Friday, May 27, 2022

"Point Yourself in The Right Direction. It Will Turn Itself On. Everything You Do, Weakens or Empowers You."

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Well... they derailed a potash train this week in Canada. Looks like fertilizer will be a problem. I'm sure there's a plan to make the expendables into fertilizer. I could ask why it is that The Usual Suspects are so highly placed in all of the efforts to destroy humanity, BUT... we all know the answer to that. We know that their plans fail overall. They might be successful in a couple of places where people no longer care about what happens to each other, or... where debts come due, or... where the people preying on everyone else are forced to prey on each other.

Other locations are going to prove more resilient. The truth is, we don't get very far without struggle. When things get too easy and available, people get fat and lazy. Look at the creatures that graze all day. I don't want to knock people for coming to look like what they emulate. However... it seems we have lost some amount of our ability to dream large. Though I do not believe I can change The World, I do believe The World can be changed. It just doesn't happen from a personal perspective. It requires the impersonal perspective.

I can see workers coming with orange cones and those yellow poster boards that indicate a cleanup or a crime scene, and putting them around the guy standing there motionless and in tune with The Cosmos. The yellow signs can say, “Caution, God at work.” Of course... we mostly don't notice The Divine going about his business. Mostly, what we see are the people calling attention to themselves; by their behavior, by the way they are dressed, by the ripples that ALL OF US make flow from our energetic bodies, with everything we set into motion, be it by thought or feeling... or act.

Why is it so difficult for people to focus on their breathing? Why is it such a hardship for them to bless their food? Why is it such a labor for people to control what they think and feel? Why is it so hard for them to restrain themselves from actions that do no good? Why do people not release all that corrupts them every time they eliminate waste products? You CAN do all of these things consciously. After a while, it becomes second nature and you don't have to think about it, BUT... you do keep thinking about it. It shows that you are engaged, even if no one can see it, someone will definitely see it.

We struggle with self-control until we have self-control. It is a battle all the way there until you surrender to the superior force. This is the same force that wears you down while you struggle. This is the same force that opposes you, no matter what you do; like gravity... and time. It is also the same force that puts the wind in your sail. We decide what relationship we are going to have with it.

In order to thrive, and not just survive, you have to be in harmony with The Ruling Force. The Ruling Force is the source of all other forces. You will note, by simple observation, that everyone has a different relationship to it, even if it is only slight... it is still different, BUT... it has the same relationship to all of us. God is Love.

What most people do not get about The Martial Arts is that they are not really about triumphing over an external opponent. These systems, these sciences, are about giving you control over yourself. As soon as I got to a certain level of proficiency, I no longer ran into physical combatants, other than sparring partners. The system... which goes to automatic, disarms all the other combatants, which are everyone else... potentially... before they get to you. There is nothing in you to attract them. The usual stimulators are Aggression and Fear. If you don't have those, they don't see you. It's not as if you are not there, (even though it is) you are not on their bandwidth.

When humanity is struggling. That is when they make their biggest strides. Look at what happened in this country before it became a slave pen of competing appetites. As long as you are mesmerized, you are paying the freight.

Of course, some conditions and situations are not to be struggled against. Some are. When you have these priorities sorted, you're on greased skids. Point yourself in the right direction and it will turn itself on. Everything you do, either weakens or empowers you. God has limitless power and strength, AND... he lives inside of you. You have to know how to tap the keg. Otherwise... it stays in the barrel, or... dissipates...leaks away into the thirsty sands.

Yes! Conditions are very bad for some people. It is all constructed out of what they have made real in their minds. Change your thinking and you change your lot. Look at the awful shit that has happened over the course of history. Now, compound that number of episodes to the nth power, stretching way... way... way back, and just as far forward out of both sight, and... mind. It's an endless movie, and as long as you want something from it, you will be in it, and you will have to play the role that has to do with you getting whatever it is.

Along the way, you learn to like and dislike things; all-kinds-of-things. Everything, in fact, that you run across... gets put into either the like or don't like categories. There is another sector that you don't care one way or the other about, BUT... do you actually know this? What do you know? How much of that consists of what you've been told? Just because someone told you something, does not make it real.

There is another interesting feature about The Devil translating to The Slanderer. Slander is anything that is untrue about something or someone on which you put a negative spin. Conversely, you have Praise. That may not be true either, BUT... you would much rather hear that. In fact, some people of means, surround themselves with people who pump them up with Praise. They remind me of those forced air, dancing sleeves that look like a cartoon. They go straight up, and then they collapse and go up again. You see them at gas stations and car lots; tire stores. I couldn't live like that.

You are defined by what you struggle for and against. The struggles shape you, kind of like wrestling with an angel. Don't worry about the mistakes you have made. Keep your eye on the ball. Everyone makes mistakes. In some ways, life is a No-Fault Zone.

So... people turn into hamsters and livestock if they pursue their appetites exclusively; be they sexual or otherwise. They will be devoured by them. This you can count on. That is the destiny of the magnetic touchstone of your body. Course... you can refine it until you are able to construct and deconstruct it AT WILL. (If you haven't read Chapter 43 of Autobiography of a Yogi, I will include it in the links.) Anything you can set your minds-eye upon you can attain, IF... you have consistency of purpose. The Presence of God gives you that. It gives you the ability to do anything, regardless of its being good or bad for you.

Many actions you would like to take here are more easily taken on other planes. Just imagine if you were to have the same penetrating awareness, synced up with every plane of your being. Imagine being in contact with The Causal, Buddhic, and Atmic plane, and being able to speak from them into your body... mind... and emotions. Even better if you have The Spirit speaking unhindered through them. Of course, we have indirect contact with them regularly. I'm talking about direct and conscious contact.

If you want to drive a certain kind of car and live in a certain kind of house; hang out with certain kinds of people... you can do this. You have to put the effort in, make the necessary amount of money, and secure the suitable level of notoriety and reputation. It's not hard to get these things. I don't care what anyone else tells you. Obviously, millions of people have some degree of all of these. You can surely arrange to have any of them in the next life. Once you meet the conditions of the arrangement, you're good, or bad to go.

However... if you want to meet the elusive Rosicrucian... Tibetan Master... Himalayan Sage, or... pass through certain portals that I can assure you do exist, well... that is a blueprint of a whole other order. You won't have to pay for anything like a car... house... or girlfriend, BUT... you WILL pay and it doesn't come cheap. Is it worth it? Well... it's priceless so it is hard to draw comparisons. Is it worth it??? Only you can be the judge of that. My experience tells me that nothing else is worth it, so... I have my guidelines.

It seems that it must really be hard. I see or hear of people all the time who put a certain amount of effort into The Quest. They don't stay the course. You don't hear about the people who do stay the course because they vanish from the reach of The Mortal Mind. What makes it so hard is that you cannot... you absolutely cannot accomplish it on your own. Ego-sourced individuals do not believe this. They think they can accomplish ANYTHING they set out to do, AND... that is true, BUT... it would not be you accomplishing it. You hold still while the angel does The Work; The Great Work. (as it is called)

People don't like to be alone. Personally, I love it, but then... I am not alone. Just as soon as it becomes clear to you that your ONLY option is to throw yourself on The Mercy of Heaven... you can begin, and... not before. Oh... you might think you are getting there but... you are running in place. You are treading water. It is the winds of God that carry you... or not at all.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

"Throw the Bag Into The Ocean of Forgetfulness; Not to be Confused With The Pools of Deep Memory."

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What do you know? Right when they need it, they get another school shooting, (fortunate for their interests) AND... that trouble-seeking-cabal, masquerading as a consortium of bright and noble souls, though... one of their number has pummeled the other two (Scotland and Ireland) for MANY centuries.

I'm guessing you would call them, “Strange Bedfellows”, tossed together by whimsical fate, BECAUSE THEY ARE RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER!!! I am referring... kind souls... to The United Kingdom (snicker), BUT... I am, more specifically, referring to England. They are now the main target locations for scammigrants in their particular sphere.

Ah... Merry England! England... and the rest of the joined-at-the-hip, band of brothers with knives up their sleeves. They now want to break the (cough, cough) naval blockade by Russia of Ukrainian grains in The Black Sea. Well... there is no blockade. What there is, is mines-a-plenty provided by The Ukrainians, and previously by England. So... they are now the blockade to the blockade... for which they are entirely responsible on both sides of the conflict.

It's not a new posture they find themselves in. They distinguished themselves in it (less than) admirably during The Opium Wars, AND... many others.

Their fealty, and the fealty of all crown colony members... including Canada and Australia, AND somewhat less so, with the distance between them diminishing by the day, is... The United States. So... follow me here; we have two UNITED groups of countries. One is an actual union of countries. The other is a union of states. Union... the world union is used here as a euphemism, and... “your point, visible?”

Their fealty and allegiance are to the ones financing them. That would be the bankers, more specifically... the international bankers... that consortium of Satanists, with one of their main locations being merry old London. They have a square mile there that regulates the wealth. The Bankers? You could say it is in their DNA.

This whole spectacle... the moving picture drama... of time and event passing, that... when we look back at it, we call it history... or memory. If we look forward it is The Future, which scrolls forth from The Present, that is shaped by The Past. Yeah? Heh heh. This is yet more evidence of it all being arranged, AND... under control. Look at the sequencing! Look at the rotation of the stars... and the planets... the seasons that go round and round... and the painted ponies that go up and down; you get the picture.

Look at the pageantry... the epic struggles... the horrors of war... the lures of romance! The Rolodexing replicators of life and death. Look at the money! There is a reason the Romans said “Cui Bono”. There is a reason we say, (some of us say) “Follow the money”. Most of everything you see going on around you, in human affairs... is about 3 interactive forces; Survival... Romance... and Money. You will find one of these (at least) behind every crime. This is why... for me... my greatest attraction in this world is for The Qualities of God. As you can see, by the world around you, not everyone is motivated in this same way.

Yes... The UK... but REALLY... let's say England. Then let's say London. Then let's say That Square Mile, and then...? Let us say, The Bankers... England has been near the core of all nasty doings having to do with that International Corruption Zone called Ukraine. They are part of a small consortium of countries with the greatest wealth, BECAUSE... that is where the bankers are.

To paraphrase the song, ♫ Where The Boys Are ♫ Connie Francis, wasn't it? ♫ Where the Bankers Are ♫ Because... a lot of people want to be where the boys are. A lot of people want to survive and continue living, and a lot of people want to have what The Bankers have. Here again, we have those three forces; Survival... Romance... and (dah... dah... dah... dum!) Money... money-honey. That other lubrication (like Love) that makes the wheels spin so that The World can go round... in its CONTROLLED orbit.

Everyone wants that money, (not everyone) so they don't have to worry about their survival and so that they have a better chance at Romance. You see? It's all connected. So... the ones who set out to control all the money were pretty smart people... allowing for the fact that ANYONE who wants money that bad is a psychopath who doesn't care whether anyone else survives at all, and... the money? That is their Romance.

You see... there are these people who get so separated in their minds, from any consideration of a Heavenly Hierarchy running things, so that they believe they are God. In their worldview, there is no God except for them. Why... they prove it every day; in the laws they break with impunity... in the lives they destroy... in taking what they want, no matter what it is, and GOD... the real and living God... he indulges them in their delusions. He facilitates their immersion in the desires of The False Self, AND... he does this for The Purpose of Demonstration, here on the playing field of life. This is what it all is.

The World is the stage for The Purpose of Demonstration. The whole of existence is God's Play. He entertains himself with our antics. It amuses him. It keeps him from being lonely and bored (grin). He lives through us, and... he truly loves us. We are a part of him. He refines us by becoming more and more a presence within us. Eventually... should we so desire it... we become like him in microcosm.

Do you know why it is that all true masters are so humble? They have encountered The Divine and the impact of that upon them has shaped their life and mindset... from everlasting to everlasting. ALSO... they live with God in real-time... and so they see what he is... by what he does, and... one can only be humble then. This is not a state one can comment on. Once again... it is a case of Ajnana, Jnana, and Vijnana; hearing about fire, seeing fire, and then actually cooking with fire. There is no way to accurately describe someone who is touched by God or... in whom God resides as a conscious actor... even with you being, The Actor... to all appearances; how something appears, not to be confused with how something is.

So... The UK (but actually England... and actually London... but actually The Square Mile, but... specifically The Bankers) also wants to provide Ukraine with missiles to destroy Russian ships. I don't know if The Bankers are aware of the realpolitik implications of messing with Russia. Russia can turn London... actually The Bankers, into smoking ruins... no longer identifiable as anything but... something that used to be.

You see... God is persisting them in their folly. Russia can wipe out all of the major cities of Europe, AND many in the United States, OR... certainly change The World that we (think we) know into something remarkably different. Surely... they know this? Once again, God uses everything for his purposes, AND... as we have been informed for a very long time... he moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. Surely they know that China is in Russia's corner, given the behavior of The West toward them. They are NEXT... right? There are other countries too. So... what is really going on?

First of all... many of the main players are quite certainly barking mad. I think it is the English who use that term, 'barking mad'? Can't say I hunted down the philological underpinnings of the term. Hopefully, the reader is okay with that. I just can't seem to find the time, while in a constant state of wonder as to... where did it go? Time most certainly can fly. It crawls too. In some cases, it is fast asleep ♫ Time keeps on slippin, slippin... into The Future ♫ At which point it is no longer The Future. It has become The Present. I can see where this sort of thing can puzzle some people.

It no longer puzzles me because I no longer have any investment in it. I have taken Yogananda's advice and put all my troubles and concerns in a bag and I threw it into the ocean. They are no longer my concern. They are God's concern, BECAUSE... I have taken to heart what he constantly repeated to me in my walks through the olive groves of Italy some years ago; “Rely on me!” This... he repeated... over, and over, and over. There must have been an echo because I have heard it across the years, and now... years in advance of my hearing this, the understanding of meaning has come to me. It really is that simple, and... all I have to do.

Note the political mind-games going on in The Crown Colonies. Also, note that they are the main hotbeds for Tranny (Sylvania)-issues and all alt-sex promotions to the rest of The World. They are the mainliners of The Great Reset, The Great Replacement, and all manner of sordid adventurism for the purpose of confusion and chaos, including the unhinging of the collective human mind. This is a part of the agenda of The Bankers. This is all coming to a head now. I leave it to you to reflect upon the matter.

To the degree that you know and trust that God is in control of everything, and has your best interests at heart, to that degree can you have confidence in the certainty that God WILL handle IT ALL. The degrees short of that in your life, are the gauge and measure of your apprehensions and fears. Take those and put them in that bag also. Put all your concerns for the ever-shaping future... whatever future there may be... into that bag and throw it in The Ocean of Forgetfulness; not to be confused with The Pools of Deep Memory.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, May 20, 2022

"Groups Come and Go. Their Influence Rises and Falls. They are Members of The Outer Order of Temporal Control."

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Now and again, you hear about The Rosicrucians being a Satanic organization. I can't think of a single, alleged Rosicrucian who was engaged in ANY criminal activity against Humanity. I seriously doubt that anyone can name a single Rosicrucian going about in these times.

Some might be familiar with Christian Rosenkreuz, the alleged founder of The Rosicrucian Order, who was around at the end of the 14th and beginning of the 15th century. No one has anything but the most superficial information on him. There are even odds that he never existed as a person. It's that Hiram Abiff thing. Rudolf Steiner seems to have known about him, saying that he AND Jesus were the heads of The Invisible Rosicrucian Brotherhood.

There's no real proof that he even existed. It's another of those Shakespeare and Jesus Christ conundrums. This does not stop people from labeling him as an evil figure. The same people go after The Gnostic Order. From what I've seen they were another of those groups who understood The Serpent Power, which is the God-Force in Humanity. Mostly it is sleeping in us, and we are in a dream. When it is awakened is when all the things that did not make sense, start to make sense. Prior to that, you have people running around and accusing everyone else of being Satanists while behaving like the dictionary definition themselves.

The Rosicrucians and Gnostics were like the Abigensians and Knight's Templar. They got in the way of the real Satanic order of the lineage of Popes; ♫ The Pope (does not) got a brand new bag ♫ They are all considered heretics... most likely because they were on the right side of the doctrine. The French king and Pope of the time wanted the riches possessed by the Knight's Templar. Most of these organizations came around in that period between the 12th and 15th centuries. The Gnostics would be the exception to that. They were present around the same time as The Essenes.

I'm not getting into a history discourse here. I tend to agree with Henry Ford that “History is bunk.” I mention this because of the claims by anonymous Nodwells and bobbleheads that they are all evil. In my view... which has been in development for the whole of this life, and many lives before, it is The Catholic Church and most of the Protestant Churches that are the real Satanists, given that... “by their acts ye shall know them.” These cash register religions have zero to do with the mystery and splendor of God.

We KNOW where the fantasy of Jesus the Christ being a Jew came from. We have given ample study and research to the folding, spindling, and mutilating of the teachings of Jesus the Christ, by those who use the religion for crowd control and to maintain their exceptionalism. It is no wonder that most intelligent... AND objective people, want nothing to do with the traditional church. Here's the deal; there is the visible, and external church, AND... there is the invisible church. That is why there is a True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order, AND the external fraternity that is based in Kalifornia, as are most all of the rest of them.

I am in agreement with Frank Lloyd Wright, who said something like; “at one point, God picked up the Eastern Seaboard and he shook it. Then everything that was loose, rolled to Kalifornia.” He was talking about architecture, but... I am pretty sure that applies across the board.

There are deeper forces at work here, when we consider the established Christian Church; be it Catholic or any of the hundreds of reformed splinter churches, that cater to specific perspectives. As evil as we can see the cash register churches have been, they have served an important need in the culture and communities. They represented the generally agreed-upon yardstick for human behavior. Thou shalt not do this and that, agreed upon by the large majority of us. The only ones who don't agree are the ones engaging in these acts of offense against the rest of us.

Now... the established churches are crumbling. Their infrastructure is falling away. As we previously stated; agents of The Cosmos come into town, and they erect a stage. A drama is performed on that stage. Then the stage is torn down, packed up, and moved somewhere else. A new group of agents arrive and erect the new structure, for the purpose of the drama to be performed. Yes... that is what is happening; not just with the churches, but the governments, the moral codes, and... for all I know, everything else as well.

This is a REALLY big series of changes coming down on us. It's nothing new. It has been happening for millions and millions of years. It will continue to do so. ALWAYS... there are two sources of information. There is the pedestrian news of The World, filled with rumor and innuendo... which serves The Ruling Class. Then there is Ageless Wisdom and those who guard and disseminate it from the repositories of that information. There is one source of the letter of the law, upon which the common folk depend, and are herded and controlled by, and one source for the spirit of the law, for the disciples/initiates.

The Avatar has one teaching for The World at large, and one for the apostles. It even says that in The Bible. You might think the latter just thinks they are better than we are. In many ways they are better; more responsible, more aware, and more selfless-serving. However... they do keep it to themselves. SO... we have these secret societies, orders, and brotherhoods that may have been well-intended, to begin with, BUT... over time, everything degenerates. Well... not everything. However... when these secret societies, orders, and brotherhoods degenerate, the Guardians of The Mysteries leave these groups and take The Mysteries with them. AT NO TIME... do the evil among us get their hands on The Higher Teachings.

How can they understand and manage the powers of light when they are in darkness, and the light is toxic to them?

There is something in these higher teachings that shrinks away into invisibility at the mere approach of The Profane. It is too elusive for them, and they must be contented with mesmerizing the unfortunate and holding sway over their lives. There is not a single historical figure I know about who did not pass through one or more of the arcane schools of their time. You CANNOT tell the truth to people who are not ready for it. It makes them very angry, in a pearls before swine kind of a way. You learn to know, to will, to dare, AND... to be SILENT.

Those who are too profane to receive the mysteries are the ones running around and calling everyone else Satanic, mostly because they can't understand what they are talking about.

I've been accused of being a Mason numerous times, even though I have gone out of my way to state that I have NOT IN THIS LIFE been a member of any Masonic lodge, OR... ANY external order. I have said that I am a member, in spirit, of The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order. All that is required for membership is the necessary resonance.

True Rosicrucians are anonymous and they have one specific power, and that is to heal. They have no uniforms or funny hats, no secret handshakes, and no membership dues, BUT... you may be sure they have paid their dues, and continue to. They have been known to say, "may the roses bloom on your cross" by way of salutation.

The thing is... many people are very angry now. Materialism makes people angry because of the have and have not factor, AND also because there is no satisfaction to be had, except by The Supreme Enjoyer. There is only so much room behind the velvet ropes. For being exclusive to have any cachet or meaning, there HAS TO BE many, many more people that are not exclusive. If you want to find your Satanists, that is where you will find them, behind the velvet ropes, BUT... not everyone. Initiates come and go and they please. The Satanist is noted for their sense of exceptionalism, and self-importance. A Satanist is one who has made a religion out of Materialism.

You can tell the nature of a person by their attractions and how they manage them. Satanism is about self-interest. I doubt any of them would argue about that. The other side of the coin is selfless service. This is how people reveal themselves... by what they do, and what they pursue. You will often find them PRETENDING to be of service to others, BUT... there is ALWAYS a personal benefit to be had. It's like celebrities who give away pittances after having first announced it to the public.

If you have never been a member of any of these organizations, you cannot know what goes on there. You will find good people and deluded people in all EXTERNAL organizations. In times of raging material appetites, the trend is toward corruption and depravity. You can CLEARLY see this in The World of the Moment.

Those who are members of any Old Boys Club, find a way to work collectively to serve their personal interests. These groups come and go. Their influence rises and then falls. They are members of The Outer Order of Temporal Control. Whereas... the invisible order... continues to practice Ageless Wisdom. They are shepherds of the flock. Yes... there are bad invisibles too. The Avatar is presently dealing with them.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, May 17, 2022

"It's a Casual Fuck and Forget Monotony of Anonymous Bodies, Tumbling Through an Ever-Deepening Darkness. "

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I don't like to have to put the mental cross-hair on anyone, but... there are forces in this world that target me. They target everyone within range, and out of range too. So... I am going to do some plain speaking today, such as was once routine here, until God showed me a better way. Today though... these words need to be said.

Rap is a celebration of the animal nature. It's a crotch-grabbing, insecurity dance of the developmentally arrested. It celebrates all that is brutish and carnal in us. It dances like an electric current between the horns of Mammon, these two poles being, booty and bling. It's Materialism of the adolescent sort.

It's an incestuous tormenting of the language, without context or coherence, a mad spilling of childish rhymes of vile intent, filled with animosity and lust. It's the porcine sounds of copulation in a pig-wallow, AND... its main players are the hand puppets of the slave masters who owned the ships of transport to Charleston Bay that brought them here in chains.

Every time this fact starts to break in the minds of the mesmerized who chase The Carrot, (and fear The Whip) they are captivated by a new distraction. Usually, this involves the pitting of one race against another, creating shortages and phony plagues, starting wars...while they cheer from the sidelines. They've been doing this for a long time. It's no wonder they are good at it.

Now they've gone and done a false flag in Buffalo. THEY HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT NOVEMBER COMING!!! It's something scripted from Hollywood. Oh, look! A white supremacist! They're about as numerous as Himalayan snow leopards. This has Tavistock written all over it.

When deceit and carnal attractions are the heart and expression of it, one does not need a guidebook to know who is behind it, or... what its destination is. The more Materialism intensifies, the hotter it gets, and the more Hell rises to the surface. It always ends badly for the ones celebrating it.

It matters not to me how anyone takes this... or what labels they place upon it or me. I am convinced of the truth of it, and I must call it out for all races, creeds, and colors to see. Some tiny cabal of Satanic practitioners are holding sway over the masses. They cannot see a profit beyond material gain. They see no higher life objective than sex. They live to satisfy physical appetites and to rule over us.

One can go backwards... and some do. The majority tread water and walk in circles. The few... climb the interior mountain. Many set off on this course, and many fall away. Only the resolute and persistently focused succeed.

It is not difficult to see who they are ♫ in that number ♫ They are the ones who did not stop until they had reached the goal. Turning aside was NEVER a consideration. Why are some of us so determined in our course? It is because of the bitterness of past efforts that led to failure. They know what it is that caused them to fail and... it shall not happen again.

Have you considered what happens when The Earth blocks the light of The Sun from hitting The Moon? Of course... all the rest of the time, it is hitting it while shining on one side of The World... or the other. There are various symbolic events taking place here, and one of them is of The Superconscious directly hitting The Self-Conscious. It most often... USUALLY... speaks directly to The Subconscious (The Moon) because that is the part of the mind that is always open to it. The Subconscious is like a child and thinks and understands in pictures. As Within so Without... As above, so below.

Then there is this condition called, “Falling in Love.” That doesn't sound good. Can't you hurt yourself falling? I certainly have. No... FALLING in Love does not sound good, but people do it!. They cast themselves recklessly into the roiling ocean of emotional abandon. IF... IF you are going to do that sort of thing, may I recommend, The Divine... as the focus of your affections? The Divine will catch you when you fall in love with him. The Divine will hold you in the sanctuary of his/her love.

God is ALSO the feminine aspect of The Father. Some would say... in terms of manifest creation, that she is more the go-to-God. She's closer to the day-to-day. She handles, hosts, and gives birth to everything. After all, She is Prakriti. She makes up everything that is here, including the part of the mind that perceives it. She is Nature and what the hands of humanity make out of her, under the guidance of God, which sometimes appears must be the hand of The Devil too. AND... I will say what I always say, The Devil, is God, the way The Wicked perceive him. There is ONLY ONE God with many faces. She, the Divine Feminine, is The Sophia who sits on the cube. The tears of Mary, when they dry, remain as salt.

It is up to you what neighborhoods of The Mind you wander in. Your thoughts will surely take you there in person... just keep thinking about them. You are building your worlds to come by thinking them into creation, and you fuel the operation, and the speed of its manifestation... by the passion you invest in it. This is why you must NEVER invest your passion in hate or revenge, AND... you should love God, whose ceaseless meditation holds it all in place, through the power of his CONCENTRATED love and will.

There is a massive crisis in these times. It is not only through war that we are seeking to destroy ourselves. It is in our suicidal lifestyles. Variations of this have happened over and over. Your persecutors will not stop until we are all transgender or terminally confused. Transgender is the new IT something or other. Anyone who wants to be a girl or boy has only to put their attention on it and it will happen in the next go-round. The Lords of Karma are very accommodating in the ways they will let you work out your fantasies. That's not something you should smugly take for granted, it doesn't work out like you think it will. Some ONLY want to be freakish. Remember The Lizard Man?

None of this is about any authentic self bullshit. This is about psychopaths doing their clinical psyche thing with the rats, and the mazes, and the cheese, only... it's much worse than that. They are torturing you for their own amusement. That is the key attractor for them... and they want to kill out the idea of God so that their generations can rule supreme here as vampire overlords. They've been working on it for a while. They've been given a lot of rope, for the very purpose you can imagine, if you think about it. (hint... suspending themselves from the support structure of the nightmare they constructed.)

They engineered the whole rap culture so that they could mold specific personalities, with specific predispositions into a thug army to tear down The World and turn it into Mad Max-Land; then to frighten and terrify everyone so that they can milk the fear. The Neo-Nazis of Europe are their counterpart zombies. They get what the plundering hordes have gotten all through history; gold and women. It's not a matter of race-hatred... so much as it was the easiest avenue. How about a nice injection of atavistic apprehension?

Do-Wop, Soul Music, R&B, and what came after them, were remarkable expressions of vibrant living beauty, which got their genesis out of the psychedelic mindset. Jimi Hendrix did it with inspiration and pure fire. Richie Havens rose up from the heart of humanity... and Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder; so many others. The list is LONG. A great deal of wonderful Gospel music got recorded as well.

Now we have this abomination of doggie-style music about ego-grandstanding, dick-waving, money, murder, and bitches, and shiny things that catch the false light when you walk into a club; this they have alchemically infused into the feminine nature. They are now bitches. They have turned the mirrors they look into, into a roadside toilet reflection.

They have given us twerking... as an act of worship in the emerging sex cult of zombie atheists. Who owned the record companies that opened the door for this? Who financed the proxy companies that fronted for the people already in charge? Who promotes all the acts and lifestyles that are embodied in the recordings? I can't call it music. It is not. Music is harmony, not this hammering dissonance.

“No!” says the avant-garde, who did the same thing to painting and literature and everything else. Sorry... that's not art. That's garbage. That's what you get when there is ZERO inspiration. Muses don't go anywhere near this sort of thing, BUT... there are denizens of your lower nature who are willing to provide an unreasonable facsimile.

Remember how you could remember the actual names of songs and how these songs gave a nice soundtrack accompaniment to certain moments in your life, and the memories that followed? Now... they have pulled this medium down to the lowest and most profane level... TO BE YOUR SOUNDTRACK! There's no romance in this. It's a casual fuck and forget monotony of anonymous bodies, tumbling through an ever-deepening darkness. Eventually, it catches on fire. No? Yes... really...

I can hear someone saying, “Who does he think he is to demean our culture?” Heh heh... I'm not the one who demeaned it, you are... AND... might I add... it is self-evident. I'm just enjoying (not really) the Spring Collection, at the Milan Fashion Expo, for The Emperor's new clothes. I refuse to be a part of your perversity. I WILL NOT be shaped by you. I WILL NOT bend the knee to depravity. I WILL NOT serve you. You are not in charge. The One I already serve IS IN CHARGE, and you will see this sooner than you might presently think. You've been allowed to come this far in order to be convicted in The Court of The World's Opinion, for The Purpose of Demonstration. BY YOUR WORKS! By your works, you have made yourself known!

They are coming for the language and the children. They are trying to kill off the old. They are coming for your privacy and rights of speech. They are running a long con that has your extermination OR enslavement as the punch line. They are orchestrating food and energy shortages to promote riots, and force compliance; “we're from the government. We're here to help.” They have all kinds of dark nasties planned because they cannot afford to lose in November.

How can we protect ourselves? They are too powerful. How can we get away from them? Their reach extends everywhere. What are we going to do? Uh... Yeah... about that. God is more powerful than all the armies of The Earth that ever were gathered together at the same time. If he came singly to the battleground, and they were arrayed before him... with a twitch of his little finger they would vanish away (AND... he lives in you).

They are only shadows, to begin with. God is a living, conscious light. He is in everyone, so... how can you lose? Get yourself some everlasting victory of undying, eternal love, from his endless and overflowing fountain. Let it fill you up and flow through you. That's the best answer I can give you to those questions. (at the moment... grin) The answer for me is provided in the understanding of what all that means.

End Transmission.......

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This is one of the best exposes I've seen. It's a little long and requires paying attention. Fortunately, the people who come here are able to demonstrate that. Still... it's not everyone's cup of tea. It's not my cup of tea, BUT... I like to be informed. When you know who is doing what, you are able to deal with them internally, in ways they cannot defend against, which is how everything REALLY gets done. The external side is just the window dressing life scampers through=

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Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe

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How could I have missed this important happening? Why... I've never even heard of these people before. When does the 8 episodes documentary come out? Maybe I really do not see The Big Picture! No one has said that yet, but... if someone did...

Thursday, May 12, 2022

"The Robot Mind of Zombie Allegiance, to The Glitter and Glow of The World, is a Timeless Affliction."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Last night, I was watching a series called “Tokyo Vice.” I started thinking about life in other countries. How regimented it is in some eastern zones; especially China and North Korea. Even rich playgrounds like Singapore are tightly controlled. Not so, in the gloriously decomposing West; that place where the whole object is to get your Yaya's out.

You can say what you like... but each race, be it White... Red... Yellow... Black... Brown... or Alien Overlord, has specific and fixed differences between them. Consider The World at large, and what life is like in those places with the greatest concentration of a single color. Ethnic jokes are based on real characteristics. India has a caste system that was instituted around 3500 years ago. Progressive minds point to such separations by class and occupation as inherently unfair. Perhaps it would be... if there were no Karma, BUT... Karma is pervasive everywhere. It just looks different in different places, and in some places... it is much harder to see, due to cultural programming.

There is a reason they took Karma, Reincarnation, and The Divine Mother out of the teachings of Christ. Christianity is left without a logical doctrine. It is a lot easier to deceive people if you can convince them that some things just cannot be known... except by The Checkout Aisle Priests.

There is just as rigid a caste system everywhere. It is simply disguised as something else. You get a caste system no matter what. According to those possessed of refinement, it is intolerable to be around people who are not refined. That caste system is a devised economic one, but you still take your chances with the refinement. All of them are caste systems. They just look different. They are not different. The caste system in Europe is concealed. England has a very rigid caste system. In most western European countries, the old aristocratic families still own most of the land.

I'm not going to delve into the differences between the races. It is one of those things most people know about but have the good sense to keep to themselves, (MOST ESPECIALLY because of all the exceptions to the rule...) unless they are in trusted company, BUT... what is trusted company? Don't tell people anything you don't want them to think they know about you. In Times of Material Darkness, it is second nature for people to lie without thinking about it. It is also second nature for people to roll over on you if you fall out.

The most evil collection of people on this Earth is The Social Reformers. They want to fix everything that does not measure up to their impossible standards. Some of them want to MAKE everyone equal. This is absolutely impossible. In a world where its composition is made up of warring elements, certain conditions will come around like clockwork.

God help you if you are the right age at the wrong time. These days... if you are older, and you have any kind of a brain left, you know The State wants to kill you; is trying to kill you. They want to decrease the costs of retired people collecting pensions so that they can send more money to Ukraine, which The Usual Suspects want to turn into the new Promised Land.

The old Promised Land hasn't worked out that well. The hostility that surrounds them, which is based on their psychopathic treatment of the original inhabitants, and every one of their neighbors, continues to intensify. Have you noticed? The whole world is going haywire. Yes... some of this is a sign of the times, and some of it is being enforced by The Great Reset Commies and their affiliates worldwide.

As The World wakes up... and it WILL wake up, there are going to be a number of collective reactions. A good number of people are going to be VERY ANGRY at specific other groups of people, as the evidence of what they got up to dawns on them. Mr. Apocalypse is going to make sure that those waking up comprehend what he is revealing to them. Certain elite groups of vampires are becoming very nervous at what the signs indicate. They want to get ahead of the curve, but this will only result in them heading themselves off at The Pass.

Meanwhile... as Insanity becomes more and more pervasive, people will go nuts according to the nature of their obsessions, attractions, and fears. Some groups are much more sexually repressed than others, and alienation is presently our greatest growth industry. As Material Culture gets more and more powerful, there is a pandemic of decadence and depravity on all sides. The forced movement of immigrants from primitive cultures, into what were previously more civilized spaces, is creating near and present dangers in all urban and suburban locations worldwide. Rape is a commonplace event. Crime of all other kinds is also on the rise. This has been intentionally caused by Little Georgie Sorrows and his banker handlers and associates.

If you call attention to The Obvious, they set a hue and cry after you. Why... you are demeaning people who don't have white privilege. This was created by the same people that came up with Antisemitism against people who are not Semitic. The Awakening is going to take care of all former uncertainties, and the hunters will become the hunted. You are going to be seeing Cosmic Irony in real-time.

Right at this moment, The World teeters on the brink of a 3rd World War. It would be a grim picture indeed, were it not that EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL... even when it seems completely out of control, it is still surgically, and precisely under control; to the last jot and tittle... every falling sparrow and leaf. This is, probably, the most important truth anyone can become aware of. Then, it becomes one's sole objective... in this endless war of elements... to find out who or what to surrender to.

The robot mind of zombie allegiance, to the glitter and glow of The World, is an eternal struggle to acquire and consume. It ALL... on this plane... comes down to Materialism. All the other ills come out of it. We are here to learn to cooperate with each other, “as it is in Heaven”, not to contend with each other for a plunder of congealed dust... composed of frozen sunlight... in extension.

It is looking pretty dark and troubling at this time, in the collective of separated, human minds. You can see the extent of the pandemic madness worldwide. The ruling classes are losing control of what they were never in control of, which means they will seek to enforce an even greater control upon the rest of us. This isn't going to work. They are just going to agitate and awaken a sleeping beast that is going to turn on them.

Here is what you do, IF... you were... say... me? Although you see the scatter-brained, and appetite driven masses, looking like someone stepped on an anthill, who is also in a torment of apprehensions and atavistic fears, that are being drummed up in their minds... you observe that they are herded by those seeking to drive them through the paddocks, and on to the killing floor. You... draw... back. You internalize. You realize that the true and absolute control is WITHIN YOU... and that your communicating with it is dependent on your level of self-control. Self-mastery masters all else.

Instead of being a mindless consumer, seeking to protect your worthless goods, even if your garage is already full of the overflow... you just let go, with the sure and certain conviction that none of these things matter... unless we make them matter. When I say that The Divine is resident within you this very moment... conscious and aware... I am not selling you another line of goods. I am telling you what IS SO; what is ALWAYS so. Somehow, to your misfortune, you detached yourself from the awareness of The Indwelling... BECAUSE... of The Lures of The World.

When you get sucked out into the maelstrom of material conditions, you can forget that there is sanctuary and safe harbor within. You forget that within is... in fact... in control of what is without. Every difficulty you have can be resolved by your recognition of what IS, and what IS NOT in your hands. Some items are not in your hands. They never were, and the folly of your trying to control these things and conditions leads to all the problems you think you have.

I know there will be people who will say, “Well, that's easy for you to say. It just worked out for you. My situation is different.” That may be, BUT... the answer to your situation is NOT different than mine. The solution to your problems is not different than mine. You might call that solution by a different name, that involves different rituals, and routines... that you got the impression were somehow necessary to the relationship that exists between you and that which you cannot see, but... it is the same.

One school of thought says you can see it in everything and everyone around you, AND... that all of it... collectively and individually... is susceptible to that LOVE before which every knee must bow. It soothes the savage breast. It calms the animal nature. It overcomes The World. It does all of this, and this I KNOW to be true. There is nothing further to discover that I know about because it... that love commands all else, and compels all else to give up its secrets to you. Love has a way of doing that. Love... real love... is very hard to say no to.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, May 09, 2022

"It is Heartbreaking to Watch The Clueless... Swearing their Undying Fealty to a Demon in Human Form."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... the stage is being set for the Anti-Christ. In the links, you will see a number of examples of false teachers and their brainwashed followers. The author of these articles is a queer, transgender progressive, BUT... that does not change the facts of the matter. It is amusing to me, how much people reveal about themselves while writing about others. If you pay attention you will see the buzzwords that keep repeating in the articles by the author, Be Scofield.

None of us are immune to this. We all reveal ourselves, so... my point of view is that you should be fine with anything anyone learns about you. Simply conceal nothing but beauty, so that beauty is all that gets uncovered and exposed about you.

Some of these scam artists are known to me. I agree with what is said about them... other than the buzzword colorations given by an off-color source. I am referring especially to the article about Eckhart Tolle-Booth, where the author starts going off about the real-world problems of racism, sexism, holocaust denial, and...Q, etc. I did not link that article but you can find it on the site. I knew what I needed to know about Tolle-Booth from Offal Winfrey DISCOVERING and promoting him... everything that followed has only confirmed my original first impression.

There is a long list of these people that I am familiar with. Some are mentioned. Others are not. When Heaven intends to unmask you, it builds you up in your own separated mind. It makes you clueless about the impact of your effect on others. Let me be very clear about what a master is. There is ONLY ONE MASTER. He exists POTENTIALLY in each of us, and is Kinetic in very few, BUT... mastery MUST be INSTALLED and authorized by a representative of The Celestial Hierarchy. Otherwise... you are a fraud and nothing good is waiting for you after The Purpose of Demonstration.

Within the Invisible World of archetypal forces and Heavenly creatures, there are councils, lineages, and traditions that over-see and facilitate the stations and roles of those performing the duties of Heaven through human form. Babaji created a lineage through Lahiri Mahasaya, which led to Sri Yukteswar, which led to Paramhansa Yogananda. The Swami Tradition accounts for an unbroken line of teachers from long before Shankaracharya... AT EVERY LEVEL of ability and competence. Some are far more powerful and rarefied than others.

The same is true of the unbelievably complex system of Buddhism. The lamas and arhats, Bodhisattvas, and Buddhas continue on, from times unremembered, toward an endless future. In the East, it goes one way. In The West, it goes another. Except for appearances, they are the same. Consider The Shakers and The Quakers; shaking and quaking are both examples of Kundalini in action. In The East, as in primitive cultures... the mad are assumed to be touched by God. In the West, they are institutionalized and medicated... or used to be. Now they are tossed into the community thoroughfares.

You are going to see horrific examples of complete frauds and liars. Why is it that they are so successful and permitted to ride roughshod over the psyches of the vulnerable? Do you really have to ask? Why are real masters so hard to find? Well... mostly they don't announce themselves. They do not need your worship and worldly goods. They are rich already beyond your imagining. They are already busy worshiping the presence of God in everyone. They do not have a purple, unicorn-embossed, Chinese restaurant menu of glittery shit you can buy, and so on, and so on. They are hard to find and difficult to recognize unless they permit it.

Any fool should know that when someone is relentlessly shilling for donations and personal theme parks, in a desire to create and profit from Spiritual Disneyland, and have a Walmart cornucopia horn of tinctures, and oils, and DVDs... seminars and retreats, ridiculous new age jewelry... official clothing; “I went to Bababulltiki's Spiritual Jamboree and all I got was this Lousy T-Shirt!”... secret decoder rings, and tattoo parlors, where you get the guru's image fixed for perpetuity on your skin graffiti billboard... you are in the wrong place for real spiritual illumination.

Here is a classic example of your one-stop, holy man fix-it shop. There are many exposes on this ongoing operation where you have to get Osho-Money... or whatever it is called before you go in. You can find these horror tales if you know how to use a search engine. Then you find that just about everything has a price. Here's the really good news. When you go to leave and try to convert your ashram money back into regular currency, they tell you they can't do that, and you have to spend the money before you leave in the gift and garbage shops, OR... you can make a donation. It's a 24/7 pay-as-you-go turnstile spinning, soul-sucking machine, devoted to MATERIAL PROFIT.

There is a vast army of trust-fund-traveling-seekers who provide the revenue for these scam-a-minute operations. Look at the crowds that show up in the photos and videos at the links below. The scamsters mentioned in the links are only a small part of the hucksters I have encountered in my travels. The hustle is not new... it's mostly about 'getting laid with the prophet.'

You either serve The Divine (in everyone) or you serve yourself. No one should want to be a guru or a spiritual teacher, and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can you simply anoint yourself as one. Invisible witnesses are everywhere you are. They see what you get up to, and they know your heart and your intentions better than you do. Just because you have been getting away with it does not mean you are going to get away with it, because YOU WILL NOT! I can promise you this.

I imagine that there are many people who are outraged at these hoodwinkings. There are also a considerable number of people who desperately want to know how to become a hoodwinker. It is heartbreaking to watch these clueless petitioners, swearing their undying fealty to a demon in human form. True spiritual teachers are NOT about taking. They are about giving. They are not lazy. They work harder than anyone else. I remember Guru Bawa talking about clearing 30 acres of jungle by himself with nothing but a hand scythe. If you've dealt with real jungle, you know it is not like clearing brush.

The greatest and most underrated spiritual teacher on Earth is any mother who chooses to spiritually inspire their offspring. No one has a greater impact on the child than the mother, who nurtures them from birth, and is an expression of The Divine Mother thereby. It is the mother who assists in making the child a sexual deviant as well. Of course, the father can have a profound influence also, BUT... they are not the same. It is within the family unit that true heroes are born, as the progeny of the unsung heroes... who brought them down and molded them to a higher calling.

This is why it is the intention of The Bad Guys to destroy The Family Unit, so as to pervert human sexuality. Nothing more is needed for the downfall of civilization. Look at the barking dog, talking heads who revile all that is good and decent. To be a decent, sincere, and honorable person in these times is to become a pariah in the wider world. “C'mon! Everybody's doing it! It's so fun!”

Sometimes... I think of all the true people, going about their days, helping where they can, and dreaming of better things; working toward that end. I see them in their garden of life. I see what they have done in that garden. I see the crops that they have sown in The Field that is their bodies, whether it be nutritious fare or a tare.

Mastery will come to everyone who is humble and industrious in the service of others. This is a given! As you persist, so does it inexorably lead there. Mastery comes with the greatest responsibility of them all; NOT to lose control over that which you have mastered. Many have fallen from a high station through Pride. This is why Humility is SO IMPORTANT. Pride is an insidious thing. It can take many shapes in its seductions. You must stand guard at The Gateway of the Mind, and allow no thoughts to enter that Heaven does not approve of. The Mind is a vehicle. It can take you almost everywhere. It can take you to Hell. It can also step out of the way at the appropriate moment, but we will say no more about that now.

How do you know what Heaven approves of? You'll figure it out. It's a matter of how much suffering you can handle. Job One; do-not-lie-to-yourself. Observe here today; briefly or at length, these poor, besotted victims of Pride, on their way to somewhere no sane person would think to go. At various turns, consider how bizarre and ridiculous their behavior is.

There are habitations of angels. There is life on other planets. There are far more things in Heaven and Earth than any of us have dreamed of (to paraphrase The Bard). HOWEVER... people who have experiences... such as some of these charlatans claim, DO NOT TALK ABOUT THEM in any public way, or... they will not happen again. Higher minds from rarer climes do not suffer fools. If you want the real thing, you will have to pay the real price. You will also have to be what is required of you. That last is a sticking point few can pass. They think it costs too much; HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

End Transmission.......

I realize that I insult certain people, like calling Oprah Winfrey, Offal Winfrey. Either I have yet to evolve to a higher place where I insult and ridicule no one, or... this is what I am supposed to do; either one is fine with me. The one is pending and the other is in operation. I'm not trying to pass myself off as a model of behavior. I do thank God I am not one of the examples you will encounter today.

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Via The Guru Magazine
Oh boy!!! I hit a bonanza of confirmation concerning the scamdemic of snake oil sales-bots, hungry for tha dolla!!! Sometimes I muse about how I could easily do any of this... merged with the certainty that God would help me kick my own ass if I were foolish enough to try. The videos are hysterical by the way=

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