Friday, July 28, 2023

"When Suffering Becomes The Medium Necessary to Reach Us, it Means We Went to Some Great Lengths Not to Listen."

God Poet Transmitting.......

A crazy naked lady... obviously possessed by some subterranean sewer-drain concrete... climbing-up-on-the-sidewalk demon... and... obviously lacking accuracy... and... I suppose we could add fashion sense... went walking down (or up) a San Francisco highway... shooting at cars but not hitting anything.

Another naked lady about a hundred pounds overweight... unless you subscribe to the new surface-world manatee woman... living her best life; then she might be slightly underweight. She found her way to a supermarket bakery section and proceeded to rub whole cakes and pies all over her body... which... as I mentioned... involved a lot of real estate... and... it set me wondering.

Was she making a statement about what bakery sections had done to her body? Was she trying a new diet by topical application of the previously ingested; if you don't eat it you can't get fat? She could have gone to the cooking and salad oil section. That would have definitely called for; “clean-up on aisle whatever.” She could have gone to the meat section in a Lady Gaga state of mind. I'm just feeling my way here.

This is the new crazy we have been mentioning, and... yeah... I know... people have been acting out in public for a while, but... only occasionally... unless you are in certain sections of certain cities... where the future is now. What was once a now-and-again affair, is going to be a regular event happening all over the place all the time.

It's the logical progression of illogical obsession meeting up with spontaneous compulsion. (nice play on words, visible! Like... where there's a Will there's a Bill?)

Reason I'm talking about this at Origami is... I was talking with The Divine this morning. He tends to drop right in on something I mentioned the day before... or even the week before... as if we were already in the thick of discussion, and he said; “so... you want me to empty their heads and take away all sense of self and just leave them there?”

I had mentioned this to him a couple of times recently... and many times over the long reach. We were discussing the alpha predators; Schwab and Harari... Soros and those bent over the rail before him... Whitmer and Nessel... the vipers at State and The DOJ... BlackRock and Vanguard... Google and Meta... so on and so forth.

I had suggested a spiritual EMF on their minds... rendering them incapable of further harm. Leaving them like Tony Soprano's uncle... sitting on a park bench... talking to a geriatric hooker.

He said... “Well, the thing is, I had already started on that, and usually... any time you bring something to my attention, I had already initiated action in that direction or shelved it for a later date. That is the case here as well. You're already seeing signs of it, but... shortly... it's going to be like those people losing it in the streets... only they will be losing it in the corridors of power.

“Surely you caught McConnell the other day... and Feinstein? That analogy you use about the toilet bowl? That definitely applies here.

“I'm right behind your eyes, Visible... and a lot of other places too. I see what you see before you see it, and a lot that you don't see, and I remember it because it is all written on me. The vibration of all events radiate upon and within my person. Often when you come up with something that you want to bring to my attention, I put it there for you to do so.”


Things are not going well in The Land of Humpty Dumpty. Humpty already fell off the wall a couple of times and is pretty seriously cracked now.

When I talk with any of my invisible friends, it is no different than talking to another person; something I seldom do these days, but I remember having done so in the past. (grin) It's just like that. We all hear voices... though we may only interpret them as urges or hesitations. Sometimes they come in the form of alerts and premonitions. Mine come in detailed conversations that can go on for some time.

My gratitude for this is immense. I seek nothing more in life except more of the same. For decades... it was a mostly one-way street. Then I heard him say, “I'm here now.” Since that time... in altered states... or present unaltered states, it makes no difference, and the frequency... volume... and clarity of speech has increased noticeably since.

In recent conversations, I have been told that a singular event in my life is now approaching. It's been set since before I got here this time. Between all that time and now, certain friends of mine have been constrained... restrained from their ability to help me out. I have been in the dark about the meaning of many conditions and events. This has been a fixed reality in my existence. That all changes soon. I don't know what it implies. I'm still in the dark, but... not for much longer.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't speak about this sort of thing. It communicates nothing, and... it agitates my critics and detractors... something I am loath to do. (grin) However... it seems this is also going to be the case for others as well. We are like sleeper cells... time bombs ticking... but not for the purpose of injury to others. It involves a kind of awakening, as far as the little I've been told. It does involve a revolutionary transformation in our consciousness.

It exponentially alters our abilities... insights... and relationships... long held in check. With so much going on... change-wise... in the outer world... our hidden potentials have been a submerged consideration, much like the technological revolution that is taking place out of sight, but which will be very much like The Industrial Revolution on mega-steroids.

All sorts of problems that have been with us for a... very... long... time... will possibly be cleared up nearly overnight. At the same time... large blocks of the population will likely disappear, perhaps even landmasses as well. A lot of the street crazy you see and hear about going on, is the forerunner of massive changes in human consciousness, and the ones freaking out are simply those unable to process this force of change.

One thing for certain, those causing widespread harm are now... also... going to be having an internal conversation similar to my own, but... of a very different kind. Some of them are going to be read The Riot Act. Some of them are going to be severely warned. Some of them are going to be enveloped in a palpable... icy... presence... of amorphous fear. Some are going to feel the heat; so to speak.

Sadly... from what I am told... Most of them will not listen. They will... instead... resort to all sorts of deflection tactics... to no avail. Eventually, they will lose it, and when I say, lose it, I mean... it's gone.

This has been happening already, but... at a much lower level of presence. It's been in the process of an incremental approach... a step at a time. Now it is going to a whole nother level. You'll see it. You'll know what I'm talking about.

It shouldn't seem all that strange. It's a logical progression of the illogical. What will be strange are all the attendant things that we were not expecting... especially the good things. Not that many people are expecting the good things that are coming. There will be some real surprises.

The Divine talks to all of us in different ways... at different levels of impact... for different reasons. We listen differently too, and in some cases not at all, and so... that activates the maxim; those who will not hear must feel. If we listened more carefully... more attentively... to the efforts of The Divine to reach us; that effort being necessary because of the distance WE have generated between us... we might avoid a great deal of unnecessary suffering.

When suffering becomes the medium necessary to reach us, it means we went to some great lengths not to listen.

Love is The Universal Agent... the transforming force... the attractive force... the nutritive and protective force. It's a bit more than a 3-in-1 Oil. It is the lubricating agency that eases your passage. It is the heating element that melts what binds you. It is the healing agent that cures what ails you. It is the restorative compound that revitalizes and invigorates you. It is the skeleton key to every situation. It is both shield and weapon without appearing to be either.

It is your get-out-of-jail-free card from the prisons of this world. We cultivate many things in this life and the state of our garden indicates this. Love is really the only tool an effective and efficient gardener requires. It's the Swiss Army knife for getting by and leaving good footprints on your way out of Dodge.

End Transmission.......

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The International Bankers are working on a film project that got exposed to The Sunlight. It's called, “Saving Private Ukraine.”

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

"All The World Holds Dear, All The Things The World Holds Up as The Objects of Desire are Either Handcuffs or Nooses."

God Poet Transmitting.......

True simplicity is the art of concealing your intelligence while amplifying your humanity. You wind up never having to talk down to anyone, or... even talk to them at all, once you find that universal commentary that needs no words to express itself. We are... of course... still working on that. (grin)

Those who speak in complexities... generate confusion and amplify doubt. I take the exhortation to become as a little child seriously... to admit my ignorance and seek guidance in all things. Otherwise, The Master Gardener will be compelled to trim me back.

Because I can adjust the speed of my mind and narrow my focus of attention, I am usually able to understand what someone is talking about, no matter how many convolutions and trick monkeys they use. Often I wish I did not understand them, and... more and more of late... I know well enough to stop reading and move on to something... something simpler.

It seems like people these days are either trying to get their point across or... obsessed with showing you how smart they are. Far too often it is the latter. If you are trying to show people how smart you are, you are going to attract other people who think they are just as smart... or probably.... smarter, and no one with any good sense wants to spend time in that kind of company.

We tell the people we meet one thing, and we tell ourselves something else.

In the early days of my life, I tried to fit in. I could not fit in anywhere. Fortunately, I ran into psychedelics really early on. The entire charade that I thought was real life fell to pieces in front of my eyes, just... like... that. I could see that it was all... postures of concealment. Things I thought to be real and desirable were not real or desirable at all. They were snares... traps... lures into states of confinement.

For a time I was completely free, even though I was being pursued by The FBI from coast to coast... I was free. Later on, I got trapped into one thing after another. It's just what life does to you. You have to be a rare bird indeed to fly free of the nets. You have to fly higher than those trying to catch you. It can take a while.

The more pervasive and intense Materialism gets... the more ways and means there are to get snagged and tangled up. The only solution is to not want any of it. I've found that's not as hard as you might imagine. The key is in finding something else to want... something that isn't already fading away from the moment it comes into view.

You can't put it on your mantle or your wall. It will never be a testimony of past accomplishments. There are no trophies for that sort of thing. The Personality is a devious item, especially given its consort... the diabolical and ever-plotting carnal mind. Unless The Mind is doing your will, it is the other way around. There's no middle ground about it at all.

The single point of existence... otherwise it has no point... (as many people demonstrate...) the single point... is Freedom. What I see... as I move through The World... often while standing still... are the conditions people have trapped themselves in by thinking it would take them to Freedom.

All The World holds dear... all the things The World holds up as The Objects of Desire are either handcuffs or nooses. One confines you and makes you wish you were dead. The other makes you dead... with no reports forthcoming on how that worked out; Well... at least he/she is free now. Really? From what I understand... and I only understand a little... you don't actually go anywhere except where you already are... sans the form that made you visible here.

It's just another world like the one you just left... in a different body... where thoughts and feelings are things. That fact... that feature... in and of itself... would certainly qualify as Heaven or Hell if you give it a little thought. Death... temporarily... heals the ills of the physical body. It does not heal the ills of The Emotional Body or The Mental Body.

If you are of a mind to go to Heaven, you have to arrive there while you are still here in order to get there once you're gone. The whole idea of Heaven and Hell... are constructs in The Mind. Neither of them interests me all that much. I've been both places already in this life... and more than once. You might say that... in the one place, everything works... and... in the other place, nothing works. Like I said... they are places where feelings and thoughts are things.

I am more interested in bringing The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. You have to start small... or you will get nowhere at all. It's a guided process. You have to be able to give way before something greater... and be willing to be assimilated into it... to the degree that you no longer exist at all... not in any sense that is familiar to how you think of yourself now. If you want to get to a finer place of being, you have to permit yourself to become a part of a finer being.

From what little I understand... you won't get very far otherwise.

So... to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, you have to first bring it into being in yourself. It has to be established there. Then... as it is in residence... it radiates outward, and... not very far in the beginning. It takes a deal of time for your aura to expand to any appreciable reach... unless... someone with a greater reach takes habitation in you, which is why I am ALWAYS seeking to be a habitation of angels.

I would like to be a perch upon which angels rest... for a moment... in their ceaseless flights around The World. I would like to be a transparency with nothing left of myself to block it... and be a medium through which angels might conduct their business... without interference on my part. It's a tricky business if you are not inflexibly centered on stepping out of the way.

The other day... while speaking with someone invisible... I felt such a rush of gratitude... following upon a feeling of humility... that was preceded by a small understanding... about how it all works, and my invisible companion said, “Yes... it is certainly true that Humility and Gratitude are essential to spiritual progress, and there can be no spiritual progress without them; none at all.

“All of the qualities of God are important. All of the virtues are important, but Humility and Gratitude are near equal to Love itself, and both of them contain a fine and wonderful understanding of the proper relationship one must have to be in resonance with The All.” It felt like my friend was saying, “You are either in sync or you are not, and you cannot be in sync without these critical virtues.”

So... people who speak and write in complex terms... seem to be in a desperate need of acceptance that cannot be acquired by setting themselves apart from others... in a bewildering confusion of dots... connected to... what? What is the point of all that? It's like speaking in a certain language that is only understood by a handful of people like yourself.

People pursue personal power in politics... in business... in entertainment and religion; often they are the same thing. They think this power will grant them Freedom. It serves to catch them in an iron grip of consequences and delayed reactions. More and more often... it becomes glaringly evident to me that these are all forms of insanity... delusion... a fashioning of truth to personal advantage in search of a bad ending.... because The Truth cannot be shaped. The Truth is The Shaper.

Cardinal Wolsey's soliloquy often comes to mind. The life of Napoleon Bonaparte... Alexander The Great... various kings... revolutionaries... social reformers... jesters and fools... cross the mindscreen and... I shake my head and think of all the contemporary replacements who have learned nothing from the past. This time it will be different. That is what they tell themselves.

If you've got a good seat... and in these times... almost everyone does... who is paying any kind of attention... you are going to see some dreadful irony in the coming days. You are going to see such sights because you... live... in... interesting... times. Oh, what a spectacle it shall prove to be!

Speaking of Irony. and... (see the next paragraph) it's coming from every direction now.

Lebron James's son just got a taste from The Killer Vaccine's buffet table; a ramekin of cardiac arrest. Biden's going to have to step down. They'll arrange something or... you can expect a false flag at any time.

Mr. Apocalypse works in stages. For a long time, it was at a certain level of surprise and distraction. Just recently it went up a notch, and... the difference is significant.

Pretty much anything can happen now, and those people talking in circles and riding the obfuscation train are going to find they've talked themselves into a corner because... everything these days is trending toward exposure. The truth is coming out and can no longer be repressed. Let's see if there is any Freedom in that.

End Transmission.......

Really looking forward to hearing about the drowning of Obama's chef. The details... heh heh... the details I have so far are... interesting.

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Thursday, July 20, 2023

"Do Not Mistake The Form for The Spirit Contained in It. When The Meter Runs Out... It Will Escape into Something Else."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I'm going to summarize a transmission I received recently... only now is it surfacing out of the subconscious... where it was going through the stages of being translated into a conversation I could understand. Perhaps that creates even more mysteries for the readers?

Let me preface it with something I was told much earlier; “Visible, I realize that sometimes you worry that you might be only talking to yourself. This is a trick played by The Mind that is desperately trying to stay relevant and in charge, which it has not been, but that is another story.

“You are actually talking to yourself because The Higher Self is still your self. Is this not so?

“What happens is that angelic-speak has to be translated into the speech that is understood by your particular individualized consciousness. This can happen over time or in an instantaneous fashion depending on the intent. There are no errors on our side of the conversation, but your mind slips occasionally and causes you... if you are honest with yourself... to see error. Don't pay any attention to that. We'll fix it in the mix.” (grin). Yeah... they actually said that.

Last night... I was told something about the religious practices of this very fundamentalized time period. Religions have gotten about as stratified and crystallized as they are going to get... here on the verge of their transformation into the new vision... for the arriving new age. Let's face it. All of the present religions are either crumbling or getting much more uptight. East... West... it doesn't matter.

And complexity? Minutiae? There's Dogma and Cant up the wazoo where The Sun don't shine, and... perhaps that is the purpose of it... to confuse you for long enough for them to pick your pocket. People latch on to pithy sayings and name-brand affections.

My God is the only God! That's actually true, AND... it... applies... to... all... of... them... regardless of your fetishizing ideations... that are similar to rooting for your favorite team, prior to the drunken riot in the parking lot afterward. Drunk on cheap beer. Drunk on fanaticism. What's the difference? Unity... my friends... is the name of the game. UNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please try to let that sink in... while you are contemplating your favorite bobblehead on the dashboard of your car.

The enduring principles upon which they were founded have not changed. Ageless Wisdom is... ageless. The Truth is an actual light that shines through Eternity without a flicker; it is that it is... what it is... as it is.. without beginning or end. The same cannot be said for religions.

I'm not going to get into specifics and perhaps offend traditional sensitivities; as if I have not already done so. Let's just say their time is at an end. That said... here is a rather long... but very interesting article that speaks... somewhat... to what is going to get said here. This should be an eye-opener to anyone who has not entertained similar thoughts previously.

We are on the verge of tremendous technological change that... given the opportunity... may well transform The World... in short order... to something much nearer the heart's desire; if... it... gets... the... chance.

We are also in the midst of the biggest die-off... for a variety of reasons... that this world has seen so far in recorded history. Also about to go through massive change are... the religions of The World. They are also going through a die-off... due to corruption... and a wide departure from original intent.

Prayer wheels of mechanized devotion... are the slow and tedious evolution of cosmic machinery. Fumbling through The Rosary mumbling... mechanically... the words created by sexually twisted priests for the control of the host body parishioners... and completely lacking in the romance on which Heaven depends for actual sustenance. You want to feed God? This will only give him heartburn.

Saying something over and over... is devoid of the life-giving sustenance that keeps existence lubricated and functioning. It's love that greases the ball bearings of the cosmic vehicles... the galaxies in space... the stars in motion... the attractive energies that drive the individual... and collective destinies... in search of a lasting union that cannot be found in the worlds of time.

It's why you must fall in love with God, and see everything coming and going as an expression of his existence... in and out of form. Do not mistake the form for the life force contained within it. When the meter runs out... it will escape into something else. It will keep doing this until it finds peace. That can only be found in union with the author and not ever in anything outside of it.

A consistency of sincere devotion... is a much faster route. Faith is an accelerant, by virtue of belief in the unseen... it causes the precipitation of the form believed in... into manifestation. A greater faith is capable of ANYTHING. Faith is one of the powers of God. Still... it requires Certitude and Determination to bring... the... vision... into... being.

That is why the angels and the initiates always have the upper hand in everything. Yes... sometimes The World seems grim, and... as if there is no hope nor promise of clarity or peace. Just because what is coming remains outside of your limited sight-line, does not mean it is not coming. It is... in fact... already a reality in The Mind of God. Angels and Initiates can see this. It is a fait accompli.

Heaven is not in great appreciation of mindless repetitions; are you? Heaven is not enamored of dour countenances... tight asses... (of a specific kind) or by-the-book cinderblock heads. Heaven LOVES the childlike aspect... the sincere lover... Heaven is a reflector of what is... upon what is, and... a corrector of what is not.

Hymns that put the living into an even deeper sleep... weird costumes... fogs of incense... collection plate mentalities... these are not big attractions for The Celestial Realm, which is not built on matter.. such as we know it... and which does not matter to The Celestial Realm... due to its impermanence.

We are in The Age of Folly and Unreason. This is a transitional period in which many things turn into comic exaggerations of original intent. We are in an age of the appearance of massive injustice and inequality... being badly corrected... by those who have no clue about either Justice or Equality.

It's more of a scramble for a bigger piece of awful-tasting pie. It is an opportunity for grasping fools to make a public display of their greed and avarice; two things that Heaven is also not big on.

Most of what you see in this time of EVERYONE ON CAMERA... is the chimpanzee-mind throwing shit through the bars of its cage. It's people behaving badly in clueless fashion. Look at me!!! Look at me!!!

Mr. Apocalypse is forcing the inside outside. The formerly concealed intentions of the crafty... plotting... mind... are being exposed to the eyes of The World. Everyone is revealing themselves through what they say and do. Because their desires and appetites have driven them mad... they do not see this. They... do... not... see... this!

God has invested and concealed treasures... powers... and arcane abilities in various souls. These are soon to be demonstrated, as The World awakens for the performance of a great drama... with lasting impact. Everyone will see this who does not have their eyes tightly closed, and even they will see some part of it in their minds.

Everyone will see something different... according to the lens of their desire... their hopes and expectations. Subsequently, it will be awe-inspiring... terrifying or... mystifying, or... even all three of them simultaneously. As the rollercoaster plunges in its downward arc... or loop-de-loops... people will scream from fear... or excitement, and the outcome will vary accordingly.

The Justice of Heaven is precise... beyond the calculation of The Human Mind. It is specific. It is exact. It is infallible. It can't be bargained with. It can't be evaded. It cannot be stopped. It is in progress now, and... always, but... sometimes it comes as a mighty wind that sweeps The World and leaves great change in its wake.

End Transmission.......

A little something about Honey, which is my main food source.

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Monday, July 17, 2023

"They are The Ones Who Sleep in Dreams of Earth... Snout-Rooting for The Acorns that Fall from The Tree of Darkness."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Go to any organ of mass media... the daily newspapers... magazines like Newsweek... Rolling Stone... Vanity Fair... The Atlantic... all the electronic media... and the bobbleheads that read the perspectives... written by the people who shape them, and... if you possess enough objectivity... you will see that the people creating and shaping the news... are shaping the minds and perspectives of the people who sacrificed their objectivity... in order to belong to a demographic... that hopes to live unhassled... in an enclosed and safe neighborhood in The Hive Mind.

A particular group of mind shapers... and controllers of human action and thought... own The Media... 90% or more of it and this is hard... cold... indisputable... fact. They shape the minds that agree we must go to war... they shape the playing fields where children are a sexual commodity. They wave lures attached to hooks... that snag people into wind tunnels of guilt... fear... and desire. They are button pushers.

They create and present the news they want you to see, and redact and hinder the news they do not want you to see.

They are the force behind the None-Too-Swifties who pawn off formulaic... self-indulgent... 2nd rate... lo-cal... artificially sweetened... and uninspired crap... on the declining intellects of those who have chosen The Ground for their harbor... who sleep in dreams of Earth... snout-rooting for the acorns that fall from The Tree of Darkness.

They think they know what they are doing, but... they know not what they do. They are playing a role in a cosmic drama with an orchestrated end. One term for them is... poor little fools, but not in the way Ricky Nelson meant it. The dances of good and evil are necessary for context and continuity. Good ALWAYS wins... even though evil is always present. However... evil is not everywhere. It has its approved areas of industry; the Combat Zones of Life where people go to seek it out.

If you are looking for it... it will find you. If you are looking for it, it... will.. find... you. Some are looking in darkness and searching for the light, and some are bringing The Darkness to Light, but... you need special glasses to see it... here in The Grand Theater of Perpetual Illusion. The shudder running up your spine is not The Kundalini.

As you will note, it is no accident that the celebrities of our time are depraved and dysfunctional strokers who make Evil tumescent, like Sam Smith... Lil Naz X, and the aforementioned none-too-Swift... deer in the headlights... Hallmark jingles writer, who are the templates used in the factories of deception... where THEY stamp out the banal personalities of the day... to create the anti-inspiration icons for the times.

It is The hydra-headed Media who brings them to your attention... who presses on you to like them and seek to be like them. It is the ones who own and run The Media who tell The Media what to say; what to laud and condemn... what to raise up... and what to shoot down.

What are we to make of this?

Then... maybe you think... was there actually something called COVID in the first place? If there was... where is it now? The Killer Vaccines that are not vaccines... certainly did not stop it. Was he actually talking about The Killer Vaccines and not The Virus? Why would he even say this; knowing who presently has the appearance of running The Show?

Wheels within wheels, my friends. Never forget that Mr. Apocalypse is a real entity that is like The Scarlet Pimpernel. It is hard to tell... sometimes... if this is another thing that THEY are making up or... if it is something Mr. Apocalypse is lifting the cover off of with his walking stick.

The manifest agents of The Dark Lord reach into The Hive Mind with The Media BECAUSE... The Mind is a machine that operates by replication. It is The Image Maker. You must become like the force represented by The Chariot to gain... Triumph in The Mind. You must bring the twin Sphinxes to a state of arrest with the force of held attention. Otherwise... The Media... and The Conning Towers of Darkness that radiate into the subconscious will replicate for you.

This is what advertising does. This is what the continuous appearance of the same roles and plots in movies and TV is all about. It is programming. It takes command of The Mind's picturing power and controls what happens in your head... by arranging it in certain sequences. It's what I call... The Bad Tarot.

The Media is owned by a network... of similar-minded members... of a specific demographic... who use it to enforce their will and influence public opinion... to control the way you think... and to shape your ambitions and actions. The streets are now being overrun with those... who... can't... keep... pace, who can't keep up. It's the ambulatory fallout... The Walking Dead victims of aggressive Materialism.

We are in The Age of Awakening, which WILL lead to its prevailing archetype... Brotherhood. THEY know about this and are doing everything they can to control the outcome. THEY will fail, but many will be brought low by them, through Fear and Desire... through the applied agency of The Judas Goats. The Media is The Dark Shepherd who leads those who follow him. The Media is The Chief Sway-Master of The Judas Goats.

Look closely at what we are saying here and you will see that it is so. The Media is a false construct devised out of altered Nature... creating a forest of bewilderment... with all those waving branches and trembling leaves... as the manufactured wind blows through them... to create a dancing chaos of attractions and terrors; “yea though I walk through The Valley of The Shadow of Death...”

What we see in The World around us is a replication of all the myths and legends of yore... when divinity was personified through the activities of Nature... and Nature altered and adapted. This is when prophecy becomes real... at the changing of The Symbols of The Guard; it is always in the cities where all Hell breaks loose; what to do... what to do?

The job of The World is to make such a big noise; such a mesmerizing confusion of lights and images rising in The Mind... reflecting The World... so that God... The Divine... is excluded from your thoughts, and... no longer The Big Ticket Item in your heart.

As The World grows in prominence in The Hive Mind... God recedes or... is pushed aside. God is not intrusive. God must be courted like a shy lover. God must become convinced of the sincerity of your devotion and your love. Ergo... trials and tests ensue. The vines are pruned so that new growth will be stimulated; those who The Lord loves he chastens.

The Cabal of Evil from The Think Tanks of Death did not do all the horrible things they have done in recent times just to hit cruise control and say... “well, that's probably enough. Maybe we should back off now and go to Bermuda.” No... any reasonable... higher mind would intuit that they have much worse in store for everyone else. They've been coming right out and saying it lately.

I do not know how it is going to play out. What I do know is that they will fail. They will not fail everywhere, but they will fail where The Presence of God is in residence. They will fail where the light is concentrated. In those locations, they will be unable to even approach. At some point in what... I assume to be... the near future... Heaven is going to make certain souls incandescent. Heaven is going to awaken within those... who have been held in abeyance... for the chosen hour.

Heaven will appear wherever it is needed in The Hour of Need. Portals will open and angels of light will rise to the occasion.

Here's a little something of a closing. It probably answers any question anyone might ever have again. Every time I have a problem... and they get thrown at me regular... I am told that I should ask God to solve it. That is the only reason the seeming appearance of problems... continue before me in the first place, and... as soon as I remember to do this... poof! There goes the problem.

Yet... I constantly forget this... over and over... and I am caused to forget it. It's not like I forget it all on my own. It's a constant cycling of the same dynamic... upon which hinges... the entirety of creation... so... I'm not supposed to get it right off, but... day by day... minute by minute... moment by moment... incrementally... the totality of the meaning of this is taking over the whole of my heart and mind. Sooner or later... what I've known to be true all along, will be allowed to remain as the glowing... dancing... centerpiece... of all my attention.

And then I will remember and get the meaning of; “rely on me. Rely on me.” I will not need to be reminded again.

Everything in my existence... (or in the existence of any separated part that believes itself to be in a state of separation)... has NOTHING else going on except the single dynamic of God and me; God and You. There is nothing else. There is ONLY the appearance of everything else. It's Shiva-Shakti... Purusha and Prakriti.

So... when I am told... over and over... again and again... that I have accomplished all that it is possible to accomplish... and that there is nothing more that I can accomplish... and that I must wait for The Ceremony of Uniting... the investiture... that's all there is to it, but... The Mind keeps trying to find a way around it. It keeps telling me there is more I can do... and there is... nothing more.

The Psychic Web is being melted away. I (you) must endure the interim of purification. It's on a timeline. I (you) am being freed of it. I (you) will emerge from the cocoon of ignorance. The long sense of separation (the idea of time) is soon over. The Reactive Mind is destined to collapse inward upon itself.

I found him early on, decades ago... but I had to go to Hell and back, to... realize... him. Many do not make it through the conditioning phase. Over and over... they throw themselves against the walls they have built around themselves. If we stop building them again and again, the love of God will... all on its own... burn them away. That... is... what... it... does.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

"Material Life... is a Never-Ending Storybook of Tales... that Chronicle The Outer Search... that Always Leads Within."

God Poet Transmitting.......

When I was locked up on Maui... facing a mandatory 60 years in prison... my friend, Michael Green went to Guru Bawa (a Sufi Saint) and told him about it. He looked off into the distance of Time and Circumstance... or at his hand (he liked to do things like that) and said, “Oh! He'll be alright. He's just chosen another path.”.......

He was right. I was in the worst possible state to get into this sort of difficulty. It was a place of hanging judges and hanging juries. No one had ever beaten such charges, in that location before. There's no space in a posting of this size to cover all the absolutely remarkable events that took place or the comedy of the trial. Sometimes the entire jury broke out into fits of laughter. It would make a really engrossing film........

Anyone can get the jury transcript. I never did, but I know it's an entertaining read........

You don't know where I'm going with this... do you? Heh heh... that's the thing with these blogs. I often don't know myself... usually, I don't know. That's part of the other path I took. Today is one of those rare times when I do know where I'm going; at least for the next page or so. (there are three and a half pages per posting in Open Office).......

I ran into a number of gurus; from Bhaktivedanta to people you never heard of. I ran into a lot more of the followers of certain gurus. Since my Kundalini rising, which took place around my 21st birthday, I've had certain abilities. One of them is a lie detector. As I discovered on the road, it's not 100% unless I apply it. This I learned to my distress a time or two. A tool won't work if you don't use it. However, when it comes to gurus. It was spot on. It still is........

Because of this, I have wandered in a state of fairly consistent disappointment with people passing themselves off as spiritual masters. Even those I knew to be bonafide were not always in tune with the truth of the moment. Did I miss something? Was it me who was in error? Or... is The Truth hidden from everyone at different points along the way?.......

Are even The Masters lacking in omniscience now and again? Is that why they say, “I don't know?” Is that why all true masters are so humble and self-effacing?.......

One day, one of Bawa's student translators... getting on-the-job training... and not a particularly nice person... (she certainly didn't like me) had me called in before Bawa; just Bawa... her... and me. She had gotten it into her head that I had sold some marijuana to her boyfriend, Bill. I can't remember her name. She accused me of this when it was my roommate Larry who had sold Bill the pot........

Bawa didn't seem able to see through this. The malice in the lady's face was palpable, and... being the sort of guy I was at the time, I drove her into a near fury by not being all submissive and chastened. See... she was translating. He didn't speak English, so... it left me a lot of comic leeway, which I took full advantage of. By the time we were done, she was hopping mad........

Still... I didn't do it. This happened to me a lot; getting accused of things that I didn't do; past life karma? Karma taken on to a specific end? Something I still don't get? I don't know, BUT... it troubled me that Bawa did not see through this slanderous action directed against me........

Yes... isn't it ironic that I was later charged with a similar crime of much greater magnitude? This life has been filled with such dreadful ironies. How did I get away with breaking Germany's biggest no-no law for 15 years... in print internationally... hundreds of times? One of these days someone is going to explain all of this to me, and there were hundreds of examples of WTF that have taken place that make no kind of sense........

So... I ran across various individuals who claimed to be spiritual teachers or who their followers declared to be spiritual teachers and there was nearly always something wrong with them. The ones I deeply admire, I did not meet in the flesh... except on the one occasion on a Kalifornia beach, and I still don't know who that was, except that I keep getting told it was me at a future time........

That should be about the page or so I mentioned earlier. From here on, I guess we are winging it again........

What's the point of my bringing this up? It's that the external world is a constant disappointment, if... you... are... looking... for... truth. Even if you should encounter it, you often don't realize it till later. That has certainly proven true for me........

I have had it FUNDAMENTALLY proven to me that you can't find what you're looking for Out There; Out There being every place that is not within you........

I have come to realize that we are the truth searching for itself, and material life is a never-ending storybook of tales that chronicle the outer searches that always lead within; if that happens to be what you were looking for. People... I observe... are often content with unreasonable facsimiles........

Truths' only carbon duplicate is your shadow... and a shadow is not the thing that casts it. There can be no physical thing that can be called The Truth. It's said that Jesus Christ was The Truth, but... I think what that means is that if you follow in his footsteps you will find The Truth within you. Compromised Priest Controlled Christianity has a real problem with the meaning of Jesus and the meaning of Christ... and a whole lot of other issues........

The World is a shadow of something that cast it... that is... presently... wandering through it... as an amnesiac... in a state of mistaken identity... in a dream-like stupor. This goes on for centuries in The Hive Mind dancing through cyclic changes... so far removed from one another that seldom does anyone realize life is endlessly repeating itself... and that none of it matters in any sense of longevity. The World is change. God is changeless. To get the one... you must give up the other........

To... get... the one... you... must... give... up... the... other. This works in both directions. It is what scripture means when it says; “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” This analogy-metaphor-parable-dichotomy-catch-all... elusive understanding... is playing out in every life all the time, and... half measures avail nothing........

People don't want to hear this. They want an easier course where they get to take certain things with them, and there are false spiritual teachers who know this and work that angle. You will note... if you even look deeper at all... that the true teachers did not have a vast entourage, and... when you do have that vast entourage... those are the people you are going to have to track down... in lives to come... and apologize to for misleading them. That's how it works........

Atonement... recompense... the tit for tat of existence... is a formidable and inflexible thing. You can't get around it. Christ arranged a solution for this, but it is not generally understood what exactly that is. There is a large body of the misinformed who believe that... no matter what... they are now saved; Hallelujah!!!.......

There's this thing called the baptism of The Spirit, which is a baptism of fire, and that's not much understood either, and because of that... there are a good many charlatans making big bank from the unreasonable facsimiles........

You have to be sincere. You have to be relentless. You have to be enduring. You have to be purified. The Mind must be subdued. The False Self must be vaporized. There are stages of progression for all of this in every legitimate tradition that will walk you right out of The Shadow Rituals into The Rituals of Light........

Like bookmarks between those centuries of The Hive Mind... dancing in a dream-stupor... through cyclic change... come periods of awakening. The Truth is uncovered for those in search of it. Otherwise, it's no more than a hiccup in the same old same old. We are in one of those bookmarked moments now, and it is a time to pay attention, cause you never know what might appear in front of you if you happen to be looking for it........

Of course, that appearance is only a significator of an awakening interior vision, but... it's meaningful nonetheless. (grin)

End Transmission.......

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I'm removing the quote that was here moments ago because the provenance cannot be established. You can find it all in the comments section below today's Truthseeker posting of yesterday's Petri Dish.

Friday, July 07, 2023

"God is Sleeping in All of Us... in The Kunda Pool Where The Kundalini Sleeps... at The Base of The Spine..."

God Poet Transmitting.......

What you put your attention on responds to that attention... within the framework of time it is resident in; a person... an animal... a plant... or a rock... exist in a different time frame than do the residents of the other stages of being. If that attention be good... or ill... or dispassionate, the reactions will reflect this. There are people who can cause flowers to wilt by being in proximity to them... and they have the same effect on people.

Of course, the reverse is true and masters shine like The Sun on all life wherever they may go. The problem is that there are too few masters, especially In Times of Material Darkness. They often retreat from the common thoroughfares of life because of the conditions of the times. This does not mean their influence ceases. It simply expresses in another fashion.

I asked The God on The Beach; I'm going to stop calling him The Man on The Beach... since it is evident to me now that he was no man, though I was not permitted to have that insight at the time or for some time after. I asked him why he wasn't in the city where he could help more people. He snorted and said, “I don't like being pushed around.”

As you can see... part of me knew that he was something more than the ordinary life form or I wouldn't have asked him that, BUT... I was completely under the spell of the moment. On reflection... it seems that the whole episode was scripted.

At the time I met him, I had had no exposure to Eastern thought. It wasn't until I saw a seated Buddha statue... in an antique store window in Palm Springs... that the tradition was revealed to me. The right hand of the Buddha rested on its wrist on the knee... with the index and pinkie fingers extended horizontally and the middle two fingers curled down and inward.

Here is Ramakrishna in Kundalini exaltation.


The whole time I was with him he held his hands in like manner, only his hands were formed as if he were holding the reins of a brace of horses, with the thumb pressed into the middle digit of the index finger... and the index and pinkie fingers pointing to the side... with the other two curled in along the palm. It was the same position as the Buddha, but... differently aspected.

When I had my Kundalini experience in the Virginia woods, the same thing happened to me and my hands have stayed that way until this time.

Early in our interactions, he was seated cross-legged on the beach and I was in front of him. He suddenly raised directly straight up. Heh heh... I found nothing odd about this. Like I said, I was under his spell the whole time and... no doubt... ever since as well.

He rose up and said, “Everything's under control. Take the reins.” Then I saw four birds in flight across the sky and they were flying on the force lines of his thought. He said, “God is a serpent. God is sleeping and this is his dream.” I replied... “but, he's going to wake up right? He'll wake up?” He answered, “I don't know.” This was his response nearly all the time, and then... he might follow up afterward.

Later... I realized that another way of understanding that is that God is sleeping in all of us, in The Kunda Pool where The Kundalini sleeps... at the base of the spine... until it is awakened. God is dreaming our lives in us. Sometimes he wakes up, but mostly he does not.

The Kundalini is The God Force. When it awakens... it is... from that point... unstoppable. It will rise to Godhead, no... matter... what. Periods of madness may ensue. This I can corroborate. It will rise through all the stages of human awareness until it reaches the bridal chamber in The Sahasrara... where it unites with The Indwelling Spirit, and they become one.

This might not all transpire in one lifetime. I don't know the details of the matter. I just know it can be shorter or longer a period of time depending on who it is happening to; “success is speedy for the energetic.”

When it does happen, all thoughts of an ordinary life are blown to smithereens. The basic personality is fractured... that sense of self is vaporized, and then... whatever time is needed for the building of The Personality of God then ensues... in a generally chaotic fashion... unless you are fortunate enough to have had that groundwork done at a previous time.

Of course... The Mind has something to say about it all, and it works relentlessly to impose its will upon the one experiencing this, through distraction and agitation of The Desire Body. It's different for everyone. There is no set pattern of sequences... or occurrences.

Every one of us is approaching this experience. It might be directly ahead. It might be many... many lifetimes yet. We are consoled by not being aware of any of this, so... we are not tortured by the time span that we are also unaware of.

I've tried to describe the body of the one I met on the beach. Words fail. All I can say is that he was perfectly formed. I am reminded of statues of Shiva Nataraja that I have seen... or certain Buddhas. His features were all drawn in lines of concentrated force. I asked him if he was Chinese... because he looked Asian. He said, “No.” Heh heh. If brevity is the soul of wit then I could say he was a very amusing guy. He was often abrupt with little follow-up.

His face looked somewhat like that which I have seen on the figurines of Japanese immortals. The serpent aspect was palpable. He radiated it. There is the serpent that crawls through the grass and there is the cobra-hood behind the heads of the gods. It is the serpent force raised above The Carnal Realm. The serpent of The Fall becomes the raised serpent around whom paradise is formed.

It is ALL God force... top to bottom, but... how you experience it at either end is VERY different. There is the face of God that The Wicked see, and the face of God that the righteous and pure see. It's still the same God.

Most people can't get their heads around this, but scripture clearly says he created both Good and Evil; “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from Evil,” should clarify the matter. If one wants it clarified. Most people prefer to pull the covers over their heads; literally and metaphorically.

The Gnostics have a certain perspective on The Serpent Power to which The Established Church was violently opposed. They figured they had the divine right to deceive and mislead The World, and they don't like competition.

As long as you have one foot in The World, and one foot in the land of hopeful expectation, you will be confused. You are either all the way in or all the way out. Both of these postures have their benefits; temporary as one of them proves to be. You cannot see... and The World will torment you until you cut all the ties of attachment to it. There is no halfway about it.

There is a reason that wisdom is silent and often conceals itself. The World is a dangerous place unless you have invisible support. Those all the way in, and... all the way out... both have this; temporary as one of them proves to be. “Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

There is one hierarchy that seems to be in charge of The World, and another hierarchy that rules the spiritual plane. In fact... there is only one hierarchy, and all that presents itself as a member... and is not a member... is an impostor. One must always keep in mind, “They know not what they do.”

Of course, this hierarchy has two forms of appearance, depending on The World you inhabit. Both of them use temporal forces for the fulfillment of Divine Will.

At the moment... a lot of self-important psychopaths and assorted miscreants are running about and forcing their will on others. A lot of The World is going along with that. Some of them are fat with wealth and privilege, but... they must needs bend the knee to the false God of Woke. None of them are free... though they pretend to be. They are nothing more than the shapes taken by weather as it comes and goes.

Always before the one who comes to set The World in order appears... there is a great deal of disorder. There are all kinds of vicious excesses and vile nonsense. This liberator. This Sun King. This organizer... is also The Punisher. It's not personal with him. Your fate is decided by your position in respect of him.

It's like that thing about Santa Claus. He might also be Santa Claws... AND... ♫ He SEES you when you're sleeping. He KNOWS when you're awake, He KNOWS when you've been good or bad... so be good for goodness' sake.” ♫ Words to live by.

The hour approaches.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, July 04, 2023

"Before... I Wasn't to be Trusted in The Upper Rooms, but... I Had to Find My Way There... by playing Marco Polo with God."

God Poet Transmitting.......

An anonymous group is arresting Soros-funneled migrant rioters in France.

In Las Vegas, a fast-thinking fellow stopped a heavily armed Manchurian Candidate, but... information and reportage were shut down.

When I see odd... similar events happening at a wide reach... being a Trends and Patterns kind of a guy... I wonder about it.

Today is The 4th of July... accompanied by a Super Moon in Capricorn. We are in Cancer and The Moon is always full in its opposite sign in the zodiac. Here is another indication... more evidence... of the clockwork nature of the universe.

I walked outside at 5:30 and there was a cool wind blowing. This is odd because the days average around 110 degrees this month. There was a palpable sense of well-being and good feeling in the air. I go out every day at about this time... once I have completed my morning... adjustments. (grin) Today is very different from anything I have experienced in recent times.

Today is The 4th of July. Yes... I already said that. Something's going on, and... this something is not a temporal event. This is decidedly spiritual... and an odd day for it. This being one of the major drinking holidays of the year, and... amateur hour on the highway to follow.

Every day I see signs of change... positive signs of change. Every day I... personally... am further removed from the static of this world. Every day... I care less about the flotsam and jetsam floating by on the Gulf Streams of the mind's great ocean. Every day... I am further removed from the shrink-wrapped existence of Material Culture.

Yesterday... I was speaking with the angelic representative of The Ineffable. That angel said, “Well... Visible... it might not be so bad as many are expecting it to be; the many that are even paying attention because... most people are caught up in keeping up with the pull of their desires and appetites. However... in certain locations... it will only amount to noises heard from afar.

"We are everywhere moving among humanity at this time. Where we can give aid and comfort we give them in liberal measure. We do not storm the battlements of closed minds or confined hearts. Where we are welcome, strife must find other lodgings. Please remind your readers of this.”

I don't want to sugarcoat it. It's going to get really bad for some and most especially in the urban and concentrated areas. Satanic forces... governments... NGOs... and vested interests... that are all the same... are moving combatants into place for purposes similar to what was just arranged for France.

Certain parts of The Dreaming World are moving toward crisis in nightmare form. It will not be an easy ride. Please remember that what takes shape in your world external... is the product of your interior creative forces... as each of us plays God according to the ignorance that drives us.

You... who trouble to read here... are already informed to some degree concerning the situation. It is why you came here... to begin with. It is why you continue to come here.

Those who most need to hear what is said here, will... most likely... never hear or see it. They are hearing another music that conforms to the rhythms of their particular karmic dance. It is a dance that takes place in locations where other dancers of similar interest also disport. I call it The Dance of The Living Dead... or The Almost Dead... or The Dead in Search of Life.

When trouble shows up anywhere in The World, it was arranged for in a time previous... such as you see in Ukraine... such as Poland is crying out for a piece of now as well. If your eyes are keen and your mind is untroubled by conflicting forces... and temporal static... you can see these things materializing well before they happen.

I have watched San Francisco... New York... and Philadelphia... and sundry... traveling to their moment of denouement for decades.

One of the remarkable effects of clean psychedelics is that time stops... and time advances in ways extraordinarily dissimilar to the usual prison mindset of the day-to-day sleepwalking world. It was not hard to see what the eventual vermin banquet was going to be, AND... lo and behold! There it is. Can such conditions fix themselves? Can they do that when the very people who brought them into being are still bringing them into being?

It is the endless revealing of The Purpose of Demonstration, which can be seen by those detached from the process. If you run wild... grabbing the sleepers... trying to warn them about that which they blindly march forward to... they will march right over you. Here... again... is The Wisdom of Unbearable Compassion. One can only pray, and... help in peripheral and invisible ways.

Each day... I greet The Sun... at its rising and setting. Each day... The Sun shares its wisdom with me. For decades... I longed for such communications. It is why I took so many psychedelic journeys. I would hear the timeless messages, and then... I was returned to Earth and integrated back into The Dream. I drove myself mad with such flailing against limitation, but... I was already mad... so it was no great distance further for me.

Now... I find it has come in its time, as it was always meant to, and nothing I did served to hasten the event, but... I did not know then what I know now.

Each day... before I eat, I pray that The Divine will consume me as I consume the food. I pray that I will be food... ingested and digested... just the same as I ingest and digest. As I eat... I repeat... I love you! I love you! I love you!

I move in sinuous fashion... as the force devours me... through the focus of my attention upon it. I aspire to higher. I set my mind on fields of wonder... that rest in illuminated cloud kingdoms of the imagination. I know they are forming as I continue to build them with the channeled force of a higher love.

I know these kingdoms exist above me... and within me... at a height removed from terrestrial influences because... The World is The World is The World... and ever shall be... through good days and bad. The World has its limits. It is a prison of the caged mind... at the whim of the senses. It is a place of restriction... for the heart confined by pedestrian desires. Higher Love sets you free. Carnal Love imprisons you.

I can think and feel my way into higher worlds of being, even while I am present here. I can eat my way there... as I replace the particles of my material being... with new particles... charged with the living light of concentrated focus. We completely replace our bodies every seven years. Why then... does it go as it so often goes the way we see it... all around us?

We have to change what we think. We have to change what we feel. Then... you can be certain of positive change... if you are utterly relentless about it. You have to become still... so that The Divine can shape you, and your world... into the manifestation of Heaven's Desire for you.

All through the day... like a dog left in the house, I wait for my master's footsteps to sound in my ears. I scamper to The Door of The Intuition. I wag my tail furiously. (metaphorically speaking). I know he's coming sooner or later. I don't chew the cushions... piss on the carpet... bark all day. I want him to see how well-behaved I've been while he was gone; SOMETHING... TO... KEEP... IN... MIND!

When I was a puppy I did the sort of things that puppies do. I am not a puppy anymore. Hmm... that reminds me of a Biblical quote. (grin) Now... my master can take me places that he wouldn't take me before. I wasn't to be trusted in The Upper Rooms, but... I had to find my way there by playing Marco Polo with God. You only get where you get... when you can get there... and they let you in the door... and don't have to ask you to leave.

I was a fool many times in the past. Perhaps it was a lack of trust... given the territories I had to traverse or... a lack of faith from having let myself down... so many times... and blaming it on God. One day it all turned on a dime and I didn't even notice until some distance up the road. I guess that's how it is. That's how it was for me.

End Transmission.......

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Book 3 of Patanjali's Sutras=

34. “The personal self seeks to feast on life, through a failure to perceive the distinction between the personal self and the spiritual man. All personal experience really exists for the sake of another: namely, the spiritual man.

By perfectly concentrated Meditation on experience for the sake of the Self, comes a knowledge of the spiritual man. The divine ray of the Higher Self, which is eternal, impersonal and abstract, descends into life, and forms a personality, which, through the stress and storm of life, is hammered into a definite and concrete self-conscious individuality.

The problem is, to blend these two powers, taking the eternal and spiritual being of the first, and blending with it, transferring into it, the self-conscious individuality of the second and thus bringing to life a third being, the spiritual man, who is heir to the immortality of his father, the Higher Self, and yet has the self-conscious, concrete individuality of his other parent, the personal self. This is the true immaculate conception, the new birth from above, "conceived of the Holy Spirit"; of this new birth it is said: "that which is born of the Spirit is spirit: ye must be born again."

Rightly understood, therefore, the whole life of the personal man is for another, not for himself. He exists only to render his very life and all his experience for the building up of the spiritual man. Only through failure to see this, does he seek enjoyment for himself, seek to secure the feasts of life for himself; not understanding that he must live for the other, live sacrificially, offering both feasts and his very being on the altar; giving himself as a contribution for the building of the spiritual man. When he does understand this, and lives for the Higher Self, setting his heart and thought on the Higher Self, then his sacrifice bears divine fruit, the spiritual man is built up, consciousness awakes in him, and he comes fully into being as a divine and immortal individuality.

35. “Thereupon are born the divine power of intuition, and the hearing, the touch, the vision, the taste, and the power of smell of the spiritual man.

When, in virtue of the perpetual sacrifice of the personal man, daily and hourly giving his life for his divine brother the spiritual man, and through the radiance ever pouring down from the Higher Self, eternal in the Heavens, the spiritual man comes to birth, there awake in him those powers whose physical counterparts we know in the personal man.

The spiritual man begins to see, to hear, to touch, to taste. And, besides the senses of the spiritual man, there awakes his mind, that divine counterpart of the mind of the physical man, the power of direct and immediate knowledge, the power of spiritual intuition, of divination. This power, as we have seen, owes its virtue to the unity, the continuity, of consciousness, whereby whatever is known to any consciousness, is knowable by any other consciousness.

Thus the consciousness of the spiritual man, who lives above our narrow barriers of separateness, is in intimate touch with the consciousness of the great Companions, and can draw on that vast reservoir for all real needs. Thus arises within the spiritual man certain knowledge which is called intuition, divination, illumination.”