It has been a while since I last emailed you, though I think of you often. I read your writings regularly and I am often surprised by how many times there will be something in my mind or happening in my life and then there it is in one of your blogs. It always brings a smile to my face and a sense of wonder. It just happened again reading Visible Origami.

I lead the local Tibetan Buddhist practice group, we do a variety of practices as given by our teacher. We had just finished a Medicine Buddha practice, the way I used to practice without all the formal ritual just heartfelt. It was beautiful, some said it was the best sadhana we had ever done.

Following practice I dropped a bomb shell by telling everyone that I was no longer going to do tantric practice. All hell breaks loose, angry students, students shouting at me telling me I was an idiot, students wanting the ritual objects and ready to fight over them, it was beautiful. So your practice is transforming you? Where did all the Love go? Ha, ha.

I actually know something; tantra is like riding a knife edge. It is supposed to be the fastest way to enlightenment, transforming the ego. I had suggested that perhaps enlightenment was actually releasing the ego and that at some point it happens naturally to all humans, hence transforming the ego would not result in enlightenment. Guess they didn’t hear that part.

Just a thought that has been going through my head; by expecting the end do we stop acting to affect meaningful change? When you see the future is it to give you a chance to make a meaningful change right now to change that future?

Love and blessings, steve

Peter said...

Les V. What day are you doing your London engagement ? Time and place ? Maybe can get that later.Thanks Peter

Visible said...

That's all listed at the hotlinked site in the paragraph where it's announced.

est said...

when i saw that flyer before
i thought, l v needs to be there

now that i would like to see
'longside gil and ken and all

the truth is for speaking
and you put it so well

heard from where it's spoken
can't help but hear that bell

Unknown said...

#1 Exercise for wrist drop... Ball Squeeze!!!
ROTFL! I thought that was the cause!

But, SOTT...Smooch on the Tigger...what gives? I admit it's a bit risqué for a children's cartoon, but deserving of scorn?

Surely our world has worse creatures than those of the Hundred Acre Wood.

As too attacking Iran, I don't think they really mean to do them harm. If the Israelis really hated the place, they'd have all the congressmen and senators they bought move there.

Visible said...

I have no idea what you're talking about Andy. I usually don't but... as long as you do, then it's all perfectly okay (grin).

Visible said...

Not one single comment when I came in here this morning. They are not allowing people to post, or so I. Did get a comment by email so... remember that if you are having problems. Smoking Mirrors coming. Happy Sunday!!! Darn! It's their bye week.

Anonymous said...

Lord Vis!, spent some time in India and saw what happens with the live wire kundalini. Was in Varanasi. Yikes! Too bad you got hung up in the south and only saw that part of the country. India is so much more than that.

Great writing these days! The words seem to glow and dance on the page. It's like you said a few times. Ten people can say the same thing and only one of them makes the words resonate because they haven't put a price on them and lowered their value. That has stuck with me because I have experienced it several times. I know you don't worry about being taken care of because, as you say, the ineffable will provide. In your case I think you are not just pissing in the wind (smile) for the same reason as not putting a price on the truth.


insiam said...


insiam said...

hmmm, that previous comment 'testing' went through - it seems. havent been able to comment for sometime!

shame cos some of my best comments ever have been lost to cyberspace :)

the BCth said...


You say you've quit tantric practice. By "tantra," do you mean the white magic path of the occult societies as described by Samael Aun Weor? I ask because I'm just finishing reading his book, The Perfect Matrimony. As I understand it, just from a toe-dipping, armchair perspective, the sacred sex magic is supposed to activate the Mother Serpent Kundalini energy such that, combined with a consistent, all-encompassing spiritual practice and impeccability of intent, itself opens the seven seals of the chakras and leads in the end to enlightenment, ie. the second birth, the incarnation of the Christed higher-dimensional vehicles of the soul. Am I to understand that you are choosing a different path to enlightenment, not employing the tantra yoga, or that you question the necessity of seeking enlightenment to begin with, trusting in some natural process or higher forces to bring about whatever needs to happen in its own time, as far as sublimation of the ego-self? I came under the impression, from reading this book, that the Kundalini path is the "energetic" path, intended for those who are ready to devote themselves entirely to the task of transcending ego and embodying the Christ. You suggest there are other paths to Christ? This is an open question for me. I know, for my own part, that the knife-edge way is closed for the time being, but, given the temporal desires and karmic burdens I still carry, this makes some kind of sense. I suppose I got a little worried by what S.A.W. said about "perdition," that we have a finite number of lives (108) in which to complete the work, after which the "second death" awaits those who chose the left hand way, or a cycle of devolvement for those who failed to develop either way... I believe in a benevolent universe, and I know my own intent is positive -- I experience the unfoldment of love and wisdom in my life and consciousness constantly -- so I really can't bring myself to be truly worried in spite of the dire warnings of S.A.W. But I would like to know a little deeper, what is your reason and/or rationale for giving up tantra?

With gratitude, William

P.S. Visible, heh heh, you appeared in my dream last night. Acted as a mirror for my own weakness and imperfection. (grin) Thanks (for everything)!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Mr. Apocalypse Rides the Testosterone Express to Knockoff Gucciville.

Visible said...

Always save your comments in Notepad (or similar) as I do, having learned that lesson. Sorry about the commenting difficulties. All kinds of people are having problems posting here and at Facebook they're declaring my sites to be dangerous (hey! that ought to provide a dynamic sexual tension to my persona- grin)

the gardener said...

RMN has an Interesting Gem Found on Internet post...

Novel Theory

Which is funny because I happened upon this site about Bobby Beausoleil-Truman Capote Interview

"TC: I was thinking. I know Sirhan, and I knew Robert Kennedy. I knew Lee Harvey Oswald, and I knew Jack Kennedy. The odds against that-one person knowing all four of those men-must be astounding." ("TC"=Truman Capote)

I wonder if that church was tax exempt?

the gardener

Eudoxia said...


I've read many of SAW's books and publications and I like you were concerned initially. However, I got past that and came to realise that I was on the right hand path despite many a temptation and many people coming into my life for the purposes of temptation. I do feel that I've handled all of those temptations correctly even if not, initially. It's difficult to hold your composure with some psychotic, egomaniac seething with venom and rage standing there screaming at you for no good reason. I'm sure without any doubt whatsoever these entities are specifically put in our paths to persuade us, onto the other side, one way or another and when that one way or another doesn't work, they all but explode on the spot - not that you've done anything in particular other than stand in your own truth and power, but they react as if you've just dumped agent orange on them! Then they just crawl away. Funny, curious things they are.

But on the 108 HPB writes about that one too. 8+1 =9 - the old Sufi system of the Enneagram then add to that the 12 signs of the Zodiac in our solar system. 12 x 9 = 108 (every possible opportunity??).

I recall in one of SAW's books, he wrote that HPB did practice sex magic which is why she married Olcott but she wasn't allowed to teach it. I also found out she has a third book in The Secret Doctrine entitled The Occult, I did manage to get a copy downloaded onto my old computer and before I got the chance to really have a look at it (thanks to one of those funny, curious creatures), the computer died and the book went with it. I'll have another look for this third book now. Thanks for the interesting post William, you've just jogged my memory.

Eudoxia said...

I can't believe I did this again but I did. Anyway, if you use gmail and you are not signed into gmail then if you post in the box and publish it will disappear like my last post just did!

Also Viz, the last two times I've tried to publish the numbers were either too small or only partially visible so not clear at all. Here goes!

Eudoxia said...

It's funny now that a potential false flag is well and truly on the horizon that the posting is being hijacked. This is number 3 now so testing.............

Visible said...

As I like to warn, Keep Notepad on your desktop and save all of your comments until after you see them go up, after however much time it takes me to see it and post it.

Anonymous said...

you're a god damn homosexual? man, thats fucked.

Visible said...

Ah no... I did not say that. I said all of us are bisexual; meaning to some degree and that 'we are all female to God'. You're a good example of believing what you want to believe. By saying we are all bisexual, I mean who all have a female side. The fire force of Kundalini in us is female. Of course, in people like yourself where it is asleep you wouldn't know about that.

Now go slink back into your cowardly anonymity.

Visible said...

I should actually clarify that remark. I shouldn't have said 'we're all bisexual'. That's the problem with my being in a hurry. I don't think out how I say things a lot of the time. I just meant to say we all have a female side and arguably, it shouldn't be expressed sexually in the best of times but... these are not the best of times. This is a time of gross materialism and so our higher female nature is being pulled down into the area of physical expression. Take mushrooms sometimes and walk through a large upscale mall and if you are at all sensitive you will see what I mean.

At the same time, I'm not looking to disparage those who have this feature active in them. This is how it turned out for them at the moment, at the moment. It's a phase. We all pass through it in one life or another. One of my mottos is, "There but for fortune go you and I"

We don't know why people are as they are. We are a mystery to ourselves. One would think others would be even more of a mystery. However, some of us are not a mystery to ourselves and so, neither are others.



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