Wednesday, May 25, 2022

"Throw the Bag Into The Ocean of Forgetfulness; Not to be Confused With The Pools of Deep Memory."

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What do you know? Right when they need it, they get another school shooting, (fortunate for their interests) AND... that trouble-seeking-cabal, masquerading as a consortium of bright and noble souls, though... one of their number has pummeled the other two (Scotland and Ireland) for MANY centuries.

I'm guessing you would call them, “Strange Bedfellows”, tossed together by whimsical fate, BECAUSE THEY ARE RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER!!! I am referring... kind souls... to The United Kingdom (snicker), BUT... I am, more specifically, referring to England. They are now the main target locations for scammigrants in their particular sphere.

Ah... Merry England! England... and the rest of the joined-at-the-hip, band of brothers with knives up their sleeves. They now want to break the (cough, cough) naval blockade by Russia of Ukrainian grains in The Black Sea. Well... there is no blockade. What there is, is mines-a-plenty provided by The Ukrainians, and previously by England. So... they are now the blockade to the blockade... for which they are entirely responsible on both sides of the conflict.

It's not a new posture they find themselves in. They distinguished themselves in it (less than) admirably during The Opium Wars, AND... many others.

Their fealty, and the fealty of all crown colony members... including Canada and Australia, AND somewhat less so, with the distance between them diminishing by the day, is... The United States. So... follow me here; we have two UNITED groups of countries. One is an actual union of countries. The other is a union of states. Union... the world union is used here as a euphemism, and... “your point, visible?”

Their fealty and allegiance are to the ones financing them. That would be the bankers, more specifically... the international bankers... that consortium of Satanists, with one of their main locations being merry old London. They have a square mile there that regulates the wealth. The Bankers? You could say it is in their DNA.

This whole spectacle... the moving picture drama... of time and event passing, that... when we look back at it, we call it history... or memory. If we look forward it is The Future, which scrolls forth from The Present, that is shaped by The Past. Yeah? Heh heh. This is yet more evidence of it all being arranged, AND... under control. Look at the sequencing! Look at the rotation of the stars... and the planets... the seasons that go round and round... and the painted ponies that go up and down; you get the picture.

Look at the pageantry... the epic struggles... the horrors of war... the lures of romance! The Rolodexing replicators of life and death. Look at the money! There is a reason the Romans said “Cui Bono”. There is a reason we say, (some of us say) “Follow the money”. Most of everything you see going on around you, in human affairs... is about 3 interactive forces; Survival... Romance... and Money. You will find one of these (at least) behind every crime. This is why... for me... my greatest attraction in this world is for The Qualities of God. As you can see, by the world around you, not everyone is motivated in this same way.

Yes... The UK... but REALLY... let's say England. Then let's say London. Then let's say That Square Mile, and then...? Let us say, The Bankers... England has been near the core of all nasty doings having to do with that International Corruption Zone called Ukraine. They are part of a small consortium of countries with the greatest wealth, BECAUSE... that is where the bankers are.

To paraphrase the song, ♫ Where The Boys Are ♫ Connie Francis, wasn't it? ♫ Where the Bankers Are ♫ Because... a lot of people want to be where the boys are. A lot of people want to survive and continue living, and a lot of people want to have what The Bankers have. Here again, we have those three forces; Survival... Romance... and (dah... dah... dah... dum!) Money... money-honey. That other lubrication (like Love) that makes the wheels spin so that The World can go round... in its CONTROLLED orbit.

Everyone wants that money, (not everyone) so they don't have to worry about their survival and so that they have a better chance at Romance. You see? It's all connected. So... the ones who set out to control all the money were pretty smart people... allowing for the fact that ANYONE who wants money that bad is a psychopath who doesn't care whether anyone else survives at all, and... the money? That is their Romance.

You see... there are these people who get so separated in their minds, from any consideration of a Heavenly Hierarchy running things, so that they believe they are God. In their worldview, there is no God except for them. Why... they prove it every day; in the laws they break with impunity... in the lives they destroy... in taking what they want, no matter what it is, and GOD... the real and living God... he indulges them in their delusions. He facilitates their immersion in the desires of The False Self, AND... he does this for The Purpose of Demonstration, here on the playing field of life. This is what it all is.

The World is the stage for The Purpose of Demonstration. The whole of existence is God's Play. He entertains himself with our antics. It amuses him. It keeps him from being lonely and bored (grin). He lives through us, and... he truly loves us. We are a part of him. He refines us by becoming more and more a presence within us. Eventually... should we so desire it... we become like him in microcosm.

Do you know why it is that all true masters are so humble? They have encountered The Divine and the impact of that upon them has shaped their life and mindset... from everlasting to everlasting. ALSO... they live with God in real-time... and so they see what he is... by what he does, and... one can only be humble then. This is not a state one can comment on. Once again... it is a case of Ajnana, Jnana, and Vijnana; hearing about fire, seeing fire, and then actually cooking with fire. There is no way to accurately describe someone who is touched by God or... in whom God resides as a conscious actor... even with you being, The Actor... to all appearances; how something appears, not to be confused with how something is.

So... The UK (but actually England... and actually London... but actually The Square Mile, but... specifically The Bankers) also wants to provide Ukraine with missiles to destroy Russian ships. I don't know if The Bankers are aware of the realpolitik implications of messing with Russia. Russia can turn London... actually The Bankers, into smoking ruins... no longer identifiable as anything but... something that used to be.

You see... God is persisting them in their folly. Russia can wipe out all of the major cities of Europe, AND many in the United States, OR... certainly change The World that we (think we) know into something remarkably different. Surely... they know this? Once again, God uses everything for his purposes, AND... as we have been informed for a very long time... he moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. Surely they know that China is in Russia's corner, given the behavior of The West toward them. They are NEXT... right? There are other countries too. So... what is really going on?

First of all... many of the main players are quite certainly barking mad. I think it is the English who use that term, 'barking mad'? Can't say I hunted down the philological underpinnings of the term. Hopefully, the reader is okay with that. I just can't seem to find the time, while in a constant state of wonder as to... where did it go? Time most certainly can fly. It crawls too. In some cases, it is fast asleep ♫ Time keeps on slippin, slippin... into The Future ♫ At which point it is no longer The Future. It has become The Present. I can see where this sort of thing can puzzle some people.

It no longer puzzles me because I no longer have any investment in it. I have taken Yogananda's advice and put all my troubles and concerns in a bag and I threw it into the ocean. They are no longer my concern. They are God's concern, BECAUSE... I have taken to heart what he constantly repeated to me in my walks through the olive groves of Italy some years ago; “Rely on me!” This... he repeated... over, and over, and over. There must have been an echo because I have heard it across the years, and now... years in advance of my hearing this, the understanding of meaning has come to me. It really is that simple, and... all I have to do.

Note the political mind-games going on in The Crown Colonies. Also, note that they are the main hotbeds for Tranny (Sylvania)-issues and all alt-sex promotions to the rest of The World. They are the mainliners of The Great Reset, The Great Replacement, and all manner of sordid adventurism for the purpose of confusion and chaos, including the unhinging of the collective human mind. This is a part of the agenda of The Bankers. This is all coming to a head now. I leave it to you to reflect upon the matter.

To the degree that you know and trust that God is in control of everything, and has your best interests at heart, to that degree can you have confidence in the certainty that God WILL handle IT ALL. The degrees short of that in your life, are the gauge and measure of your apprehensions and fears. Take those and put them in that bag also. Put all your concerns for the ever-shaping future... whatever future there may be... into that bag and throw it in The Ocean of Forgetfulness; not to be confused with The Pools of Deep Memory.

End Transmission.......

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Leesa said...

What about 'Stark Raving Mad'
or.. 'Lost The Plot'
or 'Going Round the Bend'
or 'Jekkyl & Hyders'
or 'Rubber Banders'
or 'Lost his Marbles'
Anyone else have any more quirky descriptors of mad folks?
Luv Leesa

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Bein' in 'THE WAITING ROOM', time is quite asleep to me. Sometimes I wonder if it's still alive?

Nostrils up!

Phillies 1980 said...

District of Cesspool-MIL

The real axis of evil. Forward is a favorite slogan of the Long March comrades but what will they do when Western Civ is destroyed? Keep the deplorable kulak untermenschen out of the egalitarian workers utopia.
Peak Clown will be Lizzo and Stacy Abrams 2024 that is if there is anything left of the former USA Chiquitastan third world banana.
Beta O' Dorke disrupted the Gov Abbott presser and he will be the gun grabber for the Grand Old Politburo/CPUSA uniparty so that we can all enjoy the Camp Wellness LARP equally.
Why it may have revived his campaign this PR stunt that the Uvalde Mayor called Beta a sick bastard.
Comrade Barry Soetoro is upset that this Mexican tranny Hollywood/Deep State Productions has pushed St. Floyd of Fentanyl to the back burner.

Visible said...

Here and there... an elegant turn of phrase. In times of such paucity of wit, I do appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Leesa, 'crazy as a shit house rat' (like my neighbor) springs to mind.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Anyone else have any more quirky descriptors of mad folks?
Luv Leesa

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 7:56:

'Completely Hatstand' (This from a Viz Comic Strip Character of the 1980s, appropriately named Roger Irrelevant)

Also 'Tonto'in inverted commas (from the novel 'Success' by Martin Amis.)

'Come on, you target for faraway laughter
Come on, you stranger, you legend, you martyr, and shine' ('Shine on You crazy Diamond')

Guy Reid-Brown said...

'Most of everything you see going on around you, in human affairs... is about 3 interactive forces; Survival... Romance... and Money. '

What a devastatingly True and Simple Insight.

This morning, here in England, I passed the Village Hall which, even though the Queen's Platinum Jubilee is being 'celebrated' next week ( Imagine - a National Celebration of 75 years of the most disastrous, because terminal, reign in British History ) was flying the Blue and Yellow Flag of the Ukraine 🇺🇦 as opposed to the Union Flag.

This struck me as being neatly symbolic, because , of course, these are the precise colours, the precise shades, of the House of Rothschild.

By the end of this year, Britain will be suffering under the worst Depression in living memory, and Riots, and even more Mass Immigration, and up and down the country, in public places, Supermarkets, Churches, Town Halls and Private Homes, they are displaying the colours of their Destroyers.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Oh, Leesa, I forgot, from Blackadder the Third -

'He's madder than Mad Jock McMad, the winner of last year's "Mr. Madman" competition.'

Guy Reid-Brown said...

I wouldn't normally do this, Les, but I have to share this because here is the sequence of events -I had been triggered to write a blog post this morning by walking past the Village Hall, as described previously.

I envisaged the post would take hours to put together.

THEN I read this your latest, and it dovetailed completely.

I posted a comment on this thread, and there it was - the basis for the post I wanted to do.

And so it didn't take hours after all, and in it, I linked to this latest from your good self, I do hope that is alright -

Also, the friend mentioned at the beginning of the post emailed me this very morning 'Welcome to Ground Zero' (he is a very psychic person, so who knows? ) - so there was the title - Kismet, albeit of a dark variety -

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Whole of The City is Lit with Ubiquitous Light. Present Everywhere, The Source Remains a Mystery."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

' I ditched my job as a priest to become a porn star at 83 – why I believe sex brings you closer to god' -

In his case, it's likely to be true-



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