Friday, May 27, 2022

"Point Yourself in The Right Direction. It Will Turn Itself On. Everything You Do, Weakens or Empowers You."

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Well... they derailed a potash train this week in Canada. Looks like fertilizer will be a problem. I'm sure there's a plan to make the expendables into fertilizer. I could ask why it is that The Usual Suspects are so highly placed in all of the efforts to destroy humanity, BUT... we all know the answer to that. We know that their plans fail overall. They might be successful in a couple of places where people no longer care about what happens to each other, or... where debts come due, or... where the people preying on everyone else are forced to prey on each other.

Other locations are going to prove more resilient. The truth is, we don't get very far without struggle. When things get too easy and available, people get fat and lazy. Look at the creatures that graze all day. I don't want to knock people for coming to look like what they emulate. However... it seems we have lost some amount of our ability to dream large. Though I do not believe I can change The World, I do believe The World can be changed. It just doesn't happen from a personal perspective. It requires the impersonal perspective.

I can see workers coming with orange cones and those yellow poster boards that indicate a cleanup or a crime scene, and putting them around the guy standing there motionless and in tune with The Cosmos. The yellow signs can say, “Caution, God at work.” Of course... we mostly don't notice The Divine going about his business. Mostly, what we see are the people calling attention to themselves; by their behavior, by the way they are dressed, by the ripples that ALL OF US make flow from our energetic bodies, with everything we set into motion, be it by thought or feeling... or act.

Why is it so difficult for people to focus on their breathing? Why is it such a hardship for them to bless their food? Why is it such a labor for people to control what they think and feel? Why is it so hard for them to restrain themselves from actions that do no good? Why do people not release all that corrupts them every time they eliminate waste products? You CAN do all of these things consciously. After a while, it becomes second nature and you don't have to think about it, BUT... you do keep thinking about it. It shows that you are engaged, even if no one can see it, someone will definitely see it.

We struggle with self-control until we have self-control. It is a battle all the way there until you surrender to the superior force. This is the same force that wears you down while you struggle. This is the same force that opposes you, no matter what you do; like gravity... and time. It is also the same force that puts the wind in your sail. We decide what relationship we are going to have with it.

In order to thrive, and not just survive, you have to be in harmony with The Ruling Force. The Ruling Force is the source of all other forces. You will note, by simple observation, that everyone has a different relationship to it, even if it is only slight... it is still different, BUT... it has the same relationship to all of us. God is Love.

What most people do not get about The Martial Arts is that they are not really about triumphing over an external opponent. These systems, these sciences, are about giving you control over yourself. As soon as I got to a certain level of proficiency, I no longer ran into physical combatants, other than sparring partners. The system... which goes to automatic, disarms all the other combatants, which are everyone else... potentially... before they get to you. There is nothing in you to attract them. The usual stimulators are Aggression and Fear. If you don't have those, they don't see you. It's not as if you are not there, (even though it is) you are not on their bandwidth.

When humanity is struggling. That is when they make their biggest strides. Look at what happened in this country before it became a slave pen of competing appetites. As long as you are mesmerized, you are paying the freight.

Of course, some conditions and situations are not to be struggled against. Some are. When you have these priorities sorted, you're on greased skids. Point yourself in the right direction and it will turn itself on. Everything you do, either weakens or empowers you. God has limitless power and strength, AND... he lives inside of you. You have to know how to tap the keg. Otherwise... it stays in the barrel, or... dissipates...leaks away into the thirsty sands.

Yes! Conditions are very bad for some people. It is all constructed out of what they have made real in their minds. Change your thinking and you change your lot. Look at the awful shit that has happened over the course of history. Now, compound that number of episodes to the nth power, stretching way... way... way back, and just as far forward out of both sight, and... mind. It's an endless movie, and as long as you want something from it, you will be in it, and you will have to play the role that has to do with you getting whatever it is.

Along the way, you learn to like and dislike things; all-kinds-of-things. Everything, in fact, that you run across... gets put into either the like or don't like categories. There is another sector that you don't care one way or the other about, BUT... do you actually know this? What do you know? How much of that consists of what you've been told? Just because someone told you something, does not make it real.

There is another interesting feature about The Devil translating to The Slanderer. Slander is anything that is untrue about something or someone on which you put a negative spin. Conversely, you have Praise. That may not be true either, BUT... you would much rather hear that. In fact, some people of means, surround themselves with people who pump them up with Praise. They remind me of those forced air, dancing sleeves that look like a cartoon. They go straight up, and then they collapse and go up again. You see them at gas stations and car lots; tire stores. I couldn't live like that.

You are defined by what you struggle for and against. The struggles shape you, kind of like wrestling with an angel. Don't worry about the mistakes you have made. Keep your eye on the ball. Everyone makes mistakes. In some ways, life is a No-Fault Zone.

So... people turn into hamsters and livestock if they pursue their appetites exclusively; be they sexual or otherwise. They will be devoured by them. This you can count on. That is the destiny of the magnetic touchstone of your body. Course... you can refine it until you are able to construct and deconstruct it AT WILL. (If you haven't read Chapter 43 of Autobiography of a Yogi, I will include it in the links.) Anything you can set your minds-eye upon you can attain, IF... you have consistency of purpose. The Presence of God gives you that. It gives you the ability to do anything, regardless of its being good or bad for you.

Many actions you would like to take here are more easily taken on other planes. Just imagine if you were to have the same penetrating awareness, synced up with every plane of your being. Imagine being in contact with The Causal, Buddhic, and Atmic plane, and being able to speak from them into your body... mind... and emotions. Even better if you have The Spirit speaking unhindered through them. Of course, we have indirect contact with them regularly. I'm talking about direct and conscious contact.

If you want to drive a certain kind of car and live in a certain kind of house; hang out with certain kinds of people... you can do this. You have to put the effort in, make the necessary amount of money, and secure the suitable level of notoriety and reputation. It's not hard to get these things. I don't care what anyone else tells you. Obviously, millions of people have some degree of all of these. You can surely arrange to have any of them in the next life. Once you meet the conditions of the arrangement, you're good, or bad to go.

However... if you want to meet the elusive Rosicrucian... Tibetan Master... Himalayan Sage, or... pass through certain portals that I can assure you do exist, well... that is a blueprint of a whole other order. You won't have to pay for anything like a car... house... or girlfriend, BUT... you WILL pay and it doesn't come cheap. Is it worth it? Well... it's priceless so it is hard to draw comparisons. Is it worth it??? Only you can be the judge of that. My experience tells me that nothing else is worth it, so... I have my guidelines.

It seems that it must really be hard. I see or hear of people all the time who put a certain amount of effort into The Quest. They don't stay the course. You don't hear about the people who do stay the course because they vanish from the reach of The Mortal Mind. What makes it so hard is that you cannot... you absolutely cannot accomplish it on your own. Ego-sourced individuals do not believe this. They think they can accomplish ANYTHING they set out to do, AND... that is true, BUT... it would not be you accomplishing it. You hold still while the angel does The Work; The Great Work. (as it is called)

People don't like to be alone. Personally, I love it, but then... I am not alone. Just as soon as it becomes clear to you that your ONLY option is to throw yourself on The Mercy of Heaven... you can begin, and... not before. Oh... you might think you are getting there but... you are running in place. You are treading water. It is the winds of God that carry you... or not at all.

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Guy Reid-Brown said...

'Though I do not believe I can change The World, I do believe The World can be changed. It just doesn't happen from a personal perspective. It requires the impersonal perspective.'

Ooh, stop right there - I'll carry on and read the rest now, but that's a real doozy! ( Is that the correct phrase? 😕)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up!

Anonymous said...

The Himalayan Sage, the real Rosicrucians, the Count of Saint Germain , Francis Bacon, Sri Yukteswar, Babaji and Mataji,Lahiri, Jesus, Krishna and Buddha. And even the Impersonal Presence, simply reading these names in your writing lifts the world from
the astral pits to the Light. I and many will keep on till we meet them face to face and not just in our dreams.
Thanks so much Sir Visible! From A

Anonymous said...

That crash of the train carrying potash sent me off on a quick search of such derailments in Canada.I found about half a dozen over the last two and a half years.Hmmmm............. nothing to see here.
I worked on Canadian Pacific maintenance gangs as a teenager and I can tell you the maintenance and scrutiny of the entire system was 24/7 and first class. They were really on top of this and the only derailments I ever heard of were intercity type trains. No doubt I missed some and a few may have happened in remote places due to landslides, avalanches etc.,but they were certainly not common and NEVER involving only one commodity.
Seems like this tinfoil hat allows me to see things most can't.


Oddball said...

Thank you Sunchild LV! Just the needed recalibration after full moons and season changes are working me over.
The negative Moriarity waves of the sewer pipe of evil that the former USA has become can be overwhelming at times.
Stupidity and evil are siblings and the two always travel together.
Saw a beautiful meme stating that the USA spent 50 years fighting the Cold War just to become the fake and gay version of the CCCP.
Hussein Hopenchange legalized all of this under the NDAA and he won't stop until nothing but a smoking crater of ruin remains.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"They Have the Light Necessary to Cast Shadows, and Raise Creatures of Fear Born from Poisoned Imaginations."



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