Tuesday, July 04, 2023

"Before... I Wasn't to be Trusted in The Upper Rooms, but... I Had to Find My Way There... by playing Marco Polo with God."

God Poet Transmitting.......

An anonymous group is arresting Soros-funneled migrant rioters in France.

In Las Vegas, a fast-thinking fellow stopped a heavily armed Manchurian Candidate, but... information and reportage were shut down.

When I see odd... similar events happening at a wide reach... being a Trends and Patterns kind of a guy... I wonder about it.

Today is The 4th of July... accompanied by a Super Moon in Capricorn. We are in Cancer and The Moon is always full in its opposite sign in the zodiac. Here is another indication... more evidence... of the clockwork nature of the universe.

I walked outside at 5:30 and there was a cool wind blowing. This is odd because the days average around 110 degrees this month. There was a palpable sense of well-being and good feeling in the air. I go out every day at about this time... once I have completed my morning... adjustments. (grin) Today is very different from anything I have experienced in recent times.

Today is The 4th of July. Yes... I already said that. Something's going on, and... this something is not a temporal event. This is decidedly spiritual... and an odd day for it. This being one of the major drinking holidays of the year, and... amateur hour on the highway to follow.

Every day I see signs of change... positive signs of change. Every day I... personally... am further removed from the static of this world. Every day... I care less about the flotsam and jetsam floating by on the Gulf Streams of the mind's great ocean. Every day... I am further removed from the shrink-wrapped existence of Material Culture.

Yesterday... I was speaking with the angelic representative of The Ineffable. That angel said, “Well... Visible... it might not be so bad as many are expecting it to be; the many that are even paying attention because... most people are caught up in keeping up with the pull of their desires and appetites. However... in certain locations... it will only amount to noises heard from afar.

"We are everywhere moving among humanity at this time. Where we can give aid and comfort we give them in liberal measure. We do not storm the battlements of closed minds or confined hearts. Where we are welcome, strife must find other lodgings. Please remind your readers of this.”

I don't want to sugarcoat it. It's going to get really bad for some and most especially in the urban and concentrated areas. Satanic forces... governments... NGOs... and vested interests... that are all the same... are moving combatants into place for purposes similar to what was just arranged for France.

Certain parts of The Dreaming World are moving toward crisis in nightmare form. It will not be an easy ride. Please remember that what takes shape in your world external... is the product of your interior creative forces... as each of us plays God according to the ignorance that drives us.

You... who trouble to read here... are already informed to some degree concerning the situation. It is why you came here... to begin with. It is why you continue to come here.

Those who most need to hear what is said here, will... most likely... never hear or see it. They are hearing another music that conforms to the rhythms of their particular karmic dance. It is a dance that takes place in locations where other dancers of similar interest also disport. I call it The Dance of The Living Dead... or The Almost Dead... or The Dead in Search of Life.

When trouble shows up anywhere in The World, it was arranged for in a time previous... such as you see in Ukraine... such as Poland is crying out for a piece of now as well. If your eyes are keen and your mind is untroubled by conflicting forces... and temporal static... you can see these things materializing well before they happen.

I have watched San Francisco... New York... and Philadelphia... and sundry... traveling to their moment of denouement for decades.

One of the remarkable effects of clean psychedelics is that time stops... and time advances in ways extraordinarily dissimilar to the usual prison mindset of the day-to-day sleepwalking world. It was not hard to see what the eventual vermin banquet was going to be, AND... lo and behold! There it is. Can such conditions fix themselves? Can they do that when the very people who brought them into being are still bringing them into being?

It is the endless revealing of The Purpose of Demonstration, which can be seen by those detached from the process. If you run wild... grabbing the sleepers... trying to warn them about that which they blindly march forward to... they will march right over you. Here... again... is The Wisdom of Unbearable Compassion. One can only pray, and... help in peripheral and invisible ways.

Each day... I greet The Sun... at its rising and setting. Each day... The Sun shares its wisdom with me. For decades... I longed for such communications. It is why I took so many psychedelic journeys. I would hear the timeless messages, and then... I was returned to Earth and integrated back into The Dream. I drove myself mad with such flailing against limitation, but... I was already mad... so it was no great distance further for me.

Now... I find it has come in its time, as it was always meant to, and nothing I did served to hasten the event, but... I did not know then what I know now.

Each day... before I eat, I pray that The Divine will consume me as I consume the food. I pray that I will be food... ingested and digested... just the same as I ingest and digest. As I eat... I repeat... I love you! I love you! I love you!

I move in sinuous fashion... as the force devours me... through the focus of my attention upon it. I aspire to higher. I set my mind on fields of wonder... that rest in illuminated cloud kingdoms of the imagination. I know they are forming as I continue to build them with the channeled force of a higher love.

I know these kingdoms exist above me... and within me... at a height removed from terrestrial influences because... The World is The World is The World... and ever shall be... through good days and bad. The World has its limits. It is a prison of the caged mind... at the whim of the senses. It is a place of restriction... for the heart confined by pedestrian desires. Higher Love sets you free. Carnal Love imprisons you.

I can think and feel my way into higher worlds of being, even while I am present here. I can eat my way there... as I replace the particles of my material being... with new particles... charged with the living light of concentrated focus. We completely replace our bodies every seven years. Why then... does it go as it so often goes the way we see it... all around us?

We have to change what we think. We have to change what we feel. Then... you can be certain of positive change... if you are utterly relentless about it. You have to become still... so that The Divine can shape you, and your world... into the manifestation of Heaven's Desire for you.

All through the day... like a dog left in the house, I wait for my master's footsteps to sound in my ears. I scamper to The Door of The Intuition. I wag my tail furiously. (metaphorically speaking). I know he's coming sooner or later. I don't chew the cushions... piss on the carpet... bark all day. I want him to see how well-behaved I've been while he was gone; SOMETHING... TO... KEEP... IN... MIND!

When I was a puppy I did the sort of things that puppies do. I am not a puppy anymore. Hmm... that reminds me of a Biblical quote. (grin) Now... my master can take me places that he wouldn't take me before. I wasn't to be trusted in The Upper Rooms, but... I had to find my way there by playing Marco Polo with God. You only get where you get... when you can get there... and they let you in the door... and don't have to ask you to leave.

I was a fool many times in the past. Perhaps it was a lack of trust... given the territories I had to traverse or... a lack of faith from having let myself down... so many times... and blaming it on God. One day it all turned on a dime and I didn't even notice until some distance up the road. I guess that's how it is. That's how it was for me.

End Transmission.......

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Book 3 of Patanjali's Sutras=

34. “The personal self seeks to feast on life, through a failure to perceive the distinction between the personal self and the spiritual man. All personal experience really exists for the sake of another: namely, the spiritual man.

By perfectly concentrated Meditation on experience for the sake of the Self, comes a knowledge of the spiritual man. The divine ray of the Higher Self, which is eternal, impersonal and abstract, descends into life, and forms a personality, which, through the stress and storm of life, is hammered into a definite and concrete self-conscious individuality.

The problem is, to blend these two powers, taking the eternal and spiritual being of the first, and blending with it, transferring into it, the self-conscious individuality of the second and thus bringing to life a third being, the spiritual man, who is heir to the immortality of his father, the Higher Self, and yet has the self-conscious, concrete individuality of his other parent, the personal self. This is the true immaculate conception, the new birth from above, "conceived of the Holy Spirit"; of this new birth it is said: "that which is born of the Spirit is spirit: ye must be born again."

Rightly understood, therefore, the whole life of the personal man is for another, not for himself. He exists only to render his very life and all his experience for the building up of the spiritual man. Only through failure to see this, does he seek enjoyment for himself, seek to secure the feasts of life for himself; not understanding that he must live for the other, live sacrificially, offering both feasts and his very being on the altar; giving himself as a contribution for the building of the spiritual man. When he does understand this, and lives for the Higher Self, setting his heart and thought on the Higher Self, then his sacrifice bears divine fruit, the spiritual man is built up, consciousness awakes in him, and he comes fully into being as a divine and immortal individuality.

35. “Thereupon are born the divine power of intuition, and the hearing, the touch, the vision, the taste, and the power of smell of the spiritual man.

When, in virtue of the perpetual sacrifice of the personal man, daily and hourly giving his life for his divine brother the spiritual man, and through the radiance ever pouring down from the Higher Self, eternal in the Heavens, the spiritual man comes to birth, there awake in him those powers whose physical counterparts we know in the personal man.

The spiritual man begins to see, to hear, to touch, to taste. And, besides the senses of the spiritual man, there awakes his mind, that divine counterpart of the mind of the physical man, the power of direct and immediate knowledge, the power of spiritual intuition, of divination. This power, as we have seen, owes its virtue to the unity, the continuity, of consciousness, whereby whatever is known to any consciousness, is knowable by any other consciousness.

Thus the consciousness of the spiritual man, who lives above our narrow barriers of separateness, is in intimate touch with the consciousness of the great Companions, and can draw on that vast reservoir for all real needs. Thus arises within the spiritual man certain knowledge which is called intuition, divination, illumination.”


M - said...

LOL. Like Brigitte Bardot, "I really am a cat transformed into a woman."

I've never been into the "message" behind July 4th. I like fireworks - especially sparklers. Although they are outlawed where I live, my Dad and I used to go to these little stands every year to buy packages of mixed fireworks and ignite them in our backyard. Those are the memories I hold dear.

So today, instead of the trite 4th of July wishes many post, I chose to cite Thoreau because it was on this day in 1845 that Henry David Thoreau began his sojourn in the woods at Walden Pond.

"This world is but a canvas to our imagination." - Thoreau

Having re-read "Walden Pond" recently, I have fond recollections of his musings. His love of Nature. I may have to give it another read very soon...

Anonymous said...

This was beautifully resonant in so many ways. Thank you Les.

robert said...

A heart expanded in words on screen for our reflection
The comfort of an open heart relating what peace awaits within!

Gracias, Visible

When I was a puppy I did the sort of things that puppies do. I am not a puppy anymore. Hmm... that reminds me of a Biblical quote. (grin) Now... my master can take me places that he wouldn't take me before. I wasn't to be trusted in The Upper Rooms, but... I had to find my way there by playing Marco Polo with God. You only get where you get... when you can get there... and they let you in the door... and don't have to ask you to leave.
I was a fool many times in the past. Perhaps it was a lack of trust... given the territories I had to traverse or... a lack of faith from having let myself down... so many times... and blaming it on God. One day it all turned on a dime and I didn't even notice until some distance up the road. I guess that's how it is. That's how it was for me.

A daunting aspect of the recitation of the journey of Visible's personality is the stations you have passed through to get to knowing where you are.

Comparisons of journeys is not that useful but for those who may have resisted the One with less dramatic lessons, there is the nagging sense of more steep uphill hikes ahead, when we have already ran our lamp oil out, anticipating getting spanked once again.

Of course, knowing whatever it takes to get through to our pinioned perspective is ultimately worth it.

The Jeremiad tone rightly grounds our flighty, fickle, less-than-full attention in the pressing moment.
There is a paradoxical personal comfort in the living testimony of the Christ Avatar, who exemplifies shining the Impersonal One through a personal embodiment pure enough to pass brilliant light without burning away before His time.

We know that the consummate Parent will not tax us beyond our human limitations but still we quail at what it may take to show us our true power to endure!

Rambling way of saying:
We appreciate the kind entreaty to jump in the pool "The water's fine!", yet a nagging hubris whispers that we are not ready for the swim!

The insight that you may have made it a tumultuous journey to be ultra thorough, to break off all the sharp edges BEFORE the Tribulation peaks shows wisdom and courage, to be sure.
For souls hiding closer to home, it is good to note that our stone smoothing may have already occurred through constant mundane friction and consequently to cease anticipating traumatic lessons and just be still.

Our human tendency to thrash ourselves into a frenzy of unnecessary anticipatory suffering to prove worthy somehow has got to cease and desist!

Feeling independent ATM of the dramatic comeuppance coming for those on stage about to be hooked off!

The precision of divine perfection pertains no matter where we live.

Where we stand on the rock matters not; the flood will wash around our ears with tender attention.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

Kazz said...

Beautiful post Vis

A lovely gift from your heart to all of ours. Thank you

Enjoy ~


Luv Kazz

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It Is a Horror Show Glueboard... That Traps Stupid People... by Masquerading as What It Is Not... What It Is Not."

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,

I too felt the dramatic shift in the energy July 4th. It was like a bracing, bright consciousness enveloping the whole mountain valley where I live. The heaven world descended a bit and washed all clean. What a surprise!
I love your message and especially the part about tbe upper room.
Thank you!



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