Tuesday, July 25, 2023

"All The World Holds Dear, All The Things The World Holds Up as The Objects of Desire are Either Handcuffs or Nooses."

God Poet Transmitting.......

True simplicity is the art of concealing your intelligence while amplifying your humanity. You wind up never having to talk down to anyone, or... even talk to them at all, once you find that universal commentary that needs no words to express itself. We are... of course... still working on that. (grin)

Those who speak in complexities... generate confusion and amplify doubt. I take the exhortation to become as a little child seriously... to admit my ignorance and seek guidance in all things. Otherwise, The Master Gardener will be compelled to trim me back.

Because I can adjust the speed of my mind and narrow my focus of attention, I am usually able to understand what someone is talking about, no matter how many convolutions and trick monkeys they use. Often I wish I did not understand them, and... more and more of late... I know well enough to stop reading and move on to something... something simpler.

It seems like people these days are either trying to get their point across or... obsessed with showing you how smart they are. Far too often it is the latter. If you are trying to show people how smart you are, you are going to attract other people who think they are just as smart... or probably.... smarter, and no one with any good sense wants to spend time in that kind of company.

We tell the people we meet one thing, and we tell ourselves something else.

In the early days of my life, I tried to fit in. I could not fit in anywhere. Fortunately, I ran into psychedelics really early on. The entire charade that I thought was real life fell to pieces in front of my eyes, just... like... that. I could see that it was all... postures of concealment. Things I thought to be real and desirable were not real or desirable at all. They were snares... traps... lures into states of confinement.

For a time I was completely free, even though I was being pursued by The FBI from coast to coast... I was free. Later on, I got trapped into one thing after another. It's just what life does to you. You have to be a rare bird indeed to fly free of the nets. You have to fly higher than those trying to catch you. It can take a while.

The more pervasive and intense Materialism gets... the more ways and means there are to get snagged and tangled up. The only solution is to not want any of it. I've found that's not as hard as you might imagine. The key is in finding something else to want... something that isn't already fading away from the moment it comes into view.

You can't put it on your mantle or your wall. It will never be a testimony of past accomplishments. There are no trophies for that sort of thing. The Personality is a devious item, especially given its consort... the diabolical and ever-plotting carnal mind. Unless The Mind is doing your will, it is the other way around. There's no middle ground about it at all.

The single point of existence... otherwise it has no point... (as many people demonstrate...) the single point... is Freedom. What I see... as I move through The World... often while standing still... are the conditions people have trapped themselves in by thinking it would take them to Freedom.

All The World holds dear... all the things The World holds up as The Objects of Desire are either handcuffs or nooses. One confines you and makes you wish you were dead. The other makes you dead... with no reports forthcoming on how that worked out; Well... at least he/she is free now. Really? From what I understand... and I only understand a little... you don't actually go anywhere except where you already are... sans the form that made you visible here.

It's just another world like the one you just left... in a different body... where thoughts and feelings are things. That fact... that feature... in and of itself... would certainly qualify as Heaven or Hell if you give it a little thought. Death... temporarily... heals the ills of the physical body. It does not heal the ills of The Emotional Body or The Mental Body.

If you are of a mind to go to Heaven, you have to arrive there while you are still here in order to get there once you're gone. The whole idea of Heaven and Hell... are constructs in The Mind. Neither of them interests me all that much. I've been both places already in this life... and more than once. You might say that... in the one place, everything works... and... in the other place, nothing works. Like I said... they are places where feelings and thoughts are things.

I am more interested in bringing The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. You have to start small... or you will get nowhere at all. It's a guided process. You have to be able to give way before something greater... and be willing to be assimilated into it... to the degree that you no longer exist at all... not in any sense that is familiar to how you think of yourself now. If you want to get to a finer place of being, you have to permit yourself to become a part of a finer being.

From what little I understand... you won't get very far otherwise.

So... to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, you have to first bring it into being in yourself. It has to be established there. Then... as it is in residence... it radiates outward, and... not very far in the beginning. It takes a deal of time for your aura to expand to any appreciable reach... unless... someone with a greater reach takes habitation in you, which is why I am ALWAYS seeking to be a habitation of angels.

I would like to be a perch upon which angels rest... for a moment... in their ceaseless flights around The World. I would like to be a transparency with nothing left of myself to block it... and be a medium through which angels might conduct their business... without interference on my part. It's a tricky business if you are not inflexibly centered on stepping out of the way.

The other day... while speaking with someone invisible... I felt such a rush of gratitude... following upon a feeling of humility... that was preceded by a small understanding... about how it all works, and my invisible companion said, “Yes... it is certainly true that Humility and Gratitude are essential to spiritual progress, and there can be no spiritual progress without them; none at all.

“All of the qualities of God are important. All of the virtues are important, but Humility and Gratitude are near equal to Love itself, and both of them contain a fine and wonderful understanding of the proper relationship one must have to be in resonance with The All.” It felt like my friend was saying, “You are either in sync or you are not, and you cannot be in sync without these critical virtues.”

So... people who speak and write in complex terms... seem to be in a desperate need of acceptance that cannot be acquired by setting themselves apart from others... in a bewildering confusion of dots... connected to... what? What is the point of all that? It's like speaking in a certain language that is only understood by a handful of people like yourself.

People pursue personal power in politics... in business... in entertainment and religion; often they are the same thing. They think this power will grant them Freedom. It serves to catch them in an iron grip of consequences and delayed reactions. More and more often... it becomes glaringly evident to me that these are all forms of insanity... delusion... a fashioning of truth to personal advantage in search of a bad ending.... because The Truth cannot be shaped. The Truth is The Shaper.

Cardinal Wolsey's soliloquy often comes to mind. The life of Napoleon Bonaparte... Alexander The Great... various kings... revolutionaries... social reformers... jesters and fools... cross the mindscreen and... I shake my head and think of all the contemporary replacements who have learned nothing from the past. This time it will be different. That is what they tell themselves.

If you've got a good seat... and in these times... almost everyone does... who is paying any kind of attention... you are going to see some dreadful irony in the coming days. You are going to see such sights because you... live... in... interesting... times. Oh, what a spectacle it shall prove to be!

Speaking of Irony. and... (see the next paragraph) it's coming from every direction now.

Lebron James's son just got a taste from The Killer Vaccine's buffet table; a ramekin of cardiac arrest. Biden's going to have to step down. They'll arrange something or... you can expect a false flag at any time.

Mr. Apocalypse works in stages. For a long time, it was at a certain level of surprise and distraction. Just recently it went up a notch, and... the difference is significant.

Pretty much anything can happen now, and those people talking in circles and riding the obfuscation train are going to find they've talked themselves into a corner because... everything these days is trending toward exposure. The truth is coming out and can no longer be repressed. Let's see if there is any Freedom in that.

End Transmission.......

Really looking forward to hearing about the drowning of Obama's chef. The details... heh heh... the details I have so far are... interesting.

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M - said...

The story about (I didn't click on the link - the little details in Takimag's article was enough) made tears well up. The torture he inflicted should have gotten him the death penalty.

On a lighter note, I read a quote somewhere (and of course I cannot find it now) that went something like this:

The purpose of being here is to just BE. To exist is more than enough. You don't have to BE anything but BE.

I would add that every life on this beautiful planet is a life that deserves to just BE.

"[Nonhuman beings] are not merely alive, but they have lives of their own that matter to them." - Second Nature: the inner lives of animals

I hope this makes sense.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

FREEDOM! Freedom from want, and then we have freedom from obligations.

My stupid contract with myself
My (part time) job
My nose-poo who gives back as much as it gets
52% of the statistically very low rent
Car fees and maintenance.
Taxes, which I keep to a minimum by working only as hard as I absolutely have to.

Not a bad list. And considering my philosophy is "LIFE IS A DISEASE, DEATH IS THE CURE", good luck with persuading me to do something I don't wanna.

How much freer can ya get? Oh yeah. Homeless. Think I'll pass on that. Like Janice said. Freedom is just another word, for nothing left to lose; or something like that.

I want my Akashic Library Card. Omniscience. I wanna explore the entire
Nose-iverse. I wanna build my own galaxy, which i just consider to be a huge 3-D painting for anyone/anything of the right mindset to enjoy. Build it, and leave it. Then again, if there is no time, perhaps I already built it. If I did, I'll spend a bit of non-existent time there, then go on to other things. I was just an architect doin' a job.

Now is a great time to have nothing anyone wants. Well, though I might make a nice marbled set of roasts for the famine times in my current state, but. . .I may be a bit stringy in some respects, bein' a dishwasher. I dunno. Depends on the parts, I guess. On the other hand, Bob Arson thinks I'm 36-41 years beyond my prime:


Heh-heh. I got written up at work for distributing that instruction sheet. I'm still laughin' over that. A high point of my life.

We assumed right off O'bummer's cook was killed off. He knew too much, and musta said something to set off his execution. But he's on the side of The Veil I wanna be on, so I'm not bothered by it. We all gotta leave some time, and anyone who wants to live forever is a total nutter in my book.

Nostrils to the sky on the post. DAMN, STRAIGHT!

0 said...

Logarithmic Notches are the best! :P

That irony article about I 95 cracked me up... the author getting all pun'y.

"Initially, drivers assumed that Joseph was unaware of the leak. But after calling the “how’m I driving” number on the side of the cab (which should’ve read “how’m I driting”), shocked motorists learned that Shakey was purposely transforming Interstate 95 into Interstate No. 2.

After turning every car behind him into a Deuce Coup, Joseph found himself pursued by cops in black-and-whites that quickly became black-and-blacks. Exiting the interstate, Joseph brought his “black dreckcellence” to city streets, turning dozens of pedestrians into Al Jolson impersonators. It was here cops finally put an end to the Killdoozer rampage. “BM and the Bear” was taken into custody; he was charged with assault and scattery.

Ten civilian vehicles, two police cruisers, and a tractor-trailer crashed from slipping-and-sliding. The 95 was closed for three hours while the roadway was cleaned, probably by the busload of Mexican illegals Mayor Adams recently sent to Connecticut. And following the human waste cleanup, the old saying proved true: “Immigration is our stench.”

And there you have present-day race relations in a nutshell: whites cowering in fear of offending blacks, and blacks toasting leftist white fragility with, “Here’s mud in your eye.”"

If thats any indication of whats about to be served up, At least we'll be entertained as things go every which way but loose huh.


Visible said...

That entire article is one of the most brutally truthful take-no-prisoners bit of writing that I've seen since Spy Magazine. There's a new one every week and they are usually an eye-opener from The Department of No Fear.

jpow00 said...

In the confusion of delusion much seems but illusion. Perhaps with my real eyes i can realize the difference between what is and what is not....

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"I Do not Purport to Know The Mind of God... I Only Seek to Be His Willing and Dutiful Servant... and His Loving Friend."



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